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Old 21st December 2016
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I was least interested since I had my pains before the periods. But as usual knew that this animal will not spare me , whatever may be my condition. By this time Rohini had switched off the light going to sleep. After, fondling me for some time, he went out with nirodh for which I thought he was on his way to the toilet. He was only with his lungi with no underwear or banian. But even after sometime when he didnít return I peeped out. To my dismay I saw him sitting next to Rohiniís mattress , in the zero candle lit hall. He was gazing at her who was unaware in deep slumber.

When I went out to pull him in , he gave a hard stare signaling to keep quiet, with his index finger on his lips. He nudged me into the room .When again I turned back at the room door, he slapped me warning not to come out of the room. I was cursing myself for my helplessness dealing with this monster. Helplessly, I crawled to the door looking towards them, being careful not to show my face to that beast. He started running his hands over her chest.

I saw her after sometime sitting up bewildered . When she turned towards my room & called me, he sealed her mouth with his and pushed her down , coming over her. He had pinned her down holding both her hands and locking her legs inside his twined legs around her waist. She was hopelessly wriggling beneath him. But, later it stopped. He had locked his lips with hers.

When he relaxed his grip on her hands , she pushed his head aside .He moved to her side looking towards her. She sat up wiping her lips, She shouted what bhava you are behaving like this with me your SIl. I have lot of respect, regards for you for being my BIL.I never expected you will behave like this and what will my sister feel with your behavior.

He replied how can he tolerate his urge with his sister having genealogical problems, unable to satisfy him. Tears rolled on my face hearing this. I was totally healthy and without any protest spreading my legs for his bulldozing cock to rush inside my cunt even when I was not in mood for a fuck. He had reduced me to sex slave and when god had blessed me a healthy physique, he was telling a lie.

He told her if she does not cooperate with him, he will be forced to look elsewhere for sex and not to hold him responsible if his sister is left in a lurch. Later, she started pleading with him to spare her as she was not married and promised for my treatment getting done from their family end.

That beast replied he can afford for my treatment and she, instead should treat him by giving her cunt to him. If you further resist , you can take your sister with children and free him to look for someone else, to overcome his sexual urges. Think about your future if your sister being in your house in the village with a tag, the woman who has left her husband.

With his continuing actions on her by his hands & lips , her resistance petered out. Even with my shame & helplessness ,continued looking at them through the door, keeping my face on the base piece (vaslu) of the door frame. He rushed to the kitchen and returned in a flash with tied jasmine flower , untied rose flowers with betelnut leaves/areca nut pieces , which i had kept for the pooja , the next day at Anjaneya temple , it being eventual Tuesday.

He thrust jasmine to her hand telling her to tuck on her head which she did,pulled her out of the bed to his side , plucked rose petals and spread them over the bed. He commanded her to prepare betel leaves for him after picking up lime from the shelf in the hall. Hesitatingly , she folded the leaves laced with lime along with nuts and kept it in her hand. He directed her to place it in his mouth and she did it. He took it partly, gripping it on his lips, pulled her face towards him and thrust other half hanging folded betel leaves into her mouth.

He started kissing her profusely , her protests almost dead. Her movements raised a doubt in me whether she was co-operating , got confirmed yes she was, when she started fingering her breast after he told her to do so. Continuing to kiss her and with her hands on her breasts, he pinned her down to the bed decorated with rose petals. May be she had mumbled that it was very hot for which he switched on the fan. Both were grinding their mouths savoring the betel leaves , intermittently kissing .This went on for quite some time.

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Old 21st December 2016
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HunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
By this time i was pretty sure that my sister was successfully trapped by my beast and started feeling pretty jealous about it. Their actions were reminding me of my early marriage days but later which had petered down to him coming on me not so sublimely but like a bull straight away thrusting his cock to my cunt .He bit her ears in turns , smooching her eyes nose cheeks , sucking her chin. Later, they were lip locked .After release, both were smooching each other faces and painting them red with their betel stained saliva.

To be frank with you all, I was turned on looking at them, even though did not feel the same on my beasts attack on me almost on daily basis, earlier. After necking her for some time, he pulled her pallu out and put his hands on her blouse to remove the hooks. Rohini held his hand objecting it pointing towards our room side .My beast said not to worry since I will sleeping. But he was very well aware & knew i was alert to their sexual play at the hall.

He unclasped her blouse bra and lovingly removed it. I saw her boobs tight and upright with tits shooting towards ceiling .My beast was totally excited looking at them , may be after a long time with last sighting being about three weeks back. With their seating arrangements at the hall squatting on the mattress as usual , i could view Indra sitting diagonally opposite to my cot , near the door side. Her face twitched hearing Jayaís saying the last sentence.

Even though I was ill at ease with my husband being there with Rohini, I started getting wet. Also, this was for the first time i was witnessing others performing sex in front of my eyes. I later realized that I was fingering my tits unknowingly. My husband gobbled her tits in turns, starting with the left one which my bitchy sister by now lifted and offered. As his lips were smartly doing its work , she was throwing herself up to him , which ignited him further to munch her boobs to his content.

She half willingly put her hands obstructing his hand to pull out her saree knot, which he brushed aside. Within moments he stripped her down nude , his eyes & mine looking at her glowing body by now .I found her twitching for his further prowl on her. I felt she was in total control of him. He licked, chewed, bit her boobs after necking her . She started making sounds , the same which I had made during early days of our marriage and almost forgotten now. His rude behavior had put me off from him and my cunt involuntarily taken by him whenever he desired and turning me to be his fucking machine.

Later, he played his hand all over her body up to naval region including her side thighs. Rohini had become his bitch swaying her body under him on the bed. He soon put his mouth on her tullu (cunt) , moaning and chewing it very hard. When he was working on it, she started moaning ,blurting no bhava no bhava (BIL) , donít do anything there. You know i am not married and if you proceed there , my future will be in jeopardy. But with my experience on bed with his cock , i knew she was half inviting him, my husband, my beast.

But he continued unperturbed. By now, my cunt had become wet with this visual what with my hand playing on my cunt. After, chewing her cunt with Rohini moaning and swaying on the bed , he readied his cock and placed it to her hand. She started caressing it and fingering his Thardu (Balls). After, indraís episode, i was inadvertently seeing her more than in a usual way ,whenever she was at our house almost alternate days to this day. May be she was confused after the incident and feeling solace in my momís company.

Incidently, my mom was elder to all of them by a year or two with my dad being in a superior position compared to their husbands job. She was more beautiful , Indra coming second, as they opinioned themselves , during one of their early sessions in my house. All her friends used to look up to my mom for advice, monetary help or for any other needs. My mom was very broad minded, very considerate , the trait coming to her my maternal grand pa , who was a perfect gentle man. And also, with my mom persistence with my dad, my dad had helped Rohini to bag the nurse job.

As i was observing Indra, I could see her totally involved hearing Jaya with her pout half open, occasionally smearing it with other tongue. When Jaya told about her husbandís cock in Rohiniís hand , i could feel Indra excited , rolling her eyes from one side to another. Jaya said that her husband took Rohiniís hand weighing with his cock and guided to the cunt , initially assisting her to rub the cock on her cunt and later asking her to continue. Rohini had become his bitch almost forgetting that he was my husband. She was fully excited and obeying him.

She was moaning loudly, addressing yeh bhava,yeh bhava (bil) in a husky voice,
brushing her cunt with his huge cock, my property. My beast was beaming, with me cursing him with my hand pressing my cunt with ghee oozing out. My beast later blurting out in excited voice , yeh chinna yeh chinna (dear), with Rohini responding vu tell Bhava tell Bhava , with her other hand coming on his face caressing .While doing so, he took her finger in his mouth .

Rohini swooned bhava bhava , what a feeling oh, aah, aiyo, ooh ooh ooh , amma ,i am flushed with new emotions.Her body started trembling and started jumping over again and again after my beast put his mouth into her cunt .He was grunting yeh rohi rohi rohieeeee , pounding her cunt with his head ,chewing her cunt .She started jumping up moaning Bhavaa Bhavaaa you do so many things aaaaaaaah! oahoahoahoah ! ammah mma amma ammah ! hooh hooh hooh , shoosh ! oof , oo oo aah! ammah.I heard her questioning, do man do all these dirty things.

He replied as if you donít know being a nurse and grown up. She retorted how can i know all this , for this is the first time, i am in this situation. You come here often, i will show you many more things. She gave a naughty smile, jokingly said i will never come. Later, he shifted to her mouth to kiss, but she said in a loving caring excited voice cheee cheee , donít kiss me you dirty fellow. You have licked there , thoooo,no no She drew her lips inside & held tight within.

My beast was cajoling her but she didnít budge I was surprised this bull had become a slave of her, dancing to her tunes, But i was wrong .He started telling , he just needs her mouth , other interesting open hole for him, to show her new things. She asked him what it is , he said ,obey me , i will show you. When, he went near again, she said firm no as she will omit, as she feels cunt licked tongue nauseating . He continued telling her that he wanted her mouth to be sucked dry, before putting his cock into it.

She started thoooo, waaaaa, you vulgar Bhava , donít do all that to me. He replied just experience it , you will know its maja(pleasure). No Bhava , please no , donít do that .He retorted, he will take what he wants. She admonished telling him that she had no courage for it. He said ok , i will show doing it to your sister , later you will get convinced. She was bewildered , said what ! , you want my sister to see me with her husband in bed . No no no , I was drawn by you because of my sisterís health and concern about her future. Later, got seduce .

Now, please stop this Bhava. We had enough. My beast replied , how can i , my cock is itching to enter your cunt, cannot stop mid way. No Bhava , i am afraid , will get pregnant, more over see how big is your Cock, how will it go inside my small hole. Indra made a brief movement of her body , hearing this. Please Bhava, heed me. I am very afraid. Donít worry, i know how to fuck you without causing any pain to you , i promise and will use nirodh. See, i have got it , he told showing it to her.

When he again tried, she was stoutly refusing for his kiss or putting his Cock inside her mouth or cunt. Later, he said , ok i will show doing it your sister so that your fears wears off. Telling like that he turned towards my room. She in bewilderment, was telling no bhava pl bhava , i will feel ashamed , if my sister sees me. When he continued walking towards my room , she started covering herself with the quilt. A shiver went down my spine and immediately i crawled on to my bed and froze.

He came to me calling yeh Jaya get up .I was trembling and showing no hints about me knowing the activity going in the hall ,was lying on the bed. He pulled me up dragging me into the hall. Before i could react he flung away my garments in a whiffy there i stood naked , in front of them. He pinned me down next to Rohini, licked my cunt ,came on to me , kissed me on the lips, dug his tongue into my mouth .I started shivering with shame and grief about my husband on me with my sister as a spectator.

Tears rolled down at the corner of my eyes but was lying stunned by my beastís act.
After rolling his tongue in my mouth ,he brought his cock thrusting it to my mouth. He started jerking lightly and rolled it inside my mouth. Later, he shifted on to her .She was stunned to react with this developments ,he went to her , licked her cunt again, kissed her and loaded his cock into her mouth. He started fucking her mouth while she reacted with widely opened eyes.

He commanded me not to move out of the place. Mouth fucking her , he was playing her cunt with his hand . Later after his wish was fulfilled, he came to me and slowly pierced his Cock into my Cunt unlike his earlier prowls on me, with his hand pinning RohiniíS turned face towards me. After fucking me briefly, what with carnal mind being motivated to fuck my sister more than me & after his demonstration to her, he shifted to her, ordering me not to move. With my face looking to the ceiling with shame , i saw him through the corner of my eyes licking her cunt pushing his head into hers ,time and again.

After about ten minutes, i heard Rohini moaning and pleading to leave her , feeling uneasy about my presence and confused. He spread her legs while she started crying and pleading to stop. But where will this beast stop. He turned my face to her and ordered me to advice her. When I was totally in confusion with his out of the world behavior, he lightly slapped me .Then crying I told Rohini not to worry and let him go. With weird smile on his face, he sat on her drawing his Cock to her cunt positioned it.

Rohini started pleading again & again telling me, sister, please ask him to stop, i am afraid , as this is new thing to me and also may become pregnant. I was not in a position to react and looked on helplessly. Now, he started pushing his Cock into her Cunt , while she pleaded , no Bhava , please, sister, please , please tell him to stop. Where will that beast stop. With his piercing to fuck, Rohini in shock and pain , started pinching her pillow, her hands drawn up.
She was wriggling in pain ,pleading no no Bhava .

He continued to push gently, turned to me giving a hard stare signaling to close her mouth , since my son babu, made little crying sound in the room. Jaya started weeping telling, maybe I am the only woman in the world assisting a husband to fuck her sister, in the act. Cabaret dancers her better compared to my plight. No woman should be born to wed a husband like him and a motherís home being denied to her because of her brotherís indifference and poverty.

When i drew my hand towards her mouth, he gave a strong thrust , while Rohini gasped with mouth wide open. She bit my fingers writhing in pain .He started jerking slowly while she later started murmuring ayyo, amma, akka,ooom and he signaled me to leave. I left even forgetting my clothes lying there in complete dismay. But, my woman in me made to look towards them peeping through the door.

He later jerked more and more , she asking him to leave her. After a lapse of time, she was quiet and he was telling her to see her boobs flying in tandem to his jerks. She was staring him in half closed eyes while he started banging her more and more. She had stopped crying ,making sounds aah, aah, aah , smearing her lips with her tongue. He continued fucking asking her asking whether it was paining, for which she kept mum. Soon after that when he started jumping over her with Cock welded to her Cunt , she started cooing , yeh bhava bhava its feeling nice.

When he banged more, she started moaning aaha aaha aaha yeehhhhhhh,ammah, ammah, with his jerking in high pitch, she shouted bastard,bastard,its is nice nice,telling that she started stroking up her hip again and again. They were banging each other moaning together, with her hands pinching him at the back and he running his hands on her lips. Bastard, he burst within her itself oblivious of the consequences, with unused nirodh lying across them. I saw their complete act since the bed was at right angle to the room door. He came into the room picking his lungi, sensing his arrival, i clawed onto my bed, still naked.

Coming in, he fell on his cot. I went to her who was apprehensively looking at the blood drenched bed spread at the spot where he had run his aggression with his cock, mixed with his semen, and her cunt smeared with stains of blood, with his semen partly dripping in between her thighs. Feeling uneasy, i told her to clean her cunt with the bed spread , wore my clothes , before changing her bed spread .

I asked her about her periods which she said in a low voice without looking at me , that it had ended three days ago to be continuedÖÖDear readers , please follow the story from part 1,or else you mill miss the absolutely true saga.

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Updating soon

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Dear readers, So far I have posted five episodes in this ongoing saga and request to read all the episodes from the beginning to have a feel of this story or else you may miss the continuity & the intensity by skipping any of the episodes in this saga.
Story continued ,Part 6

Jaya said both she and her sister were finding it difficult to be in the company of each other the next morning with both failing to make first move to break into conversation. Later continued that, sobbing Rohini hugged her seeking pardon, for which Jaya consoled her, expressing helplessness with her husbandís behavior. And said later, Rohini left to their relative home at chamarajpet taking her baggage, since she further had two more days of training.

My brain started raking as to know what did Jaya mean my Nirodh packet and why there were small blood stains on Rohiniís cunt and on bed spread. Even at that young age, I felt my throat parched in excitement after hearing the conversations of team 5 across the room. I got up going to kitchen to fetch water. But was very careful to feign drowsiness when passing through them, since I didnít wish to cut short their interesting session.

When I entered hall my mom asked me to go out and play since it was evening for which I replied that I was feeling still sleepy after playing cricket at school would sleep for another hour, before starting my homework. Telling this ,I carefully glanced them, squatted on the mattress. I could sense that all of them were in excited stage with their hairs and clothes displaced here and there. Later, their conversation started after I returned to cot, Indra giving green signal looking at me on the cot with my eyes firmly closed. But my ears were wide open.

Lakshimi chided Jaya that she was narrating the incident in detail as a story akin to film stories being broadcast those days, by all in India radio. Jaya retorted , was it not agreed before, when Rukhmini objected that there should be no secrets among us in any of the matters. I could see Indra feeling guilty & uneasy in the group. Later when Jaya had fell at her feet she was embarrassed and further feeling restless when Jaya sought her pardon , for her husbandís act on her.

She had not expected this secret will come out when Jaya had revealed it before everybody. Indra started admonishing Jaya why she had left alone to the temple after inviting her home to go together. Jaya was quiet even with Indraís repeated query, when Rukmini interrupted to force Jaya to speak out. The conversation continued as follows; Jaya; Indra , I am begging you, please excuse me for what happened to you by my husband.

He said was bored fucking only me and that his tunne (cock) was demanding different cunts. If I donít heed his words, he said ,will start visiting prostitutes and with meagre salary , he will not be able to sustain us, if he started spending on prostitutes .And ,also he was wary of them and preferred respectable cunts. Later, finally warned he was dead serious that I should listen to him or else to pack and leave .

I pleaded with him so many times but it fell on deaf ears. Then, feeling helpless , I asked him what I should do for him ? . He pulled out the trunk in the room later and forced me, pack my children and my clothes. Kept some money in my hand told tersely that ďif I donít get what I want tomorrow morning, a different cunt , you can take this trunk and leaveĒ.

The next morning was second Saturday , the day we had planned to visit the temple. Later , when I came to know whose cunt he was proposing, I was totally flabbergasted. He was seeking yours Indru. (I saw Indra twitching her lips mocking with a flash of pride on her face. She had already become my instrument of observation.) I started crying , begging at his feet that how could I pimp to , in bringing you to him.

He continued ,it seems that your husband and he had gone to medical dispensary at office & when collecting medicines, he had observed your husband seeking something across the counter before leaving. Since, the pharmacist was close to my husband being a wine bar mate , he said with a wry smile to my husband that he was seeking medicines to enhance his (your husbandís) erection, when my husband had made a enquiry about it.

He continued , that as a man with sexual expertise , your fuck sessions with your husband was not enough for your cunt and that you will readily agree. I recalled in a flash that you had said the same thing with us earlier. His prodding, threats continued , later I consented with a heavy heart. But I had no gumption to propose the same to you ,hence took my children early , to leave them in my relativeís house for a day ,on the way to the temple knowing that you will be at my house later, for that beast in waiting.

Indra, please dear. I treat you as my goddess saving my family. Padmakka,rukku, lacchi please convince her, understand the situation I am in. After a pause , Jaya said , well if you all think cheap about me by not convincing her, this will be my last visit. If you can, please take care of my children to the extent possible, since I may not be in this world, for long, what with this type of shameful living.

Indra; Had I told you all, that just because my husband canít fill my cunt with his less power meat, I will suck other cocks into my cunt. Whatever, you say Jaya, I feel sorry that you made me your husbandís toy.

Jaya; Very sorry Indru.

Indra; So, you expect that I should allow your husband to fill his Cock in me, by disrobing and spreading my thighs to him. Abbha! What a beast he is!. He didnít leave me for more than two hours. Crumpled me like a plastic doll. I knew she was telling a lie since she had confessed to my mom, for which my mom had chided, as a pleasant rape.

Lakshmi; with excitement, Indru, what happened tell yah.

Indra; Aaa, he did to me more than your husband does to you and even more than that. Padmakka, please tell them yah, let them enjoy my tryst with him, she said sarcastically.

Mom: Lachhi, yeh donít tease her. She will tell when she is in a joyful mood.
Indru, yeah pardon Jaya , what can she, being hapless do in the circumstances.

Indra; Jaya, request you not to repeat the same again. Jaya was not able to give a reply.

Rukmini; What is this? Whenever we join , we are almost discussing only about fucks.

Lakshmi; What other entertainment we have. We feel difficult paying monthly expenses with meagre salaries of our hubbyís except Padma. Our respective husbands think they are heroes with their raised cocks ramming our cunts at night, probably they would have done during day also, if some of us were not in joint families but will not take us to movies or restaurants.

That way, Padma & Jaya are lucky. Their husbands can have day shows also, if they wish so.

Jaya; No friends, I pray god for you all not to have, my so called luck.

Now second agenda of the day came causing my ears to keep straight.

Jaya; padma,padmakka.

Mom: What Jaya.

Jaya; My tongue is refusing to come out. My throat is parched.

Mom: Drink water, picking it from the corner tea poy.

Jaya; Padmakka, heÖheÖ.wants you now.

My body got straightened now. Also, saw Indra with a relieved smile and flash of jealousy crossing over it. There was total silence for a while.

Jaya; Hesitantly PadmakkahÖ.

Rukmini; Yeah Jaya , what injustice is this?. Your husband later demands all of us , do you mean to say that we should all bed with him. Indra was sitting with bated breath , probably expecting my momís reply at the earliest.

Meanwhile, mon came into the room, I could see her sweating on her face, took a towel , wiping her face in front of the mirror. My eyes & ears had become ultra sensitive with their duties being done very efficiently.

My Momís face was looking strange ,had become red , her walk wasnít that steady. Later, turning from the mirror , came towards me with Indra looking towards us .My Mom shook me as if to wake me up but loh! I was in deep slumber. I guessed my Mom had come to recover, utterly confused , camouflaging her state to Indra ,in the room to make sure that her son, that is me, was oblivious to the discussion going on there..to be continuedÖ.

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I had told you in the last episode that Jayaís husband had fucked his SIL Rohini by forcing Jaya to assist them in the act ,after a classy fuck with Indra a few weeks before, Jayaís & my MomíS friend. He wanted my Mom later. Later, Jaya left early , while the discussions continued with the rest four of them ,with Indra showing more interest to know, the outcome. Did my Mom agree? After may be an hour or so, team 5 dispersed.

The same night I told my mom that I will sleep on the terrace with my neighbor friends , a usual practice during hot months , as I presumed that there will be no action at night since my dad was on tour. Our house was left with only two of us, my Mom & me, since my maternal grand ma had taken my sister to her village permanently. When I was about to leave to the terrace around 9.30 pm , my Mama appeared with a shopping bag. My Mom had taken a head bath just earlier to his arrival & honestly I didnít know whether it was by accident or design, since there was no ready communication those days, with telephone being a status symbol which majority of middle class could ill afford.

I could feel Mama being happy about me going to the terrace. I started ruing my decision to sleep on the terrace after his arrival, sensing loss of my, Mama & MomíS hip dancing spectacle, which I had seen partially in poor lit hall at some of the past nights. I dragged myself out and was seeing stars in the sky being restless on the mattress spread on the terrace , as my thoughts had shifted to probable titillating happenings inside the house, in due time. May be after an hour or so, my friends were fast asleep , me rolling on bed restless, as I had grown little more than them mentally, becoming a voyeur of my elders sex and their organs, from last few years.

The lights went out inside the house. And within no time, I came down to the room window since my Mama was present there , sat on a drum looking inside, me hidden by well grown hibiscus plants grown in between the compound wall and room window. I had positioned well for their sexiting meet. I had already become eves dropping expert and now a peeping tom. I saw my Mama (my momís brother) fixing the red zero candle bulb he had brought, in the room He had freshened himself, was with only white dhothi (about 3 meters. of cloth covering from waist down words) only.

He spread two beds side by side on the floor. Went up near the mirror, applied some talc on his body. He tied his dhoti up , caught hold of his organ (Cock) started pampering it with his hands . I saw him sliding its foreskin back (I came to know of foreskin later) , enjoying its raised size by looking at it through the mirror rather than directly. So with all this actions in the room by my Mama, with his body language suggesting anticipation of his partner arrival my Mom.
But my Mom was nowhere to be seen, Later conversation as follows in kannada.( Even though our mother tongue was Telugu , most of the time we used to converse in kannada rather than telugu ,since we were brought up in Karnataka.)

Mama; padma, padmaa, paddu chinnu , aaithene. (Padma, padmaa, paddu darling, ready?, he called her as husband addresses his wife normaly.

Mom: (adige maneyindha) aaithu , adhenu yene gine antha karitheya. neenenu nanna ganda alla hange karyoke, .( From kitchen, Yeh, how is that you are addressing me like that)
Mama; houdhe, nanallva ninna first dengiddu.( yah, was it not me to first fuck you).
Mom: adakke neenenu nange taali kattid gandana. ( so what ? that doesnít make you my talisman tied husband)
Mama; hangendhre naanenu ninge ? . anna antha matra anbeda.(Then, how I should address you, donít expect yourself to address me as brother )

Mom: neenenge anna aagthiya nann tullu kotmele.( How will become my brother, when I gifted you , my cunt).
Mama; sarri, gandanu alla anthiya, ebre iddaaga anna anuskolake nang ishta illa.
matte nee nange yenagbekamma.( ok. you donít want me to address as such, which you feel that only husband can address, I donít like to be addressed brother, when we are alone,than how should I address you?).
Mom: bandh helthini iru. barla. (Wait, I will come & tell you, shall I come?)
Mama; ayyo bega baa. (yeh,come fast).
Mom came into the room entrance. My hairs stood.

She was wearing pista green silk saree with dark yellow border and a matching green blouse .She had put her pleat to the front across the right shoulder which stood down extending to right upper thigh ,almost beside her saree enclosed tullu (cunt). The whole pleat was enclosed on the top with Jasmine flower pad (maggina jade). Her lips had light red coating and when she smeared her lips , I found she had chewed beeda with her tongue red.She was wearing sparse jewelry , with two rings one stone studded and the other plain gold, on her left hand ring & middle finger.

Her tentative steps with excited smile looking at my mama and her stance at one end of the cot taking support of mosquito net rod behind , with crossed legs , with her right palm on her sides bent at elbow, made by Mamaís jaw drop down. He stood gaping her with lustful eyes. And my Mom never looked so beautiful to me earlier as she was today. She was no less than the any sultriest actress of those times. She was totally stunning & inviting.
Inviting whom ? my Mama .

Mom: ( reppe kunistha mugul nagutta mamanne nodutta) chennagidhina .(twitching her lashes, staring my Mama with a smile, asked am I am looking good?.)
seere thankottiddakke thumbha kushi aaithu .hodh sala dengdhaga neenu munche namma dengatgalalli , nanage tumbha hidisiddu yaudhu antha kelde. eeg gottaitha.
(Getting saree made me very happy.When you fucked me last time, you had asked me to reveal one of the earlier best fucking sessions as I had felt. Do you know now?)
Mama; nin ruchinu ,nandhu onde alle. (both our tastes are same!).

Mom: jnapka bantha . thirga hendthina kardanghe karitheya.(Can you recall.Again you are addressing me as your wife?).
Mama; sarri, yenantha karili tulle (ok , tell me how to address you).
Mom: yavaga helbeko avaaga helthini nan modhal tunne youne.avath madhange maadthiya ,naan nan ganda dengdhaaglu allige nan mansu hortu hogutte.

(Will tell you at the right time , my first cock dear. Will your repeat the same act as that session? Even during , when my hubby is fucking , my thought ends up going to that session with you) hung heltha kannadi mundhe vaiyardindha ninthkondlu. (Telling like that, she stood in front of the mirror in a invite mode).

Mama; oone .yen rasikle neenu.(Yeah. How romantic you are!)
Mom: adhan kalisddu neene alwa.thirga yene anthiya. (you taught me na. Again donít address me like your wife). Later she looked back looking towards his cock ,teasing him why it is still covered and she turned away with a naughty smile towards mirror .And her back and mirror image of her front , inviting him. My Mama threw out his dhothi , went nude and hugged her from behind licking the backside of her ears.

She started raising her feet on the toes , took her right hand palm behind to caress his neck, leaning on him with her back, turned her face smooching his neck. I could see his cock grouted in between her bums grinding it. He continued later to caress her belly region with his right hand. Her eyes were half closed with her tongue extended smooching his neck.

Mama starting sizing her right bum ,pressed it like a horn Bulb.
Mom: Aaih , Mettago. (yeah, slowly.)
Mama moved his hand to her side tyre , pinched it making my Mom to instinctively jump up. In a flash again put his hand on her navel ,instinctively caressing it.

Mom: aah ! avath adhange hagtha idhe.(Aaaah! I am feeling as it happened that day)
Mama; Yengho ? ( How dear).

Mom: onthara naveeragidhe. ivat madhyndindha mai yalla kampistha ittu. thavakistha ittu .nanag gottittu, ivattu tul hudukhondu barthiya antha.yeno duguda, tavaka, maiyalla kampistha ittu.( It is soothing. From this afternoon, my body was trembling in anticipation.I knew ,you will searching my cunt. I continued in anxiety and anticipatory condition.)

Mama; hangene, nin tullu magnettange,nan thunne kabbinadha radange ,ondokk ondu yelitha irthadhe. maggin jade hoova yenge ready maadhe.( yeah, it is like that only. Your cunt is like a magnet and my cock like a iron rod. Both will be attracting each other. How did you arrange this jasmine strip.

Mom: nin thunnena regisbeku antha thandhe.( I brought it to tease your cock).
My Mama turned her around , stuck her to the wall on her back .He lounged himself forward for a kiss.
Mom: thagollo muttu saviyoa nanna thutina.(Take dear , take the kiss to savor my lips.)
She pulled his mouth to her and started giving a deep kiss to him. Both of them held there face to each other, with their lips welded. This went on for more than 8-10 ten minutes. Meanwhile, my

Mama was giving intermittent thrust with his tunne (cock) jacking by Momís bum to the wall. His cock was visible but still by momís tullu (cunt) was enclosed by her garment , may be very eager to come out and challenge my mamaís tunne (cock). Sweat was running down from the right temple side of my Mamaís head. After their passionate kiss my Mom lovingly twirling her fingers of both her hands at the side of his forehead, told him to remember their first encounter & do further the same as he had done to make her , his own before her husband came t own her cunt forever.

How can my Mama be without dancing to her most provocative talks and actions.
my mom had taken the lead that day. And later said that she had become very hot & horny after hearing Indraís & Jayaís sex( she had replaced Rohini with Jaya) , that afternoon. But concealed Rohiniís & indraís latest pound partner. Later, pinching his nipples started tenderly pushed him to the other side wall, made him to sit on his heels behind the pillow. His cock was at its full, rearing to go. And for the first time I had clear sighting of a manís raised cock

She came on to the bed ,carefully placed her jasmine padded pleat beyond the pillow , laid down on the bed, with her feet towards the window (towards me across) ,turned to her left side with her face resting on the left palm , hand folded at the elbow. Her posture was mind blowing. I keep on reminiscing that even today making me ooze my precum. She huskily told him to rewind their first encounter and to start. My Mama had gone mad.

He started kissing the pleat from its end , started slithering towards her head. His cock dangling & for him may be dancing. He came to her head ,licking her right ears on the rim & inserted his tongue into her ear lobe. She sighed ooooh! Haaaah! with her body swaying on the bed ,later her other hand moving to the back of his head , caressing it , as she used to do for my sister & me to express her maternal love.

My mama came to eye lashes smooching tenderly, with my Mom keeping it close , her mouth half open with her reddish tongue twirling on the lips. He later turned around to her face ,started playing her face with his tongue, licking her cheeks, brushed it on her lips.Then he held her chin with his teeth looking to her eyes. She was looking at him with lust oozing from her eyes. She later pushed his head gripping his hairs towards her boobs. He bit her right boobs putting his hands to unclasp her blouse.

Mom: eeg thegibeda .(Donít remove now).
Mama had been reduced to her sex toy. His intensity still more triggered with her husky commands started smooching her belly ,pierced his pointed tongue to its hole, my mom hissing cooing .His hand was deftly touching her sides ,occasionally pinching her small protruding tyres. He then shoved his hand through the knot of the petticoat, after she again refused to remove the saree at that moment.

I could see his hand at work on her cunt enclosed by her clothes. Her saree had been drawn up bit above her knees .
My Mom moaning) yeh, nedhaanano avattu kalla maddhange maadhe. (yeh, be tender , that day you did like a thief , she teased him.)
Mama; thadyake aagtha illa ,tunne turisthini.(I canít bear further, will shove the cock)
Mom:avattu thurshi raktha kaarsi mugisdhe .aaithu avattina aata mugithu.(That day you shoved for me to bleed and stopped. ok, now that dayís game is over.)

Ivattu hosa aata oapkothiya.(Today is another new game, will you agree?)
Mama; nan thull heldhange.(As my cunt commands)
Mom; thunnege hosa jaaga thoristhini.(will show the Cock , a new place to shove in)
Mama; (thunne savarkoltha ), munche try madhaga kirch konde.(fondling his cock , when I tried earlier, you shouted)
Mom: allal vo. illi.(Not there but here)
She pointed at the base of her blouse.

Mama hopped on to her , shoved his cock up inside her blouse.
Mom: Kaiyo.(fuck it)
Mama started jerking to & fro there. My Mom was swaying her knee folded legs & coming ,complimenting him.
Mom; aaah ! nin thunne nan blouse olginda pratyaksha aagi nanna galla thagoluadu yesht maja idheyo.(Aaahh! the Cock appearing through my blouse , nudging my chin , it is full masth.)
Mama; praveene aagbit idheyalle. yen nin ganda thorsiddna. (he teased , you have become an expert,Wha,did your husband showed this?).

Mom: avaru nervaagi seere yetti tullge tunne tumbthare. avar attigedheerga ivella meeslu ittidharenoe .(He comes directly lifting my saree , filling my cunt with his cock. May be he has reserved all this to his sisters-in-law) avarge nan mele kopa yelli neen nanna kaithidhiyo antha. (He is angry with me,doubting that you may be fucking me). His teat fucking continued .Then he removed her blouse with his cock still inside, later she lifted her back easing him to unhook the bra. His Cock sprung up. When he moved down to strip her saree, again she obstructed.
Pushed him onto the adjacent cot edge where he sat with his leg wide,

Mom still laying took her right palm to his cock thumbing its edge .I saw my MOMís finger feeling his mild ooze, which I later came to know as precum, with him moaning
Mama: aah ! paddu paddu thadyek in kashtane, tull noadthine.(aah! paddu paddu , its difficult to bear any more, i will see the cunt)
Mom: oohu. ithara ebbare iroe samaya sikke yesht varsha aaithu.

(No.This opportunity of being together alone, we have got after so many years.) Later, she pulled him with her hand using his Cock as a lever, he came on his knees , with his cock dangling near her vaguely opened lips But she pulled him making him to come on near her Boobís zone, positioning his Cock near her lips Mama Ďs face lit up .
Mama; idhu munche maade illvalla paddu.(We have not done like this before , na paddu.)
Mom,: sarri eeg maadoah .thunne idoah nanag bekoah ,adhar sihi bekoah, kampisidhlu heltha.(Ok ,do it now.,shove the Cock in the mouth, I want it , want it to savour its sweetness, said excitedly)

Mama; yeah paddu mettag maathadu, jorag beda, aache kelsutte.(yeah ,paddu, talk in a low voice ,you can be heard outside).
Mom: aagalla innu thurkoe.(canít bear, now shove )
Mama shoved his Cock starting moaning aah! oah! , when my Mom started working on it inside her mouth. He started to thrust his hip lightly energizing his Cock go further & further , thrust, gradually increased ,Mom started shaking her head , pushed him when he shouted

Paddu barthaidheye kudiye.(it is coming ,drink)
Mom pushed his Cock out gasping for breath. Sat on the bed fingering his Cock. Mama stood up pulling her to him, pulled out her saree , worked on her blouse unclasping the front hooks. Later, her boobs were freed from it , but her bra still given privilege to stay. I had seen my mom for the first time in semi dress. Later became curious (I canít call excited at my age then) waiting to have her Boobís maiden darshan (appearance).

Mama struggled a bit to remove her petticoat ,succeeding in putting it down , pulled my Mom to his chest , with my Mom reaching him with a couple of steps, in turn freeing herself from the petticoat at her heels. Pressing her against his chest unclasped her bra behind. His acts was turning akin to Jayaís husband actions as heard ,on Indra. Later, pulled my Mom to him ,his crotch needling brushing her Cunt . My Mom matched him responding equally. And both were in trance standing on the bed.

My Mom moaning, cooing venku,venku ,biting his chest, ears, smooching his lips , pinching his upper back. Mama in turn was mumbling something back to her hears.
Mama then ran down with his right fist on her pleat , which freed crumpled jasmine loose flowers to rain on bed. He pushed gazing her from head to toe. My Momís few clump of hairs in the front was caressing her face, with some stuck with perspired wetness.
Mama went behind her ,put his hands around, fondling her breasts, later holding her teats started nudging her to the edge of the bed towards the window.

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Now, the latest happening was something like exhibiting to me, my nude mom.
He slid down his hands to her thighs on the side, she gracefully swaying & responding to his fondling , by resting her back on him . I was awe struck looking at her. Her face totally transformed unlike my motherís ,lips bit trembling , drooled eyes drooping , pinkish white body glowing , enlarged boobs adorned by Mamaís bite marks, teats pointed. Her belly was as smooth as her cheeks, somewhat used as a canvas to stroke a web by a fanciful painter ,

Which is birth marks caused when she conceived, suture line of caesarian surgery running aside her beautiful belly hole , as if a indicator hand directing me to gaze her Boob above & Cunt below. Eyeing down I saw her Cunt glistening better than my first sighting earlier inadvertently facilitated by her friend Indra , to me . Her Cunt had trimmed hairs ,the slit was wet with her ooze , Cunt lips unfurled in anticipation of Tongue to pamper and Cock to pound. It could draw any eyes to be gazing for any length of time. She was a ravishing beauty illuminated by red light spread in the room.

I had seen my mom in nude , in utter disbelief raising doubts whether she was the same I addressed as Amma all these days. Mom slid down on bed when Mama got relieved of her back, on his chest. He curled his head to reach in between her thighs ,tongue vigorously licking her cunt.Mom sprang up her bums with her elbow on bed encouraging her to do so ,she responding by repeated curling act of bums towards him ,facilitating the tongue to lick, suck, bite ,munch her ever sex oozing Cunt.
Mom: saviyoe saviyoe chennagi heeroe, aaaaa, mmmm, venka, ooo..(savor savor suck nicely ,aaaaa,mm)

When she sunk her bums on to the bed back, he was pushing more & more his head into the cunt. Then Mom started pulling his head away from her Cunt .Mama pulled her up, threw her on to the adjacent cot , with her legs in V ,upper body resting on bed with her legs on mattress spread on the floor , with Cunt position , few inches away from the edge of the cot. He pushed a pillow into her hand which she shoved it under her bums.

Meanwhile, Mama was fondling his Cock , smearing its hood with his pre cum, Mom seeing him in drooling eyes and his eyes lusting her. He shoved his Cock into left palm , by which my Mom was making it feel the whole of Cunt, occasionally pressing it on to the slit.
Mama; moaned aaahh! oah!, padmu..
Mom: YenoahÖÖ..(What dear)

Continue mumbling & moaning, when my Mom again brought the hood near the slit, he rammed it in with a great push with his lust at its peak , resting on his elbows on her either side with his head a few inches above her breasts. He caught her right teat by his teeth & Mom instinctively moaned aaaaaaa.. ouch !.
His jerking turned into pounding , with their genitals singing pachh pachh pachh. My mom in duet with it , moaning oaoaoaoaoaoaoao! mmmmaaah! ummmmmm!
venkuuuuuuuu! venkuuuuuuuuu innu jadiyoahh!

Mama: thagoe ! thagoe! thagoeÖ.h nanna rande , aaaaaah! bitte bitte bitte .(Take!,take! TakeÖ my bitch!, aaaaah! Letting out ,letting out ,letting out).
Mom: yen andhe yen andhe , rande , hange kareebeku nanna . gottaitha eega .( What did you call me , bitch, call me like that. Do you know now?)
Mama; with a lustful eyes (cooed) rande , nanna muddina rande ( cooed bitch, my lovely bitch), caressing her face, tenderly pushing the hairs on forehead back.

They were on each other for sometime mumbling sweet nothings to each other . They got up , my Mom teasing him yenoah tunne kargogidhe ( what dear, cock has melted ), fingering his now limp cock
Mama; ooo rande , nin thull shakakke.(Yah bitch, its due to yours Cunt hotness).
Her face showed her lust being sparked by their afternoonís discussion ,being satisfied
Yes I had seen my Mom in rande avathar (in bitch appearance ) that day.

I had seen the man & womanís nude bodies, sexual encounter most of the doubts mentioned in the earlier episodes being answered , with other two still remaining to be cleared (Nirodh & Muttu (Periods). The wall clock showed the time as 1.40 AM. They pulled up a thin quilt over their nude bodies hugging on the bed. I was back to pavilion..to be continued

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Dear readers , you may recall that I had terminated the last episode , post elaborate fuck session my Mom had with her brother, my Mama .After having seen it for about three hours , I had retired to the terrace , with that images still in my eyes. Next morning , when I came down to house inside, there was no speck of any evidence of the fuck session the previous night , with my Mama gone and with my Mom fresh as morning dew, since she had just bathed. Her face was at peace , after having got satiated her lust the previous night , having been instigated by hearing the poundings of Indraís & Rohiniís cunts by the ramming bull, the Jayaís husband, the previous afternoon.

During serving breakfast to me, my Mom said that I should not tell my dad about Mamaís visit to our house, if I wanted peace at home , since my dad did not like her brother & his visits to our house. Few weeks passed with no meetings of team 5 , since my house was inundated with my relatives from my father side at my house , some coming to seek help for hospital checkups , admission and other helps at our city. One day my parents were told by my dadís second elder brother that the eldest brother had told them to go to their village for some land purchase registration with latter being in our city on some work, and will meet them at night after their return at our house .

The same afternoon , my SILís mother came visiting our house with her son. The same
evening he returned to his village alone , with his mother staying overnight, for some work the next morning in the city. Her daughter was given in marriage to my dadís eldest brotherís son. The same night my eldest paternal uncle came to our house with packed dinner for us Both of them were cozying up to each other like my Mom & My Mama used to.

As usual I went to terrace to sleep along with neighbor friends. As I could not resist for long with the presumption that they be in action on bed , came again to my drum seat across the room window. My presumption proved right. Already my uncle was furious at work with my SILís mother , supposed to be his sister, in relationship .Also , I recalled the gossiping about their relationship, by my Mom and her second elder co-sister earlier, during the latterís visit to us.
He pulled her pallu down, put his hand to her sareeís knot, removed it.

Later, he lit a cigarette , bringing her hands unto him, as if directing her to remove his clothes. She removed his banian , pulled out his dhothi. She inserted her right hand through his right inner thigh up, towards his cock , under his striped cotton knickers, usually worn at rural places Meanwhile, he let his smoke on her hairs near her left ear. Smoke was rebounding from her hairs while my uncle was giving a weird smile. She was fingering his cock inside his shorts. He pulled her head dragging a puff , kissed her, relieving smoke into her mouth. Both were smooching while smoke emanated through their lips.

Upon telling her to bare herself, I saw her unhooking her blouse ,later her bra and removing it away from her and slipping in on the floor. Then he put his right hand on her boobs kneading it , while his other hand was at work with cigarette .She became nude after herself removing her petticoat. My uncle later kept his lit cigarette between her lips by which she smoke , seems like she was familiar with smoking .She voluntarily removed his knickers and both of them were nude.

She was a dusky woman with large busts ,flat navel with a flowing belly terminating at her cunt. Her cunt had untrimmed pubic hairs with her inner labia in synchrony with her cunt lips. Her bums were well rounded and her body was reasonably in shape, with her hairs tied into a bun. She had a well rounded face with her lower lips being very bigger than usual, as what I had observed with team 5 (my mom & her four friends).She had very attractive eyes and bit enhanced by kajol.

Her gold chain with talisman looked very attractive with the talisman almost embedded between her boobs, being seated at her cleavage. She was around 43 yrs of age about five years younger than my uncle. Her physiology belied her age , giving an appearance of her being in 30s. Now I had seen the fourth cunt and by this time I had developed a fascination for seeing cunts and this fascination continued to grow must faster than my growth physiologically in age. My eldest paternal uncle was very flamboyant in character, domineering ,

A good leader by nature and a significant position in politics at the district level and very courageous, whose characters I have imbibed in life. And about courage , I had aplenty in all aspects and also as far as getting woman , I had more than enough, which , you will come to know in future episodes. He was physically very strong with a good physique and his cock was full of meat , may endowed to all of us in our family.

I heard him almost admonishing her, continuing his palm at work around her boobs and belly which made her in turn to caress her ghee oozing cunt herself, that it had come to his knowledge that she was bitching with few politicians in govt. guest houses in Tamil Nadu , even though he was serving her cunt more competently than her ailing husband. He continued telling her to stop attending political meetings , where some of her male friends or she took advantage, for fucking sessions. She was not accepting what my uncle said defending it as a gossip but not true.

My uncle replied that he had filled his cock to many cunts and with its responses to his cock , he could make out the nature of woman owning them. Telling that he pulled her face to his mouth , with his hands entwining her upper back, starting love biting her cheeks , ears , smooched her neck and held her lower lips with his lips .He starting chewing it and later switched to top gear , roughly kissing her , made her to protrude her swirling tongue into his mouth . Later, pressed his lips even more, with his palms having shifted to back of her neck..May be she couldnít take more , she made efforts to make him release her , which he did after a reasonable amount of time.

Later, she pulled him over her on the cot .My uncle continued to suck her nipples one after another , after his tongue coming in circles from the base of boobs. Simultaneously she had put her left index finger into her cunt, within it lips moving it in circular fashion. Then, he positioned himself on his knees, roughly pulled her mouth onto his cock
shoving its full length into , while continuing to clump her hair bun with his left hand..He was asking her to role her mouth around his cock which she did for some time.

Then firming her hair bun further, starting fucking her mouth furiously, while she was staring at his face wide eyed awestruck, him grunting .Later, he threw her face away, giving her a light slap on her cheek.. He threw her on the bed with her cunt eyeing the ceiling. He lit a fresh cigarette , took a deep breath, bent into her cunt , releasing the smoke smothering the cunt. The bushy cunt was now like a forest covered with mist and he had drawn the climate of the hill station successfully on to her cunt.

Oh! he didnít stop at that. He brought the cigarette on to the cunt. I could hear chur chur sound , alas , he was clearing the forest on her cunt with the controlled fire at his finger tips, intermittently licking it to clear the ash . Both were really enjoying this action of his . In no time, her cunt was cleared of scrub forest, with cunt , effusing its freshness , as if , it was cleared of all shackles the cunt just glistened .

Both of them came out of the cot & when he nudged her thigh, she showed her back to him, bent down with her hands supporting her stance as it was placed on the edge of the cot. She widened her legs ,my uncle then placed his cock in between her bums with his palms clenching her bums,. I saw her moving her bums side to side while my uncle with the cock in his right hand trying to shove it in. After a brief struggle between them , he jerked his cock inside while she moaned aaaaah!.

Gripping her bums, he started to & fro motions for some time then furiously started his movements. The speed increased with the sound emanating dup! dup! dup!Ö.He started grunting yehÖÖ! Hooh!Hooh! Hooooooo! , while she turned her neck looking at his eyes, started moaning mmmmmmmmmm! aaaaaaaw! uuuuuuu!. He furiously starting pumping grunting yeeeh! Yeeh! and his thrusting came to intermittent halts , with she moving her bums circularly. This continued again and again with breaks, dup ! dup! dup! yeih ,yeihiiiiiiiiiiihoahoah , mmmammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Both climaxed with synchronized orgasm . She started moaning , yeih, saalra , manshuava gad dha ra , yem pooku yebdo sudneledha, nelipra naa pooku chimpesthava , na batta salra.(Yeih, enough , are you a human being or donkey, why ,have you not fucked any cunt before ?, stop it , or you will tear my cunt , my rogue enough dah.) She jerked briskly springing her bums up to his shoved cock which forced him to squirt his cum into her cunt, while some went inside and the rest jettisoned out , falling on to the ground.

By now , I had become quite familiar with men fucking cunts sitting on top of them and now had been exposed to men putting his cock to the cunt from behind , in between the bums of women. And what a sight it was. New couple, new style! He lit a fresh cigarette , both started using the same. She cleaned his cock with her bra , wore it and other garments of her started rushing to its rightful place on her to make her look more chastise which she was not.

Yes, she was getting her cunt rammed by her Son-in-lawís father, who was supposed to be her brother , in relationship as her daughter was given to his son to be legitimately fucked. Suddenly, he said to his bitch of the night that he will call me down , citing that she cannot be sleeping alone , when my parents arrive. I had to literally rush to the terrace supposed to be beckoned by my uncle later, to sleep next to his bitch, as a cover of normalcy when my parents arrived. On my way back, my uncle said that I should sleep inside with her as he had to immediately leave on some urgent work. And he left.

I slept next to her. And my parents arrived late at night , and by the time they were in, everything looked normal , with no sign of fucking session that took place a few hours ago. So , these fucking sessions of my parents , my momís with her brother my mama and the teamís 5 cravings for sex talks in their weekly meetings , went on for further about three months. And the request, pleading of jaya and nudging by Indra hinting indirectly to acquiescence to Jaya Ďs ,

About my momís proposed fuck with the latterís husband went on a long as we were into summer holidays , after our exams. Team 5 dispersed for about three months , to their respective villages . So, I was at my paternal grandparents village now.

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The marriage of Rohini was about one week away, though her nuptial night was over about three months back not with the present groom but with her brother-in-law, Jayaís husband , who had ravaged her cunt and other of her assets where any male , can lay his hands, mouth and his cock on , described in detail in one of the previous episodes.

We were given accommodation in Jayaís brothers house but she didnít step into this house due to a misunderstanding she had with them and hence stayed with her mother and her other brotherís house. The marriage venue was at the temple complex. Three days into the marriage, lot of rituals were going on in JAYAíS mother house. My Mom & Team -5 would dress in their best partaking in the rituals , which carried into night ,up to about 10 pm.

Jayaís husband was there but hovered a lot around Team-5 & especially around my Mom, who was looking exceptionally beautiful among all the ladies in the ceremony. He was totally mesmerized with her looks. Next, Indra, was glowing and her flat navel had given way to a curved navel, her bosoms had become reasonably large she was pregnant. Her sex lover Jayaís husband, would teasingly look into her eyes , for which she would twirl her lips in response .Her face used to become red. This romance had not escaped the eyes of her other friendís in Team-5 & my Mom.

Around 9 pm since I was feeling sleepy, boring with no companions of my age , my Mom told me to go the house, where we were staying and sleep. The accommodation given to us was a huge hall with two entrances at each end and at one end , there was a ante room with no door. The family members of the house were staying at far opposite end of our accommodation and we had reasonable privacy. It was a open well house. Paddy sacks were stacked at almost , little away from the centre of our hall to one end like a partition wall in the hall we slept,

With about three ft width left at both wall sides may be to avoid wall moisture into the sacks.
Behind this bunker like paddy sacks, beds were laid for us to sleep at one end of the hall.
At the other entrance, next to the door, there were few rolled beds resting on the wall.
Feeling bored! The stage set should be familiar to the readers, to know the eventual thrilling Sex that happened that night. I was awakened by the sound of the ladies walking into my part of the hall when I opened my eyes the electricity was gone, with one lantern being placed burning at the far end of the hall. Indra, Lakshmi ,Saroja and Rukhmini walked in.They were slightly wet , may be drenched with the drizzle outside. My Mom was not to be seen and came to know later , that she would arrive bit later, by the discussions they had near my bed, Lakshmi teasing that my Mom was the heroine of the day , hence she had more role to play in the ceremony. As usual I pretended sleep. Now the feast to my eyes started, which culminated late into the night.

All the three were feeling the chill and started removing their silk garments and were very near to my bed, in my full vie . The three put their pallu down ,started removing the hooks of their blouses ,meanwhile conversing about Jayaís husband behavior ,laughing teasing. They were pulling Indraís legs by teasing her about her reactions to his stare and all were in jovial mood , with Indra blushing like a new bride.

They made it known with their conversations that my Mom would be teased to her wits end , after she came. They casually started removing their blouse, taking their sweet time , unhooking the hooks ,one by one, from down upwards ,as if they doing it for me to see and relish, later they un clasped their bras with Lakshmi helping Indra , from behind, Bras were off. Their boobs sprang out. Now, I was having the privilege of seeing a series of boobs at a single point of time.

Indraís Boobs had enlarged by leaps and bounds since seen last by me about four months back.
Rukhminiís Boobs were huge, struggling to be at its place waiting for someone to play with it, neatly shaped ,protruding with the teats , extended and inviting, Lakshmiís Boobs was more wider at the base , her areola was light brown on the fair skin neatly rounded and would invite any lusty tongue to lick it in circular fashion before lobbing her brownish teats into the mouth

Sarojas Boobs was not such engrossing being below average. Lakshmi chided Indra , conversations in kannada yene Indru, Jaya gandana thunne ujjaata ninn moleana kallangre hannashtu doddadhu maad bittidhe (what Indru , Jayaís husband cock massaging the breast has made it grow like big melon). Indra retorted , Neenunu ninna molaena thunneli kaieskho , doddadh agatte.Addhakke yaudhaana dap thunne hudukkae .

(You can also get your boobs enlarged by cock fucking, it .Hence try for some cock with full meat). Rukhmini & Saroja were smiling hearing their conversation. Later Lakshmi ,turned her attention to Rukhmini, Yene Rukku, yaaraadru namge gotthildange ninna molaena oodhisthid dhara (What Rukku is anybody without our knowledge making your bust balloon up?).

Rukhmini retorted Namma gandhandhira thakath namage gottiddhu , ninna aptha snehithena heeg kelthiyalle.Aithamma naavu yaudhadhru namma molaena doddadh maadoe thunnena hudukkolloana , yardh molae dhasthi dappa agutte pandhya kattana.Yene indru, yaudhana thunnena shiparasu maad thea yene. (You know our hubbies capabilities and how can u ask like that to your close friend.

She joked, ok, let us find some new common cock which will make our busts large and let us have competition to see , who will have the largest one. What Indru will you recommend any cock?)

Indra shot back, Yene naanenu thale hidaklla,alla, ninna snehithe ashteh.Nang goette, neeneke nanna kaal aelitha idhiya antha .Naanenu naanagi hoglilla , aounu hiddkondne. (Do you think I am a pimp, be sure I am your friend and that is it. I know whom you are angling a, to pull my leg. I did not go on my own, he Jayaís husband subdued me).

Lakshmi teased, Aadre neenu maja thagonde alwa? ( But you enjoyed know?). Indra,
Neenu aa paristhi yalli iru, aaga nin thullu nu molaenu yange aad thava,maadthavae, antha satya heallu.(You get into that situation and let me hear from you about your cunt & boobs ís reaction , if you are honest). Lakshmi, Aaithu, eega thunnena yalli hudkhodhu, ning yaudhana gottha , Rukku. (ok, now where to get the cock, do you know any, Rukku) .

Rukhmini, Yenu, nanna yaakhe kelthiya.Neenae hudukhu (Yeh , why you are asking me. You find one). Indra, intervened , teasing, Time bandhaaga nim ghe siguttae, adhakke kaairie.( you will get one , when the time comes. So wait). Saroja, was a mute spectator as usual. Later, they removed their saree and their petticoats. they had become nude. Now, four females totally nude in front of a 18 yrs. I started shuddering and sweating.

All the cunts were neatly trimmed and Indra, Lakshmi and Rukhminiís cunts were almost competing like, in a beauty pageant , with their magnetic attraction due to their shapely existence, in-between their thighs. Saroja was no object of interest to me and I had no reasons to explain the same. The later cunts were looking so fresh and tempting being under used by their hubbyís inable cocks. They were enjoying looking at each other, as if they were liberated from all shackles ,they had in their day to day life.

Their Bums were so rounded , their hips had light tire of fat and I have no words to explain further , since my feeling at the sight , cannot be put in complete , as words cannot justify it. They were nude , as if, not one eve but three eves with one maid , had descended on earth, for my sake. They were like angels with gold ornaments and allied bangles, dangling , hugging , their bare bodies. Each one looked special, as sexy bitches in their own way.

But overall, Indra out stood and my fascination for her grew at an alarming pace, beating my age. Incidentally, I had started feeling my Mom as any other women who grabbed maleís attention with her natural beauty , impeccable sense of dressing and gait, me most of the time subdued by her beauty ,may be at times ,pushing aside in my mind, that she was my Mom this is a scene which has frozen in time & firmly entranced in my psyche.

This sighting had almost lasted for more than half an hour and their erotic talks rung in my ears repeatedly. We heard a sound as someone approaching at the other door. They became anxious to pick their garments from their suitcases .Before that, Indra told others to be silent signaling them to look at that direction. They stood numb to be continuedÖ.

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Readers may recall that I had been to my paternal village along with my Mom & Dad and had in the last episode , wrote about my DadíS sexual tryst with his eldest SIL , with my SIL and me drooling their act. Now, into episode 10. Within three days after his fuck with his eldest SIL, my Dadís cock was made to rage by his second eldest SIL after thrusting her cunt around his cock after teasing it on her mound.

It was around 7 pm in the evening and in the other next three days we had marriage of my youngest paternal uncle and house warming ceremony at our village. So one week before, our old residing house was cleaned and the walls painted with lime. Some of the items were collected and shifted to the atta (a big shelf between the floor and the ceiling at about 8 ft height from the floor) in the bathroom.

This bathroom which was to be my future joint for my dalliances with females , was quite spacious, village style , had about 10 x 10 ft free area , with the entrance sans door and only with a cloth screen about 3 ft away from one end. Inside at the entrance there was the chulka for heating water, with a huge bronze vessel embedded in concrete. To its far opposite, was the water tank , with a big atta above, as mentioned before. My eldest cousin sister told me to get the shavage stand (to prepare noodles) , which was recently shifted to the atta.

I was on the atta when my Dad & his second eldest SIL kantha , hurried into the bathroom .So, I was stranded above with both of them below. I started profusely sweating, seeing my Dad as I dreaded him, what if he finds me. His SIL started filling the bath vessel with hot water, when my Dad became nude.

His SIL: yem Mama , nenu nee akka koothru, neenni kattkovalchinde , naa duradrushtamu nee annki katteshri .Naa pendli iaevorku, maa oorku aebdoo vachhi naake dengedhi nerpichhi , baag denghi nee theta thirpichi konta vintvi. Ibdu naa kinna neeki nee pedda vadhana pooku saana ruchina .

(Dear Mama, I am your sisterís daughter, was supposed to marry you , it is my fate that they married me to your brother. Until my marriage , from my young age , you came to my village often learnt me the fuck, fucked me repeatedly to quench your itch for a cunt. Now, for you , is your other SIL Ďs cunt more tastier than mine).

My Dad: Nenu vachhebd ninka naa suttee paraadtha undae.Inka veraevoel soosie
doubt padtharu anni , dhaanni neekinna mundhru dengthni. (from the time I arrived , she was hovering around me .Feeling uneasy about the doubts that may arise, I fucked her before , I could do the same to you, he consoled).

His SIL; aaya , naa pook aggini aarpichu ibdu. (Accepted, now cool my cuntís raging heat). She hurriedly removed her blouse and wore no bra. Pulled out her saree knot, loosened her petticoat and dropped them down. In no time she became nude. She was voluptuous with astonishing BOOBS which compared to my earlier sightings was stiff , upright and with four children she had borne , she could be easily complimented , for having a good figure, which I could reminisces , after having grown up.

May be her work chart of drawing water from the well working on the rope to draw water had been instrumental in keeping her boobs upright and inviting. She was a dusky beauty , may be elder to my Mom by about three years with a flat tummy, shapely hips. But she had a dense forest grown wild on her cunt.

My Dad was seated on the low height bathing stool , his SIL ( I donít like to call my Aunt , since she very brash with haughty attitude , may be frustrated that she had failed to become my Dadís legitimate wife and hence couldnít stand me as I was my Dadís son with a different woman, in my Dadís life). She went to him squatting on his thighs hugging him with her cunt in position to engulf my dadís cock.

She took water in a mug and started bathing, with water flowing on both of them , after sufficient wetting their nude bodies, threw the mug into the vessel, started smooching my Dad , kissed him passionately , praising him for his lips without being marred by tobacco stains unlike her beedi smoking husband, licked it. She kissed, kissed and kissed him to her heartís content. She slide down between his crotch, crouching herself with her face near his cock and her shapely legs thrown upwards folded at knees.

She slide the foreskin of his mighty cock washed the creamy yellow deposits, which for the first time , I had seen with water collected by her right palm, Then in a flash, she gobbled his cock , sucked like a unleashed calf before its mother being milked , a usual practice in the rural areas. She had taken the lead with my Dad being passive and I could sense that the fire that raged with his eldest SIL a beauty, sophisticated, elegant, promiscuous ,attractive and fastidious lady, was missing in this encounter.

She; Nee madda na pooku dengina modhal madda, Mama .Naa Pooku thootni nee madda laavu kie ,Nee maadri naa moagadki nanni denghe aatla naa aasni thirpichhe vidyulu telidh Mama. (Your cock was the first one to fuck my Cunt, Mama. It is your mighty cock which bored my cunt Ďs hole to its girth. My hubby doesnít know the art of Sex that you perform, to fulfill my desires as you do, Mama.)

She sucked ,sucked and violently bit, for which my Dad was defending by holding her hair and pushing her head back. Later, she jumped up , sat on his thighs again with her cunt positioned to lob his cock, gave a thrust and she had conquered his cock into her cunt. She pumped and her Bums piston in movement caused her cunt Ďs duet with my dadís cock, As she couldnít bear my Dadís lips being idle, she thrust left teat into his mouth, put her left arm around his neck, pulled him bursting her left boob into his mouth.

She pumped beneath, pulled above, moaned Mama, Mama, naaki mosam chesistvi, nanni idichesi, Padma ni katkonestvi.Naaki dengedhi nerpichi, nee peddha Vadhanna pooku naakeki pargithavvu. (She pumped beneath , pulled above, moaned Mama, Mama, you cheated me by leaving me and marrying padma. She moaned you taught me fuck , now prefer to run and lick your other SILíS cunt).

Naadhi yemi thakva undhi cheppu, cheppu, Mama. (In what way is my cunt inferior , tell, tell Mama). She moaned mamaaaaaaaaaih! uuuuuuuuuuuuh! mmmmmmmh! Later, she plunged back on the dirty clothes sack formed by being tied with a bed sheet, acting as a couch right behind her supported by the wall. Now, My Dad strode on her. She threw her legs up and my

Dad started pummeling her cunt with full force, grunting she moaning with only his cock in contact with her body and his rest of the body hanging, taking support from his arms acting like stilts beside her chest, than it crash landed with his cock nose diving further deep into her cunt , while she shouted , Mama, Mama, kaar poya, ninda poya (it leaked, filled up).

When she was on her legs, for the first time I had seen milky cream at the centre of her mound , with few droplets sprayed on her curly hairs grown on the cunt, from close quarters. She later looked straight into his eyes, started cooing, Mama, nanni marspovoddu , ee janmalla nuvu naaki magoenga dhorak ledhu.Vacche janmalla nanni katkoa Mama.(Donít forget me, I didnít get you as my hubby in this birth. Marry me in my next birth, Mama). She gave a final kiss with tears rolling down on her cheeks.

My Dad didnít answer. Finally, she scratched his back with a soapstone, washed it, applied soap all over his body , bathed him I was totally dripped with sweat all over my body being stranded above physically and by the happenings at close quarters beneath me. Finally, I was relieved , may be after about thirty minutes. Immediately after the function, we were back in the city. By now, I had become familiar with my parents different sex partners and their sexual exploits. Some varied positions of fucking. But my Dad maintained a dignified position in the city and his village, by not roving beyond , his family. This was one of the reason which was liked by my

Momís friend. But they envied his handsomeness and I could sense Indra & Lakshmi Ďs fascination for him , in their discussions at my house, mainly bordering on sex, and my Momís looked proud. Some were sex starved, others wanted extra sex, envied their fellow friends sex with other males .And their discussions on sex was their main mode of entertainment and I was growing with almost their tutelage on sex. And within a week my Mom, her friends and me, without my Dad, went to Jayaís village

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HunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
After my exams , I went to my paternal grand pa village for the summer break , along with my Mom & my Dad .In the village we were treated very affectionately, since were from a large city, smart looking and with helpful attitude for whomever who were in need of it, in our city. In our Khandhan, I was the second male with my cousin brother (the son of my eldest paternal uncle who fucked his daughter-in-lawís mom as told in the earlier episode) being elder to me by about eight years and other two brothers being very younger to me.

My eldest uncle also had two daughters, my second eldest uncle had three daughters with a son, and my last paternal uncle was a widower with no issues than. As I said earlier , we were looked after very affectionately and all the female cousins used to be with me always. All my five cousin sisters were with me always and we use to loaf around sugarcane fields, my last paternal uncle used to help me swim in the open wells and it was a daily affair, stretching for about two hours.

Among them the eldest daughters of my uncles were about two & three years older to me, respectively. Elder married cousin brother used to be always away from village , doing transport business in the nearby town about 10 kms away and used to return late in the night. His wife my SIL , married for about two years was very affectionate to me, and as said before hailed from Tamil Nadu. My eldest paternal uncle had constructed a new house awaiting house warming ceremony. It had a single room on the first floor in a corner adjacent to the steps reaching terrace.

Suddenly, second marriage was fixed to my last paternal uncle , two years junior to my dad , and marriage took place at the newly constructed house along with house warming ceremony . My new aunt was about 5 yrs older to me but almost 15 yrs younger than my uncle. Her name was Gayatri. One week before the marriage took place , since it was hot outside , my elder cousin sister, the daughter of the eldest paternal uncle , about two years elder to me, proposed to be in the terrace single room and all of us went there. After a while , I said that it was boring to be in the room doing nothing.

Then she suggested that we will play aaspatre aata (hospital game).Then she extracted a promise that no one will disclose about the game played to anyone. All of us agreed. Then she told that a female doctor had examined her mom and the same will be enacted .She directed my second eldest paternal uncleís second daughter ganga , one year junior to me , to be the patient and me the doctor who is going to examine her. She made her lye on the mattress .She told me to draw her langa( full skirt covering up to the heels) up until her belly

Then unhook her shirt like blouse, which I did. Then she said that examination cannot be done properly and suggested to remove her clothes completely off her which I did. All other four sister with me surrounded her while ganga giggled and slept with her front portion facing the ceiling. Now she said that since I am from the city studying in a convent, to examine her on my own. I didnít flinch since I had seen the elders groping the females during fuck sessions.
I started groping her from head downwards.

I asked her to close her eyes. Later, I opened one by one looking at her and she was directly staring at me. Then I caressed her ears, pushed her hairs back from the forehead, touched it from the back of my palm. I came down to her cheeks which was very smooth , inserted my fingers into her mouth, running my fingers on her dentures, pinched her lips and she sighed. Then I proceeded down to her chest where I saw her boobs like little lemon unlike that of my Momís, Indraís and other boobs I had seen earlier. I caressed it for some time, sliding my palm down to her navel, belly region.

But , when I came down to her cunt , it was smooth as butter, with no hairs on it. I was surprised because of my earlier sighting of cunts with bushy hairs, trimmed hairs. When I was about to open her slit , my eldest aunt call from the road , to come to the old living house for lunch and our game ended abruptly. So my curiosity to feel the female anatomy rather than excitement at that age , was incomplete. The same night, we all slept in the old house in the big hall at the ground floor,

Some elders sleeping at the court yard with my dad alone sleeping at the first floor hall , whose floor was laid on the cross wooden bars , with a flight of steps ending with a 3ft x 3 ft. opening to reach the first floor. Any moments there could easily be heard at the ground floor hall where we all slept. I was sleeping at one end along with my sisters and may be after half an hour my SIL , who is about 4 yrs senior to me and with a early marriage, slept by my side , now she in the end position.

Since, there was load shedding during the nights, the hall was pitch dark while a faint light was visible from a kerosene lamp, at the opening to first floor. My Mom was sleeping at the court yard along with other ladies. After an hour or so I felt somebody walking to the first floor .I turned towards the opening when little sound came from the wooden steps while climbing and the person approached the opening, moved through it , it was my eldest paternal Aunty! She tried to close the door when I could hear my dad telling not to, since it makes sound.

She slide into the hall where my dad was alone. After few minutes my SIL started nudging me and our conversation started.
SIL; Vishu , yeh Vishu, Naa atta Nee Naina yem chestharu susthama.( Vishu, shall we see what my MIL and your Dad does )

Me; pretending deep sleep , didnít respond.She held my hand and started shaking it .

Yem Vadhana .(What SIL)

SIL: Naa jothla shabdham cheykunda raa.( Come with me without making any sound.)
She pulled me & we slowly crawled to the steps and we popped out our heads into the first floor hall , up to our eye level.

Both my Aunt and Dad were smooching each other standing .Both were fully aroused and their kissing was very intensive with both in the act as if they had missed each other for a long time. Later my aunt pulled out his lungi and his banian. He was fully naked with his cock fully erect dancing to its full length. My aunt took it by her right palm started playing with it , with her fingers traversing from its base to the tip .

When she brought her hands to the tip, she pulled its foreskin, applied her saliva , which made lamp flame to reflect on the cock tip. She in between used to hold his balls and lovingly pressed it. My Dad was moaning .
My aunt; Reih , noar adhum kora , kindha inpisthundhi.( Dear., keep your mouth shut, it will be heard downstairs) Her experienced fingers still continuing to move around his cock , made him still more excited .When he continued moaning, my aunt put her lips to seal his mouth.This went on for some time.

Later, my aunt cooed yen dinaal aiporahrah nee peddha madda naa pookla theeskoni.Nuvu saana pedhod aipoyendaavu, nee vadhanni vachhi sooseke neeke time ledhu. Neeke denghedhi nerpichindi nene kaadra. Ninni theleskoni theleskoni naa pooku kaarthane oontundra.(cooed, it is since very long , taking your big cock into my cunt. You have become too big, for you have no time to come and see your SIL.I taught you about fuck. I keep remembering you time and again, which makes my cunt wet.)

My Dad put his hand on her blouse which was exposed by now with her pallu already been deposed from its position.
My aunty ; Theesedhe odhra naa magoeda. Mee anna yebdana raavacchu.Townla waan lanjani dengheki poeyindalla.(Donít remove my manly guy, your brother may arrive anytime.May be he has gone to town to fuck his bitch)

But my Dad removed her blouse and his task been made easy with no bra inside.
He plucked her knot at belly and her saree came crushing down. Wasting no time he removed her petticoat. Loah, both were nude. I was proud at my DadíS athletic physique who was earlier a wrestler and his long cock was worth a sight for. He was really smart and my aunt started savoring him with her lips at full work on his body.

My Aunt was a Andhra woman, very fair, tall, with the extended neck and a oblong face with her rose lips being very beckoning to any male .Her boobs were a treat to any lusty guy. My Dad caught her from behind and was necking her while she moaned , itla love chese nanne paad chesyeasthvi. ( With your love like this, you spoilt me.) She had her eyes half closed with her tongue dancing on her lips. Meanwhile my SIL was breathing heavily with her breath hitting my right cheek and her grip with her left hand entwined around my neck tightening.

My Dad brought his right palm on her boobs and started kneading it very caringly while my aunt sighed .She was moaning , chaira chaira , naa sondallu needhe raa , mee annki dhaan ruchi sooseke adrusttum ledra. ( Do it, do it, my boobs are yours, your brother has no luck to taste it.)She brought her right palm on the back of his right palm , supporting him to press really hard. She was just swaying while my Dad rested his cock in between her bums.

He caressed her further down on her navel , belly and slipped his hand to her cunt , which was looking pretty with trimmed bush. He opened the slit with his right index and middle finger and the rosy highway to the cock to be driven , was having droplets of honey dew , showing its beauty to the light ray falling on it. When my Dad was fingering her Cunt , she turned her head back , put her tongue into his mouth and was engrossed in kissing him, with her left palm , caressing the hairs on his head.

My Dad later removed his canon cock from in between her bums, holding her sides near the navel region, made her squat on the bed. Then he put his head on her folded laps, while my Aunt gave her left teat to his mouth as a gift to be sucked .He sucked her boob while her right palm was lovingly caressing body from chest downwards to his belly area, with his cock , not within reach. His left palm meanwhile was on her right boob with the fingers twisting the teat tenderly.

My Aunt ; Naa magoeda, saal leyamma , time iipothindhi, mee anna vasthe, ardhanki nilispothundhi .Ipaddhu nuvu dengledhante naa pooku pitchhaga oondpothundhi.(My manly guy, enough get up dear, its getting time, your brother arrival may cut short our session,and if so, my Cunt if you donít fuck, will become depressed)

Heeding her , my Dad got up while my Aunt on herself laid on the bed with her thighs spread , for my Dad to put his Cock in her hungry and thirsting Cunt. My Dad sat near her with his Cock close to the cunt and his under thighs rubbing her base of the buttocks. He took her long and shapely legs, resting it on his shoulders. Then he started moving up while she kept moving down. After, a brief movement, his Cock had docked into her Cunt.

My Dad; vadhna , yen chepu dhengis kontavu.(SIL, for how long will you get fucked)
My Aunt; Naa batta , neek yenthpaddu kavalnoe anth dengra .Naa pooku dhappi aarevarku dhengra.Nee pedda gootani pookki goota kotti saana dhinala aipoeindra. Yem gootamra needhe. Padma nijanga adoekkoeni vacchindra.Nuuvu thaageledhu, cigarette kalcheledhu. Gootmu inammaadri kaapadindaavra.(My paramour, you fuck until you want to.

Fuck until my cuntís thirst is quenched.It is long time since my Cunt been pegged by your huge PEG. What a PEG is yours!.Padma is really lucky, since you being a teetotaler , you have maintained your PEG as strong as iron.). My Dad started stroking her tenderly for some time, while my aunt caressed his face, pinched his nipples , with both her hands, sometimes lounging up her face, to kiss him on his lips.

She would hold her tongue out swirling it and my dad would take it into his mouth. She had put her left arm around his neck. She had a perfect , flexible body with no extra fat , since she was used to work hard , as a eldest daughter-in-law of the family. With his even strokes lubricating her cunt , pachha, pachha , dhup dhup sound started emanating and my dad started pistoning her cunt with more and more force.

My aunt: moaned naa batta , batta, inka kotra, jorga kotra, packa packa kotra, nenu nee lanjra,(my paramour, paramour,hit me more, hit me still fast,hit furiously, i am your prostitute) uuuuuuuuuh! mmmmmuuh! aaaaaaaaaiah! haaaaaaah! ammaaaaaah!
My Dad: vadhna, vadhna, naa vadhna, naaki denghedhi nerpichhina vadhna, nenu naa pendlamni denghethapdunu nee pookni theleskoni , dhanni vaanchthaanu.

(SIL,SIL,My SIL,SIL who taught me fucking! even when i fuck my wife, i whip her cunt remembering your cunt)
My Aunt: Anth neeyatt petkoe undaave , saalra naa janmaaki.
(You have so much gratitude on me, it is enough for my birth)
My Dad started ramming her cunt with more brutal force, with sweat forming a rivulet on his temples flowing down. My Aunt started jumping up her bums , hitting his groin , while my dadís cock , jetted within her cunt.

She moaned ,moaned , slapped my dad on his cheeks. It was a sight to see my Aunt vibrating like a machine when my Dad rammed her cunt furiously. Both were moaning throwing all cautions to the wind. My Aunt lifted her bums and my Dadís piston started giving intermittent strokes. Both had reached their orgasms , while with my experience later can presume , my Aunt had more than three to four orgasms. With a big grunt, my Dad collapsed on her , while she started smooching , necking, licking his face,

After, his limp cock slid out from her cunt, she took it into her mouth and started cuddling it , in her mouth. Later, they got up , picking up their garments. My aunt wiped her cunt with my dadís lungi. My Dad pulled her to him and gave a passionate kiss on her lips and on her cunt. My SIL nudged me down, we came back to our bed with nibbling steps. Again, I could feel that my Aunt was on her way out to the court yard.

I kept wondering about my Dadís action tonight totally different from the way he used to Fuck my Mom, where he used to sit on her ramming his Cock. After sometime, my SIL made my head to rest on her right folded arms, crouching the arm , so that my head would turn towards her boobs, with my mouth near her right teats, started pressing it , to my mouth, but of course , her Boob still hidden within her blouse.

As I felt uncomfortable then, I pushed her away, came to the court yard , where my Mom and second eldest paternal aunt were sleeping. I went near my Mom, said that I would sleep with her since it was very hot inside. I laid down between them. After a while, my aunt was in conversation with my Mom, siding her elder Co-sister, for having had a fuck with my dad that night. She asked my Mom, how she could bear her cocked being shared by others , for which my

Mom replied , that all males may be like that, predating other cunts, and her husband was no exception. Then, she told , may be , he will load his Cock to her cunt later. My aunt made mild protests denying any affair with my Dad, for which my Mom replied, that she knew about her affair with her husband. My aunt kept quiet. Her cunt to be ravaged by my dadís cock in the coming three days.

The following week, my paternal uncleís marriage and house warming ceremony took place. And there was whole lot of relatives at home and we had no chance to play aaspatre aata again. We had to return to the city cutting short our stay at village by a month , since we had to go to Jayaís village , since Rohiniís wedding was fixed , with her colleague , a male nurse, at her hospital in the city. To be continued.

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