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Old 26th December 2016
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HunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
We heard a sound as someone approaching at the other door. They became anxious to pick their garments from their suitcases .Before that, Indra told others to be silent signaling them to look at that direction. They stood numb. My Mom came into the hall and without her knowledge , Jayaís husband followed her , in a flash, he caught hold by her waist with both the hands, which made my mom jump up in disbelief, still unknown to her who was gripping her from behind. He instantly turned her towards his face nudging her to the wall in between the rolled beds stacked and the door.

He closed the door. My Momís disbelief look in her face showed that she had not expected Jayaís husband to be in close quarters to her, at that point of time and at that place, in his In-laws house. Before she could react, he had taken her arms, stretched it and pinned to the wall, with his both the arms stretched and clasping her palms. He had locked her legs from waist downwards within his thighs. She had elegantly worn her pistha Mysore silk saree with the matching light green blouse and the black bra was hidden behind it.

Her plait had jasmine and Kanakambara flowers and her lips were stained with Beeda chewing.
Her pallu had fallen down exposing her silk blouse covered Boobs which had been neatly strapped by a black bra keeping it upright. Before she could react , he had started working on her, smooching her neck , brought his lips to hers , she was not co-operating for his intention to kiss. He had no qualms since he had other places to explore her beautiful face and her eyes were closed. He continued licking her cheeks, played on her eyes and rushed on to her lips again, this time succeeding in locking her lips with his.

Now she had opened her eyes, piercing her view into his , which showed her anger against his prowl on her. He had plucked her tongue into his mouth sucking it hard , my Mom showed her dismay by shuddering her body , which was pressed against the wall .This continued for some time and my Mom had succeeded in withdrawing her tongue into her mouth, for which he immediately reacted , shoving his tongue into hers. His kissing went on for a significant amount of time.

He later sucked her lower lips , twirling it to his wont and released her mouth after he had contented himself with playing on her sexy lips and mouth, He later was drawing imaginary strokes with his tongue along the top rim of her blouse and pressing his lips at her valley junction, repeatedly. I could see now, my Momís chin resting on his head, with her eyes open and it showed of some serious thoughts going through her mind. She was not at ease by the situation, she was in.

He slid his mouth into her right arm pit , sucking it which was covered by her blouse, made it completely wet , my Mom somewhat responded by moaning yeih, aaaah .Her eyes drooped a bit which only we could see. Encouraged by her moan, he rushed to her left arm pit , sucked it more force fully and my Mom moaning increased ,she Please stop it yar, it is a strange feel. Release my hands yar. (Baeda ree, nilsi , ontharta aagutte. Nanna kaigallna bedri.)

He; For how many long years I waited for you. Got you now. I want to suck you. If you say that you will get sucked, I will release you. How beautiful you are. My cock has stood rock hard from last three days looking at you, not melted for a moment, it is itching to be shoved into your cunt .If you accept to its shove into your cunt , I will release you.

(Yestu , varshadindha nimgae khaai dhidde. Evaaga sikkidhira.Neemnna chennage unbeku.Unniskothini andre bidthni.Yen gammattagi idhirie. Nann thunne moor dhivasdhindha nimna noadee, noadee ,ninthgonniroedhu innu eldhilla. Urethha idhe. Nim tulloege nuggokae thuditha idhe.Thurskoeloeke oapkondre bidthini)

Mom: I am neither your wife or your bitch. To quench your lust go to your wife Jaya .Now ,you release me please. (Naanenu nimma hendthina illa sulaena .Nimma thetae thirskoloeke Jaya nathra hoegi.Eega nanna bidi please.

He: You are neither but my dream queen. Please allow me to do on you. Show me your Cuntís taste, I will obey whatever you say. Donít disappoint me. I want to lick your cunt , suck the taste , I want to shove my cock into your cunt , fill it making it suck my juice and get drenched by it , and I want to experience it. Please padma, I will fall at your feet , need to fuck you .Please please donít disappoint me.

( Neevu yeradu alla nann kanisina rani.Please sumne maadiskoll reigh.Nim thull ruchi thorsi, neev haeldhang kelthini.Nann ghae nerase maad baedri.Nim thullna nekki nekki ruchi heeri , nann thunnaena nim thulloellaghe thursi nim thull nann thunnena umki, nann rasana heerie , thoeyiskolludh naan anubhavis baeku). Please re Padma , nim kaalge bilthini re naan nimmanna kai beku . Neerase madbaedi.

Mom: You will fuck me once to quench your desire. What do I get from it? I donít need since my cunt is not drought for fuck since my husband gives my cunt sufficient duty. ( ondh sarthi ega kaidhu nim thetaena thirskondu bidhthira.Adrindha nangen sikthu. Nangenu bedari , nan thullgae enu bara illa . Nan ganda nan thullgae sumaaru duty koadthare) She started to toss her head from one side to other to get released from his vice.

He; Whatever you say , I will do it. I will be your slave. You will not believe how much mad I am after you. Please ( Nimgaenu baeku andhre adhu maadthinre.Nim dhasnagi irthinri. Nimm huchhu nanag yesht idhae antha heldrae neev namballa reigh. Please reigh).

Indra meanwhile whispered to her friends near me, Bloody son of widow, see how he says. He didnít cajole me, instead he pulled out my clothes, he banged my cunt , rummaged it, making my belly grow. When he fucked itself , I realized that he had sown his seeds to make me pregnant. In that shock I forgot to take my pills. To conceal this , I had to finger my husbandís cock which struggled to raise , caress it and make him saw his barren seed into my cunt repeatedly. But, now he his begging padma .Let us see how padma handles this.

(Munde maga , heng helthane nodrae.Nangenu puslais dhe , batte kittake chennagi mai yella hindi nanna thulna rapa rapa antha baarsi , nange hotte baris bitta.Avanu avattu nann thullna hippe kaai maad dhagle ankondae , basru haaga khe bitne bitta antha.Hengo maathre thagoelloedhu aa shock kalli marthbitte.Idhann muchahke yeddeldhe iroe nann gandna thunnaena hiski hiski nan thullgae savarsi satthoag giroe bittnena thull loelage iliskoe tha iddhe.Egha padma na bead kotha iddaane.Noadva ireigh padma henge sambalisthale antha).

There was relief, anger, frustration all mixed in her face. May be subconsciously she couldnít accept the fact that she had a competitor in my Mom and honestly I didnít know whether Indra continued go get Fucked by him after her first encounter with him.

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Old 26th December 2016
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HunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
Mom: all cocks will be mad after cunts, so for that reason will all cunts furl for all cocks .Chi.. leave me. ( Yella thunnae gu thull ghol maele huchh heh irutte, adhakke yella Thull ghoelu yella thunnae ge arrall bidthava..Thoo bidri).

He: He moved down to her navel , licked it like he had found it to his wont, after a long time , pierced his tongue into her belly button , while my Mom , who was partially relieved after her hands had become free from his vice and now she was holding his hair trying to push him back. The more she pushed, the more he responded by pressing his mouth to her belly button , occasionally moving his mouth around it .

He took her waist flesh into his mouth by biting, sucking and his act was more wilder than what I had seen my Mama doing on my Mom. Meanwhile he was cajoling her to co-operate and permit him to Lick, Suck & Fuck her, my beautiful Mom. My Mom was acting pricey. Her friends around me were fully aroused and I could see their teats aiming ably supported by now expanded Boobs , may be due to heavy breathing and frustration that there was no male around to take care of them at that moment , towards the session which was going on in front of them.

Their legs were weakened , may be they wanted to stretch or hang or get folded on the bed negotiating the entry of a huge cock into their cunts .But that was not happening for them since they were fully aroused , twitching for a cock and hence their legs were protesting. On shifting my gaze to the action ,I could sense by looking at her face that the line between my mom resistance and acceptance was getting blurred .However, he showed his desperation by cajoling, begging but never acted in a way as he had with Indra, when he devoured her.

My Mom was making astute moves which I could understand by calling this incident later in my life, after I was grown up. Suddenly, she caressed his head unlike holding his hair to push him back earlier and he took it as her consent , went backward ,releasing her , but being careful not to allow her to escape from his clutches. He took the initiative to spread the beds while another bed unused was in a position to help as back rest. My Mom sat on the bed resting her back on it , with her legs folded at knee and being crouched on her navel , while he knelt down in front of her at a arm distance.

Mom; Fine, let you show me your manliness, remove the clothes. When he lounged forward to touch her clothes ,hello not mine but yours. To remove my clothes still there is time , after we discuss. ( Aaithu , nimm gandasthanana thorsoe ranthe , batte bichakre .When he lounged forward to touch her clothes , ree nandhalla nimm batte. Nan batte bichake innu time idhe maathad idh maelae).

Her body language and her tone seem to have started working on him and he was on the way submitting to her. May be Indraís heat had arise in her womb and dripping down to her cunt , as her face showed. And as said earlier ,I was always fascinated by her and I never used to move away my eyes for long when she was around me and hence recorded all her activities on day to day basis, whenever an opportunity arise.

His sexual drive was full, my Momís beauty had enthralled him, he wanted to ram his cock into my Momís cunt at that second and his lust for her had made him lose his practical senses and my Mom had taken full advantage of it. She knew she could not escape him or maybe she had a desire for him to go on her, as she had a taste of two cocks already and maybe she wanted to savor the latest cock, just a few inches away, which stood fully blooded and menacingly pointed towards her cunt, still embedded in her good looking saree which had complemented her beauty making Jayaís husband abject surrender to her complete.

He removed his clothes in a jiffy.

He: Please remove your clothes. Show me your cunt. I canít bear more.

( Re please nimm batte thaegere. Nimm thull thors re. Nang thadeyak inn aagall reigh). As he squatted near her folded legs, my Mom held his Cock ,

He; ( Aah! What skill your hand has! , you play the Cock so well, then how well you may make me play on your nude body. Please remove your clothes.

( Reigh aah ! yen kai challka reigh nimdhu , thunnena isht chennage aadisthera , inn nanna nim betle mai meale heng aadisbodhu , please nimm batte thegithin reigh).

He put his hand to the hook of her blouse. My Mom did not allow him to disrobe her.

Mom; I told you know, I will remove after we discuss.I f you agree to what I say , you will have the joy of your life , which no Cunt has given earlier.

( Naan hellid nalla , naane bichthini maathad aadh maele antha.Naan heldhang keldrae illi vergou nimge yaau thullu maja kottir baardhu antha maja kodthin)

He; Tell me what is it ? I will do anything for you. I will sell my lands to look after you as my queen. Tell please tell. ( Aadhen hellri, nimgae yen bekaaru maadthini , nan jamin maari nimge rani ang noadkothini. Hellri, hellri)

Mom: I am not a prostitute to get any other things done for me. My husband and my dad are capable of providing all other things I need. My husband will not harass his wife like you do to your wife. Ok. Let us not talk about it. You just promise me that you will look after Jaya & your children ,well. You donít sell your lands for my sake but do the same for her sake, than make a house in her name in the city

I will also tell my husband to buy a site near your house and build our house. I will be near you , and you can bang my Cunt whenever you want but when my husband is not around. Will you accept .It is enough what my friend had suffered all these years. Can you get a better wife than her, she is so humble , beautiful , obeying you. What! You send her to me seeking my Cunt. Now I will voluntarily come , I will give the joy by getting fucked by you until your desire is quenched. Do you agree to what I say?.

( Naan nim hathra beare yalla maadis koloeke , naanenu soole alla reigh. Nang beaku andhre nanna ganda , nan appah maadthari.Nim thara nan ganda thanna hendthina goall hoeikollala reigh. Aaithu ega aa maathella baeda. Nange ishtu maath koedi. Jaya na aval makkallna chennagi noad khothini antha.Nim jamin maari nangen yenu uddara madoedhu beada, adhan maari, avalla hesralli , cityle mane kattis koedbeku.Nan gandan healli , alle hathra naavu site thagondu mane kattis thieve.

Nimm hathrane irtheni, neev yaavag beakou aag nan thulna nan ganda illdid dhaaga appalis boedhu. Oap kolthera.Nan friend ishtu varsha kashta pattid saaku. Avalginna hendthi bekenri.Aasht chennag idhaale, neev heldhange kelthale.Avallna nan hathra kalsi nan thull kelthera. Eega naane barthini , nimmag maja kottu , nim aase thirsoe vashtu kais kothini.
Naan healdhang maadidhre).

He; What do you get from this?

( Ithara maadoedhindha nimgenu laabha)

Mom: My friend will be happy. You will also get one extra Cunt. What you are going to do?

( Nan friend chennag irrthaale. Nimgu ondh thullu extra cigarette. Yen
maadthira ?).

He; Ok.I agree. Will look after Jaya very well

( Aaithu , maadthinre, Jaya na chennag baalis thin re)

Mom: Ok, than leave me , you say you will look after her well, ask for my Cunt ,banged Indraís cunt , filled her belly. Do you think a good husband will do all these to other women. She winked.

( Sari , hangare bidi nanna, avallna chennagi noad kothini anthira , nan thull beaku anthira , Indra n thull meale rampa maadi avall hotte baris bitri.
Olle ganda beare hengasrige hegella maad thara.
She winked).
He; Yeih, I have weakness for you and Indra. I will swear on my children that I will never go to any other women to lick their cunts in future.

( Nange neevu Indra andre weaknessu re. Nimman bittu nan makla aanegu
beare yava hengs thull nekkake in maelae hoagalla reigh).

He pulled her legs , turned her over, making her lye on her stomach, while my Mom released her grip on his cock.

He kissed her right ankles, shoved his head inside her petticoat , reaching her ass.
May be he was kissing, licking her ass mound slit or her cunt , while my Mom gripped the pillow in her hand and tossed her head from one side to another.

Mom: You have given me the promise. Now whatever you want from me, take it and
ask . ( Maath kottidhira , yen beaku thagoalri, kealri).

She swiveled her hips, sometimes lifted her bums , while his head thrust in between her ass mounds slit. aah , yaeii ., ummmmmaaaaaa. Her moaning had given him extra mileage to drive his head into her holes in between her
thighs and bums. He went on and on , while my Mom moaning pitch went high & high. My Mom suddenly crawled forward , turned and sat on the bed , resting her back on the rolled bed behind, spreading her leg , underneath her saree. He started approaching her on knees and when he was at leg distance, she raised her left leg, which made her saree to draw back on to her knees.

The anklet she wore for the occasion jingled as she with her head toe and toe ring toe,
held his left teats pressing it ,later her head toe moved in circular rings around it .She
continued to caress his chest with her toes ,moved her leg , to hold his right teat ,
duplicating her action , as on his left teat. Her face had transformed with lusty smile
playing on her lips, while she looked at his eyes and teased him twitching her eye brows.

Mom: What yaar, how is my leg dance on you, is current passing ?, this I am doing for the first time on you. Are you happy?.I will give even more before you ask, enjoy ,before you hop on to my Cunt.

(Yen reigh, hengidhe nan kaal nruthya nim meale , jumm annutta, idhanna nim
meale first maadi ddu.Maja idhi yen reigh.Innu kodthini neev keloak munche nae
anubhavisri , nann thull udaaisk munche).

She later lounged forward hitting his right teat first with her oomphing lips bit it ,
smooched his chest towards his left teat ,licked it, held his head , gave a passionate
long kiss , protruding her reddish tongue into his mouth.

Releasing her lips from him , she threw her right palm on his balls below , cupping it,
caressing it, closing her fingers into a cup form , drew it later ,on to his giant cannon
cock , played her closed palm on it to and fro, put her thumb on the slit in the midst of
his hood , collected his oozing pre cum on the thumb , and before he could react, slid
the fore skin back .

He; Yeigh ,yeigh, ooph! Oah !

( reigh , reigh, ooph! Oah ! ),

He moaned with pain and pleasure. Mumbled, I never expected that you will transform yourself into this sex avatar. (neev ishtu kamavu thara thaal thira antha naan unkondirlilla reigh).

Mom: Whether it is you or me , let us see in our fucking game. I if you respect my words as promised, not only my Cunt , but even I will give life to you. ( Neeva, nanna, dengoe aatdhalli evattu noade bidoena reigh.Neev nan maathge maryadhi kott meale , nan Thulle yenu , prananae kodthinri). She challenged.

She got up, lifted her saree with petticoat, took her cunt to his mouth , while he still knelt on the bed. He grabbed her waist with his both hands and thrust his mouth into her cunt, with trimmed pubic hair , extended his tongue into the slit, moving it up & down as if measuring its length , later contracting his tongue to semi harden it, to facilitate it to Fuck her cunt Ďs hole. He jerked his head to & fro ,while my Mom threw her head up looking into the ceiling, and

Mom: Shove it, shove it, suck my ghee, press my cunt by pressing it inside, I will flow my ghee like a rivulet. Take it. Make my cunt ready for, to make your cock dance inside my cunt. Thurkri, thurkri, nan thuppana hearri , nan thulna oalagindha adhmi, julu julu antha thuppa surithini , thagoalri. thulna hadha maadri, nim thunne thull oalagh dhe kuniyoeke).

He; oo,oo, oooooo, ssssssssssssss, uuuuuuuuu!
He played her Cunt for about ten minutes while her nude friends stood numb at my Momís performance on him. My Mom was in top gear and they stood breathless, may be wondering , whether she was their own Padma , who looked very docile during other times with them, but now!.

He later withdrew his head from her cunt ,put his hands at her belly pulling her saree down. My Mom immediately stepped back with her hands on the petticoat string, swinging her hips , looking at him and teasing. When he lounged forward, again she stepped back,

Mom: Why man, is it urgent, if it is urgent, I will lift my petticoat, will you put your cock , bang it, donít you want to suck my boobs, teats making loacha loacha sound. ( Yaakri, asht avsrana, urgentidhre langa yettini, thunnena idthira,Jadhad bidthira, nan moale , thottu loacha loacha annak beadwa).

He; If I donít make you nude, what fun in the fuck game. I told you know, that I want to savour your body, savour it well. Can I insult a beautiful angel. ( Nimmanna beathle maadlilla andhre , adh yau kedhaata reigh.Helladh nalla ,nimm mai unbeaku , sakkattagi unbeaku.Apsarena aaumaana madakagutta).

A flash of jealous beam struck on Indraís face, while others face became red , as if someone had licked their face.

Mom: I will strip bit by bit, you can quench your desire by seeing me nude gradually. If I allow you to strip me, you will tear my blouse as you tore Indraís. My husband likes this a dress a lot. Hence I will only strip. (Nidhanak bitchtheni, swalp swalp noadtha amael poorthi noadi nim aasaena thiriskollrie.Nimman bitchak bitrae , Indra nna blouse kithaak dhange kithaak thera.Ee dress nan gandange isht vaadhaddu, aadhakke naane bitch theane).

Indra face showed shyness hearing this , while her other co spectators gave a teasing look to her. By this time I had become a master, juggling my eyes at the fuck there, boobs & cunts here. I could gaze the lust , frustration being thrown up on lakshmi & rukminiís face , Jealousness on Indraís and dumbness on Sarojaís. Their hands were now playing on their boobs & cunts . They were totally sexited.

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HunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
Mom pulled the string a bit , he eagerly looked for the petticoat to fall down , which didnít happen ,his face showed surprise. She later moved her fingers to the first hook near the neck, unclasped it , smiled at him. He was clueless for a second. When he guessed the unclasping the next clip, she made it wrong by moving her hand again on the petticoat, pulled the string little more bit. When his eyes moved towards her bust with the second, third, fourth and twins fifth and sixth , she pulled the petticoat string completely.

But the string gave way to petticoat to drop a little ,showing the upper part of her cunt mound only. The look on his face made my Mom to tease him more by pinching his right cheek. He put his hands to pull the petticoat down , but was partially successful since she stepped back instinctively , and petticoat gave way only for about an inch, showing her cunt mound , a bit more with the top end of the slit being visible.

He: Remove yaar, I canít wait more.Show me your cunt , please. (Reign, tegiri, inn nange thadiyak agolla.Thorsri nim Thullna pl).

Mom: Wait yaar, more the Cock his hungry, that much it will quench my Cunt. Do you want me to lose it?.She mocked at him. (Ireigh, thunne yesht hasithadho, aastu nan thulge thamp kodhutte. Adan naan kalkola.She mocked at him). He grabbed her , rushing his lips onto her exposed top end slit of her cunt , pierced his tongue on & off into it,

He; aaaa! Yeeee! Hoof! He moaned .

Mom:YeihÖÖ..! aah aah mmmmmh,lick lick ,it is nice lick yaar.

(Reigh ..! aah aah mmmmmh , nekri nekri, chennagidhe nekri.)

She unclasped the rest of the hooks at her blouse .Later he pulled her down , turned her around making her rest on the bed on her stomach. He pulled the petticoat down . Her neat Ass Mound sprung out .Wasting no time he started biting it mad .

Mom: Yaar,bite it softly, like you eat apple.

(Reigh, hithavag kadiri seab thin dhange).

He; Yaar, your bums are like apple only, how did your dad sow his seed, your momís cunt has pushed such a rauceous women outside. (Seab gole reigh nim kundi , yeng bittne haak dhre nimm appa , nimm amman thullu , intha ras vatthaadha henna udhirsidhe).

He bit, licked , took his tongue to , in between her ass mounds, pressed his head on & off into it, and I was not sure , which hole he was working on. Later he took his cock in his right palm and shoved in between her ass mounds .He started jerking her .

Mom: Yaar, donít fuck my Ass, but you can brush it with your Cock. Why, donít you want to put your cock into my cunt from front,instead you have gone to my Ass. ( Reigh nanna thicka kai bedri bekaadre oadkolri. Yaake nanna thull ge mundhe indha edal va.Nann thickkak ke hogidhira).

He: Heigh ! I want your Bums to massage my cock all around. (Ee kundi nann thunnena sutta ujji massage kodbekri). He thrusted more & more .She raised her chest on her arms folded near elbows, turned her head back gazing at his eyes. Her eyes at one corner looking into him ,with her Boobs dangling to & fro to his jerks through his cock within her bums, were a treat to watch.

Her friends froze at this action & Lakshmi whispered , Yenrae hingella maadthara.Appah Padmakka hathra kallth koloe vishaya bekadasth idhe. He pulled her blouse out of her .And my Moms bra clasped nude body was oozing sex from every cell of her body. She wore a black transparent lace bra with sleek brassieres , delicately clasped at her back with a couple of hooks. When he put his hands on its hooks , she told not to remove , for which he obliged.

He started biting her back, pinned her bust on to the bed, clearing her hairs, he licked her neck at the back , while she turned her head to her left for him to kiss her. Her body was in rhythmic to & fro motion , his Cock anchored between her ass , her lips being kissed , while his right palm shoved between the bed and right Boob squeezing it. This happened for more than ten minutes. He released her while she turned around. Kissed her on her cheeks as if conveying his gratitude for fucking her ass hole tip.

She pulled a pillow to support her upper back , looking at him ,signed him to shove the Cock into her bra , by keeping it open with her hands at the lower rim. He came on her navel and shoved his huge Cock into it , while my Momís chin was pressing against her valley , with her lips forming a ring to the size of the marauding Cock, while he started moving his Cock in too & fro motion , the hood entering into her beautiful red stained lips to his thrusts forward, the Cock being pampered and caressed by her Boobs from all around.

He; Yeigh! You are a bitch, you are a sex goddess.

(Reigh randein ri neevu , kaama devathenri neevu).

My Mom gave a smile which bewitched him further , prompting him to increase his jerks on her , grunting, mumbling reigh Padma, reigh Padma , ,and the sleek band of her bra gave way , with her now sprung Boobs covered by unstrapped bra. He hit her mouth with the Cock fucking fast , but when she could not take more, she held the Cockís hood by her teeth.

He:Yeigh ! Yeigh! Leave it leave it.

(reigh , bidri , bidri) .

She gave a taunting smile and released the Cock. Her moves to him in all the actions showed that she was the boss controlling him and could take anything from him, without surrendering and pleading him to go slow or soft in any of his actions. He slid down , started rummaging her Boobs as a man possessed , licking, squeezing , pulling her teats with his rounded lips and this went on and on.

Mom; ooih ! aah! Yeiah ! sssssssss! Huf!.

He slid down to her navel smooching , with his right palm squeezing her Boobs , while she moaned keeping her eyes half closed , her face turned towards her right side. Continuing to smooch, he rushed to her right waist line biting it hard .

Mom ; Ouch ! Wasnít it enough eating me. See my Cunt man, ghee is flowing.

(Ouch ! saal lill venri nan thindh idd ddu .Nan Thul nodri, thuppa haritha idhe).

She held his head guiding him to her Cunt .He grunted ,licking , sucked her slit.

Mom; Suck , suck it nice, still I will pour, Aaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaah! Is it nice yaar?.

(heerie, chennagi heerie, innu surithini.Aaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaah!.Chennagidhi yenri?).

He: Yaah ! your Cunt is as soft as butter yaar.

(oooonri. Nim thullu bennethara meth gidhe rie).

Oooooou ! oooooou! He mumbled.
Later, he withdrew his head , sat on his knees in between her V spread legs. Both were looking into each other eyes .My Momís eyes instigating him to shoot his Cock into her Cunt and loh! he did.

Keeping his hands beside her waist, he thrust his huge Cock directly into her Cunt , while she kept her hands folded near her head, with palms resting on the bed. Cock & Cunt had docked without the hand guiding the former on the latter.

Mom; She moaned, Aau ! gone inside yaar ,your fat Cock ,do it man do it man, aaaah! Bang isae, bang isae,hit it man. (She moaned , Aau! Oalag hortoith reigh nim dapp thunne.Maadri, maadri, aaaah! Yei jadiyo ,jadiyo! Jadiyoooh! Badiyoah ).

He started banging her furiously, grunting,

He; Take it take it, I will Fuck and tear your Cunt. For how many years I waited for you, I got you today. (Thagolae thagolae , nin Thull na kedhi kedhi ardhakbidthine. Yest varsha ne nenag kaadhi ddu, ivat sikdhahlle). She moaned, he grunted and now their genitals were in duet singing lacha, lacha, pacha, pacha.

The nude angels beside me were engrossed looking at the climax happening , while Rukmini mumbled in a aroused voice. What Indru , did he do it to you this same way, how can you people take such thick fat Cock, my husband doesnít have half its size. (Yenae Indru, ningu hing madadhrenae.Yenge thagoethira asth dapp Thunnena, nan gandandhu adralli ardha ill valle).

Indra answered, our cunts including yours , however big the cocks are, if there is juice in ours, it will swallow them in no time. When big cocks are playing inside, that is something like another heaven.

(Indra answered, nam Thull galu nindhu sarei thunne yeste dappa indru , thuppa idre , lachak antha hakskondu bidtha ve.Adh oalag aadthaidre, adhar swarga ne beare nae.)

Rukmini,sighed, leave yaar, you people are lucky. Lakshmi & my cunts get only scratched while yours get banged . (Rukmini, sighed , bidramma neev adhrusta maadhauru.Lakshmidhu ,nan thullu , bari keras kolthavae, nimdhu jadis kolthava).

Lamshmi intervened, leave yaar, we will also see some cock coming is such of our cunts.

(Lakshmi intervened , bidae , nam gu, yaudhaad dru thunne huduk khondu barthavae).

Saroja joined stating , what, you both also became ready. Both replied , if fuck should be like this, we didnít get fucked like this.

(Saroja joined stating , yeanre , neevu ready yag bitra.Both replied denghoedhu hinge andhre , naavu ithara denghis kondil val lle)

Both left a long breadth, while their hands were playing on their respective Cunts.

Indra teased, what yaar, is the ghee flowing ? They coohed, yes yaar , our cunts are asking for such a cock. Indra , said go in search of it.

(Indra teased, yeanrae, thuppa haritha idhiya.They coohed , houdhe aathara thunnena keltha idhe. Indra , huduk kondu hoagr). They replied they had no such guts.

My Mom was looking at him with her lower lips in between her teeth , signaling by nodding her head to ram , ram her .

He: Yaeh Padma , you are really strong. When I banged others , they used to get tired. I have never Fucked any others like this before. (yae Padma nijvaaglu neen gatti yaulae.Naan jadad dre bearae yauru susth aagtha idre. Nenag dheng dhange naan yaargu dhengill vae).

He rammed and rammed while her boobs swung to & fro, very briskly and her body moving due to his ramming cock .

Mom; She moaned, oaaaaaah! Oauuuuuuh! Mmmm.

She crushed her hips against his Cock , maybe she had an orgasm, she lounged forward hugged him breathing hot air onto his right neck side.

He grunted , suddenly withdrew his Cock , turned her around, stood , grabbed her thighs , positioned her Cunt to his Cock , by pulling her up.

He: Heigh ! pull my Cock and shove it.

( Nan Thunne ellkondu thoors reigh).

My Mom did , he starting Fucking her with full speed while her head hung down with her palms resting on the pillow. Both were moaning, coohing and he in between grunted.

Mom; oooooooooa ! mmmmmmmmm!

He; Padma , reigh Padma , bandh bidthu , Yea yea yea yea! Thagollaeeeee.

He intermittently crushed his Cock while it filled his juice into her hole. My Mom twisted her bums from one side to another for sometime, moaning ammmah!

Mom; Finished yaar ! you fucked me know.

(Aaithenrie, nan deng bitrall reigh).

He released her thighs , while she turned around , gave a passionate look to him, smooching his lips ,

Mom; Will you keep your word dear ?

(Maath ollis kolthi ren reigh).

He;Yes dear.Your are such a good lady, other ladies ask for various things, but you ask for our family happiness.I will definitely do as you have told me dear.

(Oon reigh.Neev bahala hollae yau reigh, beare hengsru yea nae noe keltharae, neev keloedhu nam samsaradh suka reigh. Kandi tha neev helldhangae maadthin ri).

Mom; Happy to hear yaar, your family should be happy.We all friends want to be happy.
( Santhosha reigh, nim samsara chennag gir beakri.Naav friends yella chennag ir beakri).

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continue bro padma darling got one other permenent illigal cock he is her friend huppy , now wht go next ? what the role of hero this story ? vega helippa story pari snaka irthathu , padma son knows his mother dad extra affair his next moment? vega update kodanna
kaathalil kaamam nantru, kaamaththirku piraku kaathal nantru
belive, trust, love, lust most important thinks of every couples life

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Originally Posted by HunterAxel View Post
You may remember that my maternal uncle (Mama) came back that night after dropping his wife at bus stand & attending his office. I told earlier that my mom & he were in a conversation , while I was doing my homework but my ears were alert to their conversion across the room. I could hear my mom saying that why he came again this night, since if my dad comes to know about it , he will start quarreling again after his return from the tour.

My mama said that he could not resist without coming to our house when my dad is not there. And could not wait till the weekends to meet his wife at the village .My mom was protesting that she is married now with two children and he cannot do the same thing to continue. I got curious closed my book & started concentrating to hear their conversation. My mama mumbled something which I could not hear properly.

After dinner, we slept with my mama sleeping next to my mom, with my sister being shifted to my dadís cot. This time mosquito net was not tied since it had been put for washing. By now I was used to be awake during night, by sheer curiosity expecting for some activities in the hall to happen when my elders slept there. After about half an hour, i heard my mom murmuring please, please donít ,my son may come to know and told him about me blurting out that I had seen my dad being sitting on her , when i had tried to console her earlier, when she was weeping after a quarrel with dad, as i had said in my first part of this real story.

But my mama didnít care for my momís pleading and put his left hand to the knot of the saree at her navel. My mom brought her hand and caught hold of his hand not allowing him to remove the knot. Meanwhile she said strongly that she will not allow removing the saree. My mama took out his hand and starting pulling up my momís saree as my dad used to do. Later, I saw him putting his hand into my momís mouth .He took out his hand from her mouth and started smearing his organ .I could see his dangling organ which was as huge as my dadís , since he was naked.

After pulling my momís saree up , he sat on her and started to & fro movements on her .Again, this was the same action as that of my dad which i had seen earlier. I could sense that my mom was repeatedly turning to my direction, but i was careful enough to feign sleeping. My mama kept on jerking my mom ,gently in the beginning and later furiously. I heard my mom admonishing him , why he still wants to come to her when he had a wife .

She also snide him that wasnít it enough with his wife the previous night. Again this was a surprise for me since I had seen her in deep sleep. So, I realized now that she too was feigning sleep the previous night or anticipated the hall activity. My mama replied in telugu , daanni dengethenu neenni dengeyantha maja vachcheledu , yala ante nenu first dengendhe nee pookni ( even when fucking her i donít get that thrill what i get by fucking you, since yours was the first cunt I fucked).

My mom was telling him that she was young when it happened with him and didnít know what to do when he came to her at nights and forced her. Now he should stop this since his sister was married with two children and my dad doubts about them & quarrels about it all the time. Now, I realized the reasons for my parents frequent quarrel.

During the jerks my mama was giving to my mom, he was smiling and asked her to remember their any of the lively session earlier in the village. When my mom was still silent ,he started kneading her cheeks with his right hand and pinching her lips. My mom later gave a small smile and after much coaxing , allowed him to unhook her blouse and the bra. Later , he ran his hands on her chest for a while ,she jerked her bums up repeatedly.

My mama was pleading in telugu , not to do since he will come out sooner which he was unwilling desiring to fuck her for some more time. My mom never heeded and after her jerking for about eight to nine times, he said aah , padma , naa lanja , karthindhi, theesko , nee pook lopla ( aah ,padma , my prostitute , it will leak , take it, inside your cunt ). He gave furious jerks on her while my mom was responding in rhythm back to him .Later, he stopped and went aside of her. This time my mom took his lungi and wiped in between her legs.

Riding my mom by dad & mama went on for several years until I reached the age of about ** yrs. This had become a routine affair for me to watch by sheer curiosity and nothing else. At that age , I didnít know what was exactly happening and didnít find fault with my mom or my mama or my dad actions. What I learnt was men sit on women, sometimes remove their upper garments, lift saree up, give jerks, later women would wipe something in between their thighs, after the actions at night.

Later, one weekend, when my dad was on tour, my mom planned to go to a kannada movie ďShubha MangalaĒ with our neighbors for a matinee show at the Shanthi theatre, since my dad never took or allowed her to go out of our house. For this, my mom one day was questioning my dad during breakfast time ,which i could hear from my room , he giving reply to her that he didnít tolerate other men looking at my beautiful mom.

My mom asked me to go to our opposite house to see whether the aunty was ready (incidentally she became the aunt of a famous cricketer ) to go to the movie and to call her out. The gate to their house was open with the main door half open. I pushed through the door and went inside the hall and turned towards the room .I stood their dumb gaping at aunty as she too was shocked to see me in the room unexpectedly. The reason. Her pallu was hanging down , her saree up to her waist and adjusting her saree folds at the waist was her hands , put through inside her petticoat to its rim.

She was wearing only a small white string like blouse (later came to know it as bra ), with its front hooks opened I gaped at her chest which was swollen like small water melons with brownish pointed tips and a small circular brown patch around it ( later came to know as tits and areola ) . And when I ran my eyes down to see particularly what was in between the thighs where my mom used to wipe, I saw a triangular brownish black patch with small hairs.

Then it immediately flashed to me that my dad and mama used to keep their organ (cock) over it on my momís patch which i presumed that my mom will also have the similar thing. And recalled that my mom friends had cut those hairs of my momís triangular patch. We might have stood gaping at each other for a few minutes. Later, aunty asked me to go out and said she will be ready in a few minutes.

Now, I came to know that women will have a triangular patch in between their thighs with small hairs on it and swollen chest where men keep their organ and handle them, respectively. So, this triangular patch was called Thullu in kannada & pooku in telugu. Next puzzle to me , what will organ or tunne do on the triangular patch of women , what is it that women wipe from that patch & why men handle their swollen chest.

So, at the age of young years. I came to know that women have tullu or pooku , which will be triangular in shape with small hairs and men have tunne or organ, the latter as I knew during my young age , since I had not heard the English word cock. After, we came back from the movie , aunty advised me to always knock at the doors before entering anywhere , the advise I strictly follow to this day. May be after a year , Indra ,one of my momís closest five friends whom I have named earlier , came weeping to my house during one second Saturday afternoon to be continuedÖ.

...तेरा चेहरा है आईने जैसा
क्यों न देखूँ है देखने जैसा

तुम कहो तो मैं पूछ लूँ तुमसे
है सवाल एक पूछने जैसा

दोस्त मिल जाएँगे कई लेकिन
न मिलेगा कोई मेरे जैसा

तुम अचानक मिले थे जब पहले
पल नही है वो भूलने जैसा...


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continue dude

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Thank you all who encouraged me to continue this story. Again kannadigas can read the conversations that is in the bracket, if they desire.Further to the story. My Mom & Jayaís husband continued to cuddle each other after their passionate kiss , later he was tenderly cupping her breast ,moving his fingers on her lips while my Mom played with his limp Cock.

Mom : why dear ,wasnít it enough,you pumped my Cunt like hell,then also your Cock has started raising again.What if the Cunt is beside is that only the urge,now its enough, donít try to come again and give work to my Cunt.I gave my Cunt for my friendís sake, I havenít furled my Cunt even to my husband Ďs Cock as I did to your Cock,its enough for today, I am tired going around in marriage function,now leave dear.

(Yaakri , saalill va , nan Thulna sakkat baarsidri, aagle Thunne thirga yeddelloeke shuru aagidhe.Yen Thull pakka idre adhena kelsa.saaku matthinenaandru nan Thulghe kelsa kottira.
Nan friend goskara nan Thull kottidhini , nan gandan Thunnegu naan nun Thulna nim Thunneg aralls dhange arall sil lla. Ivatt saaku, nangu madhuvae oadata maadi sustaagidhe. Inn hordri).

He later took his bannian and swap her Cunt, held her cheek , gave a pep kiss turning her face to her right, on her left cheek and left. Later, my Mom grabbed her garments and started coming towards us. Seeing her friends ,who were now laid on the bed ,with their naked Boobs covered by quilt,

Mom: What yaar, were you all here,Jaya told there that you were all somewhere in marriage ceremony house, looking for you all in vein, came here later.(yenraeih, nivella ille idhra.Jaya heldhlu madhuve manellae yello idhira antha. Hudiki neev sikkilla , sari amaelae illig bandhe).
They were all giving cheeky smile to her .
Lakshmi : ok, leave it aside, how is it sister?
(Adhella irrli , yengith thakka ).
Mom: what yaar?

Lakshmi;your game session.
( nim aata) .
Mom: that means ,did you people watch,chi you shameless.Are you all my friends,couldnít you all save me ?.( hung gundhre , neevella noadudh ra, thoo nachik kettoeurra.Neev friends yaene. Nan kaapadoekae aaglil va).

Rukmini: How, before we could breathe out, you had subdued him holding his cock, what guts you have sister,you got Fucked by him, isnít it wrong ?(yelli naav usur bidoe ashtothke ninu avarna pallagsi thunnaena kaiyalli itkoend bittiddhe.Yaen dherya akka nindhu,avar hathra dengis kond bitte.Thap alva).
Mom:What to do yaar? Which good lady will come and ask to her husbandís CocK be allowed into oneís Cunt,is Jays bad?,I donít wish her and herís childrenís situation to any lady.

From the day she asked about it,I thought a lot,but didnít feel like accepting the indecent proposal,but my stand was melting whenever her plight crossed my mind,but my decision was taken and sealed when my husband fucked his sisters-in-law which I knew,

I got angry and adamant ,that when he can fuck three cunts , me too should get my cunt shoved by three Cocks.Then he came and shove , and I got shoved. So I got solace to my adamance and Jayaís plea also got done. ( Yaenrae maadoedhu, Yau olle hengse bandhu nan gandan hathra bidiskoe antharae heallu. Jaya enu kettaulla, oaullu oaulla makkla paristhithi yau hengs ghu baroedh baeda.Avallu keldhaa gindha thumba yoech nae maad dhe.

Oap koelloekae manas barlilla , aadhre Jaya goeskhora mansu karag tha ittu, yavag nan ganda nan mundhaenae avra attghedheerna kaed noe, nang koepa bandhu , oau rhu moor thull gae thunne itre , nan Thulghu moor thunnae thurskoe baeku antha hata bandh bidthu.Sari,oaur bandh itru, ittis koendae. Nan hata nu theerthu , Jaya na kaelsanu aaithu).

Lakshmi: How it is three cocks sister, it is his and your brotherís, only two know ?
(Moor thunnae heng akka,ivurdhu nim annandhu , yeradae alwa).
Mom: what yaar, why ,is not my husbandís Cock in account ?,donít you know to count?

( yakae, nan gandan thunnae lekka ilwa.Lekka baralvaenae). Now I came to know that my Momhad revealed her tryst with my Mama also. This showed they all shared all secrets between them.

Indra; Padma ,his fuck was great, beware, you may get loaded.

( Padma oaur sariyaag itti dharae, hushar amma , load geedu aag bittoedhu).
Lakshmi; chuckled, did he bang like he banged you ?
( chuckled , yaenamma nin Thull jad dhangae jad dhra).

Indra: how will it affect you yaar ?, Padma has told that Bil will be away on tour for two months, that is why , I warned her .( Nim gaenae , noedu nang load aagilva.Bhava nu Padma yaerad thinglu iralla tour hoagidharae anthalae.Adhak haeldhae).

Mom: No yaar, my periods was over by last three days,ok, why take a chance?, has anybody brought the pills. (iIlvae, mutt mughidhu moor dhina aaithu.Aaithu yak risku, maatre yaradhru thandhi dhira). Still I had no answer what this muttu was.

Rukmini: why should we bring it, if Indra gets Fucked , no worry, nobody is here to bother us,even if somebody tries for us , we have no guts, then we didnít expect that you will get fucked,what yaar Indra?.( naauyak tharoena, Indra keiskondru bhaya illa,namman keiyoekae ill yaaru illa,yaaradru bhandhru namge dhairya illa.ill neen kaiskoelthiya antha namgaenu goettu.Alwa Indra).
She winked at Indra telling this.

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Indra: Why you people tease me, you all know how it happened to me.
(Yaakae nan registhera, nim goattu nang hengaithu antha).
Rukimi: Yaar, we just joked. Of late, seeing yours, we also feel that we should have it. Know yaar lakshmi saroja. (yeah, thamashiyag thakoelae.Bartha bartha nimmun noedie namghu beaku antha annistha idhae. Alwaenae lakshmi saroja).

While Lakshmi sighed with leaving heavy breath, Saroja didnít react. While my Mom started to wear her petticoat, all objected not to wear anything since all of them were naked. My Mom pulled Rukminiís quilt away from her body, making her heavy Boobs to jump above. It really tickled me. When my Mom found out them wearing petticoat, she told them to remove , if they wanted her to be nude.

They slid there petticoat down and I had second dharshan of their fantastic bodies after a brief interval. They were naked in spite of weather being cold. May be they could brave it , with the heat generating from their Cunts, with so much happening around.

Lakhsmi: Sister, can we see your Cunt, want to know it after getting such a Fuck, please .
(Akka ,nin Thull noedonwa , aathara kaiskoend maelae hengidhe antha, please).
All of them were in chorus asking the same thing.

Mom: ok, you all have a look at it, you all have so many desires yaar.
(aaithu noedramma, nimgaenaenoe aase yelrae).
Rukhimi: what to do yaar, hour hubby donít have such size of fat and long cock. Now, we have realized that we have not got shoved our cunt adequately with right cock. (yaenamma maadoedhu , namm gandandhri gae aa size dhappa udda illa.Eeg geeg gotthag tha idhae nam thull goellu sariyaadh Thunne galna thurskondilla antha).

Always Rukmini & Lakshmi were talking like being in a group referring their husbands inadequacies in performing sex acts on them. Rukmini strode fast towards the lantern to fetch it stating they wanted enough light to see my Mom admiring her beautiful structure. They all converged in front of my Mom while she stood.

Indra ; Padma sister, furl out your Cunt, we will know what has happened ?
Padmakka ,Thull arrllisae ,thoot yaenaagidhae noedoena .
Mom : chi, go yaar.
(Thoo hoegrae).
Lakshmi ;will you or shall I do it ?
( maadthiya illa nan maadla).
Mom: Chi, will you touch it?.
(Thoo neen moot theya).

Rukmini : why yaar, didnít he touch, bite and lick it?.
(Yaekae aaur mutti, kacchi, nekkak ghidru).
Mom: They are men yaar, they are for to conquest the cunts, and we are there to be conquered. It is not for ladies to touch each other cunts. (aauru gandas rae, aur iroedhe Thull dhaali maadoekae.Naaveroedhe maadiskoelloekae.Hengsru hengsru mootkhollak alla).

This statement made a deep impact on my vulnerable mind and grew stronger by the day, and as said before, my Mom started looking like any other woman for me , to be there for me to Fuck. My attitude to her started changing by the day, blurring my affection to her as a son and turning me on to have a go at her beautiful body as I grew.(Later after me growing up , I also realized that they were ignorant of lesbianism)
Mom Again: If I see you , hear you , I feel that you are in need of another Cock. Beware yaar, hope not that you will get shoved your Cunts by my husband or Jayaís husband.Already,my husband has to take of three Cunts and Jayaís husband them may give a slip to her. She jokingly said.(Thamashiyagi),Nimman noedidhre nim math khelidre nimghe urgentaaghi beare Thunne beaku annisthidhe.Hushar ramma yellaadru nan gandannoe ilwa Jaya gandan hathra bidiskond bittira. Nan ganda eegle moor Thull gae noed kho beaku, Jaya n ganda amaelae Jaya n ghe kai kott bittaru).

Rukmini; To tell you the truth , we like to get fucked by BIL, but we are afraid even if we see him, then we donít have guts to go to Jayaís husband.How on earth ,can we get shoved by such a fat Cock. She teased back. (Nija heallbeaku andhre asht chennagiroe nam Bhava n hatra maadiskolloekae ishta , aadre awarna noedidhrenae bhaya, innu Jaya gandan hathra hoegoekae dhairya illa. Asht doad Thunne yenge idiskoellodhu).

Mom: jokingly said, get shoved, even if you people are afraid, your cunts will furl big and suck them. (Jokingly said, ittis koellrae, neev headhar khondru nim Thull arrlli yellkolthavae).
Lakshmi; No yaar, ok now show it. ( Baeda thayee, sari thorsu). My Mom spread the lips of her Cunt .It was dark pinkish with small drops of white thick fluid smeared, the trimmed hairs on her mound were shining as if it was massaged with that fluid. Her inner thighs were red in patches due to his bites .

The red patches on her beautiful whitish complexion body spread across her navel, waist, below her Boobs and concentrated more around her Teats and valley. He had even bit around her anus it seems that both really had a ball. And Jayaís husband had virtually devoured my Mom to his heartís content. And she had it enjoyed too. Looking at her , they were awe stuck, but my fascination women, Indra was not amused,which she could not hide from her face .

After lapse of some time, all retired to bed , continuing their obsessive talk of sex. I was totally in confusion of my Momís deeds. My thoughts swung from ,curiosity to anger to see reason, about her actions. Later I settled down in accepting her decision to save Jayaís family. This thought may have been influenced by my affection towards Jaya as she was very nice to me always and I couldnít bear the worrying creases on her beautiful face caused due to stress.

She was too well natured. Later, I fell into deep sleep may due to exhaustion ,caused by straining myself seeing the action that happened earlier & hearing the discussions around, for close to two hours. I was suddenly awakened from deep slumber and it was pitch dark with lantern resting. I felt my quilt around my legs being pushed towards me. Than the hooks of my shorts at my belly was unclipped .Later, the zip was pulled down .

Than everything stopped for some time. Than my underwear and shorts pulled to my feet and removed. My shirt was unbuttoned making me bare, with it resting on my sides. Slowly my legs were spread .There was a brief lull. My heart pumped hard with excitement brewing, but I kept quiet. A hand came and cupped my balls smothering it tenderly. When I shuddered and sighed , could feel a face coming to right ear , asking me to be quiet in a hush and low voice. I could not figure out who she was.

I started shivering with excitement and turned towards other side but the hands boldly removed my shirt out .It turned me on to my back and immediately cupped my balls & Cock. The other hand went below my neck ,slid down to my upper back , turning me left and pulling me to crush my face on the Boobs, resting finally between it on the valley. Both started breathing heavily.Later, my balls started get gently squeezed ,caressed , it continued for almost ten minutes palm later went above region of my Cock,

Caressing the area with the tip of her fingers and trying to pull my pubic hair, and this was causing lot of sensation making my lips to shiver in excitement. This initiated me to start rubbing the valley and bulging flesh around it. Both hands of hers started working, one above pressing me further into the valley and below the palm slid down holding my cock. My penis started raising in reaction to her fingers working on it and stood to my astonishment , as I felt my blood rushing into it.

She slide the foreskin back and moved her fingers to & fro , and while doing so , it started pain at the back of Cockís hood and my right hand went and held her palm , making its movement slow. Then she immediately held my head back away from her valley ,with her other hand gripping my hair, positioning my mouth, towards her left stood Tits by bending her shoulder slightly and crushed my semi opened lips onto it and her tit was in my mouth!.I started sucking it, then more and more, and she started her palm below pulling my cock to and fro. The pain there was overcome by me with her Boob at my face ,pressing hard. My maiden passionate sucking of her boobs after growing up, started became more violent , with chewing and biting it more & more ,while she moaned.

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She; Do it slowly VishuuÖ!
(Nidhanak maadoe VishuuÖ! )
Me; I canít aunty. This in my mouth full, by being soft and warm, seems like asking me to bite and bite more.( Aagalla chikkamma, idhu nan bhai thumba mettge bisiyag thumbkondu , katchchu, katchchu antha idhe), I said withdrawing my mouth and continued asking her,

Me;(Who are you aunty, I am not able to see in darkness.
( neev yaaru chikkamma , nange kathlelli kanistha illa).
She didnít answer but pushed her other tit into my mouth. I sucked more feverishly while she moaned, struggling to keep it low ,so as to avoid being heard around.
With her hand too, feverishy working on my Cock, I could feel it had stood like hard , but darkness disappointed me to have a look at it. I felt something was about to spill from it and cooed the same to her. She stopped, pushed my head and slid down to my crotch by coming in between my legs, nothing happened from her side for a while .When nothing came out, she started licking the hood with her tongue tip, moved her mouth slowly, gobbling my Cock.

Her breathe out air fanning my pubic hair and her hot mouth soothing the heat of my Cock .It was really intoxicating , which resulted me instinctively to moan. She immediately shut my mouth with her hand and started pistoning my Cock into her mouth. She prolonged it more and more for about ten minutes and when my Cock showed signs of leaking something out, she released it , and waited for sometime holding my Cock , I could sense this since she was blowing her breath heavily on my crotch. Again nothing came out. She licked again for some time and drew herself beside me on the left side.

She; I will whisper by keeping your hand drawn below,do as I say.
( naan innu nin kaige khell gadae ittkondu pisgutthini , hange maadu).
After telling this, she pulled my right palm down on to her Cunt, while she laid with her body looking upright at the ceiling.

She; Vishu, you should do on this, as I did to you at the place from where you piss,this I will get done by holding your hand,the thing you piss from is called Cock, now where you have kept the hand is called Cunt, got it, Now do it. (Vishu, edhar maelae naan nin ucche maadoe jaagdhalli aaddhisnalla hange nin kai hidkondu maadisthini,nin ucche maadoedhanna thunne antharae, nin eega kai ittiroe jaagana thullu antharae , goettaitha, naan healldhang maadu).
Me ;yes aunty.( aaithu chikkamma). She held the back of my right hand and helped it to smooch her Cunt for some time. Then,

She; Now shove your index finger here.
( eega ebbett pakka iroe beralna ill thursu ),Telling that she held my index finger and shoved into her Cunt.

She; Aaahh! Yeigh ,now twirl your finger around well. , Heigh ! do it do it do it more, more oooooooh ,yeih , ammmah huh ! hah ! hah!.Vishu now shove your middle finger together,scratch around,from my birth nobodyís has gone like this inside,son, yei..gh !collect all ghee onto your fingers, cumming cumming. (Aaah! yeigh eega chennaghi sutta berall thirgsoe , Heigh! maadoe maadoe innu madoah madoah oooooooh ,yeih , ammmah huh ! hah ! hah!. Vishu eeg madhyadh bearllu jothaelli thursoe , sutta keryoe, keryoe , nan hoottha gindha isth hoelgae yaardhu hogil voe, kandha , yei.gh ! thuppan bearllalli yeall koalloe , bitte bitte ). I collected all her juices when she cummed after her orgasm on to my palm.
She; Smell it,is the smell good?.
( moosoe, vaasne chennaag gidhiya ?).

Me; yes aunty.
(uuu chikkamma).
She: now over my Cunt,you sucked know it is called boobs they call!, ya on it, smear the ghee.
(eeg nan thull maelae , nin cheap dhalla adhan moelae antharoeeeeeeeeh!, hu adhar maele aa thuppan sauroe).

Me: Aunty, shall I lick some?.
(chikkamma, naan adhan swalpa nekkoel lla).

She; Not now dear,in future whatever you want , you can do, You have to still grow.
(eeg baedamma , mundhe ningen baekoe adh maadoe vanthe. Nin innu bealli beaku).I did as she said.

Later, she kissed me on my forehead and,
She; Today this is enough, sleep dear.
(Ivath isht saaku, malkoe mma).
Me;Aunty tell me who you are ?.
( chikkamma neev yaar healli).
I persisted.
She;Not now,what I have done with you is wrong, I am feeling ashamed. Me, after seeing today,hearing all again & again, couldnít bear further so I came to you. ( Evaag baeda ,naan eeg nin jothe maadiroedh thappu, nange naachkae aag tha edhe.Nang ivatt noedi, munche yella kaelli kaelli thad kholloek aaglilla. Nin hathra bandh bitte).
Me; What did you see aunty?.
(Yaen noed dhri chikkamma ).
I pretended.
She; Dear son, not about it now, sleep. (yeah, kandha adhella evag baeda.Malkoe).

She; You will know when the time comes. But donít tell about this to anyone.
( Time bandhaga ningae gottagutte.Aadhre yaarghu idhann heallak hoegbaeda).
Me; To my Mom ?.
( nammamghae ?).
I pretended again.
She; No dear. Now ok, wear your clothes and sleep dear.
( beadamma.Sari, batte haak khond malkomma).

Later she slid away. This incident and action on me changed my life , for worst, for the first few years, even though it was exhilarating having experience it .Later, thinking about her identity for a long time ,I could zero on three, Indra & my Mom removed by elimination, since former had belly which she didnít & I couldnít dream my Mom doing this to me. This remained a suspense until one day, after so many years!

Have you seen the announcement yet?
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