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Originally Posted by HunterAxel View Post
You may remember that my maternal uncle (Mama) came back that night after dropping his wife at bus stand & attending his office. I told earlier that my mom & he were in a conversation , while I was doing my homework but my ears were alert to their conversion across the room. I could hear my mom saying that why he came again this night, since if my dad comes to know about it , he will start quarreling again after his return from the tour.

My mama said that he could not resist without coming to our house when my dad is not there. And could not wait till the weekends to meet his wife at the village .My mom was protesting that she is married now with two children and he cannot do the same thing to continue. I got curious closed my book & started concentrating to hear their conversation. My mama mumbled something which I could not hear properly.

After dinner, we slept with my mama sleeping next to my mom, with my sister being shifted to my dad’s cot. This time mosquito net was not tied since it had been put for washing. By now I was used to be awake during night, by sheer curiosity expecting for some activities in the hall to happen when my elders slept there. After about half an hour, i heard my mom murmuring please, please don’t ,my son may come to know and told him about me blurting out that I had seen my dad being sitting on her , when i had tried to console her earlier, when she was weeping after a quarrel with dad, as i had said in my first part of this real story.

But my mama didn’t care for my mom’s pleading and put his left hand to the knot of the saree at her navel. My mom brought her hand and caught hold of his hand not allowing him to remove the knot. Meanwhile she said strongly that she will not allow removing the saree. My mama took out his hand and starting pulling up my mom’s saree as my dad used to do. Later, I saw him putting his hand into my mom’s mouth .He took out his hand from her mouth and started smearing his organ .I could see his dangling organ which was as huge as my dad’s , since he was naked.

After pulling my mom’s saree up , he sat on her and started to & fro movements on her .Again, this was the same action as that of my dad which i had seen earlier. I could sense that my mom was repeatedly turning to my direction, but i was careful enough to feign sleeping. My mama kept on jerking my mom ,gently in the beginning and later furiously. I heard my mom admonishing him , why he still wants to come to her when he had a wife .

She also snide him that wasn’t it enough with his wife the previous night. Again this was a surprise for me since I had seen her in deep sleep. So, I realized now that she too was feigning sleep the previous night or anticipated the hall activity. My mama replied in telugu , daanni dengethenu neenni dengeyantha maja vachcheledu , yala ante nenu first dengendhe nee pookni ( even when fucking her i don’t get that thrill what i get by fucking you, since yours was the first cunt I fucked).

My mom was telling him that she was young when it happened with him and didn’t know what to do when he came to her at nights and forced her. Now he should stop this since his sister was married with two children and my dad doubts about them & quarrels about it all the time. Now, I realized the reasons for my parents frequent quarrel.

During the jerks my mama was giving to my mom, he was smiling and asked her to remember their any of the lively session earlier in the village. When my mom was still silent ,he started kneading her cheeks with his right hand and pinching her lips. My mom later gave a small smile and after much coaxing , allowed him to unhook her blouse and the bra. Later , he ran his hands on her chest for a while ,she jerked her bums up repeatedly.

My mama was pleading in telugu , not to do since he will come out sooner which he was unwilling desiring to fuck her for some more time. My mom never heeded and after her jerking for about eight to nine times, he said aah , padma , naa lanja , karthindhi, theesko , nee pook lopla ( aah ,padma , my prostitute , it will leak , take it, inside your cunt ). He gave furious jerks on her while my mom was responding in rhythm back to him .Later, he stopped and went aside of her. This time my mom took his lungi and wiped in between her legs.

Riding my mom by dad & mama went on for several years until I reached the age of about ** yrs. This had become a routine affair for me to watch by sheer curiosity and nothing else. At that age , I didn’t know what was exactly happening and didn’t find fault with my mom or my mama or my dad actions. What I learnt was men sit on women, sometimes remove their upper garments, lift saree up, give jerks, later women would wipe something in between their thighs, after the actions at night.

Later, one weekend, when my dad was on tour, my mom planned to go to a kannada movie “Shubha Mangala” with our neighbors for a matinee show at the Shanthi theatre, since my dad never took or allowed her to go out of our house. For this, my mom one day was questioning my dad during breakfast time ,which i could hear from my room , he giving reply to her that he didn’t tolerate other men looking at my beautiful mom.

My mom asked me to go to our opposite house to see whether the aunty was ready (incidentally she became the aunt of a famous cricketer ) to go to the movie and to call her out. The gate to their house was open with the main door half open. I pushed through the door and went inside the hall and turned towards the room .I stood their dumb gaping at aunty as she too was shocked to see me in the room unexpectedly. The reason. Her pallu was hanging down , her saree up to her waist and adjusting her saree folds at the waist was her hands , put through inside her petticoat to its rim.

She was wearing only a small white string like blouse (later came to know it as bra ), with its front hooks opened I gaped at her chest which was swollen like small water melons with brownish pointed tips and a small circular brown patch around it ( later came to know as tits and areola ) . And when I ran my eyes down to see particularly what was in between the thighs where my mom used to wipe, I saw a triangular brownish black patch with small hairs.

Then it immediately flashed to me that my dad and mama used to keep their organ (cock) over it on my mom’s patch which i presumed that my mom will also have the similar thing. And recalled that my mom friends had cut those hairs of my mom’s triangular patch. We might have stood gaping at each other for a few minutes. Later, aunty asked me to go out and said she will be ready in a few minutes.

Now, I came to know that women will have a triangular patch in between their thighs with small hairs on it and swollen chest where men keep their organ and handle them, respectively. So, this triangular patch was called Thullu in kannada & pooku in telugu. Next puzzle to me , what will organ or tunne do on the triangular patch of women , what is it that women wipe from that patch & why men handle their swollen chest.

So, at the age of young years. I came to know that women have tullu or pooku , which will be triangular in shape with small hairs and men have tunne or organ, the latter as I knew during my young age , since I had not heard the English word cock. After, we came back from the movie , aunty advised me to always knock at the doors before entering anywhere , the advise I strictly follow to this day. May be after a year , Indra ,one of my mom’s closest five friends whom I have named earlier , came weeping to my house during one second Saturday afternoon to be continued….

......Thank u
Thanks for looking after me
Thanks for having someone to look upto and admire
Thanks for giving me time
Thanks for giving me space
Thanks for giving me endless advice
Thanks for making me laugh
Thanks for making me cry
Thanks for making me sing
Thanks for making me sigh
Thanks for just being u
Thanks for just listening
thanks for making me stop...........


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mom feed her boobs milk for hungry son
wife feed her pussey juice her huspund for lust
some wife or mom gave her boobs ,lips and pussey juice some other men for her lust

but this mom
wife of her brother
bed partner her son father
slut of her friends huppys
she need cock
kaathalil kaamam nantru, kaamaththirku piraku kaathal nantru
belive, trust, love, lust most important thinks of every couples life

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HunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
After I was relieved from the clutches of one of my Mom’s friend who started doing things hitherto not experienced before, to me and initiated into the new world, which made my Penis graduate into a Cock , but as said in the earlier episode , she could not be recognized among four friends , those were present that night , due to pitch darkness , and when I sought who she was , she replied that I will come to know at the appropriate time.

The next day being the penultimate day of rohini’s wedding , all the nude heroines the previous night including my sexy beautiful Mom , covered themselves with the right garments and used right costumes , of course my Mom assisting them , since she knew the way to be elegant with her immaculate sense of makeup, may be god given gift to her, and with this probably she could keep all lusting males around her fingers , which I had observed.

Her beauty, dalliance with other males along with my dad and her statement that all women are meant to be devoured by males , had made a deep impact on me ,as said earlier , and my feelings to her had blurred from affection of a son to a beautiful woman to be desired. Further, the next morning in the marriage hall , all women present around had become my target of fascination , as

I fantasized each women there sucking my Cock and me sucking their boobs in turn..And the age of theirs had a made a little impact on me to such an extent that I started looking at my Mom as a woman to be fuck until her well, too experienced cunt could take it & yes, with her overbearing presence at the ceremony being stunningly beautiful among the women folk present, and I am not lying about this.

Hitherto my penis had become a cock from last night and it stood rock hard making me restless in the marriage hall. I felt it ease to go back early to bed and returned hoping that I can fondle my cock a maiden thought after previous night experience .After Indra said to my mom that she would return to bed as she was feeling uneasy to be in the hall being very tiresome, I rushed to , so that I would be back before my fantasy queen would join, hoping that I may have an outside chance to fondle her, an infatuated dream and the time was about 10 pm.

I spread my bed and the other on my side hoping that she will lay on it as she had said that she was tired and waited with bated breath for my Indra to arrive , which she did after about fifteen minutes. It was same as previous night with the lantern burning as before in its designated place since there was no power, a bane in rural areas but beneficial for me as I used for my benefit in my tuition about sex by my surrounding elders and my further journey in satiating my lust, which you will know eventually.

My fantasy queen came and stood very near to the place where I was lying , near her suit case and started removing her dress at a position as if she was doing for me to devour her by sight, if not physically. The situation had a overbearing effect on me what with my cock perennially hard on after the previous night dalliance with one of the friend’s of my Mom , inciting me into the world of sex but keeping her identity a secret as said before.

She pulled out her pallu from her left shoulder and held it by her teeth , now her left boob’s was seen , with the string of the bra peeping out of her bra and as said before, her bust was really enlarged , which I came to know later which would happen during pregnancy. My cock involuntarily shook a little giving some sort of tickle in my mind.

Holding the pallu by her teeth, she caressed her bulged navel very lovingly, slid her hand down to the knot of her saree tucked at her navel pulling it down. Her saree slid down like a shell covering partially her smooth flowing bulging belly. Later, she freed her pallu from her teeth, and the right boob made its appearance for my aching eyes to soothe, in spite of the boobs covered by blouse & Bra. My cock shuddered by seeing both the bulging boobs still embedded by the unwanted blouse & Bra, for a male eye.

She hung down her head by bending her neck towards down looking at her belly as if she was seeing the baby growing in her womb as a result of rummage o her cunt had by the rampaging cock of Jaya’s husband about four months back. Believe it or not, her action as a matter of coincidence was like exhibiting her bountiful assets to my adolescent eye by the way she had inadvertently positioned towards me as if to strip so that I could enjoy.

Where is the enjoyment for me when my stood cock was further teased by my fantasy queen , Indra since I had no access to touch her since my mindset was ill prepared to break the barrier as she was my aunt , since being close friend to my mom. My impatience grew waiting for her to untie the knot of her petticoat but was not sure whether she will, to at least see her cunt, even if I couldn’t fuck her.

And her hands moved up and my cock too did the same following her hands direction. My cock was bursting at its seems after the pampering it had got the previous night by one of Mom’s friend. She started unclasping her blouse from bottom as my eyes strained to see her enlarged boobs .She removed the blouse and her bra was haplessly clinging tightly on the Boob’s as if it was chained tightly to it. She put her fingers inside its rim on the top to rub her skin and after rubbing for a while,

Her fingers now started caressing her valley and moving towards each mound by the side, as her face turned towards it with lust gradually creeping to her eye’s expression.
She cooed fondling her boobs, next caressed her belly for a while.
She was fondly cursing Jaya’s husband in a low voice to herself that he had left her in lurch after a fuck she had never experienced before he had ravaged her cunt.

She mumbled yeah! come my hero , rain your cream on my cunt , cool it , for I can’t bear its heat and can wait no longer , you son of bitch , you spoilt my peace of my mind by jamming my cunt and I can no longer wait , with my cunt twitching to have your burgeoned cock to savor it .
( yeh! baaroe nann raja, nann tull loelage nin rasa kaaroei, thamp maadoe, aadhar bisi inn nanghe thadiyoek aagalla, soole magne, nan manas nemmdhi hall maad bittal loe nan thull appalsi, inn kaayoek aagalvoe nan thull nin dhoad dhap thunne savili antha thavakis tha idhyoe).

When she twisted her arms back to unclasp her bra that stance of hers was intoxicating and almost prompted me to jump and hug her to put my lips, invading her busts .That didn’t happen as the guy appeared from nowhere in front of her as if responding to her cunt’s call. In his clamor for her, he had come without closing the door and also may be he didn’t want her to know about his arrival to her may be also he didn’t want to spare any time for her to react and spoil his juicy night.

It was Jaya’s husband and they stood very near to me hardly about 4 ft. distance away from me. Even the dim light that appeared with restoration of electricity but with low voltage didn’t bother him either, but it made easier for me to have the encounter that they were going to have. He hugged her holding her hands at her back, licking her right ear’s rim. After some hesitation she responded , as duck gliding into the water. Such was her urge for a his cock after having got its taste against a bland cock, as of her own hubby’s,

She cooed something into his ears after hugging him which made him to smooch stronger around her neck , later he moved up, on to her face and she looked to him as if she was already in trance, with her eyes floating and trying to look through his eyes. He held her lower lips with his lips and started sucking it. They were making loach loach sound which was music to my ears and frustration enough to my stood cock.

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HunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
He later held her chin by his mouth , sucking it again as she swayed , moaning in kannada, bite and eat it , do whatever you want but make me savor pleasure, my assets are aching from the day you showed as to how a male can pamper , bludgeon it , please don’t frustrate them, my hero , you have shown how valued I am for a male beast (kachri, thinri,, nim yen baekoe maadri , naan sukha padoekae avattindha nan aasthi kampis tha idhe ri,

Avvath adhan yenghe obba sariyaadh gandsu muddies dhaagha, mudde maad dhaagha yengirutte avu ruchi noad bittidhe re, nan roedhis baedri, nan raja, neev nanag thoer si dhi ra rie , nan baelae ondh gandas pranige yaen antha).

He slid his lips down to the mouth of her valley still covered by her bra, moved his hands up releasing her hand behind and unclasped her bra and in a flash his lips was smooching her valley further below, with his cheeks edged by her now freed enlarged beautiful round boobs and the teats teasing me can you ever touch me! As her stood teats were positioned in a way, straight to my eyes.

He slid his mouth to her left boobs, while her face appeared on his right shoulder with her eyes half closed and her fingers piercing his back .Now I could see his back , her face and her hands on his upper back , and his head moving in circular fashion indicating his tongue licking her areola.

Later , she pushed him a little bit away from her , unbuttoned his shirt threw out his shirt and the banian, put her hands to his waist knot of the dhothi dropping it down , made a short work to remove his underwear and in no time his cock was firmly entrenched in her nibbling right hand fingers.

He continued repeating her game onto her and her petticoat was down , but I had no luck to see her now exposed cunt since he was a screening it and instead of her cunt , I was seeing his bums freed from the garment which my darling Indra had done in no time. He started jetting his bums trying to hit her cunt with his cock and she cooed, slowly, it may hurt the baby inside and make it angry with its pappa. (Mettge mettge re, magugae novag bodhu , amaelae adhar appan maelae koapa maad koelutte )

He mumbled , what is that you are saying? Aah! You seeded it with your overflowing cream when you rummaged my cunt last time. You males will not realize the consequences when you guys put your cock inside a cunt , since you people are eager to shove the cock into the cunt and when it squirts , will forget and we have to bore the fuck results.

(Aah! Hoadh sarthi nanna thull maelae rampa maad dhaaga , nimm rasa nan thulloegae hardhu bittnae aaithri.Neev gandasrigae thunnnaena thulloelage ittagha adhar palithamsha yaenu anth yoachne madalla , nimgae thunnaena thulloelage thoorsabaeku , kaars baeku , aadh maelae marth hoeg thira.)

He replied nothing , slid down to her belly , smooching it and telling her ok, I am its dad and what you want me to do for it? (Aaithae, naan adhar appa, naan huttoe magu gae yen maad baeku haelae ?)

She replied, if you love it, then take care of me regarding satiating my sexual desires , will you?.

( She replied, nimgae adhar maelae preethi iddrae , nan kaeyoe aasaena theersri, theers thera ?)

He teased her , “but when I caught you last time to fuck , you were trying to escape until I made your cunt shape up to my cock, were you acting ?.

(He teased her, naan ninna haodh sarthi kaeyokae hid kondaga , thapiskoloekae try maadtha iddae, naan ninna thullna nan thunnae size gae hana gie hoergu, yaen naatka maadthidda ?)
She said , why should I act , it was unexpected and I was not used to other cock preying my cunt. But ,my hero , your cock showed the depth of my cunt and from then on , it yearned for it and loh! it got its adorable cock today.

(She said, naan yaakae naatka maadli, naan ankoendir llilla, baerae thunne nan thullna baetae maadoedhu abyasa nu irrlilla. Aadhre nan raja, nim thunnae nan thulna aalla thoers thu, aaglindha thavakis tha ittu, ivatt adhar isht vaadha thunnae sikthu.) He slid down further with his tongue protruding and its tip aimed the inner labia of her cunt , and the benefit for me was to see the mound of her beautiful , inviting cunt , Which made my cock to ache, while he cherished her cunt licking it , off and on , and I had to see it in frustration haplessly holding my burgeoned cock , for it learnt its lessons from the previous night working of my unknown yet auntie. He licked it making sound lachh, lachh, while she moaned, Aaah!, lick lick my hero , cool my cunt , it deserves it since it was itching with heat from last few months after you made it play submissively to your fat cock, no not your cock , my cock .

(Aaah! nekri nan raja nekri , nan thulna thanis re, adhak baeku re , kelav thinglindha biseyaagi kaditha ittu re, neev adhanna nim dhap thunneyindha aad si sharanis koend maelae , Aaaaa! nim thunnae alla re , idhu nange swantha aadha thunnae re) He teased her saying , how can it be your cock , it is owned by Jaya? (He teased, yaenae nin thunnae heng aagutte ? adhu Jaya ndh swantha alwa ?)

She laughingly, so what , she only arranged the situation for her to make your cock mine .
(She laughingly, yaen eega ? nim thunnae nange swantha agoekae avlae sandharbha na maad koatlu.) He replied, than will you not share it with her ? ( He replied, hangandhre, aval joethaegae adhan baagis kollal va ?)

I don’t mind sharing with her since you are her hubby, but I also should have it ,whenever my cunt itches ( Nangen illappa hanch kolloekae, neev aval gae thaalli katidh ganda alwa, aadhre nan thull yavag thavakisitthoe , aaga nangu baeku.) (But she never revealed her awareness about his dalliance with his sister-in-law, who married this day and with my Mom, the previous night).Was it strategic ,I didn’t know.

He later held her right thigh putting his hand between her thighs and nudged it to the bed beside me which was spread by me , anticipating , praying that my darling unknown auntie would come and sleep , for our night action to continue. I had become mad, yearning for it , since as said earlier my cock was revolting by standing erect the whole day and I was helpless in controlling it and only my unknown auntie could budge it and I waited for her which seem eternal and the session beside me was like a solace ,until she would come.

And whatever I have expressed was my feeling , thinking but still unsure , whether my aunty would come this night. It was really frustrating situation for me, unsure about the night further and my darling Indra getting fucked by Jaya’s husband, I had heard how he had rummaged her and now I was seeing for the first time , my fantasy queen in action , but with someone else and not me. Was I becoming possessive of her!.

She lay down beside me , I froze with my heart pounding, with my left palm holding my cock and had turned towards the side where the action was happening but never expected that my queen will be hardly a breath away from me and I could not move being apprehensive that they will know, I am awake. Suddenly the lights came on since the electricity was restored at night but still the light was dim due to low voltage supplied and the setting had become more romantic for the action that was going beside me.

And my queen unexpectedly turned to see me whether I was awake and my sleep pretensions never betrayed me as she falsely felt that I was asleep but took care to close my face with my quilt. Meanwhile, he knelt his right knee beside her left ears , holding his cock tapped it on her sexy shuddering lips and when it opened a bit, he shoved it into her mouth and her lips made a wide circle around it , which was quite an effort ,for that long and fact cock , and for the first time in my life , his cock so near as if it was zoomed for me to have a close look at.

It was a ugly black fat, long cock unlike my dad’s or other uncles ‘s I had seen but really same as that of my dad’s size ,only change being in color. And dad’s cock and mine were of same fair color. And a wild thought crossed my mind that if this bitching aunties including my Mom would like this cock then they would definitely love my burgeoning cock to be shoved into their cunts , some day. As if to check the size of mine compared to the cock beside docked inside my Queen’s sexy mouth ,

I formed a ring of left palm already on my cock to measure the size and to my disappointment, it was no match to the now pumping cock inside my queen’s mouth. He had held her head by her hair and furiously fucking her mouth while she was looking at him wide eyed and he grunted ummm! umm! umm! He did it furiously while his left hand fingers fingered her cunt first it caressed her cunt mounds, worked lines around the slit,

Poked one finger into it followed by second in no time and twisting inside her cunt clockwise and anti-clockwise, with his thumb pressing the cunt mound just above the slit. She raised her bums whenever he increased the intensity of working of his fingers inside her cunt.

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HunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autographHunterAxel has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
After sometime, she was expressing with her widely opened eyes to release her mouth ,and he pulled out his now wet and shining cock , as if polished and released by my queen by working around it .And the bulb light was reflecting on the hood of his cock .When he released her mouth, she threw her face towards me , moaning ammah! usssh! abbah! huf ! huf! huf!.

Her breath hit my face with her eyes half closed as he was still on job at cunt, her face glowed and a wave of current hit my cock and with a rush of blood , felt like holding her beautiful face and madly kiss to my heart’s content. But it was not to be. He later came on her careful enough not to put his weight on his growing baby within her womb, resting his palms on either side of face , bent down and held her left teats with his lips and started playing with it by sucking below up releasing it and again coming down to it.

It stood straight up , and her right teats imitate its counterpart and then came his left palm on it , holding it and fingers rolling over it , while he shifted towards her left side. She was moaning, what a beast you are ! you mesmerize me with your work on me .I miss you so much especially during night and when alone .You spoilt me .(yaen mrugan re neevu! Niev nan maelae maadi ingu maadthara antha aash charya aguttae.Nimmanna raathri hoattu , oblae iddaga thumbha miss maad thinri.Nan hall maad bitri.)

He teased , why what does your husband do by your side , a lucky guy to own such a beautiful sexy figure like you. (He tease, yaakae nin pak dhall iroe ganda yaen maad tha irthaanae, intha sundar vaadha figure na haenthi yaaghi pad dha adhrusht vantha?) She retorted, why you want to rake up his name ? I know you are more efficient on me than him for that you need not tease him.

(She retorted, avar haessru yak thaegi baek eega? Nang gottappa neev avar gintha olle pantta antha, adhak avarna yaenu hiyaalis baeka gilla )

Yeigh! Please peg my cunt , it is longing for it , I can’t bear further, she cooed and looking with the corner of her eyes , put it my king and my friends may come any time, please put it, aaei . (Yeigh! thullgae goota haakri, beaku beaku antha idhe, inn thadi yak agoella reeeeh!
Vaar gannalli noadtha , haakri nan raja, nan friends yaavaglaadhru bar boadhu,haakri please haakri aaei)

Telling , she drew the pillow from her head and placed below lower back , which lifted her bums and widened her legs . He later caressing her belly , came between her thighs, took his cock by his right hand and started brushing her slit , while she moaned haah! and mumbled to poke it in . He slowly started shoving it in , while her cunt took it gleefully and in no time his long big fat cock disappeared into her cunt. He pressed it in by pushing his cock further, while she moaned , yeigh !

Enough my dear, it has already reached near to my womb.

Aaahh ! my dear , you beast, you are the one who measured the depth of my cunt which I never knew earlier .(Aaah! nan raja, nan mruga, neev nan thull aalla allidh bitri, asht idhe antha nang moadal goettir lilla re) She moaned and moaned while he started jetting her cunt , albeit slowly unlike on my Mom, the previous night. He was jerking her while I did the same with my fingers on my cock and that was only the option left as my cock was raging with heat.

He was grunting , mumbling , how is it dear, I know your cunt is feeling good as it has become soft like butter. (He was grunting, mumbling, haeng idhye, nang goettae nin thullu gae hadh vaag idhe antha, olle baenne yang metge haagidhe). She replied, what else can it do when your cock is rock hard with heated like a coil, jokingly. (Innaen maad tte adhu, nim kallantha thunne ollae coil thara kaadhidrae ) He replied, You explain as a poetess. She responded with a big smile.
They were moaning, mumbling and when he reached his orgasm shouted Indru, I will leave it, yeigh! my bitch (Yaaeigh ! Indru , bid thinae, yeigh! nan randae)
and in response she lifted her bums anticipating the leak anytime, while he stroked about once , the sound of my other sex starved aunties talking and approaching came and in panic, my queen asked him to take out his Cock and he also who had heard the sound immediately got up and his juices which was suppose to ooze in her Cunt,

Sprayed all over my queen’s body including some on her sexy lips and on my quilt too ,with a drop hitting my nose , which I had kept exposed from the quilt. And at the same time Lakshmi and Rukmini had already entered the room and he was embarrassed so much that he sheepishly hurried to collect the clothes and strode out of our hall. Rukmini eyed his now limp leaking cock of his and turned towards Indru.

His situation gave me sadistic pleasure as I cursed him for being with my queen and doing on her , so close to my full view. My queen with shyness covered her face with her right hand being bent at elbow, not able to face them in such a situation and lay bare with his white thick juice all over body from head to her lower belly and it looked as if curd was strewn across her. Some even had landed on her sexy lips , as said before.

To be continued……

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nice cont8nue whether ur mom fucked by someone else jaya husband or some one

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update plz

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to U, dear HunterAxel
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A thread for *cuckold voyeur hubbies*
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hey plz continue

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My queen INDRU, lay as said before closing her face partly with folded right arm covering her face unable to face her two friends ,that is LAKSHMI & RUKMINI, , and now they had interrupted her climax FUCK by returning early which my queen INDRU had not

expected ,forcing her rapist turned paramour,JAYA ‘s husband to CUM all over her body,when he got his COCK out of her CUNT in haste as her friends entered, and part of it spilling on to my nose and the quilt I had covered myself with.

By hearing about JAYA husband ‘s COCK rummaging ROHINI & INDRU’ s CUNTS , my dad’s sessions with my MOM & his sisters-in-law , my MOM’s FUCK session with her brother, all said earlier, and later seeing the virtual FUCK session of my MOM with JAYA’s husband the previous night, they had become more horny , intolerable with deprived pleasure in sex as they were dismayed with the FUCKS they had with their respective husbands which had left them unsatisfied and craving for more and their mindset had changed ,yearning for a different COCK as good as JAYA’s and my DAD’s COCKS, emboldened by the FUCKS INDRA & MY MOM were having outside their marriage, and they were repeatedly stating this with their other friends in the group in their discussions which always veered to the topic of sex, being their only entertainment those days, with the meagre and middle class income of their husbands except my MOM, all these has been said in my earlier episodes.

By now rains were pouring and since the window by our side was with a mal functioning tower bolt, would open now and then , and hence they decided to spread their beds on the other side of the paddy sacks stacked by our side.

I was disappointed since may be, had to miss voyeuring their COCK teasing ,mouth drying ,assets nude.But luck didn’t betray me since both of them removed their silk sarees and blouse and were semi-naked for me ,only with new semi transparent bra and petticoat ,worn for the day’s occasion.

My excitement shot through the roof seeing them , what with their faces smartly done up and jasmine & kanakambara flowers adorning their plaits , spreading its aroma further intoxicating me in the given ambience. ,their disturbed hairs in the front partly falling on their foreheads ,and it mocked me that it had taken the place where my lips yearned to be ,to plant a kiss and smooch, a frustrating fantasy then.

LAKSHMI came in-between my queen and me sitting on her heels while RUKKU was across my queen across her waist squatting on the heels, facing LAKSHMI .

By now my COCK was bursting at it seems as LAKSMI’s neatly shaped round and firm BUTTS partly nude since the petticoat at her lower back had come down due to her posture and it had also stuck at her ASS CRACK.

The BUTTS were almost near my chest with my left palm and its itching fingers hardly few inches away, challenging me to knead it and my adrenal rush almost dictating me to have a go at her BUTTS, and my face was just across my nude queen BOOBS with sprinkled CUM , melting a bit and rolling down her BOOBS and RUKKU’s huge BOOBS,across, kept wrapped in her new sexy bra , which would tempt me even when she had covered with normal dress and now it , which was semi covered , made me mad , which made me dream to lounge across INDRU , disrobe RUKKU’ bra , grab them, take it mouthful in turn to suck , bite , roll my face on them .

To summarise, when I rolled my eyes down, LAKSHMI’s BUTT was inviting ,when looked bit up ,my queen’s nude BOOBS with sexy LIPS arouse me to bite and lick them , play with it and when looked straight , RUKKU’s huge BOOBS were bursting out of clasped transparent bra across my INDRU’s BOOBS , and the way they were positioned themselves , made me mad with my aching COCK , tempting my sexited mind, fuelled by the previous night experience and the endless wait for this day night’s most probable session with my unknown yet, aunty ,

All there natural and bountiful assets were mocking at me.It was a maddening situation almost tempted by my devilish mind by now to have a go at them, but some fear lurking in a corner of my mind , causing a huge mindset barrier, stuck me down, as said before.

The barrier was that me , being very young with them being about 15 yrs and above elder to me , and being my MOM’s friends, in turn becoming my aunties ,realizing the consequences in deep corner of my mind , made me ill prepared and forcefully kept me away from giving in to the temptations ,and so to be satisfied by just voyeuring than going for any miss adventure for the present, which would have made them careful and in turn me losing my opportunity to be around them , for my further tuition about sex, they were unknowingly giving me.

My anxiety, excitement abound with my COCK aching with some sort of new sensation ,my body quivered but with peculiar pleasant sensation which cannot be expressed fully by words, my COCK pestered me to thrust to it to any wholes of the beautiful aunties around me , for it rightfully demanded , to get soothed so as to cool down.My mouth was completely dry and I fantasized to throw up LAKSHMI’s petticoat and to mouth through her ASS HOLE enroute to her CUNT and to suck it out , either for her juices or her urine.

Such was my condition , even to this day I fondly remember about it eventhough I suffered a lot at the circumstances then , I was forced into.Talk to the ladies on bed with me often, and about the identity of the ladies , you will come to know in the later episodes, sequenced as it happened.

Meanwhile, LAKSHMI as usual started teasing my INDRU whether she had feigned tiredness to leave the marriage to have a ball with JAYA’s husband.(YEANE JAYA GANDNATHRA DHENGISKOLOEKE SUSTHU ANTHA MADVE MANAELI NAATKA MAADDHA)

My queen didn’t respond ,still lyeing in the same position, and when LAKSHMI teasingly touched her, her hands were accidentally stuck with some CUM squirted on my queen’s nude body.

LAKSHMI again teased , yeigh INDRU , what was supposed to gush in your CUNT is all over your body instead,and it stuck my hand, waigh!. ( WAIGH, NIN THULLOLOEG SURIBEAKAGIDDHIDDU NIN MAI MAELAELLA CHELL KOENDU NAN KAIG METH KOENTHALLAE)

Telling , she turned around towards me , lounged across me to take the napkin which was strewn by them after bath to rush to the marriage hall in the morning, to wipe it.

When doing so she brushed her palm across my CROTCH and she accidentally touched my towering inferno which stood the whole day after my session with the unknown aunty yet, the previous night.

I could sense her palms actually holding it for a split second and instinctively gazed towards my face , which feigned deep sleep.

And while withdrawing her palm with the napkin she purposefully held my COCK for a bit more second.

Her face showed excitement , which was unclear to me as to whether she was surprised by erect COCK , which she would have not expected , as they had thought I was still a young boy.And the touch was totally different from the one I had repeatedly had previous night.

Hence, LAKSHMI along with INDRU & my MOM was counted out from my quest by curiousity that which aunty had fondled me the previous night, leaving RUKHMINI & SAROJA , to be probed with.

LAKSHMI looking at my queen’s CUNT and RUKMINI later gazing at it smiling ,said, what yaar INDRU , your CUNT is looking like a grasslands covered with dew as seen in most of the films


She dropped the napkin on her side, drawing her hands to my queen’s CUNT , may she had spread her hole, as I could make out ,the way INDRU said, as my sexy BUTT of LAKSHMI blocked the view of my queen’s CUNT

Then INDRU,my fantasy queen, Yeigh ! why are you putting your hands there widening my CUNT HOLE? I feel uneasy you doing it ( YAE ALL YAEKAE KAI HAAKI NAN THULLNA HIGGIS THA IDDHIYA , NAN GONTHARA MUJUGURANAE).

LAKSHMI , Yeigh! if I touch it you feel uneasy , what happens when he touches and plays with it ?.Let me see how your CUNT looks different from PADMAKKA’s CUNT after the FUCK, that we saw yesterday.


INDRU, yaar, please leave it, it is paining a bit after his marauding FUCK.


LACCHU looked towards RUKKU and chided , what yaar! Don’t you like to see.,

RUKKU, yes yaah! I also want to see. Let us at least get satisfied by seeing it eventhough we cannot have one like that.

INDRU, Thoo you vulgars, ok , enjoy at my expense , by seeing and feeling my CUNT, but LACCHU please wipe the CUM yaar, I am feeling sticky.


LAKSHMI, ok yaar, until now I had my husband cumming inside my CUNT within minutes he mounted on me , scratching my CUNT with his half raised COCK , leaving me boiled with the thinking that if he couldn’t FUCK , why the hell he was arousing me, leaving my CUNT oozing ghee, with his COCK not running deep to savour it .

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