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Old 26th December 2016
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Purva's initiation in the slums involves more participation

Hi guys, I'm starting off this new thread from where I left my last thread - http://www.xossip.com/showthread.php?t=1464128. I wanted to have this as a separate chapter for a couple of reasons. So, here is the first part.

Purva was surprisingly genuinely happy with how the things had panned on her first day as the slum women’s doodhwali. She was relieved that the slum women did not show any hatred towards her, especially her rival Sultana. Apart from a few tongue in the cheek humiliating words, they were mostly friendly with her. Of course, her new name among the slum women ‘neecha’ did bother her a bit, but it was not something she was overly concerned about. However, one thing was sure, the slum women would not stop humiliating her, definitely not as much as the last 3 days, but yeah, she would be humiliated verbally as if to desocialize her. It was a given thing for her. Also, the fact that the truce with the slum women was brought about by giving up purva’s social status meant that all this was expected. Of course at least now, they could not rebuke her if she roamed about naked where she was permitted to, and that was enough for purva.

After the small romantic exchange with the milkman Kabul, purva walked back to her house with the milk can in her hand. She was definitely horny now and tired too, as it was her first day cycling through the village to deliver milk to the slum women households. At least, she got free milk now for doing all the labour and hard work. She was excited to tell her loving husband Mushtaq, that she hadn’t faced any rough and humiliating encounters on her first day, afterall he was also concerned for his whore. After reaching her house, she closed the door, and disrobed herself out of the slutty bra and skirt that was stitched out of her rival, Sultana’s old useless clothes. Mushtaq was still asleep, so she didn’t wake him up. She warmed the milk in her usual naked avatar and got about doing the household stuff.

After a while, Mushtaq ji got up. purva jumped in her strides and came hopping from the kitchen, after her husband’s familiar call, “aaja randi, uth gaya mein“.

“Aur randi, kaisa rha tumhara pehla din?”, he asked as purva obidiently got the tray of glasses with milk and water for their daily ritual.

“Arre Mushtaq ji, badhiya tha…sab aurat ne mere saath dosti kari, bohot khush ho gayi mein”, she said beaming with joy.

“Arre waah, badhiya sasti raand, dosti bhi bana liya tumne… Aaj kisi ne mara toh nhi tujhe?”

“Nhi nhi Mushtaq ji, koi maar-peeth nhi…sab achhe se baat kar rahe the…”. Of course, purva did not want to bother her husband with the details of how the women designated her a new demeaning name of neecha and also how daadi maa had humiliatingly made her sit on the floor in her house and feed her leftover food. It wasn’t as bad afterall, and she did not want to disturb her hubby’s mood. After all, it was the time for their daily ritual which both purva and her kinky husband immensely enjoyed. Starting the day off with such a sensual and kinky activity greatly made both of them happy.

Soon, the ritual was done with Mushtaq as usual totally enjoying his slut wife’s private parts, while fucking her sorry mouth completely. purva too of course took great pleasure in making her husband feel so blessed first thing in the morning by offering her mouth. Mushtaq too was happy that purva did not face any rough consequences from the women, and the fact that she was happy with how the things went today, made him even more filled with lust for his wife. He had fucked her mouth extra rough today forgetting not to slap and spit on her face. Finally, Mushtaq came in purva’s mouth, which she delightfully swallowed. It was certainly a nasty and kinky ritual. After the ritual, again the couple spent some time on the bed with Mushtaq enjoying his wife ripe nude body. He pinched her tits and fingered her bald pussy as he wished, afterall it was his whore.

After a while, Mushtaq went to take a bath, as purva resorted to preparing the breakfast and the day proceeded as usual. Mushtaq took very perverted pleasure in his wife’s new demeanour. Somehow, purva’s hairdo was making her look very trashy and sorry, and given how Mushtaq liked to exhibit his wife in such nasty and gaudy ways, he loved her new look. He did feel a little guilty for enjoying it, as the look was brought about in the humiliation process by the slum women, but yeah, he couldn’t help it. The fact that her hair was uneven made her look even more slutty and trashy. In between the usual gropings and fondling of purva’s private parts, the couple completed their lunch and got to the bed for their first fuck session of the day. Mushtaq fucked her in their usual style, as he slept over purva crushing her boobs to the hard mattress as he fucked his dear wife roughly. They then proceeded to take a nap, which was now becoming a schedule that purva got used to. Mushtaq would tightly wrap his hands over her big sexy boobs with his legs completely entangling her torso. It was indeed the most unfiltered form of his love and lust for his whore wife.

The evening too proceeded as usual. purva prepared a glass of her hubby’s favorite rum and seated herself beside him with her head resting on his shoulders. Mushtaq made it a point to spread her legs wide so that he could have access to her pussy. He enjoyed his dear wife’s boobs and pussy as he wished. Of course, the rum made him tipsy and that meant he got horny too, so this was how they had set up this time of the evening. As Mushtaq consumed more liquor, he would begin to get rough with his wife, pinching her tits and pussy roughly. He would then go on to roughly kiss her lips, even biting them and spitting on her face. It was all something purva had come to get used to and enjoy the past 5 days. It was surprising how just these 5 days in the slums with her husband had brought about so many experiences that purva would cherish. The next day, purva dutifully got up 5:45 am. It was her second day of her job as a doodhwali for the slum women. She wore the same slutty bra and skirt that was stitched off of Sultana’s old clothes and set off for the milk booth. After the usual sexy and romantic altercations with the milkman Kabul, she cycled her way to the slum women households to deliver the milk. Again, all the slum women greeted her in a friendly way, though not particularly respectful of the low-class slut and whore.

After delivering milk, purva came back to the house and got herself naked again. She followed her schedule, that was indeed something really kinky. After the ritual and breakfast were done, the couple again spent some time on the bed watching tv. Just then a knock was heard on the door. It was the sarpanch, Mr. Hussain.

“Arre sarpanch saheb, aaiye aaiye”, greeted Mushtaq.

purva immediately got off the bed in her naked avatar and dropped down to touch the sarpanch’s feet. “Pranaam sarpanch saheb“, she said. Mr. Hussain of course loved how docile and subservient this urban housewife turned into a roadside worker and whore behaved infront of him. Mr. Hussain touched her head with his hand and said, “pranaam randi…uth jao”. purva got up and gave him a polite smile as the sarpanch did not hide his lust at her nude ripe body. He took his time to look up and down at purva’s nude avatar, which he relished in and out. Mushtaq then said, “Aa jao saheb, baitho“, as he directed the sarpanch to sit on the bed. “Randi saheb aur mere liye chai banake la”, he instructed purva. purva of course immediately complied and went about it as the sarpanch enjoyed the nude ass show that purva shamelessly exhibited to both the perverted men.

purva prepared the chai, as Mushtaq and Mr. Hussain revelled in some chatter. Mushtaq was of course a big shot in the slums and it seemed like even Mr. Hussain shared a special respectful bond with him. Of course, the purpose of the sarpanch’s visit wasn’t exactly to talk with Mushtaq. He wanted to see the nude whore at her house. He was of course jealous of how Mushtaq, this slum construction worker was enjoying a ripe housewife like purva in his house, keeping her always nude and humiliating her as he wished. It was indeed a Mastanpur man’s wet dream, that was lived by Mushtaq. He knew that, given his stature, he could of course have some fun with the whore too, even though she was Mushtaq’s wife. So, when purva came in to the living room with the tray of chai, he said “Aur randi, doodhwali ban ke kaisa lag rha hai?“, he said with a silly smile on his face as he feasted on purva’s nude bald pussy. The fact that it was leaking juices meant that purva was turned on at the moment. He of course knew how big a whore purva was, and given how Mushtaq enjoyed her at his house, she would be always turned on, for sure. He knew that purva loved exhibiting her nude self to everybody in the slums, and this encounter with the sarpanch would be no different. She shyly responded, “achha rha sarpanch sahab“, she said noticing how shamelessly he was gawking at her exposed private parts.

purva stood infront of both the men, as they talked while drinking the chai. Of course, purva was playing her role as a lust object by exhibiting her body for both of their viewing pleasure, as both of them would enjoy her ripe naked parts every now and then. Mr. Hussain, then grabbed the cover he had brought with him, and when he got the contents out, purva beamed with joy. Mr. Hussain noticed how shamelessly excited purva was as she saw the dress in his hands. This was one silly whore he thought. Mr. Hussain held the bottom in his left hand and the top in his right hand, as he enjoyed purva’s shameless exhiliration at the costume. “Randi, yeh tere liye gift laya hu meine…kaisa laga?”, he asked her.

purva still seemed speechless, but finally came back to her senses. Was it really going to be hers? Of course, who else would agree to wear such a slutty costume, she thought to herself.

“Sir ji, yeh toh bohot hi achha lag rha hai…”, she said still not able to contain her happiness.

“Chal abhi pehen k dikha mujhe”, said the sarpanch.

Even Mushtaq was surprised at the kink the dress presented. Of course, Mushtaq saw his wife nude all day, but this dress was going to look extra sexy on her.

purva took the two silly pieces of cloth from the sarpanch’s hands and put them on, and behold, the men’s boners tightened even more. There stood before them the sluttiest woman in the world. To describe the dress, the skirt was essentially just frills of an old cloth that were cut at regular intervals. In effect, the cloth stopped way above her thighs, probably just where her ass could be covered. But that too, showed plenty of her skin. The whole cloth was so pervertedly cut out with spaces in between that showed off purva’s skin. However, at the front and back, the cloth was strategically retained a bit just enough to cover her pussy and ass crack. Of course, the skirt, if it could be called that, was so short like the previous one, that purva had to sacrifice some amount of her ass crack at the top to avoid showing off her pussy and ass from behind. It felt like this was correct to her measurements, which meant that the cloth was indeed stitched by the tailor Karim himself, as he knew her measurements. Now coming to the top. It was another slut adornment in itself, for sure. The top was again, just a bra, but with minimal amount of cloth in it. It was, as purva had rightly guessed, cut out of a tight blouse that was essentially reduced to just staps of cloth. At the front, the cloth was just an inch wide that ran over just her nipples, and the rest of the cloth just worked along with it to hold it in place. So it was basically a few 1 inch strips of cloth that intended to cover her nipples. Along her backside, the cloth was just a couple of strips that finally ended in a piece of cloth running around her. In effect, it was a blouse that was masterfully cut out to show off as much skin as possible, while trying to cover purva’s tits. She was indeed quite impressed with how the old tattered piece of cloth was turned into this ravaging slut costume. If indeed, Karim had tailored this, purva reckoned he did improve his skills drastically. Of course, he would sure give his best when it came to showing off the whore, she funnily thought.

“Yeh kapda gaav ke auraton ne daan diya hai, unme se Karim se kal banwaya tha meine”, said Mr. Hussain.

There was no doubt that the men were mesmerized by how whorish and slutty purva looked in that costume, definitely.

purva was of course extremely delighted. She loved wearing such trendy and slutty clothes, and this time, she didn’t really take offence that she was being made to wear clothes that were made off the slum women’s old and useless clothes. Again, the material was definitely trashy and old, something that was used as a makeshift wipe cloth or something, but that didn’t matter to her. She really felt herself so hot in that dress and she looked herself in the mirror.

“Thank you sarpanch saheb, yeh dress mujhe bohot pasand aa gya”, she said beaming with joy.

“Haha, randi mujhe pata tha tujhe yeh pasand aane wala hai…parr dhyaan rakhna, yeh pehn ke tu doodh bechne mat jaana…isme tera gaand dikh sakta hai…aur chucche bhi…toh unn aurat k saamne mat pehnna…samjhi?”

“Ji, thik h”, said purva. Of course, she could still wear it anywhere outside. She wasn’t technically nude in that dress, so she figured she could wear this dress anywhere else anytime.

“Aur haan, tere liye ek aur dress silwaya meine…woh meine Kabul k paas de diya hai…woh tum kal pehn k jaa sakti ho doodh bechne…woh iss dress se thoda kam dikhayega tera raand badan ko“, said the sarpanch, with a wink.

purva shyly nodded.

After the chai, the sarpanch saheb proceeded to leave the house. purva was still dressed in her new slut costume when she dropped again to her feet to touch the sarpanch’s feet. Mr. Hussain could not contain his lust this time around, so he made her get up and proceeded to smooch her lips roughly. He then groped her ass from under the silly frills that tried to cover purva’s beautiful rear and pinched her tits lightly. purva smiled shyly to the sarpanch’s actions. She probably did not expect such a thing from the sarpanch, who mostly kept his hands to himself till now, but again, the first time, he had seen her in her damaged and filthy state, just after the final humiliation. So he was no different. In a way, it made her proud of herself, the fact that no man could keep his hands to himself infront of the whore purva.

Mushtaq and purva bid farewell to the sarpanch. After he closed the door, Mushtaq turned to his wife, and the look in his eyes, showed what was going to happen next. Of course, the whole thing had turned Mushtaq on, and purva of course, was no less either. Mushtaq made his wife disrobe her slut attire and fucked her good on the bed. He carried on the usual rough activities on purva’s body as he wished, slapping and spitting her. The whole activity laster for about 10 mins. which ended in Mushtaq releasing his sperms inside purva. He then proceeded to finger-fuck her roughly brining his sexy slut to a thunderous orgasm, the first of the day.

After lunch, the couple again spent some together time on the bed, as they talked about random things. purva was excited about her new acquisition, the new slut costume and she was thinking about where she could wear it. She also could not wait to check out her new doodhwali outfit that Mr. Hussain and left with Kabul, the milkman. She funnily thought that Kabul must be furiously masturbating looking at the costume, probably fantasising seeing purva in that dress. Just then, Mushtaq received a call on his mobile.

“Haan, Rashid bhayya…mein badhiya hu…aap batao…achha…haan sab sahi hai. Haan hai na…haan jaroor free hai hum…bilkul bhayya kyun nhi aayenge, jaroor aayenge. 6 baje…thik hai…thik hai. salaam bhayya, bye”.

“Kaun hai Mushtaq ji”, purva asked while still getting fondled on her tits by her husband’s rough hands.

“Rashid bhayya…woh humare construction group ka main contractor hai…mera boss hi samajh lo, parr bohot close hai mere ko…mere dubai jaane k liye unhone mera bohot help kiya hai..”.

“Achha, kya bol rahe hai?”

“Woh hume aaj unke ghar bulaya hai raand, bol rahe the kuch discuss karna hai…aur hum dono ko dinner k liye invite kiya hai…tu chalegi na?”

“Haan haan chalungi Mushtaq ji…”

Just then, the same thing sprang up in both their minds.

“Par mein yeh naya dress pehn k aa sakti hu unke yahan?”, purva asked hoping for a positive response.

Of course, Mushtaq instantly thought about it too. He wasn’t sure actually. He knew Rashid’s wife too and given they both were about 10 years elder to him, he didn’t want to be disrespectful and parade his whore wife infront of them in next to nothing outfits. Of course, the other costume that purva had, was also nothing pristine, but this one was really whorish. He also considered the fact that they had two sons who were probably in their early twenties, so he wasn’t really sure if they would consider purva strutting around infront of them in such a revealing slutty outfit, but of course, it made him horny thinking about it. He definitely loved how shameless purva behaved infront of everyone, and showing herself off in this aggressively sexy outfit would do a lot to his kink of making her look like a shameless prostitute. Of course, there was no harm in asking Rashid if his wife could indeed wear something that showed a lot of skin infront of bhabhi and their lads. He shared that kind of a bond with him anyway, so he decided to bite the bullet.

“Ek baar pooch k dekhta hu”, he said to purva. While still nonchalantly kneading her nipples, Mushtaq made the call.

“Rashid bhayya, mein yeh poochne phone kiya tha ki meri biwi thoda ashleel kapde pehn k aana chahti hai mere saath aap k yahan…kuch dikkat hogi kya aap ko ya bhabhi ko?”, he asked on the phone.

purva too waited for the reply. She was hoping that she could wear it to their house. Fortunately, Mushtaq received a positive reply from Rashid as he signalled his wife with a thumbs up while still on the call. purva got off the bed and jumped with delight. She sure, was a shameless slut. Her huge boobs were jumping up and down with her, as she seemed filled with joy.

“Haan bhayya, thik h…wahan tak duppatta pehna k lata hu aur ghar me utaar degi…thik h milte hai aap k ghar me…bye bhayya..”.

So it was decided. purva was going to wear that slut of an outfit to Rashid bhayya’s house. The only catch was that since they were living in the most decent part of the slums, Rashid said that she could not be seen wearing scandalous clothes near their households, but she would be allowed to wear the next to nothing outfit once inside their house. Mushtaq too was of course delighted that purva would be paraded around in this silly little outfit. It was so damn sexy. Mushtaq was tremendously turned on imagining how purva would be humiliatingly next to nude infront of all of them, it was going to be really hot and it did a great deal to his kink. The evening would be super fun he thought.

With the excitement, Mushtaq decided to give their fuck session after lunch a pass this time. He wanted to keep his kink reserved for the evening, which was definitely going to be a new erotic experience for him and purva. With that, the couple took a nap on the bed for a couple of hours. Regular rough sex certainly induced a lot of sleep in them. As usual Mushtaq tightly grabbed his wife’s boobs and the couple lovingly slept before heading to Rashid bhayya’s place in the evening.

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Appreciated ur work.. Please make it English

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Really awesome and juicy update. Please continue narrating the direct speeches and dialogues in Hindi. It is nice to see the commitment and I really enjoy your updates. Please continue with more humiliation for Purva. The combination of Hindi and English is the icing on the cake. But try keep in mind that Purva is in a different social set up and a Pranaam may not be an acceptable greeting...Other than that...awesome! Keep the updates coming and please don't close the thread. Sincere Request to Dear Author.

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Oh dude, can u pls post the pic that nearly matches the dress ?? Oh Im holding my cum to see this...

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Awesome man and don't leave the story please

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Old 29th December 2016
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Originally Posted by bdtarif View Post
Oh dude, can u pls post the pic that nearly matches the dress ?? Oh Im holding my cum to see this...
Maybe this helps you next time

I imagine this is how Purva must have looked when the story was originally started by Aurelius1982

Purva showing with her hands how she wanted her choot to be turned into a Bhosda!

Since Purva started her escapades and has now started to live in the slums as Mushtaq's whore wife, this is what she has turned into now.

Last edited by mahmoodvale : 9th January 2017 at 09:18 PM.

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Old 30th December 2016
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Place continue

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Plz update

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Hittat......pls make her fucking sessions in her house itself....not in slums.in her bed while her husband is taking care of her small child who born for her muslim lover

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