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purva gets ready for the visit to her husband's mentor's place

The couple had a good tight sleep in each other’s arms. purva would often end up completely in the clutches of her husband Mushtaq, as he would tightly grab her boobs and pull his legs over her when they slept. It was his way of expressing his true love and lust for her. Of course, all the while, purva felt as womanly as possible and loved how she was showered with lust and kink by her perverted husband Mushtaq.

At about 4:30, purva woke up from her nap. Mushtaq was still sound asleep snoring loudly as he wrapped purva all over with his love for her. purva was of course very excited that she could wear her new slut costume to her husband’s mentor Rashid’s place. It was definitely going to be something she had never experienced, wearing such next-to-nothing clothes for such a visit. It was strangely erotic in its own way. Of course, she knew Mushtaq would also have the kink for it, so she could not wait to experience it herself. After a while, she woke up Mushtaq too. “Utho Mushtaq ji, nhi toh late ho jayenge hum”, she said to him.

Mushtaq got up and purva urged him to have a bath to freshen himself. Mushtaq asked purva to iron a pair of shirt and trouser for him, so that he could look his best infront of his boss and mentor, Rashid and his wife. Of course, he had to make himself look good when he was visiting such an important figure. So, as Mushtaq took bath, purva proceeded to iron his clothes on the bed all nude. Mushtaq came out of the bath and dressed himself as purva looked on. “Waah, mere patiji kya smart lag rahe hai“, she said and playfully gave him a hug, pressing her huge boobs onto her husband’s chest, much to his delight. They were a couple, of course, who had no inhibitions. Mushtaq kissed his wife roughly on her lips while squeezing her butt. “Randi, ab tujhe bhi tayyar hona padega”, he said with a kinky smile with a wink. Of course, purva knew what that meant.

There was no doubt that Mushtaq wanted his wife to look her best, and that was evident in the way what he had in store for her. Of course, given his kink and perversion, he didn’t have to really plan it to execute what he had in mind.

After he got dressed in his impeccable new pair of trouser and shirt, he set on to satisfy his kink of showing off his wife in the sluttiest and gaudiest way possible. purva was of course amazed at his kinky imagination, while at the same time, getting shamelessly wet in her pussy thinking of all the humiliation she will be subjected to in a while.

“Aaj tujhe mein ek dum maalraand jaise tayyar karungi randi…”, he said with a familiar lust that was known best to purva.

He of course had a fetish for bright contrasting nasty colors on his dear wife. Of course, she was all his, and he spent a lot of time on his docile wife, to satisfy his kink of making her look like a cheap roadside prostitute.

He made her apply a dark shade of yellow for her kajal beneath her eyes. For her lipstick, Mushtaq chose a dark shade of maroon. He of course took the liberty of applying it himself, as he deposited huge amounts of the local paint on his wife’s luscious lips, extending it beyond her lips onto her skin. purva was by then already blusing with humiliated embarassment. It of course, made her look so damn cheap and slutty and she wasn’t really sure how she would be received by her guests in such whorish makeup. But, of course, she let her husband do what he felt. She existed for him, and his happiness meant the world to her. She certainly loved his kink, and her new found fetish for being humiliated made her embrace her new oncoming look even more, as she found herself getting more and more damp by the second in her loins. Mushtaq then proceeded to examine purva’s pussy to get rid off any little pubic hair. He always loved her wife to exhibit herself with a perfectly trimmed pussy, so when he saw minor details of pubic hair, he proceeded to shave them off with the razor that was gifted to purva during their marriage. With that done, Mushtaq then asked purva to adorn a local anklet that was again gifted to her by one of the slum dwellers, who happened to own a local artifact shop. This ornament of course added more to her humiliation as it made a silly little noise everytime purva took a step. To add more to the slut outlook, Mushtaq asked purva to put on just one anklet instead of the pair, on her right leg. Next, he proceeded to tie her fake silver kamarband around her shapely waist to give the effect of a traditional whore. purva was by now blushing like crazy. It of course went with all the kink that Mushtaq possessed, and she loved it. She was in the mood to give it all.

Finally, Mushtaq made purva wear her newest acquisition, the slut costume that the sarpanch had prepared for her. The costume consisted of a silly cloth that was cut at regular intervals with the intent of showing off most of purva’s skin while giving a try of hiding her modesty. It retained cloth at the front and back, at her pussy and ass crack respectively, while sacrificing a little of her ass crack at the top. It was of course too short for her to wear, but that was the intention. She then put on the bra that needed little effort as it just hid her nipples from view. Mushtaq could not believe his eyes at the gorgeous sexpot infront of him. He made her stand a little over a metres distances in their little house, and observed her, gauging if she needed anymore enhancement to exhibit her as a shameless whore. With the dark shades of yellow and maroon on her face, along with the short uneven whorish hairdo, she was looking fabulously raunchy and slutty. Added to that the costume she wore, was a masterpiece, a stroke of utmost perversion adorned on a willing whore. To top it off was the kamarband along with the single anklet on purva’s right leg that finished the job of completing her humiliating outfit.

Mushtaq then made her put on her dark fluoroscent heels that she had gotten a couple of days back from Ghafur chacha’s. It seemed like Ghafur chacha’s was her personal fashion designer. There was of course no doubt that purva was a whore, but this whole impression that she carried with her current demeanour was out of this world, for sure. She was probably the sluttiest woman on earth right now, thought Mushtaq. His kink knew no bounds as he feasted on the lust object infront of him. “Randi, aaj toh tu alag hi maal lag rhi hai”, was all he could say. purva blushed red infront of her husband, feeling so damn womanly. Her humiliation of being looked at like a shameless whore made her feel ecstatic with new found rigour, as she looked herself in the mirror. She felt it, and she longed it…this feeling of humiliation. Every part of her body was oozing cheapness and lust as she adorned such a lusty persona on her. She was made for being like this, being adorned by her man, as he wished, with little care for her dignity. Her dignity was all his, in all its entireity. New fetishes and new kinks are always hot, and that was the situation purva was in, no doubt. While her husband was dressed impeccably in a brand new white cotton shirt and a new trouser that made him look all classy, she was dressed like a trash whore. Her clothes were a result of extreme male kink designed from the old clothes of the local slum women. It made her feel really humiliated, but at the same time, it was the strangest erotica she had ever experienced so far in her slut life. She loved how submissive and ready to be humiliated she looked in her current self. She was oozing perverted juices from her vagina as she enjoyed the erotica of the situation, and it was just getting started. She didn’t even get to meet the strangers she was about to, and she was already loving the feel of it.

After Mushtaq made her wrap herself in a dupatta to avoid exhibiting herself in such a nasty ridiculous costume in the richest localities of the slum, the couple set off to Rashid’s house on Mushtaq’s bicycle. It was about 4 kilometres from their place, and purva couldn’t wait to exhibit her slut body to her latest captors, the ones that would change her life.

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purva was given into a humiliating role.

Rashid too, like almost all the men in the slum possessed a strange sense of kink and perversion. When he first came to know of purva after her gangbang in Salim’s garage, he was aching to see her in person. Like all, he too found great lust and kink in the story of the urban housewife turned whore purva back then. Unfortunately, he could not make it to the Mushtaq and purva’s wedding that was held in the slums a few days back, but nonetheless, he had planned to see her in person. But of course, he had to deal with his wife. He could not come across as someone, aged so old as he was, to exhibit such perverted tendencies, but he managed to do pull it off. After purva’s humiliation episode by the slum women, he had a brilliant idea in mind, and once he discussed it with his wife, he was lucky to have found a way to see the shameless whore in person.

He had called Mushaq earlier that day to ask him and his slut to come to their place for dinner to discuss the proposal he and his wife had in their minds. Later, when his wife was not present beside him, he had planned to call up Mushtaq personally, to ask him to make his whore wife wear something really slutty. But, much to his fortune, Mushtaq had called him by himself the very next moment asking if purva would be allowed to wear something obscene. He was thrilled to say the least. Rather than coming off as a perverted male who took the chance to see generous clothing on a slut, he would now come off as a generous person who would allow a slut to wear the clothes she wished. It was just a stroke of absolute luck, he thought and smiled to himself. He didn’t make efforts to inform his wife that the whore would arrive at their place wearing an extremely obscene and skimpy outfit; he decided that he would let her deal with it. Afterall, he and particularly his wife regarded themselves as “modern” people, so there wasn’t going to be really an issue. Luckily, their lads were also not at home, so there would be no real reason for his wife to disregard purva’s choice of clothes, or the lack of it.

Rashid was eagerly waiting for the arrival of Mushtaq and his whore. He was aged around 60 but even for his age, he did not mind looking and feasting at an inadequately dressed whore. At about 6:15 pm, as Rashid and his wife Nasira were awaiting their guests, there was a knock on the door. Rashid immediately stood up to open the door and welcome their guests.

“Aao aao Mushtaq, aao purghi….andar aao”, he greeted them. Of course, he had known purva of her nickname that Nazir, their common friend had christened for the slut.

purva was of course already in her role of a humiliated embarassed slut, and the word purghi did more to her strange fetish of being humiliated. Mushtaq held her by her waist, as they entered their house.

As Rashid closed the door, purva turned around and bent down to their Rashid’s feet. “Salaam Rashid ji”, she said.

“Arre wah, badhiya, salaam purghi, utho utho…”, he said, while holding her shoulders tightly.

“Yeh hai meri patni, Nasira”, he said, as Nasira approached the couple. purva still had the dupatta over her hair and her torso. As Nasira approached them, purva again bent down to touch her feet… “Salaam Nasira bhabhi”, she said. Given that Nasira was quite older to both Mushtaq and purva, in particular, she really loved how respectful purva was. “Salaam neecha…”, she said.

Nasira greeted Mushtaq too as both the couple seated themselves in the two sofas infront of each other.

“Kaise ho Mushtaq, sab sahi?”, Rashid said.

“Haan Rashid bhayya, sab sahi hai”, said Mushtaq.

Rashid eager to see the real whore, urged purva… “purghi, ab tum dupatta utaar sakte ho, koi baat nhi”, he said.

purva still shy infront of her new acquaintances, looked at her husband as if asking for his permission to show off her whore body to them. Upon his slight nod, she then stood up, before glancing at both Rashid and Nasira, and in a slow motion, unveiled her dupatta.

It was indeed a sight to behold for Rashid. Never in his life, even in his porn films, that he watched in his younger days had promoted such a voluptuous image of a female. She was surely the most perverted sight he had ever witnessed. He just sat there dumbfounded expressionless, as purva shameless sat down with her legs crossed. She tossed the dupatta to the side and put it to her other side on the sofa as she seated herself close to her dear husband. She was shy, but feeling extremely nasty at the situation.

Nasira, of course was taken aback with purva’s extremely bold and whorish outfit, but she managed to stay put infront of Mushtaq. She of course, knew Mushtaq from a very long time, and she regarded him as a good-natured person, always available at her beck and call even in the absence of her husband for personal favours. She of course, did not expect such a vulgar outfit on his whore, but she did not show it. She had come to know of purva’s public humiliation in the slums by the slum women a couple of days back, and the fact that she was a shameless whore was known to all the dignified women she was in touch with. But now, seeing her in such a shameless avatar attested to the fact that she was indeed one characterless whore. Of course, like all the slum dwellers, she knew of purva’s origin, and the way she exhibited herself as Mushtaq’s whore made her wonder what was up with this woman. She could not believe how nasty and slutty she had made herself look in that ridiculous outfit and her overly trashy makeup. She was also concerned with her armpit bush, that was making her look even more like a ridiculous clown.

With the intent of clearing the air of the situation, Rashid said, “Waah, purghi, yeh dress tere pe bohot sahi lag rha hai”, he said, with a slight smile.

purva was of course dying of shyness. She needed a little more time to ease herself in, but Rashid’s words made her a little less uncomfortable. Afterall, she was a whore, and she dressed just like one, she was confident enough. Moreover, the beating that she had endured from the slum women for appearing buck naked right on the streets as well as her dirty naked avatar for panchayat had made her even more bold and shameless.

“Bhayya yeh dress sarpanch saheb ne silwaya, gaon ke auraton ke purane kapde se”, Mushtaq said, pulling his dear wife closer to her.

“Achha, sahi hai…Hussain ne sahi design chuna hai purghi pe”, he said with mock laughter.

Finally, Nasira bhabhi too started to settle into the situation. Afterall, she too reasoned that such a shameless whore was entitled to wear such demeaning clothes for the world to see. “Neecha, tumhare baare me meine bohot kuch suna hai…aaj pehli baar tumse mil ke achha lag rha hai”, she said with a smile on her face.

purva was certainly surprized such a positive reaction to her slut avatar from an old woman as Nasira. To purva, both Rashid and Nasira seemed very dignified as shown by their status in the slums. Mushtaq told her that Rashid was one of the senior citizens in the slums and his word meant a lot. He also told her that Nasira was like an elder sister to her, and that she was beside him along with Rashid in his struggles in the slums. So when Nasira had said what she said, purva was very happy to have accepted her as a shameless whore. Out of happiness and respect, she once again got up and walked over to Nasira and touched her feet again, “thank you Nasira bhabhi, aap se mil ke mujhe bohot khush hua hai“, she said.

“Arre, aise kya baat hai neecha, aao mere paas baitho”, she said as Nasira made her sit next to her at the corner.

Nasira then called out loud, “Dimri, mehmaan k liye paani le aana beta”.

Dimri was Nasira’s in-house maid. She was about 22 years old. When she made her way to the hall, purva saw that she was quite short for her age. She noticed that she greeted Mushtaq , but just gave a casual look to purva. She had also noticed the frown on her face, visibily because of her slut costume. purva didn’t really bother herself with it, as she was certainly accepted by Nasira bhabhi.

As Dimri entered the hall with the tray of glasses, Nasira bhabhi said, “Yeh hai Dimri, yeh mere liye ghar ka kaam karti hai…”. She continued, “Dimri, Mushtaq bhayya to tumhe pata hi hai, aur yeh hai unki biwi, neecha”. purva of course, now resigned to the fact that she would be called neecha in the households by the women in the slums. She also figured out that all of them knew of her humiliation by the slum women. Apparently, matters dealt with the panchayat attained very high notice in the slums. Dimri once again, looked at purva with a hint of disdain as if giving her notice to a whore like purva wasn’t worth of her time.

“neecha, jab tere saath milk booth pe kaand hua tha, yeh wahi thi…toh usne ghar aake mere ko sab bataya tha”, said Nasira bhabhi. “Sach sach batau toh Dimri ne bhi tere maar-peeth ki thi apne chappal se sab k saath, par jab yeh aake mujhe batayi thi, meine usko daanta”, said Nasira bhabhi.

So that was the thing. Dimri was personally present and had even taken part in purva’s humiliation and that was the reason why she acted all disdainful towards her. purva felt really embarassed in the situation, and wished that Nasira bhabhi hadn’t mentioned this to her, at least in Dimri’s presence. Of course, it was really humiliating for her to be told that a low-life servant like Dimri had actually beaten purva with her slippers out in the public. “Achha bhabhi”, was all she managed to say with a silly smile. She looked at Dimri with the same smile, hoping to receive it back to let the embarassment pass, but Dimri thought the better of it, as she just grimaced at her smile, and turned away from her look, as if she was a worthless little whore.

Nasira knew what was going on, and said to Dimri, “Dimri, sab k liye thoda chai aur pakode bana ke le aana beta”. Once Dimri went back to carry out her task, Nasira turned to purva and said, “usko chhod, woh sultana ka dost hai toh woh bhi uske saath mil ke teri ghor maar-peeth kiya..”, she said to purva, much to deepen purva’s embarassment.

Gradually, as the evening proceeded, purva began to feel more and more comfortable. She was aware of the glances that Rashid was throwing at her hot outfit and how he was managing to lust at her huge boobs that were laced by her tiny little bra. Her nipples were mostly covered, but the fact that all of her remaning flesh was on an open show for everyone to see made it hotter. Beneath her waist, she was feeling as if she was not wearing anything, such was the design of the skirt. She still made it a point to cross her legs out of respect for Nasira bhabhi to avoid showing off her pussy. But the rest of the skin was open for lusting at for Rashid, and purva knew Rashid made sure he noticed every inch of her bare skin, much to her delight.

Finally, the time had come to talk about the subject of the meeting. After having their chai and pakodas, Nasira brought the topic to the forefront.

“Mushtaq ji, aap ko aur neecha aaj issi liye bulaya humare yahan kyun ki aap se ek baat poochni thi”, said Nasira.

By now, purva had moved back to Mushtaq, as she sat close to him.

“Bolo na Nasira bhabhi”, said Mushtaq with a polite smile.

“Mushtaq ji, baat yeh hai ki, yeh Dimri mere liye bohot saal se kaam kar rhi hai. Isko Rashid ji ne uske gaon se leke aaye the 2 saal pehle, aur woh bechari aaj tak ek baar bhi wapas nhi gayi. Mere ko bhi umar bohot ho gayi hai, aur mein akela kaam bilkul nhi kar paati aaj kal. Toh jab bhi Dimri poochti hai, mein usse apna gaon jaane k liye mana kar deti thi. Aur aap ko toh pata hi hoga, yahan k auraton ko bohot garv hota hai, aur ghar pe kaam karne k liye koi nhi milta…sab apne apne ghar pe aise ek kaamwali ko laga diya hai”, she said.

“Achha bhabhi, aage bolo na kya hua…”, said Mushtaq.

“Haan, toh jab meine suna ki yeh neecha, ab doodh bechne lagi hai auraton k ghar pe, toh mujhe laga ki hum aap se pooch sakte hai yeh cheez”, said Nasira, trying to get a hint from Mushtaq about his decision already.

“Arre bhabhi, aage bolo na”, he said trying to make her at ease.

“Toh mein chahti hu ki agar do hafte ke liye Dimri apni gaon chali gayi toh yeh neecha mere liye ghar pe kaamwali bann jaaye, paise ki chinta nhi hai…bass ghar ka pura kaam kar le neecha yeh chahiye bass.”, she said with a polite smile trying to sound as less demanding as possible.

purva was astounded to this new revelation. She could not believe she was being asked to be a kaamwali for them. It was of course really demeaning to her, to be even considered to be a candidate for a cheap maid. Maybe they forgot who she really was, she thought to herself. She actually belonged to the urban households, and she certainly did not sign up for this. But again, she was just a whore, a neech as she was classified in the panchayat infront of one and all. She started to go through the familiar thought process when she was decided infront of all the people in the slums that she was going to be doodhwali, but this one, was somehow, more demeaning, more personal. Still, out of respect, when Nasira bhabhi looked at her with a gentle smile, she surpassed all the thoughts that messed with her head and returned the smile.

Mushtaq was of course in a situation. What could he say? He was, no doubt, indebted to both Rashid and Nasira for their help. Rashid in particular, was the sole reason behind his oppportunity to fly to Dubai. Of course, it was his hard work that was the major contributor, but he was sure that it certainly would not have been possible without Rashid’s mentoring and his help. What would he do? He thought for a minute, and finally blurted out…

“Arre bhabhi, paise kiss baat ki…parr mein isko pura din chodd ke nhi reh sakta…“, he said.

“Arre Mushtaq ji, neecha ko pura din rehne ki jarurat nhi hai…isko bass subah 2 ghante aur shaam ko 1 ghanta lagana hoga. Itni samay me bohot kaam kar sakti hai neecha, mujhe pata hai“, she said, once again, with a pacifying smile towards purva.

“Achha, fir thik hai bhabhi, koi baat nhi. Aa jayegi purva aap ke yahan kaam karne”, he said emphatically.

Mushtaq’s words hit purva hard, without a doubt. She had considered that his husband, would at least consult her opinion before giving the word. Afterall, she was going to be made a servant, a maid and a low-life for an old couple she had just met and she felt it rather humiliating for not getting a chance to have her say in the matter. She was reduced to a low-life whore and a slum worker, just like that, and she could not belive it.

The decision was already taken for all practical purposes, and it all seemed like a twisted game to humiliate the whore. For purva, she was still taken aback at the turn of events. It wasn’t something she had expected. Nasira bhabhi again clever enough to gauge the string of thoughts in purva’s head, said “Neecha, agar tumhe koi dikkat hai toh tum mana kar sakti ho”, she said, fully aware that she could not deny something that was agreed by her husband. Of course, she had the hunch that purva was a really submissive person, and the fact that her husband had already given away to the proposal, would hardly allow purva to speak her mind.

For a moment, purva considered denying it. But then, her true self got the better of her. It was a strange feeling that she was going through, and she could not explain it. Why was she enjoying this feeling of being a low-life slum worker, being talked about like she was just a slut and a whore with no self-respect? She didn’t know. In that costume and makeup, she was feeling really submissive as it was, and now this proposal brought strange sensations in her to life. Rashid and Nasira bhabhi as well as Mushtaq looked on towards her, as she contemplated her decision. If she indeed accepted this proposal of being a servant for Nasira bhabhi, there was no turning back. She would be regarded as the low-life of the slums. It was so demeaning to her that she was considered to be a servant for the people of the slums, but at the same time, it was a strange spark that tickled her shameless fetish. What the heck was that, she thought to herself. Her submissive nature was really something she had at the back of her mind all these days, be it her sex life with her husband, or the innumerable sex escapades she had had for a while now with various kinds of perverted and dominating cheap men from the slums. But this was a new feeling, a new kind of submissiveness. It really had no sexuality attached to it explicitly, but it still made her feel erotic. The whole humiliation was making her feel hotter and hotter now, as she embraced the inner submissive within her. “Mushtaq ji jo bolenge, mein wahi karungi bhabhi”, she said with a shy smile, that surprised even her, once she said it.

Nasira beamed, “badhiya neecha…gaon ki koi aurat nhi tayyar thi kaamwali banne k liye, parr tumne yeh bol ke mera dil khush kar diya”, she said stretching her arms calling purva towards her as they shared a good close hug.

As they settled into the evening, purva felt all this a dream. How could she even accept such a demeaning proposal? She didn’t really have a clue. She was a little pissed off with her husband too. How could he just accept the proposal of having his wife become a servant , just like that? without even taking her call? It was something she couldn’t accept, but then again, her mind was thinking all sorts of things. She had this strange sensation of being very excited about being a servant, a strange feeling being the lowest kind. Of course, it had to do everything with her new found humiliation fetish, but it was too hot for her.

As the night ended with a tasty dinner that was cooked by Dimri, Nasira bhabhi held purva by her waist and said, “kal se Rashid ji aur mujhe tumhare haath se bana hua khana khaane ko milega”.

purva, still confused with her unfamiliar situation passed a smile trying to seem nonchalant, “ji bhabhi”, she said.

After some more chatter, finally it was time to bid goodbye. Nasira called out to Dimri who spent most of the time away from the guests. “Dimri, dekho tum neecha ko jooton se maara uss din, parr ab tum iske wajah se apna ghar jaa paogi”, she said, with a faint laugh.

Dimri still didn’t seem to be really impressed with purva. She just passed a smile to Nasira bhabhi, just throwing a look at purva.

purva was still confused what was happening although it all strangely turned her on. Mushtaq proceeded to put the dupatta on his slut, as the couple bid farewell to them.

“Toh kal subah doodh bechne k baad aa jana neecha”, said Nasira as she waved a goodbye to her to-be servant maid. “Ji bhabhi”, said purva, and after once again touching both Rashid and Nasira bhabhi's feet as a mark of respect, the couple hopped onto the bicycle to go back to their place.

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WOOW! Kink stuff seem to begin with Rashid fucking Purva in every corner of house while she works household chores

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purva gets over the decision with before bed sex.

Once inside their house, Mushtaq closed the door and let the whore be. Of course, he knew what was going through her mind. She did not speak anything on their way back, and it was clear that she wasn’t particularly happy with how the things had gone, even though she accepted to be a kaamwali for Nasira bhabhi. Dutifully though, purva got herself naked once inside the house and folded her trash costume and put it in the cupboard. Even in her pissed off state, she was obidient for her husband. Of course, purva had her own of way of showing that she was still pissed, as she nonchalantly washed her face with water to clear off her whore makeup. She also proceeded to get rid off her naughty kamarband and her anklet and put them safely. Mushtaq too changed into his clothes as the night sex was lingering on his mind.

He switched on the TV and said in a slightly loud voice to his wife who was wiping her face with the towel, “Randi thoda pani le aana”.

purva evidently trying to make sure she looked pissed avoided looking at her husband and brought a glass of water. Once he drank it, he pulled his wife into his clutches making her fall into his lap, and started to roughly massage her huge tits. “Meri randi ko mere pe gussa aaya?”, he said with a cute tone, to pacify her, as he licked her neck. “Nhi, koi gussa nhi”, snapped back purva with mock anger. She could not believe how her husband’s rough actions instantly made her melt. “Toh fir meri randi mujhse baat kyu nhi kar rahi?”, he said, again in a playful fake tone while spreading her legs. Even in anger, Mushtaq loved how obidient his whore behaved for him. Still feigning a stubborn face, purva allowed Mushtaq to spread her legs as he inserted his index and middle finger into his wife’s juicy wet pussy. Mushtaq gently prodded his wife’s pussy with both his fingers while he pervertedly licked her face on her cheeks. “Bolo na randi, kya hua?”, he asked her, this time in his usual tone, still licking her face and fingering her pussy gently. purva’s anger was now fast melting, as she succumbed to the touches and kink of her husband. “Aap ne aise hi bol diya ki mein unke liye kaamwali bann jaungi…mujhe poochne ka mann bhi nhi tha aap ko?”, she said looking at him. Mushtaq looked at her for a second, and moved his hands from inside her vagina to her boobs. He slowly but roughly grabbed them in his hands and started to massage them as per his delight. “Randi, dekh, wahan pe mein kuch nhi bol saka…woh log mere liye bohot achha log hai, aur bhabhi ne mere liye bohot help kiya…toh jab bhabhi ne aise mujhe poocha, toh mein na nhi bol saka…aur mujhe pata tha ki mere baat pe tu na nhi bolegi…iss liye mujhe aise kehna pada”, he said.

purva seemed to buy into it, but she still seemed a little restricted for sex. “Toh abhi tum waise bhi doodh bechti ho, toh kaamwali bhi bann gayi, itna hi na? Aur Nasira bhabhi bohot achhi hai, tujhe koi kasht nhi degi…bass kaam kar ke baat cheet kar sakte ho unse tu bhi”, he said, trying to sound convincing.

While still being massaged on her boobs with her hubby’s rough hands, purva was melting away now. It wasn’t like she didn’t like being humiliated like that, she was finding it hot anyways, and she felt she would have accepted anyway if she was asked of her opinion.

“Parr ab mujhe Nasira bhabhi ne kaamwali bana diya, ab iske baad koi aur banayenge mujhe kaamwali”, she said looking at Mushtaq.

“Arre randi, ab gaon me itne auraton ne tujhe maar-peeth kiya…parr bhabhi fir bhi tumhe bohot pyaar se bulati hai…aur aise auraton k saath tumhe dosti karni chahiye, samjhi? Ab aise thodi ki harr ghar me tu kaamwali bann jayegi…mein kissi ko bhi mana kar sakta hu tujhe kaamwali banane k liye, parr Nasira bhabhi ko nhi…samjhi pyaari raand?”, he said as he licked her lips with lust.

purva nodded her head. She didn’t feel like it press it further. Furthermore, she was now getting into the mood, and she wanted to feel her hubby inside and all over her.

“Ab jaada soch mat iske baare mein…light bandh kar ke aaja, tujhe jabardast chodne ka mann kar rha hai mera”, he said and spit on her face with lust, and gave a hard sleep on her butt cheek.

purva smiled at his husband’s cute actions and proceeded to switch off the light and came back to the bed to get fucked by her husband. As usual, Mushtaq fucked his wife with great lust fucking her in multiple positions. Even at this age, his sexual prowess was unparalleled, thought purva as he savaged on her pussy. Finally, he came deep inside her and the couple took their sleep.

“Kal ek kaam kar randi, doodh bech ke ussi cycle pe Nasira bhabhi k yahan chale jaana…mein sarpanch saheb se bhi ek baar baat karta hu. Woh hi tera kaam ka rate bhi fix karenge, samjhi?”, said Mushtaq.

“Thik h Mushtaq ji”, said purva, and the couple slept like bunnies in love.

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Great narration

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plz update

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purva as kaamwali and doodhwali, next what?

purva dutifully woke up on time the next day. It was officially her 3rd day as the slum’s doodhwali. She felt nice about it. The slum women were now her friends, as she chatted about happily for a minute or so with each of them when delivering their milk. She felt it nice that they too could the animosity for purva for appearing naked on the streets infront of them in the milk booth, and be friends with her. Even Sultana too seemed to slowly be friends with her. Of course they were not friends purva, the whore who wandered out naked into the milk booth and as a result of which she was humiliated like never before on the streets. It was certainly something that had not happened any time earlier in Mastanpur’s history. It was a pivotal moment. So the slums women still detested the real purva but were friends with Neecha, A character that was moulded out of purva in the last few days. The humiliation of the whore along with the harsh rulings of the local panchayat transformed her character to a new utterly desocialized version of the trash whore. That’s whom they were friends with. purva did realise this, that if she ever made the mistake of exposing her privates in their presence would revert of their friendship.

As usual purva delivered milk that day to the slum women. After that she would usually spend about 15 mins. at dadi maa’s place. purva certainly developed fondness to dadi maa, as she would joke around with purva. It seemed to purva that even dadi maa’s initial resentment she had when she appeared naked for the second time and when she took the brutal humiliation, was going away now. She would talk to her very jovially, unlike the other slum women. Of course, she couldn’t blame them because they were busy, whereas dadi maa was in her house all the time. So after delivering milk, she went to dadi maa’s. While dadi maa was preparing tea for them, purva told her that she had accepted to be a temporary maid for Nasira bhabhi and Rashid ji, who were her husband’s idols. purva didn’t really know why she found it necessary to tell this to dadi maa, but she did it anyway.

“achha, Nasira bhabhi k yahan? sahi hai neecha…Nasira bhabhi bohot achhi hai, tumhe bhi wahan kaam karne me mazaa aayega”, dadi maa said with a smile.

She also mentioned that she and Mushtaq were invited to their house yesterday and that’s when Nasira had talked to them about purva being her kaamwali.

After some more chatter while having tea, purva head to Nasira bhabhi’s house for her first day as the kaamwali.She hopped onto her cycle and reached the house in about 10 mins. Rashid ji opened the door.

“Arre wah purghi aao aao, tumhara hi intezaar tha“, he said ogling openly at her huge breasts in the tiny bra of hers.

purva smiled brightly and bent on her knees to touch his feet. “Saalam Aaleykum Rashid ji”, she said still crouched.

“Salaam purghi utho utho, Nasira bhabhi tumhara hi intezaar kar rahi hai, andar jao”, he said. Discreetly though, he groped purva’s tits in his hands while making her get up. When purva looked at him shyly, he winked at her. purva looked down blushed and went into the kitchen for Nasira bhabhi. Rashid smiled sheepishly, as he got a look of purva’s behind as she walked. It was of course a very short one and also managed to cover very little of purva’s rear. Her ass crack was slightly visible behind her, which purva managed to cover by adjusting her skirt before as soon as she was out of Rashid’s line of sight. She knew Rashid would be having a good time looking at her exposed crack, so she purposely let the skirt show her ass crack and pulled it in time afterwards when she about to approach Nasira bhabhi.

“Aaja neecha”, she said, as purva gave her a greeting as well, by dropping to her feet.

For the next hour, Nasira bhabhi guided her with all her chores. First she made purva sweep the floor of the entire house. She guided her and corrected her whenever necessary. It was an easy job but purva wasn’t really used to sweeping the floor spic and span. She would never do it at her house, but she had been doing so at her current house with Musthaq. But Nasira bhabhi wanted it done perfectly. After that, Nasira made purva wipe the floor. This thing was particularly humiliating for purva and she made her squat down. She had a bucket with water into which she would dump the cloth every time before maintaining the squat position and wipe floor with the cloth. It was certainly very degrading for purva and the erotic experience of having to do such demeaning things for a woman in the slums was making her very damp in her loins. It was turning her on, as she was dripping wet in her cunt. Once that was done, Nasira bhabhi commanded her to clean the dishes after which she headed home, after getting fondled once again while leaving, by Rashid.

Once out of their home, purva rubbed her skirt quickly over her pussy. Her humiliation fetish that she had acquired recently was doing wonders to her. She was so horny with the whole thing, that she longed to touch herself in there, of course Nasira bhabhi would never approve of it, even if Rashid ji did. Even after she came out, she did not want to get into trouble by getting caught rubbing her pussy in broad daylight in the richest locality of the slums. As it is, her dress was a little scandalous as per the panchayat ruling, and if anyone happened to notice her rubbing her bald pussy at that time, they would slap the shit out of her. So, she quickly hopped on to her cycle, and made her way back to her house. Of course, she had the daily ritual to look forward to, as well as her husband’s rough treatment and fucking the entire day.

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The Sarpanch and Mushtaq have fun with purva, but what's next?

On her way, she gave the cycle back to Karim, the milk man. Musthaq opened the door, and purva started to undress herself as she entered the house. She was horny and she quickly wanted to get over with the ritual and get fucked roughly by Mushtaq. However, just as she was to remove her silly skirt, she noticed that Sarpanch was sitting on the bed. Mushtaq and Hussain laughed at the moment, as purva started to get embarrassed for the situation. She stopped midway while dropping her skirt after having removed her bra and looked at Hussain ji.

“Hehe, aate hi mere liye nangi ho jaati hai meri raand”, said Mushtaq as he closed the door and sat on the bed lauging with Hussain.

purva shyly dropped her head blushing at his husband’s words infront of the sarpanch. Hussain urged, “arre randi utaar lo skirt bhi, aise baat nhi hai, mere saamne bhi toh nangi ho sakti hai”, he said laughing at purva. purva jovially laughed along with them, no doubt it was hot, but it was funny too. She loved her sweet embarassment and felt womanly about the whole thing as another man caught her getting nude as soon as she entered the house to get fucked by her husband. It was strangely erotic and added to her kink.

purva got herself completely naked and said, “chai banau Mushtaq ji aap dono k liye?“, she asked as she stood infront of them without a string of clothing on her body. Hussain blatantly stared at purva’s pussy and giant jugs while Mushtaq said, “ha randi, leke aa chai, tere liye bhi ek bana lena, sarpanch saheb humse kuch baat karna chahte hai”. purva nodded to her husband’s words, while shyly trying not to look at the sarpanch staring at her private parts. She was feeling horny as it is, and having another man along with her husband in their tiny house while she completely naked was making her weak in her knees. No doubt, her earlier situations were way more nastier, but this one was amazing to purva right this moment. She went into the kitchen area to make tea for them, while she spread her legs in the direction of the men, so that they could see her pussy all wide open. Her pose was infact shameless even for a whore like purva, thought the sarpanch. It was not that he resented it, he was having the time of his life. He knew that purva knew he was staring at her pussy and boobs, but he did not believe purva was so shameless to willingly show her pussy in such an obscene way to him for his pleasure. He was happy for it in more than one way. The slut’s unwomanly pose to show her lovely pussy for the men to gawk at only made his task at hand easy. Seeing her loins, all exposed in her knowledge that the sarpanch too was gawking at her vagina. He would never take no for an answer now.

purva made her way into the hall still avoiding the stares of Hussain, Hussain found it sluttily cute as she did that, making him get lustier by the minute for this whore.

Musthaq said, “ek kaam kar randi, tu bhi aaja diwaan pe, mere bagal me baith ja”.

purva hopped onto the bed and sat beside her husband, who immediately put his hand around her shoulders and starting to play with her nipples infront of the sarpanch. Of course, purva knew she would be getting into such a thing. She would have never imagined her husband to not molest her when she was naked beside him, even in the presence of people infront of them. It was not going to happen. The sarpanch saw Mushtaq’s hands and passed a friendly laugh to Mushtaq. As they had their chai and chat, Mushtaq would nonchalantly smooch roughly against his wife’s lips while he pinched her nipples. purva was loving her humiliation to the core. The fact that she was being used just as a sex object by her husband infront of a man she hardly knew was turning her on so much, The fact that she was just there for him to nonchalantly enjoy her feminity was very erotic to purva.

“Arre raand, thoda taang bhi khol de, sarpanch saheb ko bhi toh chai ke saath tadka chahiye na…”, saying so he spread purva’s legs as she took her husband’s shoulders for support for her head to widen her legs. “Haan badhiya, aise hi khulla baithna raand”, he said as he kissed her on her lips roughly. Hussain was amused at Mushtaq’s actions, asking his wife to spread her legs so that he could see her pussy up close. He passed a friendly laugh at Mushtaq and said, “Mushtaq ji, tumhari raand bohot achhi hai, tumne isko sahi se sikhaya raand kaise bante hai…bohot badhiya”, he said as he looked on at purva’s juicy vagina. No doubt she was leaking juices and the sight of it was too much for Hussain to control. The bald sexpot was oozing sexually like never before for Hussain. He immediately dug to of his fingers into purva’s hole making her squeal unexpectedly. She somehow did not expect that to happen, at least not so soon.

“Mushtaq tum toh iss bhosada ka khoob mazee liye honge, hai na?”, he said with a wide smile as he slowly fingered purva’s wet cunt as he looked at her face, lust showing out strongly.

“Bhaisahab, ab aise bhosada toh kaunsa mard nhi lega, aap hi batao…din raat maze dene wali bhosada hai yeh, first class”, said Mushtaq laughing out.

purva was getting hot as Mushtaq continued pinching and biting her nipples and playing with her boobs, and Hussain continued to finger fuck her vagina. She was getting very hot now, and the humiliating dirty talk about her and her parts by the men was making her beam with lust and humiliation.

“Haan woh toh hai, raand ki bhosad chut bohot pyaara hai”, said Hussain as he spit on purva’s pussy. He then increased the pace at which he was fingering her, while at the same time inserting a third finger inside her cunt. purva squealed again, as the sensation of new fingers inside her was so nice!

Mushtaq noticed her happiness, and said “randi ko jabardast mazaa aa rha hai”, he laughed happily and slapped her face a couple of times. “Mooh khol randi”, he said and spit a couple of times in her whore mouth and closed it tight. He then pinched her nipples roughly. Hussain was by now in with his fourth finger inside purva’s pussy. She could not believe how sensational she was feeling. Mushtaq had always fingered her more than once everyday, but never did he put four fingers inside her vagina. She laughed at not having done this earlier with Mushtaq, but her feeling was over the top by now.Hussain was also going faster by the second with his fingers, in and out fucking purva’s pussy. He then slowed down a bit, and just when purva thought he was going to stop, inserted the fifth finger inside her cunt. As she started to scream with joy, Mushtaq spit on her face and continued with mauling her beautiful boobs as they started to turn red with the treatment. Hussain could not believe how sexually high he was as he got the chance to completely have his way with this urban sex whore. It was pure lust as he had his entire fist inside purva. He was masturbating purva with his fist, and it was amazing for him, the way he was having his way with this submissive prostitute. Finally, not long after his entire fist was inside her, purva started to wriggle with joy and both the men knew she was hitting her orgasm. As a result, Mushtaq and Hussain intensified their actions. Hussain got back to his two fingers and fucked her vigorously as Mushtaq slapped on her boobs roughly, pinching her nipples. It was a beautiful euphoria for all of them as purva was entirely submitted to their lust. As she neared her orgasm, she closed her eyes involuntarily, enjoying the moment. It was so damn hot, and her wait for release for making her go mad as the two men had their way with her early in the morning. She was no doubt turned on by the situation too.

Finally, after a minute more of hot intense treatment, purva finally orgasmed, the first of her day.It was spectacular in every sense, as it lasted for about 6 seconds, as Hussain roughly slapped her pussy. It was truly mind blowing for her, as she received rough slaps on her cunt as she was orgasming. It was truly something that purva hadn’t correctly experienced, and she was do damn happy to have found Hussain inside her vagina. It was her pleasure, she felt. However, all of this she felt later, right now, she was out of her mind, as she was nearing her orgasm. She twitched and beat on the bed like crazy as she finally shuddered a couple of times. She no doubt had one of the best orgasms in her lives, the first time that she had allowed a man to have his entire fist inside of her. And it wasn’t that Hussain had small hands. Like most muslim men, he too had giant hands, and he could not believe how easily purva took the whole of it inside her. As she stopped jiggling when her orgasm came to end, she opened her eyes. For a moment, she could not see anything as he eyes were shut with pleasure. She was watery and her eyes were red. Seeing her in such a submissive state made Hussain beam with manliness and lust. “Yeh randi bohot mazedaar hai Mushtaq, bohot jaada”, was all he could say as he pulled her by hair hair and gave her a rough lip kiss. He roughly bit her lips as he pulled them with his teeth and kissed her with so much lust. After having his way with her lips for a couple of minutes, he withdrew himself, and just stared at her with lust. “Randi kahin ki”, he said with lust and quickly spit on her face and slapped her hard on her right cheek. Both purva and Mushtaq were taken aback at that slightly, but of course both Mushtaq and purva were seeing his lust for purva for the first time. Of course purva did not complain and was glad to take it submissively. She loved it to the core. As Hussain went to the toilet to clean himself, Mushtaq too spit on her face. “Kamaal ki randi hai tu loudi, har mard ko teri gaand chodne ka mann karta hai”, he said and slapped her once more. purva was ecstatic by now even after her orgasm subsided. She took her man’s spit with grace allowing him to spit right near her eyes. She loved how humiliating it felt to her, and she loved it. Her face was now deposited with spit from both Hussain and her husband, and she was having the time of her life. She was such a characterless whore she thought to herself with pride. “Chal tu 10 min so jaa, meri raand, lagta hai thak gayi ho tum…”. Of course, Mushtaq did not want purva to clean herself up right then, and purva knew it too. Mushtaq loved how nasty she would look with spit deposited on her face and all docile. He loved how submissive she was and how she would allow men to do anything to her for their pleasure.

As purva drifted off to sleep, Hussain came out of the toilet. “Mushtaq agar yeh tumhari biwi nhi hoti toh mein isko aaj ragad ke chod deta”, he said earnestly.

Mushtaq smiled humbly. “Arre saheb, aise baat nhi hai, aap ko chahiye toh mein isse aap ke ghar hi bhej du ek raat k liye“, pacifying him.

“Haan par mein dusri ki biwi ko nhi chodna chahta, bhosda bass mera hone chahiye”, he said giving a mild laugh.

Mushtaq jovially said, “haha, toh mere baad aap ki biwi bana lo isse, aur khub mazee lo”, he said with a laugh, as both men shook their hands with brotherly love as they looked at the naked whore who was asleep on the bed. “Yeh bohot besharm raand hai Mushtaq par, sahi mili hai tumhe. Itni gori aur aise figure, din raat chod sakte hai isse”, he said, as once again they revelled in laughter.

Hussain was confident that now, he would not get a no for an answer. This slut would do anything, and the fact that she was this shameless infront of men, would be so useful for the task at hand. He knew he had it.

After about 10 mins. Mushtaq woke purva up. “Aur meri raand, achha laga tumhe hussain ji ke haath?”, he said as he gently massaged her boobs. purva shyly rubbed her eyes as Hussain looked at her, laughing slightly at Mushtaq’s words. purva nodded in embarrassment as her husband openly mocked her infront of the sarpanch. “Achha, ab tu ek kaam kar, ek baar mooh aur bhosda paani se dhoke aaja, sarpanch saheb ko kuch baat karni hai hum se“. purva immediately said, “thik h ji“, and started to get of the bed, when Hussain gave her a tight slap to each of her bums. All 3 of them laughed in a friendly way at Hussain’s actions. Mushtaq was of course only happy that the sarpanch was enjoying his wife’s nude form. He really did not mind him getting to have his way with purva’s private parts. Afterall, it was also one of Mushtaq’s kinks. “Iski gaand bhi dekho, kitna mast hai”, he said behind her, much to the delight of purva, who turned back and passed on a seductive smile, offering her backside view to the men.

As she washed her face, she realised she was curious to know what the sarpanch had in mind. It was obvious that whatever he had in his mind, it would involve her, else purva knew her presence wasn’t required for talks. Moreover, the men already had their way with her, so she would not be asked to be there specifically if it was something that didn’t involve her.

Anyway, she dried herself with the towel, and made her way out of the toilet. “Aao randi, mere bagal me baitho”, said Mushtaq.

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