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The Sarpanch gives purva her next job

purva slid in closer to her husband once again, as they were before Hussain and her husband enjoyed her body. It was a deja vu for purva, though this time, they would be talking.

Mushtaq once again started fondling her boobs and nipples. He was really insatiable. Of course, he had no reason not to have fun with them, they after all were his wife’s, and that means he could do whatever he wanted to them. The sarpanch acknowledged Mushtaq’s actions with a smile and a lusty look at purva, and then, started to talk.

“Mushtaq, mein ek bohot jaroori kaam se tum dono se baat karne aaya hu”, he said.

“Boliye na Hussain ji”, said Mushtaq.

“Mushtaq, tumhe Khan Shafiq saheb pata hai na?”, he asked Mushtaq.

“Haan pata hai Hussain ji, woh jo humare sheher se MLA bane the kuch saal pehle, woh hi na?”, said Mushtaq.

“Haan haan, bilkul. Khan Shafiq saheb ab kafi tameez ke politician hai sheher me, aur ab unka party ka bhi maamla sahi chal rha hai”, he said.

Mushtaq nodded, and when Hussain looked at purva, purva too nodded in understanding.

“Toh kuch hi din me woh yahan aane wale hai unki party ke president k saath. Agar baat achhe se hui aur unko humara haav bhaav achha laga, toh unke party me 3-4 log ghuss sakte hai…bohot achha mauka hai humare liye yeh“, he said again looking at both Mushtaq and purva looking for their acknowledgement.

“Ab Khan saheb se woh saheb bhi bohot khush hai, party bohot achhe se aage badhi thi khan saheb ke wajah se. toh Khan saheb ne yeh bola ki humare Mastanpur k log bohot achhe hai aur aise hi imandaari se kaam karte hai. Iss liye party ke president aur Khan saheb yahan aayega 3-4 din ke liye baat karne iske baare me”, said Hussain.

“Achha Hussain ji…“, nodded Mushtaq.

“Toh unke saath achhi mulakaat hone k liye me soch rha tha ek raandnaach ho jaye stage pe, kya bolte ho Mushtaq?”

“Ji haan , raandnaach ho jaaye toh achha lagega unko”, said Mushtaq.

purva was not really sure what a raandnaach they were referring to meant, but she got a fair idea what Hussain was talking about.

“Haan, toh stage pe raandnaach chalega, aur thoda daaru chakna lagake unse baatcheet aise shuru kar sakte hai”, said Hussain ji.

So the idea was to get in a raandnaach, whatever it was, and arrange for some liquor that would go a long way politically.

“Haan Hussain ji, sahi baat hai…achhi baatcheet hogi unse daaru k saath”.

“Haan, mein bhi aise socha tha. parr ek baat hai Mushtaq”, said Hussain.

“Kya hua Hussain ji?”

“Mein chahta hu ki raandnaach k liye ek aise randi ho jo khullam khulla naache sab k saame, besharam. Kyun ki unke party ke president bohot paise waale hai, toh unko aise parties me jaane ko milte hai jahan 10-15 randiyan naachti hai chhote se chhote kapde pehen ke unke saamne, par ab hum aise hi chhote kapde pehnake koi randi se raandnaach de diya toh unhe itna achha nhi lagega na…”, said Hussain.

“Haan ji, yeh baat hai…”, said Mushtaq urging Hussain ji to go on.

“Toh aise raand k liye meine poochtaach ki thi apne Salim garage me, par woh sab pura nanga hoke khullam khulla naachne me tayyar nhi hai Mushtaq”.

Mushtaq knew where this was going. And purva too realised it sooner the later.

Hussain however, continued, “Toh main yeh tujhse poochne aaya hu agar tum apni randi se ek raat stage pe raandnaach karwa sakte ho?”

Mushtaq did not say anything. He looked at the sarpanch, and just said “Hmm”.

The sarpanch then looked at purva. As Mushtaq wasn’t saying anything, she just said “Mushtaq ji jo bolenge main woh hi karungi”, she said and dropped her gaze, hoping that Mushtaq would take it forward with the sarpanch.

“Saheb, ab sab k saame khullam khulla naachna toh badi baat ho gayi, aur woh bhi bade logon k saamne, ab meri randi sheher se hai, aur jab yeh wapas jaayegi, koi dikkat na ho jaye isko”, he said.

purva was pleasantly surprised with the concern her husband had towards her.

“Arre kaise baat keh rha hai yaar Mushtaq, iska tu koi tension mat le, koi dikkat nhi hai…yeh bade log toh sheher k randiyan ki roj lete rehte hai, aur inko pata hai ki unhe koi dikkat nhi dene hai…agar aise kuch hua toh media inki band baja deti hai”, said Hussain.

Seeing Mushtaq not answer, he continued, “Ab dekh Mushtaq, main yeh nhi mana kar rha hu ki stage pe khullam khulle raandnaach karna mushkil kaam nhi hai. Parr ab yeh bhi socho ki isse se kitna bhala hoga apne gaav k liye? Aur haan, Khan saheb bohot paise wale hai, aur agar humne aise raandnaach karwaya randi se, toh woh bohot khush ho jayenge. Paise toh bohot milne wale hai”.

“Woh main samajh gaya saheb. Ab main meri randi ko hi poochna chahta hu, agar woh karegi toh mujhe dikkat nhi hai, par chudegi nhi yeh unse”, said Mushtaq definitively.

purva was impressed with Mushtaq the way he conducted his things. she loved how he demanded that he would not give his wife to those man for sex.

With that said, both Mushtaq and Hussain ji looked to purva, hoping to get an answer from her.

“Toh randi, kya bolte ho tum?”, asked Hussain.

“Thik hai main kar lungi raandnaach”, she said. As Hussain pumped his fists in delight. purva that looked at Mushtaq and then back at the sarpanch. She then took Mushtaq’s hand that was lingering over her waist till then, and placed them on her boobs, as she closed in on him, making her boobs touch her husband.

“Parr iss nanga raandnaach k liye main paise lungi sarpanch saheb”, she said with the confidence of a cheap whore.

Mushtaq himself was taken aback looking at purva’s confidence in her words and the choice of her words.

“Arre randi haan haan, tumhe paise milenge kyu nhi milenge…nanga raandnaach bina paise k dekhne me kya mazaa hai?”, he said and winked at her.

purva was now getting turned on. The thought of asking money for her dancing nude and shameless on the stage was making her feel like a true characterless whore.

“Thik h, main yeh raandnaach khullam khulla karne k liye tayyar hu sarpanch saheb, ab bataio aage kaise badhe?”, said purva.

“Badhiya raand, toh khul milke tumhe raandnaach 2-3 ghante tak karne padenge…toh tujhe lagbhag 40-45 gaane pe naacha hoga. harr 2-3 ghante k baad tujhe 2 minute milega toh tu beech me rest bhi le sakti hai”.

Mushtaq let purva decide herself whether she was ready for this or not. No doubt, it would be a wonderful experience for him and for purva too. He knew purva would love this opportunity. Truth be told, he knew purva would readily accept, but he wanted to make sure his whore would be paid for dancing shameless on the stage in front of a big crowd and two strangers. They would also be drunk during the course of the raandnaach, so purva would also be groped and molested on the stage by those 2 politicians. But the way purva shamelessly asked Hussain ji for her raandnaach made him get hornier for his wife. The way she took his hands and placed them on her boobs for him to enjoy was so hot. As his wife listened to Hussain’s instructions, Mushtaq continued to maul at her tits and enjoy the conversation. He himself would love to see his whore dancing on the stage shamelessly infront of so many horny men.

“Thik h sarpanch saheb, par itni der naachne k liye bohot practice chahiye hoga”, said purva.

“Haan raand, yeh mujhe pata hai…toh mere jaan pehchaan me doosri gaav se ek dance troup pata hai… aur unka ek banda bohot sahi dancer hai… woh kareeb 40-45 saal ka hoga. Aur uske 5-6 launde bhi hai, 21-22 ke umar ke, woh bhi aayenge tumhare saath stage pe naachne. Woh banda tumhe achhe se sikhayega naachna. Usko maine pehle hi bataya ki uska kaam padega, toh woh raandnaach pe chaalu hai already”, said the sarpanch.

“Achha thik h Hussain ji…parr kitne din milenge mujhe practice k liye?”, asked purva.

“Dekh raand, woh banda tumhe sikhana shuru karega, aur jitna achha tum apni tayyari karogi utna jaldi hum yeh raandnaach unhe dkha sakte hai, toh ispe tumhe achhe se dil lagake practice karna hoga, aur jitna jaldi ho sake utna jaldi stage pe raandnaach dena. Tabhi main Khan saheb aur president saheb ko bulaunga, samjhi?”, said Hussain.

“Thik h Hussain ji, mein samjhi”, said purva.

“Badhiya, toh woh log kal aayenge yahan pe. Fakir chowk ke paas ek shed hai, usko aaj main saaf karwake tayyar rakhwata hu kal tak, kal se hi tum apna raandnaach ka practice master se aur unke launde se shuru kar sakte ho, thik hai randi?”, said Hussain.

“thik h Hussain ji”, said purva.

“Aur haan randi, achhe se seekh lena, yeh tere liye bohot kaam aayega, master bohot achha dancer hai aur tumhe raandnaach k liye ek dum tagda steps sikhayenge”, said Hussain.

Finally, after some conversation, Hussain proceeded to leave. He was happy that purva and mushtaq had agreed for a nude shameless dance on the stage in front of the politicians and the whole slum. It was going to be a great event for sure, and his ultimate goal of being in the good books of the president and Khan saheb too was very important. If all goes well, he would be elected into the party, and he would get a chance to live his dream. He had always wanted to be a politician and this was a good start to his dream. He went home and made love to his wife, thinking about his success. He was lucky he had purva in his life, right when he needed such a whore the most. It was only after the panchayat ruling and purva’s humiliation video that he decided he should get a raandnaach by the whore, and wanted to use it to his political advantage when he immediately invited Khan saheb and the president to their village. Khan saheb of course was from Mastanpur too, so when he offered to show them a shameless raandnaach, he loved the idea. He too appreciated the idea of a raandnaach for the president, and also asked Hussain to also have some liquor ready for them, as the president loved to get drunk when watching a raandnaach. Of course, he would also be a given opportunities to touch and grope the whore. Hussain himself was very excited to see the raandnaach by purva. He could not possibly think of anyone else who looked so sexy, voluptuous and hot to a nude raandnaach on the stage not caring about anyone staring at her private parts.

At night, he called up Irfan, the dance master. He knew from a while, and he knew him to be good with the ladies and his whores, so he definitely would know how to treat one. As soon as he first thought about getting purva to do a raandnaach, he called him up to tell him about it. Needless to say, Irfan was thrilled about such an event. He was a regular dancer, and he had been to villages where he had to train girls to dance on stage to cheap songs. While he did fuck those whores before and after the performances, he could not live out his fantasies of making a whore dance naked on stage and have him touch and grope her in public. Once Hussain and talked more about purva and how big a whore she was, Irfan considered himself extremely fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to orchestrate purva’s raandnaach. He fantasised about all kinds he would love to see her do on stage naked, and also have a piece of her body was constantly in his mind.

Hussain gave him his word that purva would surely agree and that he better start out with the songs and steps for the whore to dance on stage. He also mentioned that she would agree to all sorts of steps, however obscene they may look when she is nude. So Hussain specifically asked Irfan to keep that in mind while choreographing the songs and steps for purva. So at night, Hussain called up Irfan to inform him the good news. Irfan was jubilant as his dreams were coming true. He would have a nasty slut all for himself. He would get the chance to make her do the sluttiest and the most obscene steps all nude.

Back at their place, purva and Mushtaq got along with their day, which of course included lots of rough sex for purva. purva was very excited for her raandnaach. Truth be told, she was getting off on the idea of having to dance naked on the stage in front of countless men. And she also knew that she would be made to perform obscene steps at loud noisy songs. Thinking about such an experience made her damp in her loins. As Mushtaq ji romped her pussy from behind on the bed roughly, she was so happy at that moment. She was realising so many of her fetishes and kinks and it was just a week now that she was Mushtaq’s wife. Her humiliation fetish is something that she loved right now, and this raandnaach would have her enjoy more of it along with her exhibitionism fetish. Definitely they went hand in hand, at least for purva. As the night arrived, purva and Mushtaq, after having their dinner once more went at it. This time, Mushtaq ate her pussy slurping it and biting it, while talking dirty to her. It was so damn hot for purva as she completely gave in to her husband’s desires. All of her body was his and she wished he do anything with it, such was her submission. Mushtaq rightly had his way with his whore’s pussy and then pounded her roughly cumming deep inside her. Today was certainly an eventful day in their lives, as Mushtaq clean himself and wore his lungi and shirt, while purva cleaned her vagina. Mushtaq then took to his wife breasts and completed engulfed them feeling her nipples with his fingers. He loved how docile his wife was, and the way she allowed Mushtaq to do just anything with her private parts told him how much she loved him. He was surely going to miss this whore. Anyway, for now, this slut was all his. Realising that he tightened his grip on his wife’s boobs, which evoked a slutty squeal from purva in her sleep. Mushtaq immediately got turned on, so he started to lick purva’s neck pinching her tits roughly. “Kya hua randi, chuchhe dard kar rahi hai kya?”, he said in a pervertedly romantic way. purva was by now half asleep given her tiring day. She knew Mushtaq would not fall asleep as fast as purva, but she could not help it. After all, she was really tired at this time of the night everyday. Her work as a doodhwali and kaamwali, along with the rough things that Mushtaq would do to her body everyday made her really sleep and tired at this time of the night. Of course, today even Hussain had fun with her pussy, and she had 3 orgasms today. So Mushtaq knew she was tired. Also, Mushtaq would get to sleep late into the morning, but purva had to get up early to deliver milk to the slum women and work as the kaamwali for Nasira bhabhi. However, he wanted to have some fun with his dear wife. So he continued, “chucche dard kar rahi kya meri pyaari raand?”, he said continuing to lick her neck and her cheeks.
purva was half asleep. Though she loved the attention, she hated to be woken up during her sleep. But she did not want her husband to be denied of anything, and so she played along. “mmmmm”, she said meaning that her tits were aching due to Mushtaq’s rough pinching. Mushtaq continued, “aise chucche ka mazaa yeh sab karne se hi bharega randi”, he said, once again licking her cheeks. “Achhhaaa?”, asked purva deep in her sleep. “Haan meri raand”, he said and continued to pinch her tits even roughly. “Arre Mushtaq ji, please sone do na“, purva said. Her real problem was not the pain but the sleep, funnily thought Mushtaq. Mushtaq then lovingly kissed her on the cheeks as purva drifted off to her sleep. Mushtaq now stopped pinching her tits and grabbed both her huge boobs in his hands. He was still horny for her, but he let the whore sleep. He happily rubbed his leg over her nude form as he wished feeling her body. It was still 11 pm, so he wasn’t really sleep, but of course purva had to go to work early in the morning. So without disturbing her, Musthaq turned to himself, and licked her nose slightly. He was lusting at the sleeping sexpot in front of him without disturbing her. She really seemed like the best of female creation, as he saw her in that pose all vulnerable and naked for him. He used his hands to run them all over her body as he spent extra time rubbing her clit slowly. Being careful not to wake her up, he naughtily licked her stomach and navel, while feeling her boobs with his hands. This lady was a real masterpiece, he thought, and how lucky was he to get her in her bed like this, ready to do anything and everything for his pleasure. It was pure luck, he thought. Slowly, feeling every part of her whore wife, he too drifted off to sleep.

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Welcome back !!

Thanks for the updates 😊

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sexcellent please update

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awesome awesome ! Welcome back ! please continue

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awesome story

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hey please update , eagerly waiting !

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nice if dialogues in English it is good
Lets Enjoy
Be Happy

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purva meets more people now [Part 1]

The next morning, purva woke up at her regular time, 6 AM. After a couple of days as the slum's doodhwali and kaamwali, she now got used to her schedule. Of course today was a much bigger day for the lucky whore. Yesterday, the sarpanch Mr. Hussain had come to their place and talked to Mushtaq about the possibility of having purva do a raandnaach on stage all naked as part of a political entourage. Hussain wanted to achieve an ulterior political goal, a pact more like, with Mr. Khan who was now a respected politician in the city with a certain party. Apparently, the party had been going well, and Hussain, being the sarpanch, wanted to get into the party himself too. Of course, Mr. Khan himself was from Mastanpur too, and if Hussain played his cards right, he would have a good chance to get into the party. Of course, Hussain had thought through all of this, and after realising how shameless a whore purva was, he decided that he would get purva to do a shameless nude dance, what they called it as a raandnaach. However, this would be a raandnaach in the true spirit.

Mastanpur did see a few raandnaachs earlier, but all of those were done by the local Salim Garage whores. Of course, they weren't bad to look at, but they only offered to dance on stage with skimpy clothes on, but never completely nude. But purva had readily agreed to do a nude raandnaach infront of the guests and the whole slum, much to Hussain's delight. Of course, he had little doubt that she would agree, given how open and shameless a whore she was. So today she was going to meet the dance master, Irfan along with his dance troop at a shed near Fakir Chowk, which was going to be their regular place to practice the steps for the raandnaach.

purva stayed on the bed for a couple of minutes enjoying the moment. Truth be told, these were some of the kinkiest moments in her life, for sure. Here she was, a rich urban housewife, in bed with a low-life construction worker with her boobs tightly in his grasps. Mushtaq had his legs all over his nude wife. Her tits were painfully happy as Mushtaq had his way with them during the night. Of course, purva was always naked at home, so that Mushtaq had uninhibited and ready access to his wife's body as and when he wished. Feeling shy and womanly, purva kissed Mushtaq on his lips as he snored in his sleep. Their love was the most primal, purva thought, as she kissed him. Mushtaq had his mouth open in sleep as he snored and purva couldn't help find it so damn adorable. Her current husband was a 60 year old construction worker, and she loved him. She loved how their love was so primal. She a 32 year old urban woman and he a 60 year old construction worker. She loved how Mushtaq lusted for her, how he did the most kinkiest and nastiest of things to her and her pure nude form. How he loved to explore and live all of his fantasies through purva. Of course, purva too was enjoying the feeling of exploring her sexuality to great depths. Her exhibitionism fetish, her humiliation fetish were all coming to the core as day after day, purva loved how she was so sexually charged, opening herself to newer and newer sexual scenarios. It was so damn exciting.

As purva slowly got out of the clutches of her dear husband, she realized that she was damp in the pussy already. Realising that made her blush to herself about how horny a whore she had become. It wasn't just that though. Even the thought of having to submit herself to the slum women, to cheaply deliver milk to them as they ridiculed her and humiliated her turned her on strangely. She washed her face with water once, and after cleaning the dishes from yesterday, set off to deliver milk wearing her usual slutty and silly bra and skirt.

As usual, she had her usual gropings with Kabul, the milkman. The milkbooth was of course deserted as purva was now officially the slum doodhwali. Today, though she was extra horny, it seemed like, so she let Kabul feel up her pussy with his fingers inside the milk booth. She of course did not want to let him get her to an orgasm, as she only wanted her hubby to do it to her, the first time in her day. But nevertheless, purva allowed Kabul to have his share of fun with her pussy as he forcefully removed her silly bra and licked on her nipples for a few minutes.

"Arre Kabul jaane do na, late ho jaungi toh Sultana daant degi mujhe", she said as Kabul enjoyed her vagina.

"Arre bhabhi, aise thodi na...please kuch der aur ruk na...abhi abhi toh shuru kiya hai", said Kabul continuing to have his fun with purva's pussy.

"Saale, 5 min se mazee le rha hai uska...ab jaane de...", she said, while maintaining her calmness in between Kabul's finger thrusts in her pussy.

"Humesha hi jaldi mein hoti hai tu toh bhabhi...chal nikal le fir...nhi toh maar kha legi sahi me", said Kabul, as he let go off purva not before licking her pussy lips with his tongue shamelessly.

"Saale, bohot mazee le rha hai tu mera", she said cutely as she put on her meaningless and slutty outfit back on.

"Arre bhabhi, kya karu...aise badan aur aise mulayam bhosada hai toh yeh sab karna hi padega na", he said with a wink.

purva shyly smiled as Kabul watched purva put on that silly outfit. In his mind, he was thinking what a beautiful and shameless whore she was, indeed Mastanpur was lucky to have gotten such a gorgeous woman for such a whore.

"Chal milti hu baad me, bubbye", she said, as Kabul quickly pinched one of her tits over her silly bra.

purva squealed not anticipating it and after smiling shyly once again at Kabul hopped onto her bicycle to get on with her first job of the day, the slum's doodhwali.

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purva meets more people now [Part 2]

After delivering milk and completing her second job as the temporary kaamwali for Nasira bhabhi, purva went to dadi maa's house. She loved spending some time at her place every morning after delivering milk to the households. The first time when purva appeared in her transparent burkha at the milk booth and when she was slapped roughly by Sultana, dadi maa had come to her rescue. Of course when it happened again and again, dadi maa too had given up on purva. Now after all of that matter was settled by the panchayat, dadi maa did not really mind purva's presence as she too spoke jovially with purva.

During that time, purva would usually sit on the ground and gossip with dadi maa, as she prepared tea for both of them. They would then have tea together as dadi maa sat on the sofa and purva would sit on the floor beside her near her feet and talk about random things. Initially, purva was slightly disappointed that dadi maa asked her to sit on the floor, on her first day as the doodhwali. But then, on second thoughts, why would dadi maa treat her differently at all? She was indeed a shameless whore and for the slum women including dadi maa, she was a neech, who loved to show off her nude self to one and all. While she did mind being called neecha, it did not really mess with her. She of course accepted it in her stride as the slum women seemed to be pacified with her being a doodhwali and wearing just enough clothes to cover her privates.

As she sipped on her tea, purva said "Arre dadi maa, yahan pe bohot dhool hai...kya tumhari kaamwali yeh sab saaf nhi karti?", pointing to the area on the floor beneath the sofa where dadi maa was sitting.

"Arre neecha, meri kaamwali bohot aalsi hai yaar...yeh sab toh uski bass ki nhi hai", said dadi maa, not caring as much about dust so inconspicious.

"Arre dadi maa, ruko main saaf kar deti hu fat se". Saying that, purva got up and took dadi maa's finished glass of tea and proceeded to the sink to wash it. After washing the glasses, she took the broom and proceeded to clean the dust below the sofa. Dadi maa sat there on the sofa happily, impressed at purva's thoughtfulness of helping the old woman.

"Aap usko bolte kyun nhi ho? ki yeh sab saaf karo? hmm dadi maa?", purva said, as she herself lifted Dadi maa's legs to clean the floor.

"Arre main toh rehne deti hu neecha...itna bhi dhyaan dene ka mann nhi karta hai, haha", she said with a slight giggle.

"Chalo, koi nhi...aise chhote mote kaam main hi kar leti hu aap k liye roz", said purva smiling at dadi maa, as she proceeded to leave the broom in the kitchen after cleaning.

"Chalo dadi maa, main chalti hu...kal milti hu", said purva as she obediently bent down on her knees to touch dadi maa's feet.

"Chal neecha, abhi kya scene hai? Mushtaq ji ko apna pyaar degi?", asked dadi maa.

purva blushed shyly at dadi maa's words. She indeed loved how jovially dadi maa was with her when she commented on her sex life.

"Arre dadi maa, ab itna sab karne ke baad patiji ka pyaar toh chahiye hota hai na", she said making a cute playful pout at dadi maa.

"Haha, sahi hai...abhi toh tere chudne ka umar hai...mazee de apni pati ko...bye neecha", said dadi maa smiling at her.

"Hehe, bye dadi maa..."

purva then hopped on to her cycle and made her way back to her home. She of course badly wanted to have fun with her hubby, but after yesterday's awkward incident with the sarpanch, she considered the possibility of having to meet the sarpanch again at their place. They were indeed going to meet purva's dance master and their troop for her upcoming raandnaach.

As she deposited her cycle back at the milkbooth, purva shyly winked at Kabul. He was apparently busy with something with few more guys, so she let him be. Of course all the men shameless gawked at her near naked and silly outfit and passed a few comments, that purva deeply enjoyed. Of course, she loved being called out names and being lusted at in public.

With a wet vagina and an almost naked attire, purva walked her way back to her home.

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