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Old 18th March 2017
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purva meets more people now [Part 3]

As purva entered the house, she was initially happy that unlike yesterday, Hussain wasn't present. Yesterday, she had jumped out of her silly skirt and bra immediately as she entered the house in the anticipation of getting fucked by her husband, much to the delight of both Hussain and Mushtaq and much to the embarrassment of purva. However, she realised that Mushtaq was in the toilet. purva got inside the house and got herself naked and then called out from outside to Mushtaq. "Mushtaq ji, aap naha rahe ho kya?"

"Haan randi, tum aa gayi ho?", shouted Musthaq from inside the bathroom.

"Haan Mushtaq ji...abhi kyun naha rahe ho aap?", she asked him.

"Arre woh, Sarpanch saheb se call aaya hai...unhone bola ki tumare aate hi apan dono Fakir chowk pahunch jaye tumhare dance master aur unke laundon se milne...iss liye main naha rha hu...jaldi hi nikalna hoga humko", said Mushtaq.

purva was of course upset that she and her husband could not at least have their kinky ritual that they both immensely loved.

"Par Mushtaq ji, doodh do pi lijiye na?", she asked hoping to get a positive response from her hubby.

"Arre randi, mera bhi utna hi mann kar rha hai jitna tera kar rha hai...par abhi late nhi karna chahta...wapas aate hi main tera doodh pi lunga...abhi tu jaldi brush kar le...aur tera skirt aur bra k saath upar burkha bhi pehn lena...kyun ki abhi bohot aurat honge sadak pe", said Mushtaq.

purva still badly missed their ritual, but she couldn't help it. Of course they were going to have it later, but now she wished her hubby used her body given how wet her vagina was. Nevertheless, she had to comply with her husband.

"Thik h ji", she shouted from outside the toilet.

As Mushtaq finished his bath, purva ironed his clothes still nude, that Mushtaq had put on the bed for her to iron. She then wore back the other pair of skirt and bra that were slightly less revealing than the one she had worn to deliver milk. She had no idea where Fakir chowk was located, but Mushtaq had asked her to dress in a conservative manner. Of course the current dress wasn't holding back much of purva's sexy body, but then she didn't have any other costume with her anyway. She then wore the burkha over her cheap skirt and bra although given how transparent it was, it really did not make much of a difference.

Once Mushtaq came out of the bath, he looked at purva.

"Sahi hai randi...thoda makeup toh daal hi de jaldi, jab tak main apna kadpe pehn lu", he said to her.

"Thik h Mushtaq ji", said purva.

Of course, purva knew how her husband wanted her to look. Not requiring further confirmation from her husband and assuming that her husband wanted her to chose the colors of her makeup, that he usually did, she proceeded to sluttify herself.

She gave it a quick thought for about 10 seconds, deciding on the color combination that would make her look like a cheap dollish slut, that Mushtaq immensely loved. She wished that her choice would impress her husband to the maximum. So she took out a dark blue shade kajal and applied it beneath her eyes. Next she took out the green lipstick and applied it heavily on her lips just how her husband loved it on her, all the while knowing that Mushtaq was lusting at her from behind seeing her apply her whore makeup.

Next she rubbed the cheap fairness cream that was also gifted to her on her marriage on her face, making her acquire a cheap fair whitish complexion on her pretty slut face.

After a few more touchups here and there, she finally turned around to her husband. With a slutty feminine posture, she put her hands on her waists and swayed to her right side. "Kaise lag rhi hu Mushtaq ji?".

Mushtaq ji came forward and playfully slapped on both her face cheeks. "Ek dum mere raand jaise lag rhi hai". Saying so he grabbed her tits over her burkha.

purva loved how Mushtaq conveyed his lust to her. "Arre Mushtaq ji, abhi aise na karo...waise hi main bohot garam ho rhi hu", she said playfully.

"Haha, sorry meri raand...main bhi tera badan se mazee lena chahta hu, par abhi hum nhi gaye toh Sarpanch saheb naaraz ho jayenge...aane k baad pakka tera bhosda ka chudai karunga main", he said to his wife as he grabbed her by her waist.

"Thik h Mushtaq ji...ab chalte hai hum".

The couple then set off on Mushtaq's cycle to Fakir chowk to meet purva's newest acquaintances. purva was of course in a constant state of arousal from all the things happening to her. Now, she was going to meet the guys who would assist her in her raandnaach, the nude shameless stage dance that she was going to do infront of one and all. It was indeed something really perverted, weird and kinky all at the same time for her. She could not believe she was enjoying all of this as much as she actually was. But, of course, she had no regrets. She was loving this life.

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Old 18th March 2017
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Hot restart

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What a comeback! Nice to see an update on this erotic saga. Adding some more pictures of Purva as a "Naach Raand".

Just some of my suggestions for the author to consider:
- Hussain and Mushtaq should team up to further make Purva stoop towards her descent from a beautiful housewife to a roadside prostitute who is even cheaper than the whores of Salim's garage. It will be nice to see Purva talking more confidently as a Prostitute now. Even Mushtaq will encourage her to talk like a professional. They should haggle over money and the negotiation should revolve around, let's say Purva demanding Rs. 1000 for each song as a Naach Raand. But they play a stupid truth or dare game, or in some other way, negotiate and get her to agree to a ridiculously low amount like Rs. 10 for each song.

-Get Ghafur Chahcha to dress her up as a new bride with bright and cheap red saree and get her to wear her plastic jewellery as well for the raand naach.


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Thanks Mahmoodvale, your suggestions are always awesome! Would love to hear more of them from you!

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purva meets more people now [Part 4]

Fakir Chowk was about 4-5 km away from Mushtaq's house. It seemed to be a part of the better societies of the slums. purva guessed that maybe Hussain could not get hold of a place in the cheaper parts of the slum for them to practice for the raandnaach. Once near the shed, they could hear murmurs from inside it.

Mushtaq said, "Yahi hoga...chal utar jaa randi".

purva hopped off the cycle anticipating her meeting with new men. It was truly another hot experience for her as it was known to everyone that she was going to dance naked. The look of the shed made her get weak in her loins. She was indeed going to be naked in that dingy little shed for all the new men to see. It was going to be a great sexperience. Mushtaq too got of the cycle as he left it resting on the shed as both purva and Mushtaq proceeded inside the shed.

"Arre aa gaye...aao aao Mushtaq aur purghi, aao", Hussain welcomed them.

Mushtaq held his hand around purva's waist as they stepped inside the dingy shed. The shed was indeed pretty tiny, adding up to not more than 5 metres by 5 metres in area. The ground was just muddy but most of it was covered with an old dusty carpet. purva guessed that the shed was probably used as a storehouse or dumper of some sorts by the local residents before Hussain turned it around into a place where she could practice for her raandnaach.

purva looked up and noticed the stares of all the new men she was going to spend considerable time with in the coming few days.

"Randi, yeh lo main inhe tumse milwa do", said Hussain.

He then pointed to Irfan, "Yeh hai Irfan saheb tera dance master. Bagal ke Shaktipoor gaav me yeh rehte hai...yeh tujhe dance sikhayange, inko salaam dena", said Hussain.

purva obediently taking the cue from Hussain walked up to Irfan and dropped to her feet, "Assalam Waaleykum Irfan ji" and touched his feet.

Irfan of course knew purva's background from Hussain, but he could not believe such an obedient and disciplined urban whore who was willing to even touch a slum man's feet. It was of course a moment of perverted joy for Irfan as he was experiencing such a thing for the first time. Of course Irfan could also see through purva's transparent burkha into her silly bra and skirt that she wore inside. It was surely turning him on, and he loved how docile purva behaved.

"Salaam naachraand, utho", he said, as he touched her shoulders.

purva was of course getting turned on with the humiliation. She was openly being called naachraand by a guy she had just met. Of course, she couldn't really expect better, could she? She was going to dance nude on stage in front of countless men, and these men right there, whom she was surrounded with were going to help her do just that.

Irfan was a dark colored guy and he seemed like he was really from the slums, honestly. He had a certain characteristic persona to him that seemed really rustic to purva. He was also tall but lean unlike Hussain who had a good build. Hussain then introduced purva to the young lads, there were 5 of them in total who seemed to be in their 20s. purva politely smiled at them even though she caught a couple of them staring deep into her exposed boobs through her transparent burkha much to their satisfaction.

purva of course was informed before hand by Hussain that Irfan and these lads would be here. But along with them, there was also one other guy whom purva noticed. Hussain introduced him to purva as Abdul. Abdul was a short guy who was in his 30s but seemed much older given his bald head. He also had a weird and funny looking pot-belly that forced his trouser way below his stomach in a funny way. "Randi, tumhe 4-5 gaane pe naachne k baad break chahiye hoga na...toh Abdul saheb kuch shayaari wayaari me lage rahenge uss time pe". So, basically this pot-bellied funny looking guy going by the name of Abdul was going to be a kind of a filler in between purva's raandnaach, when she would need some rest. Good for her, she thought. Since he too seemed older than her and also because by the look in his eyes, he deeply wished purva bowed down to him, purva dropped to her knees like an obedient slave. "Assalam Waaleykum Abdul ji", she said much to his delight. "Salaam naachraand", he too said taking the cue from Irfan. purva got up and politely smiled at him and went back to Mushtaq who held her again by her waist much to purva's comfort. She wasn't really uncomfortable, but it was kind of awkward as she was under the gaze of so many new men she had just met, but the whole thing did make her damp in her loins. It was such a hot and alternative experience that she was being made to go through already and she wasn't even sure what was going to come next.

As if reading her thoughts, Hussain then said, "Randi ab tu ek kaam kar, saare kapde utaar de...Irfan saheb dekhenge raandnaach k liye nangi ho kar kaise lagegi tu".

Maybe because she hadn't been fucked yet by her husband today or maybe because the whole situation was turning purva on, she felt so submissive at that very moment. There was no doubt she was very horny at the moment, and she would readily get fucked by all the men at that very moment. Hussain's dominant voice had certainly cast a spell on her as felt extremely submissive and womanly at that very moment. In such a situation, of course she would have to be naked for them to see and enjoy her nakedness. How could she be possibly clothed and stand equal to the men, was her thought process right then, at that erotic split second. Her exhibitionism as well as her humiliation fetish were playing a great role at that moment as all of the men enjoyed the situation in which they were right then.

"Haan ji", she muttered in a feeble voice, as she looked at Mushtaq who smiled at her. Mushtaq of course knew how submissive purva was feeling right then and he loved to see her in such a state. Her makeup was adding to the extra kink as all of them knew purva to be nothing but a piece of trash whore.

As purva moved to a secluded area to get naked, all the men including Mushtaq shifted to the other side of the shed so that all of them could get a good view of purva's naked form. Of course, they were going to be treated with more and more of purva's naked body in the days to come, but the first time is always exciting, right?

As Mushtaq too settled in with them, Hussain playfully added, "Arre Mushtaq, tum kyun lage ho humare saath? Yeh raand toh tumhare saamne nangi hi hoti hai humesha aur khoob tumne iske mazee liye ho"

Mushtaq laughed lightly and said, "Arre saheb, ab randi kapde utaar rahi hai toh main kya taali bajau?"

Everyone including purva let out a laugh to the conversation between Hussain and Mushtaq as all of the men settled in for the nude view of purva.

purva was extremely horny as she removed the transparent burkha. She held it out in a way to ask the men where she would place it. "Mujhe de do randi", said Irfan as he stepped forward to take the burkha from purva. purva handed over the burkha to Irfan as he stood there close to her to take the remaining clothes. purva then removed her silly bra and skirt off of her and got completely naked as Irfan took them from purva and got back to the group.

As purva stood there completely naked for all the men to see, she was feeling as womanly as possible. Here in this dingy tiny little shed, she was all buck naked in front of 9 men from the slums 7 of them she had just met. It was indeed just too hot for her. Her pussy was draining love juices at will as she found herself sweating like crazy.

As she just stood there shyly looking at the men lusting at her nude form, Irfan said, "Waah iss randi ki raandnaach dekhne me alag hi mazaa aayega", he said with a sly smile staring directly at purva's exposed private parts. The young lads too had the time of their life as they gawked openly and comfortably at this shameless slut who just got nude for them to see. purva was sure that for the lads, it was probably their first time to see a woman nude by her own will, and she indeed felt proud in a strange kinky way to show them her body. Her vagina was leaking juices owing to the erotica of the situation which ran down her thighs.

"Issi liye toh randi ko chuna hai raandnaach k liye...log pagal ho jayenge isse aise dekh kar", said Hussain lusting at purva.

"Babbe bhi bohot bade hai randi ke", said Irfan, as he sized up her boobs moving from left to right.

Irfan could not believe this was really happening. How could such a gorgeous woman be here in that situation right now? He could not believe it, but this moment was his. It was so damn hot for everyone!

Irfan then said, "Randi tumhare baal aise ajeeb kyun hai?", he asked.

Hearing his question, Hussain and Mushtaq exchanged looks as purva looked on mindlessly. This was going to be really humiliating for her. How could she possibly narrate the whole slum women fiasco to Irfan? How could she tell him that she was debased, beaten and humiliated by the slum for appearing naked on the streets?

Much to her comfort, Hussain said "Arre Irfan woh bohot lambi kahaani hai".

"Arre Hussain saheb, aap bhi na...abhi humko kahan train pakadne hai?", he said.

Of course, Hussain derived great pleasure in humiliating the sorry whore. He looked at purva and the nude shameless form she presented in front of him only made him tighter in his pants. "chalo fir bata hi deta hu", he said as he narrated the whole incident of purva's humiliation by the slum women. Pervertedly enough he made sure he got into as much detail as possible, much to the surprise and amusement of the new guys, and much to the embarrassment of purva. She was indeed feeling quite humiliated as Hussain openly narrated how badly she was beaten and spit on by the slum women right on the streets and how the panchayat ruling had taken place.

"Achha toh yeh raand abhi doodh bechti hai sab k liye?", asked Irfan amazed at how shameless this whore was. No wonder she agreed to do a raandnaach all naked on stage in front of everyone. purva was by now in shame as all the men threw cheap glances at her knowing how dirtily she was debased by the slum women while at the same time openly enjoying her exposed privates.

Irfan looked at her feeling shy and passed a giggle. "Chal koi nhi naachraand, iss raandnaach me tum khul ke naach lena nangi ho kar", he said as he ogled at her pussy.

For the next few minutes, Hussain and Irfan discussed on how long the raandnaach would be and how many songs purva would have to dance for. Ultimately they decided that purva would dance for 40 songs which would amount to a total of approximately 3 hours of stage dance by the nude whore.

"Itni naach sakti hai na randi?", asked Hussain to purva.

40 songs was certainly challenging, purva thought. But of course, she loved to dance, and the fact that she would be nude on stage would only bring more excitement and energy in her, so she decided to take up the challenge.

"Haan naach sakti hu Hussain ji, parr thoda practice toh chahiye hoga", she said.

"Haan, koi nhi. Practice toh Irfan karwa lega tere se...parr achhe se seekh lena", he said.

Irfan then proceeded to examine more of her nude body.

"Randi, ek baar haath upar karo", he said, wanting to see how purva's boobs looked like with her arms up.

As purva did so, Irfan said, "Arre baap re...iske bhosde me bilkul baal nhi hai aur iske kaksh me itne baal hai? yeh kya bana rakha hai aapne randi ke Mushtaq ji", he said as he turned around to Mushtaq with an amused and questionable look.

Mushtaq shyly responded, "Main isse aise hi dekhna chahta hu yaar, aise kaksh me baal rakhke bohot jabardast lagti hai mujhe".

All the men passed out an amused laugh at Mushtaq's kink.

"Hahaha, randi ka pure mazee le rahe ho Mushtaq ji aap toh", said Irfan with a wink at Mushtaq. "Parr stage pe raandnaach ke waqt iss baal ka kuch toh karna padega", he added.

"Haan woh sab baad me sochenge yaar Irfan, randi tum ek baar tumhari gaand bhi dikha hi do inko", said Hussain to purva.

purva immediately complied to the Sarpanch's request and turned around to show her behind to the men. purva surely also possessed one of the best asses and that was evident in the way the men lusted at her ass. It was so damn perfect that the men were literally left speechless.

"Mast, ek dum mast", said Irfan as he could not help walking over to purva and grabbing her butt cheeks. purva shyly looked back at him as Irfan boldy continued to feel up purva's ass with both his hands. With lust shouting loudly in his eyes, he said, "Randi aise gaand aur babbe se bohot achhe steps banenge...mazaa hi aa jayega tumse raandnaach karwane me". purva of course loved how she was being treated by Irfan, her dance master, whom she had just met. She loved to be touched and groped by men, and the wetness in her pussy right then was a testament to that. She simply smiled at Irfan allowing him to continue feeling up her ass. He then made purva turn around and felt up her boobs right infront of everyone much to their amusement.

"Arre Irfan, aise tharka jaa rahe ho randi ko nanga dekh kar toh use kya dance sikhaoge?", he said with a stiffled laugh, much to the amusement of all the men.

Irfan too conscious of the fact that he was openly molesting the whore in front of everyone stepped back. "Maaf kardo Hussain ji, ab raand ka badan khatarnaak hi hai", he said, as he playfully licked his lips looking at purva's nude form once again. purva just shyly hung her head down low from the erotica of the situation as the men openly commented on her.

"Randi ek kaam karo...haath upar karke 20 chhalaang maaro abhi", said Irfan.

purva nodded her head and held up her hands showing her cheap dense armpit hair for all the men to enjoy. She then proceeded to jump up and down allowing her boobs to jiggle with every jump. It was indeed very humiliating for purva as all the men laughed at the sight of her boobs beating up and down furiously with each of her jumps.

"Dekho iske babbe ko...kya cheez hai yaar yeh randi", was all Irfan could say as he not help himself smile at the sight in front of him. This whore was his to play with for the days to come. Just the sight of her jumping naked in front of them gave him so much pleasure, he could not believe how lucky he was. In his mind, he was imagining all of the dirty and obscene dance movements and poses he would make this whore do and he was on cloud 9.

After purva finished her 20 chhalaangs shamelessly in front of the men, all of them clapped in delight at getting the chance to see such an erotic spectacle. Of course they all loved how shamelessly purva did anything they asked, and the sight of her boobs jumping up and down rigorously was definitely a sight to relish.

After few more exchanges, Hussain said, "Chal Mushtaq, tu apni randi ko leke ja, kal isse thik 11 baje bhej dena yahan pe practice ke liye...kal se iska tayyari shuru kar lega Irfan yahan pe".

"Thik h Hussain ji, chalo fir hum abhi chalte hai", said Mushtaq.

"Randi kapde pehn le", he said to purva as Irfan came forward and handed over purva's clothes.

"Randi tumhara badan raandnaach k liye bana hua hai...tumhe achhe high beat aur loud gaane k saath nachaunga...bohot jabardast dikhegi tu.", he said, as he nonchalantly groped her tits one last time before Mushtaq and purva left.

As purva and Mushtaq hopped on to their cycle, purva could not contain herself anymore. Her pussy was so damn wet right then, she was sure that all of the guys had noticed it. Anyway, her whole body would be open to them for the next few days, so it did not matter anyway. The only thing that mattered to her right now was that she wanted to get roughly fucked by her hubby. "Mushtaq ji", she said in a playfully seductive tone while on their way. "Mujhe aap ka pyaar chahiye ghar pahunchte hi". "Randi ab toh tumhe bohot jor se thokunga...apna bhosda bachake rahiyo", he said as he fastened his pace to reach home quicker.

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poorvi and Mushtaq are approached for a tough proposal

As they hopped out of the cycle, purva immediately removed her burkha outside their house itself. There were a few men nearby on the streets who catch her sight, but since she could not see any woman, she went ahead and removed her burkha and hung it across on the string. Mushtaq and purva then went inside the house as purva got herself naked in a jiffy. "Aa jao Mushtaq ji mujhe aap ka pyaar chahiye", she said seductively hopping onto the bed. The couple then proceeded to have good rough sex, their first of the day. Musthaq made purva sleep on her stomach as he inserted his thick dick inside her warm wet pussy. "Aaj toh bohot garam ho gyi hogi tu randi, hai na", he said as he humped her roughly from behind. "Haan Mushtaq ji, ouccchhhh", she screamed loudly as Mushtaq roughly fucked her. After depositing his cum inside his dear wife's pussy, he turned her towards him and roughly kissed her lips. "Duniya me har mard kam se kam ek baar toh tere bhosda ka mazaa lene chahiye", he said with lust as he spit on her face cheaply and slapped her stupid cunt.

After their sex session, purva proceeded to cook lunch in the nude as she usually did, while Mushtaq watched TV. After lunch, the couple proceeded to take a nap as Mushtaq lovingly wrapped his arms around his wife boobs and licked her neck and face with lust. They talked about a few things randomly including the raandnaach. purva confessed that she was indeed excited to be so nude and shameless on stage in front of countless men, but at the same time she wanted to deliver her best. "Uska chinta mat kar randi, Hussain ji bol rahe the ki Irfan bohot achha dance master hai, aur woh bohot strict bhi hai...woh tumhe achhe se sikhayega", he said to ease his slut wife.

After they got up at around 5 pm, purva proceeded to prepare some snacks and poured a peg of rum for her husband. This was how they usually spent the evenings of their married life. Mushtaq made purva sit beside him as he devoured his favorite rum while watching TV. Of course, his hands nonchalantly roamed around on purva's naked flesh as he took fun in pinching his wife's boobs and rubbing her pussy. purva loved how romantic it was and was starting to love this activity each evening. She loved to be naked for her husband and have her private parts for devoted to his hands as he drank his alcohol. As Mushtaq consumed liquor, he would get horny and that was usually evident in the way he would start molesting his wife's tits and pussy. purva usually loved it and even found it cute on the part of her husband as he would involuntarily start treating her rougher and rougher as he got high. He would also every now and then smooch her lips completely engulfing his wife's luscious lips inside his and licking them with lust. purva loved how nasty and cheap this activity was, given that she hated the smell of alcohol. But of course, she loved how special it made Mushtaq feel and so she obediently offered herself completely to him.

As the couple were enjoying themselves, they heard a knock on the door. purva immediately got out of the bed and opened the door careful to hide her nude self behind the door. Of course there was no chance that it would be a woman, but she just wanted to play it safe.

"Kaun hai randi?", her husband asked her.

"Hussain ji aur Irfan ji aaye hai Mushtaq ji, aaiye saheb aaiye", she welcomed them, as she gave up her modesty exposing her nude body to the their feasting eyes.

Hussain and Irfan smiled at each other amused at how casual this whore was in exhibiting her nude body to them. Of course, this quality of purva was so useful to them right then. Her shamelessness and her eagerness to show off her private parts to all sorts of men was what made this whole raandnaach proposal materialize, and Hussain and Irfan could not be more happier for that.

"Kya chal rha hai Mushtaq, do do nashe leke baithe ho", said Hussain suggestively.

"Arre shaam ko yeh hi hota hai saheb humara schedule. Thoda nasha idhar, aur thoda nasha udhar", he said pointing at purva's pussy.

All the men shared a laugh as purva too politely smiled at Hussain and Irfan.

"Randi ek kaam kar, wahan se do chair leke aa aur chai bhi bana de Irfan aur Hussain ji k liye", said Mushtaq.

"Thik h ji", said purva obediently and got on with the command.

purva prepared chai for the 2 guests in the nude and got them to the hall in a tray.

"purghi tum bhi yahan baith jao, hum log teri raandnaach k baare kuch jaroori cheeze baat karne aaye hai", said Hussain.

"Ji saheb", said purva as she sat beside Mushtaq in the nude as Mushtaq proceeded to play with her tits immediately.

Both Irfan and Hussain acknowledged Mushtaq's lust for his wife and how shamelessly she allowed him to molest her infront of men as they passed a sly smile at purva.

purva blushed deeply as she tried to act nonchalant about it.

After a few sips of the tea, Hussain brought the objective of their visit to the forefront.

"Mushtaq, aaj subah tum logon k jaane k baad main aur Irfan kuch soch rahe the raandnaach k baare me", he said.

"Ji boliye na", said Mushtaq.

"Hum soch rahe the Mushtaq, ki purghi ke raandnaach ke saath thoda aur masala bhi ho jaye", said Hussain.

Mushtaq not sure of what exactly was in Hussain's mind, said "kis tarah ka masala saheb?"

"Yaar hum aise kuch soch rahe the...ki purghi ko ek nayi vadhu jaise stage pe dikhaye iski raandnaach shuru karne se pehle", said Hussain.

Mushtaq thoughtfully nodded. "achha, aage batao Hussain ji.."

"Haan, toh Abdul hai na humare saath, woh isse introduce karega ki yeh uski biwi hai. Hum soch rahe the ki yeh thoda achha mahaul banayega raandnaach k liye. Randi ko ek achha red color saree bhi pehnayenge aur ek dum achhi tarah haath aur pair pe mehendi lagake achhe se mustaab karenge isse", said Hussain.

"Achha saheb, sahi hai, fir? uske baad naach shuru hoga?", asked Mushtaq.

"Haan uske baad hi. Parr raandnaach shuru hone se pehle Abdul stage pe bolega ki yeh uski biwi bohot achhi naachti hai, aur yeh ki woh apne biwi ka nanga naach sab ko dikhana chahta hai. fir apne biwi ka saree utaar dega stage pe aur isse nanga karega, aur bass randi ki raandnaach shuru ", said Hussain.

Mushtaq certainly loved the idea, evident in how he reacted. He looked at his wife and pinched her nipples roughly.

"Haha, achha idea hai yeh saheb", he said.

"Haan, aise kuch masala ho toh aur badhiya mahaul lagega guests k liye, hai na?", said Hussain as Irfan appreciatively nodded his head.

"Ji bilkul, achha idea hai...yeh karenge", said Mushtaq enthusiastically.

"kyun purghi, karogi na yeh? tumhe ek achha saree bhi pehnne ko milega", said Hussain.

purva too loved the idea. It was certainly a little kinky but she too was of the view that it would add a good sense of ambience to the whole raandnaach.

"Ji, main karungi yeh", she said as she politely smiled at Hussain and Irfan.

"Badhiya, iske saath hi kuch aur cheeze bhi karna chahte hai hum purghi k saath, raandnaach k liye", said Hussain.

"Boliye na, Hussain ji", said Mushtaq as he continued to drink his alcohol, and in the process getting rougher with his wife, as he tightly pinched his wife's tits. He also made her spread her legs so that her pussy was openly visible to both Hussain and Irfan.

Hussain had of course seen such behaviour from Mushtaq at his home, but for Irfan it was the first time, and he was enjoying how Mushtaq was treating his wife in front of them. He gave a lusty look at purva meeting her gaze and openly brought his gaze down to gawk at her pussy. It was truly an erotic experience for him to see such a willing and shameless whore.

Hussain continued, '"Toh hum yeh soch rahe the ki randi ka kuch badhiya makeup ho jaaye raandnaach k liye, kyun?"

Mushtaq said, "Arre saheb makeup toh karenge hi iska...bina makeup k kaise stage pe naachegi yeh?"

"Haan matab...par hum chahte hai ki isko thoda ajeeb sa makeup de...matlab kuch colorful wala makeup", said Hussain.

Irfan, looking at Mushtaq's confused face, and understanding that Hussain probably had difficulty in conveying his exact intentions, interjected "Mushtaq ji, actually baat yeh hai ki ab purghi naachegi stage pura nanga ho kar, hai na?".

"Haan", said Mushtaq.

"Ab yeh toh aap manoge na, ki jitni bhi raand ho, stage pe itne saare mard k saamne pura nanga hoke naachna sharam ki baat hoti hai, aur aise khullam khulla naachne k liye bohot besharam hone chahiye, hai na?", said Irfan in a confident manner.

"Thik h, maan gaye Irfan, aage batao...", said Mushtaq.

"Ji, toh ab purghi stage pe nanga ho kar naach rahi hai, toh isko hum bohot besharam dikhane k liye kuch cheap makeup and look dena chahte hai isse, matlab ek sasti raand jaise, samajh rahe ho na aap, ki main kya bolna chahta hu?", said Irfan trying to sound convincing.

Mushtaq as well as purva got an idea of their intentions. Their argument was that only a cheap and shameless whore would accept to dance naked on stage in front of so many men, so it was logical that purva should be shown on stage like a cheap prostitute. Truth be told, she found their argument legit, but what was exactly in their minds? As Mushtaq spoke out, she realised that he was also on the same page as her.

"Hmm, samajh rha hu Irfan, aage batao...kaise makeup karna chahte ho randi ka?", said Mushtaq.

"Ji, toh hum soch rahe hai ki purghi ke baal waise bhi ajeeb hai abhi...toh isko thoda aur cheap and sexy dikhane k liye ise bohot chota kar de pehle toh", said Irfan. Of course, he wanted to take it slow, step by step. Hussain and Irfan had together thought about all of this, as a way to satisfy their kinks for purva. They realised that there was so much potential in this raandnaach and that they could make it so sexually erotic and cheap with a willing whore like purva. Irfan knew that to convince Mushtaq and purva, he needed to talk properly, and so he did, carving out his words confidently and sensibly.

Mushtaq asked, "kitna chhota karna chahte ho?"

"Mushtaq ji dekho, main toh chahta hu ki randi ke baal 1 cm se jaada na ho, tabhi iska ka ek cheap look aayega. Main isko bohot kam baalon me dikhana chahta hu. Matlab yeh main iss liye suggest kar rha hu kyun ki purghi k baalon ko woh auraton ne already kaat liya, aur sach batau toh waise bhi aise uneven baalon me aap ki randi gandi lag rhi hai...toh main bass yeh bol rha hu ki isko uniform kar dete hai ek dum chhota kar ke...fir randi ka bohot badhiya cheap look aayega jo raandnaach k liye bohot sahi lagega", said Irfan.

Hussain was of course listening intently. Earlier, they had decided that Irfan should be the one to talk through the majority of this, as Hussain belonged to the same slum as Musthaq. So, he wasn't sure if proposing such a vulgar proposition to Musthaq and purva would yield fruitful results. Anyway, he was happy with how Irfan was carrying out their plan.

Mushtaq, was no doubt excited and aroused about this proposition, imagining such a cheap and slutty look for purva. She would look so trashy and roadside dancing naked on stage with an almost bald head.

purva on the other hand was slightly worried. No doubt, she engaged in the same kind of perversion given how she loved to be humiliated and used. Her only concern was getting almost bald. She would definitely look really really trashy and she would love it, but how could she possibly get back to normal life after that? What would she explain to her urban neighbours when asked about her near-baldness, when she finally got back with Tarun? The social pressure did make her uncomfortable about this idea. However, she did feel pretty excited about the idea, truth be told. Indeed these men had great kinks, she thought as she looked at Irfan and Hussain, all passionate about bringing the best out of purva for the raandnaach. Of course, she knew they were all satisfying their sexual kinks, and that's what made her excited. She loved to be an exhibit, a sex object that men would use to satisfy their perverted pleasures. Anyway, she let them continue and listen them out completely as Mushtaq spoke.

"Hmm, yaar 1cm baal toh bohot chhota ho gaya, takla hi maan lo fir...aur takla ho gyi toh iska ijjat pura chala jayega..isse gaav ke mahilayon toh waise bhi neech samajhte hai...aur agar baal itna udha diya raandnaach k liye toh isse aur neech kar denge", said Mushtaq.

"dekho Mushtaq ji, thik h main yeh maan leta hu ki 1cm bohot chhota hai aur randi usme takla lagega...par ijjat kyun chali jayegi iski? Aaj kal randiyon ko itna fashion me toh rehna padta hai na. Aur waise toh main isse takla bhi banane ka soch rha tha...par hum yeh bhi soch rahe the ki iske baalon pe alag alag colour ke dye bhi lagaye aur achha cheap look dene k liye isko stage pe, toh uske liye randi pe thoda baal hona jaroori hai. Aur mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki aap ko aap ke randi ke kaksh k baal bohot pasand hai...toh inko waise main kaatne ka soch rha tha, parr kyun ki aap ko itna pasand hai, main chahta hu ki inko bhi achhe se colour dye karwaye", said Irfan, once again confidently putting forward his perverted thoughts for the whore.

purva was now beginning to get concerned. Irfan was asking Mushtaq to not just colour her hair with multiple colours but also colour her armpit hair. She knew she would look utterly cheap in such a perverted avatar. No doubt such a look would be so damn hot and trashy, and she certainly appreciated Irfan and Hussain's creativity as they talked about such ideas. There was no doubt such a nasty and cheap look on purva would definitely make men go crazy with perverted pleasure, something that would go well with the shameless raandnaach she was going to do. Thinking about herself in such a sleazy look made her beam with happiness too, but it would certainly entail a lot of risk for her. As Mushtaq pointed out, such a nasty and cheap look would definitely not go down well with the slum women who had severely humiliated purva for appearing nude at the milk booth. What would she say to the slum women when she would go to deliver milk, when they would ask her about her cheap looks? She was sure that this raandnaach was a men only event so there would no women for the event, so the raandnaach itself was fine. But now her almost bald look with multiple colours as well as coloured bushy armpit hair in such a public setup has a great possibility of pissing the slum women off. What would she say to dadi maa? What if she would not approve of purva's extremely trashy look? She certainly didn't want to disappoint dadi maa who was so close to her. Moreover, she could certainly not go through another trashing from the slum women for being so shameless and whorish with her looks. In the larger scheme of things, she would probably find some reason for such a stupid and trashy look to say to her urban neighbours when she got back to her normal life, and she would definitely not have a problem with Tarun who always supported purva in acting on her kinks and fetishes, but indeed getting almost bald would be a very bold step for her. Moreover getting her hair dyed with multiple colours would draw too much of a flak from the slum women, and she knew she would definitely be ill-treated if she went ahead. Anyway, she decided to voice her opinions later, and let her husband Mushtaq handle the situation right then.

"Yaar, yeh toh bohot jaada ho gaya randi k liye...bohot hi sasti chhinnar lagegi jis hisaab se tum bol rahe ho...matlab randi wala ganda makeup ispe mujhe bhi pasand hai aur main bhi isko aise makeup karta hu jab hum bahar nikalte hai, parr yeh bohot hi ganda hoga. Aur isne abhi tak bohot maar khaya hai gaav ke auraton ke haath...aaj Hussain ji ne tumhe bataya na...iska bhosda tak nhi chhoda unn auraton ne, aur agar isne aise kiya, toh woh log wapas iski pitai kar denge", said Mushtaq, with a voice of concern for his dear whore. Of course, he too was intrigued and aroused with such a look for purva, but he did realise that they were asking too much out of purva. He was also concerned about the slum women. Given how roughly they had treated his whore for wandering out shamelessly naked, he was sure they would make noise and mess with purva if she appeared in such a cheap persona.

purva was glad that Mushtaq, her husband was taking a stance for her. She of course knew that Mushtaq loved to humiliate her, and she also knew that Mushtaq would, like all the men in the slums, love to see purva in such a trashy look. But she also knew he would not give her up to the slum women, that her safety was important to him, and she was certainly moved by his gesture. She listened to the conversation intently though she desperately had questions about the whole thing. For now, she decided that she let the men talk and reach a conclusion and then she would voice her opinion and concerns. She knew that it was not something Hussain and Irfan would force purva to do without her consent, so she was not feeling uncomfortable and awkward about it. Of course, she realised her purpose for the raandnaach was to be a source of utmost pleasure for all the men in the slums along with the guests and that Irfan and Hussain were only talking about the best way to put the show up. Of course, she knew that they were derived from their perverted thoughts about purva, but she wasn't worried about it. After all, she was of the impression that men would have such perverted intentions about a whore like her.

Moreover, Hussain had already told them how important her naked raandnaach was for the entire slums politically and culturally, and as Mushtaq's wife, she did feel responsible for it. Anyway, she kept quiet for the time being and just listened intently to the men.

"Dekho Mushtaq ji, mujhe pata hai tumhari raand unn auraton se kitni gandi tarah maar khayi hai...parr ab aise aap log unse darte rahoge toh kya fayda? Aap hi bol rahe ho na, ki woh auraton ne aap ki raand ko neech samajh liya hai? Toh ab agar randi agar takla bann kar colour laga liya toh kya farak padh raha hai aap ko? Bass, thoda aur neech ho gyi, itna hi na?", said Irfan.

Irfan continued, "Chalo main ek baath sach sach bataunga aap dono k saamne Mushtaq ji...aaj tak maine bohot raandnaach karwaya hai aise hi stage pe kaafi gaav me...parr aaj tak ek bhi raand pura nanga ho kar nhi naachi. Aur main yeh bhi bol sakta hu...ki tumhari raand jaise raand ko maine aaj tak nhi dekha hai...sachhi mein...iske babbe, chucche, bhosda, gaand, kamar...sab ek dum top class hai, iska shape ek dum nasheela hai...ek dum aise raandnaach k liye bana hua hai iska badan. Ab aise randi agar besharam khullam khulla naachne k liye tayyar hai, apni bhosda aur chucche hawa pe khelte hue, toh achhe se dikhao na isse, bass mera yeh point hai. Aise baal aur kaksh me colour lagake naachegi toh sab ko bohot achha lagega, aur apne guests toh randi ko dekh kar bohot khush honge. Chalo aap mujhe yeh batao...aap ki raand ko dekh ke sach batao...isse aise cheap look me aise nanga naachte hue dekhne me kitna mazaa aayega aap ko?", said Irfan. He knew this time he made a very good impression for sure. He looked at Mushtaq who kept silent for a moment, and finally responded...

"Yaar Irfan, main yeh nhi mana karr rha. Mujhe pata hai meri randi bohot maal hai, aur aise avatar me bohot sasti raand jaise dikhegi aur Mastanpur me har mard ka dil khush hoga isse aise dekh ke...par iska bhosda toh mera hai na...iska bhosda ka khyaal toh rakhna hoga mujhe, hai ki nhi? Raandnaach k baad tum log toh chale jaaoge, aur agar woh auraton ne iska bhosda ka pitai kar liya toh?", said Mushtaq in a stern voice.

purva was listening intently to the discussion, as both purva and Hussain became mute spectators and exchanged looks at each other. purva of course, understood the gravity of the situation. She could see that her husband was putting forward his points towards her safety and she loved him for that. Hussain just blinked his eyes at purva, suggesting her to remain calm and let Irfan and Mushtaq deal with the situation right now. purva too nodded her head that evoked a comforting smile from Hussain.

"Hmm, thik h Mushtaq ji, main samajh gaya aap ka darr. Agar yahi aap ka problem hai, toh main kal hi jaake gaav k saare auraton se baat karunga personally. Unko main samjhaunga ki purghi ka yeh raandnaach Mastanpur k liye kitna bhala hai aur iss raandnaach me purghi ko achhe se dikhana kitna jaroori hai. Agar main yeh karunga toh aap khush honge Mushtaq ji?", said Irfan affirmatively.

Mushtaq gave it some thought. He knew Irfan was speaking truthfully, and he knew that if he said yes, he would definitely talk to the slum women and convince them for purva's cheap prostitute look for the raandnaach. He thought for a while. "Thik hai Irfan, agar tum gaav ke auraton ko yeh bol sakte ho aur agar woh maan gaye aur yeh bole ki woh meri raand ki maar-peeth nhi karenge, toh thik hai", he said.

Irfan was very satisfied with Mushtaq's reponse. "Thik hai, main kal hi jaake sab ko saath laake baat karunga". Hussain too nodded in agreement.

"Hmm, toh agar woh maan gaye toh mujhe problem nhi hai agar meri randi yeh karna pasand karegi toh", said Mushtaq.

All the men now looked onto the naked purva as if asking her to say YES. She was of course excited about showing herself in such a nasty avatar, but at the same time she was also dubious about the whole thing. Was she there yet, where she could exhibit herself in such a demeaning and cheap manner to all the men in public? She wasn't sure. She mad multiple concerns, and now that she finally got the chance to speak herself up, she decided to be confident and go for it.

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Nice long update!

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What's the 'deal'?

purva sat there with her head resting on her husband's chest and her legs spread wide showing her damp pussy to the two guests. Mushtaq having offered the liberty of letting purva decide if she was ready to show up for the raandnaach in such a perverted sleazy outfit played around with her tits. All the three men were waiting for purva's acceptance of Irfan and Hussain's proposal of having her hair cut to near-bald and have it dyed with multiple colours. Along with that, Irfan also proposed that purva's thick armpit hair that was a ridiculous outcome of Mushtaq's fetish, be also dyed with colour which would make her look even more clownish and cheap. She knew that she could straightaway said no, and the men would not bother her with it, but she decided to give it more thought. Indeed, imagining herself in such a cheap state made her aroused for sure. The thought of having to be humiliated so much and then dance in that avatar all naked to loud songs shamelessly on stage in front of all the slum men was truly going to be an extremely erotic experience for purva. Irfan also guaranteed that he would talk to the slum women tomorrow and convince them how important it was to show purva in such a ridiculously perverted way for the raandnaach to one and all. If that was successful, she wouldn't need to worry about being ill-treated by the slum women like earlier. Anyway, she wanted to make sure she got all her questions answered first and then decide whether she was going to do it or not.

The men looked on at the nude purva who was shamelessly sitting like a man showing off all of her private parts for the men to relish. Hussain and Irfan could not help but openly gawk at her exposed pussy. purva of course knew that her pussy was leaking and that it subject to Hussain's and Irfan's lust but she had to deal with this important matter. She was lost in thoughts as to what she should do when Mushtaq pinched her tits roughly. "Randi, bolo tumhe kya lagta hai...", he said.

purva looked at Mushtaq and then thought for a while to gather her thoughts together. She then started to speak.

"Irfan saheb, pehle main yeh jaanna chahti hu ki jo colour wala dye mere sir parr aur kaksh me daala jaayega woh kitne din rahega".

"Dekho randi...ab baat yeh hai ki yeh jo colour wale dye tumpe lagayenge woh bohot chamkeele honge...matlab tumpe door door tak woh chamkeele dikhenge. Ab yeh saare colours tumhare gaav ke barber ke paas hi milte hai...aur woh saste quality ka hi honge. Ab tu sheher se hai toh shayad tujhe Garnier wagare brands pata hote honge...par woh saare lagane me time lagenge aur chamkeele bhi nhi hote hai. Ab thoda cheap quality ke hai toh unko nikaalne me 1-2 hafte lag sakte hai tujhe...parr usse tujhe koi dikkat nhi hogi na?", said Irfan sounding confident.

purva thought for a minute about it. 1-2 weeks didn't seem all that bad to her. She of course knew that they would indeed be of cheap quality and be bright and gaudy that would make sure she looked trashy and cheap.

"Hmm, ek do hafte hi toh thik hai...usse jyaada lagega toh mushkil hoga", she said.

"Nhi, usse jaada nhi lagega randi, iska tension mat le tu", said Irfan smiling at her.

"Thik h", said purva convinced about it.

"Apne yeh bola ki mujhe mehendi wagare bhi lagwaoge...woh kaun lagayega?", asked purva.

"Woh dekhna padega randi...filhaal woh karne wala koi mard nhi dikh rha hai hume...par gaav ki koi aurat laga degi tumpe", said Irfan.

"Thik h", said purva.

purva once again spent few more minutes to gather her thoughts so that she could speak them confidently. She then said...

"Dekho Irfan ji, yeh toh aap jaante ho ki main bohot besharam randi hu...aur yeh cheez main mana nhi karungi. Issi liye Hussain ji ne raandnaach k liye mujhe chuna hai...aur main yeh bhi aap se bolungi ki jab Hussain saheb yahan aaye the mujhe poochne raandnaach k liye, maine turant haan bola tha. Parr job yeh sab mere saath karwane wale ho...uske liye main alag se paise loongi", purva said showing the utmost confidence of a whore.

All the men were taken aback at purva's words. Mushtaq for sure had his tongue tied as he could not believe how his docile wife was indeed demanding extra money to showcase herself as a shameless whore. Hussain too showed surprise on his face hearing purva's words. Even Irfan, who knew purva for not more than 5-6 hours was taken aback after seeing how docile and submissive she behaved so far.

Hussain said, "Mushtaq kya baat hai bhai...teri randi ko kya pila rha hai tu...aaj kal paise maangne lagi hai?", he said sarcastically. Of course, he was the sarpanch and he ruled the place, and truth be told he did not like purva's attitude right then. How dare she ask money for being herself, he thought, but decided to play it cool. Of course, he had to find a way to make purva perform the raandnaach in the cheapest way possible by money too. He of course could not ask the slum men for money, they would only revolt against him given how purva had already shown her nude self to so many in the slums. He also could not be sure that Khan saheb, primarily for whom he was arranging this naachraand by purva, would give him money for seeing the raandnaach. Of course, Hussain could not ask him for money after all, it would not be professional courtesy. Moreover, even if he did offer him money, he would not want to give a major chunk of it to this cheap characterless whore even if she deserved it. Why would he, when she stooped down so low to even get beaten up by the slum women to cover up just her private parts in public?

Before Mushtaq could say anything, purva interjected "Hussain saheb, aise koi baat nhi hai...aap ne hi bola hai na...ki garage ki bhi koi randi nanga naachne k liye tayyar nhi thi...toh main raandnaach karne k liye tayyar hu aur ab iske upar aap mera makeup bhi karoge...toh paise poochna mera haq banta hai na?", said purva with a submissive expression.

"Dekh raand, tujhe iss liye naachraand k liye poocha kyun ki tu ek dum besharmi hai...sadak pe nanga ghoomne k liye auraton se maar kha chuki hai tu, chappal se. Aur ab aise mere se aise paise maangne me tujhe sharam nhi aati?", said Hussain. The expression on his face told Mushtaq how serious he was, and he knew it. Of course Mushtaq had known Hussain from a long time, and he knew how he dealt with things and he knew it when he was serious, he knew it when he was agitated. purva was of course the latest citizen of the slums and knew nothing about Hussain. Before Mushtaq could control purva, she said "Saheb, aise stage pe itne mard ke saamne nanga naachne k liye itni besharm toh honi padti hai mere jaise...sadak pe sab k saamne auraton se maar khayi hu gandi wali, tabhi toh main itni besharam hui hu...yeh toh aap ka bachha bhi samajh lega".

Indeed that was the tipping point for Hussain. He got up from his chair in a jiffy furiously and raised his hand on purva. "Randi kahin ki, teri ijjat kya hai mere saamne aise baat karne ki", he shouted loudly before Irfan got up and controlled Hussain.

Hussain was agitated. Even though Irfan controlled him, he shouted out, "Mushtaq teri randi ko bol...ki woh bass ek sasti chhinnar hai...control me rakh loudi ko".

By now, Mushtaq lost his high from the liquor. The situation was getting a little out of hand and he had to do something. "Randi chup baith tu", he shouted out to purva as he slapped roughly on her tits.

purva sensing the tension of the situation managed to keep quiet upon Mushtaq's command. Irfan too got a sense of the situation. Like Mushtaq, he too knew Hussain from a long time, and he knew that he would sometimes suddenly lose his temper. It was crucial that Hussain controlled himself, lest they lose this great opportunity of getting a slutty raandnaach by the shameless whore.

After a couple of minutes, Hussain finally settled down back on his chair. He said, "Mushtaq yeh jo teri raand harkat kar rahi hai...mujhe bilkul achha nhi lag rha hai. Tujhe pata hai na, agar main chahta hu toh abhi k abhi iss randi ka maar-peeth karwa sakta hu auraton se".

Mushtaq was quick to interject before purva could say anything, "Saheb maafi maangta hu randi k taraf se...isko kuch nhi pata", he quickly blurted out to control the situation. "Yeh lo, aap bhi ek peg maar lo", he said, handing out a peg of rum to Hussain ji to cool him.

purva was a little scared of Hussain's disposition right then, but something in her made her adamant about her role as a Mastanpur whore. It seemed like Hussain antics made her even more stubborn and her she became even more resolute in her mission. Till now, she only demanded money because she thought she deserved it. Indeed, what kind of whore would be ready to acquire such a sleazy look and dance naked on stage in front of cheap men? Truth be told, she did not expect Hussain to react in such a manner and his denial to offer her money for doing such obscene things on stage made her even more adamant about her rights as a whore. She decided that if she was providing such services to the men of Mastanpur, she would have to be paid for it.

Hussain started to consume his alcohol. Mushtaq expected Hussain to cool down with it, but he still continued "Sab k saamne nanga ghoomti hai randi chod aur mujhe paise maang rhi hai, thu" he shouted.

purva too unable to control herself, blurted out "Saheb, main nanga toh apne mann se ghoomti hu na...stage pe itne saare mard k saamne khullam khulla naachna aasan nhi hai...yeh samajh lo. Mujhe pata hai ki woh joh guests aayenge woh mere bhosde se khelenge aur mera poora fayda uthayenge...fir bhi maine haan bol diya...paise dene main aap itna scene kar rahe ho....yeh kya baat hui?".

Hussain said, "Bhosde se khel lenge...aise bol rahi hai jaise tera kuch nuksaan ho rha hai...abhi k abhi tu 100 mard se chudegi tera mann karta hai toh..."

"Ji haan, kyun nhi, parr uske liye bhi main paise lungi", said purva.

By now, even Irfan had lost his cool. He could not believe this docile whore he had known for a few hours was behaving so restlessly.

As Hussain again started to lose his temper, Irfan nudged him to keep his calm, and said "Chal randi bol tujhe yeh sab karne k liye kitne paise chahiye?".

purva was glad that finally they started to talk about money. "Saheb, pura nanga naach rhi hu aur woh bhi sab k saamne, toh kam se kam ek gaane k liye 1000 rupayee toh lagenge".

Irfan let out a giggle sarcastically, and so did Hussain. "Ek gaane pe 1000 rupayee maang rahi hai tu? Loudi itne paise me tere jaise main 100 randiyon ko le aa sakta hu samjhi?", said Hussain.

"Achha saheb, toh thik hai toh unse hi karwa lo apna raandnaach", said purva showing a tinge of arrogance.

Just then, the most unexpected thing happened. Mushtaq slapped purva hard on purva's face that made everyone quiet for a moment.

"Bhosdi wali, pehle dhyaan se baat karna seekh bade logon se. Aur ek gaane pe nanga naachna k liye 1000 rupayee maang rahi hai tu? Mastanpur me apni ijjat kya samajh rakha hai tu ne? randi ki aulaad!", he shouted loudly as he started to slap purva hard on both her cheeks continuously before Irfan stopped him. "Arre Mushtaq ji, yeh kya kar rahe ho apni biwi k saath...control karo yaar...thik h randi hai toh paise maang rahi hai...uske liye kyun bechaari ko maar rahe ho", he said as Musthaq seemed to cool down.

purva certainly did not expect Mushtaq, her husband to slap her in front of Hussain and Irfan especially when the egos were running so high.

Mushtaq did not say anything, but it was clear that he was pissed off with purva's behaviour towards the problem and the way she was talking with Hussain, the sarpanch of the slums. He certainly did not expect purva to be so rebellious.

Getting faceslaps from her own husband in front of the men weakened purva's resolve as tears started to flow heavily from her eyes. Hussain smirked at purva's tears and took the opportunity to weaken her resolve even more "Randi kahin ki...ek toh besharam aurat hai aur upar se paise pooch rahi hai", he said as he spit on her face in front of both Mushtaq and Irfan. purva, not wanting to show her weakened resolve in front of the men, just hung her head down and she started sobbing. She did feel like she was being reasonable in asking money for service as the slum's naachraand, but once she received so many slaps from her husband, she decided to stay put. After all, she was a disciplined housewife.

Mushtaq still furious with purva's behaviour stood up and joined his hands together. "Hussain saheb mere randi k taraf se maafi mangta hu...main isse samjhaunga...aap nikal lijiye", he said.

Hussain nodded and got up, and so did Irfan. Hussain then said "Mushtaq teri randi ko aukaat me rakh...iski moonh se bass tera muth nikalni chahiye, awaaz nhi".

"Ji saheb", said Mushtaq, as Hussain and Irfan proceeded to leave. They threw one last glance before they left, at the naked purva who was by now in all tears. Irfan condescendingly said "Jaada nhi bolti toh rona nhi padta aise".

After they left Mushtaq closed the door and then came back to purva who was crying uncontrollably sitting on the bed. For a moment he did feel apologetic for his behaviour towards his whore even though he decided to reprimand her for her behaviour towards the sarpanch of the slums. Of course, now he was feeling sympathetic for purva having slapped her roughly so many times in front of those men. Sympathetically, he put his hand on purva's shoulder and immediately, purva shrugged herself forcing Mushtaq to withdraw his hand off of her. Still sobbing, she took the pillow off of the bed and placed it on the floor and slept on the ground all naked sobbing even more into the pillow. Of course, purva did not expect her husband to slap her and call her names in front of the men, and it seemed like she was more emotionally hurt than physically as her sobs seemed out of control now. Mushtaq, unsure of what to do and how to patch up things with purva, just sat on the bed looking at his nude whore lying on the ground crying loudly into the pillow.

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purva's emotional turbulence

Seeing his nude wife crying like that on the floor did make Mushtaq repent on his actions. He had just slapped his urban housewife left and right roughly and called her cheap names in front of two men. Of course, he was furious with how she spoke to them, without respect, but he certainly felt he could control his anger. He was also of course furious with how she was demanding about Rs. 1000 for each song for dancing in the raandnaach. The alcohol in his system let him loose at that moment, and he was kicking himself for humiliating his dear wife in front of the men. purva seemed to be really emotionally hurt as she cried into the pillow lying on the floor all naked. Mushtaq was now feeling sorry for his whore. He was certainly taken aback by the fact that she was asking money for dancing shamelessly nude on stage in front of the whole slum, but what enraged him was how she demanded it. After all, Hussain was a man of huge stature in the slums and he held great respect for him, and when purva talked to him in a disrespectful way, he just could not control himself and ended up slapping his wife roughly on her face.

As purva still lay there naked on the ground crying into the pillow for receiving faceslaps from her husband, Mushtaq was really compassionate on her. After all, she only had him to look up to in between all her troubles in the slum. Realising so, he sat down on the floor and touched his wife on her shoulder. "Maaf kar de meri raand, maine tujhe bohot jor se maar diya hai", he said. purva, who was still crying uncontrollably with her face stuck into the pillow, did not say anything. It was clear that she was really shocked with Mushtaq's rough treatment of her in front of the men who denied her of her money for her nude raandnaach on stage. The fact that his docile wife did not care to respond to his true apology told Mushtaq how deeply she was hurt. He then tried his usual trick of trying to sexually stimulate her by massaging her nude ass. Seeing no reaction from purva to his touch on her sexy ass as she just kept sobbing into the pillow, he used his hands to spread both her butt cheeks wide and spit into her asshole a few times before digging deep into her asshole with his thumb. "Randi kya gaand hai yaar teri", he said with lust. He was of course really turned on, but purva seemed like she was in no mood to forgive Mushtaq for his actions right then. Apparently, it made no difference to purva as she kept sobbing without looking at him, and Mushtaq could tell that she was indeed emotionally shocked. "Randi, maaf kar de yaar...aise thodi ki mere se baat hi nhi karegi ab?", he said as he absolutely repented his actions. Even then, purva did not seem to react as now her sobs seemed to be controlled. She was still crying as was evident from her movements and even Mushtaq's dire attempt of trying to make her feel horny like before, wasn't working out. With no other option, Mushtaq decided to give purva time to recover from her shock. He had already apologised to her for her actions in front of the men, that had severely hurt her ego, but that was all he could do at that moment. Normally, purva usually gave up when her husband played with her body, but today it was different. It was clear that she was indeed very upset with Mushtaq's actions and was in no mood to talk to him. Having realised that, Musthaq switched off the lights in the house and went to sleep on the bed while his wife slept naked on the floor. He too was feeling sad for purva who was still periodically sobbing on the floor, but he decided that the best way to take this thing forward was to talk to his whore in the morning after she finished her duties as the doodhwali and kaamwali.

purva got up dutifully the next morning at her regular time. As she woke up, she felt it unusual without the familiar feeling of roughness on her tits and the warmth of her husband's manly hands on her boobs. Every night before going to sleep, Mushtaq would fuck her roughly on the bed as he would pinch her tits, slap her face and savage her pussy. Even while sleeping, Mushtaq would tightly hold his wife's boobs in his hands and showered her with his lust. But today, realising that she was sleeping on the floor without her boobs roughly engulfed in the hands of her husband brought purva to reality as she recollected what had happened last night. She saw Mushtaq asleep on the bed and she developed the usual feeling of kissing her husband in his sleep like she usually did every morning when she woke up. Today though, she tried her best to not do it, as if to satisfy her feminine ego. She knew that her husband was indeed apologetic for slapping her roughly on her face multiple times in front of Hussain and Irfan last night, when purva asked money for appearing sleazy and dance all naked for the raandnaach. But she was indeed really emotionally hurt and she forcefully restrained herself from kissing her husband on his lips during his sleep.

purva was troubled in multiple ways, as she did not feel good about being in an emotional war with her loving husband. She loved the feeling of always being naked and vulnerable in the house in front of him and loved how romantic it was when Mushtaq would do anything and everything to her while she was naked and he was clothed. It certainly made their bond more special, and having to deny his dear husband her body when he was horny did not feel good to her.

As she did her daily chores, she did realise that Mushtaq must have reacted in the heat of the moment, and she indeed was ready to forgive him, but it did hurt her, that he slapped her in front of those men without any consideration for her feelings. Moreover, she still felt that as a whore, she deserved money for her services as the slum's raandnaach. Hussian has indeed told them earlier that Khan saheb would offer them money for the raandnaach, but the way Hussain reacted when purva demanded money for dancing shamelessly nude for a total of 40 songs on stage made her stubborn towards her goal. She was still in a state of bother though, unsure of how to deal with this matter. She decided that she would open up about all this to dadi maa, who was her only close ally among the slum women and ask for her suggestion in dealing with this issue. With that in mind, purva put on her daily skirt and bra that showed off almost all of her assets and proceeded to go about her first duty as the slum's doodhwali.

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