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Old 21st March 2017
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Awesome........More please

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Old 21st March 2017
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purva talks to dadi maa about her compensation as a shameless whore

Once she reached the milk booth, as usual like every day, Kabul proceeded to have fun with purva. Of course, Kabul normally had a relatively boring job as the slum's milkman, but he felt rejuvenated and looked forward to every morning off late as purva would come to the milk booth wearing cheap next-to-nothing clothes and allow him to have fun with her pussy and boobs. Yesterday, he had even taken her inside the milk booth to avoid public view and stripped her off of her silly bra and panty and made her completely naked to finger her cunt and play with her tits. Today too, as purva came inside the milk booth to collect the cans of milk that she would deliver to the slum women, Kabul immediately stripped her off her bra and panty and proceeded to lick her tits with lust. He then inserted two of his fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck her. "bhabhi, tere saath yeh sab karne me kitna mazaa aata hai...bohot garam raand hai yaar tu", he said as he pervertedly spit on her tits and proceeded to slap them lightly. Normally, purva was reciprocative to Kabul's lusty actions on her private parts as she would usually moan and enjoy herself, but today she seemed like she was disconnected. Kabul, even though felt like continuing with his fun, felt concerned for her. He did love to molest her and he knew that she was indeed a cheap whore, but seeing purva not enjoying the molestation told him something was indeed off.

"Kya hua raandbhabhi? bohot naraaz lag rahi hai tu aaj?", he said, even though he continued to feel purva's boobs with both his hands.

"Kuch nhi Kabul, tu mazee le mera aur jab tera mann bharega mujhe jaane de", she said in a dejected tone.

Kabul by now knew that something was not right. He of course lusted for purva but he treated her as a good friend, and he felt like he had to respect her feelings right then. Even though he deeply wanted to ask her what was wrong and continue to feel her up and finger her warm pussy which he loved to do, he decided to just let it be for the moment. He looked at her face which was quite expressionless, and with great difficulty he stopped molesting purva's tits and removed his fingers from her pussy. Earlier, whenever he had his fun with her, purva too enjoyed it equally, but today she was quite unresponsive and dejected. As he nonchalantly licked his fingers that were smothered by the love juices from purva's pussy, he continued. "Nhi bhabhi, aise koi baat nhi hai...mujhe lag rha hai tu koi cheez leke upset hai...aise main tere se iss samay me maze nhi lena chahta...tu jaa doodh bechne, aur jab tera mann karega mujhe batana kya hua...tabhi main tere chuchhe aur bhosda ka mazaa lunga", he said earnestly.

purva was certainly impressed with Kabul's words and actions as he quickly retreated from enjoying purva's tits and pussy. He was a teenager and purva knew that he would indeed have great primal instincts in feeling up a mature and busty whore like her, and she knew how difficult it would have been for him to give up on her suddenly. But the way he conducted himself, able to feel her turmoil and respect their friendship made her respect him a great deal right then. She inadvertently moved closer to him and gave him a deep lip kiss much to his delight and surprise. "Thank you Kabul, abhi main tujhe nhi bata sakti mere saath kya ho rha hai...parr baad me main tujhe apna pura badan dungi...tum jo marzi karna hai tab kar sakte ho", she said emotionally. Kabul lovingly grabbed her boobs and said, "bhabhi tu meri dost hai...ab main tera nanga badan ka mazaa leta hu toh yeh nhi hai na ki tujhe main samajh nhi saku...tujhe dekhte hi mere ko samajh main aaya ki tere dimaag me kuch chal rha hai...chal abhi tu toh nikal, aur baad me mujhe batana kya hua...koi dikkat nhi hai", he said, as he lovingly licked both her tits a couple of times before passing a bright smile to her. purva said "Kabul main bhi tujhe ek bohot achha dost maanti hu aur jaise maine bola, baad main tujhe mera sab kuch dungi...tabhi tum khul k mere mazaa le sakte ho", she said as she gave him a good friendly hug in the nude.

purva then proceeded to put back on her silly skirt and bra and hopped onto her cycle to deliver milk to the slum women. When she reached dadi maa's house and delivered milk to her, she said "dadi maa, aap se kuch jaroori cheez baat karni hai, baaki ghar me doodh bechke main aaungi aap ke yahan", she said. Once she finished delivering milk to all the households, purva parked her cycle in front of dadi maa's house and knocked on the door.

purva had of course expected dadi maa to open the door, but to her surprise an extremely beautiful lady opened the door. The revolted look on her face as she looked at purva dressed in such exposing clothes along with her cheap unevenly cut hai told her that she indeed did not know who purva was. "Kaun hai Nazzria?", came a voice from inside the house, and purva knew it to be dadi maa's voice. The lady in front of her looked at purva from top to toe involuntarily maintaining the condescending look. "Pata nhi daadi, ek baar aao tum", shouted the lady still looking at purva in a dirty way.

To purva's relief, dadi maa came out. "Arre neecha, tum ho kya? aa jao andar", she said. As purva stepped inside, dadi maa said "yeh meri poti hai Nazzria. Maine tujhe ek baar bataya na...yeh fashion designer hai aur sheher me kaam karti hai, waise yeh sheher me hi rehti hai parr chutti ke din yeh mere saath rehne aati hai ", said dadi maa as she lovingly kissed her granddaughter on her cheeks.

purva was of course very impressed with Nazzria's extremely good looks. She was indeed looking very beautiful even though it was a time when she wasn't her best. She seemed quite young compared to purva, but given the respect she had for dadi maa, she inadvertently dropped down to her feet and touched Nazzira's feet. "Assalam Waaleykum Nazzria didi". she said. "Salaam neecha", said Nazzria as purva got up. "Achha tum hi ho kya neecha, dadi maa tere baare me bohot bataya hai mujhe", she said, as she sized her up.

purva guessed that if she knew about her, she would know that she was Mushtaq's temporary wife and she would of course also know of her beatings by the slum women for appearing naked in the street and how she was now a doodhwali for all the slum women. Somehow, knowing that Nazzria knew how big a whore she was made purva feel really comfortable in her presence.

Once inside the house, dadi maa closed the door. She then turned to purva and said "baitho neecha, kya baat karna tha tujhe mere saath?".

purva of course by now had developed a good rapport with dadi maa and she felt quite comfortable inside her house and closed doors. That was the reason she decided to conceal her problem regarding the raandnaach with dadi maa in the first place. purva sat on the floor near the door where she usually did and said, "dadi maa, aap chai bana lo, fir main aap ko bataungi...", she said.

Dadi maa too developed good friendship with purva by then. She had accepted that purva was a real shameless whore and that she loved to be a source of ultimate pleasure for men given how she took so many beatings from the slum women just to appear naked on the streets for all the men of the slums. Once purva said that, she prepared the tea for herself, her granddaughter Nazzria and purva. Dadi maa and Nazzria sat on the sofa and purva sat on the floor near dadi maa's legs as they sipped their chai.

"Haan bata neecha, kya baat karni thi tumhe?", said dadi maa.

purva started, "dadi maa aur Nazzria didi, jo main aap ko bata rahi ho woh aap please kisi se mat bolna", she started off.

Dadi maa saw concern in her eyes. "Thik hai neecha, ghabra mat...bata kya hua?", she said.

"Dadi maa...Hussain ji do din pehle humare ghar aaye the yeh poochne ki agar main poore gaav k mard k saamne ek nanga raandnaach karne k liye tayyar thi. Woh bol rahe the ki sab k saamne mujhe khul milke 40 gaane pe nanga naach karna hoga 5 launde k saath stage pe", she said. She also explained that this raandnaach by her was a welcome party to the two politicians with whom Hussain saheb had ultimate political ties to achieve.

"Achha", said dadi maa, in a curious tone. "Kya bola tumne?", she asked.

"Dadi maa, maine haan toh bol diya tha, parr woh log ab yeh bol rahe the ki woh mere bohot ganda makeup karenge...woh bol rahe the ki mujhe lagbag takla bana denge aur fir sir pe aur mere kaksh k baal pe colour dye lagayenge", said purva.

"Baap re...nanga naach hi bohot hai, uske upar aise cheeze bhi karne wale hai tere saath?", said dadi maa surprised.

"Haan dadi maa...chalo iss cheez k liye bhi maine nah nhi bola...mujhe yeh sab karne me mazaa aata hi hai...par ab itne gande cheeze mere se karwa rahe hai toh paise maangna mera haq banta hai na?", asked purva as she inadvertently touched dadi maa's feet and proceeded to massage them out of love.

"Arre kaise baatein kar rahi hai neecha, itni besharam ashleelta dikhane k liye paise toh dene hi chahiye sarpanch saheb ko tujhe", she said. Truth be told, dadi maa was indeed repelled with the idea of a nude dance by the whore on stage in front of all the men. But of course, she had been living in the slums for a long time now, and she knew that such events were held once in a while for the men to enjoy. She of course, till now, did not know of a raandnaach that showed a whore completely naked, but given how shameless a whore purva was, she did not find it surprising that Hussain had indeed come up with such a proposal for her. Of course, the recent panchayat where purva appeared in her debased avatar all naked in front of the entire slum was something that Mastanpur had witnessed for the very first time, and dadi maa was sure that after such an experience by purva where each and everyone in the slums got to saw her nude and how roughed up she was by the slum women, this proposal by Hussain only made sense.

purva was happy that dadi maa was indeed supportive of her thinking. "Hain na dadi maa. Kal sarpanch saheb aur unka dost, mera dance master, aaye the humaare ghar...Mushtaq ji aur mere se yeh batane ki mera coloring bhi karwayenge sir k baal aur kaksh k baal ke. Jab unhone mere se poocha, toh maine bola ki main yeh sab kar lungi par iske liye total main ek gaane 1000 rupayee loongi".

"Haan, sahi hai...fir unhone kya bola?", asked dadi maa.

As dadi maa asked her that, purva started to recollect how Hussain talked condescendingly to her for being a cheap characterless whore and asking for money for being herself and how after she was getting back at him and Irfan, her husband Musthaq had slapped her roughly in front of Hussain and Irfan for asking money to dance naked on stage in such a cheap avatar. Looking back at that moment, purva started to shed tears in front of dadi maa and her granddaughter Nazzria, before she could say anything.

"Arre neecha, kya hua? Ro kyun rahi hai? Batana kya hua? Kya bola Hussain ji ne jab tumne paise maanga nanga naach k liye?", asked dadi maa.

purva controlled her sobs and wiped her tears. "Dadi maa, mere yeh bolte hi Mushtaq ji mujhe jor se thappad marne lage the dono haathon se", said purva as she continued to sob even more.

"Kya? Naanga naach k liye paise maangne k liye Mushtaq ji ne thappad mara tujhe?", said dadi maa.

purva nodded as tears started to flow down heavily now. She as now in a similar emotional state as last night right after Mushtaq had roughly slapped her, and she could not let go off the emotional damage it did to her feelings.

"Ab bolo dadi maa, itni besharam nanga naach, aur woh bhi sab mard k saamne stage pe, mere paise poochna galat baat hai kya?", asked purva as she continued to cry.

Dadi maa said, "Arre neecha aise rone se kya hoga? Tumne saare gaav ke auraton k haath besharam hoke itni maar khayi hai, kyu? kyun ki tujhe khul k randibaazi karni thi, hai ki nhi? ab tu nanga ho kar jab stage pe apne taklapan aur kaksh me rang lagake k ek dum besharam naachegi toh saare mard khush honge ki nhi? paise toh maangna hi chahiye tujhe neecha. Jo tumne kaha bilkul sahi kaha aur tere mard ko tujhe aise thappad nhi maarne chahiye tha paraye mard k saamne...aakhir tum unk randi ho aur tere pe gussa alag se nikaalna chahiye tha kam se kam", said dadi maa.

purva was glad that at least dadi maa was on the same page as her. "Parr Mushtaq ji ne mujhe itna maar liya tha Hussain aur dance master k saamne ki main chup ho gyi dadi maa...aur uske baad Mushtaq ji se meri baat hi nhi hui...unhe gussa aaya ki maine raandnaach k liye paise maanga hai", said purva.

Dadi maa thought for a moment before articulating. "Dekh neecha, saara gaav ko pata hai ki tu bohot besharmi hai...ab agar tu khul k nanga naach karegi sab k saamne stage pe bina paise ke, toh teri bhosde, chucche aur gaand ka koi moolya nhi hoga, samjhi? itni maar khaayi hai hum se tu ne sadak pe, aur agar ab tu randibaazi k liye paise nhi kamayegi toh kya faayda? aakhir Mushtaq ji bhi tujhe randi hi maante hai, hai ki nhi?... unhone shaadi iss liye tere si ki hai taaki unhe tera bhosda humesha mile muft me. Ab itni gande cheeze agar tu muft me karegi sab mard k saamne, tujhe pura hi chutiya bana denge sarpanch saheb. Aage jaate tere se har tarah ka ashleel kaam karwayenge. Main bata rahi hu...raandnaach k saath hi tera bohot faayda uthayenge yeh politicians. Tujhe woh log sheher bhi le jaa sakte hai kuch din teri mazee lene k liye, aur yeh sachh hai. Tumhe jaroor kuch na kuch paise maangna hi padega yeh sab randibaazi k liye", said dadi maa with a serious tone.

purva of course, got what dadi maa was saying, and purva seemed to understand what situation she was in. "Parr dadi maa, Mushtaq ji khud mujhe mana kar denge paise maangne me", she said helplessly.

"Dekh neecha, ab muft me karne se achha yeh hai ki kuch chillar toh kama hi lo iss raandnaach. Agar tu itni besharam ho ke sheher me nanga naach karegi stage pe toh tujhe lakhon me paise milenge...ab gaav me hai toh tujhe itne paise nhi milenge...par Hussain saheb tere se bohot fayda utha rahe hai...unhe pata hai ki tu bohot besharam randi hai...aur unhe pata hai ki bina paise k bhi muft me tu nanga naach legi sab mard ke saamne. Main yeh bhi bol sakti hu ki Hussain ji se saare gaav k log darte hai...Mushtaq ji bhi...issi liye unhone tujhe unke saamne thappad mara hai...par ab agar tu jhukegi unke saamne, toh teri randibaazi ka koi moolya nhi hoga", said dadi maa in a stern voice.

purva of course understood the truth in dadi maa's words. Dadi maa was of course a citizen of the slums and she had been witnessing the nature of the slum men from a long time, so her suggestion was perfectly apt. "Parr dadi maa, ab main kya karu? Mushtaq ji bhi mujhe gaali denge agar main paise maangu raandnaach k liye", said purva sounding helpless.

"Hmm, tu ek kaam kar. Thik h joh tu yeh besharam nanga naach karne wali hai uske liye tujhe bohot paise milne chahiye...parr abhi yeh teri randibaazi bass shuru hone wali hai na Mastanpur me? Toh tu yeh bol Mushtaq ji aur Hussain ji se ki kyun ki tu abhi abhi randi bani hai, apna rate kam rakhegi tu. Yeh bol na tu ki yeh sab karegi agar ek gaane pe tujhe 10 rupayee diya jaaye. Isse unko pata chalega ki tu khoob randibaazi karne k liye tayyar hai lekin kuch toh kimat hai tera. Baad me apna rate badhate jana tu, samjhi main kya bol rahi hu?", said dadi maa.

purva found dadi maa's words sensible, and she found all of her egos satisfied with this strategy suggested by dadi maa. It was not like she wanted to make a fortune out of dancing naked on the stage shameless, but she did not want Hussain and Irfan to take her nude whore services for granted. Charging Rs. 10 for each song meant that she made about 400 bucks for her efforts. Like dadi maa said, purva realised that, even though she was one shameless whore, she was just starting out in the slums as a whore, and she could not expect to earn huge bucks out of it. But at the same time, it was important that she did not freely give out her services which would devalue her sexy body and her worth as a cheap characterless whore.

With dadi maa's suggestions making sense to her, she wiped her tears. "Haan dadi maa, sahi bol rahi ho aap, abhi main Mushtaq ji se pehle yeh bolungi...ki main yeh sab karungi agar mujhe 10 rupayee diya jaaye ek gaane pe nanga naachne k liye", she said.

Dadi maa smiled at her. "Haan neecha, yeh bolna tere mard se. Waise toh main yeh bolungi ki Mushtaq ji bhi tujhe paise dene chahiye kyun ki tu unki raand hai. Parr ab tu bhi unse pyaar karti hai, toh woh rehne de abhi...waise woh kuch hi din main dubai chale jayenge toh kya farak padega...", she said as a matter of fact.

"Haan dadi maa, woh thik hai", she said even though she could not disagree with dadi maa's statement that she was indeed just a whore to Mushtaq who was having the time of his life before left for Dubai. Anyway, like dadi maa said, she did love to offer herself to him and have him do all kinds of things with her, so she did not mind it. But she was indeed going to resolve this raandnaach issue by talking to Mushtaq. She decided that she would go home and tell her hubby that she would perform the raandnaach with all terms and conditions including the vulgar and cheap colouring of her bald head along with her thick armpit hair that Hussain and Irfan wanted on her for her raandnaach,

purva then stood up, and said, "bohot dhanyawaad dadi maa, main abhi jaaungi ghar aur Mushtaq ji se baat karungi", she said wiping her residual tears and putting on a smile.

"Yeh hui na meri neecha...aise ghabra mat...ab randibaazi karni hai toh paise maangna khul k. Nanga ghoomne k liye hum se maar khayi hai toh paise kamane me unse maar kha hi sakti hai, hai ki nhi. Issi liye ghabra mat aur khul k bina darre bat kar unse. Main ek sach yeh bataungi, ki Hussain ji ko tere jaise besharam randi nhi milegi aur agar tu ne sahi se dum dikhaya toh tujhe paise toh denge. Aur randi hai toh khul k paise maangegi apne raandbaazi ki, usme koi sharm ki baat nhi hai...samjhi na?", said dadi maa instilling her with confidence.

"Haan dadi maa, thank you...aap se baat karke bohot achha lag rha hai abhi, main ab Mushtaq ji se baat karungi jaate hi", she said as she once again stepped forward and dropped on the ground to touch her feet.

dadi maa said, "Darr mat neecha...khul k baat karna...randi hai tu...besharam hoke paise maangna har kaam k liye", she said with a smile. purva passed a friendly smile to dadi maa at her kind words.

purva then turned to Nazzria. "Sorry didi, main aap ko bilkul jaan hi nhi paayi meri randibaazi ki chakkar me, aap kal bhi yahan honge na?", she asked Nazzria.

Nazzira said, "Haan neecha, main kal bhi yahan hongi...ab main bhi jaanna chahti hu tere saath kya hua, toh tu kal aake bata na hume kya hoga aaj tere saath", she said.

Happy to have received such concern from dadi maa's beautiful granddaughter, purva said, "bilkul didi, main kal aaungi aur aap ko aur dadi maa ko bataungi mere saath kya hoga. Ab mujhe ek ghar me kaam bhi karna hai...toh main abhi chali, warna late ho jayega", she said. Before leaving she once again bent down on her knees and touched Nazzria's feet as a mark of respect and set off to Nasira bhabhi's house to serve her duty as the kaamwali. While on her way on her cycle, purva was feeling better after having talked all of this to dadi maa. Once she reached home after doing her work as the kaamwali for Nasira bhabhi, she would talk to Mushtaq and say that she deserved at least Rs. 10 for each song for dancing so shameless and cheap in front of all the men. It was then upto him how he would react and take the matter forward with Hussain and Irfan.

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The kinky morning ritual helps purva patch up with her husband

After serving as the kaamwali for Nasira bhabhi, purva made her way back to her home. She was indeed filled with thoughts on how to communicate with Mushtaq based on her discussion with dadi maa. She decided that asking for 10 rs. for each dancing shamelessly naked on each song for the raandnaach was a good enough strategy. She was sure it was indeed a pretty nominal amount for what she was doing and she also did not hurt the men's feelings by agreeing to their demands. purva got into the house and saw that Mushtaq was still asleep snoring happily. She closed the door and hot herself naked like usual. Seeing her husband sleeping like that brought the familiar feelings of love for her husband. She realised that even Mushtaq repented for his actions of slapping her in front of the men yesterday as was evident in the way he tried to appease her yesterday. She realised that indeed she was being too brazen and direct in demanding money for her whore services with the highest man of the slums, the sarpanch, Mr. Hussain. She did not feel good about being detached from her husband in their house with her all naked. She thought for a minute and decided that she would first make up with her husband and then talk to him about charging a nominal fee of 10 rs. for each song for her raandnaach.

She quickly washed her face and checked the growth of her armpit hair in the mirror. Indeed it was dense and she only got wetter in her vagina as she imagined how shameless and trashy she would look with such armpit hair and that too coloured with dye on stage in front of all the men. As she began to get wet thinking about it, she realised that she had missed the rough treatment of her body parts from her man since yesterday. Every night, Mushtaq would go wild with his perversion and fuck her roughly on the bed and then she would be completely subject to his lust and power as they went to bed. But yesterday, she was too emotionally hurt due to Mushtaq's slaps in front of the men, and she had to go without her usual fucking. As she saw her husband asleep on the bed, she also felt sorry for him for denying him of her warmth. So she got out the tray and placed two glasses on it. She filled one with warm milk and the other with water and got into the hall area with Mushtaq still asleep. She placed it on the ground near the bed and kneeled down with her hands behind her back dutifully for her husband. She wanted to appease her husband with the morning ritual that he so much loved, as he got the chance to face fuck his whore wife first thing in the morning while drinking his milk. As she kneeled down, she made loud noises of getting fucked to wake up her husband without touching him. She wanted to delight him as soon as he got out of his sleep to the welcoming sight of his whore wife all obedient and submissive for him to perform their morning ritual. "Ahh ahh ahhh", she progressively moaned in the knelt down position as she started to get wet in her pussy for her upcoming degradation by her husband. "Chodo mujhe Musthaq ji, maine aap ki randi hu, aah aaah aaaaah meri bhosda ko faad do", she shouted as if to wake him from his wet dream. Much to her delight, in a few minutes of her making such slutty noises, Mushtaq got up.

As he opened his eyes still asleep on the bed, Mushtaq rubbed his eyes to the gorgeous sight in front of him. It quickly dawned on him what he was seeing, and what he had done to his wife yesterday. But his thoughts quickly trailed off as he saw his slut whore knelt down making sex noises. "Arre randi, yeh kya kar rahi hai tu?", he said getting up from the bed, with a pleasant and surprised smile on his face.

purva just moved forward closer to him and said, "Abhi kuch mat poocho Mushtaq ji, bass meri mazee lo", she said as she seductively picked the tray of glasses and offered it to him. Mushtaq was on cloud nine as he realised what purva was doing for him. He passed a nasty smile at purva as he picked his glass of milk and spit at her face a couple of times. He knew she loved it when he treated her like a cheap roadside slut. Forgetting what had happened yesterday, he held purva's shoulders and brought her closer to him and started to drink his milk. He then slid down his pants and purva did the rest as she bent down in her knelt down position and took Mushtaq's erect dick in her mouth without using her hands. Mushtaq took a dunk of his warm milk and looked at purva's slutty actions with utmost lust, that evoked a shy smile from his whore as she started sucking his cock. Mushtaq then proceeded to feel his wife's sexy boobs with his one hand as he continued drinking the warm milk with the other as he rejoiced in the beautiful feeling of having a shameless docile whore ready to do such things for him first thing in the morning. He then roughly pinched his wife's beautiful tits and slapped on both her boobs roughly, before finishing all the milk in one go. He then "Aaja, jannat dikha mujhe", he said with lust as he grabbed his wife's head and pushed her closer to him to suck his cock. As he forced his cock deep inside her throat making purva gag roughly, he slapped his whore's boobs roughly and continuously making purva squirm with painful joy. Indeed the morning ritual represented the lust he had for purva, as he completely let himself go with the kink he possessed for her. purva too was extremely excited for being able to do their morning ritual. She loved it when her husband would treat her like a whore as he treated her so roughly by slapping on her boobs and deep throating her with his cock. Mushtaq continued to pinch her sorry tits roughly given all the lust he had pent up inside him. "Lowdi, le pura moonh me, meri sasti chhinnar", he shouted as he fucked her throat deeper and deeper. He then proceeded to feel up her cunt and spit on her face continuously gargling it from deep inside his stomach. purva loved how nasty and humiliating it was for her, given how Mushtaq had just gotten up from his sleep. She loved to offer herself completely to her man and be subject to all his lust and kink as he had his way with her. Finally after roughly fucking her face for a good couple of minutes, Mushtaq conceded his sperm deep into purva's mouth. "Randi abhi mat le andar", he said carefully getting his dick out making sure not to drop any sperm. He then said. "Moonh khol randi", and gargled a thick globule of spit from his stomach and spit it into his whore's mouth. As purva happily smiled to Mushtaq's perverted actions, he said "Bass, ab purva pee jaa", he said with utmost lust as he continued to feel up her huge jugs. As she swallowed her morning cum and spit from her husband, purva looked all satisfied and happy, as she bore a happy smile on her face. Mushtaq then perverted pulled her closed to him still not dislodging her from her knelt down submissive position and picked the glass of water and proceeded to make her drink it. He then gave her a deep and rough kiss on her lips and then slapped her face hard on her right cheek. "Meri randi, bohot kamaal ki cheez hai tu", he said as he looked at the docile lovely sexpot in front of him. purva smiled seductively all happy about making up with her husband. She could stand being away from his love for so long and the kinky morning ritual that they followed every day helped the couple get back on terms. She indeed loved that she was able to make his husband happy as he treated her so nastily and roughly, like a cheap roadside prostitute, but just that it was even way cheaper.

She then gathered her words and said, "Mushtaq ji, main aap se raandnaach k baare me baat karna chahti hu", still with her hands behind her back in her knelt down position.

Mushtaq thoughtfully said, "thik h randi", he said as he helped her to get on her feet and made her sit beside him on the bed.

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Makeup sex kya hota hai? yeh hota hai!

As purva sat on the beside Mushtaq, Mushtaq lustily licked her face of all the spit he had deposited on her face during their ritual, as purva smiled happily as she was subject her husband's utmost sexual kink. It was indeed so nasty as Mushtaq licked all over her face as if to clean her off his spit, but of course it only made it more sexy and nasty. purva loved it when Mushtaq did things so brutal and nasty to her as she just smiled in delight and let her husband lick her face. Participating in such kinks made them both happy. purva dutifully did not wipe her face after Mushtaq licked it with all his lust. It was indeed so primal and nasty as Mushtaq did not even brush his teeth having just gotten up. purva of course by now was stinking with Mushtaq's foul spit from his sleep all over her face, and the feeling of having been humiliated in such a nasty way made the cheap shameless whore damper in her pussy.

Mushtaq too realised that purva loved to be done such degrading things to her and smiled in delight. "Bol randi", he said as he pulled her closer and signalled her to sit on his lap as she massaged her boobs lovingly.

purva gathered her thoughts even though she was not able to think straight with the heavenly feeling she was in after all the dirty things Mushtaq did to her. She then started to speak. "Mushtaq ji, kal aap ne mujhe Hussain ji aur Irfan ji k saamne itne thappad mare the...isse mujhe bohot jaada dukh hua...issi liye maine itni rone lagi", she said. "Parr thik h...main toh waise bohot maar kha chuki hu", she said in a dejected tone reflecting on how she had taken utmost beating from the slum women for her naked wanderings, "parr aap se paraye mard k saamne maar khana mujhe bohot dukh hua", she said as she enjoyed Mushtaq gentle groping of her boobs by husband's rough hands. Mushtaq looked at her wet face covered in Mushtaq's saliva. He then kissed her lovingly on her lips unable to satisfy his lust for her, and then proceeded to speak, "Randi tujhe aise unke saamne maarne k baad mujhe bhi bohot dukh hua...aakhir tu meri raand hai aur mujhe aise dosron k saamne nhi maarna tha", he said with remorse showing clearly in his eyes. purva looked deep into Mushtaq's eyes as he said it, and knew he was really feeling bad for slapping his wife in front of Hussain and Irfan. Mushtaq continued, "Parr ek baat sachh randi, tujhe Hussain ji k saamne aise baat nhi karni chahiye...Hussain ji gaav ke sabse bade aadmi hai, aur tu unke saamne aise bolna mujhe achha nhi laga", he said.

purva obediently nodded, accepting Mushtaq's words. "Mushtaq ji, main aap ki baat samajhti hoon. Aakhir main bhi ab Mastanpur ka ek naagrik hu aur mujhe pata hai Hussain ji sabse bade aadmi hai yahan ke...par ek baat batao...raandnaach k liye Hussain ji mujhe hi kyun poocha? kyun ki main ek besharam randi hu, hai ki nhi?", she asked her husband earnestly.

Mushtaq looked into his wife's eyes and said, "Haan".

"Toh fir agar me aise randi hu aur bina koi sharam ke stage pe nanga naachne k liye tayyar hu, toh mujhe bina sharam k paise bhi maangne hote hai na Mushtaq ji?", she said.

Mushtaq thought for a while as he continued to massage his wife's tits lovingly.

"Dekh randi, abhi tu mere saath hai, tu meri randi hai...aise nhi hai na ki tujhe rozi roti apne randibaazi se nikalana hai? Fir tujhe paise maangne ki kya jaroorat thi raandnaach k liye?"

"Ab maine shaadi tere se ki hai, kyun? Kyun ki isse pehle tu ek badi gharwaali thi. Tujhe main bohot chahta tha aur tujhe mere bistar pe chodna chahta tha har pal aur bohot gande cheeze karna chahta tha tere saath. Main tere nange badan ka anand lena chahta tha har waqt, Ab agar tu sheher ki raand hoti toh main tujhe paise deke tujhe rakh leta mere paas aise hi 30 din aur khoob aise hi tere maje leta, parr tu shaadi shuda thi. Toh tujhe maine shaadi kar liya. Main tujhe apni biwi hi maanta hu, par gaav ke saare log tujhe meri raand maante hai, na ki biwi. Ab Hussain ji bhi yahin maante hai ki tu meri randi hai. Issi liye unko yeh gussa aaya ki tu ne unko yeh nanga raandnaach k liye paise poocha jab ki roz tujhe tu apni badan deti hai. Agar main tujhe roz paise deta teri bhosda aur chuchhe ke maje lene k liye, toh unko aise nhi lagta", said Mushtaq.

purva realised that they were indeed talking through their heart now. Even though Mushtaq and purva opened up their souls to each other every night after their love-making session, this was something that purva was happy Mushtaq had expressed, that he lusted for her and wanted her to be hers in his bed before he left to Dubai. The way he expressed how he really wanted to feel her naked flesh in his bed made purva really happy. She nodded thoughtfully to Mushtaq's words, as she lovingly smiled and took Mushtaq's left hand which was feeling her boobs and placed it over her pussy.

"Mushtaq ji, main aap ki biwi hoon aur aap jo chahe mujhe kar sakte ho...aap yeh maanoge na ki maine aap ko bohot sukh diya hai mere bhosde aur chucche se?", she asked her husband.

"Meri randi, yeh jo main tere saath karta hu, woh mujhe jannat me pahuncha deta hai", said Mushtaq with a bright smile on his face as he continued to rub his wife's pussy with one hand and feel her tits with the other. purva too passed a shy smile at his choice of words.

"Mushtaq ji, Yeh sab sukh aap ko main iss liye deti hu kyun ki main aap ki biwi hu. Kyu ki aap ki khushi meri kgushi hai. Parr main bass aap ki biwi hoon baaki sab ki nhi na? Baaki log mujhe bohot besharam raand maante hai aur unke liye main apni bhosda free main kaise dungi, jab main aap ki biwi hoon? Iss ghar k bahar", she said extending her hands to indicate their house, "iske bahar me ek besharan randi hu bass, aur meri randibaazi k liye mujhe paise milne chahiye Mushtaq ji", she said with confidence.

Mushtaq saw the glint in purva's eyes as she expressed her words. He felt similar to what he had felt earlier on a couple of occasions when purva had confidently expressed her attitude as a cheap whore, and he could feel the same now, except that it was way more intense given that they were in closed doors and sharing heartful words to each other. As he continued to think while feeling up his wife's pussy and boobs, he started to realise that she was indeed right. He was of course right in guessing that Hussain did not want to pay purva for her nude raandnaach on stage, because he considered her as just a cheap whore who whored herself to Mushtaq all for free. But little did he realise that she was Mushtaq's wife after all and that she only wanted to please him as he wished.

As Mushtaq reflected more and more on purva's words, he realised how she was feeling. After all, she was indeed a whore having getting severely beaten by the slum women for wanting to roam around naked for the men of Mastanpur to enjoy. She was passionate about it, and indeed it was her passion that made her accept Hussain's proposal for the naked raandnaach.

"Randi, teri baat main maanta hu, tujhe iss nanga raandnaach k liye paise milne chahiye", was all he could say with a smile.

purva ecstatic that her husband finally agreed that she deserved money for her raandnaach according to Hussain and Irfan's terms and conditions, squealed with joy. She placed both her hands on Mushtaq's hands on that were enjoying her pussy and boobs and pushed them deeper into her, while simultaneously hugging him. "thank you Mushtaq ji, mujhe yeh sunn k bohot jyaada khush hua hai", she said and proceeded to have a lip lock with her husband. Indeed it was a an emotional moment for both of them as Mushtaq completely hugged his wife close to him as they shared deep passionate lip kiss that lasted about 5 mins. purva had by now been subject to various kinks and desires from her hubby, but the deep soulful lip kiss that they shared right then was out of this world for purva. It seemed like they were joining their souls together in the most primal way early in the morning. She loved how nasty and natural it was given that purva had already brushed her teeth before going to deliver milk to the slum households, whereas Mushtaq was still just out of his bed. It was indeed quite nasty and natural and the whole thing made purva weak in her knees with romantic feelings. To experience such a beautiful feeling with a 60 yr old construction worker in the slums made her realise how lucky she indeed was. As their tongues nibbled at each other with love and lust, purva was overcome with love and sexual appetite as she proceeded to lunge at Mushtaq's lips. Mushtaq realised how happy his wife was with his agreement and loved that she was indeed happy. The couple lived in the moment as they shared their first real passionate kiss that lasted for a long while. Once out of their kiss, purva hung on to Mushtaq's left hand that was exploiting her pussy and without saying anything, she started to push her husband's hand in and out of her pussy vigourously. The whole romantic feeling accompanied by the lip kiss turned her on like crazy and she begged her husband, "Mushtaq ji, please abhi k abhi mere bhosde k maje le lo", she said.

Mushtaq of course, needed little confirmation, as he proceeded to fuck his whore wife roughly in her pussy. Earlier, most of their sex sessions were planned, but this was so spontaneous. Mushtaq of course, often only fucked women roughly, but for the first time, he had experienced the beauty of a soft romantic lip kiss from his wife, that made him so damn horny. He fucked his wife roughly even though he had just ejaculated. "Loudi tere ko main har pal chodna chahta hu", he said as he banged his whore in her wet pussy from behind on the bed. purva of course loved how Mushtaq was fucking her. She loved how endowed he was and how he lusted after her, and the fact that he had accepted her feelings of wanting to charge money for dancing nude on stage for all the men of Mastanpur in the most trashy and cheap avatar only made her more crazy for her man. After 10 mins of rough passionate fucking, Mushtaq finally came deep inside her. "Aaaaah, meri randi, kya cheez hai tu?", he shouted loudly as he cummed inside her.

purva ecstatic with the feeling inside her pussy inadvertently shouted out in between her moans "Main aap ki biwi hoon aur Mastanput ki sabse bade randi hu"!

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purva's apology for her rude behaviour is initiated

Mushtaq cummed deeped into purva's womb as she shouted that. Indeed, it was too much for Mushtaq too handle as his wife cheaply declared that she was Mastanpur's biggest whore during their fuck session. He collapsed on her body on the bed as he continued kissing his wife on her lips roughly much to evoke their previous lip kiss magic. The couple lazily lay in bed loving each other as Mushtaq pinched and played with her tits lying beside her.

With their bodies stuck to each other, Mushtaq turned purva to her side and said, "Randi, ek locha hai".

purva lovingly placed her hand on her husband's cheek, and said "kya hua Muhstaq ji?".

"Randi mujhe pata hai tujhe kitna besharam hoke iss raandnaach pe naacha hoga. Tujhe takla banake tere baal aur kaksh me colouring karenge woh log. Upar se mehendi k saath tu bohot sasti lagegi aur main maanta hu ki tujhe itna besharam hone k liye bohot paise milne chahiye. Parr jo tu ne 1000 rupayee ek gaane k liye maanga hai raandnaach k liye woh bohot jaada hai randi. Hussain ji tujhe ek gaane k liye 1000 rupayee kabhi bhi nhi denge, yeh toh pakka hai", said Mushtaq. He by now had accepted that purva deserved the money she demanded for dancing so shamelessy nude on stage in front of all the men of Mastanpur with such a crude avatar and makeup. Moreover, he had taken for granted that the guests would certainly grope purva's nude private parts on stage in front of everyone during the raandnaach as well. He knew how he would get horny and rough with his whore every evening after having liquor and he knew the guests of course would not refrain from groping and feeling up this shameless whore when inebriated.

purva smiled and lovingly kissed on her husband's lips. She was moved by the concern he showed when he had to break it to her that Hussain would never accept to pay 1000 rs. per song for purva's naked raandnaach. "Mushtaq ji, iske baare me maine bohot socha hai", she said thoughtfully. "Main sheher se hu toh mujhe laga ki 1000 rupayee aise besharm naach k liye thik kimat hai, parr ab aise gaav main main samajhti hu yeh bohot jaada hai. Aur maine abhi abhi randibaazi shuru kiya hai, toh mujhe pata hai ki mera rate itna abhi fix nhi kar sakti", she said.

Mushtaq was greatly relieved when purva said that. He did not want her to feel disheartened that she was not being paid the right amount for her nude raandnaach on stage, but he was happy that she realised these things on her own. Her maturity and her way of thinking in this matter greatly impressed her. "Meri randi, yeh bohot correct socha hai tum ne", he said as he kissed her once again.

purva too reciprocated the kiss. "Parr Mushtaq ji, main yeh raandnaach main muft me nhi karne wali hu. Ab yeh baat sab ko pata hoga ki jo main dikhane wali hu sab mard ko, usse sab bohot khush honge, hai ki nhi? Mera pura badan sab ko dikhega aur mera makeup aise karne se main bohot hi sasti raand dikhungi sab ko, toh iske liye main chahti hu Hussain ji mujhe kam se kam ek gaane k liye 10 rupayee ka fees de. Nhi toh meri randibaazi ka Mastanpur me koi mulya nhi hoga", she said earnestly.

Mushtaq found his purva's words very reasonable and sensible. Of course, there was no denying that what she had agreed to do for the Hussain and Irfan was something very shameless for even the dirtiest and cheapest of whores. To do it for free of cost, as purva had expressed would have no value for purva's sexy assets, even though all men had already seen purva nude during the panchayat.

"Randi, ek gaane pe 10 rupayee ka fees mujhe thik lag rha hai, parr yeh cheez hume jald se jald Hussain ji se baat karna hoga. Woh abhi bohot naaraz honge tumse kal k baad...aur uske liye tujhe pehle unse maafi bhi maangni hogi", said Mushtaq.

purva surely did not mind apologising to Hussain ji, if indeed that meant he would consider purva's request of giving her Rs. 10 as fees for each of the 40 songs she was going to dance for the raandnaach. She knew it was still beneath her expectations for the cheap perverted show she was going to display for all the men, but as dadi maa had told her earlier, she was just starting out as a whore in Mastanpur and she did not wish to get into the bad books of the sarpanch early on.

"Thik h Mushtaq ji, main Hussain ji aur Irfan ji ko maafi maangne k liye tayyar hu, uske baad hi main unse meri fees k baare me baat karungi", she said.

Mushtaq was indeed delighted that his wife was so understanding. Even though he found his wife's argument of deserving more money for her show plausible, he did not want to disobey the sarpanch. After all, he was going to leave the slums in a couple of weeks, so he did not want to create a rift between himself and Hussain ji over this silly matter. Anyway, he was sure that once purva would apologise to him for her rude behaviour yesterday, he would be considerate enough to consider his whore's request of Rs. 10 per song.

With a warm feeling of having found a solution to the problem, he happily pinched his wife's tits and kissed her on her lips once again. "tu bohot achhi biwi hai meri raand, tera pati bann ke mujhe bohot khush hua hai", he said with a happy smile as purva reciprocated his feelings by kissing him back.

Mushtaq then got on the phone with Hussain ji and explained that purva was repenting on her rude behaviour with him and Irfan and that she sincerely wished to apologise to them for it.

"Achha. Fir ek kaam karr Mushtaq, teri raand ko leke shed pe hi aaja abhi, hum log bhi wahan pahunch jayenge 10 minute me.", he said.

"Thik h Hussain ji, jaroor, hum log bhi aate hai", said Mushtaq and cut the phone.

"Chal randi, ab tu tayyar ho ja, hum 5 min me niklenge shed k liye. Wahan pe Hussain ji aur Irfan ji se tu maafi maangegi. Main tujhe achhe se makeup karta hu aaj taaki woh log tujhe dekh k khush ho jayenge. Main 2 min nahake aata hu, tab tak tu mere kapde iron kar ke rakh, samjhi?", he said as he got off the bed.

purva too immediately got off the bed. She wiped her face with a dry napkin to get off all the nasty things that Mushtaq had done to her. Of course, she would have loved to take a bath, given how clumsy she was feeling not having taken a bath for the last 3 days, but Mushtaq loved her to be in her purest form, so she felt she had to satisfy her duties as his wife. As Mushtaq took his bath, purva got out a pair of impeccable cotton shirt and trouser for her husband and proceeded to iron it. As she did so, she hoped that Hussain and Irfan would accept her request for Rs. 10 per song for her raandnaach. She did not have any strategy to counter it if indeed Hussain and Irfan ended up denying her the fees she requested. Of course, she could deny to do the raandnaach, but she did not want to create a big fuss about by doing so. Even though the raandnaach event was probably not known the happen to most of the citizens of the slums, she did not want to disappoint Hussain and Irfan, and especially her husband Mushtaq by denying to do such a sleazy and hot raandnaach when she had given them hopes by already accepting it. She decided that she would do her best by apologising to them and then decide then and there if things went south.

Her thoughts were trailed off as Musthaq came out after having a bath. He then said, "Randi ek kaam kar", he said, as he made purva bring up her cheap makeup accessories. He then asked his whore to put on a black lipstick thick on her lips along with a deep shade of pink mascara. purva then wore the cheap skirt and bra that she wore to deliver milk and the burkha over it. Along with that purva put on her cheap plastic fluoroscent heels that were gifted to her by Ghafur chacha a few days back, and the couple were on their way to Fakir Chowk on Mushtaq's bicycle.

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very nice .. way to go

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Awesome....very nicely written....pls keep writing
Please checkout my story "Teen Kudiyan" in Hindi

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