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Old 15th January 2017
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Originally Posted by Geetabutt View Post
Try to maintain secret relation of monika with others it makes more horny
Try to fuck monika for 3 days when her husband in tour
Make monika so horny to have ur penis in all hole
Try to suck boobs every time we u meet her and say hi by hit her hip
let him write, dude. He's already doing it great.

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Old 15th January 2017
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go as you wish and keep updating

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Old 15th January 2017
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Old 15th January 2017
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Please update soon.. Can't wait long for such sexcellent erotica

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Old 16th January 2017
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Update 12

She said, what do you mean ? Not yet ? You just fucked the hell out of her. You are scary. I laughed and said, I mean, there is more to come. She laughed as she wore her trousers and said, You have her as your daily service now. I knew you hired her for fucking. Maybe you were already fucking her and you tricked me. I said, no yaar you can ask her. She said no no, it is ok, I lost the bet. But she is hot yar. I will give some clothes to her, I am sure she will rock it. I smiled and said, we need to discuss our plan for Kanika. She said, ohh yess you horny man. I said Neha, I have cameras which can be set in your living and your bedroom. I can then see everything even streaming live. If you agree, I will place it. She said, and then you can see us anytime ? Isnt it risky ? I said, I will only see when you ask me to, via SMS or missed call. She said, will you not be tempted to see always? I said I will be, but i know you guys are not walking around naked. She laughed and said, I sometimes walk around in my innerwear. I said, you can message me then and I can see your sexy body. She laughed and said no way. I said, you can think about it. She said, ok let me think. I said that is the only way I can see you seduce Kanika. She said ok, give me the stuff, i keep it home and we see when we install it, if everything is Ok. We finally got into the car and i started driving. I got a message from Monika - Is your date over ? I smiled and continued driving. I can only reply later I thought. Neha said, what happened, why are you smiling. I said nothing, just a friend with a joke. I said Neha send me your picture in a sexy dress please. She said, you know my size, now you know my pussy. Buy me one. I said, Ok and you will have to wear it for me. She said Ok no issues. I finally reached her apartment and dropped her. I hugged her really hard and kissed her on her cheeks. I said, no kiss on lips ? She said you are crazy ? here on the road. No way. I said just a small one. She said no, and i said ok with a sigh. She smiled and as i was about to enter my car, she kissed me on my lips quickly and hurried inside. I was happy. I went in the car and texted Monika - Just dropped her home. Monika replied - Ok, You wil reach your house in 15-20 minutes i guess. I said - Yes hopefully and started to drive.

As i drove, i got a call from Kanika. I did not pick up as i was driving .She kept calling me and I was not sure why. Normally she would disconnect and wait or message me. I got a message from Neha. I waited anyway and as i parked my car, I read Neha's message - it said - Kanika saw us. She asked me it was you who dropped me and how come i met you. I just said, I was near your office for interview.
I replied - thanks for the info
Neha - Haha, sometimes i am afraid of her
Me - Why ?
Neha - i think she likes you and is possessive about you
Me - haha, so ? You like her too and she likes you too
Neha - i am serious.
Me - i know
Neha - it seems all you are interested in is, fucking me :p
Me - haha, i wish. I think I can now ?
Neha - in your dreams
Me - what ?? You just said I am yours
Neha - it was because you seduced me
Me - haha, ok so i can seduce you again
Neha - haha, no no. I will not let you now :P
Me - Thats bad
Neha - You should have fucked me when you had the chance :P No guy can leave such a chance. I was naked and wet. You were also really hard and you fucked her so long. What were you waiting for ?
Me - I promised you
Neha - Haha, Thats what I like about you. I told you na how i lost my virginity.
Me - Not really ? Just a brief information.
Neha - Will tell you the full story then and maybe you will be sad then.
Me - Not fair
Neha - Ohho such a cry baby. You know i thought after Sunita you are really going to fuck me. I was so wet. Even now
Me - i wanted to, but a promise is a promise
Neha - just to let you know, I like you too. But maybe Kanika likes you more :P
Me - i know
Neha - haha dont act smart. My roomie is already getting upset because of you. Talk to her before she kills me
Me - haha. Ok

I walked back home and messaged Kanika and Monika together. The conversation is separated for better read
Me - hi Kanika
Kanika - where are you ? How you met Neha
Me - met her for a date, i am with her
Kanika - shutup. You dropped her and I saw you kissed her
Me - i kissed her or she kissed me ?
Kanika - it is same. You are shameless na. You kissed me and now her
Me - Kanika, do you want a kiss too
Kanika - shut up
Me - i can come over and kiss you
Kanika - you are impossible
Me - i am not. Also Neha is a free girl. She has no bf
Kanika - so you will kiss every girl without bf and all girls with bf
Me - you kissed me first
Kanika - no you did. You told me and You confused me
Me - kanika, do you want a hug or a kiss now
Kanika - uff. How can you kiss both of us
Me - like you kissed Abhsihek and I
Kanika - he kissed me
Me - you kissed him and then you kissed me too, trying to molest me
Kanika - idiot. You make fun of my emotion and also you dont care for me. YOu are just mean
Me - Not really. I do care for you.
Kanika - Then Why you did not come up
Me - because you would get angry and i wont be able to leave without kissing you
Kanika - crazy. You should have come up. My anger would be only for few minutes, you know that
Me - I know sweety. You somehow always excite me. Its not good
Kanika - Liar. You like girls like Neha
Me - Haha.. We are meeting Friday at Monika, I hope.
Kanika - i will come on Saturday as I will be late on Friday
Me - i can pick you up, its no issue. Driving with you is fun
Kanika - no no, Monika di will kill me
Me - i said why
Kanika - you forgot our weekend
Me - ok so what
Kanika - I am feeling shy and if we go together, di would beat me up
Me - haha ok. I will miss you
Kanika - liar
Me - send me a sexy pic of you
Kanika - i dont have a sexy pic and to you, never
Me - please
Kanika - i dont have really
Me - send your best pic
Kanika - ok will try. Dont go out with Neha
Me - Really ?
Kanika -
Me - Will you go out with me
Kanika -
Me - say
Kanika - i want to
Me - haha
Kanika - Dont laugh, i know i am not like that Neha
Me - then be like her, get your hair straight, dress up and have some style
Kanika - shut up, i cant dress like that
Me - why not
Kanika - i look ugly
Me - haha idiot. You dont. You made me mad that day
Kanika - please dont say that. Forget that day. I feel so embarrassed
Me - why embarrassed?
Kanika - shy to be precise. I was not myself
Me - they way you kissed me touched my penis, it was lovely
Kanika - omg... dont say that word. I will die of shame
Me - Then what do you call it ?
Kanika - Nothing, why do i need to call it.
Me - If you make me hard again, what would you say - Your dash is hard ?
Kanika - Chhi, i will never say or make you hard again.
Me - You wish, ok then dress up and send a pic
Kanika - hmm...i feel shy...
Me - You should be bold like Neha
Kanika - I am not like her
Me - Take tips from her
Kanika - No need. I am not crazy. You like Neha and do whatever you want.
Me - ok
Kanika - Yeah Yeah ok. Go talk to your Neha
Me - Haha.. Byee sweety. Miss you
Kanika - Byee. Liar. I miss you.

With Monika

Me - Hey Weapons department, I am home
Monika - haha. I am nothing. Was everything good ?
Me - yes, but just got a kiss
Monika - on the lips ??
Me - on my gun :p
Monika - chhii. Stupid. You and your mind. You kiss girls on date. So bad manners.Why you sent me the dirty link
Me - Did you see already ? How was it
Monika - No i did not see. It is so unreal
Me - haha, how you know unreal
Monika - saw a little. Those girls are the weapons of mass destruction. Wait no no nuclear weapons. Were they even real ?
Me - why not real ? They were not huge. Same as you i guess
Monika - shut up. I would never rub it against another woman and kiss it
Me - You have never tried, it is hot for women
Monika - chhi only for movies like this
Me - i know for real. Just imagine wont you like is someone rubs those weapons of mass destruction
Monika - ohh please . I am not that desperate
Me - Is it ? I wil tyr then
Monika - Haha. In your dreams
Me - In my dreams, I am not limited to touch your weapons
Monika - In my dream, I killed you and your gun :P
Me - Haha.. I wish you kill me and my gun :P
Monika - Chhi. You make everything dirty
Me - Haha Dirty ? Oh my sweet 16 baby
Monika - Haha.. I am married. I am dirty already :P Ok not dirty but vulgar :P
Me - The video is not vulgar. It is hot
Monika - Whats hot. Two girls making out and then this guy comes who is also unreal. No one can do so long and that too two girls. One guy cannot even manage one girl
Me - Haha--Been there done that
Monika - WHat ??? Liar. I am married. I know guys
Me - You only know Rahul maybe :P
Monika - Ohh..So you are a big stud.
Me - Will tell you in person
Monika - Ohh is it. I am sure you cant manage and you have never done. You could not even manage Kanika :P
Me - Haha..I wish :P Did you enjoy the video or not
Monika - No
Me - Liar. You saw full
Monika - I was just interested to see if this guy would really do the deed
Me - And ?
Monika - It was all a movie, all fake
Me - It can be real. Trust me
Monika - YOu mean one guy, two girls and still all happy
Me - Haha..Depends if there is no jealousy :P
Monika - Shut up. Haha. All fake. Dont see too much. It confuses mind
Me - Haha..It seems it excited you
Monika - No no.
Me - Dont lie. I know
Monika - Please dont say this to anyone. It did a bit. Cannot believe a guy and two girls.
Me - So you liked the vide
Monika - No no.
Me - I will tell you in person what happened with me
Monika - Really ? Please do
Me - How about my hug and kiss
Monika - Haha..in your dreams
Me - I will hug you on Friday night. At 2 AM in the night
Monika - What ?? Crazy. Rahul will be there. Also i hug you anyway
Me - Not that hug. MY date hug.
Monika - Is it differennt.
me - It is. 2 AM Friday night, I will wake you up.
Monika - And get me killed. Dont do anything. Just sleep. I know you wont
Me - We will see
Monika - You cannot. I know.
Me - Check this one out xxx.xxx
Monika - Chhi. Not again
Me - I miss you
Monika - Really ??
Me - The girl in this link is like you :P
Monika - Shutup. See you on Friday. YOu will get me confused
Me - See you sweety

Next morning, Sunita was there at her usual time in a long skirt and a top. She was making tea when i walked in the kitchen, held her from behind and lifted her skirt up. I said, good that you do not have panties on, otherwise i would be unhappy. I kept her skirt up and felt her ass with my perpetual hard on. She said bhaiya how are you so hard always. You fucked me so hard yesterday. I said Sunita you know, morning hardon lasts longer than anyother. She put her hand behind and touched it. She said bhaiya, it is so hard. Can I play with it. She closed her eyes as she felt my hardon in my shorts. She said bhaiya please take me to your room. I held her by her hair and pushed her down on the kitchen slab. Her boobs crushed on the slab and i raised her skirt over her back and spanked her really hard. She cried oooouuuu bhaiya. I inserted my finger in her pussy and said you seem ready. She said bhaiya the slab is cold. I held her face to the slab and removed my shorts. I said now you feel some heat as well and shoved my dick in one go inside her pussy. She screamed with pain as her pussy walls tried to accommodate this sudden intrusion. I went all the way in till my pelvis touched her soft ass. I held her by her hair and started fucking her really strong. I was pushing deep and strong but going slow feeling her up as i fucked her. I raised her top and unhooked her bra. She was moaning now and saying bhaiya not so strong, i cant take it. Please go slow, it is too deeeeeep. I cupped her boobs and as soon as i pinched her nipples she shouted bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaa and came. I was still going easy and strong and I kept fucking her. She was continually moaning and saying bhaiyaaaaaa pleaseeeee. I moved her bra up making her nipples touch the cold stone slab. Her nipples instantly turned harder and she screamed ooooh bhaiya. I kept fucking her very quickly now triggering a wave of orgasm inside her. She was not able to speak and the only thing she muttered was bhaiya please stop. I gave one final push and stopped. I stayed deep inside doing nothing, just feeling her pussy up. I could feeel her orgasm, her pussy walls tightening grip around my hard shaft and her body shivering in excitement. She moved her ass a bit as her pussy tried to cream me. I kept shoving my dick deeper as she came and she was slowly grinding her ass. I got some oil from the kitchen shelf and poured it on her ass crack. The cold oil made her utter a silent oooh and as it flowed from her ass crack to her anus and to my penis, she thought i was going to massage her ass cheeks. She said bhaiya dont rub oil on my ass cheeks, i will rub on you. I said this is not for rubbing oil and used my finger to massage her anus with my penis deep in her pussy. She moaned and said bhaiya, please use your finger only. I massaged her anal area with the oil till it became a bit soft and then i took my penis out of her pussy. She understood I was not planning to massage her. She said bhaiyaa no, not there bhaiya... not in my asshole. Your penis will kill me. It will hurt a lot bhaiya. I will suck it please. I held her ass and said, hold your breath and it wont pain a lot. I placed my penis on her asshole as she tightened her ass cheeks. I said, Sunita this will hurt if you don't loosen up. I slowly placed it on her anus. She said no bhaiya no bhaiya please. I held her ass cheeks, parted them and pushed my penis in her virgin asshole. She screamed and said bhaiya fuck me anytime, anywhere and keep me nude, serve me to your female friends but dont fuck me there. She was almost crying with pain. My penis was only in a few centimeters and she was in real pain. I moved my penis in and out slowly within few centimeters to ease her pain. I said, Sunita you and your ass, all is mine now. She said bhaiya I am all yours. Fuck me as much as you want. I will drink your cum, but this is so painful. I held her ass cheeks and pinched her. I said, it will give you the best orgasm of your life and I pushed my penis with full force completely expanding her anal hole as long as my penis went in. She was crying in pain with her boobs rubbed on the cold slab, as she tried to wriggle. She did not try to push me out, she was just trying to take my assault. I stayed at my position, letting her adjust to this new fucking session which was not her expected hole. She contolled herself and after few minutes said, bhaiya, it pains less now and then i started moving in and out very gently. I kept fucking her anal hole slowly for few more minutes till she started moaning in excitement. She said, ooohh bhaiya, this is the fist time I am being fucked there. Your penis is killing, I am sure you can fuck as many as you want and she started moving her ass to enjoy the fucking. I started moving faster and stronger in her anus and she continued to moan loudly. I kept my hand on the slab between her legs and took my thumb up placing it on her pussy hole. As i rammed her anus and the motion not only pressed her ass cheeks with my pelvis but also moved her body a bit on the slab rubbing her. My thumb was going partially in and out in her pussy hole creating an awesome effect on her. It was mostly rubbing her pussy and fucking her just few cms but also massaging her clitoris. This made her alsmost release a jet of her fluid on my thumbs as she came and started moving her ass more and more as she reached her orgasms after orgasms. I was fucking her anus really hard and when she came I inserted my thumbs all the way in, making her mad with pleasure. As her body shivered and jerked with orgasm, I took my penis out and went to the toilet. I washed it clean with water. As i walked out, Sunita was standing there, completely nude.

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Old 16th January 2017
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so good update more

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Old 16th January 2017
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Good one
My Thread :


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Old 16th January 2017
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Badnaam Munni
Unlimited Lust,, BeWaRe FrOm MuNnI,,,

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Old 16th January 2017
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One of the best story in xossip... Read till page 4 in a stretch so far.. Waiting to read the rest.. Keep up the excellent work..

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Old 16th January 2017
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One of the best story in xossip...

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