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Old 8th January 2017
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awsome start

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Old 9th January 2017
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Thanks for this great story. Love the build up.....just loving it! So much tension.....two guys and three girls...so complicated.

Don't delay on the updates, man!

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Old 9th January 2017
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Update 5

We reached their apartment and i called them that we are coming up. Kanika opened the door and she was wearing a salwar suit as usual. I was a bit disappointed and i looked at her with questioning eyes. She looked at me once and then looked the other way and smiled at Abhishek. She said Hi to me and Hiiiiiiii to Abhishek. Abhishek shook her hand and hugged her. She looked at me when he hugged her and I was smiling. She made a weird face and then quickly broke the hug. She welcomes us in and called out to Neha. She asked if we needed water. I said no and so did Abhishek. I was feeling weird as well. but Kanika was even acting weird and it looked funny. I wanted to bring calm to the room as Kanika looked very nervous. I said, Kanika you can relax now, Abhishek is finally here and he is staying with me. He will have no issues, you can trust me. Abhishek said, yes, his place is really nice and he is a really nice guy. Dont worry at all. She smiled and said, I know he is a nice person. She smiled at me and said Thanks. She relaxed a bit and called Neha. She said, how much more time you need. The guys are waiting. Neha walked out in a few minutes and she looked just wow. She was wearing a short tight pink skirt with black laces and a short black top which exposed her navels. The top was really tight showing the perfect shape of her boobs. She looked so smoking hot and sexy that Abhishek was looking at her with his mouth wide open. I looked at her from her sexy stylish hairdo to her eyes, her glossy lips, and her bulging cleavage squished out due to her tight top. Her amazingly perfect abs and a navel which will make anyone want to kiss her navel. Her sexy and shapely thighs looked as if she was a model of a very high standards. I got up and said, you look amazing Neha and hugged her. My hands touched her bare waist line and I pinched her slightly. She said ouch and broke the hug. Kanika asked what happened ? She said nothing, it seems some mosquito bit me. Kanika said ok ok, and then introduced her to Abhishek. Abhishek was completely blown by Neha and was barely able to say Hi. Kanika was now feeling awkward. We finally got down and Neha sat infront with me while Abhishek and Kanika were in the back. Abhishek was still lost into Neha it seems and he asked, Karan was telling me how you guys met, but he did not tell exactly how you two got to know each other and date. Before Neha could say anything, I said, We met at the party I told you na. He said, yes that is ok, but how did you manage to talk to her. She is so pretty that I am sure guys would hesistate to talk to her. Neha said, thanks, in fact it was me who spoke to him. You see, he was the only guy who was not drunk and decent in the party. I was impressed with Neha. Kanika was not sure what was going on. Abhishek asked, ohh that is how it started. Was Kanika with you then ? Neha said, no no, she never goes to parties, you know that. Abhishek said yes i know, but she should go out more. Kanika said, I go out more than often and I dont need to go to parties to go out. Abhishek said, I did not mean that, anyway what happened next ? Neha said, he offered me to drop home and i accepted. Abhishek said, were you not afraid taking lift from a stranger. Neha said, after speaking to him I realized we are not strangers, there was this connection i felt. She then looked at me and said, didnt you feel the same connection ? I nodded and said yes yes the connection. Abhishek just said wow, nice story. Neha then asked how about you and Kanika ? Kanika never tells anything. Abhishek said, well ourr is not so filmy, we were classmates and we used to study together. We fell in love and after we got our jobs, we had to maintain this long distance relationship. Neha said, wow that is a nice romantic story. Abhishek added, our relationship is hidden to her family and friends as she is really shy and even I was not sure if we should tell anyone. We are still young and had no job. We said, hmmmm, nice. He then asked,where are we going. I said, I will drop you guys off wherever Kanika says and we will go somewhere after that. I will pick you guys back if our timings match else you guys take a cab back home. He said Ok ok, but we will try to sync. He asked Kanika what was the plan. Kanika had no plan, she was not even sure what to do. She asked Neha, Can you suggest some nice place in Noida. Neha suggested them some mall and we dropped them there. After I dropped them, I said wow Neha you saved me. I did not know what to say to Abhishek. She said, haha, you can thank me later, but i am a good actor na. I said yes yes, you are. We started our discussion in the car as I planned to drive her to a restaurant dhaba near Delhi-Haryana border.
Me - I wanted to say this for a long time, you look absolutely hot and sexy
Neha - Thanks, I wore this top for you.
Me - Realllyyyy...you and your bazookas look amazing
Neha - Hahah..I like it when you praise me..but all guys just want one thing
Me - not just your top, your skirt is so sexy too. You know girls in skirts are my favorite.
Neha - ohh really ? I should have worn something else then
Me - Neha you look killing today, i hope there is no riot
Neha - stop your fake praises
Me - no really. My body is so charged up seeing you and that too sitting so close to me
Neha - hmm liar
Me - not at all. You can touch me to check
Neha - you or your gun. Hahahah
Me - hahaha anything you want
Neha - no need.
Me - so can i touch you ?
Neha - no, keep your hands to yourself.
Me - hahaa ok, as the lady commands. By the way, You dont need to seek praises. You are the hottest girl i have ever been out with and I have been out with few really pretty ones.
Neha - Liar. Tell me about your gfs, Mr Playboy.
Me - I wish i was a playboy. I was serious with all of them. Some were circumstances, some were wrong person and ofcourse I am no hero, some were my obvious lust and mistakes
Neha - I am sorry, i did not mean to hurt you. I am happy that you are telling me about yourself
Me - You havent told anything about you
Neha - First you say.
Me - Well i lost my virginity to my girlfriend and then also got tangled with her sister. Things got messy and Finally we broke up. I am not proud of it, but this is what i am
Neha - really? Her sister too ? I am speechless.
Me - you can judge me
Neha - no no i did not mean that, i am not judging you. It needs courage to accept it. Also i am a stranger to you and you still told me the truth. The only judgement i have is that you are an absolute charm.
Me - haha liar, anyways how about you
Neha - not much, i had a boyfriend but we broke up
Me - why ?
Neha - he wanted to have sex and i was not ready. I understood that all a guy wants is sex
Me - not really, i like spending time with you and the long drive as well
Neha - haha shut up. If i allow you, you will cross all limits in car. Some boys try to touch me here and there even on bikes and act as if its normal
Me - ok, but i dont think i ever tried
Neha - you kissed me and touched me
Me - you still on that ?
Neha - just proving my point
Me - ok ok. I am sorry.
I held her hands and said, your beauty is beyond normal and my moment of weakness proves that.
Neha - shut up and drive.
She let me hold her hands while i drove. Her touch was magical and i could feel erection building up. She was relaxing and enjoying holding hands. She then looked at my bulge and laughed. She said really ? I said, i am sorry. She laughed and started to press my hands playfully. I was enjoying it as well.
We reached the restaurant and when we got down to take a seat, almost everyone was looking at Neha. The waiter was really nervous taking orders and it made me even hornier. We ate slowly talking about lot if other things. We did not realize it was 10 Pm already. I said, i am sorry, i did not realize the time. Time flies with you. She said it is perfectly fine as she was lost as well. Kanika called Neha and said they wanted to go back and when will we come. She asked me and i said it may take us 1-1.5 hours. Kanika told Neha that she will wait in the mall. Neha insisted she should go back and spend time with Abhishek. We started to drive back and Neha was surprised that Kanika did not want to go the apartment and spend some alone time with her boyfriend.
Neha - I am surprised she does not want to spend time with Abhishek
Me - I am sure she wants, maybe she is scared
Neha - If i had a boyfriend, a real one like Kanika has, I would have not even gone out
Me - Haha, what would you do
Neha - Well, you can imagine, my bazookas and his gun would be in a war right now
Me - Hahaha, It is both funny and erotic
Neha - Haha. I am kidding. I dont have a boyfriend, so i dont know
Me - But you have kissed a guy, I guess
Neha - Well, Kissed guys to be honest. Sometimes I have to when they take me out and buy me stuff. Sometimes, because i like them. And now you can judge me
Me - No yaar, not at all. You deserve more and deserve better. First when i saw you I thought you are too self indulged and proud, but the real you is so nice and deep
Neha - What do you mean by deep. Valley ? Haha
Me - Hahah..you are funny too
Neha - Maybe Kanika is having her valley checked now by Abhishek
Me - Hahaha, maybe or maybe more than valley
Neha - I wish we can catch them red handed, it would be so much fun
Me - You mean in the act ?
Neha - That would be fun
Me - Have you ever done the act ?
Neha - Haha, Sorry cannot tell you
Me - Ok ok.

I held her hand again and said, it doesnt matter. She let me hold her hand. I realized her skirt has now risen up almost revealing her panties. I said, it seems your skirt is trying to reveal the secret. She quickly adjusted her skirt and said, haha, it is long enough to hide the secret. I said, you have amazing body shape, even your legs are so sexy. She said, spare something stud. I laughed and said, I want all of you, not just one part. She laughed too and said, liar. I think Kanika likes you and I think you like her too. I said, so, even if it is true, I like you too. She said, ohh big hearted guy, likes everyone. Is there anyone you dont like ? I said not that i know of. She laughed and then pinched me on my waist. She said you are just as nymphomaniac as other guys. I pinched her on her bare waist as well, and said you are more erotic than any other girl. She was really blushing now and said, you know, you praise me so much that I may end up kissing you. I said, ohh is it so, then please kiss me. She said, no way idiot. We held hands and we kept pinching each other. I was also caressing her arms from time to time and she really liked the way i was touching her. She was relaxed and playing songs and dancing.

We reached the apartment and I follwed Neha on the stairs as the lift was taking some time. The decision was perfect as I was able to see her pink panties under her skirt as i walked behind her. Her hips were shaking as she walked and it completely aroused me. She turned around to talk to me and maybe realized it and said, you cheat, walk ahead of me and she pushed me ahead of her. She said, I know what are you looking at. I said nothing, I just saw what you showed. She blushed and said, you saw nothing. I said, not much, just pink satin. She was really feeling ashamed now and she hit me from behind and said, please dont look at me. I am feeling horribly shy. We reached the apartment and Neha decided to use her key instead of ringing so we can catch them in action. She slowly opened the gate, hoping she would find something interesting, but as soon as she opened the door, Kanika asked is it you Neha ? Neha was a bit surprised and said, what are you guys doing in living room, I thought you guys must be in her room. She said, shameless dont think too much. Kanika did not like her comment. Abhishek and Kanika were not talking much and it seemed a bit weird but we did not say anything. Kanika said, you can take Karan to your room. Kanika was upset with something it seems and Neha's comment made her angrier. Neha said ok ok relax, i am sorry. Kanika said, maybe you two should get going now. Neha said, wait, I did not even say good bye properly nor did i thank him. Kanika said, do it quickly and let them go. She asked why it took so much time and why were we late ? I said, actually it is my fault, as the restaurant was far and there was traffic. Kanika looked at me with sad eyes and said, Ok, I will leave you guys alone for some time. Neha said, no no you guys sit, we dont have anything special to do. Neha then said, I just need to talk to him for few minutes, so i will take him to my room. Neha took me to her room and the room was very well set, beyond my expectation. I said, wow nice room. She said, thanks. She then said, thanks for standing up for me, but normally Kanika never speaks like that. Something is wrong. I said, yes, but we dont know na, maybe you can ask her later. Neha then said, sorry to disturb your mood as well, I actually wanted to just give you a hug and it felt awkaward there. I said, you are a sweetheart. She was standing near her bed and I went near her and said, if you hug me in this dress, i hope i do not lose control. She said, shut up and she hugged me. She said, thanks for the awesome drive, food and the best date i ever had in my life. She hugged me tight and i then moved my hand on her bare waist, caressing her back and pulled her close to me. Her boobs touched my chest as i pulled her in and her pelvis touched my crotch. She raised herself on her toes to hug me better and I was soon lost into her with an amazing erection. She could feel my erection and she smiled. She said you are really out of control. I said, I am sorry, cannot control it. She kept hugging me and moved her hands inside my shirt to touch my bare waist. She said, you are soft too. I was now really getting uneasy down there and i was groping her waist. We were necking each other, when i said, should i lift you up. She said breathlessly, yes. I put my hands under her hips and lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around me and hugged me so tightly that i was completely erect now. My hardon was visible and apparent through my jeans. She could feel it as well and I am sure it was making her uneasy as well. She stopped necking me and looked at me and then kissed my lips for a brief moment. She then smiled at me and I let her down slowly rubbing through my hardon. I said you made me mad with your kiss. She said, Kanika will kill us. I said, but my kiss is due. She said no due. I made sad face. She said, dont act, but just one kiss. I said, Ok i will kiss you once but you wont stop my hands. She said shut up, I know what you want. I said, I wont touch your bazookas, I promise. She did not say anything and then said, you did not need permission and smiled. I held her by her waist and pulled her close again. I moved in and sucked her lower lips slowly and then moved to upper lips. I sucked her lips for a while and then inserted my tongue to kiss her deep. I was sucking her really well and her soft lips tasted like cream. I was sucking her slowly and also massaging her tongue. My hands moved to her ass and she moved her hands to my crotch and started rubbing my penis over my jeans. I kept kissing her and slowly started to squeeze her ass. I kept kissing her and did not let go as i was only allowed a single kiss. Neha broke the kiss to breathe and said, stop. She was breathing heavily and her nipple pokies were now visible over her top as she was getting hard in her nipples. She said, enough. I said, but you said one kiss and i was not done yet. She removed my hand and said, this was one kiss ? are you crazy. I said yes, when did i break or stop ? Kanika shouted from out, what the hell you guys are doing. Neha said, you will get me killed as well. Now go. I said - I wont go like this, no way. I need some time plus my kiss is due. She said, nothing is due. I said, ok then I will go out with the erection. She said no no are u crazy. I said, then my kiss is due or not. She said,ok ok u crazy bad boy. But no funny business. I said Ok, you are a sweetheart and i kissed her on her cheeks. I indicated that i needed one too and she kissed me on my cheeks and went out.

Kanika asked, what are you guys doing. Neha said nothing yaar, talking about the dinner and plan for tomorrow. I walked out soon and said, and discussing what can we do together, all four of us. Kanika looked at us suspiciously. She said nothing, but looked angry. She said, ok i think it is too late now. I said ok and called Abhishek. I hugged Neha again and then drove home. Abhishek was mostly silent and did not speak much except it was good. It was already 12 PM. I went to my room to sleep. I had two messages, one from Neha and one from Kanika.
Neha - Hey, thanks for the date, I hope you reached safely. Just to let you know, I was a bit carried away and I am sorry if i gave you any wrong hint
Kanika - You are such a bad person. What were you two doing in the room ? You are disgusting

I was not sure whom to reply, but i conversed with them together and this is how the conversation went between us (listed one by one)

with Neha
Me - You are welcome and what hint ? It was just a kiss
Neha - No guy has ever been in my room. You are the first one. Also, i kissed you first and touched you, so you may think i was looking for some night stand
Me - Haha, not at all. I am glad that i was the first guy to be there. Your kiss aroused me and thats it. No other thoughts. You touching me there was the highlight. I came a little i guess
Neha - Haha, really ? I am sorry. You are such a child. I wanted to hug you and kiss you. You made my day special.
Me - Thanks, i wanted to as well. But was afraid of you.
Neha - Haha. You should be. Now dont think about it and forget about it
Me - One kiss is due
Neha - No due, nothing is due. Forget it and relax. Gn, sd and tc. I am blaming myself as i got carried away.
Me - Whatever you say, but a promise is a promise. Gn and tc
Neha - :P
Me - hugs and kisses
Neha - Haha hugs, byee

with Kanika
Me - Why are you angry ? Is there any issue with Abhishek ?
Kanika - First tell me, did you guys kiss or something
Me - Yes, why not, it is normal at the end of a date
Kanika - What ?? you liar and cheat. How can you kiss someone on first date. I went out as well. We did not kiss, and he is my boyfriend
Me - Why you did not kiss ? he is your boyfriend, you should kiss him
Kanika - Shut up. Dont talk to me

After few minutes she messaged again
Kanika - I am sorry, I am upset. I took my anger out on you
Me - It is ok. I asked na, what is the issue, tell me
Kanika - Abhishek tried to kiss me
Me - So ? you did not like it ? He is your boyfriend
Kanika - I know, but I never felt ok with it earlier as well. I never kissed him. He forced me when we got in the apartment. We had a fight.
Me - Forced as in ?
Kanika - He tried to kiss me
Me - Hmmm..You are overthinking I think. It is just a kiss
Kanika - I know, but i did not feel ok or ready with it. Plus when you guys came, Neha made me angrier. Then you guys went in the room and you had lipstick mark on your cheeks
Me - Haha, so you got angrier, Miss tiny hulk
Kanika - I am sorry, but i felt so angry. Also i abused you a lot. I did not mean to
Me - It is ok sweety. Dont worry. Tomorrow will be fine. You can hug him and kiss him. You love him, he loves you
Kanika - You are so sweet. I missed you. Thanks for listening to me.
Me - anytime
Kanika - Did you guys really kiss ?
Me - To be honest, yes
Kanika - .... Good night
Me - Hugs and good night

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Old 9th January 2017
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Hot one
My Thread :


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Old 9th January 2017
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Why do women deny themselves? Kanika wants Karan, Neha wants Karan, Monika wants Karan. Neha dresses so sluttily, any man will take her but she still acts so savitri. She is the only one actually free to love Karan. And poor Abhishek, lost his childhood love, for the moment anyway.

Waiting for Moniker to allow Karan to let shoot his bullets......

Good, very good!

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Old 9th January 2017
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This is an amazing erotic start. Please keep the tempo gng with regular updates.

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Old 9th January 2017
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Let it be your earlier story or this, you have some nerve gripping narrating skills my friend.

Also, unlike others, what keeps you apart from them is your consistency in updating your stories, which earns you more respect as a writer.

All I could say is you are a 5Star writer beyond doubt and you have a remarkable tendency to finish your stories.

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Old 9th January 2017
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Waiting for more of friend's wife
Please continue.
Repped you.

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Nice update..... romantic n hooot.......

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Old 9th January 2017
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Good bro well balancing 3 of them
I need to see monika in sex relation in absence of her husband
Try to fuck monika daily like her husband my create ur story that makes story awesome

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