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Old 2nd February 2017
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Old 2nd February 2017
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I was awaken by the ring tone of my phone. It was my friend calling me. I rejected his call and came in the drawing room,switched the TV on and sat on the chair.Soon my mom returned from the office. She looked at me and asked me whether I had eaten.I replied that I was not hungry. I had not bathed yet and was looking like a ghost.She then told me, rather scolded me ,why I had not bathed yet. She ordered me to go to bathe.I did not want to go but she stood there staring at me with stern face so I went to bathe.

While I was taking bath, I heard my phone ringing. I came out and went to the drawing room. I was feeling better and refreshed. I saw my mom standing there with my phone in her hand. She definitely seemed to have talked with him.She asked me why I was not taking up his calls. I told her I was happy with myself and did not want to talk to him. She insisted me to call him. I took the phone from her hand and dialed my friend’s number.

He blasted me for not answering his calls. I threatened him that I would cut the call so he calmed down. I asked him what the matter was. He told me that he and his friends were going to play a cricket match against seniors’ team.Their team was short of one player so he was inviting me to play with them. I told him that I would think and inform him later and disconnected the call.

My mom asked me about the reason of his calling. I told her about the cricket match. She insisted that I should go with him. She told me that I needed to mingle with friends rather to be alone all the time.I told her that I was feeling weak so she told me that I must go there even if I did not want to play.She took the phone from my hand and dialed my friends number.She gave the phone to me and told me to confirm to him that I would go with him.I hesitatingly confirmed to him of my going. And I also informed him that I would not be useful to them.

Next day , I took the bath and came for breakfast. After serving me the breakfast ,my mom went inside her room to prepare for the office. She came out wearing dark blue chiffon saree with black blouse. She told me that she had to attend a very important meeting so she would be late in the evening and she left for the office.

My friend came to pick me up. I went with him on his activa. I met with my friends after very long time.They remarked that I was looking thin and bald.Although I was not well,I decided to play.It was fun hanging around with friends.One of the friends was boasting about his bating skills and about how he scored 200 runs in the last match.We were hoping too much from him and he was clean bold on the very first ball of the match. We lost the match and he was made target for teasing. It was fun. We hung out there until it was the evening. So my friend suggested to for Pizza. He collected money from every person and we all the 11 people went to a famous pizza hub. It was great.My dad called me and told me to give the phone to my mom as her phone was switched off.I told him that I was with my friends and would tell her once I reached the home.

When I reached at home, I found that mom hadn't returned yet. I entered in the home and drank the water and sat on the sofa. After sometime doorbell rang and I opened the door. It was my mom and Raju uncle. She came inside and removed the sandals. Raju followed her and after removing his shoes he sat beside me and told my mom to give him water.She went into the kitchen and brought the glass and gave it to him. She sat opposite to us and asked me how my day was. I was very excited so I told her minutest detail about the match,pizza party and of course teasing of a friend. She looked happy. I then informed her about dad’s call. So she dialed dad's number and started talking with him. After she finished the call,Raju uncle asked what was he saying. She replied,

“He needs your help”

“What happened.”

“He contacted the Embassy.”

“Did not they help?”

“They did promise to help but he felt that they were not willing to displease rulers of that country on mere suspicion of a person. They told him that they cannot interfere with their personal matters but they would provide legal assistance if it is needed”


“Then why he is worried.”

“Because he fears that he would be in trouble and they would not let the embassy know about him”

My mom further added,

“And he really wants to know who those guys are ,and he does not want to contact the police. You told me that you have contacts there.”

“Yes. I have a friend who has business interest in that country and can help us”

Raju said after some moments,

“We will go to his office to meet him on next sunday”


I was very concerned about my dad so I told my mom that I also wanted to go with them.She agreed to take me with them.Then my mom asked me whether I had taken the medicines. I replied in negative. So she stood up and went into the kitchen to prepare the solution. Raju was doing something in his phone.She came outside having a cup in one hand and water in the other hand.She came to me,stood in front of me and asked me to drink it.I half heartedly took the cup from her hand.She then went back into the kitchen. I looked at Raju uncle.He was staring at me and had weird expressions.Suddenly his phone started ringing. It was a call from his boss and he was busy in talking with him.

I quietly stood up and went into the kitchen. My mom was busy in doing something in the fridge.I hurriedly emptied the cup into the sink and placed it on the platform. My mom looked at me and smiled.I made a face and told her that it was very bitter. I drank water and came outside in the drawing room.I sat on the sofa chair opposite to Raju.My mom came out from the kitchen and sat on the sofa beside Raju.They started chit chatting.

I was tired due to the activities of the day and was uninterested in their talk so I closed my eyes and sat still. I then heard Raju mentioning my name. I was alarmed.They were talking about me in a very low voice but I could not understand about what they were talking. Suddenly I heard the voice of Raju,

“I think he has slept.”

“Are you sure?”

“Check him out.”

I was stunned by hearing this.I was very angry and very disappointed.I was upset that my own mother was collaborating with him in drugging me so that they could do whatever they wanted to do.I sat there like statue with closed eyes.

After some time I felt a soft hand touching my cheek and pushing my shoulder as if to wake me up but I did not move. I heard my mom’s voice,

“Yes,you are right.He is gone.”

“Good,now come here.”

“It is the last time mister. I will not give anything to him from now.”

“Yes baba.Now leave it and come here.”

There was a silence for few moments. After that I heard weird sounds. I dared to open my eyes slightly and saw that Raju and my mom was standing and kissing.Raju had wrapped his hands around my mom’s waist and her left hand was placed on the back side of his head and her right hand was on his chest. Their mouth was joined and it was like they are eating something from each other’s mouth. He was aggressively pushing his tongue in my mom's mouth and she was trying to catch it. I was feeling sick. I was seeing someone kissing first time in my life. The feeling is not describable.

After five or so minutes he broke the kiss and turned my mom around.I immediately closed my eyes.I slightly opened my eyes and found that he was hugging my mom from behind and kissing on her neck and on her earlobes.His left hand was inside the pallu and caressing her stomach and his thumb was teasing her navel.His right hand was wrapped around her chest and it was placed on her left breast.He was caressing her breasts one by one.Mom’s eyes were closed and her hands were held behind doing something I could not figure out.

He then made my mom turn towards him and slowly pushed the pallu of her saree off her shoulder. It fell on the floor. He then caught the fabric from the front and jerked it.The knot came outside from her petticoat and he unwrapped her saree. She stood there wearing petticoat and blouse.He then hugged her and started kissing on her forehead,cheeks and neck.He then parted from her and removed his shirt. His chest was hairy.My mom hugged him and started kissing on his neck and on his chest.She would kiss on his nipple, place it between her teeth,pull it and then release it. Raju was making weird sounds. Marks of lipstick were all around his neck and chest.Once she bit his nipple very hard so he slapped on her ass and then started kissing on her lips.He placed his hands on her ass and started feeling it.He started moving his hand in a circular motion on her ass.

He then lifted her and sat on the sofa.He made her sit on his lap.She was sitting in such a way that her legs were placed on the sofa and her back was held by Raju’s right hand.He moved her face to his face by his left hand and started kissing her.He then placed his left hand just below her left breast and took the breast upside.He did the same with her right breast.He caressed them and squeezed them.He then moved his hand downwards and made some movement on her bare stomach with his fingers. My mom felt tickling and started chuckling.She caught his hand and made him stop.Their mouth joined and kissing game started.While kissing her his hand slipped inside her petticoat and there was some movement inside it.After a while he broke the kiss and said something in her ear.
She gently told him,

“No,not here darling. I had to clean lot of mess last night when we did it here.I had to wash carpet,sofa covers and God knows what else.Let's go to my room darling.”

“Ok, as you wish.”

And he stood up carrying her in his arms and proceeded towards her bedroom.

I sat there being disgusted.I had never seen something like that in my life.I did not know what to do.I was sad.I was feeling sympathy towards my dad and I strongly disliked ,if not hated ,my mom. My dad was working very hard living alone so that we could live comfortable life and here was my mom enjoying her life.I thought of informing my dad about her and uncle but then I realized that it was not good option as he needed Raju’s help. After some time, I started hearing some weird voices from her bedroom like aaah,ooh,ooomphh. I was feeling sick in my stomach.I wanted to vomit but I could not as they would find out about me.It was very awkard and hard ,sitting there ,suppressing the feelings.After two or so hours I heard the sound of feet coming towards the drawing room so I sat like earlier and closed my eyes.

I slightly opened my eyes and saw that Raju had gone in the kitchen.He was wearing only shorts .He came outside from the kitchen and a can of beer was in his hand.I was surprised about how it came in our kitchen. He sat on the sofa and calmly started taking sips from the can.I was hearing sound of flush and shower in the washroom.

After few minutes my mom came outside wearing only yellow kurti.It reached below her knees.Her hair was open and wet.She was looking very relaxed.She sat on his lap and quickly kissed on his lips.He placed opening of the can to her mouth and she drank the beer from it.I had seen her smoking but was seeing her drinking beer first time.She then mentioned my name.

I closed my eyes.She was telling him how she was worried about me. She told him to help her putting me to my bed.After few moments I felt soft hands trying to pull me up from my shoulders but was unable to do so.I heard Raju laughing.He said he would carry me by my shoulders and told her to help him with my feet.I felt big hands strongly squeezing my shoulders from inside my hands and soft hands taking my feet off from the floor.They carried me to my bedroom and placed me on my bed.My mom was breathing very hard. After a while I opened my eyes very slightly and saw that Raju was trying to hug her but she pushed him and told him that it was enough.She then told him to go.Raju quickly kissed on her lips and left.

My mom turned towards me.I closed my eyes in a flash.I felt a hand on my head and a gentle kiss on my forehead. I heard her voice saying sorry and then heard closing of the door.

Update 11

Nothing new happened on the next day.It was one of the usual days.I woke up, had bath,took breakfast,mom left for the office,I saw TV,surfed the net,Savita aunty came,made lunch and left,I ate the lunch,took nap,read something,mom returned from the office,we chatted for sometime,she prepared the dinner,we had it,dad called and she talked with him and the day was over.

It was Thursday. My mom told me that she needed to travel on the next day and would return on the Saturday. I was scheduled to have Chemotherapy session on the Saturday so she was worried.I told her to postpone either travelling or chemo but she replied that neither was possible. She then dialed to Raju and talked with him about taking me to the hospital.Raju agreed to it.

My mom left on Thursday.Before leaving she reminded me to take the medicines and call her if I needed anything.She then told me that Savita aunty would prepare the food and clean the house in her absence.Moms are weird.It was only matter of two days but she was acting like she was going for a month.I told her not to worry about me and go instead.

Saturday felt ominous.It was the Chemo day.Raju uncle took me to the hospital and I was admitted for the session.Raju sat there for some time and then stood up and told me to call him as he had to do some important work and left.Medicines started showing its effect and I drifted into sleep.I was waken up by the voice of woman talking with someone and found that it was my mom talking over the phone. I was happy to see her.She had returned from travelling.She asked me how was I when I looked at her. I replied that I was ok.I was discharged after the session was over.Raju uncle arrived there to take us to the home and we went by his car.He dropped us in the parking area and told my mom that we would go to meet his friend Yusuf on the next day.Mom replied ok.He drove off saying he would come at 10 o’clock in the morning.

I was very excited and woke up early in the morning.I took the bath and came outside for the breakfast.After serving me breakfast she went into her room.I ate it and put the dishes into the sink.I then sat on the sofa waiting for her.She came outside wearing light pink kurti and white leggings with a phone in her hand. She told me to hurry up as Raju uncle was waiting at the gate of the society.

We went to his car.My mom greeted him and settled in the front seat while I sat on the rear seat.Yusuf’s office was in the posh area. His receptionist asked about us and told us to wait.She then picked up the phone and talked to someone.Then she told us to go inside his office.

Yusuf stood up as soon as he saw us and hugged Raju uncle.He then looked at my mom and folded his hands and said,

“Namastey bhabiji”

My mom was about to say something but Raju gestured her to remain silent. Yusuf looked at me and told my mom to feed me eggs and chicken as I was looking very skinny. My mom just smiled and he sat on his chair.We settled on the chairs on the opposite side of his big table.His office was magnificent and he was looking gentleman.He conversed with us very softly.

He asked Raju about the reason of us visiting him.Raju uncle told him that we needed his help.He then told him that his good friend was in trouble.He explained to him about the situation and events that occurred to my dad like security agency raiding his company’s factory and detaining him, incident at his home,people following him etc etc. He listened with great interest and promised to help us as much as it was possible.

On the way back ,my mom asked Raju about Yusuf’s business.Raju replied that he was into fishery.He would export and import the fishes and other sea food.Raju added that it was his surrogate business.It was to cover up his main activity that was smuggling of gold and diamonds from that country. Due to that he had lot of contacts with influential people like big businessmen and the princes.

Raju then suggested to go for a movie.I remembered earlier experience and before my mom could say anything, I protested. I told them that I was not in a mood for movie. My mom also agreed with me so Raju had to drop the idea and we went to the home.

There was a concert of a famous singer in one of the auditoriums of the city.I wanted to go there but all the passes were sold out.In the evening Raju called my mom and told her to be ready as he had managed to obtain three passes and we would be going there.I was very excited and hugged my mom when she told me about it. We were ready when Raju called us in the evening.My mom had wore sleeveless black top and red skirt with floral design.Her top was deep necked and little bit of cleavage was visible.Skirt reached upto her knees.She had tied her hair into a bun behind her head and it was held together by a stick like hair pin.She wore black sandals with lot of strings.

Raju was amazed when he saw her. When she was about to open the front door of the car , Raju told her to wait and took her pic in his mobile.We went to a nice restaurent and had dinner.Then we went to the place and took the car in underground parking area.It was very dark.Although concert was yet to start,It was full of the cars. Raju found a space in the last of the raw.It was under the slope of the staircase.Raju parked the car and we went into the hall.

It was dark and we showed our passes to the employee.He focused his battery to our seats and we found that it was very far from the stage.I was little disappointed.We went there and sat there.All the hall was packed and soon concert started.Crowd was out of control.Most of the people were college students. After some time I saw my friend sitting in the raw near to the stage.I texted him and asked him whether I should go to him.He replied that there was not a single seat vacant but we could adjust in one seat so I told my mom about him and I went to him.He had come with his friend.It was really fun.Seeing celebrity on TV was different and seeing them live was different.

I took lot of pics and shot videos of the concert.Soon battery of my phone was drained. So I went towards my mom to ask about power bank but found that the seats were empty.I dialed her number but it was out of reach.I was worried so I came outside and went to the parking area. It was dark and no one was inside it as the show was ongoing and watchmen had also gone upstairs.I could not find Raju’s car.I was worried.I called my mom but she didn’t answer the call.I then realize that I was on the opposite direction of the staircase and remembered that the car was parked towards it.

I hurriedly went towards the car and relieved to see Raju uncle standing on the other side of the car.I saw my mom’s purse was placed on the bonnet of the car.I did not know where my mom was.There was pillar where I was standing.I was about to ask Raju about my mom but then I realized something was wrong.I hid behind the pillar and sat on my knees and observed that Raju was standing on the other side of the car with his hands placed on the roof of the car.His head was rested on the wall behind him,his mouth was open and his eyes were closed.

I silenced my phone and dialed my mom’s number and could hear her phone’s ringtone.Raju looked irritated.I saw his hand going into my mom’s purse and ringtone was silenced.He cut my call.He then returned to previous position.I dialed her number another time and this time I could see a hand coming up from the floor and trying to catch the purse.I recognised that it was my mom’s hand. I could not understand why was she sitting there.Raju took the purse in his hand and I saw it disappearing behind the car. I heard the voice of my mom on the other side. I asked her,

“Mommy, where are you?”

“Hello, hello, I can not listen to you,hello”

And the call was disconnected. I was confused.

After few moments I saw head of my mom emerging from the roof of the car. She was doing something in her phone. Then she placed the phone on her ear. Raju led her to the bonnet.I could see his penis was dangling in the front. He made her sit on it. I heard vibration of my phone and answered it.
“Hello mommy, where are you?”

“We are not in the hall beta.”

Raju put his penis inside his pants while she talked with me. He placed his right hand on her right breast and pressed it.

“I know mommy but where are you?

“I ,I ,I had a headache beta.So we are going to home now.”

I was very upset at her.She even did not think about me.Raju then inserted his left hand inside her skirt and started doing something.

“How can you mommy?Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Sorry beta.Headache was severe.I didn’t tell you because you were enjoying the show beta.”

Raju had moved his right hand from her breast to her back.Then he inserted it inside her blouse.I could see the outline of his hand moving up and down inside her top.His left hand that was inside her skirt started moving and she closed her eyes.

I said,
“Hello, Hello”

But she didn’t answer.After sometime I could hear her voice,

“Sorry beta,network is bad here.”

“OK but how will I come to home mommy?”

“Ask you friend to drop you at home beta.”

“Where are you now, mommy?”

“I am in the par…..I am on the way back to home.I will call you later beta.”

“But ,wait mommy, What if he does not agree to drop me at home?”

“Dont worry, I would ask Raju uncle to bring you at home.Now enjoy the show beta.”

And she disconnected the call. Raju took out his left hand from inside the skirt and inserted its fingers in my mom’s mouth.She sucked it like a candy and then he removed it and kissed her on the mouth. He placed his hands on her bums and carried her while kissing her. He opened the door of the car and let her sit on the front seat.He settled on drivers seat and started the car.

I hurriedly went further behind and saw the car approaching the pillar. I looked inside the front glass and found that my mom was bent and her head was not visible. I was relieved when car passed by me.Luckily Raju was looking straight and he could not see me.

I returned to my friend with heavy heart and told him that my mom had gone to the home and asked him whether he could drop me at home.He agreed to it.I lost interest in the show.I just sat there waiting for the show to be over. Music seemed like noise to me.After an hour it was over and my friend dropped me at my home and then left.

I slightly pushed the door and found that it was open so I went inside my home.Drawing room was empty and dark but I could see a line of the light on the floor of the hallway.It meant they were in her bedroom and its door was slightly ajar.

My heart was screaming not to go there but my legs obeyed my mind and I sat on my knees and peeped inside.I saw my mom and uncle were lying on her bed.He was lying on his back and my mom was lying on Raju’s left side and she was facing him.Her head was resting on his shoulder and her back was towards me. A bed sheet was covering them. I could sense that they were naked inside it. My mom’s whole of the back and legs were visible as the bedsheet covered the area from her bums to knees.Raju was murmuring something and my mom was chuckling.

I then stood up and went outside the main door,pressed the doorbell and waited for the door to be opened.After ten minutes my mom opened the door wearing grey t shirt and sweatpants. I came inside the home and saw Raju uncle sitting on the sofa. She said sorry because they had to return without taking me with them.I replied it was ok.

Raju uncle left after few minutes.My mom gave me medicines and went to her room. I drank the solution and water and went to my room.I lay on the bed and started thinking.It was too much.I must do something but what could I do? An idea was coming in my mind for few days and I decided to act upon it.I decided to write an anonymous letter about Raju’s affair with my mom and post it to his wife’s address.

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waiting 4 the update
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This story is awesome.......but I have a request to you.....can you please continue the story my mom teeth full story

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Next day when she left for the office, I took out the pen and paper from my school bag and wrote down a letter addressing Raju’s wife.Her name was Shalini. I knew her name from the earlier conversations between Raju and my mom. Raju would often talk about his wife like how she was bad looking,how she was hot tempered and that kind of stuff. I wrote,

Dear Shalini,

Your husband Raju is not a good man.He is having an affair with a woman working with him and cheating you. She is also married and is mother of a son.Save him and yourself from her, Shalini. I am your well wisher. If you have any doubt, ask about this to anyone in their office.

Thanking you,

Your well wisher.

But there was a problem. I did not have her address.I folded the letter and kept it in my school bag and started thinking about the ways I could obtain his wife’s address. Various silly ideas came into my mind like asking my mom or asking Raju about his wife’s address but I discarded them as they would inquire me about the reason of my asking them about her address and they would find out that I wrote the letter.I thought of going to their office and ask about her address to their colleagues but it was laughable.There was only one way and it was finding out his wife’s address in Raju’s house itself. I was thinking how would I go there.Opportunity arrived after two days.

My mom called me from the office and informed me that she would come home late as her company’s CEO was visiting their office and they had to do a lot of work.She told me that she had talked with Savita aunty and she would prepare dinner for me. She also reminded me to take the medicines.

I heard the doorbell ringing at 11 30 in the night. It was my mom. She asked me whether I had eaten as soon as she entered the house. I replied that I had eaten and had taken the medicines as well.She was looking very tired. I was about to ask something but she kept her hand on my head and said,

“Sorry beta, I am too tired. We will talk tomorrow, OK.” and left for her room.

I closed the main door and went into mine. Next morning at the breakfast she told me that
she had to prepare lot of reports as her company’s CEO was visiting from the USA. She told me that she would be late again in the night and Savita like previous day would prepare dinner for me.She hurriedly prepared herself and left for the office.She came late in the night on that day also.

Next day in the afternoon she called me and told me that her company had arranged small dinner party at a banquet hall of a famous hotel and we needed to attend it. She told me that she would come home early and we would go there. I told her that I did not want to go there as there is no fun and I get bored in the office parties but my mom told me that everyone is invited with their family members and with whom she would go if I did not come. So I said OK.

My mom came early from the office. She greeted me and told me to be prepared as we needed to be at the avenue at 8 pm.Then she went into her room and closed the door.I went into my room and changed into white half sleeved casual shirt and blue denim jeans.I came to the drawing room,sat on the sofa and switched the TV on.

After few minutes she came outside of her room carrying black purse in her hand and mobile in her other hand.She had wore semi transparent black and grey dual color georgette saree with red corner.It was tied below her navel and it could be seen. Her blouse was deep necked and little cleavage was flaunted.It was sleeveless and there was two inch thick stripes on both the shoulders.There was a string that was tied in a knot behind her neck and it was almost backless except a stripe of material.It was held by a thin stripe behind her back.She wore red pearl necklace and matching earrings. She had applied red lipstick and very small black bindi on her forehead.She wore silver string sandals and told me to hurry up.

We went to the parking area and she started the car.I settled on the front seat.On the way she told me that we needed to pick up Raju from his home as it was situated in the way to the venue.My mom stopped her car near the gate of Raju’s society and called him. Raju came after some time and greeted us and sat on the backseat. He was wearing formal black trousers and blue shirt.He had wore black blazer over the shirt.They kept talking all the way to the hotel.We reached at the venue, parked the car and went into banquet hall.

Guests with their family members were arriving and her boss came to us and greeted us as soon as he saw us.They talked for sometime and he took us to the chief guest-the CEO. He was typical looking American guy with above six feet height and was looking as if he was in his mid fifties.My mom and Raju shook their hands with him and they started talking. I was feeling bored. There was buffet dinner.There was two or three small round dinner tables arranged for important people.I went towards counter of ice cream, took it and started eating.I saw them talking with other people.I settled on the stool in the corner and observed the party. There was no one as beautiful as my mom.Male as well as female guests kept stealing glances at her.Her CEO was seemingly impressed by her as he was talking to her more than any other guest.

I was bored so I stood up and took the plate.I filled my plate with the food and started eating.Soon crowd on the food counter increased and I saw my mom sitting around the table with the CEO and her boss.Raju was standing with a plate in his hand beside the table as there was no place for him to sit.My mom,her boss and the CEO was busy in talking and nobody was paying attention to him.I was feeling happy because they were ignoring him.

I finished my food and sat on the stool waiting for my mom so that we could go from there but they were talking more and eating less.They took almost an hour before they finished.My mom then stood up and went to wash basin to wash the hands.I wanted to leave so I went to my mom and asked when were we going to leave.She told me that it would be inappropriate to leave before the CEO. Finally party was over after two hours as the CEO left for his hotel.

My mom went to the parking area to bring the car while Raju and I waited at the door.As soon as car stopped he went to the front side of the car and sat on the front seat.I had to sit on the back seat.When we reached at Raju’s home he turned towards my mom and suggested that we should stay in his home as it was very late and next day was holiday.My mom did not say anything and started thinking.I saw golden opportunity so I told her that his idea was good and persuade her to stay there.

She agreed and we went into his home. We sat on the sofa and chatted for sometime.After that Raju asked my mom to prepare tea for him and asked me if I wanted it too but I told him that I was feeling sleepy.Raju stood up and went into his room to change the clothes.I could see light from his room falling on the floor of the hallway.My mom spoke next and said to me to sleep in the guest room upstairs and then went into the kitchen.

I went upstairs and sat on the bed. I was on the mission.After half an hour I slowly opened the door and came to the stairs and peeped underneath.It was total silence.It meant they were not in the main hall.So I slowly came down and started looking for the possible place where I could find her address.

I then heard some voice from the kitchen.I went towards the door and looked inside it.They were hugging each other and kissing.Raju had changed into Tshirt and shorts.I could not see more because Raju’s back was towards me and he was blocking my view.Suddenly I remembered why I was there and left that place.

I slowly went into his study room.It was dark so I took out my phone,silenced it and switched on the flashlight of the phone.There was computer table with a desktop placed on it.There was lot of files and stationery.It looked like he never arranged it.I opened the drawer of the table but I could not find anything personal.Just pens and papers related to his office etc.I opened another drawer and it was filled with USB speakers,CDs of songs and movies,handsfree,chargers of phone etc.When I was about to close the drawer a pen drive caught my attention.I took it and placed it in my pocket.

I then went into his bedroom.Light was already on so I switched off the flashlight of the phone.Bedroom was really very spacious one.There was big bed in the middle of the room.I wondered why he needed such a big one as he was living alone.There was corner table next to the bed and it had three drawers.A big 3 door wardrobe was attached to the wall just opposite to the bed and there was huge mirror attached on one of its doors.I opened the door of the wardrobe and found that it was half empty and in the half of its space was occupied by his clothes hanging from the hanger and shoes placed under them.I opened another door and found that there was three or four shelves and different things were put in that.There was a drawer.I tried to open it but it was locked.

I closed the door and went towards the corner table.I opened the first drawer.It contained packet of cigaretes and a packet of condoms with other miscellaneous items.I closed it and opened the other door and eureka! There was a big personal diary.I took that out and saw that a brown cover was placed under it.I opened the cover and took out the paper.It was a fee receipt of some school in UP.It was probably his son’s school.There was student’s name ,address and mobile number typed in that receipt.I put it back into the cover ,folded it and put it in my pant’s pocket.Finally I was successful in my mission.I was very happy and was about to leave when I heard sound of footsteps coming towards the room.

I froze for some moments.That was it.It was over.I was caught.Sound was getting louder and louder.I did not know what to do or what to say to them if they caught me.I was looking here and there not knowing what to do.I was sweating.

Suddenly I looked towards the door of wardrobe and an idea came in my mind.I opened its door and went inside it.I sat there on my knees and closed the door.My heart was beating very fast.I was able to hear the sound of my heart’s beating.I was suffocating in that closed space so I opened the door very slightly so that air could come inside.

They entered into the room within few moments.He was carrying her in his arms.He bent a little so that she could place her feet on the floor.She stood beside him.Her saree had already been discarded and she was in her blouse and underskirt only.He then hugged her and put his lips on her lips and started kissing her.She was actively participating in the kiss.When he was satisfied with the kiss he parted his mouth from her and removed her necklace and threw it on the bed.Next was earrings’ turn.They were also thrown on the bed.

He then sat on the sofa in front of her and put his hands on either side of her ass.He pushed her towards him until his nose touched her bare stomach.He took a deep breath and started kissing on it.He kissed on her navel and on its upper and lower side.He took out his tongue and started licking around her navel.He then poked his tongue into her navel and started flickering it inside and around her navel.Area around her navel was glistening due to his saliva.My mom’s hands were on his head playing with his hair and her eyes were closed.It was very disturbing to see that.I had never imagined my mom in situation like that.

She then placed her left knee on the bed and climbed on his lap.She moved her right foot from the floor and placed its knee on the other side of his lap.Her underskirt was risen up to her knees and her legs were visible.Her breast was in front of his face so he buried his face in the middle of her boobs.He kept his hands on her back and started roaming them on her back.He then placed his right hand on her right breast and pressed it very lightly.He did the same with her left breast.He kept his left hand roaming on her back and put his right hand on her right boob and kissed her on the mouth.

He bit her lower lip and sticked his tongue out.He moved his tongue on her lower and upper lips and tried to open her mouth with his tongue.She understood his intention and opened her lips.He inserted his tongue inside her mouth and she sucked it.She pushed his tongue out from her mouth with her tongue and tried to put her tongue inside his mouth but he was not letting her do it.Instead he forced her tongue back in her mouth and they sealed their lips with each other.

While kissing her, his hands played with the knot of the string behind her neck.He pulled the end of the string and knot was opened.Strings fell on the either side and his hands found the hook of the stripe.He tried to open it but was unable to do that so my mom placed her hands behind her back and opened it herself.Now blouse was open from the backside.He placed his hands on her bare back and started roaming on it.Her back was looking flawless.

He broke kiss and put his hands on her shoulders and slipped the stripes of the blouse off the shoulders.Her blouse fell on her lap and she was topless.Her boobs were round and very soft.They were stout and nipples were pointing towards him.Her areola was brown and it was neither very small nor very large.It was looking perfect on her milky white boobs.Raju placed both of his hands on each boob and started playing with them.He would squeeze them and caress them.He placed his hands under her boobs and pushed them upside and placed his mouth on her left nipple.He stuck her nipple between his teeth and bit them.His other hand found her right boob and pinched her nipple with thumb and index finger.My mom’s eyes were closed and she bit her lower lip and moaned.He took out his tongue and licked on her boobs and sucked her nipples.

He kept playing with her boobs for a while and said something in her ears.She smiled to it like she was in a trance and stood up from his lap. She sat on the floor on her knees and looked towards him.He stood up and removed his shorts with a jerk of his hand.He was not wearing any underwear and I saw his penis.Though I had seen it before in the parking of auditorium, it was the first time I was observing it from such a small distance.It was almost as thick as my hand and was midsize-not very long ,not very short.

My mom wrapped the fingers of left hand around it and looked at it as if she was measuring it.She then looked in his eyes and pushed her hand towards its base.His foreskin was pushed and pink bulb came to sight.She gently kissed on it.She started stroking it lovingly and slowly.She put her right hand on his ball sack and squeezed it.He closed his eyes and moaned.She caught the penis at the base with her left hand and put the head in front of her lips.She took her tongue out and touched it on his hole.She flicked her tongue on and around the hole of his penis for sometime and then started licking his penis all the way from its head to the base.She then put the penis upside on his stomach and licked his balls. She put the tip of her tongue on the skin of balls and came upwards licking underside of his penis.He was groaning very loudly.

She then removed her hands from his penis and placed them on his hips.His penis returned to its original stature in front of her mouth.She opened her mouth and his penis head disappeared into it.She sucked the head for sometime and then took more of the meat into her mouth.Half of the penis was disappeared in her mouth and she was sucking it. She would take it and remove it.She did that for some times.Then Raju placed his hands on her head and pulled her head towards him.All of his penis disappeared in her mouth.I could see a bulge in her throat.She was moaning and tried to be free but she could not overcome his pressure.After few moments he removed his hands from her head and she took out his penis panting.She was breathing heavily.He placed his hands on her head but she resisted so he placed both of her wrists in his left hand and closed his fist.He put his right hand on backside of her head and forcefully inserted his penis inside her mouth until it disappeared completely. She was groaning. Tears started rolling out from her eyes saliva dripped from the corner of her lips.He started making very loud sounds. He left her hands and removed his hand from her head and let her go. As soon as its head came out from her mouth it bursted.It threw white sticky fluid on her lips and all over her face.

He threw himself on the bed and casually looked towards the wardrobe.I was stunned for a second as I felt his eyes met my eyes but was relieved when he told my mom that she was looking beautiful in the mirror.She told him that he was bastard and she would never give him blowjob.He started laughing and said he would not do in the future.He further told her that it was her punishment because she ignored him in the party and was flirting with the CEO. He threw napkin towards her and told her to wipe her face.She took it and started wiping her face.He sat on the bed and asked her if she needed to drink beer.My mom replied she would like to have it and then went into attached washroom.He stood up and left the room.

I saw an opportunity and came out of that closet without making sound and went to the study room.I closed the door and peeped from the keyhole.I was waiting him to return to his room.Soon he returned with a can of beer in his hand.His penis had become stiff again.I came out as soon as he entered into his room and swiftly went towards the main room as the staircase was in that room.I saw my mom’s saree on the floor and I kicked it.I went to the guest room upstairs.


I was feeling disgusted.I lay on the bed and tried to sleep but the scenes started haunting me and I was feeling like vomiting.I tried to control it but I felt I would do it right then so I went in the attached washroom and vomited.I felt better after that.I lay on bed and to pass the time I started playing game in mobile.I could not sleep till 4 am.I was thinking about them all time.

“Rahul, Rahul , wake up. It's already nine beta.”

I was lying on the bed and listening a female voice.Of Course it was my mom shouting from the downstairs and trying to wake me up.

I replied,

“Don't shout mommy, I am awake”

I get up from the bed,finished the routine business and went to the downstairs.I saw my mom and Raju uncle sitting around dining table and having breakfast. They were sitting opposite to each other.

Raju was wearing white loose T shirt and army pattern bermuda shorts.My mom had put on black T shirt and grey sweatpants.Her hair was kept open and it was mildly wet.Her back was towards me and I could see an outline of the bra on her back beneath her T shirt.They were having omelette sandwich and bread butter with jam. Raju smiled weirdly as soon as he saw me.My mom turned her face around and saw me. She said,

“Thank god, you are awake finally.”

She then pointed her finger to a vacant chair on the right side of Raju’s chair and said,

“You sit here beta,I will prepare breakfast for you.”

Saying this she put the sandwich that she had been eating ,back in the plate and stood up to prepare the breakfast for me.Raju told her to finish her breakfast first but my mom didn’t listen to him and went into the kitchen.

I sat there silently looking at the table as I did not like to talk to Raju.After few minutes my mom appeared from the kitchen with a plate containing food in her hand.She placed the plate on the table in front of me and told me to start the breakfast. She then sat on her chair and started having breakfast.

Raju and my mom were talking to each other about visit of the CEO and other matters related to their work. Though I was not interested in their conversation I was listening to them while eating my sandwich.

Raju: “So, all the reports ready?”

Mom : “Not all. I need to prepare at by tonight.I have to submit them to the ‘baldy’.”

I understood they were referring to their boss by calling him ‘baldy’ as he was bald.

Raju: “ Hmmm. You do all the work and that guy would take appreciations. Will he give credit to you when he submits the to the CEO?”
Mom: “ I don't think so.”

Raju: “I would give it to you if I were in his position.”

Mom: “ Hmmm. When are you gonna be in his position?”

Raju: “I don't know.”

Mom: “I have heard he needs appropriate guy for Africa operations.”

Raju: “How do you know that.Tell me what else you know.”

Mom: “You remember I was sitting on his table at the dinner?”

Raju: “Yes.”

Mom : “ He told me there. Current African head is not competent in negotiating with local governments and he feels he should replace him with the ‘baldy’. And if ‘the baldy’ goes to Africa,someone must fill the void. I think there is a strong chance of your being that guy.”

Raju: “Well, I am excited but I know baldy. He must have portrayed me negatively to the CEO.We must do something to know his opinion.”

Mom: “ What can we do?”

Raju: “Invite him for the dinner tonight at your home.You show all your work to him before submitting it to the baldy and let him know that actually it is you who is working and doing most of the stuff. You try to know his opinion about me and try to convince about me if it is possible.”

Mom: “but…..”

She was about to say something and her phone started ringing and she took the phone in her hand and looked at the screen.I was surprised when she announced that It was my dad’s call.She also looked surprised as dad rarely called us in the morning.Usually he would call us in the night.Mom answered the call and started talking with him.We could hear only her voice and it was like ohh,hmmm,yes,ok,hmm,wow,ok.she was looking happy.They talked for almost ten minutes.

When the call was over Raju uncle asked what the matter was.She looked at him and put her left hand on his right wrist on the table and thanked him.He was wondering what was happening as was I.

Mom: “My husband is out of trouble because of you.”

I was also very eager to learn about my dad.

Me: “ Mommy, please tell in detail, what did he say to you?”

Raju: “Yes, your son is right.Tell us now.”

Mom: “OK,Ok.Yusuf’s men met with my husband at his office and took all the details from him and then they started keeping watch over my husband and other people.They realised that some people were following him.Eventually Yusuf’s men found out that they were not the agents of police and they kidnapped one of them.They interrogated him and he said that he and his friends were hired by my husband’s rivals.”

Raju:”But why they needed to hire someone to keep watch on your husband?”

Mom: “ Because my husband was in the middle of an important deal with the ruling family that would give his company an unprecedented leverage over their rivals.”

Me : “So?”

Raju interrupted before my mom could answer.

Raju: “ You are very little to understand these things boy. It is called politics.They would spy on your dad and try to find out his mistakes or sins and then use it against him.”

Mom: “ My husband was also talking about interest of an influential local family in that rival company.”

First time in my life, I did not hated Raju.In fact I was somewhat proud of him and grateful to him.

Me: “I am very happy mommy.”

Mom : “ Me too beta.And this is all because of Raju uncle.There is one more thing.”

I was wondering what was it.Then she spoke,
Mom: “ Your dad has decided to come to India for a week.”

Wow,That was a really great news.I was very happy and excited. It was the best day.My mom then looked at Raju and said, “ Thank you.”

Raju: “Well ,I think I deserve ‘a special thank you’. ”

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