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Old 13th February 2017
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pls continue!!
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update please
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Originally Posted by drubyu View Post
Next day when she left for the office, I took out the pen and paper from my school bag and wrote down a letter addressing Rajuís wife.Her name was Shalini. I knew her name from the earlier conversations between Raju and my mom. Raju would often talk about his wife like how she was bad looking,how she was hot tempered and that kind of stuff. I wrote,

Dear Shalini,

Your husband Raju is not a good man.He is having an affair with a woman working with him and cheating you. She is also married and is mother of a son.Save him and yourself from her, Shalini. I am your well wisher. If you have any doubt, ask about this to anyone in their office.

Thanking you,

Your well wisher.

But there was a problem. I did not have her address.I folded the letter and kept it in my school bag and started thinking about the ways I could obtain his wifeís address. Various silly ideas came into my mind like asking my mom or asking Raju about his wifeís address but I discarded them as they would inquire me about the reason of my asking them about her address and they would find out that I wrote the letter.I thought of going to their office and ask about her address to their colleagues but it was laughable.There was only one way and it was finding out his wifeís address in Rajuís house itself. I was thinking how would I go there.Opportunity arrived after two days.

My mom called me from the office and informed me that she would come home late as her companyís CEO was visiting their office and they had to do a lot of work.She told me that she had talked with Savita aunty and she would prepare dinner for me. She also reminded me to take the medicines.

I heard the doorbell ringing at 11 30 in the night. It was my mom. She asked me whether I had eaten as soon as she entered the house. I replied that I had eaten and had taken the medicines as well.She was looking very tired. I was about to ask something but she kept her hand on my head and said,

ďSorry beta, I am too tired. We will talk tomorrow, OK.Ē and left for her room.

I closed the main door and went into mine. Next morning at the breakfast she told me that
she had to prepare lot of reports as her companyís CEO was visiting from the USA. She told me that she would be late again in the night and Savita like previous day would prepare dinner for me.She hurriedly prepared herself and left for the office.She came late in the night on that day also.

Next day in the afternoon she called me and told me that her company had arranged small dinner party at a banquet hall of a famous hotel and we needed to attend it. She told me that she would come home early and we would go there. I told her that I did not want to go there as there is no fun and I get bored in the office parties but my mom told me that everyone is invited with their family members and with whom she would go if I did not come. So I said OK.

My mom came early from the office. She greeted me and told me to be prepared as we needed to be at the avenue at 8 pm.Then she went into her room and closed the door.I went into my room and changed into white half sleeved casual shirt and blue denim jeans.I came to the drawing room,sat on the sofa and switched the TV on.

After few minutes she came outside of her room carrying black purse in her hand and mobile in her other hand.She had wore semi transparent black and grey dual color georgette saree with red corner.It was tied below her navel and it could be seen. Her blouse was deep necked and little cleavage was flaunted.It was sleeveless and there was two inch thick stripes on both the shoulders.There was a string that was tied in a knot behind her neck and it was almost backless except a stripe of material.It was held by a thin stripe behind her back.She wore red pearl necklace and matching earrings. She had applied red lipstick and very small black bindi on her forehead.She wore silver string sandals and told me to hurry up.

We went to the parking area and she started the car.I settled on the front seat.On the way she told me that we needed to pick up Raju from his home as it was situated in the way to the venue.My mom stopped her car near the gate of Rajuís society and called him. Raju came after some time and greeted us and sat on the backseat. He was wearing formal black trousers and blue shirt.He had wore black blazer over the shirt.They kept talking all the way to the hotel.We reached at the venue, parked the car and went into banquet hall.

Guests with their family members were arriving and her boss came to us and greeted us as soon as he saw us.They talked for sometime and he took us to the chief guest-the CEO. He was typical looking American guy with above six feet height and was looking as if he was in his mid fifties.My mom and Raju shook their hands with him and they started talking. I was feeling bored. There was buffet dinner.There was two or three small round dinner tables arranged for important people.I went towards counter of ice cream, took it and started eating.I saw them talking with other people.I settled on the stool in the corner and observed the party. There was no one as beautiful as my mom.Male as well as female guests kept stealing glances at her.Her CEO was seemingly impressed by her as he was talking to her more than any other guest.

I was bored so I stood up and took the plate.I filled my plate with the food and started eating.Soon crowd on the food counter increased and I saw my mom sitting around the table with the CEO and her boss.Raju was standing with a plate in his hand beside the table as there was no place for him to sit.My mom,her boss and the CEO was busy in talking and nobody was paying attention to him.I was feeling happy because they were ignoring him.

I finished my food and sat on the stool waiting for my mom so that we could go from there but they were talking more and eating less.They took almost an hour before they finished.My mom then stood up and went to wash basin to wash the hands.I wanted to leave so I went to my mom and asked when were we going to leave.She told me that it would be inappropriate to leave before the CEO. Finally party was over after two hours as the CEO left for his hotel.

My mom went to the parking area to bring the car while Raju and I waited at the door.As soon as car stopped he went to the front side of the car and sat on the front seat.I had to sit on the back seat.When we reached at Rajuís home he turned towards my mom and suggested that we should stay in his home as it was very late and next day was holiday.My mom did not say anything and started thinking.I saw golden opportunity so I told her that his idea was good and persuade her to stay there.

She agreed and we went into his home. We sat on the sofa and chatted for sometime.After that Raju asked my mom to prepare tea for him and asked me if I wanted it too but I told him that I was feeling sleepy.Raju stood up and went into his room to change the clothes.I could see light from his room falling on the floor of the hallway.My mom spoke next and said to me to sleep in the guest room upstairs and then went into the kitchen.

I went upstairs and sat on the bed. I was on the mission.After half an hour I slowly opened the door and came to the stairs and peeped underneath.It was total silence.It meant they were not in the main hall.So I slowly came down and started looking for the possible place where I could find her address.

I then heard some voice from the kitchen.I went towards the door and looked inside it.They were hugging each other and kissing.Raju had changed into Tshirt and shorts.I could not see more because Rajuís back was towards me and he was blocking my view.Suddenly I remembered why I was there and left that place.

I slowly went into his study room.It was dark so I took out my phone,silenced it and switched on the flashlight of the phone.There was computer table with a desktop placed on it.There was lot of files and stationery.It looked like he never arranged it.I opened the drawer of the table but I could not find anything personal.Just pens and papers related to his office etc.I opened another drawer and it was filled with USB speakers,CDs of songs and movies,handsfree,chargers of phone etc.When I was about to close the drawer a pen drive caught my attention.I took it and placed it in my pocket.

I then went into his bedroom.Light was already on so I switched off the flashlight of the phone.Bedroom was really very spacious one.There was big bed in the middle of the room.I wondered why he needed such a big one as he was living alone.There was corner table next to the bed and it had three drawers.A big 3 door wardrobe was attached to the wall just opposite to the bed and there was huge mirror attached on one of its doors.I opened the door of the wardrobe and found that it was half empty and in the half of its space was occupied by his clothes hanging from the hanger and shoes placed under them.I opened another door and found that there was three or four shelves and different things were put in that.There was a drawer.I tried to open it but it was locked.

I closed the door and went towards the corner table.I opened the first drawer.It contained packet of cigaretes and a packet of condoms with other miscellaneous items.I closed it and opened the other door and eureka! There was a big personal diary.I took that out and saw that a brown cover was placed under it.I opened the cover and took out the paper.It was a fee receipt of some school in UP.It was probably his sonís school.There was studentís name ,address and mobile number typed in that receipt.I put it back into the cover ,folded it and put it in my pantís pocket.Finally I was successful in my mission.I was very happy and was about to leave when I heard sound of footsteps coming towards the room.

I froze for some moments.That was it.It was over.I was caught.Sound was getting louder and louder.I did not know what to do or what to say to them if they caught me.I was looking here and there not knowing what to do.I was sweating.

Suddenly I looked towards the door of wardrobe and an idea came in my mind.I opened its door and went inside it.I sat there on my knees and closed the door.My heart was beating very fast.I was able to hear the sound of my heartís beating.I was suffocating in that closed space so I opened the door very slightly so that air could come inside.

They entered into the room within few moments.He was carrying her in his arms.He bent a little so that she could place her feet on the floor.She stood beside him.Her saree had already been discarded and she was in her blouse and underskirt only.He then hugged her and put his lips on her lips and started kissing her.She was actively participating in the kiss.When he was satisfied with the kiss he parted his mouth from her and removed her necklace and threw it on the bed.Next was earringsí turn.They were also thrown on the bed.

He then sat on the sofa in front of her and put his hands on either side of her ass.He pushed her towards him until his nose touched her bare stomach.He took a deep breath and started kissing on it.He kissed on her navel and on its upper and lower side.He took out his tongue and started licking around her navel.He then poked his tongue into her navel and started flickering it inside and around her navel.Area around her navel was glistening due to his saliva.My momís hands were on his head playing with his hair and her eyes were closed.It was very disturbing to see that.I had never imagined my mom in situation like that.

She then placed her left knee on the bed and climbed on his lap.She moved her right foot from the floor and placed its knee on the other side of his lap.Her underskirt was risen up to her knees and her legs were visible.Her breast was in front of his face so he buried his face in the middle of her boobs.He kept his hands on her back and started roaming them on her back.He then placed his right hand on her right breast and pressed it very lightly.He did the same with her left breast.He kept his left hand roaming on her back and put his right hand on her right boob and kissed her on the mouth.

He bit her lower lip and sticked his tongue out.He moved his tongue on her lower and upper lips and tried to open her mouth with his tongue.She understood his intention and opened her lips.He inserted his tongue inside her mouth and she sucked it.She pushed his tongue out from her mouth with her tongue and tried to put her tongue inside his mouth but he was not letting her do it.Instead he forced her tongue back in her mouth and they sealed their lips with each other.

While kissing her, his hands played with the knot of the string behind her neck.He pulled the end of the string and knot was opened.Strings fell on the either side and his hands found the hook of the stripe.He tried to open it but was unable to do that so my mom placed her hands behind her back and opened it herself.Now blouse was open from the backside.He placed his hands on her bare back and started roaming on it.Her back was looking flawless.

He broke kiss and put his hands on her shoulders and slipped the stripes of the blouse off the shoulders.Her blouse fell on her lap and she was topless.Her boobs were round and very soft.They were stout and nipples were pointing towards him.Her areola was brown and it was neither very small nor very large.It was looking perfect on her milky white boobs.Raju placed both of his hands on each boob and started playing with them.He would squeeze them and caress them.He placed his hands under her boobs and pushed them upside and placed his mouth on her left nipple.He stuck her nipple between his teeth and bit them.His other hand found her right boob and pinched her nipple with thumb and index finger.My momís eyes were closed and she bit her lower lip and moaned.He took out his tongue and licked on her boobs and sucked her nipples.

He kept playing with her boobs for a while and said something in her ears.She smiled to it like she was in a trance and stood up from his lap. She sat on the floor on her knees and looked towards him.He stood up and removed his shorts with a jerk of his hand.He was not wearing any underwear and I saw his penis.Though I had seen it before in the parking of auditorium, it was the first time I was observing it from such a small distance.It was almost as thick as my hand and was midsize-not very long ,not very short.

My mom wrapped the fingers of left hand around it and looked at it as if she was measuring it.She then looked in his eyes and pushed her hand towards its base.His foreskin was pushed and pink bulb came to sight.She gently kissed on it.She started stroking it lovingly and slowly.She put her right hand on his ball sack and squeezed it.He closed his eyes and moaned.She caught the penis at the base with her left hand and put the head in front of her lips.She took her tongue out and touched it on his hole.She flicked her tongue on and around the hole of his penis for sometime and then started licking his penis all the way from its head to the base.She then put the penis upside on his stomach and licked his balls. She put the tip of her tongue on the skin of balls and came upwards licking underside of his penis.He was groaning very loudly.

She then removed her hands from his penis and placed them on his hips.His penis returned to its original stature in front of her mouth.She opened her mouth and his penis head disappeared into it.She sucked the head for sometime and then took more of the meat into her mouth.Half of the penis was disappeared in her mouth and she was sucking it. She would take it and remove it.She did that for some times.Then Raju placed his hands on her head and pulled her head towards him.All of his penis disappeared in her mouth.I could see a bulge in her throat.She was moaning and tried to be free but she could not overcome his pressure.After few moments he removed his hands from her head and she took out his penis panting.She was breathing heavily.He placed his hands on her head but she resisted so he placed both of her wrists in his left hand and closed his fist.He put his right hand on backside of her head and forcefully inserted his penis inside her mouth until it disappeared completely. She was groaning. Tears started rolling out from her eyes saliva dripped from the corner of her lips.He started making very loud sounds. He left her hands and removed his hand from her head and let her go. As soon as its head came out from her mouth it bursted.It threw white sticky fluid on her lips and all over her face.

He threw himself on the bed and casually looked towards the wardrobe.I was stunned for a second as I felt his eyes met my eyes but was relieved when he told my mom that she was looking beautiful in the mirror.She told him that he was bastard and she would never give him blowjob.He started laughing and said he would not do in the future.He further told her that it was her punishment because she ignored him in the party and was flirting with the CEO. He threw napkin towards her and told her to wipe her face.She took it and started wiping her face.He sat on the bed and asked her if she needed to drink beer.My mom replied she would like to have it and then went into attached washroom.He stood up and left the room.

I saw an opportunity and came out of that closet without making sound and went to the study room.I closed the door and peeped from the keyhole.I was waiting him to return to his room.Soon he returned with a can of beer in his hand.His penis had become stiff again.I came out as soon as he entered into his room and swiftly went towards the main room as the staircase was in that room.I saw my momís saree on the floor and I kicked it.I went to the guest room upstairs.

I was feeling disgusted.I lay on the bed and tried to sleep but the scenes started haunting me and I was feeling like vomiting.I tried to control it but I felt I would do it right then so I went in the attached washroom and vomited.I felt better after that.I lay on bed and to pass the time I started playing game in mobile.I could not sleep till 4 am.I was thinking about them all time.
The story & d way u narrate it is so nice...its so hot....waiting for next update...

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Seeing mother in the arms of lover is a great site specially he carrying her to bedroom and those pleasure sounds
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Excellent writing

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Pleeeeeeez update bro

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After the dinner was over ,I felt vibration of my phone.I took it out and saw that it was my mom calling me.I answered the call and she asked whether I had taken dinner. I replied I had and she inquired where was I.I told her my location and she saw me.She then put her phone back in her purse and came to me.She told me that I needed to take my medicines and took the little bottle out from her purse.She brought water and told me to take it.

I took the pills and water from her hands and gulped it down my throat with the help of water.Raju approached us and said sorry looking toward my mom.She didn’t look at him and said it was ok.He told her that he was leaving and whether she would like to go with him.My mom replied that Jack had insisted that he would drop us at home.Raju then left saying it was ok.She went back where Jack was standing and started chatting with him.

As the dinner was over,guests started dispersing.I glanced towards her.she turned around and looked at my direction and gestured with her hands to go there.I went to her and she hugged me and said,

“I know you are bored but it's only a matter of few minutes.We will be going home soon beta.”

Jack,My mom and I came outside when the party was over.I was very happy when I saw car approaching the gate.Chauffeur opened the gate of the back seat.He was wearing white dress and was looking around 30 years of age.I ran to the car before my mom and Jack and when I was about to enter it chauffeur stopped me and said to sit on the front seat instead.I opened the door of front seat and sat there.My mom entered first into the car and then Jack. She was sitting on his right side.

Car started moving on the road.I could see them from the side mirror..They sat quiet for some time and then started talking about the guests and other things.Jack thanked her for being a perfect hostess.He put his right arm around her shoulder and rubbed on upper part of her right arm.They started conversation in a very low voice so I could not understand what they were talking.Jack was rubbing his hand on her arm and his left hand was placed on her knee.He was telling something and she was smiling shyly.

We reached to the destination after half an hour of drive.Jack sighed when chauffeur announced that car had reached to the hotel where he was staying.He looked towards my mom and said,

“Would you mind to have a last coffee?”

My mom thought for a second and said,

“No,absolutely not”

We came outside of the car.He said something into my mom’s ear.She turned towards me and sait,

“You wait here beta.Jack wants to discuss something very confidential over the coffee.Momma will be back in few minutes.”

I did not have another option so I said ok.hey started moving towards the gate of hotel.His hand right hand was on her lower back just above her bums and it started moving downwards until it reached on her bums and they disappeared inside the gate.

I stood there looking at the gate.Chauffeur was standing beside me.He lit a cigarette and spoke,

“Hey dude,What’s your name.”

“Rahul.And yours?”

“Call me Santosh.”


“Who was she?”

I was too embarrassed to tell him that she was my mom so I lied to him that she was my neighbour and we were that white man’s guest and going home.

“Man, Your neighbour is so beautiful.She looks like a model.”

I did not answer and stood there silently. He then took his phone out and dialed a number and a man appeared with a 10 inch tab in his hand.

Santosh looked happy seeing him and said,

“Hey man, Any action tonight?”

“Hundred percent.”

“Woow.Tell the price.”

“1000 rupees”

“1000 rupees?Are you out of your mind? Last time you showed it to me in 300 rupees.”

“Last time was different.It was Indian businessman and an aunty.Today the model is hot and worth 1000 rupees.”

“And what if it doesn’t happen?”

“I bet.I will give you 2000 thousand rupees back.The guy is our regular guest and tomorrow he is checking out.He has a thing for Indian women.He has record of not leaving until he fucks an Indian woman.”

“Any chance of reducing the price? I have only 500 rupees.”

“No chance.Ask that dude if he has any but warn him not to say anything to anyone.Otherwise I will lose my job and may end up in jail.If I’m in it,I’ll drag you too into it.”

I was clueless about what they were talking.Santosh looked at me and said,

“Hey dude, wanna see something interesting?”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, here is my friend Gautam.He works in the hotel as an electrician. He and his friends work as a team and illegally installs camera in the suits of high profiles guests especially foreigners.Of course without knowledge of owners or managers.They then let their clients see live action and earn extra money.They delete the recording and do not keep it to save them from being caught.Once the action is done they remove the cameras.He has installed them in a royal suite and is very confident that it will happen.So do you want to see live sex?It can be fun if you give me 500 rupees.”

I took out 500 rupees note from my pocket but did not give it to them. I had some knowledge of gadgets.I said,

“You are befooling me ,aren’t you. Cameras are supposed to be attached with a DVR.How can you show us on your tab?”

This time Gautam spoke,

“Well I don’t like to disclose how it works but let me tell you that they are attached to the DVR of main cctv system of the hotel and it is connected with a wifi router and the tab is connected to that wifi system.Now give me 1000 rupees or I will show it to my other friends.”

I and Santosh gave 500 each to Gautam and he handed us the tab.Nothing happened for few minutes.Then we could see the door opened and a couple entered into the room.
I was shocked to see it was my mom and Jack.They sat on the couch and talked for sometime.I could not hear their conversation as it had no audio feed.Then Jack stood up and took out a wrapped box from the drawer and placed it on her palm. she opened the the box and found two red ruby earrings.She put her hand on her mouth and said something.

She stood up and hugged him and said something.He reached out to her ears and removed the earring that she was wearing.She wore new earrings.It was looking fabulous on her.He then placed his both the hands on her upper arms and stared at her as if he was praising her beauty.He then moved forward and kissed on her mouth.She stood still.

She just let him kiss her.Then she put her left hand around his waist and right hand on the back of his head and started participating in the kiss.They were deep kissing.His tongue entered her mouth and she sucked it.His hand right arm was rubbing her upper back and left hands was placed on her ass.He was moving it in a circular motion and feeling the softness of her ass.They french kissed for some minutes.

Then he turned her around and hugged her from behind.His hands were tied on her stomach and her back was pressing on his front.He caught her hair and moved them on her right shoulder.He started kissing on her neck and upper part of her back that was bare.Then he moved his right hand on her right breast and started feeling and fondling it.His left hand was rubbing her stomach.Then he put it on her left breast and caressed both of them with his hands.He cupped her breasts with both of his hands and squeezed them gently.He hands were on the back of his head and playing with his hair.

She protruded her chest and put her head on his right shoulder.Her eyes were closed.He put his left hand around her breasts and her boobs were pressed by his hand.He brought the zipper all the way down to her ass with his right hand.Her dress was opened on her back due to it and it became loose.He put his right hand on her bare back and rubbed it for sometime.He stuck his tongue out and licked her neck and back up to the swelling of her bums.

Then he placed both of his hands on her shoulders and slided the stripes of dress off her shoulders.It fell on the ground.She was threadbare except her high heels as she was not wearing bra or panties.He then caught her hands and put them on the buckle of his pants.She struggled to undo that so he helped her in removing his pants.It fell down around his ankles. He also removed his underwear and kicked them to his side.

His penis was long and thick.She put her hands on his cock and stroked it for sometime.He grabbed her naked breast from behind and cupped them.He placed his hand beneath them and moved them upwards.He pinched her nippels.Then his hands wandered downwards and his right hand played with her navel.He inserted his thumb into her navel and teased it.His right hand went further south and found her pussy.He rubbed his fingers on her pussy and then inserted two fingers inside it.He moved his fingers in and out of her pussy.Then he removed his hand and kept it near her nose.His fingers were soaked. He let her smell her pussy for sometime and put his fingers on her lips.She opened her mouth and he inserted them into her mouth.She closed the lips and sucked his fingers covered with fluids from her pussy.He moved his fingers in and out of her mouth.

He then put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her upper part downwards.She placed her hands on the armrest of the couch and bent over it.He stroked his cock with his right hand for sometime and then put his left hand on her left asscheek.He then hold his cock with his right hand and lined the head of his cock against her back and slowly inserted it inside her pussy from behind.He stopped when only its head was inside her pussy.Then put both of his hands on her ass and pushed his cock further inside until all of it was buried inside her.

Her mouth was open.He then thrust his cock in and out of her pussy for sometime.He mauled her breasts from behind while fucking her.He then wrapped his right arm around her breast and cupped her left breast with his hand and made her to stand.She was standing with his cock completely inside her pussy from back and her back was joined with his chest.She put her head on his shoulder.Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open.He kissed on her cheek and put his right hand on the back of her head and turned her head with it towards his face.He kissed her on the mouth.Meanwhile his left hand was playing with her navel and her hands were on his head.

He fucked her in this position for a while and then removed his dick from her.He then turned her to face him and kissed her on her mouth.He carried her in his arms and proceeded towards bed.He laid her on the bed and kept his hands on her knees and pulled them apart.He then climbed on the bed and sat between her legs.

He caught his cock and rubbed its head on her snatch. Then he penetrated her pussy and started moving in and out.It was doing it slowly in the beginning.He would push whole of the length inside her and then withdraw it except its head.He fucked her like that for sometime.Then he upped his tempo.He would take out only half of his cock and inset it back inside her quickly.She was squirming on the bed and her hands had clutched the bed sheet.She was biting her lower lip.

His hands were on her breasts and he was kneading and mauling them.He put his mouth on her and kissed her while fucking her.He then moved his mouth to her left breast and kissed on the nipple and he did same with her right breast.He teased her nipples with his tongue. He kept doing that alternatively.Then he became still while his cock was completely buried inside her pussy and his waist started jerking.After some time he pulled out his cock completely and sat beside her.He put his hand on her hair and started laughing looking at her.She was also laughing.Then she sat up and kissed on his mouth.They talked for sometime.I could not listen to them.

She then stood up and went inside washroom.He stood up and cleaned his cock with tissue paper and wore his clothes.She came out after sometime and then wore her dress.She removed red ruby earrings and put on her old one.Then they kissed and opened the door of room and went outside.

At that Gautam snatched the tab from our hands and he disappeared from there.After few seconds I saw Jack and my mom coming from the gate of hotel. They came towards us.I was too embarassed that I could not look at them and I stood there with my head down.

My mom came in front of me and she said sorry as Jack was discussing something very important.I did not look at her and said it's ok mom and sat on the front seat.Jack ordered the chauffeur to drop us at home.My mom sat on back seat alone and we drove off.

At home she said she was very tired and was going to sleep .She said goodnight and went to her room and closed the door.I went into mine but I could not sleep.I kept thinking about her.Scenes of the evening started haunting me.I did not want to think about that but it was playing in my mind regardless of what I thought.

One more thing was disturbing me.There was chemo session on the next day.I felt more sick whenever I heard the name of chemo.I strongly disliked that but there was no other option than doing it.I was having a headache but I closed my eyes forcefully to sleep.

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We will wait and pls write some incest encounters between son and mom

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I Am waiting

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