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Old 20th March 2017
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Old 21st March 2017
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Nice going.......

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Old 27th March 2017
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We had lunch…I went back to the computer. We had
afternoon tea…I went again back to the computer. I took a
break to cook dinner for both of us and soon after we had
our dinner.Harsh insisted he will go to his friends place
but I told him not to. He was not happy and resumed his
TV watching. We both watched the TV until midnight.
When the clock stroked 12 we congratulated each other
on New Year. My husband rang us from work and harsh
rang all his friends here and in US to wish them.After
calling everybody harsh resumed his TV watching as I
went to my bedroom. Then I took off my sari and my
blouse leaving only the bra and petticoat. Then I called
Harsh .he walked into the room and I could see him
being agape looking at me. I told him to come inside and
lock the door. He locked the door and turned towards me
and I said “Here is your gift.
He just leaped towards me saying “Oh Thank you! Thank
you very much!” hugging me tight and planting his lips
onto mine. The sensations of his lips on mine were
excellent. He then sucked my lips and tongued my mouth.
It was ecstatic enjoying his sexual moves and rubs. He
was caressing my body with his hands. He moved his
hands slowly on to my buttocks and then inserted his
hands between my thighs to touch my pussy. I squealed a
bit enjoying his explorations. He stroked my ass crack
and my pussy with his middle finger for a moment and
then moved his hand to untangle my petticoat’s thread
knot. As he untangled I felt a bit shy as I tried to hold on
to my sliding petticoat but he was too quick to grab my
hand. He then whispered in my ear saying “let me un
wrap my gift “. I was excited to my high with those words.
He then untied my bra to reveal my motherly breasts for
him. This time to satisfy his sexual hunger. He then took
my nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. I had
feeling of my lover sucking me.
He kept sucking my breasts for few minutes interchanging
them by caressing the other. It was a breast sucking sex
of my life.Then he
took me to the bed and laid me on my back. By now I just
became a follower doing everything he wants me to do.
He then started kissing my breasts and slowly worked
towards my navel and then to my lower abdomen towards
my thick bush. As he reached my bush I inadvertently
raised my legs and folded them for him to access. He
then used his left hand to widen my crack as he looked at
my pussy with curiosity. I felt embarrassed for a moment
as he looked on at this place. Then he slowly moved
towards it to take my clit into his mouth and starting
sucking it. It was at that instant I had my first orgasm. It
just happened because of my excitement I guess.He
sucked my clit for few moments and then his tongue was
all over my cunt. He inserted it into my vagina, fucked me
with it and licked every part of my pussy clean. It was
then he took off his clothes as I watched him in desperate
condition of having my cunt fucked. I never was in this
position before. When ever I wanted I hinted my hubby
and within minutes he was on to it. Now it appeared as if
He took ages to remove his clothes. As he took off his
pajama his cock sprung up like a cunt seeking device
pointing towards me. Continue..

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Old 22nd April 2017
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