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Old 29th April 2017
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Request to remove the ban

Hello ,
Sir my id is couple_delhi009
It was recently banned and the reason it showed was "spaming"

I have been linked to this website for long and i have never disobeyed any rules yet..I want to apologise because recently in the heat of moment i used some words which were improper and may be against the rules.
BUT , sir i was not the first to abuse. If you will see the the thread ,it was the author who started calling names and stared abusing .i not even once used a wrong word till he abused me and used words which were humiliating. I just asked for update in an irritated but non abusing words.
BUT what kind of words he used were so wrong.

The link to thread is :-

But the moderator did not ban him (did not even warn him?).just because he is an author and he is attracting readers toward the website, he doesnt get the right to abuse readers on asking for updates.
According to this website THE RULES SHOULD BE SAME FOR EVERYBODY. THIS IS BIASED and Just because he is an author , he shoud not get special privileges.

But still i am sorry for using wrong language on my behalf because it was wrong on my part and request to lift the ban from the id couple_delhi009
.It was my first mistake and happend in the heat of moment.

Request to look into the matter.

Thank you

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