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Old 29th April 2017
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Needing suggestion -- help

hi.. Have to buy a table lamp for night study for a college student who needs to spend minimum of 4 hrs daily for studying. Suggest a good brand or model to buy online or from some where... Thansk !!!!

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Old 4th May 2017
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Buy a 10W LED Batten (Tube light) instead. Mount it above your table/ near to where you need adequate lighting. Cheaper and power saving.

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Old 5th May 2017
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Thanks... again.

I just noticed 5W LED bulb itself provides too bright for a small room.... so i thought of buying a very good brand LED bulb (Cromption 3W bulb) ... I'm thinking this should be helpful...


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Old 5th May 2017
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I guess, around 6 to 7 watts of LED bulb be fine for a table lamp ( i guess, you use it for reading your study books at night closely, without disturbing others... ) If you are putting in a corner of the room, go with around 9-11-13 waits,.. and get around original 60W of old bulb of light,...

also refer to this desi discussion. LED BUlbs

If U R in USA,..
Ok,.. for LED / Fluorescent,.. the science is like this,..

I called GE at 800-435-4448 [ Bulbs are major sold at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Ace hardware ]
I called Sylvania at 800-544-4828 [ sold mainly at Lowes, Home depot, Walmart, few categories also at other stores like K-mart ]

Type and Titles in LED and Fluorescent
Soft white = 2500K
Warm white = 3000-3500K
Bright white = 5000K
Natural day light = 6000-6500 K

More the number of Kelvin’s, more whitish the light is,..and Less the Kelvin,.. light is yellowish/Reddish. Also more whitish means more expensive. I am used to more whitish from the very beginning – the highest quality.
More yellowish means....... it ignites fast ( does not take time to warm and release the fullest light ) and takes no time, so use those in hallways, stairs,.. where you turn ON the light to pass by and then quickly turn it OFF

I am used to, with the highest Kelvin, so far in fluorescent and had bought most expensive bulbs ( also dimmable ) as, I always hated the incandescent kind of reddish / yellowish light outcome.
Now attempting to buying n' replacing with all LEDs. My house has 60-75 total nos of bulbs total in all total areas..

Sylvania makes: 40, 60 and 75 equivalent watts light bulbs in LEDs ( in standard sockets ) which uses from 8 to 13-15 watts actually.
It also makes Candle light sockets which uses 4-4.5 W and gives the light of around 20-25 watts, and the models are called B-10 and B-13.
GE also makes 40, 60, 75, 100 watts equivalent light of lightbulbs in LED.

IN LED category, both GE and Sylvania the highest Kelvin they have, is 5000K in regular sockets and 4000K in candle light socket. - and they also falsely call it as ' Natural Day light ' too.
though they says,……. in LED, 5000K is also equivalent to 6500K ( for whiteness ) in that fluorescent or incandescent bulbs category.

So, per my taste and quality expectation, I would go for the highest Kelvin.
I always like quality light,.. I buy and watch Sony n' Panasonic TVs and,.. never ever... Magnavox, RCA, gold-star or Thomas.
You can buy, other makes like Utilitytech (Lowes) or Lights of America,.... for LEDs, but it's like buying a cheaper Magnavox TV and spoiling the eyes....


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