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so are u gonna update plz

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This is an old story, anybody has the full link?
All my pics have been collected from the web and are NOT my property. Please feel free to PM me in case of any dissatisfaction of content.

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too gud,
plz complete....

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thread starter does not have full link it seems

in source website , it is not there , so we have literally lost the story , thats what i feel

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thread starter does not have full link it seems

in source website , it is not there , so we have literally lost the story , thats what i feel

oh lord becoz of internet prob , it got posted twice, i dont know how to delete this post

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hey when are you gonna update yaar.we all are waiting its very erotic story please post it

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I have the rest of the story...

I do have the rest of the story with me. I had discussed changing the story a bit with another member of exbii, but seeing that the story has been removed from Literotica either by the author or by the website admins, I have decided to post it in its original version. The story had received a lot of criticism on Literotica for its religious undertones, but I believe that the audience of exbii are a lot more tolerant and take it as a work of fiction, although the original author, Indiansubmale, had said that it was based on reality (how many "real indian stories" have we come across on such sites?). I hope there wont be so much objection to this story on this website, proving that we are far more open minded and tolerant.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 03

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 03

Wife's 'helping hand' grows insecurity.

The cheerful feeling with which I left for work lasted till mid-day.

After all, I was at work and so was Prem. This was bound to be the case for the bulk of his stay. When he would be at home, I would be there too. There wasn't much reason for me to be so fearful.

The cheerfulness let me focus on my work and I got a productive morning in.

By mid-afternoon, the fearful feelings started sinking in again.

How dare he lift Kavita in front of me? And she didn't even stop him. And she even played along with him, as he referred to her 'gaining a little weight'. What had gone on between them during college? Were they just friends?

I replayed the incidents in my mind, and I flushed with shame as I recalled the incidents with Kavita's handbag, first at the railway station, and then earlier that morning.

I could in a way understand Prem doing what he did at the railway station. Maybe he had a 'weird' sense of humor and found it funny.

But why did Kavita play along earlier that morning? Was she just innocently playing along with Prem's 'joke', or was she sending me a message, by insisting that I take the handbag from her as Prem held her in his arms? Was she sending me the message 'compared to Prem, you're only fit enough to carry a woman's handbag'?

In all our married life until then, it had occurred to me at times to try 'carry' her to bed. I had never actually tried it out, because I wasn't sure I would be able to, and even if I could, I didn't know if Kavita would find it romantic.

But now, this cocky guy had just come into our house, and it felt like he was 'challenging' me to do the same. Should I try to 'match' what he did? What would Kavita think, if I tried it and failed? Would she laugh at me? Would she tell him so they could both joke at my expense again?

Somehow, I felt too defeated to even try it, now that he had 'set a benchmark' in front of my eyes.

My thoughts then drifted to the effect of Prem carrying Kavita. He ended up depositing his sweat all over her waist, belly, shoulders, blouse and sari. Normally I know Kavita to be very finicky about cleanliness. This was one thing I had admired in her. During our 3 years in USA, she had maintained the house impeccably, doing the laundry, keeping the house clean, all by herself. After moving back to India, she continued to take care of the housework by herself, even though it was cheaper to hire a maid. I did bring up the topic of hiring a maid with her, but she wasn't keen on the idea, as she said prices had gone up, and it would not be as cheap as I thought to hire a maid, taking into account how long they stay etc.

Still, for someone so finicky about cleanliness, I found it odd that she didn't bathe immediately after Prem sort of 'covered' her with his sweat. Was she trying to 'savor' the smell of his sweat? God, that was such an awful thought and it caused my stomach to churn.

I tried to take a step back. There's nothing to worry about, he's at work like you, and this is going to be the case most of the time. Call up Kavita and talk to her. Make sure she doesn't miss you, I told myself.

I called her. She picked up the phone after a couple of rings. She sounded sleepy, and I asked her if she was taking a nap.

She said that she had been napping, that she was a bit tired and sleepy.

I asked her if she was feeling okay, since I didn't know her to be too tired at that time of the day.

Kavita said,"Yeah, today I had more clothes to hang up after washing, and take off the rack once they dry, remember?"

Yeah, that made sense. I asked her if she had her lunch.

Kavita replied, "Yeah, I was so tired after the clothes work, I had lunch straight after doing the clothes, and decided to lie in for a nap."

That caused the churning in my gut to resume. She still hadn't had a bath. Maybe she was 'savoring' the smell of the remnants of his sweat. My brow started sweating as I tried to find something to say. My thoughts were broken by Kavita.

"Hello Manu, you still there?"

"Yeah, I had something come up at work."

"OK, get back to work then, I'll get up in an hour and take a bath."

And then she hung up, as I started saying 'I love you'.

I couldn't continue thinking about the implications of my interpretation...that she was savoring the smell of his sweat. I decided to go home on time today instead of working late. I put my mind to work, trying to put away these disturbing thoughts at the back of my mind.

I got home at 6:30 that evening, which was about the earliest I had been home on a full work-day, after moving to Bangalore. My heart sunk when I pulled into the parking lot and saw Prem's bike was already there.

I hurried upstairs, but contrary to my fears, Kavita and Prem were just sitting on the sofa. She was again wearing a sleeveless blouse, though it seemed that she had finally taken a bath. She was looking as gorgeous as she looked the previous evening, when we went to pick up Prem.

The jasmine gajra was not in her hair though, I assumed she took it off before her bath like she typically would do.

Prem had changed out of his work clothes, and was wearing knee length shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. He grinned and greeted me, and I returned it sincerely, even though I couldn't help feeling uneasy deep down. Less than 12 hours back, my wife had 'measured' my arms and his, and I felt like she had announced that he was 'twice the man I was'. And he appeared to be 'rubbing that in', by wearing sleeveless t-shirts at home.

Nothing alarming happened that evening, however. We talked about Prem's assignment base location, which was closer to our home than I'd realized. That explained why he was home before I got back. And if they were as attracted as I feared they were, I might have seen some indication of that when I got home, I thought. We had dinner, watched some TV and went to sleep.

In bed, I put my arm around Kavita's belly. Less than 14 hours back, Prem's arm had been rubbing her belly and depositing copious amounts of sweat there. I chided myself for the thought, and drifted off to sleep.

I slept better that night. Even though only earlier that day, I had seen Prem 'lift' Kavita into his arms, and drip his sweat all over her, somehow, those thoughts didn't come up as I lay beside her.

I woke up next morning to an empty bed. Suspecting that Kavita was with Prem again, I went straight to Prem's door. It was half ajar, and I pushed it slightly more open. As I suspected, she was on the balcony, seated on the ledge like she was the previous day. Prem was doing his weights routine, he greeted me as I walked to the balcony. I wished them both good morning. Prem said, "Just 10 more."

About a minute later, he was done, and got up to a sitting position, and put his weight bar to the floor.

I stood in silent trepidation. I was afraid he was going to lift Kavita again, but Kavita asked me if I was ready for coffee. I gratefully said yes. Kavita then entered the bedroom from the balcony, and I followed her in.

Prem then said he'll glance at the newspapers before his bath, and followed me in. He had just barely stepped in after me, when Kavita spoke addressing Prem, "Wait."

Prem asked her, "What?"

Kavita said, "You're sweating a lot, wipe yourself with a towel or towels if you need. Otherwise, you'll drip sweat everywhere and I have to clean it up later. That's what happened yesterday."

So that's why she was extra tired yesterday, I figured. I chided myself for suspecting 'other' motivations in her 'delay' in having a bath.

Meanwhile, Prem said,"I never wipe myself off when I work out at home, Kavi. Come on, I'll be going for a bath anyway, shortly. It won't drip much."

Kavita said with some exasperation in her voice, "Uff, you men! Wait right there then!"

Wondering what she meant, I stood in silence, and gave Prem a puzzled look. He shrugged.

She came back in a minute with a handful of towels, and set them on the bed, next to where Prem was standing.

She then tied the end of her sari to her waist (as women typically do when they're going to bend their back for some activity).

She then addressed Prem, "Take off your T-shirt!"

My heart started pumping faster suddenly. Prem took it off as she said. She instructed him to put it on the floor beside him.

Kavita first toweled off the sweat on his face and hair. After it slowed down, she then told him, "Now extend your arms."

Prem did as Kavita said, and she now proceeded to towel his shoulders and arms, first his right arm, then his left.

My mouth went dry as Kavita put the towel away, picked up another towel, and then started toweling his hairy muscular chest and torso. She went over it slowly, and then toweled the sweat off his back, and then re-did the toweling of his chest.

My face went red as she next told him to take his shorts off. He did so before I could protest, revealing a heavy nut-sack in white underwear, and muscular thighs. Prem tossed his shorts on top of the pile of his sweaty vest and used towels. Kavita now got down on her knees and toweled the sweat off his thighs, and legs. She tossed the towels onto the pile of sweaty clothes and got up finally.

It felt like an eternity. My face went white as I saw Kavita go through this 'exercise' of toweling Prem's near-naked body. And seeing this dark muscular hunk in the same room as my wife made me feel woefully inadequate, and weak-kneed.

As I stood in silence, transfixed, Kavita told Prem, "Put on a towel and read the newspaper, you naughty boy."

I stood transfixed with shame and embarassment. Prem wrapped a towel around his waist, which barely concealed his underwear and nut-sack I thought. Kavita went to the kitchen, and came back a couple of minutes later with my coffee. I was still standing in Prem's bedroom, too stunned by what I had seen to move.

Kavita saw him standing by his bedroom door, and prodded him in his chest. "Now go have a bath! Naughty boy, won't towel himself it seems."

Prem walked off into the bathroom to have his bath, and Kavita walked in and gave me my coffee. She then picked up the pile of sweaty clothes and towels and walked off towards the washing machine.

I stood there by myself, limply holding my cup of coffee. And Kavita didn't seem to have noticed my standing there transfixed.

After a few minutes, I heard the water running and realized that Prem was having his bath, and I alone was left in Prem's room. I started moving towards the hall sipping my coffee, when something else caught my attention. I saw something on Prem's bed by one of the pillows, and moved closer to inspect it.

It was a crumpled jasmine flower.

It had come from the gajra she had been wearing yesterday. What was it doing on Prem's bed?

I could not help imagining the worst thoughts right away. At that time, I heard the water stop in Prem's bathroom. I slipped the crumpled flower into my pocket and limped into the hall.I looked for Kavita and found her in the kitchen. My mouth and throat were dry. I asked her if I could get a second cup of coffee. I picked up the newspaper, and listlessly read it over coffee.

I hardly noticed the conversation over breakfast. I picked at my food without a real appetite. Prem on the other hand had a voracious appetite. I guess his workout usually got his appetite up.

I changed into my work clothes, after making sure I took that crumpled jasmine flower with me. I didn't want Kavita to know I suspected something, in case there wasn't something suspicious about the presence of that flower on Prem's bed. Again, both Prem and I left for work together, but I was far less cheerful or optimistic that day than I was the previous day. My mind kept playing over the scene of Kavita wiping sweat off Prem's chest, kneeling to towel his thighs, the sight of his heavy nut-sack...did she see it? I hoped naively that she didn't really observe it.

My mind then drifted to the flower from her gajra that I found on the bed. Was it a coincidence, had it just dropped off when she was cleaning the room? She had been in his room in the daytime as she had mentioned cleaning up the places where he had 'dripped sweat'. But I couldn't help feeling uneasy over the fact that the flower was on the bed, near the pillow rather than closer to the sides of the bed.

I called Kavita in the afternoon. I just wanted the reassurance of hearing her voice. She didn't pick up the phone, and I listlessly left work for home in the evening.

As I drove home, I made up my mind to speak to Kavita that night, about what had happened in the morning. I didn't think it was right that a guest be so inflexible and get his host, especially my wife, to wipe the sweat off his body.

As I walked to the door, I heard their voices, they were having a conversation. Prem had got home earlier than me, as he had the previous day. Kavita was wearing a sleeveless blouse and red sari. That had been the 3rd day in a row that she had worn sleeveless, and it had started with Prem's arrival. I couldn't really tell if they had been sitting together on the sofa, or sitting separately. My stomach did a turn, something I had started experiencing a lot, over the week. I told myself to take a peek from the window of the hall the next time, without ringing the bell. And I flushed with embarrassment at the fact that I was plotting to spy on my wife.

It was far more quiet this evening compared to the previous evening. Kavita and Prem were talking about Prem's work, and politics, and various topics, but I was hardly able to pay any attention.

Dinner was a sober affair likewise. I became conscious of my listlessness, and tried to make small talk. But Kavita seemed distant by then, and we instead watched TV to entertain ourselves over dinner.

Prem said that I looked unwell, and suggested that I go to sleep soon. I went to bed, but Kavita stayed on for another 15 minutes to finish watching a TV serial episode. I waited in bed for Kavita to come.

Once she got to bed, I snuggled up besides her, like I did the previous night. I asked her how her day was, if she was feeling less tired today, and made some idle talk.

I eventually steered the conversation towards what happened in the morning.

I told her, "Kavi, don't you think Prem was being a bit self-centred saying he doesn't towel himself after his workout?"

Kavita said, "He's always been like that, I bet he doesn't towel himself off even when he goes to a gym to workout."

I persisted, "Yeah, but when you said it caused you more work to clean up later, he should have done it himself. It's not nice to get your hostess to towel you off, especially a married woman."

At this, Kavita flared up: "So what is this about, is this about Prem not toweling himself off or is this about me toweling him off?"

I tried to be honest, "It's a bit of both. I wasn't comfortable seeing you towel him off, you know."

At this, she took my hand off her waist, a clear indication that she was now angry with me. Kavita went quiet, so I prodded her, "Don't be angry please, Kavi, I'm your husband, I wasn't comfortable seeing you towel him off, and it's the truth."

Kavita said with a bit of irritation in her voice,"You saw me tell him to towel himself off. Do you want to tell him to towel himself off?"

I didn't want to tell him that myself. Truth be told, I was still feeling a bit 'intimidated' from how he had coolly 'lifted' Kavita into his arms, right in front of me, 2 days back. I didn't like the irritation in her tone either, so I tried another angle.

"Atleast he could then go have a bath first, and read the newspapers later."

At this suggestion, Kavita's tone went even more icy.

"He arrived just 2 days back, do you think he'll be comfortable with you telling him that?"

I muttered hastily, "No, I didn't mean it that way."

Kavita snapped: "Well, then either you tell him to towel himself off, or you do it yourself, if you're that insecure!"

And she moved away from me, towards the other end of the bed.

Tired of the argument, and not wanting to make her more angry, I turned over and tried to think of more pleasant thoughts. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep. It was a more fitful night's sleep, compared to the previous night.

The next morning, I again woke up to an empty bed. I got up, walked across to the door to Prem's room.

My heart sank as I again saw Kavita sitting on the balcony ledge again. It felt like she couldn't wait to be with him, especially in the context of the argument we had in bed. I walked over and wished them both 'Good morning'. Prem grinned in the middle of lifting his weights, and returned my greeting. Kavita remained silent. I guess she was still grumpy from the argument.

Shortly afterward, Prem finished his exercises and the three of us got back into the bedroom, like the previous morning. I saw the pile of towels that Kavita had already brought there, on the bed. Regardless of the argument, I was sure given Kavita knew how embarrassed over yesterday's toweling incident, she wouldn't do it again.

And that was when Kavita totally stunned me by telling me, "Manu, go ahead and towel off Prem's body like I did yesterday."

I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. I stared white faced, as I mumbled, "Why?"

Kavita's nostrils flared as she said, "Didn't you tell me you'd rather you towel him off than me? Or were you trying to say something else?"

I feebly muttered, "No, I didn't mean that."

Kavita then beckoned me to stand 2 feet to the right of Prem. Then, she stood in front of him, and asked him to raise his arms.

She then reached for his sweaty vest and on tiptoe, she pulled it up and over his head. She said 'here' and jerked her arm that was holding his sweaty vest towards me.

I guess she meant for me to reach out and take it. But I was transfixed with the embarrassment of the reality that she was proceeding to towel him again, that I 'zoned out' of what she was doing.

In an irritated manner, Kavita then flung the vest in my direction, straight at my face.

It fell over my nose and mouth. I gagged at the sweaty wetness, the strong odor of the sweat of this dark muscular man. It slid down and I held my arms out finally to catch it before it fell to the floor.

My eyes caught Prem's, and it seemed like he was grinning at my predicament. I averted my eyes and looked downwards, as Kavita proceeded to towel off his head, and bare upper body.

Trying to ease the tension, Prem said, "You know, Manu, you should also get into fitness and a workout routine." I weakly nodded and said, "Yeah.", glad for the 'lifeline' he threw me.

But that was when Kavita twisted the knife by remarking sarcastically, "Yeah, he can start with handbags and work his way up."

Prem grinned, as he realized Kavita was poking barbs at me in anger. He started to pacify Kavita, saying, "No, Kavi, seriously..."

She cut him off, saying, "Seriously, Prem, he may say things about working out, but he won't do it, he has no motivation or interest in it."

She paused, as she continued toweling his arms, "Seriously Prem, I know if Manu works out also, he's never going to be as strong or fit as you. I mean, I know you started taking fitness seriously quite early, but even leaving that out, I don't think he EVER could have been as strong or fit as you...but at-least, he can try improve himself, and I don't think he is inclined to or wants to, so he probably won't even try."

These words of Kavita's were followed by a long silence, as she proceeded to towel his chest and back, slowly...or slowly, it seemed, to me. In that silence, the meaning of her words sunk in slowly.

She was telling Prem that he was a stronger, fitter man than I was. She was telling him that she knew I wouldn't try to get fitter. But more than those,one part of her words stood out, and And this was the punch in the belly: she was also telling him that she thought I could NEVER have been as strong or fit as him. It was almost like her telling him 'You are the biologically fitter man', that in her opinion, I was a biologically 'inferior' man in comparison to him.
And as the meaning of these words sunk in, I glanced briefly at Prem. He was no longer trying to placate Kavita, but he was nonchalantly humming to himself. Did he interpret her words as I did? I couldn't tell, but his humming was as though he was oblivious to Kavita' words or their meaning. It left me feeling alone in the room, and I averted my eyes down.

And that's when, to my shock, I realized why he was humming.

He had apparently interpreted Kavita's words pretty much as I did, and it had caused him to form a monstrous erection!!!

It jutted out, it seemed like a foot in front of him. Maybe it was me imagining his size to be larger than it was due to the situation, but it was certainly much bigger than my 4 1/2 inch penis. As I was taking in the sheer monstrosity of his penis, Kavita finished toweling his back. She picked up another towel, and told Prem to take his shorts off.

My jaw dropped as he lowered his shorts, and he picked it up and handed it to Kavita. She in turn threw it towards my face once more, this time without even trying to hand it to me.

The shorts were sweaty and smelly, like his vest. But this wasn't the same smell. It was the smell that emanates from the privates of an aroused man. Evidently, he had got the hard-on not long after Kavita spoke those words, he had probably interpreted them as I did, even before me.

Kavita proceeded to kneel down, and (as though) completely oblivious to this huge jutting tent in Prem's underwear, she proceeded to towel his thighs and legs, before she was finally done.

Kavita then picked up the pile of used towels from the floor, added them on top of Prem's sweaty, smelly vest and shorts, supported by my arms, and told me to go and put them in the washing machine and walked away. Prem looked at her retreating form, looking most at her jiggling ass, tugged at his hard-on through his underwear, and walked towards the bathroom to have his bath.

Defeated and alone, I slowly made my way to the washing machine and put Prem's sweaty clothes and the used towels in the washing machine.

I had never felt so much in dread of losing Kavita to another man, as I felt at that point.

I went over her words over and over when I went to have my bath. Again and again, it felt like she was taunting me calling me an 'inferior man' compared to Prem. I was lost in my fearful thoughts as I dressed up, when Kavita popped in and told me to come and have breakfast.

I never go to work without breakfast, so I was puzzled why she would think I'd leave without breakfast. Kavita walked up to me, ruffled my hair, and said, "You didn't even have your coffee, I know you're feeling upset. Sorry if I snapped at you too hard."

I hadn't been conscious that I had missed having my coffee that morning. I had been more in a daze from what had happened after Prem's exercise routine. Still, I was very relieved to hear those words from her, and hugged and kissed her on her head.

Kavita continued, "Yeah, you can't help what you are no more than Prem can help what he is, there is no point in using harsh words at you...sorry Manu."

I hugged her tight again. I didn't care that she had said such piercing words about me, to another man less than an hour back.

I cheered up visibly, and the breakfast table mood was a far contrast to the heated words and tense mood a short while earlier. Prem and I left for work at the same time, and I started driving to work cheerfully.

It was half-way to work as I replayed her words in our bedroom that it struck me: she didn't regret thinking about me as 'an inferior man'. She regretted saying it out loud for me to hear.

And that realization took me to a new low.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 04 Pt.1

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 04 Pt.1

Snippets of the past.

It was a distracted day at work again. If Kavita's apology was to be taken at her words, it meant she really thought of me as an 'inferior' man compared to Prem.

Of course, I could dismiss it as her using strong words because she was angry, and the not willing to backtrack because she was too proud to take it back properly, if she didn't mean it that way.

But what if she did mean it that way? Could she really be thinking of me as an 'inferior' man?

My thoughts went to the memory of Prem in his underwear, as Kavita was toweling him off.

If I had been a guest in Prem's house, and it was Prem who was married to Kavita, would she towel me off, that too with this imposing hulk as her husband standing right beside me? There was no way she would do that.

On the other hand,toweling off the same imposing hulk of a man, with me as her boyish weak husband standing next to him...she could do it, would do it, and had done it two days in a row already, that too right after he had arrived!

Why wouldn't she? He was a fitter, stronger man than I was. Than I could 'ever be'. I was just a weak, middle aged boyish sexually inadequate man who got lucky to get married to a gorgeous woman such as herself. Whereas, he was a muscular fit well hung Muslim hunk. And he had the balls, the audacity to 'put me in place' during our very first meeting at the railway station, by making me carry Kavita's handbag as though saying to me in front of my wife, "that's all you're fit for, you weak Brahmin boy."

I tried to collect myself together, and to approach it rationally, trying not to get emotionally clouded. I had to know more about the past. Exactly how did she become 'friends' with him given they weren't in the same year in college? Was theirs just a casual friendship? How well did he know her already? God forbid, had he already been having sex with her in college?

This was one thing that had bothered me for some time earlier on in our marriage. When we got married, I was a virgin. I wasn't quite sure if the same was true about Kavita. She seemed to 'know' about sex and guided me through my initial learning period, while I learned finally, about the female anatomy and in particular, the female sexual anatomy. Several times, both before we got married and during the first few months of our marriage, I came close to bringing myself to ask her if she had any romantic or sexual dalliances in her past. I held myself back before we got married, because I feared, suspected the answer may not be what I was willing to hear (because she was a gorgeous woman, and she surely would have got lot of attention from guys).

Over time, I had 'learned' to suppress my thoughts about what Kavita's past may have been. When I thought on those lines, it got me to fear if I was 'as good as' any lover/lovers she may have had in the past, and it only lowered my confidence in bed. I 'trained' myself to put those thoughts away, and try to satisfy her the best I could, in bed.

With Prem's appearance on the scene, those thoughts started coming back. Was it a coincidence that the one friend of hers from college whom she invites home, that too at such short notice, was such an intimidating sort of guy who made me feel so inadequate?

My mind then went to the monstrous erection he had formed, over what seemed like Kavita putting me down as a man in comparison to him. Kavita had seemed totally nonchalant to his erection as she toweled him off. Was it because she knew how hung he was? I couldn't even bring myself to imagine such a huge cock inside my Kavita. But on the other hand, it would explain a lot. Such as why she hardly ever had an orgasm when we had intercourse, and I had to bring her off with my tongue or fingers most of the time. Had he been impaling her with his monster cock before we got married? Is that why she hardly felt any pain when we had intercourse during our honeymoon?

Another disturbing thought that came to me as I tried to snap myself out of speculation about the past was the fact that he didn't actually read the newspaper today. So why did she have to towel him off if he was going to go and have his bath right after his exercises?

I was fast descending into paranoia. I took a step back. This was all speculation, my thoughts. She had married me after all, not him. Just because she toweled his near-naked body meticulously doesn't mean she wants to sleep with him, leave alone more agonizing things like leaving me for him, or such disturbing ideas. Taking things literally, it also meant she just wanted to spare herself more work if he dripped sweat all over the house.

And as far as toweling him off today was concerned, maybe Prem decided to not read the newspapers after having developed that hard-on. Maybe he was embarrassed by it, and maybe that's why he went straight to have his bath. If he was embarrassed by it, then maybe I don't have to worry so much after all!

I tried to put my mind to work. With all this going on at home, I didn't want it affecting my productivity at work. I told myself to figure out a way to find out about their past, discreetly. I didn't have a plan on how to, then. But I decided to look out for such an opportunity, while trying to keep him 'at bay' from my attractive wife.

As evening came, I also reflected on the argument we had had. Kavita had tried to soothe my feelings, even though in doing so she only made it worse. All the same, I didn't want her to know how her words had made me feel, if her 'apology' was really reflective of how she felt. I stopped on the way home and got gajra for her like I did the evening before Prem arrived.

When I got home from work, Prem was already there (I knew this because his bike was there). I didn't hear their voices but I heard the TV running. I tiptoed over to the hall window. They were not in the hall, they had left the TV on. They were in 1 of the bedrooms I guessed, but I heard nothing suspicious so it seemed unlikely that I had caught them having sex or something.

With some degree of reassurance, I rang the bell.

Kavita opened the door in less than a minute (so much for my fear that they had been having sex!). When I stepped in, Prem was sitting on the sofa. Evidently he had come to the sofa in the time it took her to open the door.

This struck me as suspicious. Why would he or she act like this, were they trying to cover up something?

I couldn't tell, but my mind went to my worst fears.

Obviously if they had been having sex, she couldn't open the door in 1 minute, I chided myself.

But what if they had had sex, and had got dressed and had been 'resting'?

But they could have been resting in the hall, it doesn't make sense, I chided myself again.

Kavita pulled me out of my thoughts, and asked if I would like a cup of Tea/Coffee. I asked her for coffee, and sat down restlessly on the sofa. Prem grinned, and asked if my day had been tiring. I answered him listlessly. I didn't want him to know what I suspected, had been thinking about just then.

When Kavita came back with the coffee, I realized I still hadn't given her the jasmine gajra. Her face lit up when I gave it to her, and Prem teased her about it.

"Go ahead Kavi, give Manu a kiss, I promise I won't look!"

She blushed and went away to the kitchen to prepare dinner. And the exchange left me somewhat relieved: Prem was acknowledging the fact that we were husband and wife, and hopefully he would respect those boundaries.

Dinner was a quiet affair, as Prem suggested to Kavita that she might like to go out to watch a recently released movie over the weekend. Kavita didn't seem too keen to his suggestion, so I assumed she wasn't interested. This again felt nice to me, because I saw it as a "snub" of Prem.

After watching some TV, I retired to bed and Kavita followed me to bed quickly. She was dressed quite conservatively compared to the last 2 days. She was wearing a saree she wears at home, but it wasn't particularly revealing or seductive looking. so I took that as a sign that she wasn't actively trying to seduce Prem or something. It was just a coincidence perhaps,that she wore sleeveless blouses 3 days in a row before that.

I also noticed she didn't wear the gajra to bed. Maybe she wants to wear it in the daytime tomorrow, I told myself. I had 'seen' her snub Prem, so I shouldn't really be worrying. I slept better that night.

Friday morning had arrived, I woke up to an empty bed. As I expected by then, Kavita was in the balcony, watching Prem exercise.

I joined in, and made some small talk. I asked Prem what all exercises he does each day.

He said, "Working out from home, I do just aerobics, sit ups, push ups and weights. I would do more fitness routines when I go to a gym."

I thought there was an opportunity there. Maybe if I could get him to go to a gym instead, I could be spared this agony of watching my lovely wife towel off his near-naked body each day.

He mentioned that he was a member of a gym in Hyderabad, but he wasn't keen on joining one in Bangalore since he was there only on a short term basis.

It dashed my hopes a bit, but I decided to look around anyway. I would be willing to pay this guy his gym membership to keep my Kavita's hands off him. I made my way to the hall as Prem finished up his exercises. I was trying to avoid watching Kavita towel him off.

Shortly afterwards, Prem and Kavita came to the hall as well. Kavita went to the kitchen to prepare coffee. Prem stopped, picked up a newspaper and started reading it. In a way, I was greatly relieved. So it wasn't an elaborate masquerade Kavita was doing so she could feel up this muscular hunk each day in front of my eyes. He did intend to read the newspapers after all, and perhaps he skipped it yesterday because of his getting a hard-on. And so maybe it meant he was embarrassed about his getting a hard-on, which could mean that he may not be as familiar with my wife Kavita as I had been dreading. I was much more relaxed now, and managed to enjoy my coffee and the rest of the morning without the kind of worries I had been going over, the previous morning.

We left for work together. Kavita had taken her bath before our breakfast, and she was now wearing the gajra. I was pleased, as she didn't decline to wear it.

I made a few phone calls in the day time from work, and found out a couple of gym centres not far away. I decided I'd need to check it out, but thought it would be prudent to bring it up with Kavita first, before checking out the places.

I got home on time. Though Prem was already there, after seeing yesterday's snub of Prem's suggestion of a movie, I didn't feel as fearful to try to spy on them from the hall window.

I was relieved to an extent that the weekend had finally arrived. Though I had half a day of work on Saturday, it would still leave me with a lot of time with Kavita. I could try make love to Kavita in peace. I could also bring up the topic of a gym membership for Prem.

That night, after we had dinner and retired to bed, I brought up with Kavita, the topic of getting Prem membership for a gym.

"Kavita, I wanted to talk to you about something."

"That's good, because I wanted to talk to you about something, too."

"Oh, what?"

"No, you go ahead first, Manu."

"I've been looking around, and I found some nice gyms nearby."

Kavita seemed happy, and smiled, "Oh you want to join a gym Manu? That's great!"

"No, no, Kavita, that's not what I meant. What I meant was, Prem is probably more used to working out in a gym, so I thought we could buy him membership for as long as he's here."

There was a pause. Kavita then said in an icy voice, "So you would pay Prem's gym membership but you wouldn't go to a gym to workout, yourself?"

"No, that's not what I meant. I can join a gym separately, to workout."

"But that's not what you wanted to talk to me about, right? You wanted Prem to work out in a gym. Because you're insecure about him working out at home, right?"

I flushed, I did feel somewhat guilty. What she said was true. I admitted that it was the case.

Kavita continued in an icy voice,

"So you're insecure about it, and you want to buy him a gym membership to get past that?"

I stammered at her icy tone, but managed to say something I thought was sensible,

"Yes Kavi, this way you won't have to towel him off each day or worry about him dripping sweat all over our home."

There was a pause, then Kavita said, "Manu, you sometimes have a dirty mind."

I said, "Sorry Kavi darling, but I can't help feel that way seeing you toweling him off each day."

"You want to know what I think?"

"Yes Kavi."

"I think you don't have the balls to tell him to towel himself off. You don't have the decency to help me out of this situation by volunteering to do it yourself. And you are shameless enough to buy him a membership that you would not do for yourself, because you're lazy and don't want to do it. When you get him the membership, also go to a doctor, ask him to remove your balls, and give them also to Prem along with the membership card, that would be appropriate."

I flushed deeply. I muttered a hasty apology, but it was too late. I should have planned this out better. I decided to drop the topic for then, and pick it up again soon.

Kavita turned so her back faced mine.

I tried to prod her out of her angry mood, "Kavi, didn't you also have something to talk about?"

She took a deep breath, as though pondering whether to talk about it. Then she asked,

"Are you working tomorrow?"

I said, "Yeah, half a day, it's the first Saturday right."

"Oh, that's too bad. Can you take tomorrow off?"

"I can't do that at such short notice Kavi. I have a meeting tomorrow morning. What did you want me to take the day off for?"

"Remember Prem mentioned a movie? He had got tickets for tomorrow morning from someone he knew. He got 3 ticket for the 3 of us."

"Come on Kavi. You could have told me some time before and I would have found a way to avoid this meeting. Now I can't."

"It's OK, then Prem and I will go then, I hope that's OK. Unless you're going to be insecure about that as well."

Truth be told, I had mixed feelings about it. Prem hadn't intended to 'take her out by herself', but still, this was a different proposition now. If the 3 of us had been going together, it would have meant we would go to the movie in our car. Now, Prem would probably be taking her on his bike. I didn't like the idea, but Kavita would surely snap at me for being insecure if I suggested that they take an auto rickshaw or something, so I decided to keep quiet about it. Besides, if Prem didn't have to go to work on Saturday, it was probably better that he wouldn't be alone at home with Kavita!

I told her, "That's fine, go ahead, enjoy the movie but don't spoil the story for me, we can go later."

Kavita seemed a bit mollified by that, and turned to face me again. She put her arm around me. I then hugged her, and she seemed less angry then, and she hugged me back. I fondled her ass through her saree, and she teased, "You are being naughty."

I tried to continue into love-making, but my penis wouldn't get hard still. Kavita stroked my chest again and said that we could maybe do it Saturday or Sunday when I was more relaxed. That reassured me a lot, and I went to sleep hugging her.

I woke up to the morning of the weekend. I was alone in bed again. I glanced at the clock, it looked like I had woken up a little sooner.

I sat pondering the changes that had happened since Prem had arrived.

My gorgeous wife had been toweling his sweaty muscular body for almost every day since he arrived. Much as it disgusted me, and made me uneasy, it didn't look like I would be able to stop it in the immediate future. The discussion about getting Prem a gym membership hadn't worked out last night.

Rather than getting upset and paranoid about it, I started thinking about a more practicable option, at least in the short run.

It would be practicable to acknowledge that Kavita toweling him off didn't mean she was sleeping with him. I could bide my time, and wait for a more opportune moment to resurrect the topic of getting Prem a gym membership.

I winced as I reflected on what a wimp I was being. Here was this guy, strong, looking intimidating and cocky, and he was getting my gorgeous wife to towel him off each day. And instead of telling him like a man to towel himself off, I was taking the wimp's route, trying to get him to exercise away from our home, so he wouldn't be able to get Kavita to towel him off.

Feeling weak again, I pulled myself to my feet, and walked across the hall to the half-open door of Prem's room.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 04 Pt.2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 04 Pt.2

Prem had finished his exercises, and Kavita was toweling him off again. I winced as I reminded myself to bide my time. I felt my penis shrivel up as I saw Kavita towel off his dark hairy chest. Resigned to the situation, I moved to the coffee table, picked up a newspaper and started reading it.

Shortly afterward, Prem and Kavita joined me. Kavita asked me if I was ready for coffee, as Prem sat down, dressed in a towel. He picked up a newspaper and started reading it, as well.

Since the Thursday morning blow-up (when I was witness to Prem getting aroused seeing the argument between me and Kavita over her toweling him), Prem had been a little more restrained. By that I mean, he didn't get this obscenely huge erection as she toweled him off. Still, his nut-sack looked huge as it did the first day, and I couldn't help again imagining the huge erection he had sported on Thursday, and wallow in my own insecurity.

That insecurity only grew now, as he sat there strutting his muscular body, reading the newspaper nonchalantly. This guy was getting too cocky and arrogant, and I needed to find a way to confront him.

Later, I mulled over this in my bath, but couldn't find an easy way to confront him on his general behavior. It ought to be easier though to bring up the topic of a gym membership at the opportune moment.

I got ready for breakfast. I noticed that Kavita was wearing one of those modern-style short-sleeve blouses with her saree, and it made her look younger, and ravishing right after her bath.

I told her she looked beautiful, and she said, "Thanks, you've seen me in this dress before."

Which was true, but I had to let her know that I wanted to be with her, to watch the movie with her that morning.

I left for work shortly. Kavita said they would be back from the movie around 1:30, which would be around the time I would get back from work.

Once I got to work, I found out that the meeting was getting rescheduled. Hastily, I tried calling Kavita on her cellphone, but didn't get through; she seemed to have turned off her cellphone for the movie.

I knew the movie theatre they were going to, so I first thought I'd go meet them there. It would have helped if I could get them to not sell the extra ticket Prem had got for me. It seemed unlikely though, as time was short: maybe I could make it, but I wasn't able to reach her and it would be more difficult in that situation. Then another thought struck me.

This was going to be an around 2 hour window when neither Prem nor Kavita would be at home. If I wanted to snoop around by looking in Prem's stuff....

I thought over it for about 5 minutes, and decided to do it. I had a right to know how much Kavita may had been involved with him in college.

I didn't try calling Kavita again. I came straight home.

After changing into shorts and a t-shirt, I went into Prem's room. I found his trunk, and proceeded to open it.

His trunk had the assortment of stuff I expected to see: personal stuff, clothes, things he used for his job (photography related stuff)...and then I saw a pile of picture albums on the side of the trunk. I thought I would browse through the pictures, to see what kind of pictures he took. A part of me prepared for the sickening possibility of seeing photographs of Kavita with him in suggestive situations.
Prem's photography, as it turned out, covered a variety of topics. He had photo albums covering some political meetings,social events he had been to (as a photographer, apparently), sports events and even nature photographs. The thing that did catch my attention first was the modeling albums.

There were a few albums dedicated to modeling events he had covered, it seemed like. The models in the photographs looked quite attractive in their designer clothes. However, after a while, I realized it was unlikely that I would find Kavita in those albums, so I flipped through them quickly, and then proceeded to look among other album titles.

I then found albums titled 'College'. Surely, I would find what I was snooping around for, here, I figured.

Turned out I was wrong. I flipped through the entire college album set, but found not even one picture where Prem and Kavita were together. I did see a few group pictures with Kavita and her classmates, and likewise Prem and his classmates, complete with name lists.

Looking further, I saw an album titled 'Personal'. Should I open it? I hesitated briefly, then went ahead and started looking through that album.

This album was more personal as I could have expected. There were some pictures with Prem and what seemed to be his family. But as I flipped through the album, I also found pictures of Prem with 3 different girls (none of them being Kavita). They were typically just 2 of them, in various places: a movie hall, a beach, a restaurant, on a bike...various kind of still pictures. There was just the mild suggestion of intimacy: in a few pictures, Prem would have his arm around the girl, either around her shoulder, or around her waist. Likewise, the girls also had their hand around his shoulder/ waist in a few photographs.

I noticed at this point that there were empty slots in the photo album. It struck me as odd, because until then I hadn't seen any of the albums with empty slots other than at the end. It occurred to me that some photographs may have been removed. I looked closer in one of the empty slots. It had a plain piece of rectangular paper in it. On a hunch, I took out the paper.

The paper was blank on one side. The reverse side of the paper had the letters "K.J. " followed by some letters and numbers, like a code.

K.J. Those were my wife's initials before we got married. Kavita Joshi.

I went over some of the other empty slots. They all had a similar writing on the other side of the apparently blank paper: "K.J. " and then something that looked like a code.

My stomach dropped. I was hoping this wouldn't turn out this way.

So Prem had pictures with my wife in his 'personal' album, but had removed them, I concluded. I flipped back to the pictures of the other 3 girls who's photos were present in that album. I looked at them hard. They seemed to resemble my Kavita in more than one way. They were very fair in complexion, like Kavita. They all wore bindis, which suggested they were Hindus. Were they of the Brahmin community as well? I picked up the College albums again, and tried to find them in the group photos. 2 of them were Prem's year, and 1 of them was in Kavita's year. Judging by their names , all 3 of them were from the 'upper caste communities', and 2 of them were from my own community.

It hit me like a punch to the pit of my stomach. So Prem/Amir Ali, this muscular intimidatory hunk who had just 'moved in' as a temporary house-guest, had 3 girlfriends, maybe 4 in college. 2 of them (3 including my Kavita as I feared, suspected) were of my community. It was like living through the feelings of inadequacy I felt in college, all over again.

Where had he kept the photos with 'K.J' (Kavita I assumed) that he had apparently removed from the 'Personal' album?

I rummaged through his trunk. I was looking for a separate unmarked envelope or something like that. As I was looking, something else caught my attention.

Hidden away between a couple of large photography books was an album with no name.

My stomach did a back-flip. I was afraid to open this one.

Still, I couldn't restrain myself. I had just got some 'evidence' that appeared to confirm some of my fears regarding Kavita and Prem. I opened that album.

It was worse than I dreaded. It was not, as I feared, the 'missing K.J photos'.

The album had pictures only of those 3 girls. In addition, there were more 'blank slots' with a paper labeled 'K.J.' as with the 'Personal' album.

The pictures had the same three girls in various kinds of more revealing dresses, and with greater degree of intimacy with Prem.

There were photographs of Prem with each of them separately, holding them around their bare belly, holding them tight against him, cupping their breasts over their top, cupping their rear over their jeans/skirts.

There were photographs of Prem with 2 of them separately, wearing just a bra on top and a mini-skirt, leaning back against Prem with him holding them by the bare flesh of their belly.

There were photographs with Prem and each of the girls in swimsuits.

There were photographs of Prem kissing their belly, their navel, their shoulders, and lip-locks as well. I noted with agony that there was an empty slot 'K.J.' label saying 'K.J. 1stKS'. Was that the first time he had kissed Kavita or the first time she had kissed him? My gut twisted in agony.

I looked at the pictures of the other girls where Prem was kissing them at various places. In none of the pictures did any of the girls seem embarrassed or uncomfortable that he was kissing them. Their expression seemed more of pleasure, lust than of embarrassment.

Looking over the unnamed photo album again, I felt defeated. I came in looking to find proof one way or the other, and I hadn't found proof. But I had found enough evidence to suggest that Prem and Kavita knew each other in an intimate manner.

I went over the pictures again, and eventually zeroed in on a picture which particularly stirred my loins. Prem was holding the girl (named Rachna, according to the 'College' album) in his arms, in a (worryingly) similar position to the way he had held my Kavita in his arms, the day after he had arrived. The only difference being the clothes Rachna was wearing, were different.

She was wearing a blouse-top that she had tied with a knot just below her breasts, exposing her fair smooth belly and navel. Prem's one dark hand was gripping her, holding her around her bare waist, navel, like it was when he was holding Kavita a few days back. His other hand was just above her knees, holding her in a strikingly similar pose as he had held Kavita.

As my loins stirred, I started imagining Kavita to be the girl in the photo. I shamelessly started feeling aroused, and started fondling my semi-aroused penis. I hadn't had sex with Kavita for a while, and certainly not after Prem had arrived. My frustrated feelings of unspent lust along with the complex feelings aroused by seeing these photographs (which were titillating for sure) led me to shamelessly masturbate. I adjusted my sitting posture to try to place the album on the bed and masturbate from the chair I was sitting on. As I started trying to place the album away, I came in my hands.

I was embarrassed at myself. I had shot my load very quickly. But having relieved myself, I figured it would be better to catch my breath, and resume looking in Prem's trunk.

And then, I panicked as I heard the key turn in the door!

This could have only been Kavita. I shot a look at the bedside clock, it was already 1:30. They were back! Time had flown as I browsed Prem's pictures. I hastily put the albums back in the trunk. I wiped myself on my underwear and pulled my shorts up.

I came out of Prem's room just as Prem and Kavita entered the house. They were surprised to see me, and Kavita asked, "How did you get home so early?"

I told her about the canceled meeting, and my phone call to her.

Kavita said, "Yeah I had switched off the phone in the movie hall. But I called you 30 minutes back, why didn't you pick up then?"

I was embarrassed. I had been so engrossed in investigating in Prem's room, that I had missed Kavita's phone call. I picked up my phone and pretended I had put it on silent for the meeting and forgot to turn it back on.

Kavita asked if I had had lunch. I hadn't. She suggested that we go out for lunch. I gratefully agreed. I wanted to put my mind away from the embarrassing situation I nearly had put myself in. If I hadn't heard the key turn, I may have been caught with cum in my hand from my masturbation, by Prem and Kavita!

Nevertheless, I had made some headway in my investigating into the past. I was sure Prem would have the "K.J" pictures somewhere else in his trunk, given the way he was carrying around intimate photos with the other 3 girls. All I had to do was find a way to look through his trunk like I had stumbled into, today. But how?

And what was I to do after that? Should I confront Kavita and ask her to be honest? Ask her the truth about why she had invited Prem to stay with us? If he used to be her boyfriend, did it mean that she invited him to stay to 'resume' their relationship?

I thought on these aspects as we drove to lunch. At the restaurant I tried to make sure I didn't let on, on what I had found. Prem found a chicken dish he liked, and the topic went from food to other amiable topics. I was glad to not discuss anything related remotely to what I had just found today.

When we got home from lunch, Kavita said she would like to take a nap. I joined her in bed, but she seemed tired from the movie, so I just lay down beside her. I thought over what courses of action I could take, and eventually drifted off to sleep as well.

When I woke up in the evening, I heard the hushed voices of Prem and Kavita, seemed to be coming from the hall. I got up, called for Kavita and walked across to the hall. They weren't there, but they had gone silent.

I walked over to Prem's room. They were standing in the dark, and there was an air of discomfort in the atmosphere, especially Kavita's face. I couldn't quite discern Prem's expression.

Kavita then greeted me, and told me that she had already prepared dinner.

We broke up, and sat for dinner. I noticed for the first time that Prem was being distracted and not talking much. This encouraged me, and I tried to joke with Kavita about the movie, that she had deliberately forgot to tell me on Thursday so she could go with Prem alone. She gave me a look that indicated she didn't find it funny. What did her expression mean? It looked like a pitying look, and it gave me a vague feeling of unease.

As I lay in bed that night, I resumed thinking about how to proceed investigating from what I had found that day. Would it be wiser to confront Kavita about it? What would she say? I didn't even see one photograph of her and Prem, what if I'd been misunderstanding everything? What if then she wanted to leave me out of anger, frustration at my insecurity?

It was a very difficult night for me to go to sleep.

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