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Old 18th May 2013
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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 05 Pt.1

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 05 Pt.1

I woke up the next morning to the sound of running water. I took a look at the clock, and realized I had overslept.

It was Sunday, so I didn't have to go to work. I looked at the bathroom door, and realized Kavita was having her bath.

My stomach twisted into a knot, as I recalled the photo albums I had seen yesterday. Was she the 'K.J' in those labels 'tagging' the empty slots in the albums? Was she like those other 3 girls, seemingly defiant and proud to be one of Amir Ali/Prem's girlfriends, and letting him touch, feel her as he pleased?

I had to be careful about this. If I was wrong, given how irritable Kavita had been lately, I feared she could even go to the extent of leaving me out of irritation, anger at my insecurity. The only way for me to investigate who 'K.J' was, would be to find out a way to engineer situations where I could look through Prem's trunk again, when they were not at home. Maybe if she asked to go out for a movie again, I could opt out saying I was not feeling well, and continue my investigations.

I felt a flush of embarrassment cross my face. Here I was, plotting to let my lovely wife Kavita go out with this imposing hulk again, just so I could dig more into her past. I hadn't decided on actually doing it, or letting it be and just accepting the status quo, where I had these partially confirmed suspicions but no complete confirmation either way.

My thoughts were interrupted by Kavita coming out of the bathroom. She was dressed in just a towel covering the essentials, but exposing her thighs and bare shoulders. God, she looked beautiful!

She stepped across, closed the door, and stepped across to the bed.

Kavita ruffled my hair, asked if I slept OK. I answered yes, and she told me to get up and get ready for breakfast. I asked her if she slept OK, and she said, "Yeah but I've been up for 1 1/2 hours. Prem has even finished his exercises and had his bath."

My stomach twisted again. So this morning, I had missed the 'ritual' of Kavita wiping off the sweat off Prem's body, after his exercise routine. I felt happy in a way at first. Then I felt ashamed of myself, for the thought that it was 'better' for Kavita to towel him off, when I didn't see it.

I brushed my teeth, and had my bath. Kavita had in the meantime dressed in a churidar dress, the first time I saw her in churidar in a couple of weeks, and the first time since Prem's arrival as well. Even though the churidar was 'conservative' in the sense it wasn't low cut, or sleeveless, it still made her look very attractive, as her curves stood out in the tight dress. She looked gorgeous as the day I met her!

Breakfast was a bit moody affair again, thanks largely to Prem. Prem again seemed distant, and I was wondering if he had sensed how insecure I was feeling because of him, his presence, behavior and mannerisms.

After breakfast, Kavita took a couple of bags and told me she was going out nearby to do some vegetables and groceries shopping, and was going to take the car.

I offered to go with her; this was a great chance to do something together as a couple, and perhaps that would help me deal with the fears and suspicions I was getting.

Kavita declined, saying that Prem wanted to talk to me.

This briefly caused me have a flutter of unknown fear, but I quickly reassured myself. Maybe I can discuss with Prem about the gym membership, I told myself. Maybe he would suggest that, or maybe he would want to move out seeing how insecure I was being over his presence. Maybe Kavita had a word with him in private about the gym membership idea that I had discussed with her, and maybe they came to the conclusion that it would be for the overall good if we did go ahead with that idea. In any case, perhaps I could bring up the topic myself.

Kavita started to leave, and she told Prem that she would be back in about 45 minutes, if that would be OK. He said, "Yeah, 45 minutes should be fine."

I waved Kavita bye, and she left. Did I sense worry on her face when she left?

I sat on the sofa and waited for Prem to come. He came in a couple of minutes, walked over to the main door and put the internal bolt on. Then, he came towards the sofa and stood across me.

I asked him if he was doing alright, that he seemed a bit dull. He didn't answer, but merely glared at me..

I then prodded him, "Kavita said you wanted to talk to me."


"What about?"

There was a pause of about 1 minute, where Prem glared at me again. I started feeling weak, it was a bullying sort of glare from Prem, who surely suspected or knew by then that I was feeling insecure about him and his presence.

Then Prem said, in a cold, authoritative voice, "You're a pervert, aren't you?"

My mouth went dry, and my face went pale. I tried to think fast, to figure out this 'out of the blue' assertion from him. He must have found out that I had looked through his trunk!

Weakly, I tried to save face. I couldn't even bring myself to answer back with confidence, and asked him weakly, "What do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean."

I again tried to be confident, but I don't think I sounded confident," I don't understand, what are you talking about, Prem? Are you upset about something?"

"Yeah, I'm upset that some perverts look into my private stuff when I'm not here."

So this was about my looking into his trunk. He had found out.

I should perhaps have expected this. I had just put the last album I had used to masturbate with, back into the trunk and closed it, before they came in the previous day. I should have known he'd find out that someone had been looking, and it was probably me.

Prem continued, "It takes a gutless pervert to shamelessly look into another man's private photographs rather than ask him directly like a MAN."

I flushed with embarrassment. I started to mutter sorry, but Prem interjected, "Save your sorries, you pervert boy. I bet you got aroused seeing my pictures with my girlfriends."

I hung my head in shame. It was true, I couldn't even try to deny it.

Prem continued, "I bet you were in there because you were looking for pictures of your pretty wife Kavita."

I grew even more red with embarrassment. I didn't want to let him know this, even if this was true. I denied it.

Prem continued, "Liar. I know pussy boys like you. You're not MAN enough to satisfy your wife, and then you go around wondering if she's sleeping around on you. I bet you were looking for photographs of Kavita."

I again denied it, in the strongest voice I could bring up. It was not a strong voice, and even I knew it.

"Stop lying, pussy boy. Stop pretending to be something you aren't."

After a brief pause, Prem continued, "Who do you think K.J is, pussy boy?"

I stammered and muttered that I didn't know what he was talking about.

"You don't want to know who 'K.J' is, pussy boy?"

I hung my head down. Truth is, I wanted to confirm it badly one way or the other. By the way this conversation had gone on until then, though, I knew, deep down, that it was likely to be my Kavita, after all.

I was also starting to feel uneasy over the effect of this muscular intimidating guy standing so close by, and talking to me in this angry manner.

In an effort to put some distance between us, I stood up from the sofa, and walked behind it so I could be standing facing him, with something between us.

Prem continued to rub it in,

"Would it arouse you to find whom 'K.J' refers to? If it was who you think it was, would you masturbate on that, pervert boy?"

At this, I flushed the deepest. That is exactly what I had done yesterday! I didn't know where this conversation was headed, but if I could keep him from finding out THAT detail about yesterday, maybe I could come out of this without too much harm, just some loss of face.

Prem's next word made me feel unbelievably weak in the knees.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 05 Pt.2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 05 Pt.2

Prem's next word made me feel unbelievably weak in the knees.

"Is that what you imagined when you masturbated yesterday, pussy boy? Did you imagine your lovely wife with me like my girlfriends in those photos?"

I lost balance, and had to hold on to a table to steady myself. How did he know?

"Ha, just like a weak pussy boy. Masturbates imagining perverted things about his wife, and goes weak in the knees when a MAN confronts him about it."

I stood there hanging my head in shame, yet trying to think. I must have not cleaned up thoroughly, or must have splattered outside my hand. He couldn't really have found out otherwise, about this detail of what I had been doing in his room.

"Do you want to know if I've fucked your lovely wife, pussy boy?"

My shoulders were drooping down in shame. It was true, I wanted to know that. But I didn't want to hear it from this arrogant bully's mouth like that. Seeing the way he was trying to push me around, he would only 'rub it in', if my fears were true.

"How would that make you feel, pussy boy? Would you get aroused if I told you I've fucked her?"

My face was burning red with embarrassment,

"Would you masturbate imagining me fucking her, pussy boy?"

I stayed silent, my face burning with embarrassment. He took my silence as a yes, and continued,

"So you would masturbate imagining me fucking your wife. What a pathetic pervert you are, pussy boy. No wonder you didn't get any sex from your wife this whole week."

I tried to respond, but it came out with a lot of stammering: "It's not your business what Kavita and I do as a couple."

"True, pussy boy. But fact is, we both know you got no sex since I arrived. How many times do you think your pretty wife got laid this last week, pussy boy? Do you think she also got no sex like you?"

At this, my face went white. Had Kavita been sleeping with him already? The way this arrogant bully was talking, it sounded like she didn't waste any time before jumping into bed with him, only behind my back. Was it true, or was he just pushing me around, taunting me, pushing my buttons out of anger over my snooping in his room and photographs?

After a pause, he continued,

"What would you do if you find out she she had got laid, with no sex for poor pussy boy hubby? What would you do then, pussy boy? Would you confront her like a MAN, or jerk off like the pervert pussy boy that you are?"

Involuntarily, the embarrassment of the whole conversation got to me, and I got a wet spot in my shorts.

"Did you just come in your underwear, pussy boy? Or did you piss in your pants imagining your wife getting laid with a REAL MAN?"

Truth is, I didn't know for sure. I knew I didn't come in my underwear right then; the embarrassment was too much for me to even get an erection, leave alone coming in my underwear. But I couldn't believe that I had pissed in my underwear thinking about what Prem just said, and I hoped that it was just pre-cum or some sex fluid rather than what I feared. I tried to cover up the wet spot in my shorts with my t-shirt.

Prem laughed,

"You're pathetic. Not only are you not MAN ENOUGH to satisfy your wife, you're such a perverted pussy boy that you piss in your pants thinking of your wife with a REAL MAN."

After a few moments of silence, Prem continued,

"Let me hear it from you, pussy boy. If I were married and my wife cheated on me, I would throw her out. What would you do, pussy boy?"

I flushed again, thinking about what I would do in Prem's hypothetical situation. What would I do if Kavita cheated on me? Would I be able to part with her? Would I want to part with her? Would I seek to divorce, separate? Knowing me, I knew the answer. I would probably try to salvage what I could of the marriage, try harder to please her so she wouldn't stray again, or continue straying.

Breaking up my thought process, Prem spoke up again,"You know what I think you would do in those circumstances, pussy boy?"

I hung my head down. I did not want to see him say what he was going to say. I didn't know what he was going to say, but I was sure it would not be something nice.

"Look at me, pussy boy."

Excruciatingly, I lifted my head and tried to look at him. Involuntarily, a tear dripped down from my eye.

"I think you would wait for your unfaithful wife to come home, then stick your tongue into her unfaithful pussy and lick her unfaithful pussy out, because you know that's the only way you can satisfy her, not like a REAL MAN."

I stood red-faced in silence. The thought of the act that Prem had just described nauseated me, but there was some truth to what he said. In the interest of saving the marriage, I probably would try to satisfy her to the extent I could, and meekly swallow her infidelity.

Breaking into my thought process again, Prem said, "Maybe I should just tell your pretty wife Kavita everything that happened here yesterday, so she knows her pussy-boy husband's penis actually works."

These words of Prem got me to get back some some overall perspective. Even if he had dug this deep into my mind and read my thoughts over the past week, that didn't mean I had to let him walk all over me, continue pushing me around.

I said, "She knows my penis works, and it's not your business how she feels about my performance in bed."

"It's none of my business till you look into my stuff, pick up photos of my girlfriends, and masturbate using them, pervert boy."

I was silent to this, and Prem continued,

"Look at how pathetic you are. You don't manage to fuck your wife ONCE in this past week, you shamelessly masturbate imagining your wife being touched, fondled by a REAL MAN, using my photographs to fuel your imagination, and you're trying to tell me it's not my business."

I asked with fear,"What do you want to do about it, Prem? I said I am sorry."

"I don't care shit about your sorry, pussy boy. I feel sorry for your lovely wife."

My heart started pumping faster. "Why?", I asked weakly.

"How do you think she'll react when I tell her what her perverted pussy boy husband has been up to yesterday?"

For the 2nd time during this conversation, my knees gave way and I held on to a table to steady myself.

"Yeah, that's right, she'll leave you, pussy boy. And good for her, she deserves better than you, you perverted weak pussy boy."

I got desperate hearing that. "Please, Prem," I begged. "Please don't tell her."

"Why not, pussy boy? You masturbated imagining your lovely wife with me, why shouldn't she know that? Maybe she'll like to know her pathetic husband actually has a functioning dick, maybe she thinks your dick doesn't perform any more, given how much sex you've had in the last week."

"Please, Prem", I implored. "Please let this be between us, please don't tell her."

"Why should I listen to you, pussy boy? You just broke into my trunk and viewed my private photographs without my permission. Why should I listen to you at all?"

"Please, Prem, I love Kavita and I don't want to lose her."

"Oh? So you think she'll leave you if she finds out?"

I hung my head down. I KNEW she would leave me if she found out about it, especially from Prem. As for myself, I didn't see a way I could bring myself to confess to Kavita, and not have the same outcome, of her leaving me in disgust.

Prem continued, "Pathetic perverted pussy boys like you don't deserve a lovely wife like Kavita. You know that, pussy boy?"

I hung my head down again. Prem raised his voice, "Answer me yes or no, pussy boy."

I tried to resist finally, after all these minutes of his bullying. Regardless of what I did in his room, I shouldn't let him dictate or decide the 'terms' of my relationship with Kavita.

In a trembling voice, I said,

"Please don't address me like that."

"Like what, pussy boy?"

"Like you're calling me right now."

"I've been calling you 'pussy boy' for a while now, pussy boy. And you've been answering me. What do you think that means, pussy boy?"

Again, a tear dripped down my eye as I realized what he was saying: he had been calling me by those insulting names for a while now, and I had been shamelessly responding to it; like he probably expected me to.

"So let's get back to the point, pussy boy. Do perverted pussy boys like you deserve a lovely wife like Kavita?"

I weakly shook my head to indicate no.

"Look at me and answer me yes or no, pussy boy."

I brought my neck up to meet his face. I was burning with embarrassment as I answered, "No."

"That's correct. And why does she have to put up with a pathetic pervert like you, she can do better than you, MUCH better. Why should she not know what happened here yesterday, pussy boy?"

The tears were flowing down my eyes more at the repetition of that threat. "Please, Prem, I don't want to lose her, I'll do anything to not lose her, even if I don't deserve her.", I bawled.

After a pregnant pause, Prem continued, "I'm going to teach you a lesson, pussy boy. When I'm done, you wont masturbate imagine your wife with another man again, you perverted little pussy boy. And you won't go around looking in another man's private pictures like a little perverted boy."

My throat was dry enough, I had lost my voice. I tried again, "What kind of lesson, Prem?"

"Oh you'll find out, pussy boy. One thing. Do not call me 'Prem' in private again. 'Prem' is a nickname my friends use for me, and you forfeited that right by looking into my trunk without my permission. You can call me 'Prem' in front of your wife, but otherwise, you're to address me as 'Amir' or 'Amir Ali', Do you understand?"

I nodded weakly to indicate yes.

Prem continued, "Again, I will be monitoring your behavior on a continuous basis, pussy-boy. If you start acting like a smart ass, your pretty wife Kavita will get all the information about what you did yesterday. And then you'll lose her before you can even jerk yourself off one more time. You understand that, right, pussy-boy?"

"But what do you want me to do, Prem?"

He glared at me. I withered under his glare, and I rephrased the question.

"But what do you want me to do, Amir?"

"You'll know over time, pussy boy. But, for starters, you could help your lovely wife more in domestic work. You do realize a pussy boy like you is very lucky to have her as your wife, right?"

This was something that I could do. I didn't mind helping her in domestic chores, it was just that work and my work routine often ended up with Kavita doing most of the house-work. With relief in my voice, I admitted my short-coming there, and told Prem with full sincerity that I would help her out whenever I could. I could feel the embarrassment leave my face.

Prem responded,

"Good. She will appreciate a more humble and helpful attitude from you, considering what a pathetic fuck you probably are.".

After another pause, Prem continued,

"Yeah, you need some changes around here. A pathetic pussy-boy like you can't be allowed to waste away a fine lovely woman like your wife Kavita."

I nodded glumly. Though I didn't have a problem pitching in with house-work as Prem suggested, my gut told me that he wasn't going to let it rest at merely getting me to help Kavita more with the housework.

Prem appeared to sense this,"You don't look happy to be helping your wife more, pussy boy."

Truth be told, I was feeling tired, defeated, by that time, because of the conversation we had been having. The conversation had left me with beads of perspiration flowing all over my head. I told him that I would love to help her in whatever way I could.

Prem contemplated this and said after a few moments, " Don't worry, pussy boy. If you behave well, you might get to see what you wanted to see yesterday but didn't manage to."

My stomach twisted again. Did he mean he would 'show' me the 'missing K.J photographs'? I contemplated this in silence.

Prem continued, "Yeah, am pretty sure you'll jerk off like you did yesterday, pervert boy."

I lowered my head and kept quiet. If 'K.J' was my wife Kavita, would I masturbate again? After all this?

As though reading my thoughts, Prem asked,

"You think you wouldn't jerk off, and you'd act like a MAN, pussy boy?"

Even though I knew it wasn't true, I felt an urge to fight back, to resist, finally.

I nodded to say 'Yes.'

At this, Prem stood up, crossed his thick-as-tree-trunks muscular arms and smirked, saying, "Speak up, pussy boy. You think you'd act like a MAN?"

I again nodded my head and said out loud this time, "Yes."

My voice was filled with dread even as I spoke.

Prem strode across to near where I was standing, and stopped about 3 feet in front of me.

With amusement in his face and voice, Prem then said, "Alright, maybe you will react like a MAN. Let's test that out, with a little bit of role-play."

I stared at him in fear. What did he mean?

Prem continued, "Let's assume Kavita is married to me."

I nodded to indicate I understood what he said. Though I didn't know what he was driving at, I was afraid of whatever it might be.

Prem continued, "Have you fucked my wife Kavita?"

My face went white. I subconsciously started understanding what he might be driving at, and started trembling.

I nodded weakly.

Prem said with cold anger and authority in his voice, "Say it out loud, pussy boy."

With a trembling weak voice, in a barely audible whisper, I said, "Yes."

Even as I finished saying those words, I knew what he was going to do. I had hung my head downwards in shame, afraid to answer his question. Now that I was saying it out loud, I feared what he might do, and started lifting my face up. I had barely finished saying "Yes.", when I felt the harsh sting of his palm on my cheek.

Prem had slapped me with his right hand, with such force that my face turned towards the door to his room, instead of facing the door of the apartment.

My face burnt with shame and humiliation as I turned to face him.

He told me to answer his question again.

Burning with shame, tears beginning to cloud my eyes, I said, "Yes." again, to be slapped hard again.

He asked me to answer his question again 3 more times, and slapped me 3 more times.

By the 3rd time, tears started rolling down my cheeks. I thought he would go on slapping me forever. Mercifully, he stopped after doing this 5 times.

I was beginning to feel relieved that this was 'over', when Prem said, "Now, let's switch roles. Kavita is your wife, just like things are now. Ask me the same question, pussy boy."

Continuing to burn with shame, I barely lifted my face up to face Prem as I asked,

""Have you fucked my wife Kavita?"

Prem crossed his thick muscular arms across his chest, and answered loud, looking at my eyes,

"Yes, I've fucked your wife Kavita."

He paused about 10 seconds, as though 'waiting' for me to react. Seeing this muscular bully crossing his arms in an intimidating manner, the only reaction I was able to muster was more tears rolling down my cheeks. My arms hung limp down my shoulders, I didn't even consider the possibility of slapping Prem.

Prem then repeated,"Yes, I've fucked your wife Kavita."

He paused for about 10 seconds again, and repeated those words 3 more times, looking straight at me as I tried to avert my eyes. My knees trembled as I struggled again to stay upright.

The tears kept rolling down my cheeks as I stared at him in shame. Was this a 'role-play' where he was just pretending he had fucked my wife Kavita to make a point, or was he telling me the truth, rubbing it in to humiliate me?

After he repeated his 'role-play' answer 5 times, Prem said,

"You see the difference between a way a MAN reacts and the way a pussy boy reacts?"

Tears continued to roll down my cheeks as I nodded.

"Do you still think you would react like a MAN to finding out what you tried to find out yesterday?"

Glumly, trying to digest the humiliating truth, I shook my head this time, to indicate "No."

Prem stood there for a couple of minutes smirking at me.

During that time, I digested what had just happened during Prem's 'role-play'.

He had shown that if Prem indeed fucked my wife Kavita, I would react like a 'pussy boy', and not lift a finger. Shamefully, I had already suspected that about myself.

But scarily, he had also shown that he wouldn't think twice about hitting me physically, if he thought I 'invaded' his 'space/territory'.

Five times, he had slapped me hard, and I could do nothing but sob in shame. What if he started slapping me around in front of Kavita? Even imagining that scenario caused me to feel fear like I had never experienced before. I had to try hard to prevent that from happening.

As I stood in silence reflecting on this, I became conscious again of Prem smirking standing a few feet from me. Out of fear, trepidation over what else he may have had in mind, I asked,

"Anything else, Amir?"

Before he could answer, however, the bell rang. Kavita was back! This ordeal would be over now, I thought. I looked at Prem hesitantly. He indicated to me to go ahead, open the door. I wiped the tears off my face with a towel, and opened the door.

Kavita was holding the two bags she had taken out. They were full with vegetables and other groceries. She was sweating, I assumed it must have been a crowded day at the markets, because the weather wasn't all that hot that day. I was sweating too, but that was because of the ordeal I had just been through.

Kavita informed me that she brought what she could bring upstairs, and there were 2 more bags in the car. I told her that I would help her, and took the 2 bags from her hands.

Kavita said, "Careful Manu, they're heavy."

Not for the first time that day, I went red with embarrassment. Surely she didn't think I couldn't carry 2 bags that she had just carried? Was she trying to taunt me again about Prem being stronger, fitter than me?

I took the bags to the kitchen area, as Kavita said, "Thanks Manu!"

Her smile helped take my mind off the conversation I had been having before she arrived. Regardless of what Prem planned to do, somehow, I should make sure Kavita didn't find out about what happened the previous day, somehow I should make sure she wouldn't leave me on account of this bully.

I unloaded the contents of the bags, and came back to the hall. Kavita was sitting beside Prem. I asked her for the car key, she searched in her handbag and took out the car key.

As I stood waiting to get the keys from her, I noticed that Prem had put his right arm around her waist, as she was seated. It was the same hand with which he had slapped me 5 times, not long ago. As though oblivious to this, Kavita stretched her hand out and gave it to me with the same radiant smile she gave me a short while earlier.

Sheepishly, I returned her smile, put on my slippers and let myself out. As I did so, I noticed Prem's hand moving over the curves of her waist, highlighted by her tight churidar.

I went down burning with shame, yet again. Did she not notice he was fondling her? And I also shamefully told myself, "Thank God she is wearing a churidar so he wasn't fondling her naked waist!"

By the time I came back with the remaining 2 bags from the car, I felt very weak. The conversation with Prem had taken a lot of the energy out of me, and I wanted to take a nap.

I left the bags on the floor behind the sofa (Kavita was still sitting beside Prem, but his hand was no longer over her waist, but instead, casually leaning over her shoulder).

I listlessly told Kavita that I was going to take a nap. She told me to go ahead, that she would put the rest of the stuff away.

I noticed Prem glaring at me from behind her. I hastily told her I would put the stuff away, that I had forgotten because I was tired. I proceeded to the kitchen and storage rooms, and put away the rest of the stuff in the bags, before retiring to bed for a nap I badly needed.

(to be continued later....)

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Originally Posted by amethyst1982 View Post
I do have the rest of the story with me. I had discussed changing the story a bit with another member of exbii, but seeing that the story has been removed from Literotica either by the author or by the website admins, I have decided to post it in its original version. The story had received a lot of criticism on Literotica for its religious undertones, but I believe that the audience of exbii are a lot more tolerant and take it as a work of fiction, although the original author, Indiansubmale, had said that it was based on reality (how many "real indian stories" have we come across on such sites?). I hope there wont be so much objection to this story on this website, proving that we are far more open minded and tolerant.


added reps

please post the whole story as it is ,

and then lateron after that you may want to change it little with your imagination, we will be ready to read your story as well

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nice story thanks for posting

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thanks for posting. post it full and the the edited and continue the edited version. the original did not seem to have an ending though it was good

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Nice story with awesome description of human feelings.
please carry on.
Thanks for sharing
please visit my thread
life,...it's ups and downs
A tale of love and lust

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UL: 15.07 gb DL: 12.61 gb Ratio: 1.19

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Have you seen the announcement yet?
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please update

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Have you seen the announcement yet?
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Please Update

Please Update

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Have you seen the announcement yet?
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