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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 06 Pt. 1

Sorry for the delay, guys...had a lot of stuff going on for the past few months. Anyway, enjoy the next few chapters...

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 06 Pt. 1

The conversation with Prem had left me drained both mentally, and physically. I slept like a log. I didn't have an idea how long I had slept, until I woke up.

I glanced at the clock, it was just past 4 PM. Looking outside the window, it had got dark sooner than usual. Maybe that was part of why I slept like I did.

My stomach rumbled, and that reminded me about the fact that I had not had lunch. I had slept through the entire afternoon.

I then started recalling the incidents of the morning. I was grateful to Kavita for showing up and ending that ordeal. I was not comfortable with Prem's presence in our house, and she knew it. But the conversation I had with Prem that morning showed me an aspect of his personality that I subconsciously detected from the beginning, but didn't pay as much attention to, perhaps because of the physical intimidation I felt on account of his presence. This was the fact that to some degree at-least, Prem was a bully.

At-least, he had been bullying me around badly that morning. Granted, he was pretty upset over what I had done, but it still made me feel very ashamed to recall the conversation. "Pussy boy.", "Pervert boy.", he had repeatedly called me.

Thank God Kavita wasn't there to hear those names, or to see him slap me repeatedly; she would lose any respect she had for me if she heard or saw Prem pushing me around like that!

Thinking about Kavita brought me back to the present. I wondered why she didn't wake me up for lunch. I got up from the bed, stretched and walked to the hall.

I expected to find her with Prem in the hall, but that was not to be. I thought of looking in the kitchen, but then I saw the door to Prem's room was 3/4 closed. That was usually the way it was, when she went to the balcony in the mornings during Prem's exercises. I suppressed a shudder. Was he going to be exercising now also? Would he ask her to towel him off a 2nd time today?

I walked up to the door, and tried to peek through. Unlike in the mornings, when I knew Prem would be exercising and Kavita would probably be on the balcony, I felt afraid to push open the door. What if I caught them in bed, not necessarily having sex, but in an intimate manner? How could I react to it, especially in context of the humiliating ordeal I had been through earlier today?

Peeking through the open part of the door, I breathed a sigh of relief that the bed was empty! Thank God for that!

Inching my way a little bit through the 3/4 closed door, I saw both of them on the balcony. They were not facing me, however. They were facing "outwards", as they were the day Prem arrived, when I saw them in the balcony.

Kavita had changed into a saree. It was not the "stunning" kind of saree she wore the day Prem arrived. The blouse was one of her regular "home wear" blouses, black and slightly translucent, but not particularly small or revealing. The saree was pale yellow, not the kind of clothes she was wearing the day Prem arrived. Still, it did accentuate her attractiveness.

What caught my attention though, was Prem's right hand. It was "wrapped" around Kavita's bare waist. My head started spinning seeing his hand placed over her waist. Just a few hours earlier, I had been slapped by that same hand, and then seen the same hand over that part of her body. But she was in a churidar dress then, and he couldn't really touch her bare skin then. Now, seeing him touch the bare skin of her waist, it was very different, and made me feel dizzy.

They seemed to be having a conversation, but their voices were low. Prem was doing most of the talking, it appeared like.

I watched as he then gently "pinched" the flesh of her waist between his thumb and hand. I felt nauseous, and hurriedly went to the bathroom "attached" to our bedroom.

Why did Kavita not stop him? Was she not aware that I was at home? Would she not stop him from fondling her if she knew or thought I was asleep? I could see why Prem would put his dirty hands over her, the arrogant bully. But what was making me uneasy was her nonchalance to his touching, fondling her waist. Maybe she considered it "normal" for Prem to behave that way with her?

I tried to pull myself together. Maybe it was my hunger from having missed lunch that was causing my feeling of nausea. I washed my face, and decided to have some food.

I started to leave the bathroom, when I noticed Kavita's clothes from the morning lying there.

Instinctively, I picked up her clothes. Along with her churidar, her panties were also lying there.

So when she changed out of her churidar when I was asleep, she had also changed panties, it appeared like.

Again, instinctively, I picked up her panties and smelled them. I dreaded what I was about to smell.

Thank God! It did not smell like "semen". It smelt the way she would normally smell. Her panties were damp and a bit smelly, but they didn't smell of semen, and that was a big relief!

I looked them over, and didn't see anything indicating stains or remains of sexual intercourse. Thank God!

I noticed likewise churidar was damp around the crotch region. So that explained why she may have changed clothes to saree. Still, there was no indication that she had had sex with Prem, so I was a bit relieved as I came out of the bathroom, and went to the kitchen looking for some lunch leftovers.

I looked in the kitchen, but didn't find any food on the vessels on the counters. I then heard a footfall, Kavita had come up to the kitchen door.

She asked, "Manu, are you hungry?"

I said, "Yeah, I think I overslept."

She walked up to me, and ruffled my hair and said, "Yeah you did. There's food on the dining table. You were fast asleep so I didn't want to disturb you for lunch."

I was puzzled still. It didn't look like she had cooked lunch. I asked her, "Didn't you cook lunch?"

Kavita answered, "No, I was very tired after the shopping and didn't have the energy to cook, and Prem suggested we eat out and I thought it was a good idea. I didn't want to disturb your sleep, so Prem and I went out to lunch, and got you something from there."

I nodded gratefully, and came and sat at the dining table. She served me with the food from the packets she had brought from the restaurant.

I noticed the name of the restaurant. It was somewhat far away, and we had generally avoided that restaurant because it specialized in Mughlai cuisine, and seemed more inclined to non-vegetarian food seeking clients. Kavita and I had been there once, and we hadn't been too impressed with the variety or cooking style of their vegetarian items. I guessed that they went to that restaurant because Prem wanted to eat something non-vegetarian.

At this, my mind went back to the fact that Kavita had gone out with Prem for lunch, leaving me alone. Did she go on his bike or in the car? Should I ask her that? Surely she would snap at me if I asked her, so I decided to keep quiet about it.

As I ate my lunch, it occurred to me a few minutes later that they must have gone on Prem's bike. I was the last one to go to the car, and I brought the shopping bags upstairs, and put the stuff away and went to sleep. The car keys were probably still in my pocket. I felt my pocket, and the car keys were there.

I gulped. It meant Kavita had gone to the restaurant with Prem, riding with him on his bike. I felt a pang of jealousy, and a degree of frustration. Prem had just bullied me during the worst ordeal of my life until then, and he had taken my wife out for lunch shortly afterward, on his bike. Unconsciously, I started picking at my food.

Kavita noticed this, and asked me if I wanted the food warmed up or something. I hastily told her that it was okay; I didn't want her to sense what I was worrying about. To change the topic, I asked her if she had a bath or something after her shopping.

Kavita said,"No, I just changed into saree after we came back from lunch."

I nodded, and proceeded to eat 'normally' as she watched. There was silence for a few minutes as she watched me eat, then Kavita spoke up.

"Prem tells me you offered to help me out in toweling him after his exercises."

I was startled. I had said no such thing. I reached for a glass of water, trying to figure why she said so. As I drank my water, Prem came into the background, standing a few feet behind Kavita.

He stood there and glared at me, and put his arms on his hips.

His expression had a menacing look, and I felt a shiver down my spine. Was he threatening to tell her about what happened the previous day if I refused? Would he slap me around if I contradicted him?

I was panicking as I saw his glare. I hastily told myself, "I did tell him I would help Kavita out to the extent I could." I found my voice eventually, and put the glass down and answered.

"Yeah, It's a bit of tiring, back-bending work darling, so I thought I would help you out. I should have offered to help earlier itself."

Kavita's face lit up as she came to me, pinched my cheek and said "Thanks, Manu, I knew before itself that you preferred to do it yourself rather than me, but thanks for working that out with Prem!"

I grinned sheepishly at her. Maybe in a way it would be better, in the sense that it would be better than I towel him off, rather than her.

I finished up my late lunch and went to wash up. When I came back, Kavita was talking to Prem, apparently about the next day. His palm was casually resting on her ass, over her saree.

I was embarrassed to see it, and didn't know how to react. I saw it from the wash room, from where I could see to the other end of the hall. Not knowing what to do, I nervously approached. As I got closer, Kavita "slapped" his hand and finally he took it off her ass.

Kavita turned to me and said, "Manu, since you are used to getting up later than me, I'll set an alarm so you can wake up to be able to help with Prem's exercises, will that be OK Manu?"

I nodded my assent as I saw Prem grinning at me from behind her. It felt like an evil grin. Did he know that I had seen him 'palming' her ass just now? Was that what he was grinning about? Or the fact that I would be toweling him off the next morning?

I came and sat on the sofa, and dully flipped channels till I found a movie I could watch. Prem and Kavita also came and sat down.

I felt a pang that she sat down next to him. And after a while, I came to the sinking realization that this was my own doing in a way, as I was the one who sat down first, and I sat down on one of the 'single seater' sofas.

Subconsciously, I had 'vacated' the 'double' seater sofa. For Prem to sit on, beside Kavita. As this realization sunk in, I felt embarrassed that I let this guy bully me mentally to this extent. I looked out of the corner of my eye towards them.

Kavita wasn't looking in my direction, she was paying close attention to the movie that was on TV. But Prem caught my eye, and grinned at me again. Did he realize what I had been thinking about my subconsciously 'vacating' the double-seater sofa for him and Kavita?

To my deep embarrassment and humiliation, he then took his left hand off the sofa backrest where it had been resting, and put it over her waist.

Yet again. For the second time today, in front of my eyes.

Except, this time, he knew I was looking, our eyes had just met.

I tried to avert my eyes to cover my feeling of shame and humiliation. But I could not stop looking at his dark hands over her milky white waist, as he fondled Kavita, pinched her belly between his thumb and fingers like he had done earlier.

As this went on, I was transfixed at the brazen way in which Prem was "rubbing it into my face". He was sitting beside my wife, and fondling her belly, and in full knowledge that I had seen it. It was like he was 'challenging me' to 'stop him if I can'. And there was a part of my mind that tried to think of a way to 'take him on' on his challenge, and create a scene by questioning his blatant behavior. Shamefully for me, though the other parts of my mind relived the ordeal I had gone through, that morning, the cold, hard slaps, and the taunts of "pussy boy", "pervert boy", the claims that 'he had fucked my wife' reverberated through my head.

The defeated feeling from the events of the morning overwhelmed my instinctive reaction to challenge him. Shamefully, I averted my eyes. Even though I knew he was going to continue to fondle Kavita, I didn't have to let him 'rub it in' by watching it helplessly.

I tried to concentrate on the movie, and found after a while that time was passing faster, and more easily. Maybe this was what I needed to do, not let him 'rub it in' by 'refusing to look'.

After a while, the movie got over and Kavita got up and said she was going to to the kitchen, asking us if we wanted Tea or Coffee. I asked for coffee, as I felt I needed something 'stronger' to handle what was turning out to be a continuation of that morning's ordeal.

As I looked at Kavita's retreating form. She appeared to be 'looking down' as though embarrassed about something. I glanced at Prem, who mouthed "pussy boy" making me flushed with embarrassment. I averted my eyes again.

Kavita came back in a few minutes with our coffee, and then proceeded to make dinner.

I did not have much of an appetite for dinner, though. Maybe because of the late lunch, or because of the effect of seeing Prem fondle Kavita so brazenly, or maybe the ordeal earlier in the day, I simply didn't feel hungry to eat. I picked at my food listlessly, which Kavita noticed, and asked if I was OK.

I told her that I was just not having an appetite on account of the late lunch, and she suggested that I go to bed soon so as to get my food and sleep cycle back to normal the next day.

I didn't have any reason to object, and preferred to get to bed soon. I wanted this day to end.

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Old 21st July 2013
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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 06 Pt. 2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 06 Pt. 2

I went to bed shortly after dinner, but couldn't get to sleep immediately. Mercifully, Kavita joined me in about 20 minutes. He wasn't going to have sex with her today to complete my humiliation. Deep down, I feared he would actually screw her that day. It was a relief when Kavita came in to join me in bed, after apparently putting away the remainder of the food, and cleaning up after dinner like she usually did.

As Kavita turned out the lights and lay down besides me, I felt a bit reproachful towards her. Yes, I knew what Prem was doing, bullying me around. But she didn't have to "encourage" him by letting him touch her, fondle her, as she was doing. Was she oblivious to the bully Prem was being? Did she really not think much about Prem's touching her, fondling her?

As I lay down on my back, I mulled what to say to her in bed, and wondered if I should try to make love to her before 'Prem took her away from me' in a real manner. My thoughts were interrupted when Kavita turned over, lying on her side, and slid her slender arm over my chest.

"Are you OK?", she asked.

I distractedly answered, "Yes."

Truth be told, I knew I was not OK. I was being bullied and pushed around by this guy she had invited home to stay with us. But I didn't want to own up to Kavita, fearful of her reaction if she found out about Saturday afternoon.

She rubbed my chest and asked me," So what did you and Prem talk about?"

This was a question that had me totally stumped. I was so mentally focused on Prem's bullying behavior, that it hadn't occurred to me to think of something 'passable' to explain to Kavita, as 'what Prem and I talked about'. I did not want her to know about the ordeal I had been through: partly out of shame, and partly out of fear that she would then find out about Saturday afternoon.

Moments ticked by, as I tried to come up with something passable that I could say we talked about. Kavita spoke up after what seemed like an eternity, "I know you guys spoke about you helping me out with some of the chores like toweling off Prem in the morning, but I was wondering if that was all you talked about."

Gratefully, I took her 'lifeline' and told her that we had talked about my helping her in general around the house, not merely about that particular activity. She rubbed my chest again and said, "Thanks Manu, I know it's hard for you to help more if you're not used to it, but you're wanting to try to help and that itself is great!"

As I reflected on her words, I got the urge to put my arm around her, and I turned on my side and did so.

She did not push me away or do anything to cause me further torture, compared to what I had already gone through that day. I hugged her, as she continued,

"And am also glad you and Prem are getting along better! There was so much tension over the last 2 days, I thought you two were going to have a blow up of some sort any minute."

I couldn't say this was totally true. While there definitely was tension between me and Prem, it had only got worse from my perspective, over the last 2 days, and after the confrontation we had had.

Nevertheless, this conversation, and Kavita's more caring attitude sharply contrasted with Prem's bullying behavior earlier, and I hugged her gratefully for being the caring, loving wife that she was being, and fell asleep soon afterward.

I woke up in the morning to the sound of the alarm. I hadn't used an alarm for a while, and Kavita managed to wake up on her own without an alarm, so we hadn't used an alarm for a long time. The piercing sound woke me up, and I got up and looked around groggily.

The bed was empty. At first, I felt mixed about this. Maybe Kavita decided to continue toweling Prem after his exercises, by herself. Then I felt ashamed of myself for thinking about that as a positive outcome. And as I was looking around, getting my body awake, I heard the sound of water in the bathroom.

So Kavita had already gone in to have her bath. With trepidation, I got up and walked over to Prem's door. The door was fully open, this time.

He caught sight of me as he got up from the bench to change positions, and beckoned to me saying, "Hey pussy boy, come on over."

I felt the blood drain from my face as I quickly looked around. Kavita was still in the bathroom, and she couldn't have heard that, Thank God!

I walked over to the balcony and tried to reason with him in a nice way.

"Please, Prem, can you avoid calling me by those names around my wife? What will she think of me?"

He put his weights down over his sweating chest and asked,

"What did I ask you to call me in private, pussy boy?"

I started sweating as I rephrased my question.

"Please, Amir, can you avoid calling me by those names around my wife?"

He picked up his weights, and continued as he said,

"What difference, pussy boy? Do you think it's going to change what you are?"

I heard the water stop in the bathroom and started panicking.

"Please, Amir, I am doing what you want me to do, please don't humiliate me with those names before Kavita."

And as I begged him, my eyes started tearing again.

He stayed quiet and continued exercising.

Nervously, I wondered whether he would heed my request or not, fearing the worst.

As I watched with growing fear, I realized he was finishing up his exercises. In preparation for my 'role', I stepped back into the bedroom so I could look for the towels. Mercifully, there were towels right there on the bed. Maybe Kavita had got up and come to Prem's room and kept the towels there before she went for her bath, I figured.

I picked up the uppermost towel and trembled as he walked over, into the bedroom, and stood where Kavita had him stand usually after his exercises to towel him off.

I walked around behind him, to start toweling his head, when Prem remarked:

"Haven't you seen Kavita do this? You need to take off my vest first, P.B."

I winced at the name with which he addressed me. He had shortened "pussy boy" or "pervert boy" to 'P.B'.

Meekly, I walked back to his front, lifted his vest from near his stomach. It was wet, smelly and stuck to his muscular body, so it took me a bit of effort and proximity to lift his vest to above his chest, and then he raised his arms as I pulled his wet vest off and set it on the floor.

I then proceeded, for the first time in my life, to towel the sweat off the body of another man, a man who had just had a workout that caused him to perspire profusely.

It was a humiliating experience, the most humiliating experience I had been through till then.

I trembled as I toweled the sweat off his thick dark arms. I remembered how he carried Kavita the day he arrived, in those arms. I shivered as I toweled his right arm, the arm that had slapped me 5 times the previous day, and then fondled Kavita. I recalled how he carried the girl in the picture, from the photo album. And I reflected in shame, glancing down at my own scrawny arms, on how Kavita might be contrasting the two of us in her mind. It was not flattering.

I started toweling off his muscular hairy chest. I recalled how Kavita had rubbed his chest hair and appreciated it, the day he arrived.

I then got reminded of the day he got that huge erection. I glanced down as I continued toweling off his chest, and I saw that he had again got a huge tent in his shorts.

He however wasn't speaking to me, but appeared to have his attention somewhere. I guessed that Kavita was probably watching.

As I finished toweling his chest, with great embarrassment, I took off his shorts, releasing that monstrous erection of his,thankfully concealed by his white underwear.

I put his shorts on the pile of clothes and towels on the floor, and glanced around as I got on my knees to towel off his legs. I noticed that Kavita indeed was watching from the doorway to Prem's bedroom.

I was deeply self conscious of my situation, where I was trembling and toweling off sweat from the body of this dark muscular guy, who had been bullying me around just the previous day. I could not bring myself to look at Kavita long enough. I managed to observe in my glance that she had got dressed after her bath, and was dressed in a sari. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse, and that was pretty much all I could observe in the glance I gave in her direction.

So at some point when I had been toweling him, my wife Kavita had come and stood by the doorway. And he had got a hard on after seeing her.

Was he aroused merely because my wife had just had a bath and was looking fresh and gorgeous? Or was he aroused because of the situation as well, where my wife was watching as her comparatively weaker husband toweled off his muscular body?

Neither scenario was encouraging to think about, and I breathed a sigh of relief when I was finally done.

I was feeling tired and drained. Ignoring me, Prem strode off to the doorway, where I now saw Kavita was holding the newspaper in her hand.

Hoping that he would just read the newspaper quickly and go have his bath, I got up off the floor, and picked up the pile of sweaty clothes and used towels.

I moved towards the doorway, brushing past the two of them. I got the strong smell of his sweaty body, mixed with the sweet smell of my freshly bathed wife. Cursing the fact that I was getting both those smells at the same time, I quickly went past them towards the washing machine.

As I put the clothes into the washing machine, I heard Prem's voice saying, "You promised."

I turned around to see Kavita playfully push him away by his chest saying, "Not now, go have your bath first!"

That made me feel a bit relieved. At least, Kavita was not going to let him 'push her around' and get 'whatever he wanted, his way'. It was with this relief that I approached Kavita, and asked her if I could get some coffee.

She said the coffee was ready, and went to the kitchen to get me the coffee. She handed me the cup, then stroked my cheek and went back to the kitchen, humming to herself.

I got lost in my thoughts as I had my coffee and read the newspaper. Kavita shook me out of my trance by reminding me that it was getting late, and I needed to get ready to go to work.

I picked myself up, and feeling weak all over, moved to the bathroom.

A lot seemed to have changed in one week. My dull mood lasted through breakfast. Kavita had breakfast set out on the table, and was talking with Prem as I walked to the table.

I finally had a chance to take a better look at Kavita. She had, as I had observed in my brief glance earlier, dressed in a (light blue) sari with a sleeveless red blouse. She had put on lipstick, for the first time after the day Prem arrived. She was looking bright and happy, and I tried to make an effort to not rub off my dull mood onto her. It wasn't her fault that Prem was such a bully.

We had some idle conversation about current affairs, politics and cricket. As we talked over idle matters, I got the feeling Prem was smirking at me. I couldn't tell why, but I suspected he had some reason to be smirking.

I finished my breakfast and we both got up to wash our hands. And as he walked past me to wash his hands, I realized why he was smirking.

On the left side of his hairy chest, in the region not covered by his vest, was a red mark which when I saw him from a distance, I mistook to be a sore. But as he approached closer, I realized it was not a sore, and was in the shape of 2 lips.

I was filled with shame, as I realized what had happened.

Sometime between when Prem came out of his bath and then, it appeared like my wife Kavita had planted her lips on his hairy chest.

My legs started trembling as I got myself ready for work.

Prem and I left for work at the same time. Kavita kissed me lightly on my cheek as I left. It did not assuage my feelings at all, as I recalled what seemed to be her dark lipstick stain on Prem's chest.

As I drove to work thinking about the apparent lipstick stain on Prem's chest, I felt my penis shrivel up in my trousers.

It was a defeating, subconscious reaction that I had felt a lot over the last few days.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 07 Pt. 1

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 07 Pt. 1

I drove to work with more fear than I had ever felt during our 4 years of marriage.

It has been less than a week since Prem had arrived.

Already, it felt like I was going to lose my wife to Prem, like I had lost my wife to Prem.

Why would she kiss him on his chest? Was that really her lipstick mark, or was Prem trying to taunt me by putting a mark like a lipstick mark there by himself?

I recalled the incidents that morning. I had overheard Prem telling Kavita, "You promised."

Promised what? Promised to kiss him? On his chest? What for, why?

The only thing that had happened that morning, different from the other days before, till then, was the fact that I had toweled off Prem, instead of Kavita. So had she 'promised' to give him a kiss for Prem 'getting' me to help her out with this task?

I winced with shame as I recalled the humiliation of toweling off his near naked body. Kavita had been watching it silently. How did she feel seeing me, her weak husband, trembling as I toweled off this near-naked muscular Muslim hunk?

Surely she should start realizing that Prem is being unaccommodating to a ridiculous extent. Maybe she would step in and stop this from continuing. She didn't have the background, the confrontation between Prem and me the previous day. There was every chance that she put her foot down on this ridiculously selfish behavior from our guest.

Those thoughts put me in a somewhat positive frame of mind. I got a productive morning's work in, and called Kavita up in the afternoon, after lunch.

Kavita had been watching TV and had had lunch as well, she said. We talked about how the day had been so far. She mentioned that she wasn't as tired today compared to previous days, and thanked me for helping in the morning.

Needless to say, this got me blushing in shame. As if it was not embarrassing enough to have seen my wife toweling off this muscular bully each day the previous week since his arrival, it felt like Kavita was 'rubbing it in' that I was now doing this humiliating task.

I was trying to figure out a way out of the embarrassing direction our conversation was taking. Just then, Kavita said she was getting a call and hung up.

It was difficult concentrating on work, after having been reminded by my wife about the humiliation I had undergone that morning. My mind was on trying to regain some face before my wife before things slipped out of control.

Unable to make much progress at work, I left work a little earlier, planning to get home by 5:30 PM. Prem would probably not have got home, so I could perhaps try to get Kavita's attention the romantic way, and at least fight off some of the threat I was feeling on account of Prem. Towards that end, on the way home, I also bought jasmine gajra for her, like I had done last week.

I was disappointed though, to find out that Kavita was not at home.

At first, I didn't think it could be anything worrying. She probably has gone to meet someone in the neighborhood, I figured. I tried calling her cellphone.

Her cellphone seemed to be switched off. That's when I started worrying.

I recalled the incidents of the afternoon. She got a phone call, and then hung up on me. I hadn't heard from her since then.

I started worrying that she might be in some trouble. I tried calling Prem in case he had any idea.

It appeared like he too had switched off his cell phone.

I then started getting a different kind of worry. Had she gone out with Prem?

I then got a very fearful thought. Just to assuage myself, I went looked in our bedroom.

Kavita's clothes and things were all there. Phew.

Then I went to Prem's room. Again, his trunk and stuff were there. I also noticed that Prem had locked up his trunk, after the episode of my going through his trunk in his absence.

At-least, she hadn't left me and ran away with Prem or something. That was a relief.

I tried calling Kavita again, and it seemed like the phone was now turned on, but she wasn't picking it up. I tried sending her an SMS asking her where she was.

She sent back an evasive sounding SMS saying just one word: "Busy."

This made me start panicking again. What was she doing that made her so busy she couldn't talk to me?

I kept sending her SMS messages frantically, trying to get her to call me back. I sent several messages before she replied curtly again, "Will be home soon. Don't worry."

So she had been out somewhere. Was she out with Prem? Was it a coincidence that he was not answering at the same time?

I changed out of my work clothes into shorts and a t-shirt, and went and stood on the balcony of our bedroom, awaiting her arrival. When I say 'stood', I mean I stood in a 'crouching' posture. I wanted to see her come in, but I did not want her to spot me, especially if she had been out with Prem. And I definitely didn't want Prem to spot me.

In 15 minutes, I saw Prem's bike pull in, with Kavita sitting on the pillion. She was wearing a maroon saree with a matching short-sleeve blouse. So she had changed from the clothes she had been wearing in the morning. She had a couple of big polythene bags with her. It appeared like she had been out shopping.

After Prem parked his bike, she handed one of the bags to Prem. I moved to the hall, and awaited their entry.

Kavita and Prem came in together. Nervously, I looked up at Kavita, hoping she would provide an explanation.

She asked me if I was hungry or would like tea or coffee. I was, but I was hoping for an explanation as to where she had been. With a dry throat, I said yes to Tea, and asked her why she didn't SMS me back saying she had been out shopping.

At this cue, Prem walked over to me and said, "That's because I wanted to surprise you. So I asked her to not let on that she had been out shopping. I am your guest here, so I thought I should get you some gift, and I didn't want you to suspect that."

And saying so, he handed over the bag he was carrying.

I dreaded to open it. Somehow, I had a feeling he wasn't doing this to make me feel better after bullying me around over the weekend.

Nevertheless, since Kavita was watching, I looked up at him, managed a grin and said thanks.

Kavita didn't hang around for me to open Prem's gift, as she said she had better hurry to prepare my tea and then dinner. She went to the kitchen, and Prem whispered to me, "Go to your bedroom and open it now, pussy boy."

I went to the bedroom and opened the bag, shaking with trepidation. I suspected from his words that this 'gift' of his would not be anything I would really appreciate.

The first thing that struck me was, there was an envelope with a note from Prem.

I opened the envelope. It had a brief note: "These are your new home clothes. They're labeled for each day this week, and you can rotate them afterward. Don't open bags for the remaining days of this week ahead of time- Amir."

I looked in the bag, and saw a inner bag labeled 'Monday'. I picked it up, and took out the clothes in the bag.

They were a pair of pyjamas.

When I say a pair of pyjamas, I am embarrassed as I try to describe the pyjamas.

The pyjamas were bright white, and had a print of pink flowers all over, on both the button-on shirt and the pants.

I had worn pyjamas before, but never had I wore or purchased pyjamas of such a feminine kind of design. I got the feeling the print on the pyjamas Prem had got for me was not an accident.

Did he mean for me to wear those? I looked in dread towards the door, and saw to my shock that Prem was standing there!

He was standing there smirking at me. The smirk appeared to confirm my suspicions.

At that time, I heard Kavita's voice from the kitchen, "Manu, your tea is ready, can you come here soon and help me please?"

He strode up to me, shook me by the t-shirt I was wearing, and said, "Hurry up and change, boy. Your pretty wife wants some help from you in the kitchen."

I stood there trembling with fear. How could he do this?

The moments ticked by, as Kavita called out again, "Manu, are you coming?"

Prem took a menacing step closer to me and whispered,"Do you want me to tell your wife about Saturday, pussy boy? Maybe I should."

And saying so, he walked towards the door, looking backwards at me.

I responded to Kavita weakly, "Two minutes, Kavi."

With trembling hands, I took off my t-shirt and put on the pyjama shirt, my hands shaking as I buttoned the shirt.

Then, I took off my shorts, and put on the pyjama pants. My legs went weak as I stumbled out of the room. Prem slapped me on my ass as I went past him to the kitchen.

I asked Kavita weakly what help she wanted. Kavita said without looking at me, "Oh, after you have your tea, can you help me with the chapati making? It will take more time for me to do it myself."

I said sure, and picked up the cup of tea she had set out for me. She didn't look at me yet.

Trying to be inconspicuous, I finished my tea and moved towards the chapati roller, hoping she doesn't notice or say something to add to my humiliation.

Kavita then glanced at me, smiled and said, "Oh you're wearing the new pyjamas Prem got for you? They look nice on you."

I went red with embarrassment as I proceeded to start rolling out chapatis Out of the corner of my eye, I observed Prem standing near the kitchen door, grinning at me.

I continued trying to be inconspicuous, and rolled out the chapatis as quietly as I could, without asking Kavita for suggestions. Every time I caught Prem smirking, I came close to breaking down and crying.

As I was rolling out the chapatis, Prem disappeared briefly. I started fearing what he might be up to, when Prem reappeared at the kitchen door and remarked, "Looks like Manu has got something for you, too, Kavi."

And saying so, he held up the gajra I had bought for Kavita.

I had totally forgotten about it. In my anxiety about where Kavita had been, the worry that she had ran away with Prem, I had forgotten the mood with which I had come home from work.

I walked to the kitchen door and reached out to get the gajra from Prem. Inwards, I feared he wouldn't give it to me. Thankfully, he didn't try to push me around over the gajra, and I gave it to Kavita with a nervous smile.

She smiled with happiness, and said, "Thanks Manu!", and kissed me on the cheek. She didn't put the gajra on at once, though, and instead went and kept it in the refrigerator.

I was done in a short while, having placed the rolled out chapatis in plates. Kavita said thanks, and that she would take care of the rest, and stepped up to me and gave me another kiss on my cheek.

I felt better after that, and I went and sat in the hall, and watched some TV. Prem came and sat on the sofa as well, and it seemed like he was continuing to smirk.

But I dismissed it. Regardless of what he was trying to do to me and my mind, Kavita had just kissed me twice and he probably saw that. So he ought to know that she still loved me, regardless of his efforts at pushing me around, bullying me.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 07 Pt. 2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 07 Pt. 2

Kavita had apparently finished preparing the chapatis, because she joined us in the hall a short while later. I was about to get up for dinner, when Kavita flipped the TV channel to a television serial. She said dinner would take a few more minutes to get ready, that the chapatis were ready. She remarked again that the pyjamas looked nice on me. It did not assuage my feelings much, but she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek again. It made me feel slightly better. She had kissed me thrice today in front of Prem's eyes.

We had dinner shortly afterward. I did feel some of my discomfort return as Kavita bustled around the dinner table serving dinner to Prem and I, then sitting down to eat. I imagined how this must look in her eyes, seeing her husband dressed in (what I thought was) very feminine-looking pyjamas, and Prem sitting at the same table in his tight sleeveless t-shirt strutting his muscular arms and physique. God, I cringed at the thought that she may be thinking Prem is the only man at this dinner table!

As I sat there lost in my thoughts about how Kavita must be regarding me in comparison to Prem, I felt something that made me cringe even more.

I felt my balls 'contracting', and my dick shriveling in my underwear.

Unlike 2 days ago, when I got aroused seeing those photographs in Prem's room, the effect I was experiencing now was almost the exact opposite. I was feeling like my balls were shrinking, my dick was shriveling up, as I sat at that table dressed in those horrible pyjamas that Prem had got me as a 'gift'.

I started feeling desperate. I had to 'reclaim my manhood' before things got worse. I resolved to try to make love to Kavita that night, no matter how I felt at the moment. Hopefully, I would be able to get past this 'performance issue' by the time we went to bed.

After dinner, I went to the hall and resolutely sat on the double-seater sofa. I was not going to allow Prem to keep bullying me, I told myself.

Shortly afterward, Kavita came and sat down besides me. I thought I had out maneuvered Prem just this one time. It was not to be.

The arrogant bully came and sat down on the other side of the double-seater sofa, squeezing himself on Kavita's left.

We watched TV largely in silence, with some interruptions by Kavita and Prem making some funny remarks about the episode being aired. I was too distracted to pay attention to their jokes about the episode. Prem had yet again, wrapped his arm around her belly, the nerve!

I felt so impotent. I was sitting next to her, and yet he had the nerve to touch, fondle her. He had no respect for me as a man, not any more, and he was intending to rub it in, as he had been doing since the previous day.

When we finally did go to bed, I was feeling woefully lacking confidence to make love to Kavita. Still, I had made a resolve and wanted to stick to it.

Kavita sidled into bed beside me, still in her saree. As I pondered how to start lovemaking after all that I'd gone through over the last week, Kavita surprised me by putting her arm inside my pyjama shirt, and stroking my chest. She stroked me in a manner that suggested that she was trying to get me aroused.

My heart started beating faster. Maybe I was imagining it all, and she wasn't lusting for Prem, thinking about me as a 'weak man' like I had been dreading.

I started fondling her waist, and my shriveled dick started 'tugging' like it was coming back to life. I moved my hand over her fleshy wide ass.

Unconsciously, my mind recalled the humiliating situation on Sunday, when Prem had been cupping Kavita's ass, and took his hand off only when she slapped his hand. My dick started shriveling up again.

My heart sank. Was this how things were going to be as a result of Prem's bullying? Undeterred, I moved my hands back up to fondle Kavita's belly, and then her breasts through her blouse.

She was responding with interest, and it encouraged me. I unhooked her blouse, and Kavita helped me take it off. I then unhooked her bra, planning to dive in between her cleavage into her big juicy mounds.

Kavita took her bra off, and extended her hand backwards to drop her bra onto the floor.

As she did that, my mind flashed back to the previous week, when she extended her arm to hand me Prem's sweaty, smelly vest, and then flung it into my face. Once again, I felt my penis shrivel up, and I felt my performance anxiety rising.

Kavita was now topless. She now reached into my pyjamas, and into my underwear. I BEGGED, WILLED my dick to come back to life at-least experiencing the touch of her sensitive soft fingers after a while.

It did not happen.

Kavita fondled around my privates for a while, then remarked, "Your friend down there doesn't seem too interested tonight."

I was terrified at her disappointment.

I stammered and asked her if I could bring her off with my fingers or tongue, hoping that would give me time to get my dick back to life, and aroused.

Kavita shrugged, and said it was OK, that we could do it later, and put her leg over mine, and hugged me. I hugged her back, I was greatly relieved. Even though I wasn't able to perform right then, she wasn't angrily taking it out on me. It probably meant she did love me still, regardless of the events of the last week. She didn't refer to my dick as 'noodle' either. These reassuring thoughts, and the feel of my Kavita's naked back, helped me sleep well after quite a while.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of the alarm. Kavita was having her bath, I woke up feeling refreshed.

Slowly, my mind got itself tuned to the dreary task that awaited me: toweling off the bully Prem again.

I listlessly walked across to the balcony of Prem's room. He was in the middle of his exercises.

He looked at me sneeringly and said, "Looking pretty, pussy boy."

I went red in shame. So it was not my imagination, that these pyjamas Prem bought for me felt 'feminine' in design.

I hadn't thought out a response, because I wasn't mentally prepared for him to taunt me like this.

He continued during a pause in his exercises with a grin that was more like a sneer, "Looks like you like these pretty pyjamas. You'll like the rest of the clothes I got for you also, then."

As I stood there red in shame, a thought occurred to me. Maybe if I act not self conscious about what he was doing, maybe he might not 'continue' putting me through this new ordeal. If he didn't know how it was affecting me, maybe he would stop putting me through this.

Prem was now done with his exercises. I grimaced as I stepped up for my ordeal.

I don't know exactly was the cause, but somehow, toweling off Prem didn't seem as humiliating today as it felt the previous day. I was conscious of Kavita appearing in the doorway and watching me towel off Prem, but she had already seen it yesterday. It couldn't get more humiliating now that she had already seen it once before.

I finished toweling Prem off, and picked up the pile of used towels and sweaty clothes as Prem walked towards Kavita. She was waiting for him with the newspapers. As I walked past them with the pile of clothes, I noticed Prem's left hand resting on Kavita's belly as he held one end of the newspaper with his right hand and Kavita held the other end of the newspaper with her left hand.

My gut twisted, but not as much as it did over the weekend when I saw Prem fondling her belly. Now, I had seen it before, and mentally, it wasn't as much of a big deal now.

When I came back after putting the clothes in the washing machine, Prem was still reading the newspaper with one hand fondling, pinching Kavita's waist and belly.

In a weak voice,I asked Kavita if I could get a cup of coffee, and went to brush my teeth.

When I came back, Kavita was ready with my coffee, Prem was missing, and it appeared like he was having his bath.

I tried focusing my mind on thoughts that weren't negative, depressing. After all, Kavita did try to make love to me the previous night. This should be enough proof that no matter how much Prem may have invaded my mind, he hadn't yet invaded our bed.

I took a peek at Prem over breakfast. No lipstick mark on his hairy chest. I took a peek at Kavita. She was wearing lipstick again. So she didn't kiss him today. More reassuring signs that Prem hadn't yet invaded our bed.

The reassuring signs helped me get a productive day in at work. It is amazing how one is able to concentrate on work without disturbing thoughts about home. I decided to put in some extra time at work to make up for some of the distracted days I had over the last week. In part, I also dreaded going back home to face that intimidating bully, Prem.

That evening, when I got home, I crept up to the window and peeked through. Prem was already home, sitting on the couch in his cocky, arrogant manner beside Kavita. His hand was moving over her waist and thighs. Afraid that he might seduce Kavita right there if I don't interrupt him, I rang the bell. Kavita opened the door for me, greeted me with a warm smile and gave me a peck on the cheek. She was looking gorgeous, dressed similar to the way she was dressed on Saturday when she went with Prem to see a movie. Her blouse was short-sleeved,orange colored, and had mirrors printed on them. Her sari had a matching design, and she had tied it low enough to expose her curvy belly and navel region.

I tried to smile back at my gorgeous wife, but it was difficult after just having seen this muscular bully Prem fondle her freely in my absence, yet again. Mechanically, I went to our bedroom to change into my 'home clothes'. I pulled out the package from Prem's 'gift' labeled 'Tuesday'.

The clothes Prem had got me 'for Tuesday' were pyjamas again.

They had a print of blue and purple hearts in an embroidered pattern. What made me cringe as I picked up the pyjamas was the fact that they had lace frills on both the pullover t-shirt, and the feet of the pyjama pants.

They were also far more difficult to put on, compared to the previous day's pyjamas. I tried putting on the pants first, and found they were very tight. I thought Prem may have got me a wrong-sized pyjama set. I took off the pants, and saw that the description of the pyjamas mentioned that they would 'stretch'.

With a little more reassurance, I tried on the pants again. I was able to barely get them over my thighs. But I then encountered the next problem. It seemed impossible to pull the pants over my underwear.

As I struggled to pull the pyjama pants over my underwear, I became vaguely conscious of being watched. I looked towards the doorway and my heart started beating faster: Prem was watching, with an evil grin over his face.

After watching me struggle to pull the pants over my underwear for a couple more minutes, he strode over towards me.

Terrified, I stopped trying to pull the pants over my underwear, and watched him with trepidation, afraid he would slap me or something.

Prem instead picked up the packaging of the pyjamas that I had left on the bed, and shook them. Something small fell out.

He picked it up, and handed it over to me and said, "Wear these first, boy. You'll be able to pull them up fully then."

I took them from Prem and went beet-red. What Prem handed to me now appeared to be a pair of thin frilly lace panties, in the same design and print as the rest of the pyjamas. I looked down at the thick men's underwear I had been wearing, and stared at the panties Prem handed me in shock, as Prem started walking out of the bedroom.

Did he mean for me to wear those instead of my underwear? I cringed at the thought. I was hoping he would leave the bedroom soon, so I could find an alternate way to get those pyjama pants on.

As though reading my thoughts, Prem stopped and turned around. He crossed his thick brawny arms over his chest and mouthed, "Put them on."

Quailing under his intimidating posture, I quickly took off the pyjamas I had pulled up to just under my crotch, and then took off my underwear. I felt the blood rush to my ears as I pulled the lace panties over my legs, neatly covering my shriveled penis and shrunk balls. I cringed as I realized the panties were fitting me better than I thought they would.

I then picked up the pyjama pants again, and I found I was able to pull them over my underwear this time, just barely. I could feel the 'stretch' material hugging my thighs, crotch and ass.

Just as I finished putting on the pyjama pants, I heard Kavita call out to me, "Manu, can you come and help me with the chapatis please?"

Prem stretched his arms behind his head as though to say, "What's taking you so long, boy?"

Quailing again under his threatening body language, I hurriedly pulled the pullover 't-shirt' on over my neck. It too was a tight material, which stretched over my arms and chest to cling to me tightly.

I hastened to the kitchen past Prem, who pinched me on my bottom as I tried to get past him.

Kavita had the dough rolled into balls, as she had the previous day. It took me about 15 minutes to roll out the chapatis

In that time, however, the pyjamas Prem had 'got' for me made me feel even more uncomfortable than I had felt the previous day. The lace started itching around my neck, my hands and my feet where they touched my skin. In addition, the tight stretch material seemed to press against my arms, thighs, ass and balls making it much more uncomfortable than the loose fitting pyjamas Prem had 'got' for me to wear, the previous day.

What worried me most, though, was Kavita's silence compared to yesterday.

The previous day, she had remarked on the pyjamas looking nice on me. Even though it made me feel embarrassed, at-least she gave me a kiss after I finished rolling out the chapatis Today, she appeared distant and preoccupied. Desperate for some attention from Kavita, I tried to make small talk with her, and asked her if I was rolling them out to the right thickness.

She merely nodded. Her continued silence made me very apprehensive. I finished rolling the chapatis, and went and sat on a sofa in the hall.

Her silence made me apprehensive in multiple ways.

First off, she seemed upset and I had no idea why. Then, I was dressed in this stupid looking tight lace-trimmed pyjamas, and was finding it too embarrassing to try and find why she was upset.

Further, she seemed to be quite indifferent to my situation, being told to wear what seemed to be clearly feminine clothes, women's clothes, by this arrogant bully she had invited to stay at our home.

I decided to not aggravate the matter, and talk to her when we were in bed, in private, away from Prem, away from his intimidation.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 07 Pt. 3

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 07 Pt. 3

Dinner was a largely quiet affair, thanks in part to Kavita's mood, her anger at me for which I didn't know the cause, and my trying to avoid getting into a difficult situation with Prem around.

Mentally, I was thinking trying to figure why Kavita might be upset at me, and as a consequence I ate slower than Prem and Kavita that night. They both finished their dinner and went off to wash their hands before I realized I had lagged behind them in eating my dinner.

I grimaced as Prem and Kavita walked past me, Prem cupping his left palm over her ass as they walked past me. This guy had some nerve, feeling up my gorgeous wife's ass right in front of me!

Instinctively, I tried to get up to stop him, to challenge him. As I did, the 'stretch' material of the pyjamas I was wearing tugged mockingly at my arms, and thighs. The lace around my neck and arms itched over my skin yet again.

I looked with shame, embarrassment at my weak arms that appeared to fit so snugly in the feminine pyjamas Prem had 'got' for me. I looked with fear at the thick dark muscular arms of the bully who was fondling my wife Kavita's ass over her saree.

Resigned to my situation, I sat down, tried to quell my impotent frustration, and tried to focus my mind back on why Kavita may be upset at me.

Kavita seemed to be happy when I got home, and had greeted me with a kiss on my cheek. Since then, she had been indifferent or cold towards my presence.

Could it be that she was 'expecting' something from me?

I decided to pursue the topic in bed. I finished up my dinner, and joined them listlessly in the hall. By then, Prem and Kavita had seated themselves in the double-seater sofa. For a fleeting moment, I considered 'pushing' my way into the sofa like Prem had done the previous evening.

I briefly glanced at Prem. He was sitting on Kavita's right, and his left hand was wrapped around Kavita's waist, and fondling it.

My balls retracted further in their sack, almost like they were adjusting themselves to the panties they were clothed in, and I felt my dick shriveling up further at the sight of his . Resigned, I sat by myself on a single seater sofa.

We watched TV for a while, as I sat through the agony of Prem continuing to blatantly fondle my wife Kavita in front of my eyes.

Thankfully, Kavita stood up and announced she was going to go to bed, after the TV serial we had been watching got over.

I waited for Kavita to go into the bedroom, then stood up and followed her in. When I got to the bedroom, Kavita had gotten into bed, picked up a book and started reading it in bed.

I closed the bedroom door, grateful to finally have the opportunity to take off the itchy lace pullover pyjama t-shirt. I started taking it off.

Kavita glanced at what I was doing from her book, and spoke up somewhat loudly, "Manu, why are you taking it off?"

I froze. My face went white. Prem had not gone to bed yet, he was watching TV. He would probably been able to hear Kavita's question even though the door was closed.

White-faced, I faced Kavita and mumbled, "It's itchy, Kavi."

Kavita spoke softly, "No. It's a new set, that's why it's itching. It won't itch as much after you wear it for some time."

I tried another approach, "Kavi, am not sure these pyjamas are the right size for me."

She insisted, softly, but firmly, "They are the right size for you, Manu."

I started getting worried. It sounded like she wasn't going to side with me on this. I tried, yet again, "The print and design looks a bit funny also."

She spoke a little louder this time, "The print is fine Manu, it suits you well."

Hearing her say 'it suits you well' sent me into panic mode. With desperation in my voice, I begged, "Kavi, I don't really like these pyjamas."

Kavita snapped, loudly this time, "Prem got them for you. He won't like to know that you don't like it, but if you don't like them, then go and return them to him and tell him you don't like them. He probably is still awake, so you can even go and tell him now."

I froze as I contemplated momentarily, the prospect of returning the lacy pyjamas to the intimidating bully in the hall.

I couldn't see how I could do it. What if he again threatened to tell Kavita about Saturday?

Resignedly, I pulled the lace pullover pyjama t-shirt back over me. I could feel the lace itch mockingly against my neck again.

I lay down beside Kavita. She had resumed reading her book, and was lying down with her back facing me.

I snuggled up beside her, and slid my arm over her belly. I cringed as I did it, as I felt the lace cuffs of the pullover t-shirt come in between my wrist and her belly. I visualized the contrast between how she must feel my touch, and how she must have felt the touch of Prem's iron-like strong thick arms a short while earlier.

Still, I tried to get Kavita to talk to me. I fondled her belly with my right hand, still covered by the lace cuffs as I asked her, "Kavi, are you upset with me over something?"

She replied quickly, "No Manu. Am just feeling tired. I'll like to go to sleep after I finish reading this chapter."

I continued hugging her, fondling her waist, and thighs. Her tired mood seemed to indicate she might not want to have sex tonight. Still, I waited for her to finish her chapter, and kept fondling her.

A short while later, she put the book away, turned off the light, turned to face me and put her leg around my leg.

I felt much better now, and kissed Kavita on her neck. She responded by putting her arm around me, and pinching my ass through the tight pyjama pants.

I felt both excited and embarrassed. Excited because I was aware of how tight these pyjama pants were, and the material was stretching tight over my ass, making me feel extra sensitive to the pinch. Embarrassed because, Prem had done the same thing earlier when I was heading to the kitchen to help Kavita with the chapatis, before dinner.

The excitement I felt in my blood sadly did not cause even a twitch in my penis. I consoled myself with the thought that Kavita was still upset at me even though I didn't know why, and so she probably wouldn't be up for sex tonight.

And with that thought, I drifted off to sleep in Kavita's arms.

I woke up in the morning to the sound of the alarm. I saw Kavita head into the bathroom for her bath.

I picked myself up, dreading another morning starting off with facing up to the bully Prem. I walked through the door, to Prem's room.

Prem was in the middle of his exercise routine. He saw me, paused, and beckoned me over.

I walked to the door opening out to the balcony.

Prem grinned at me, his evil grin that I had got used to by then. He then said, "I bet the pyjamas feel better now after a night's sleep-in, eh, pussy boy?"

I considered this. It was true that I was feeling less itchy now around my wrists, neck and ankles, even though I was still wearing the same lacy pyjamas. I felt ashamed internally over the fact that my own body was getting acclimatized to the feel of the lace from these pyjamas against my skin.

As though reading my thoughts, Prem chuckled, "Yeah, you'll feel perfectly normal wearing those pyjamas after a couple of wears."

I stood in silence, trying to not provoke him into saying humiliating things.

A little while later, Prem finished his exercises, and strode back into the bedroom.

Dully, I followed him and started my daily morning ordeal.

I went through the motions of toweling him off, starting off with taking his sweaty smelly vest off. I hated the smell of his sweat, but shamefully, had also started getting familiar with the smell.

As I toweled off his thick muscular arms, Prem started a conversation again, "Have you figured out why your pretty wife is upset at you, pussy boy?"

I hung my head in shame. So even Prem had noticed that Kavita was upset with me. Did he know why?

With a trembling voice, I spoke up as I continued toweling his arms, "Do you know why she is upset at me Prem? I mean Amir?"

Prem snickered before he replied, "Surely it should be obvious by now boy. She was expecting something from you and you came home empty-handed like an idiot."

And then it occurred to me. I had got her gajra the day before, but had missed it on Tuesday. Was that why she was upset?

As though reading my thoughts, Prem continued, "Yeah, if you're not man enough to give her sex every day, you should at-least be man enough to get her flowers every day, otherwise she'll be pissed at you and rightfully so."

I nodded, in a way feeling grateful to Prem. I couldn't quite understand why Kavita had been upset until then, but when Prem said it that way, it made sense. I toweled off his muscular hairy chest, feeling in a way obligated to do a thorough job as gratitude for his helping me out in pacifying my wife.

I then pulled off his shorts, revealing his heavy nut-sack in white underwear. He wasn't hard, so it appeared like Kavita wasn't watching me towel him off today.

I noticed that his white underwear had red stains on them. They seemed to be an odd place to get red stains, but they didn't seem like blood, so I didn't worry about them. I proceeded with my toweling and was finally done.

Prem donned a towel and turned to me as I was picking up the pile of sweaty clothes and used towels, "Come back and fix my bed before you go for your coffee."

I nodded again. After all the trouble I had been through with these itchy pyjamas, it seemed worth it to have figured out why Kavita was upset with me.

I walked past Prem to put the dirty clothes in the washing machine. Kavita was in the kitchen, and Prem was reading the newspaper when I returned. I was grateful even more that she didn't give Prem the opportunity to fondle her during his newspaper reading. I dropped by in the kitchen, and crept up behind her.

Kavita was wearing a red sleeveless tank top blouse and a black knee length flowing skirt. I didn't recall seeing her in those clothes before, but she hadn't worn skirts or tank tops for a while now. Still, as always after a bath,she smelled intoxicating. Her skin glowed and I felt lusty mentally, even though I hadn't got a reaction in my penis yet. I put my arm around her shoulder and inhaled her sweet smell.

She didn't push me off as she had done sometimes when she's very irritated with me. Grateful for the opening, I massaged her shoulders, exposed by her revealing sleeveless blouse. I apologized for not getting her flowers yesterday, and promised to make it up today.

Kavita said, "I wasn't really upset with you Manu. But thanks anyway!"

And saying so, she gave me a kiss on my cheek again.

Feeling optimistic, I hummed to myself as I headed back to Prem's room to fix his bed. I was about to start doing so, when I caught a look of myself in the mirror. I recoiled.

Until then, I hadn't looked at myself in the mirror, after putting on these pyjamas. I suspected how pathetic I looked in those pyjamas, but this was far worse than I could have imagined.

The pyjamas hugged my ass in an obscene manner. I recalled the number of times I had ogled at women in tight pants, and I cringed at the fact that looking at my behind in these pyjamas, I too looked like 'one of them'.

Worse was how my crotch region looked, in the tight pyjamas. The combined effect of the thin lace panties, and the tight stretch material was that my crotch region looked very flat. I recalled again, how I had observed the contours of omen's hips and navel getting accentuated by tight pants, and I saw to my intense embarrassment that my crotch looked very flat, as though there were no balls or penis inside.

I took a few deep breaths. It didn't matter how shockingly 'feminine' I looked in these pyjamas. I would be removing them shortly, and would get Kavita fresh gajra today evening on my way back from work. Besides, she was probably upset with me over the gajra gaffe of mine, and she did pinch my ass in bed, something I didn't think she would do unless she felt horny or lusty in some way.

I pulled back Prem's blankets, so I could fold them up. And that is when I received a shock I wasn't mentally prepared for.

The bed was littered with 'faded' jasmine flowers.

I stood in shock, staring at the crumpled jasmine flowers strewn over Prem's bed.

What did this mean? Did this mean Kavita had lie in that bed at some point of time the previous day? With Prem?

Did that mean she had started going to bed with Prem already?

Worse, then what was she upset at me for? Was Prem misleading me about getting flowers for her, to give him time to completely steal her from me?

Was she wanting me to get flowers for her so she could go to bed with Prem wearing the flowers?

I contemplated for a couple of minutes, the implications of the flowers that had been in Kavita's hair, strewn all over Prem's bed.

Was it possible that Prem was playing mind games with me? Could the faded flowers on his bed be a set-up by him to bully me mentally when perhaps, in actual fact, Kavita may not have been in bed with him at all?

I heard the sound of the water flowing in Prem's bath stop. He was half-way through his bath. I hurriedly picked up all the faded flowers from his bed, and looked to put them in my pocket. Shamefully, I realized then that these 'stretch' material pyjamas came with lace, but didn't come with pockets.

I hurriedly placed the crumpled flowers on the bedside table and folded up Prem's blanket. Right as I finished up, I heard Kavita call out to me, "Manu, your coffee is ready!"

I stuffed the crumpled flowers into my palms, and answered back, "2 minutes, Kavi!"

I hurriedly went across to our bedroom and put the crumpled flowers away safely in the pockets of the trousers I planned to wear to work.

I took another look at myself in the mirror. Finding out that these pyjamas didn't have pockets was irritating, especially in the context of the flowers discovery I had made. I looked embarrassingly un-manly in these pyjamas. I swallowed my pathetic reflection in the mirror, and my shame, and went to the kitchen to get my coffee from Kavita.

Nothing of note happened for the rest of the morning. I was greatly relieved to finally be rid of the lacy pyjamas, as I went for my bath. Before I went into the bathroom, I looked in the mirror at my crotch cased in the panties I was wearing.

Now that I had taken the tight pyjama pants off, my crotch area didn't look as flat as it did when I had looked in the mirror earlier. I could discern the mound of my penis and balls.

I then reflected with shame, at my situation. Here I was, trying to feel reassured by seeing my penis and balls make a tiny mound in the panties I was wearing: the panties the muscular, hung bully in the room across the hall, our house-guest, had made me wear, while he strutted around the house in his white underwear flaunting his heavy nut-sack and monstrous erection.

I looked again in the mirror. I could no longer discern the mound of my penis and balls. My crotch now appeared flat as it did when I was wearing the tight pyjamas a short while earlier.

Unable to look at the mirror any more, I hurried to the bathroom and had my bath, trying to forget what I saw in the mirror.

After my bath, I dressed up for work and got to the dining table for breakfast. Trying to think about other things, I reflected over breakfast on Kavita's current dressing. Kavita used to wear tank tops with jeans/skirts more when we were in USA, but she slipped smoothly into 'Indian' mode once we moved back to India, and her sleeveless clothes were mostly the blouses of her sarees. Still, seeing her in these clothes after a while made my heart ache. She was enticingly wearing lipstick again. I badly wanted to make love to her: before Prem took her away from me, to stop him from taking her away from me.

I tried to avoid eye contact with Prem, as I was still trying to figure out whether he was playing mind games with me. By then, I strongly suspected he was playing mind games. If Kavita had really been cheating on me with Prem, she would not have left the flowers on his bed, she would have attempted to hide it and cleaned up the bed herself. It seemed more likely that Prem had picked up Kavita's discarded gajra and spread it over his bed, to manipulate my thinking.

I again scanned Prem's chest region where I had observed what appeared to be a "lipstick mark" once. I didn't see any such mark. And Kavita was continuing to wear lipstick. So it was more likely the case that Prem was messing around with my mind.

On this cheerful note, I left for work, returning Kavita's kiss on my cheek. Prem gave me one of his evil grins, but I ignored it as I strongly suspected him of playing mind games by then.

I reflected at work on the changes that had happened since Prem's arrival. Prem had been bullying me around, especially since the episode on Saturday when I had masturbated in Prem's room using his photo albums.

Prem had made me volunteer to help Kavita more in day to day chores at home. But, it was not really like this was anything negative. Helping her roll out chapatis, and my pitching in for such kind of domestic help, would be a good thing in the long run, since it will build intimacy between me and Kavita at home. And as far as toweling off the bully in the morning went, perhaps it was better than I towel him off than Kavita.

He had also tried to change my attire at home. From wearing comfortable shorts and t-shirts, I had been wearing his 'gift' pyjamas. What was most embarrassing about having to wear his 'gift' clothes was the fact that they fit me. Kavita had been out with him the day he had got them. Did she help him pick those clothes? Why did she not stop him from picking such 'feminine' pattern clothes for me? Did she not recognize that the clothes were somewhat feminine in design?

Again, I took a step back. I had known Prem to be a bully who 'has his way', for pretty much all his stay so far, starting with getting Kavita to towel him off. So maybe Kavita tried to stop him but he went ahead anyway. But why was he doing that? Was his objective to 'rub it into my nose', how un-masculine I was?

I needed to find a way to not let Prem get into my mind so much. His bullying ways were stopping me from reclaiming, reaffirming my intimacy with Kavita.

I decided to go home early again. This time, however, I decided to go even earlier. I wanted to take the chance that if Kavita indeed did respond to my attempt to get her attention, I SHOULD try to take her to bed, without the pressure of Prem being at home.

I would leave work at 4 PM, so as to get home by around 4:30 PM even with bad traffic. I would stop on the way and get fresh gajra for Kavita. Regardless of whether Prem had been giving me good advice or not, clearly Kavita appreciated the thought of me getting her gajra, so I needed to focus on that. And then, if things worked out, we could even make love before Prem even got home.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 07 Pt. 4

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 07 Pt. 4

The rest of the day at work went productively. I didn't call Kavita during lunch as I usually do, as I wanted to surprise her. Since I didn't call her, she would assume I had a busy day, so I could genuinely surprise her.

I got off work as planned, and got gajra for Kavita on the way home. Humming to myself, I parked the car and hurried to our apartment, and rang the bell a couple of times.

There was no response.

It occurred to me then that Kavita may have gone out again. So I tried to use my key to get in, only to find the internal bolt was on. So Kavita was at home.

Perhaps she was sleeping. I pulled out my cellphone and dialed her number. Subconsciously, I walked across to the window of the hall.

Kavita picked up the phone after a couple of rings and answered, "Manu?"

I laughed and asked her,"Were you sleeping? I'm at the door, come and open the door."

As I said those words, I noted with dread what I could see through the window, that the door to Prem's room was closed. I couldn't recall if Prem had closed it on the way out in the morning. Was she in Prem's room?

Kavita asked in an irritated voice,"How come you're so early? Why didn't you call me?"

I was disappointed to hear the irritation in her voice. I was hoping she would be happy I was home early.

I said,"I got done with work early today Kavi. Come on, come and let me in and give me a kiss."

Kavita continued in an irritated tone, "At-least call me next time OK? I might have gone out."

I said OK. She said,"Coming.", and then hung up. I stood rooted there, peeping through the hall window.

As I dreaded, the door to Prem's room opened and she came into the hall. I quickly went back to the door, and was there when Kavita opened the door.

I took one look at her, and my jaw dropped.

Like in the morning, she was dressed in a red top and a black skirt. But they were not the same clothes.

She was wearing a black flowing skirt like she was in the morning. Except, the skirt she was wearing now only came down to the middle of her slender fair thighs. It was a mini-skirt. The top was of the same color as the top she was wearing in the morning, and it even was of the same print I thought. But while the blouse she wore in the morning was a strapped over her shoulders "tank" top blouse, this one was tied with a knot just under her breasts, and didn't come down anywhere close to where her skirt started. The blouse 'ended' about 2 inches above her belly button and she was wearing her mini-skirt an inch below her belly button, leaving fully exposed her curvy belly and navel region.

I had seen women in that kind of blouses before, though I didn't know then what that kind of dressing style was called. It wasn't too different from the blouse of a saree in terms of what it covered, and what it didn't. But the effect of having it tied with a knot, combined with the fact that unlike with the blouse of a saree, she wasn't wearing a saree right now, and she was wearing the mini-skirt quite low, made it incredibly erotic.

I was stunned by her sexy appearance, and it took me a few moments to step in. Feeling intoxicated by her sexy outfit, I handed her the gajra and said, "WOW Kavi!"

She took it shyly and said, "Thanks Manu.".

Her eyes averted mine, as she looked down, turned about, and walked slowly towards the refrigerator. She kept the flowers in the refrigerator as I stared at her curvy form enhanced by her sexy dressing. I felt the stirring in my loins and looked down to see I was hard!

I hadn't felt this aroused in quite a while. Maybe my plan would work out even better than I hoped.

And yet, at the back of my mind, I felt an unknown dread.

Kavita came back walking slowly again, and stood behind the sofa. She looked downwards shyly, as though she was embarrassed about something. After a couple of moments, she spoke up, softly, sounding shy, almost as though she was embarrassed, "Prem came home early today. He said he was having body pain, like muscle cramps."

I felt the blood leave my till-then throbbing penis as I stared. So was she with Prem in his room, dressed like this? I stared at her in disbelief, trying to get her to meet my eyes. She continued to look downwards shyly in an embarrassed manner.

Even as I was about to ask her, I heard Prem bark in a loud commanding voice, "KAVI, ARE YOU COMING?"

I wasn't sure if it was the loudness of his voice, the shock that she had indeed been in his room dressed in this outrageously provocative manner, or the fact that Prem had been bullying me mercilessly since he came, and especially since Saturday. But, when I heard him shout loud, I trembled and lost my balance. I held on to the wall as my knees buckled. I stabilized myself in a few moments, holding the wall and leaning back against the door.

Kavita swiftly looked towards Prem's room and said,"Coming, Prem!"

Kavita then turned back to me, and looked for a few moments directly at my eyes. I averted my eyes in shame. Did she see me lose balance hearing Prem's voice? I couldn't tell.

She then turned again towards Prem's room, and walked in quickly, leaving the door open.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 08 Pt. 1

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 08 Pt. 1
I stood staring at the open door of Prem's room for what felt like an eternity.

What had my wife been doing dressed in this outrageously provocative manner in the room of the bully Prem, that too with the door closed?

Was that why she didn't hear me try to open the door? Did she hear me ring the bell? Why did she wait for my phone call before opening the door?

And what was she doing NOW?

I stood where I was, petrified, terrified that if I go look, I might see them having sex or something.

But as I stood there, sanity gradually came back. I would be able to hear tell-tale sounds if they were having sex. I did hear an occasional metallic tinkle, but no sounds of sex.

It was about then that I started hearing occasional moans from Prem, and I heard him saying, "You're an expert at this, Kavi."

Unable to withhold my instincts any further, I took off my shoes and socks, and walked on shaky legs towards the bedroom.

The sight that met my eyes instantly filled me with relief, only to be replaced by intense fear immediately.

Prem was lying on his chest on a mat that had been spread out on the floor. He was wearing just his white underwear.

Kavita was kneeling beside him, dressed in her outrageously provocative outfit that exposed way too much of her contours and body for my comfort, given she was in Prem's room. She had a metal vessel with what seemed to be oil, and a smaller metal vessel into which she had poured some of the oil.

As I watched, she poured out some of the oil from the smaller vessel into her palms, placed her palms on Prem's shoulders, and massaged them gently, lovingly.

She was giving Prem a full body massage, dressed in this manner.

I had interrupted her during her massage, it appeared like. That appeared to be why she was irritated and defensive, when I had called her on her cellphone.

I watched in shock, horror as I saw my lovely Brahmin wife, dressed in this outrageous manner, lovingly massage the arms, shoulders, and back of this intimidating Muslim hunk who had been bullying me around for the past few days.

As I watched burning with shame, I felt my hard-on soften, and my penis shrivel up. I felt my balls 'withdraw' into their sack. I was too afraid of him to stop this, and apparently Kavita now had sensed this, as well. It explained why she was looking down shyly at first, then stared into my eyes as though daring me,"Stop me if you can, Manu!", before going into Prem's room to resume the massage.

Kavita now paused to feel the oil in the larger metal vessel.

Apparently she had warmed up the oil before, and it had cooled down now. She turned towards me and handed the larger vessel towards me saying, "Go to the kitchen. There is a vessel of hot water on the stove, with a vessel of oil floating inside it. Carefully take out that floating vessel of oil, and put this vessel back in for warming and bring me the vessel of warm oil."

She didn't even say, "Manu." It felt like an order. I stared at her imploring her with my eyes to stop this outrageous massage.

She would have none of it. She made a sound of irritation and thrust it towards me. Meekly, I took it from her and made my way to the kitchen.

I found the vessels she referred to. The stove had been on a medium flame, and the water seemed close to boiling. The hot water was keeping the inner vessel warm. I took out the inner vessel with a metal clasp, then put the vessel she had given me into the vessel of water. I covered the vessel of warm oil I had just extracted with a towel, and made my way with it back to Prem's bedroom.

She snatched the vessel out of my hand, and resumed massaging Prem, now massaging his legs lovingly.

It was unbearable agony to watch. Prem moaned as she oil-massaged his muscular thighs, and said, "You're awesome at this Kavi."

It was making me go crazy. Here was this dark muscular Muslim bully, enjoying his massage from my fair-skinned Brahmin wife, and moaning out his enjoyment for me to hear. I stood in stony silence, afraid to walk out in case they use that pretext to start having sex.

It was worse than the times I watched Kavita towel off his muscular body after his morning exercises. At-least then, Kavita at-least was dressed more conservatively.

Why did she have to dress like this? When did she get this dress? Now that I thought about it, I had never seen her in the clothes she had worn today, either the knee length skirt and the tank top she had been wearing in the morning, or what she was wearing now. Did she just not wear these clothes before, or did she get these clothes recently?

I recalled that on Monday when she had gone out with Prem, she had brought back a bag too. Were these clothes bought then? Did he buy these clothes for her, or did she buy them on her own accord? Neither scenario was pleasing to speculate upon.

I was jerked out of my thoughts by some movement.

Prem was turning to lie on his back.

After he completed his turn-around, Kavita resumed massaging him from his shoulders, now massaging the front of his shoulders and chest, and massaging his left arm again. His dark muscular body shone with the effect of the oil-massage. He leered at me with his evil grin, the grin I had come to know and fear a lot of late.

Kavita now kneeled close to him, and leaned over him to massage his right arm. Prem again grinned at me in an evil manner, and reached with his left hand into the larger metal vessel containing oil.

He then held his left hand over Kavita's back, over the portion of her back exposed between her top and her skirt. He parted his fingers lowly, and let the oil drip down from his dark hand onto the fair skin of my wife Kavita. And as I watched him do that, my eyes averted down to his crotch, and I saw yet again, that he had formed a massive hard-on that jutted straight up, like a tower in his underwear.

I couldn't stand watching it any more. He was effectively mentally fucking her in front of my eyes. I felt helpless, unable to do anything to stop this muscular Muslim bully.

I withdrew from Prem's room, and went and lay down in our bedroom.

I tried to contemplate the implications of what I had just witnessed.

It was agonizing seeing my lovely wife give another man a massage, especially this intimidating arrogant bully. Didn't she feel the warmth of the oil he was "dropping" on her back? Didn't she know what he was doing, why didn't she stop him?

Trying to look at it from the bright side, it didn't mean she was sleeping with him or had slept with him.

To the contrary, twice this week, she had "played" with me in bed. The first time, when she got topless and we 'nearly' had sex, the second time when she pinched my ass playfully the previous night when I was in those tight pyjamas: that too, in spite of the fact that I hadn't got her flowers that evening.

Maybe I shouldn't read too much into the massage. Perhaps Prem had bought her these dresses on Monday, and maybe she wore the dresses once just to please him.

Still, all those positive thoughts didn't wipe away from my mind, the dreadful sight of my fair Brahmin wife kneeling beside, and massaging this dark arrogant bully.

I don't know how long I stayed lying down in bed. My thoughts were interrupted by Kavita, who walked in with a cup of tea.

I was much relieved. Regardless of how insecure the scene in Prem's bedroom made me feel, fact was, she still regarded me kindly, and was being caring to me.

I thanked her, and drank the tea.

As I drank the tea, Kavita explained about the massage, "Prem said he started getting cramps in all sorts of places today. I suggested a massage, and that's why he came home early."

So the massage was her idea? It made me feel better in a way, perhaps she suggested it sincerely, and not to bully me. It would have been different if Prem had suggested that Kavita massage him!!!

Besides, as I reflected over my tea, the scene was uncomfortable partly because I came home early and got to know about it in that manner. Perhaps Kavita would have told me about the massage at night anyway.

I then looked Kavita over again. She was dressed in the same provocative dress, but now the entire exposed part of her belly and navel region were glowing with oil.

Did Prem drop more oil there? God, did he spread it there with his hands? Automatically, I reached out for her belly and pinched it between my thumb and fingers: the same way I had seen Prem pinch her belly several times over the week.

Kavita grinned and ruffled my hair. I was relieved to see that reaction from her.

She then said, "Not now Manu, I have to go out now. Maybe tonight."

Saying so, Kavita stood up, and walked to the door and closed it. She then reached under her breasts, and unknotted her top and removed it. She was now topless, and I was gazing at her naked juicy breasts.

Despite the agonizing scene I had just witnessed, of my lovely wife massaging this dark muscular bully, my penis stirred at the sight of her naked breasts. Before I could do anything to seduce her, he had found her bra and put it on.

I feebly asked her, "Where are you going out, Kavi?"

She had found her tank top from the morning, and presently she put it on.

Kavita came back to the bed, rubbed my chest and said, "Prem said he's got these cramps before, that it sometimes happens if he's not getting enough protein with his exercise routine. He wants to have non-veg food more regularly for a while."

She then took off that provocative,mid-thigh length mini-skirt that she had been wearing. Yet again, my penis barely started stirring before she found the knee length skirt she had been wearing in the morning, and put it on.

So Kavita was going out to get some non-veg food for Prem. I winced at the idea. I wanted to suggest that Prem should get it himself. Then I realized it was better to hold my tongue back now. She had just told me about his cramps, and would be sure to get angry if I made that suggestion. And given what I had just witnessed, I felt too insecure to go and get Prem his non-veg food, leaving him alone with Kavita!

I asked her, "Anything I can do while you're gone?"

Kavita kissed me on the cheek and said, "Sure Manu. Can you please prepare the atta and roll out the chapatis for us while I'm gone?"

I felt much better now. Regardless of the agony of seeing Kavita massage this muscular bully, surely she still loved me and cared for me. If Prem hadn't seduced her already, there was still hope of preventing that from happening, of saving my wife from Prem's advances.

Kavita then asked me for the car keys, which I gave to her. I walked with her to the door, and locked the door after she left. Despite what I had just witnessed, things perhaps weren't as dark as I feared. She had responded as she normally did when I was horny and tried to be playful. I approached the kitchen humming to myself. As I stepped into the kitchen, a dark shadow appeared from nowhere, and I recoiled in fear.

Prem was standing in the kitchen near the door, his arms crossed in an intimidating manner. He was still in his white underwear, and his dark body shone from the oil massage he had just received from my Kavita. His underwear appeared to have got more marks/stains. Maybe he had some disease? I would not be surprised, I told myself.

Nervously, I asked, "All OK Amir? Kavita told me you were having body pain and cramps."

He sneered, not answering my question, and asked, "What are you doing here, boy?"

I answered with as much dignity as I could muster, "I came to make chapatis for dinner, Amir."

He sneered again, and said, "First go change into your home clothes, boy."

So this was all he was upset about. In my shock over seeing my wife Kavita dressed in that provocative manner, massaging this bully, I had forgotten to change from my work clothes.

I said sorry and moved towards our bedroom to change. I sensed Prem following me, and this made me nervous.

I reached into Prem's 'gift' bag and found the package labeled 'Wednesday'. Nervously, I took it out and took out the contents of the package.

The clothes in the package were lavender in color, and were a pyjama set again. The pants weren't the 'stretch' type, and didn't seem tight. I heaved a sigh of relief. So I wouldn't have to wear lace panties either today.

I changed into the pyjama pants, noting along the way that they did have a frill of lace around the legs. Still, they weren't tight like the previous day's pyjamas, and didn't have any "feminine" print on them. I already felt more comfortable compared to yesterday.

I then picked up what I thought was the shirt.

I recoiled in horror, then in shame, as I realized it was not a shirt.

It was a "camisole" style of blouse..

There was no doubt about it. I could pretend that the clothes Prem got for me to wear on Monday and Tuesday were just a 'mistake', that they were not meant to be feminine.

This was without any doubt, a pyjama top from a pyjama set typically worn by women. It was sleeveless, and had 2 straps to go over the shoulders. It had cups for the breasts, and to rub insult into injury, the pyjama top had an inner lining of lace along the breast cups. Other than the print, color and to some extent perhaps the material and style, this blouse was somewhat similar to blouses I had seen Kavita wear.

I stared in revulsion at the blouse. Prem surely didn't mean to put me through this?

I shook the blouse in case there was a shirt hidden that I had missed. An envelope fell out.

Trembling with a mixture of rage and shame, I picked it up and opened the envelope.

It had one line of 'instruction', from Prem. It said, "Shave before wearing-Amir."

I started trembling in both horror and rage. There was no way I was going to do this.

I gulped as I saw the intimidating form of the bully Prem watching me.

He walked up to me and asked, "Do we have a problem, pussy boy?"

With shaking hands I thrust the envelope and the pyjama blouse in Prem's hand and said, "Sorry Amir, I can't do this."

Amir stepped back a foot and glared. After a prolonged pause during which I could hear my heart pumping, he said, "So pussy boy wants to be a MAN, thinks he's a MAN huh?"

Trying desperately to muster a calm voice, trying hard to camouflage my rising fear, I said,"It isn't about that, Amir. I can't do this, am sorry."

He ignored me and continued, "Yeah, all pussy boys go through this phase of wanting to be a MAN again."

I shrugged. It didn't matter what he thought, what he said. I wasn't going to do it.

Prem continued,"There's one sure way to make sure pussy boys don't start acting like a MAN again."

Then, without warning, he twisted my arms behind my back.

I had anticipated some kind of physical move on his part, but it didn't do me any good. Cramps or no cramps, he was too strong for me. He held my two hands behind my back with his right hand, as he pushed me to the floor into a kneeling position. I struggled in vain as he bent down, and stuck his foot between my kneeling legs. Then, moving so fast that I didn't have time to react,he gripped my balls with his left hand and gave my shriveled nut-sack a firm tug.

To this date, I am grateful that he didn't just pull them out. I am sure if he really wanted to, he could have pulled them out. Still, I experienced pain like I had never experienced before, as this strong bully who had overpowered me, repeatedly pulled at my balls.

"Shall I take these off, pussy boy?"

"NO!!", I screamed in pain. I was gasping for breath.

"But if I leave them there, you'll keep trying to act like a man, rather than the pussy boy that you are."

"Pleaaase!!!Sorry!!!", I screamed,gasping for breath," I won't,", as I caught my breath, then completed my sentence, "do it again."

"So will you stop trying to act like something you are NOT?"

"YEEEEES," I gasped. I wanted this to stop. My eyes started welling up with tears, partly in pain, and partly with fear that he might rip my balls off.

"So what will you do if I release you now?"

I gasped between words as I tried to get a sentence out of my mouth, "I'll ....go ....shave."

Prem then gave an almighty squeeze of my balls. I feared they would burst with the pressure he applied on them, it hurt like I hadn't experienced in ages.

And then Prem released me.

I crawled into a fetal position in which I lay for a while, to catch my breath. Tears continued to flow down my cheeks. My balls hurt like I hadn't felt in ages.

Prem kicked me lightly in my ass telling me, "Get up and shave, boy. Your pretty wife also had some work for you, remember."

Burning with a mixture of shame and pain I had never experienced, I weakly got up. On rubbery legs, I went to the bathroom, pulled off my vest and took out my shaving kit.

As a bachelor, I had shaved my underarms a few times, especially in the summer, during my college days. The hot weather in those times had made it sensible to do so then. I had however never shaved till then, for the purpose for which Prem was making me shave: making me look more 'feminine'.

It took me about 20 minutes. My face went red as I imagined the indignity of Kavita seeing me in this woman's pyjama blouse, and having shaved to boot.

I finished shaving my underarms, then started to clean up.

Prem stopped me and said with an angry shake of the head, "The chest hair too, boy."

My stomach twisted in agony. There was no more any doubt about his intentions.

A part of me wanted to resist again. The part of me, that was still cowering at the fear of having my balls pulled out, prevailed. It would be better to lose my chest and underarm hair temporarily, today, rather than lose my balls permanently. The hair would grow back, after all.

I lathered my chest and shaved. As I shaved, I cringed as I recalled Prem's muscular arms, his bulging hairy chest and broad shoulders, and how weak my arms, chest and shoulders looked in comparison. The sinking thought that came through was that regardless of this indignity of being made to shave my hair, Kavita probably didn't see me as the kind of man Prem was, anyway.

I finished shaving, and started cleaning up. Mercifully, Prem didn't stop me this time.

I toweled myself dry, and then pulled on the shoulder strapped pyjama blouse. Shamefully, it fit me snugly.

I started moving towards the door of our bedroom, to head towards the kitchen.

Prem was at the bedroom door, watching me.

As I neared the door, I couldn't resist myself. I felt an uncontrollable urge to look at myself in the mirror. I turned and walked towards the mirror.

The mirror showed me what I suspected,feared I would see. I could pass off as a small-breasted woman with short hair.

Except for one thing. My 'sacred thread' was showing up near the middle of my weak bony shoulder. It stuck out like a 'bra strap' showing out, and unlike a bra strap, it ruined the "symmetry" of my feminine appearance.

I administered the final humiliation on my own accord, without any prodding or suggestion from Prem.

I looked in Kavita's items on the dressing table, and found a safety pin. I pinned my 'sacred thread' to the strap of the pyjama blouse top, so it wouldn't show.

Blushing in shame at what I had done to myself on my own accord, I headed back towards the kitchen.

Prem grinned in a mocking manner as I passed him, patted my ass and said,"Nice artistic touch."

I walked to the kitchen. I found then that Kavita had already prepared the atta before going out, but had not rolled out the atta into balls. I rolled the atta into balls, then started rolling out the chapatis.

I finished rolling out the chapatis, and went and sat down on the sofa. Prem had apparently taken a bath, and was now dressed as he typically did, in shorts and a sleeveless vest.

I blushed in shame yet again, as I contrasted how masculine he looked, and how the feminine pyjamas he had got for me actually fit me well. I felt very low. I was sure that once Kavita saw me tonight in these ridiculous clothes, she Kavita would sleep with him tonight. In a way, I wanted it to end that night itself. I was sure that it was no longer a question of IF Kavita would end up in bed with Prem, but WHEN.

I was reflecting on these thoughts, when the bell rang. Kavita is back, I thought to myself.

Crimson with embarrassment, I got up to open the door for her. I looked through the eye hole of the door to verify it was her, before opening the door. I could not open the door and find it was someone else.

Kavita looked me over briefly. A curious smile crossed her face, but she didn't say anything.

She took off her sandals, and walked towards the dinner table. She kept a bag containing presumably Prem's food on the dinner table and bustled into the kitchen.

She was going to prepare dinner for her and me, I figured. I followed her in. We were already late for dinner, and I was hungry. I asked her if I could help, and she smiled and said, "Thanks Manu, can you make the chapatis please while I make a couple of dishes to go with the chapatis?"

I was grateful to help. Part of me wanted Kavita to say SOMETHING on this ridiculous pyjama set that Prem had 'got' for me.

Kavita asked me to pass a vessel which was in a higher shelf. I reached out and took it off the shelf, and instinctively blushed as I realized Kavita must have seen my shaven underarms.

She had, and remarked coyly, "You shaved."

I nodded and said "Yes," in a thick voice. She had noticed the indignity Prem had put me through, and finally acknowledged it.

I expected her to either face up to Prem for pushing me around and humiliating me in this manner. Or, I expected her to start laughing at my ridiculous appearance.

She did neither, and merely smiled in a curious manner and remarked, "Looks cute." And then she added, "Especially with these pyjamas."

I couldn't quite tell what she meant by it, and busied myself making the chapatis.

What did she mean by "looks cute"? Did she not realize that these were not men's clothes? Why was she playing along with Prem's bullying, surely she had to sense that I wouldn't wear such ridiculously feminine clothing on my own?

Her continued "nonchalance" at seeing me in these ridiculous clothes heightened my worries: was she in cahoots with Prem on all this?

She had gone with Prem that day when he bought these clothes. Did she not see him pick these clothes? If she did, why didn't she stop him?

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 08 Pt. 2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 08 Pt. 2

We sat down for dinner shortly. I found the non-veg dish that Kavita had got for Prem was a lamb dish from the same Mughlai style restaurant she had been to with Prem on Sunday. That's why it had taken Kavita so long to come back. I shuddered as I visualized my Brahmin wife by herself in her attractive knee length skirt and tank top being ogled at by the patrons of the restaurant, many of whom were likely to be Muslims. Did Prem deliberately send her there?

That line of thought brought me back to reality, to an extent. Even if it seemed likely that I was going to be put through the ignominy of Prem enjoying my wife Kavita in bed, I didn't want Prem parading her around all and sundry in that manner. I wanted to bring up the topic to Kavita in a gentle manner so she gets a reality check as well.

After setting the food down and serving chapatis for Prem and me, Kavita disappeared to our bedroom. She came back in a few minutes after changing back to the provocative outfit in which she gave Prem his massage.

I winced at the sight of her dressed in this sexy, provocative manner yet again. A couple of hours earlier, I had got aroused when I saw her for the first time in this dress. Now, partly because of seeing her massage Prem dressed in that manner, and the humiliation Prem had put me through, of shaving my underarms and chest, and then wearing these clearly women's clothes, I hardly felt a twitch in my pyjamas.

I finished eating hurriedly, and went and sat on the single-seater sofa, leaving the two-seater sofa vacant for Prem and Kavita. I was sure Prem would have sex with Kavita that night, I mentally couldn't bring myself to fight him any more. Not after what had happened earlier.

Prem finished eating before Kavita, and came and sat on the double-seater. Kavita joined us and sat beside Prem, a short while later. I watched with a mixture of agony and resignation, as Prem continued to fondle Kavita in front of my eyes.

As I had seen him do before this week, he had put his arm around her waist and was fondling her belly, running his dark palms over the skin of her fair stomach and navel, massaging, kneading it.

The difference this time though, was the effect Kavita's clothing had.

The previous times I had seen Prem fondling Kavita, she had been dressed in a saree, and on one occasion, in a churidar.

I could at least pretend, on those occasions, that I didn't see him touching her bare skin. When she was in sarees, the saree would cover some part of her belly and navel region.

There was no such possibility here. Her belly and navel were exposed with nothing to cover or camouflage Prem's dark hands and fingers roving over them. Her belly and navel glistened mildly as a result of the oil that I presumed, Prem had spread there earlier with his dark hands.

After a while, Kavita got up and went to the bathroom. I got my hopes up briefly, thinking she was going to bed. I started getting up, when she came back and sat down beside Prem.

I had already stood up, and I needed to take a leak myself. Distractedly, I went to the bathroom. On the floor there, I found the panties I saw Kavita had been wearing (I had observed the panties she had been wearing when she changed from the mini skirt to the knee length skirt, before going out).

I picked them up and inspected them. Her panties were soaking wet.

So Kavita had got aroused. Prem's blatant physical moves on her in front of me had started turning her on. I knew this would happen. With resignation, I finished up and rejoined them in the hall. I wanted to see how he would take her to bed. Or maybe if I was right there, I could somehow prevent it.

Prem continued fondling Kavita. I watched in shame, as I digested the contrast between him and me, yet again, from Kavita's eyes. Prem and I,we were both wearing sleeveless clothing. Yet, only one of us would look like a man in her eyes. The actual clothing would merely enhance what she probably already saw Prem as, and saw me as. It was like Kavita telling me, "HE deserves the right to fondle me."

It seemed more and more likely, as Prem's fondling continued, that he was going to take her to bed.

To my immense relief, surprise and disbelief, it did not happen.

Prem got up after a while, stretched and announced he was going to bed. It left me very confused.

Kavita waited for him to go into his bedroom. She then got up and walked slowly to our bedroom. She looked firmly downwards, as though she was 'ashamed' of something. As she went past me, I noticed that the back of the mini skirt she was wearing had what looked like a wet patch. I looked towards the sofa, and sure enough, on the sofa where she had been sitting, there was a wet patch, as well.

So it was not my imagination: Prem had got Kavita wetter than I had seen her in a long time.

Still, in spite of getting so turned on by his actions, she didn't go to bed with him. I was a bit confused, but I thought it was at least a temporary 'reprieve' for me. And I had no idea why I had gotten that reprieve.

Thanking my lucky stars, I turned off the TV and followed Kavita to bed.

Kavita was lying in bed on her side, she had picked up a book and was reading it. She was still dressed in the same mini skirt and looking as hot as she did when I saw her in this dress the first time, earlier today.

I joined her in bed, and lay down beside her. I put my arm around her belly, and hugged her close. I got reminded of how Prem had been fondling the same bare belly a few minutes back. Up close, I could feel the wetness of her mini skirt, and now I also caught the smell of her arousal.

She moaned lightly. Sheerly on account of her intoxicating dressing, I entertained mild hopes of being able to seduce her.

I told her, "You look hot in this dress Kavi. Did you get it recently or is this one of your old clothes?"

She moaned lightly and replied in a throaty voice,"Prem got this dress for me."

So now I knew it. The dresses she wore today were clothes Prem probably bought for her on Monday, the same day he bought these feminine pyjamas for me.

I continued fondling her belly and kissed her ears lightly. Kavita moaned again and said,"Am glad you like it Manu."

After a pause while I continued fondling her, inching upwards towards her luscious breasts, Kavita continued, "You look cute too in these pyjamas too. Am glad you like them."

Out of the blue, I was very embarrassed again. Why did she think I 'liked' these pyjamas?

It then occurred to me: unlike the previous night, I hadn't even tried to get these ridiculous women's pyjama blouse and pants off, before joining Kavita in bed.

I had joined her in bed, as though I was totally comfortable in these ridiculous pyjama blouse and pants. And she had interpreted that behavior of mine as 'Manu likes these clothes'.

I glumly realized how un-manly I must now appear in her eyes.

But, that also gave me an opening. Surely she knew I wouldn't shave off my underarms 'just to look cute/pretty/feminine' in Prem's 'gift' clothes. I wasn't sure if she had made out that I had shaved my chest hair also, but if she had, it only exacerbated the same point. Surely she must know by now that Prem was 'pushing' me around, making me do some things that I didn't really want to do. It might give me an opportunity to discuss with Kavita, how he used physical force to intimidate me into doing those humiliating things today evening.

As I collected my thoughts on this, I tried to think of a way to appeal to Kavita. Maybe her better senses would prevail, since I was sure she still loved me. Maybe she could prevail upon Prem to stop pushing me around like this.

And Kavita spoke then, ending my hopes on that approach, "Shaving was also a good idea, you look cuter shaven, the shaven look suits you better, Manu."

I said, "Thanks.", even as I tried to get over my embarrassment at those words.

I recalled Kavita's words on the day of Prem's arrival. She had told him then, that the hairy look enhanced his appearance. Now she was telling me, my current hairless shaven looked 'cuter' for me.

It was as though she was telling me, "Manu, there's currently only one MAN in this house, and it isn't you. Get used to it."

Would she even side with me if I told her what Prem had done to me today evening? And I now cast my mind on the scene after dinner, when she changed back into the provocative clothes she had been wearing, and how she let Prem fondle her brazenly in front of me, rubbing it into my face, and how she had gotten totally wet, aroused as a result of it.

The realization started sinking in: even if I brought up the topic of what Prem had done, there was no way she would 'side' with me. Not the way she had behaved tonight. Perhaps if I brought it up later, but not tonight.

Dejected, feeling defeated, I just hugged her in vain, hoping for some encouragement from her to boost my sagging morale. It didn't come, and she drifted off to sleep as she wrapped her arm around my pyjama blouse. I waited for sleep to overcome me. It took a while before that happened.

The next morning, I again woke up to the alarm clock. Thankfully, Kavita was in the shower. I went across to Prem's room for my morning ordeal of toweling off Prem's sweaty body.

Prem did his exercises in silence, which I was grateful for. I didn't want him 'rubbing' it in, after the scene last evening over my initial refusal to shave and wear the blouse of the pyjama set, and how he brazenly fondled and groped my wife in front of me, to the point of making her dripping wet.

As I toweled him off, Prem spoke up. He asked me, "So did your pretty wife tell you anything about your appearance last night, pussy boy?"

Blushing in embarrassment, I answered,"Yes."

Prem prodded me further, grinning at my embarrassment,"What did she say, boy?"

Red with shame, I said in a hoarse voice,my throat feeling dry, "She said I looked cute."

Prem laughed arrogantly, and patted me on my shoulders and said, "That you do, boy. You do look cute now."

I averted my eyes in shame, and stayed silent.

Mercifully, Prem didn't prod me any further. I finished up toweling off Prem, and put the dirty clothes away.

I noticed then that Prem was reading the papers by himself in the hall. Kavita was in the kitchen. I went to the kitchen to get my coffee from her. She handed me my coffee and kissed me on the cheek.

I was grateful to her. In spite of the fact that she had been so aroused,so wet by Prem's actions the previous night, she wasn't joining hands with Prem to humiliate me further.

I had my coffee and went to the bathroom to have my bath. I was relieved to finally get the ridiculous pyjamas off. I remembered to remove the safety pin to detach my 'sacred' thread from the pyjama blouse, recalling how shameful my own reaction was to Prem's bullying the previous night.

Before having my bath, I looked at my hairless weak chest, shaven underarms and scrawny arms and shoulders. I recalled again, the sight of that dark muscular bully Prem, being lovingly massaged by my fair wife Kavita. I knew I was losing this battle.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 09 Pt. 1

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 09 Pt. 1

I kept dreading that something would happen that day. I was very distracted at work, thanks to the developments of the previous day.

I had been sure yesterday that it would be the day when Prem would take my Kavita to bed. That is, openly; I half suspected he had already been taking her to bed in my absence.

It hadn't happened yesterday. Still, it felt like it was only a matter of time before it happened.

At 7 PM, I finally left for home, trying to catch up on work I had allowed to pile up on account of being distracted. I couldn't leave early; there had been some rumblings about performance and commitment within the company, and I had already left early twice this week.

I drove home regretting having had to work late. Maybe Prem would have seduced Kavita in this time.

Still, I stopped on the way home and got fresh gajra for Kavita. I did not want her upset again over this aspect, especially given how close I was to losing her to Prem.

I got home at 7:25 PM, and was pleasantly surprised when I got home. Prem was not there!

Kavita greeted me pleasantly, and offered to make coffee for me. She was attractively dressed for home, wearing a pink sari with one of those short-sleeve blouses she liked to wear. I gave her the gajra. She smiled happily and said,"Thanks Manu!". Then she added with some concern,"You look tired."

I was tired. Both mentally, and to an extent physically. I sat down on the sofa and nodded. Kavita went to the kitchen and came over with some oil.

Kavita stood behind me, set the oil down and started massaging my temples. I started feeling better already.

She then started unbuttoning my shirt. With rising relief, I helped her take my shirt off. She reached down to pull off my vest. I was thrilled to see Kavita so loving, caring: the wife I had known for these 4 years.

Kavita poured some oil on her hands, and started massaging my shoulders. She proceeded to massage my arms. I felt so weak because of Prem's bullying, yet I started feeling mildly rejuvenated with Kavita's massaging. I was embarrassed when she started massaging my now hairless chest. But she didn't seem to mind it, so I didn't feel so self-conscious about it as I was when I took off my vest.

To make conversation, I asked Kavita,

"Where's Prem?"

She squeezed my shoulders and answered crossly, with a bit of irritation in her voice,

"How should I know? He's not my boyfriend or something."

I didn't like the irritation in her voice, but was mighty relieved to hear those words from her. I was just worried that she was irritated that I was asking her. If she was irritated with Prem, it was good.

Seeking to exploit her good mood and positive behavior towards me, I continued,

"I didn't mean it that way Kavita. I meant, he's never been this late, is he OK? Will he be back for dinner?"

Kavita answered in the same irritated tone,

"Prem's having dinner out tonight, with a colleague. He SMSed me saying he'll be back late."

My morale just kept getting higher. If we went to bed early enough, I could perhaps make love to Kavita before Prem even returned home!

I also thought I detected some irritation on the part of Kavita, directed at Prem. Maybe I was imagining it, but it seemed to me like she was irritated at him for some reason.

Thinking on those lines, I told Kavita,

"Am feeling much better now, Kavi. You are great at this."

I squeezed her hand. She beamed and said,

"Glad that it worked Manu! Do you still want coffee?"

I took the chance she offered and said,

"No Kavi, don't need the coffee now. Can we have dinner soon and go to bed early however?"

She hesitated, "Someone will have to stay up to open the door for Prem. Don't know when he'll be back."

I countered,"We can leave the door unlocked for him. You can SMS him saying you're leaving the door open for him."

She still seemed hesitant,"I don't know if he will be OK with being SMSed now."

I started getting worried. Was she trying to avoid going to bed with me?

Kavita saw my worried face, smiled at me and said,"It's OK Manu, we can go to bed early. I can open the door for Prem if needed."

It wasn't the ideal solution, it wasn't the solution I was hoping for. Still, depending on how late Prem came, I might have an hour or two to make love to Kavita, which should be sufficient, I thought.

Kavita hurried off to the kitchen, sensing my urgency. This was positively unbelievable for me. Just yesterday it seemed like I had lost my wife to Prem already. Now, she seemed to be responding positively to my urgency. Did she sense I wanted to make love to her? Did she want to make love to me, after all that she had seen Prem do to me, and allowed Prem to do to her?

I went to our bedroom to change. I picked up the bag of 'clothes' Prem had 'gifted' me. I looked inside, there was one last bag of presumably clothes, labeled 'Thursday'.

I didn't even bother looking into the bag to check out the clothes. I knew they would be something humiliating. I wasn't going to open it. I felt nervous, but yet more confident than I had been since Prem's arrival. I put on a pair of MY shorts and a t-shirt of mine.

We finished dinner at 8:40 PM. Did Kavita seem impressed that I put on my own clothes rather than those ridiculous clothes Prem had 'got' for me? I thought I detected admiration in her face, but I couldn't be sure. Surely she knew how many sets of those ridiculous clothes Prem had 'got' for me.

Kavita waited until 9 PM to finish watching a TV program, and we turned off the TV.

I went to bed ahead of her. To make my night even better, Kavita came to bed wearing the gajra I had got her today. Once she joined me in bed, I started off with foreplay enthusiastically, with confidence. I kneaded her ass, even stuck my fingers down her crevice, something she has always been sensitive to. Simultaneously, I started playing with her mounds with my other hand, and kissing the nape of her neck, and her sensitive areas. I inhaled her sweet smell and it intoxicated me even more.

Kavita didn't hold back either. She stroked my chest, played with my nipples. So much for her not finding my hairless chest attractive, I thought! She put her hands inside my shorts, and underwear.

Under her deft touches, my penis got hard and started throbbing.

I started undressing her. I got the hook of her blouse off. She sat up so I could take it off.

And right at that moment, Kavita's phone rang.

I wanted her to not pick it up. But she did.

I waited to find out who it was. She said "OK," to the caller 3 times, then hung up saying, "Drive safe, Prem."

So it was Prem. Dejectedly, I asked her what he said.

Kavita said,

"He said he'll be home around 11 PM."

That wasn't so bad. We still had a lot of time to make love.

Sadly, my penis had shriveled up on hearing the mention of Prem's name.

Kavita now saw this. She started stroking my penis, trying to make my penis hard again.

It didn't work. Even in my mind, I started worrying,

"What if he hits me tomorrow morning for not having worn his 'gift' pyjamas tonight?"

"Why did he have to disturb our lovemaking?"

"Why did she not ignore his phone call?"

"Kavita didn't sound so angry when she was answering Prem's phone call now. Am I imagining her irritation at him?"

These thoughts were making my problem worse. My shriveled penis stayed shriveled.

After a few minutes of effort, Kavita gave up.

She turned and lay on her side, her back facing me. I was disappointed with myself for disappointing her.

I offered to bring her off orally. She turned, hugged me and said, "We'll do it another time. Don't worry."

Feeling disappointed, but overall still relieved in terms of pressure, I lay back quietly beside her, trying not to fall asleep.

Maybe my penis would become hard again if I tried to put the bully Prem out of my mind.

Kavita was a more receptive towards me now. Maybe I could try get some more support from her on Prem's general bullying ways with me. Possibly she hadn't perceived it to the same extent as I did.

I put my arm back around her and tried to get her attention,


She was awake too, and asked, softly,"Yes Manu?"

Me:"Can we talk about some things please?"

Kavita:"Sure, Manu. What do you want to talk about?"

Me:"I don't know where to begin. But, let me start somewhere. How do you feel about Prem and his attitude?"

Kavita:"Attitude, meaning?"

Me:"You know, the way he does things, don't you feel he's not very considerate of other people's feelings?"

Kavita:"Yeah, he's a bit self centered, he's always been like that. Wants to have his way all the time."

Manu:"It's not merely about doing things his way. Like, the clothes he got for me. I understand the surprise part, but don't you think the clothes he got for me were somewhat inconsiderate?"

Kavita:"Inconsiderate...in what way?"

Manu:"Come on, Kavi. You saw the clothes. Don't you think they looked somewhat 'feminine' looking in design?"

Kavita paused at this and said,drawing a deep breath,

"Yeah, they do."

So she had noticed it. I felt resentful towards her, that she kept quiet about it, even made remarks about my 'looking cute' in those clothes.

I asked her,

"Why didn't you tell him then, Kavi? You went out with him that day. Didn't you see him pick those clothes?"

Kavita took a deep breath and said,

"I'll tell you the truth Manu. I didn't realize you weren't comfortable in those clothes."

She paused, then continued,

"You know on Monday when I went out with Prem?"

I nodded and said,"Yeah."

She continued,

"Prem had asked me to come saying he wanted to buy me some clothes as a gift."

I nodded.

She took a deep breath again, and continued,

"When I got there, he also asked me about your clothes sizes, so he could get you some clothes as a gift as well."

I nodded. I suspected all of this already.

She continued after another pause,

"After getting your sizes, he went to the women's section and found pyjamas that would fit your sizes approximately. If they looked feminine, it's because he picked them from the womens' section, they are womens' pyjamas."

The blood drained from my face. The bully had the nerve to blatantly pick womens' clothes for me, in front of my wife?

I tried to stay calm. I needed Kavita on my side.

I asked, "But why didn't you stop him Kavi? Didn't you know I wouldn't be comfortable in them?"

She replied,

"That's what I thought too. But Prem took me aside and told me that the two of you had discussed some 'naughty' subjects on Sunday, and that you had indicated among other things that you would find it exciting to wear feminine looking clothes."

The blood drained from my face for the second time.

So that was how he had enlisted Kavita's cooperation.

I told her firmly,

"No, Kavi, I didn't tell him that."

She queried then,

"Then what 'naughty' subjects did you two talk about?"

Yet again, I felt my face go white. I didn't want Kavita to find out what had happened on Saturday.

As I pondered what to say, Kavita continued,

"Let me ask Prem when he comes back, why he told me in the shop, that you would find it exciting to wear feminine looking clothes."

I froze when I heard her say that. If this confrontation happened, it was likely that Prem would tell her what really happened on Saturday, and what we really spoke about on Sunday.

I hastily stammered,

"No Kavi, we did talk about this. I did make that suggestion to Prem in the 'naughty' sense, that I found it a kinky and exciting idea, kind of like a joke."

She gave me a probing look and finally said,

"I see."

There were a few moments of silence, and then Kavita resumed,

"I didn't know you had such kinky ideas,Manu. But now that you've tried it and find you didn't enjoy it like you thought, you don't have to wear those clothes. Just tell Prem later, he'll understand."

I breathed a huge sigh of relief at her words.

My penis was still soft. It hadn't become any larger, harder than after it shriveled up a little while earlier. There was no way we could have sex tonight.

Stil,I felt gratified towards Kavita for the way this conversation turned out. She wasn't in cahoots with Prem on this.

I would still have a way to challenge Prem on this, but at-least now, within the boundaries of this lie, I had Kavita on my side,it seemed like.

I hugged her tight and said,

"Thanks Kavi, that was the main thing I wanted to talk to you about."

Feeling much better now, I went to sleep happily, in her arms.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 09 Pt. 2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 09 Pt. 2
I woke up in the morning to the sound of the alarm. As had been the case since I had taken on the role of toweling Prem off after his exercises, Kavita seemed to be in the bathroom, having her bath. Turning off the alarm, I stretched and walked slowly to Prem's room.

Prem was there doing his exercises. Apparently he had arrived some time after I had gone to sleep.

Nervously, I walked across to the balcony.

He paused in between exercises, glared at me and said,

"Not wearing the clothes I got you for last night, pussy boy?"

I shook my head nervously and lied,"No. Since you weren't here last evening, Kavita thought..."

He sneered, "Oh, that pretty wife of yours asked you to not wear them, pussy boy?"

I was afraid I would get caught over my lie, since this wasn't strictly true. Hoping he wouldn't double-check with Kavita, I persisted,

"Yes, Amir."

He chuckled,

"Yeah am sure she did. She'll get over it."

This made me curious. I had sensed that Kavita seemed upset with Prem about something. Prem's words seemed to confirm it.

Prem resumed lifting his weights. After a couple of minutes, he paused again, and continued with a grin,

"Yeah, boy, your pretty wife's jealous. Because I went out with a colleague last night."

I asked trying to probe, "Oh, why so?"

He leered as he answered,

"Because she's younger than your wife, and your pretty wife is jealous of her."

This started getting me worried again.

Why should Kavita be "insecure" if Prem went out for dinner with someone else?

I tried to muster a confident voice, and said,

"You're wrong, Amir. Kavita isn't the kind to be insecure about your going out to dinner with a colleague, younger or older."

He chuckled and said,

"I didn't just go out to dinner with her, boy. Why do you think I got back so late last night?"

Comprehension started dawning on me finally. This could explain why Kavita seemed irritated with Prem.

Prem continued,"Yeah, she's many years younger than your wife, and she's a Brahmin too. Am not surprised your wife got jealous."

He chuckled for a couple of minutes before setting down his weights. He then stood up, and got off the bench he had been exercising on and strode into the bedroom.

I followed him in.

I lifted Prem's sweaty smelly vest and took it off him as he raised his arms. I dropped it on the floor, and picked up a towel.

Prem continued the conversation, with a chuckle, "And she was a virgin too...till last night. So your wife doesn't have to be jealous of that any more."

He laughed to himself at his joke.

I didn't find it funny. This arrogant bully was "gloating" about 'taking the virginity' of a woman of my community last night, as though it was a matter of great pride for him. Judging by his past behavior and comments, I feared, half-knew that he may have 'taken' the virginity of my wife Kavita as well.

He appeared to sense what I was thinking about, and asked, as I started toweling him,

"So you've ever broken in a fresh pussy, pussy boy?"

I didn't know how to answer that question. I hadn't asked Kavita directly, even though I suspected she was not a virgin when we got married. Worse, it seemed likely now that she may have 'lost her virginity' to this arrogant bully, Prem.

As though reading my thoughts, he chuckled and asked again,

"Looks like pussy boy doesn't know. Let's try this another way. Have you had sex with anyone other than your pretty wife Kavita, pussy boy?"

I briefly had considered lying. I wanted to gloat back like he had been gloating. But I subconsciously feared that Prem would catch my lie and then ridicule me even more.

Growing red with embarrassment as he searched my face, I answered truthfully,


He chuckled again, saying,

"So you've never broken in a fresh pussy."

And then he added,

"Not that a pussy boy like you deserved to."

My hands started trembling as I digested what he just told me. He was "informing" me that my wife was not a virgin when we got married. How did he know? I suspected, feared the answer to that,too.

He continued chuckling. His arrogance was getting really irritating.

He then leered at me and continued,

"I've had eight fresh pussies."

He added after a pause, to twist the wound, "Six of them were Brahmin pussies. Including your pretty wife."

The blood left my face. If what Prem said was true, he was informing me, as a matter of fact, that my wife Kavita was not a virgin when we got married. He had already done that earlier, but now he was explicitly saying so. And that she had lost her virginity to him.

After 4 years of marriage, I wasn't really bothered by the increased likelihood that she hadn't 'saved' her virginity for me. I had suspected that about Kavita before, and I didn't get bothered by that thought as much as I did earlier on.

But what was irritating me was hearing it from this bully, in his obnoxious matter-of-fact manner: as though my wife Kavita was 'another trophy on his wall'. Did Kavita not know that he thought of her as 'another trophy' on his wall?

It was probably likely, I knew for a while, deep down, that Prem was probably the guy with whom Kavita had 'lost her virginity'. But I didn't want to hear that from him, especially in his gloating manner. I wished I had asked Kavita earlier, so I could have figured out a way to deal with this gloating bully.

I continued toweling him off quietly, marshaling my thoughts.

So if Prem's claim was true, he had been in bed with at-least 8 women already, including my wife.

If his claim was true, he came across as a womanizer.

What was it that women saw in him given he seemed to be a serial womanizer?

I could see an initial physical attraction. But it appeared like he had no inclination to seriously be involved with a woman, that all he was interested in was getting into bed with them and enjoying them as a 'prize', a 'trophy'.

Why would women want to hang around with him? Why would women want to keep getting into bed with him? Especially my wife Kavita? Surely she could see him for what he was, by now?

Why would she 'respond' to his flirtatious behavior?

Reflecting on these thoughts, I got to the stage of toweling off Prem's legs. After removing his shorts, I knelt down and started toweling his thighs.

Maybe Kavita hadn't been responding to him at all. She had been trying to make out with me in bed,3 out of 4 days this week.

But then her dressing had got more revealing, provocative, as though she was trying to 'tempt', 'attract' Prem. She even had put on outrageously provocative clothes that he had bought for her, and massaged him dressed in those provocative clothes.

Perhaps seeing him blatantly go out with another woman last night made the scales fall from her eyes?

I couldn't come up with a consistent explanation of Kavita's behavior. However, it seemed like my initial assessment may not be quite accurate.

Perhaps she didn't see me as an 'inferior' man compared to him. Or maybe she now saw him for the womanizer he was.

Either way, it looked like I still had a chance to not lose Kavita to him.

I would still have to find a way to deal with the arrogant bully. But it would probably be a lot easier now, now that Kavita seemed to have recognized Prem for the womanizer that he was.

I finished up, and stood on my feet again.

Prem put on a towel, then turned to me and said,

"Do my bed also."

He strode out to the hall.

I picked up the pile of dirty clothes and towels, and walked across to the washing machine.

Kavita was in the kitchen. It felt like she was avoiding Prem.

As I walked past, Prem spoke up again, addressing me,

"You can wear the other new home-clothes I got for you tomorrow."

I nodded, and went past him to his bedroom to do his bed.

As I pulled his blankets over to fold them up, I saw faded jasmine flowers strewn over his bed.

At first, my heart sunk again. After getting my hopes up, I now was faced with evidence that Kavita had been in Prem's bed.

But when?

Clearly Prem had come back late last night. And seeing Kavita's mood, surely she COULDN'T have gone to bed with Prem the previous night.

And the night before had been the night we had the confrontation. When I had seen Prem get her sopping wet, yet go to bed alone.

And it couldn't have been Wednesday afternoon either, since I hadn't got flowers for Kavita on Tuesday evening.

There was NO way THESE flowers could have come to be on Prem's bed because Kavita had been in it.

Prem was playing mind games with me, but now he had made a bad bluff.

I quietly pocketed the flowers, folded up the blankets and tidied the bed.

I was quietly optimistic. I didn't want to let on to Prem that I had figured out his bluff.

I mulled over this quietly at breakfast. I needed to find a way to talk to Kavita, work on her feelings about Prem's womanizing ways. Without Prem finding out. It seemed possible now that I might not lose my wife to Prem.

I then thought of Kavita. In a way, I felt ashamed about suspecting her to this extent.

Clearly she had encouraged Prem to an extent,letting him touch her, fondle her, wearing provocative clothes HE got for her...but perhaps it was indirect, and not intentional. Regardless, she may not have gone to the extent of sleeping with him.

Kavita was wearing a saree that morning after her bath. She had worn it somewhat conservatively, not much of skin showing other than her shoulders. I felt a pang of guilt as I realized I had suspected her of far worse than what she may have actually done. I made sure to give Kavita a kiss on the way out to work. She beamed happily. I avoided meeting Prem's eyes, but he appeared to be frowning.

I was mildly worried about that, but I brushed that aside quickly. As long as Kavita saw him for the womanizer he was, I could win this battle.

It was much easier to concentrate on work. My productivity was back up, and I called Kavita a couple of times during the day, once before and once after lunch. She answered the first time, but I was wary to start the topic of Prem's womanizing ways on phone. The second time, she didn't pickup, but it wasn't a big deal I figured, since she often went to take a nap around that time.

I left work for home on time. I got fresh gajra for Kavita again, on the way home. When I got home, I saw Prem's bike in the parking lot. So he had got home already.

I felt slightly apprehensive, but not as worried as I had been for the last few days.

I got home and rang the bell.

I had the briefest instinct to peep through the hall window, but held myself back.

The door was opened by Prem, this time.

I nervously entered. He was glaring at me.

I took off my shoes and socks. There was no sign of Kavita yet. I asked Prem nervously,

"Where's Kavita, Prem? Has she gone out?"

He took a menacing stop closer, raised his bulging arms in a threatening manner, and asked,

"What did I ask you to call me in private, boy?"

I corrected myself hastily,

"Sorry, where's Kavita, Amir?"

He didn't answer my question and continued glaring at me.

He then continued,

"You think you got an opportunity now that you think your wife's jealous about my going out with my colleague, don't you, pussy boy?"

I stammered,"No, it's not like that, Amir."

He said,"Liar."

Then, without warning, he stuck his right hand on my neck just under my jaw, and pushed me against the wall.

I thought he was going to hit me. Instinctively, I tried to get his hand off my neck. I wasn't successful. He sneered at my efforts to get his hand off my neck.

He continued,

"Stop fighting pointlessly, pussy boy. Remember what I told you this morning. Who took your pretty wife's cherry?"

I felt the blood rushing to my ears as I answered in a hoarse whisper,

"You did, Amir."

He continued asking, menacingly,

"You angry at me for taking your wife's cherry, pussy boy?"

I couldn't answer his question.

I was in a sense jealous, upset, and disappointed if what he said was true. But it was more impotent frustration, jealousy.

Frustration that my wife Kavita may have, seemed to have lost her virginity to this obnoxious bully, of all people.

With some degree of honesty, I shook my head to indicate 'No'.

He continued, "Say it, pussy boy."

I spoke up again in a hoarse voice,"No, Amir."

He tightened his grip and said,

"Good, you didn't deserve to take her cherry anyway. Get that into your head."

After a pause, he then asked,

"Who owns her pussy, pussy boy?"

I averted my eyes, and tried to avoid looking at him. I didn't answer. I knew what he wanted me to say, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

He sneered again,

"You think YOU own her pussy, pussy boy?"

Prem paused, then continued,

"How many times has she let you in her pussy since my arrival?"

I averted my eyes again, in shame. Despite having come close a few times this week, I still had not had sex with Kavita since Prem's arrival.

He continued with a snort,

"Zero. And do you know how many times she's spread her legs for me since my arrival, boy?"

Despite being held by my neck, I went red with shame. He was boasting to me that he had been sleeping with my wife already. I didn't know if it was true, but I didn't really know if it was untrue, either.

He then said as his final word for the moment, mercifully,

"You DON'T own her pussy, pussy boy. I do. Get that also in your head."

He then released my neck.

I stood where I was against the wall, hanging my head in shame, unable to do anything faced up with the sheer arrogance of this cocky bully.

All the optimism that I had got seeing Kavita's reaction to Prem going out with his colleague had evaporated.

Prem now handed me some money saying,

"Now go and get me my dinner."

I looked at him nervously, took the money, then asked,

"What do you want for dinner, Amir? Where from?"

He went and sat down on the sofa and said,

"Wait for your pretty wife to tell you that."

I instinctively asked again,

"Where's she, Amir?"

He indicated towards the door of our bedroom.

It was open.

The blood left my face. Was Kavita in the bedroom? Had she been hearing this exchange?

On shaky legs, I approached the bedroom door.

I looked in from the doorway, but the bedroom seemed empty. As I stood there for a few moments surveying the bedroom, the bathroom door opened and Kavita came out of the bathroom into our bedroom, dressed in a towel.

She was startled to see me. She first jumped, then smiled and said,

"Oh you're home on time, Manu! You startled me!"

She came to the door and closed it.

It looked like she had been having a bath.

It was an odd time for her to have a bath, but I was somewhat relieved. If she was in the bathroom, she probably couldn't have heard the exchange that just happened between Prem and I. She seemed genuinely startled to see me, so she probably hadn't heard the exchange.

As I turned to walk to the sofa, Prem got up, strode to the door of our bedroom and knocked on it, calling out,

"Hey Kavi."

My nerves were on edge. She was going to be dressing! Please don't open the door Kavi, I begged internally.

Kavita opened the door just a bit, revealing her face, her hair wrapped in a towel and her bare shoulders and asked with some irritation in her voice,


Prem grinned at her and said,

"We don't have to go out for dinner now. I fixed it."

She looked at him quizzically and asked,


He said,

"Manu will go get it."

Her face lit up with a smile, then she said,

"Great!" and closed the door.

Prem turned to me and gave me one of his evil grins. I was back on tenterhooks.

I walked back to the sofa. My limbs were trembling again. Maybe I was imagining it, but even Kavita seemed less angry at Prem now compared to the previous day.

Prem came and sat down, as well. I sat down on the sofa facing our bedroom so I could talk to Kavita when she came out.

She came out in 5 minutes. My jaw dropped for the second time in 3 days.

She was not dressed in a saree like she had done after her bath in the morning. Instead, she was dressed in the same black mini-skirt as she had been 2 days back when she massaged Prem, with the red tank top blouse she had worn when she went out to get food for Prem.

Her dressing wasn't as provocative as when she had been massaging Prem, but instantly, seeing her dressed in the same mini-skirt, my heart started pumping faster.

I was in a way excited also, to see her dressed like that. But the excitement was tempered by some fear as well.

The last time I had seen her in that mini-skirt, I was sure Prem would take Kavita to bed that night. I still didn't know why he didn't try to take her to bed that night.

Still, some things had happened since then. Prem's going out with his office colleague appeared to have changed Kavita's outlook, attitude towards Prem.

I was still fearful, but not as much as 2 days back.

Kavita looked at me and said,

"I'll make tea now."

I watched as Kavita went to the kitchen to make tea. She was looking downwards as she walked. Somehow, I got reminded of when she went to put the gajra in the refrigerator 2 days back, dressed in the same mini-skirt.

Prem started grinning at me in his smirking manner. I felt uneasy, but I knew he was the kind to play mind games, so I tried to ignore it.

Kavita came back with tea for all 3 of us.

She sat down beside Prem on the sofa and started flipping channels, till she came to one channel.

I asked her what she was looking for, and she said there was a movie on today evening that she wanted to watch.

She then spoke to me,

"But Prem wanted to go out for dinner because he wanted to have non-veg food for dinner. That's why I was having a bath, I was getting ready so we could go out for dinner after you arrived."

It made sense, somewhat. I felt a little less nervous after hearing her explanation.

Kavita spoke addressing me again,

"It's the same restaurant as I went to on Wednesday evening, Manu. I'll call them and order in advance. That way you won't have much of a wait to pick up the food."

Then she turned and addressed Prem,

"Rogan Josh again, Prem?"

He grinned and answered,"Yeah, my favorite!"

I didn't like the idea of going all the way out to that Mughlai restaurant. I made a face at Kavita.

She noticed it and asked,

"Do you want to get it from somewhere else, Manu?"

I did. But before I could say anything, Prem spoke up,

"That restaurant makes it well, Kavi. I prefer it from that place. I'd rather eat out if you're going to get it from somewhere else."

He then spoke addressing me,

"Do you have a problem with getting it from the same place?"

He gave me a mildly threatening look. It came across as threatening to me, he had crossed his thick arms as he had done during our first confrontation.

I stammered nervously,"No, I don't have a problem. I'll do it Prem."

I didn't want it to become an ugly confrontation. Not then.

Kavita beamed at me radiantly and said,

"Thanks Manu! I didn't want to miss this movie but Prem was insisting that we go out for dinner. I hadn't even started cooking for us thinking we will be going out for dinner. Let me get started now!"

She went to the kitchen.

A couple of minutes later, I finished up my tea and decided to leave. The sooner I left, the sooner I could come back. I put on my slippers and called out to Kavita,

"Kavi, am leaving now."

She came hurriedly from the kitchen to see me off.

As Kavita came to the door to see me off, she pointed to something on the floor near me and said,

"What's that?"

I looked down. It was the gajra I had bought for her.

I had dropped it when Prem had held me by the neck a few minutes back.

Embarrassed, I bent down and picked it up, and held it out for her,

"Sorry Kavi. I dropped it when taking off my shoes and socks."

She smiled again radiantly and said,

"No problem, thanks Manu!"

And saying so, she took the gajra, and to my surprise, she wore it in her hair right away.

Feeling a bit relieved by that action of hers, I turned to leave. She walked up to me and kissed me on my cheek.

As I left, I felt an unknown dread. Prem seemed to be smirking. I brushed it aside, somewhat knowing his mind games by now. I saw Kavita pick up her cell phone and dial what I assumed was the restaurant, to place the order.

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