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Old 21st July 2013
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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 09 Pt. 3

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 09 Pt. 3

I hurried down to the car and started driving.

As I drove, I contemplated what had just happened.

Prem was continuing to push me around. He was direct about it in Kavita's absence.

In her presence too, he was taunting me by fondling her, dropping oil on her belly, and making me wear ridiculously feminine clothes.

I needed to do more. Yes, Kavita reacted as I hoped she would, seeing his womanizing ways, going out with his colleague even as he was trying to seduce her. But he had probably been doing that in the past also, judging by the photographs I had found in Prem's room. He was an old hand at this, and he probably would find a way back into her good books, if I just let things be and didn't do anything proactively.

I then thought about tonight. Clearly, Kavita had wanted to watch the movie on TV. Yet, being the self centered kind of guy he was, Prem had been trying to force Kavita to have dinner out, and miss the movie.

He could have gone and got his food himself. Instead, he sent me to get his food for him. Giving him time alone with Kavita, to possibly try get into her good books again.

The blood rushed to my face as I realized I was in grave danger yet again, of losing my wife to this womanizing bully.

It took me 35 minutes to get to the restaurant. It had taken me more in the past, but I was driving in a hurry.

I got there and walked up to the counter. The proprietor/manager was talking to someone on the phone.

I waited a few minutes impatiently. This guy was talking forever to finish up his conversation. I tried to break in, telling him over his conversation,

"Hi, I have a takeout order for Rogan Josh, can you please get it and prepare my bill?"

The proprietor seemed annoyed, and indicated to me to wait.

I waited a few more minutes. My patience was being tested.

This was one of the reasons I didn't like this restaurant. The one time Kavita and I had been there, it felt like they gave us '2nd class' service. I half suspected it was because they saw our names and decided to give us 2nd class service because we weren't Muslims. It was one of those restaurants where you had to make a reservation in advance to get a table.

The proprietor/manager was a Muslim, I could tell from his clothes.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the proprietor finally finished his conversation and turned to me.

I tried to be polite, and keep the irritation out of my voice,

"One order of Rogan Josh for takeout, please? Name of Manu Sharma."

He looked me over and down his notepad and said,

"Is this a new order?"

I got worried. I didn't want them starting to cook NOW. I clarified,

"No, I already have an order placed about 45 minutes back."

"There's no order here for Manu Sharma."

I was getting more irritated.

I tried again,

"It might be in my wife's name. Mrs Kavita Sharma."

He said,

"I have no order here for a Mrs Kavita Sharma."

This guy seemed incompetent now. Did he lose her order? I asked him to show me his notepad.

He didn't show it to me, but looked at it again and said,

"I do have one order for Rogan Josh for a Miss Kavita Sharma."

This guy was really irritating me now.

"Come on, it's Mrs Kavita Sharma, not Miss. You have written it wrongly. Please don't waste more time and give me my order."

He looked me over and said, "Sorry sir, you're going to have to confirm this. As far as I know, the woman who placed the order is a Miss Kavita Sharma."

I picked up my phone and showed him Kavita's number on my cell. He said it matched the number from which he got the order. I even showed him our photograph together on my cellphone screen.

I asked him, "Is that enough proof or do you want me to call her?"

The manager/supervisor 'apologized' saying, "Sorry sir, I was under the impression she was unmarried."

He had taken up enough of my time, I was irritated with the supervisor, "You mean you assumed she was unmarried because she looks pretty."

He said,

"No sir, it isn't like that. She has been to our hotel twice in the last few days."

I knew that. I didn't see what her past visits had anything to do with his stupid assumption and attitude. I persisted,

"So what?"

He continued,

"First time she came with a gentleman named Amir Ali on Sunday, sir. That reservation was in his name."

I didn't see where this was headed. I asked again,


He continued,

"Wednesday evening she made a takeout order sir, also for Rogan Josh like today. When she came to pick it up, it took a few minutes to get ready, so we had a conversation sir. Pretty lady as you said sir, but also very pleasant and charming. Cash or Credit card, sir?"

I nodded. I didn't see what any of this had to do with his claim. I suspected he was making an elaborate excuse for his attitude.

I said, "Cash please."

I wanted to finish this soon.

He continued, finally processing my order.

"During that conversation, sir, I gathered she was a Brahmin and a vegetarian. So I asked her why she was getting Rogan Josh being a vegetarian."

He took the cash I had been holding out, and got my change ready.

He held out my change in one hand, and the carryout bag in another.

I wanted to just take it and leave. But this guy had dragged it so long, I got curious to hear his roundabout excuse.

"She told me then, sir, then that the Rogan Josh takeout order was for her boyfriend, Sir. She said his name was Amir Ali, and I understood that's why she was ordering non-veg. I assumed it was the same gentleman with whom she came on Sunday,sir. That's why I thought she was unmarried,sir."

The blood rushed to my face when I heard him say that. I had never been this embarrassed before in my life, in a public place.

I snatched the bag of food and cash from his hand and walked out of the place. I looked around to see if there had been other people following that conversation. There had been a few who appeared to be looking at me curiously, and I tried to avoid making eye contact with anyone.

I got into the car and tried to calm myself down. I swore to myself to never come to this restaurant again. That was one of the most unprofessional restaurant manager I had ever dealt with.

My legs were trembling as I started driving the car. Granted the manager was unprofessional, but did he just make up this excuse?

When I reflected on his behavior, it seemed consistent with his story. And his story seemed consistent with my knowledge of what had happened.

My hands and legs started trembling even more. So had Kavita voluntarily announced to this guy, a near stranger, that Prem/Amir Ali was her boyfriend?

I felt nauseous at the thought. I replayed the scene in my head. Kavita dressed in the clothes she was wearing on Wednesday evening, the black knee length skirt and the red tank top, proudly proclaiming to this manager, a near stranger, "Amir Ali is my boyfriend."

I couldn't see her doing it on Thursday evening. But I could see her doing it on Wednesday evening. That was the day when she had just given Prem an oil massage, dressed in that seductive outfit. And she had gone out to this restaurant right after giving him that massage.

It appeared like Prem had been much closer to seducing Kavita on Wednesday than I had imagined when I got home from work today evening.

That was in case he hadn't already seduced her. If she was proclaiming to near strangers that Amir Ali was her boyfriend, he might have seduced her already.

I was in full panic mode. I ran a couple of red lights as I drove back home. Thankfully I didn't get caught.

It took me 30 minutes to drive back home from the restaurant.

My first instinct as I parked the car was to call up Kavita. But then I decided against it. I didn't want to "warn" her, if my fears were true.

I ran up the stairs to our apartment. As I approached the door, I heard the sound of the TV running, playing the movie she had wanted to see. Good, I told myself. Nothing may have happened.

I rang the doorbell once.

Nothing happened. I waited a few moments, and then reached for the doorbell switch again.

I held back, and instead crept up to the window of the hall.

The hall seemed empty. I moved further, and got a full view of the hall.

It was empty. The TV was running, playing a movie, but there was nobody watching it. Not Kavita, and neither Prem.

I thought, or rather, hoped, that maybe they had stepped out. I pulled out my cellphone to dial Kavita.

That was when I heard what sounded like a moan.

It sounded like Kavita. And it sounded like it came from Prem's room.

I tried to listen more attentively. Then I heard Kavita's voice,

"Ahhhhhhh!!!Slower, please, Amir!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!"

My knees buckled as I heard that moan. I had been dreading this since Prem's arrival.

And then I heard Prem's voice, hoarse, yet loud enough for me to hear over the TV,

"You've missed this huh? Kavi?"

I heard Kavita say something, but it was garbled over the sound of the TV. It sounded like a moan.

After a couple of moments, Prem's voice rang out loud again,

"Say it louder!"

And I heard Kavita's throaty voice louder, over the sound of the TV,

"Aaahhhhh! Don't stop! I've missed you Amir!"

"What about me have you missed, Kavi?"

Kavita's voice wasn't as loud this time, but I heard her say,

"Everything! Your smell! The way you touch me! Your sweat! Your dick! Your juice! Don't stop, Amir! Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

I stood at the window transfixed. It was clear by now that Prem was making love to Kavita in our own house, in his room.


Not Prem.

Amir was making love to Kavita.

He was not Prem. He was Amir, not Prem.

In bed, Kavita referred to him as Amir. Every time. Not Prem. Each time she moaned, spoke.

She saw him as 'Amir' in bed. She saw him as I feared she saw him, from the time I learned about his real name.

A muscular, powerful hunk. Who was making her moan louder than I had heard her moan, in our 4 years of marriage.

And at that time, I heard a grunt from Amir, and the loudest moan I had heard from Kavita,

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!I love you Amir!!!!"

And then softer moans from her,

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh!! Amir!!!"



"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!! Amir!!!"

And then Amir's rasping voice rang out,

"Here it comes bitch!"

And then loudly again from Kavita,



I did not hear anything clear from the bedroom for the next few minutes, other than the TV, though I thought I could hear the low, garbled voice of Amir.

The sickening reality of what had happened now started sinking in, in those minutes.

Whatever happened or didn't happen between Kavita and Amir Ali in the last 2 weeks didn't matter.

Amir Ali, the arrogant bully, the dark muscular hunk my wife had invited to stay as a house-guest, had fucked my wife Kavita.

Regardless of what happened from there on, I would have to live with that knowledge for the rest of my life.

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just removed my post as the original author started posting the story.....

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Get the hell out of here....

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as the author was not posted the story, and as the people were requesting i just posted the story what i have. but in the mean time 'amethyst1982' himself posted the story. no need to get wild. please be mild. i also dont what this story to be stopped in the middle. thats why i started posting. i have the story till posted in literotica. so in case if it is stopped in middle i will post the rest. thanks for understanding.......

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story was awesome make me cum. Please post remaining the story....

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Superb Keep Posting

Keep Posting

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 10 Pt. 1

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 10 Pt. 1

I stood outside our apartment, by the window of the hall, trying to digest what had just happened.

I couldn't understand how it could happen, to begin with.

Just one day back, Kavita was very irritated with Amir. He had been "two-timing" her.

In the short time after his arrival, he had been seeing another woman, a colleague of his, and she knew it. He had even been in bed with that colleague, he had claimed, boasted, to me.

It had seemed to me like the scales had fallen from Kavita's eyes, on the kind of womanizer he was.

She had been concerned about me, both physically and mentally. She had massaged me, and we had gone to bed intending to make love.

We had actually gone farther ahead in our foreplay than we had been in a while, and we probably would have had sex had Amir not called when he did.

And now, one day later, she had gone to bed with him, had had sex with him. In our home.

What kind of influence did Amir have on her? How could he change her attitude towards him so easily?

Amir had boasted to me that "he owned her pussy", before I had gone to pick up his dinner.

Was that an idle boast?

He had taken my wife in bed, within 2 weeks of his arrival here. Maybe even earlier.

Further, the ease with which he appeared to have taken Kavita to bed yesterday, just one day after she was irritated enough with him to actively try to make love with me, it didn't sound like an idle boast any more.

What was I to do now? Should I confront Kavita about this right away? Should I walk out of our marriage, seek a divorce?

I had a lot of things to think about.

What was Kavita going to do, now? Was she going to tell me now that she had fallen for Amir, and was going to leave me?

What else could she do? I didn't see her riding it it out brazenly, as though nothing had happened.

My thoughts were interrupted as I saw a shadow approach the hall. I stepped back a bit so I could get a view of the hall without being spotted easily.

Kavita first stepped into the hall. She was dressed in the same clothes as when I had left: the same black mini skirt and red tank top blouse.

She went towards the back of the house. I heard the sound of running water. It sounded like she was washing her hands.

She then came a couple of times to the coffee table, and placed on it vessels containing food.

This food was, it appeared like, the dinner she had prepared for her and I, and chapatis for Amir to have with his lamb dish.

As she finished setting up the food on the coffee table, Amir strode out.

He was wearing the same clothes as when I had left. Knee length shorts, and a sleeveless t-shirt.

He stretched his arms, and then addressed Kavita, "Am getting hungry. How come Manu's taking so long?"

I heard Kavita say, "Maybe traffic is bad, I'll call him."

I hurried to the door, and rang the bell. As I stood there, I digested the meaning of what I had just heard.

I had rang the bell exactly once, when Kavita and Amir were in bed, having sex.

Was it possible that they didn't hear the sound of the bell over the TV?

If so, were they unaware that I had overheard them having sex?

Was she then going to ride it out?

The door opened, and Kavita greeted me with a radiant smile saying, "I was just about to call you Manu! Was traffic bad?"

Her radiant smile took some of the stuffing out of me.

I had hoped to probe into her eyes, to make her feel guilty about what she knew she had just done.

Instead, she was looking straight at me, beaming.

I averted my eyes hastily. I didn't want to let on to her yet, on what I had just overheard them do, in bed, in case they hadn't heard the bell.

I said, "Yeah, everyone's out on the roads tonight, it seemed like."

She laughed throatily and said, "Yeah, it's Friday night."

I took off my slippers and saw the food on the coffee table.

Kavita saw me observe that, and said, "Let's eat here tonight instead of the dinner table. The movie is still running."

I said,"Sure."

Inwardly, I marveled at how smoothly she was lying to me. 20 minutes back, she hadn't been watching the movie. She had been in bed with Amir Ali, moaning in pleasure.

Kavita took Amir's lamb dish from me, and turned to set it out beside the rest of the food items she had laid out on the coffee table. As she turned, I observed her from the back for the first time since her recent bout of sex with Amir.

The fresh gajra I had got her was nearly gone.

The base thread of the gajra was still attached to her hair. But most of the flowers had fallen out, and even the flowers left attached to the base thread had the faded,crushed look on them.

Even her hair wasn't as neatly organized as when I had left.

As I looked carefully, despite Kavita's pretense, I could see the tell-tale evidence of her recent sexual encounter with Amir.

Kavita now hurried to the kitchen, returning with a serving spoon for Amir's lamb dish and plates for all of us.

She then looked at me and said, "Manu, can you serve yourself please?"

And she turned to Prem, and said, "Prem, please serve yourself?"

So it was 'Prem' now. Prem in front of me, Amir when in bed with him.

I said, "Let me change first, Kavi. You guys start eating."

She looked at me and said, "OK but come fast, the food will get cold."

As I moved towards the bedroom to change, I finally caught Amir's eye.

He was smirking, as he had done lot of late. He crossed his hands as our eyes met, as though to tell me, "I've won."

I averted my eyes and went to the bedroom.

I changed into a pair of my shorts and a t-shirt.

Amir had already fucked Kavita. There was nothing to be gained by my voluntarily wearing one of those feminine pyjamas Amir had got for me. At worst, what could he do? Fuck my wife Kavita again? I wouldn't oblige him and wear one of those ridiculous pyjamas NOW.

I hadn't contemplated much more since entering our home, on what the future held out. I decided now to reflect on that later, after making further observations on Kavita's behavior.

I rejoined them in the hall. Kavita was 'watching' the movie and eating, sitting on one end of the double-seater sofa. Amir had seated himself on one of the single-seater sofas.

It felt like a pretentious gesture: like he was 'returning' my wife Kavita to me after just having fucked her.

Still, I didn't want to raise suspicions till I thought things through. I sat down beside Kavita.

We sat largely silently as we saw the movie and ate dinner.

Kavita spoke to me once about serving me more raitha and the vegetable dish she had made. I gratefully said OK.

She got up, served me the raitha first, then the vegetable dish.

Seeing her up close less than 2 feet away from me in that miniskirt, I caught sight of something that had missed my attention before.

There were a few thin stripes of pale white residue that had ran down her thighs to her knees and were starting to dry.

Amir's semen.

It had ran down her thighs in a few directions.

So she had not cleaned up after their sex.

Except her hands, which she had apparently washed. Perhaps because she was going to eat, and serve food.

Still, the thought of Amir's semen running down and drying up on her thighs made me gag. I set my plate down and Kavita got me a glass of water hurriedly. I wasn't sure if she suspected why I gagged, I told her I swallowed something wrong.

I couldn't concentrate on the movie at all. I hurriedly ate my dinner.

I went to the kitchen and put my plate in the sink, then proceeded to wash my hands. I wondered then, if I went to bed earlier than them, would Amir have sex with Kavita again? With me in the house? Would SHE let him go that far?

The kind of arrogant guy he was, I suspected he was capable of it. Surely Kavita wouldn't let him go that far. I hoped.

Idly, I went to the hall and told Kavita I was going to bed.

She gave me a wistful look and said, "Manu, the movie will be over in 20 minutes, sit with me through the movie please? It's just 20 minutes."

She wanted my company. After having had sex with Amir a short while ago.

I couldn't understand her behavior at all. One day, she couldn't stand Amir, and nearly had sex with me.

Then, I thought it was because she saw Amir for the womanizer that he was.

Now, it seemed like she had been ready to have sex with me yesterday more out of spite for Amir's going out with another woman.

Still, despite the spiteful feeling she had apparently harbored towards him the previous day, she has sex with Amir the very next day . And afterward, wants my company as well to watch a movie she really hadn't been watching.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 10 Pt. 2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 10 Pt. 2

I sat down beside her on the sofa. She had finished eating, but hadn't washed her hands. She snuggled up beside me, and I felt her warm thighs against mine, the warmth of her arms, her breasts, her body, against mine.

I dreaded that Prem would now come and squeeze in beside her on the other side. That didn't happen.

As Kavita snuggled up close, I sensed something else that I had missed so far.

Amir's smell. The same smell that came from Amir's sweaty clothes after his exercises, was now coming from Kavita's body. The smell was overwhelming the smell of Kavita's own body, which I could barely distinguish.

I wanted her to smell of ME. Instinctively, I pulled her closer to me, by putting my arm around her shoulder.

She turned and looked at me, smiled, and snuggled up even closer.

I now couldn't understand my own reaction. I had been nauseated seeing the drying remnants of Amir's semen on Kavita's thighs. And I had always got put off by the smell of his sweaty clothes after his exercises.

But now, getting the same smell off Kavita's body as she snuggled up, I wanted her closer by me. I wanted her to smell of me, not Amir.

I was badly wanting to COMPETE, belatedly. I wanted her, if not for anything else, to PROVE to Amir that even though he had seduced her, she was still MINE, he didn't "own" her. I felt the blood started rushing to my head, and my penis.

I was getting aroused.

And Kavita appeared to have noticed it too. Her hand crept down to stroke my penis 'inconspicuously' over my shorts.

That was something I had not expected of her. I had expected her to avoid me, especially right after her encounter with Amir.

I looked out of the corner of my eye to see if Amir had observed it. He was looking at the TV. I was sure from his deliberate attention to the TV, that he had not missed what Kavita was doing.

I felt a wave of relief pass over me. So Amir had to know that even though he may have successfully seduced Kavita, he didn't "own" her like he had been claiming.

He didn't have the kind of control he boasted of having, over Kavita.

And more relevantly, even though he appeared to have brought Kavita to the loudest orgasm I had known her to have, she still was interested in me.

It was a much more positive me that rose from the sofa with Kavita after the movie got over. Amir said he would hang around for a while watching TV. I thought he gave Kavita a dirty look, but I couldn't tell if she saw it. She had headed straight to the refrigerator, to put the remaining food away.

Trusting her to not betray me again, I went ahead to the bedroom and waited for her. My aroused penis, to my surprise, stayed hard even in her absence while she put the food away.

I thought frantically in the time she took to join me in bed: I DID want Kavita right?

The thought of having sex with her NOW did in a way disgust me. She was still the lovely woman I had married, and I still loved her: but Amir had 'sullied' her tonight. And the 'marks' of his sullying of her were still on her body.

But I badly wanted to prove a point to Amir: to get SOME kind of victory over him.

What about confronting her, then? Should I just 'ignore' what had happened earlier? Did she know I knew what she had been doing with Amir earlier?

As I lay in bed thinking through what I ought to be doing, Kavita came into the bedroom and closed the door.

She then turned, and approached me with a naughty look on her face: the look I had seen on her face when she was excited, wanted to play in bed, have sex.

She sat down sideways on the bed beside me, and slid in beside me smoothly.

Her hand went straight to my underwear, seeking out my penis.

In the time I had been waiting for her in bed, thinking over what I should be doing, my erection had softened up somewhat.

Now, as she started touching my penis with her fingers, it started firming up again. The blood started rushing to my head, and to my penis, yet again.

She snuggled up closer to me, as she continued to stroke my penis.

Kavita snuggled up beside me, eyed my aroused penis. She started stroking it through my shorts.

Up close, in bed, I again got the strong smell of Amir, almost overwhelming the smell of Kavita.

I was throbbing now. She pushed my shorts down, and then my underwear.

This was the woman I had married. She had just had sex with our muscular Muslim house guest, her 'boyfriend' as she had apparently announced to a near stranger, and she was now stroking my aroused penis.

I got even more excited. The lust stirred by Kavita's wanton behavior was keeping me hard, aroused. I now wanted to fuck her too. Like Amir had fucked her earlier that evening.

I rolled over to my side, intending to try to enter Kavita. She motioned to me to wait and continued to stroke my aroused penis feverishly.

Was she not going to allow me to enter her? After she had just had sex with Amir?

I couldn't find out the answer to that, because right then, I spurted my semen on to her hands.

Kavita had 'brought me off' with her hand. Did she mean to have me cum in her hand? Or was she going to let me inside her had I not come so soon?

I looked at Kavita. She was looking at my semen in her palm, and had an extremely disappointed look on her face.

She sensed that I was watching her, and smiled naughtily like she had done earlier.

She let the semen drip down her fingers, and held her fingers over her mouth, watching me with a naughty expression on her face. She let the semen drip into her mouth, and then licked her palm and fingers multiple times, as though she was savoring every drop.

I was spent. I had had a much more complete orgasm than the last time, when I masturbated using the pictures in Amir's room.

And I was relieved. We had not had actual intercourse, but Amir did NOT "own" her like he had claimed.

I couldn't think any more, at that point. Kavita snuggled close again, and hugged me.

I embraced her, overwhelmed by the smell of sex coming from her body.

Despite having been cheated on a short while earlier, her actions after that, including her bringing me off in bed, left me with a strange feeling of contentedness, and I drifted off to sleep in the arms of my unfaithful, yet loving wife Kavita.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 10 Pt. 3

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 10 Pt. 3

It was dark. I was alone in my bed. In my subconscious, I heard Kavita moaning over the sound of some noise,"Ahh,Aaaaahhhh,Aaaaaahhh Amir!!!"

I woke up with a start.

I was in my bed. It was a dream. I was not alone in bed. Kavita was still lying beside me, fast asleep.

We had released each other from our mutual embrace, at some point.

She was now lying on her back.

I glanced at the bedside clock. It was 2 AM.

I gingerly got close to her legs. Her right thigh was flat, while her left thigh was raised upwards, as her left foot was flat on the bed.

I saw up close, the dried trail of semen.

Her mini-skirt had ridden further up her thighs, in her sleep. The dried trail of semen went all the way to her vaginal hair. She was not wearing panties.

So the sounds I heard in my dream was not just a bad dream. Amir had indeed fucked Kavita earlier, the previous evening. I had seen it played over in my sleep again, causing me to wake up.

I lay back in bed, as I tried to contemplate the future.

Was her encounter with Amir tonight a one-time thing?

If it was one-time, I could bring myself to forgive her and move on.

But what if she was going to continue sleeping with him?

What if she meant to continue sleeping with him?

One option that stood out was to separate, to divorce.

I played that out in my mind.

Say we divorced, or separated. That seemed to be the 'honorable' way out.

Kavita would then, sooner or later, get involved with Amir again. Amir would tell her all about how he had been bullying me. She would then spitefully let people know how Amir had been bullying me and I bore it shamelessly. Perhaps she would tell people how I struggled to perform in bed.

Worse, maybe Amir would tell her about my masturbation on the previous Saturday, and then she might tell people we knew as we worked out the divorce/separation.

Sooner or later, tongues would wag.

I was already approaching my mid 30s. It had already been hard enough for me to find a mate.

I didn't live in a culture where people got remarried at my age easily, especially divorcees. We lived in India, where divorcees didn't often get married again. At least, not in the circles I had known, interacted with. Divorcees, in my culture, and community, often stayed single for the rest of their life.

Given the stage of my life I was in, the difficulty of a divorce, and my general inability to get the attention of women, I would probably end up living the rest of my life as a single divorcee.

Tongues would wag behind my back: "He's the Brahmin guy who had an attractive wife, who took off with a Muslim guy she had invited home."

I would be scorned,ridiculed by society, and lonely.

Now, I contemplated the alternative of trying to save our marriage. Sooner or later, this relationship between Kavita with Amir would fizzle out on it's own. He seemed to have no plans of settling down with the women he had been seeing.

Maybe it might last one night, a few nights, or at worst a few months while Amir was here.

I might even have the ability to keep things discreet while it lasted, and certainly after it ended as I was sure it would.

Some tongues might still wag: but there would be fewer tongues wagging.

They would say, behind my back, "That guy's wife, she was going around with a hunky Muslim guy whom she had apparently invited to stay over for a while. Not sure how things are now."

I would still have my wife Kavita, and I could have less scorn to face from society. Fewer people would know about it.

I lay in bed thinking. Is this the right thing to do? Should I try to salvage our marriage?

Another option that came up to my mind was to use external help: say, complaining to the police, or trying to hire private help to take on Amir physically.

Those options didn't appeal to me. I didn't think I could get away with it if I hired private help. Amir's relatives would probably come after me with hired private help, and I could get into legal trouble too.

If I ended up as a "suspect" in a criminal investigation, it wasn't like I was going to come out of it without being the subject of mass ridicule and scorn.

People would instead talk, "He made a guy disappear by paying money. The guy who disappeared was a hunky Muslim guy, who was going around with his pretty Brahmin wife."

I would lose my wife, lose my life, end up in jail, and be the subject of scorn and ridicule even more: my story might then even be mentioned in the newspapers.

Going to the police was equally risky. Kavita would probably side with Amir, deny everything and then our marriage would end in divorce anyway.

In society's view, I would still be the guy who 'lost' his pretty Brahmin wife to this bully, this muscular Muslim hunk.

There was no option where I wouldn't face some amount of social scorn, ridicule.

But it seemed like the ridicule would only be more if our marriage broke up, as more people would definitely know about it, then: a divorce would be public knowledge for everyone who knew me directly or indirectly.

I then thought about Amir. He had been bullying me around mercilessly. No doubt, he considered it a great victory to have bedded my wife: another 'trophy' on his wall.

What now? If he stayed satisfied with his 'victory', would he leave my wife alone?

If we divorced and I lost Kavita permanently, wouldn't that be a bigger victory for him?

I played over his words in my mind, "A pussy boy like you doesn't deserve a woman like her."

It would be some measure of victory if I could keep him from making me lose Kavita permanently.

I then thought of Kavita.

She had betrayed me in the ultimate manner.

But if we divorced, she would face immense scorn from society as well. It was not like Amir was going to support her. She would have to manage on her own, and probably would have to resume working again, in a society not forgiving of adulterous women.

Sooner or later, she would have had to go back to Amir for help. The kind of preying guy he seemed to be, he might peddle out her body.

I could say to myself,"She deserved it."

But I couldn't really mean it. I felt as ashamed, as humiliated, at the prospect of Amir peddling out my Kavita to help her make ends meet.

Worse, he might give her a humiliating option of being his 2nd wife or something.

I visualized Amir strutting proudly, at some distant date, with some woman on one side, and Kavita on his other side, as his wives, while I was a lonely divorcee.

It was a terrible scenario to contemplate, and it would be even more insulting for me than it would for her.

She might be able to able to reconcile to being Amir's 2nd wife.

But it would be far worse humiliation for me, if people went around discussing how my pretty wife left me to be the 2nd wife of this muscular hunk.

The more I thought about it, the more my assessment seemed right. Given the culture we lived in, I would face more ridicule, more social scorn if Kavita and I divorced, and word got around about the reason for the divorce, as compared to if I gritted it out for the limited time this was likely to last.

That too, was assuming this was not a one night stand. This may well have been a one night stand.

Amir would not probably change his womanizing ways. Sooner or later, there would be more situations like Thursday, when Amir went out and went to bed with someone else (as he claimed to have done).

And Kavita, regardless of how Amir was trying to humiliate me, didn't seem to be totally put off by me.

Three times this week, she had tried to make love to me in bed.

And she had voluntarily brought me off today, after seeing my hard-on.

Amir would make claims like 'I own Kavita's pussy'. But it wasn't really true, she wasn't acting like she was a slut who would do his every bidding or something. And she had been trying to sleep with me on Thursday, to spite Amir for going out with his colleague. So it was not like I was up against the two of them.

Still, I needed to get Kavita on my side. She was surely not on my side, at this point. She had allegedly proclaimed to a near stranger,two days back, that 'Amir Ali is her boyfriend'.

I was awash with shame again as I recalled the incident at the restaurant.

The proprietor/manager had seen Kavita with Amir on Sunday. He would have seen the kind of hunk he was.

And now he had seen me. He had seen the picture of Kavita and I on my cellphone. He knew for sure that Kavita and I were married.

And if his claim was true, Kavita had proclaimed to him on Wednesday, that Amir Ali was her boyfriend.

I must have come across to him as such a wuss, such a wimp.

I was even picking up the same dish as Kavita had picked up on Wednesday. He must have visualized Amir sending me, Kavita's wimpy Brahmin husband, to get him his dinner, with his arm wrapped around my wife Kavita.

Though that was not how it happened, it felt the same way.

I could not show my face in that restaurant again.

I wondered again, how Kavita could say such a thing, about a guy who had arrived in our home just over a week back. Especially to a near stranger.

Did she always view Amir as 'her boyfriend'?

Someone with whom she had lost touch, or from whom she had drifted away, but always felt the itch for?

If that was the case, this was not likely to be a one night stand.

I could not fool myself into imagining that this was likely to be a one night stand, based on Kavita's inclination to make love to me thrice this week.

I could not sleep, now that that realization sunk in.

I turned over and looked at Kavita. She was sleeping blissfully, I thought, for someone who had just been unfaithful to her husband the previous night.

Did she think like Amir? Amir had told me that I didn't deserve Kavita's virginity.

Did she think likewise that I was so pathetic compared to Amir, that I didn't deserve her faithfulness? That she could wantonly go to bed with him, and return to me, and I didn't deserve any better than the ravaged, used body of my wife?

I still believed she loved me. She could have seduced me into bed on Thursday without giving me the massage.

And she could have ignored my arousal tonight, since Amir had brought her to what sounded like a very pleasurable orgasm for her.

I bit my lips out of jealousy. Did she ever have such a pleasurable orgasm with me?

I knew the truth, deep down. I didn't want to think about it any more.

However, despite her obvious enjoyment of her bout of infidelity today, it was not like she had never felt guilty over the past week.

I recalled how she averted her eyes on Wednesday, first when I came home during her massage of Amir, and then later, when his actions caused her to get aroused, and dripping wet.

Maybe if I could find a way to channel her guilt without making her upset, I could get her on my side.

It was the most comforting thought I had got during my reflections in bed. I told myself that hope existed still, and got myself to go back to sleep.

I was woken up some time in the morning by Kavita. She was shaking me in an irritated manner, "Mmmm....Wake up Manu!"

The alarm had been ringing.

I was sleepy. Because of waking up in the middle of the night.

I tried telling Kavita, "It's the 2nd Saturday, I don't have to go to work. I'm sleepy, Kavi."

She continued shaking me with irritation in her voice, "You promised to help toweling off Prem, do you want me to do it today? I'm also sleepy."

I had forgotten about it subconsciously.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 10 Pt. 4

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 10 Pt. 4
I got up from the bed drearily. I did not like the prospect of facing the bully Amir, after he had just had sex with my Kavita the previous night.

He had boasted at having had sex with Kavita even before. They could all have been idle boasts. Worse, I suspected that he somehow knew I knew what had happened last evening.

I walked across the hall to Amir's room. He was in the middle of his exercises.

I walked across his room to the balcony.

Amir paused as he saw me approach.

He then spoke softly, yet arrogantly, "So pussy boy reacted as I predicted he would, last night?"

I was embarrassed. By now, I was somewhat used to his taunting. But I still didn't expect him to brazenly taunt me about the previous night.

Kavita had behaved nonchalantly about the whole thing. How could Amir know I knew what had happened, and not Kavita?

He snickered at my embarrassment and added, "You pussy boys are so predictable. Did you lick your pretty wife's unfaithful pussy last night?"

I looked down. Rather than me doing oral sex on Kavita after she had been unfaithful, somewhat the opposite had happened.

Kavita had brought me off with her hand.

I decided to play it quiet. If I tried to fight back with that information, he would probably react in a manner to try and humiliate me more.

He seemed to sense my evasiveness, and asked flexing his arms threateningly, "Answer me, pussy boy."

I tried to evade the question, "What do you want, Amir? You've had sex with my wife. You've won. Aren't you satisfied?"

He started laughing. He laughed for what seemed like a minute. I didn't understand what he was laughing about.

After he finished laughing, he said, "Pussy boy, try that guilt trip with your pretty wife. I bet her guilt kept her awake all night."

I had been thinking of the same thing, in the middle of the night. How could he know Kavita had slept soundly?

Did he expect her to sleep soundly, not being kept awake on account of guilty thoughts?

Amir laughed again, "I bet you thought you had a chance with your pretty wife when she got all jealous on Thursday."

I hung my head down and averted my eyes. I still didn't understand how Kavita could go to bed with Amir on Friday after being pissed off with him on Thursday.

He resumed lifting his weights, observing me simultaneously. After a few minutes, he finished up and sat up on the bench.

Amir glared at me suspiciously, and said, "Pussy boy has still not accepted the situation. Even after I made his pretty wife squeal out loud."

"I told you Amir, you won. I accept you've won. What more do you want?"

He laughed, "I didn't win anything last night, pussy boy. I always owned your pretty wife's pussy. I told you that already."

He paused, then added, "I bet she never squealed in bed with you."

I hung my head in shame as I reflected on that.

I had never experienced Kavita moaning as loud as she did in bed with Amir. At best, she would moan softly at times after I entered her.

Amir continued observing me. He asked me abruptly, "So you want your wife back now, pussy boy?"

I looked up at him. Was he trying to be nice after having humiliated me this far, or was he setting me up?

I answered fearfully, yet with some hope, "Yes, please."

"So you're ready to accept your unfaithful wife after she squealed in bed with me last night. Right?"

Ears red with shame, I answered in a whisper, "Yes."

He smirked at this, and asked,"What will you do to cleanse her adulterous pussy? Will you wash it in holy water?"

And saying so, he burst into laughter as I went red with shame all over.

He continued after letting me soak in those last words, "Anyway, I'm staying here for a few more months,pussy boy. You can accept your unfaithful wife as you seek to. But not now, after I leave. How does that sound to you?"

My eyes went red, wide, with terror. Was he going to keep having sex with Kavita for the rest of his stay?

Amir shook his head with a sneer, saying, "This is what I meant. Pussy boy keeps trying to be a man, and keeps trying to reclaim what isn't his. I think I know how to fix that problem."

I continued staring at him in fear.

He got up off the bench, and entered the bedroom.

Kavita hadn't woken up before me today. There were no pile of fresh towels ready by the bed.

I said, "Let me go get the towels, Amir."

He held out his hand and said, "First, go bring that last bag of clothes I got for you, pussy boy."

My stomach dropped. I asked with increased alarm, "Do you want me to wear them now? Amir?"

He nodded.

Kavita had said I didn't have to wear them any more. She was under the impression I had a fetish for wearing feminine clothes. And she had asked me to talk to Amir about it, so I didn't have to wear them any more. And now, Amir was telling me to resume wearing them.

I tried to get some time till Kavita woke up, "Can I wear it after I have my bath, Amir?"

He took a menacing step closer and said, "No. Now."

I took a step back in fear. I tried again, trying to save some face, "Can I change into them in our bedroom? Amir?"

He took another step towards me, saying, "No. You don't want to wake up your pretty wife. Bring it here and change here. NOW."

Perhaps out of fear that he stepped closer, I hurriedly left the bedroom and walked across to our bedroom.

Kavita was still fast asleep. I looked around silently, and found the last bag of clothes. I brought them back to Amir's room, and opened them there.

They were a pyjama set yet again. But they weren't as bad as the last set I had worn, the lavender colored set with the shoulder strap blouse top to match the pyjama pants, for which he had made me shave my underarms and chest hair.

The pyjamas were a pale yellow in color. There was a print of small flowers with pink petals scattered over the pyjamas. They definitely looked feminine. But they weren't as feminine as the other pyjamas Amir had got for me.

With a sense of relief, I first took off my shorts, and put on the pyjama pants. They weren't tight, and were comfortable. If not for the print of pink petal flowers, they could perhaps pass for pyjamas of a man. And they were not particularly uncomfortable to wear.

I then took off my t-shirt, and took the pyjama top in my hand. It was the pullover type t-shirt type top, like the pyjamas he had got me for Tuesday. I was about to put them on, when Amir spoke up, "First take off your vest."

I looked at him. I didn't see the purpose of this. But he glared at me, and as I didn't see a purpose in arguing at that point, I decided to comply without arguing.

I took off my vest, and then pulled on the pullover type t-shirt. But these weren't tight, and felt more comfortable. They did have a lining of lace along the neck and arms, but they weren't particularly uncomfortable to wear either, compared to the pyjamas he had got me for Tuesday or Wednesday.

I knew regardless that they were womens' pyjamas: Kavita had told me that he had picked them all from the women's section. But they didn't feel as humiliating as the pyjamas I had worn on Tuesday or Wednesday. Perhaps it was the fact that they were loose fitting, and wearing them didn't need me to shave my underarms or chest and look grotesquely feminine.

Amir now spoke up again, "Now get rid of your used clothes, and get the towels."

I went and put my used clothes in our bedroom. I figured I could wear them later. I then found the towels, and went back to Amir's room.

As I placed the towels on the bed before commencing to towel off Amir, he said, "Wear these for as long as you're at home today, P.B."

My eyes went wide with fear. What if someone, say a vendor, came home? I voiced my concern, "Amir, what if someone like a vendor comes home?"

"Then you answer them and turn them away or buy what they're selling, like normal pussy boys do."

This was definitely different from what Amir had made me do through the week.

Then, he had made me wear these feminine pyjamas in the evening, and to bed with Kavita.

It was humiliating, but at least only Kavita was witness to it, other than the 2 of us.

Now, it seemed like there was an increased risk of other people witnessing my humiliation. Did he want to put me through that? I tried to not speculate on it. Maybe nobody would knock on our door today.

I tried to not think about it much, and set the towels on the bed. I started the 'ritual' of toweling off Amir. I took his sweaty vest off. It was sweatier than usual. I realized why, soon. In all this time we had been talking, his sweat had been absorbed to an extent by his vest, and there was some that had dripped on the floor where he had been standing.

I put his vest on the floor, and hurriedly toweled off the few drops of sweat that re-formed on his arms and upper body.

I was able to towel him off quickly. He had nearly finished sweating, it appeared like. I had to use only one towel. The only downside was, there was some of his sweat dripped on the floor.

I was about to pick up the pile of sweaty clothes from the floor, when Amir spoke again, "My vest has got more sweaty today. It will drip. Go and twist-dry it in the balcony."

I stared at him in horror.

In all these times when I had worn these feminine pyjamas, I had never stepped out of the balcony. The only persons who had seen me in those pyjamas were Kavita and Amir.

He nodded sternly, saying, "Do it. Now."

On weak legs, I walked across to the balcony. I surveyed the visible area of the other apartments, houses in the neighborhood.

I couldn't see anyone. It was still early. I hurriedly twist-dried his vest a few times, and stepped back into the bedroom.

Amir nodded approvingly and said, "Now put these clothes away in the washing machine. Then come back, do my bed and wipe off the sweat dripped on the floor. I'll go have a bath. You can brush your teeth etc then, but continue wearing these pyjamas after you have your bath today. I believe you don't have to go to work today, right?"

I nodded. It was true, it was the 2nd Saturday. Kavita must have told him.

Amir continued, "After you brush your teeth and do what you need to do, prepare coffee for Kavita, you and I."

I said,"OK.", and picked up the clothes off the floor.

I was going to walk off, when Amir pointed to the floor by the bedside and said, "Take them also."

I looked where he indicated. There was a bra and a pair of panties there.

Kavita's bra and panties.

She had apparently been wearing them when I came home from work.

Then, after her bout of lovemaking with Amir, she had apparently not worn either her bra or her panties, and had left them in Amir's room. I knew she wasn't wearing panties right now, but I didn't realize she wasn't wearing a bra either.

This was more evidence of Kavita's unfaithful romp in bed with Amir last evening. I bent down, picked them up, and added them to the pile of clothes in my arms. I walked over and deposited them in the washing machine.

I came back to Amir's bedroom, and tidied his bed.

As I had expected this time, there were a lot of crumpled jasmine flowers scattered on the bed. From their bout of lovemaking last evening.

Amir watched as I picked up the crushed,faded jasmine flowers off the bed, and took them to the trash basket and disposed of them. I then walked back, to fold up his bedsheets. As I did so, Amir stepped into his bathroom to have his bath.

I folded up his bedsheets, and went back to our bathroom to brush my teeth and use the bathroom.

I then proceeded to the kitchen, and made coffee.

As I made the coffee, I pondered over an aspect I had noted briefly during the exchange with Amir.

Amir knew or sensed that I had overheard Kavita having sex with him, and her orgasmic moans of pleasure.

How did he know?

Did he guess that from my behavior or facial expressions after the door opened, that I had overheard them in bed?

Did he see me at the window after they came out of the bedroom?

Or was the explanation more simple, that he did hear me ring the bell?

And what about Kavita? Was she likewise also aware that I had overheard their lovemaking? Was she pretending?

So far, her behavior had given me the impression that she was unaware of my knowledge of what had happened last night, and she seemed to be trying to cover up her adultery smoothly.

Was it possible that Amir somehow knew that I had overheard them, but not Kavita?

I recalled a couple of past incidents, when I had been lying in bed, and Kavita had been in the hall with the TV on. A visitor had apparently rung the bell, and I had not heard the bell ring.

It was possible that she didn't hear the bell ring. Amir could have found out from my facial expressions, that I knew about what had happened when I had been out. Maybe he had spotted me through the window as soon as he came out of his bedroom.

These questions nagged at me, because deep down, I feared one outcome more than anything else: that what happened last night progresses into a full blown affair between Kavita and Amir, that would culminate in Kavita leaving me for Amir.

And if I couldn't make inferences on how Kavita felt about me, it caused me to worry even more, that she would indeed leave me for him, eventually.

I couldn't be sure in any way about Kavita though, at this point. I would have to wait and see.

The milk for the coffee started boiling. I poured out the coffee and the milk into 3 cups, set it on a tray and took the tray to the hall.

Amir was sitting there, reading a newspaper. He appeared to have had his bath. I went towards him with the tray, but he motioned me to go to our bedroom first: to serve Kavita her coffee first.

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