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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 10 Pt. 5

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 10 Pt. 5

I went to our bedroom. Kavita was still asleep. I held the tray in one hand, and gently shook her shoulder with the other.

She stirred sleepily, and then looked at me.

Her eyes widened with curiosity for an instant. Then her face lit up with a smile, and she said, "Wow, bed coffee! Thanks Manu, that's a nice romantic surprise!"

She sat upright against the bed headboards, and took a coffee cup from the tray.

She took a sip, then looked at me again and asked, "Haven't you guys had your coffee yet? What time is it? Oh my God it's 8!"

Kavita then got her legs off the bed, still wearing the same mini-skirt. I couldn't help noticing how attractive she looked, even after her unfaithfulness last evening.

She told me, "Let's go to the hall and have coffee together."

She got up off the bed, and walked gracefully out of our bedroom. I followed her with the tray carrying the remaining 2 cups of coffee.

She saw Amir on the double-seater sofa and said, "Good morning Prem! Manu's made us coffee! Sorry I overslept!"

I walked over and held out the tray to Amir, who took a cup of coffee.

I made a mental note to myself on Kavita greeting Amir as 'Prem'.

I couldn't help thinking of him as Amir.

He was Amir.

He was our house-guest who had seduced my lovely wife Kavita into bed, in our home last evening, and had effectively informed me this morning that he was going to do it again.

But, between the 3 of us, I had to refer to him as 'Prem', this was the 'protocol'. Otherwise, things would get uncomfortable and lead to confrontations. And confrontations in front of Kavita was something I wanted to avoid: I feared that if she had to choose between me and Amir, she would choose him.

Kavita sat beside Amir on the double-seater sofa, smoothing her skirt demurely as she sat down. I sat on a single-seater sofa, picked up a newspaper and had my coffee.

After a few minutes, Kavita got up and announced she was going to make Chole-Puri for breakfast, after her bath.

She went to our bedroom and I heard the sound of the bathroom door close in a couple of minutes.

Amir beckoned to me to catch my attention. Then he said, "Take the coffee cups and wash them. Then cut up onions, and help Kavita with the cooking if she asks. Start off and do the laundry. You need to be proactively helping her more."

He said it in a matter-of-fact manner. There was no threat in his voice, no menace in his body language.

And yet, I felt a shiver down my spine, the way I felt when he had crossed his arms menacingly, at various points in the last few days.

I nodded and got up off the sofa as well.

It wasn't too much effort to start off the laundry, so I started off with that first.

Then I went to the kitchen, and started cutting onions. I noticed then that there was a vessel of soaking beans for the Chole.

When did she soak them?

Kavita hadn't yet gone to the kitchen today morning.

And I had been in the kitchen after dinner last night. I wasn't sure, but I thought I hadn't seen any vessel of soaking beans in the kitchen the previous night.

She must have woken up some time during the night, like I did. And soaked the beans for the Chole. She must have planned on making Chole-puri for breakfast all along.

I hadn't known her to oversleep like she had done today morning.

Despite what I had seen when I woke up in the middle of the night, she may not have had a guilt-free night of sleep after all.

I finished up cutting the onions, returned to the hall and started reading a magazine, waiting for Kavita to finish her bath.
I was now feeling much lighter in my heart.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 11 Pt. 1

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 11 Pt. 1

I sat on the sofa reading the newspapers, and reflecting on the changes that had happened since the arrival of Amir.

Kavita had blown hot and cold towards me over this time. She had been aloof with me sometimes, almost 'teaming' up with Amir to taunt me. And she had been caring, loving at times.

In the same period, she had blown hot and cold towards Amir as well, though not as cold as she had been towards me.

But,at the end of the day, we had not had sex even once (not counting the last night, where she had brought me off with her hand), while, in the same period, Amir had successfully taken her in bed. At least once, and possibly several times. That was something I hadn't managed to stop, and now would have to get used to that fact.

Still, the fact that Kavita had felt guilty over her adultery was something I knew, and Amir didn't. If I exploited that right, I might be able to limit the damage done, and maybe limit Kavita's sexual involvement with Amir to a one-night stand. Maybe it had been just last night, and hadn't happened until then.

I was reflecting on these thoughts, when I heard Kavita walk out of our bedroom. I looked up. She was dressed conservatively, in a red 'home wear' saree, with a regular 'home wear' black blouse. She had worn the saree conservatively as well, not low enough to reveal too much skin. She had gone past me, so I couldn't meet her eyes.

She went to the kitchen, then spoke out loud, "Oh Manu, you cut up the onions, how nice!"

She came out to the door of the kitchen and saw me, and beamed her happiness. I smiled back and asked, "Anything else I can help you over breakfast preparation, Kavi?"

She replied,"No, what you did was great! Thanks!"

She then walked towards the back of our apartment.

After a few moments, unexpectedly, I heard her scream, "MANUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

I gulped. What had I done? I got up and walked towards where she was.

She was standing at the washing machine. Her left hand was on her hip, in an accusatory manner. Her right hand was holding her bra and panties from the load I had started washing for. The machine had completed washing the load, apparently.

She looked at me and asked in a shrill voice, "WHY DID YOU DO THIS MANU!"

I asked in a weak voice, "Do what, Kavi?"

Her voice continued to be shrill, but now it was a little less shrill, "Why did you wash my underclothes with the rest of the clothes?"

I stood there in shock.

Of course. Kavita always washed her undergarments separately, by hand. She would run her sarees and petticoats in the washing machine, but the underclothes, and some of her delicate clothes, she would wash by hand.

I muttered, "Am sorry, Kavi. I forgot."

"Why did you have to do it? I wash my underclothes by hand all the time, The washing machine often ruins it, and besides, I don't like washing my underclothes with the rest of the clothes."

She paused, then continued, "We've been married for 4 years now. How can you not have seen this?"

I stammered, "No, Kavi, I've seen you wash your underclothes separately. I was just distracted and forgot."

Truth is, I had been distracted back then in the morning, when I had turned on the washing machine. I had just picked up her worn bra and panties from the floor of Amir's room and added it to the pile of clothes in the washing machine. My mind was on other things then.

I volunteered, "Kavi, I'll hand wash them. Please leave them out, I'll hand wash them."

And then I added, "And I'll hand wash the rest of your clothes to hand wash, as well."

I added that because she did hand wash her machine sensitive clothes, and I wanted to help, after this mistake.

She looked at me for a few moments, her gaze becoming tender. She then said, "OK, but don't do it now, let's have breakfast first, OK?"

She put her underclothes into a bucket by the side of the washing machine She smiled, walked up to me and said, "Manu, I know you're trying to help me, but sometimes, please ask for help or instructions on things you haven't done much at home, OK?"

I nodded. She ruffled my hair, and went back to the kitchen.

I dully returned to the hall.

Though I had genuinely been distracted when I started the washing machine, I thought it wasn't such a big deal to have made the mistake once. She didn't have to berate me in front of Amir on this.

I took a look at him, and saw he was smirking as usual.

I knew why he was smirking. For the kind of thinking process he used, he probably considered it a 'trophy' that my wife Kavita yelled at me for incorrectly washing her underclothes, after I had picked them up off the floor of his room, where they had gotten because Kavita had been having sex with him.

His showing-off behavior was getting tiresome, and yet, gradually, I was learning to ignore it to an extent.

I also got an insight into why Amir didn't seem to be "engaged" with a woman by then, despite having had numerous girlfriends (according to his boasts).

Women might lust him for a while, but his 'trophy' kind of thinking would disillusion them about him, sooner or later.

And this was an encouraging thought. Amir had bluffed last Friday with the flowers spread on his bed, clearly done by his own hand.

It was possible that the rest of his claims were a bluff too, and that last night may have been the first time Kavita had gone to bed with him, after his arrival.

With those uplifted thoughts, I browsed some magazines, distractedly following the news on TV.

Shortly afterward, Kavita announced the Chole was ready and she was making the Puris hot, and asked both of us to come sit at the table and eat.

Breakfast was a quiet and pleasant affair. I hadn't noticed how late it had gotten. It had made me hungrier than I usually get for breakfast, and Kavita's cooking melted in my mouth. Unfortunately, Amir too seemed to be enjoying it, though.

Kavita joined us towards the end of breakfast, but she didn't eat as much so we were all done around the same time.

As we finished breakfast, Kavita spoke up addressing me, "Prem mentioned another interesting sounding new movie that released recently. We were planning to go see the movie at noon. I hope that's OK Manu, I know you may also want to see the movie, but you probably will not get done with your laundry before then. So I hope it's OK that we go ahead."

I was disappointed to hear her say that. She had been planning to go out with Amir for a movie yet again, but she didn't tell me until then.

It was almost as though she wanted me to be at home so she and Amir could go by themselves.

I didn't want her to sense my disappointment, so I smiled attempting to look cheerful, and said, "Yeah it's unlikely I get done by then, you go ahead Kavi."

Kavita smiled and continued, "Sorry things got late today Manu, I overslept and Puri-Chole takes time to make too. Since it's late already, we'll get some food on the way back, and we can have a late lunch and maybe have leftovers for a light dinner."

I was about to nod 'Yes', when she added, "Unless you want to cook something for us."

I stared at her. I wasn't a complete newbie at cooking, and used to cook when I lived in the USA as a bachelor.

But my cooking wasn't anywhere near as good as Kavita's, and I hadn't done it in ages.

Maybe it would help take my mind off Amir and his continued bullying.

I smiled broadly and said sincerely, "Sure Kavi, I'll try. Hope I don't blow up the house!"

She laughed throatily and said, "You'll do fine. I have recipe books on the kitchen shelf if you need help."

Amir finally spoke up, "We have leftovers of yesterday's Rogan Josh right? So we won't need to get anything for me today."

The selfish guy, all he could think about was himself, his needs, I told myself.

I moved towards the door thinking they would leave right away. But Kavita instead went to our bedroom and closed the door, leaving me with Amir in the hall.

I got uncomfortable. He always tried to push me around more, when Kavita wasn't around.

Amir walked up to me smirking and whispered, "Enjoy your training, pussy boy."

He then sniggered maliciously.

I didn't like his attitude, the way he put it.

It was as though he thought doing domestic work, cooking etc was "below" him. I had left those to Kavita mostly, but I didn't mind helping her. The fact that my getting into a habit of helping her was triggered by Amir's bullying was merely a coincidence.

Amir turned and strode into his room. He came out in a couple of minutes after putting on a pair of jeans.

A few minutes after that, Kavita came out of our bedroom. She had changed into a light blue chiffon saree, with a black short-sleeved blouse. Her dressing wasn't outrageous or slutty like her clothing on Wednesday and Friday when she had massaged Amir, and when Amir has taken her in bed. Still, she was dressed attractively, compared to the 'home' saree she was in a short while earlier. I felt a pang as I took in the fact that she was going to leave me alone, and go out with Amir, dressed like that.

I wondered why she would have worn a different saree if she had planned to go out earlier. Perhaps Amir had pressurized her into that plan only recently, I thought.

I watched with a pang as Amir slid his arm around her bare waist as they left. It was defeating right on the back of what had happened the previous evening.

I closed the door and sighed deeply, as I reflected on Amir's continued acts of touching of my wife Kavita in front of me. He had already enjoyed her in bed, what was he gaining by continuing to taunt me in this manner?

His act of putting his arm around her waist triggered a feeling of anxiety in me. What if he continued to touch her in that manner in front of other people, such as the neighbors?

The anxiety made my heart beat faster. I started feeling desperate to check if he was continuing to touch her in front of other people. I started going towards the balcony intending to watch them get on, drive off on his bike.

As I approached the balcony, I noticed how bright the day was. People were probably up and about in their houses, some maybe enjoying the warm sunshine on their balconies. I froze as I got to the balcony door. I couldn't step out onto the balcony NOW in these pyjamas.

Granted they were not as grotesquely feminine as the other 3 pyjama sets Amir had got for me, I still did not want to risk being seen on the balcony in these clothes.

Moments ticked by as I grappled with my desire to see if Amir was still touching her, versus my fear of being seen in these clothes.

I heard the sound of a bike driving off then. I guessed it would be Kavita and Amir, and resignedly moved back to the hall.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 11 Pt. 2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 11 Pt. 2

Once I got there, I realized I had work to do. I had promised to wash Kavita's clothes.

I went to the washing machine. The clothes I had washed in the morning were still in the washing machine. Kavita's bra and panties were lying in the bucket by the washing machine.

I first loaded the washed clothes into the dryer and started the drying. Then, I found the soap and brush Kavita used to wash her clothes.

I filled some water in the bucket, and hand washed the bra and panties with the soap and brush.

It didn't take me long to wash her underclothes. I quickly hung them out to dry on the clothes line in that room. That room too had a balcony and good sunlight, but it was a balcony with a grill, and I felt less conspicuous there in my pyjamas. It wasn't as bad as stepping out into our bedroom balcony, or Amir's bedroom balcony.

I then moved went to our bathroom to find the other 'sensitive' clothes of Kavita that may need to be washed.

I found her saree, blouse, bra and petticoat from Thursday, and the tank top blouse that she had worn yesterday, and the black mini-skirt. Apparently she had not washed her clothes yesterday. This wasn't unusual, so I didn't worry about this. I loaded all the items in a bucket and took them to the washing machine room.

I started off with her saree and petticoat, since I figured they are heavy items and didn't need too much sensitive care. While my assessment was true, it took me a while to finish washing the saree. I started feeling a little tired by the time I finished hanging up her saree and petticoat.

I then moved on to her blouse and bra from Thursday. I had by then washed one of her bras, so I finished washing those quickly as well.

I finally came to the clothes she had worn on Friday: the clothes she had worn to bed with Amir.

Did she wear them in bed with Amir? I guessed not, since she had taken her bra off, she must have taken her tank top blouse off as well. I smelled it.

I could feel the smell of Amir mixed with her sweet smell. I had to make that smell go.

I started washing it in the water, gently applying soap to the parts of the fabric where I sensed the smell of Amir being strongest. It took me about 10 minutes before I was satisfied that the blouse smelled fresh, clean.

I then moved on to her mini-skirt. Since Kavita had not put on her panties after her romp in bed with Amir, this mini-skirt had been the closest to the 'home' of her adultery.

I inspected the mini-skirt, and found what I dreaded I would find.

There were white dried caked stains on the inside of the mini-skirt.

Dried semen of Amir, and her own sexual juice.

Like the way Amir's semen had run down her thighs and dried last evening, the white marks had run down, more on the back-side of her mini-skirt, from near her crotch region to the edge of the skirt.

I recalled the taunting from Amir this morning, about whether I would 'cleanse her pussy with holy water'.

I could not do that. But I could cleanse out her mini-skirt.

I set about the task with a passion, with feverish interest. Carefully, yet gently, I soaped away the tougher stain spots first, which were closer to her crotch region, and moved downwards towards the edge of the mini-skirt.

I finished washing it once, and held it up against the light. I saw some faint white lines, which I couldn't be sure were semen stains or soap. I didn't want to take chances, I didn't want ANY of Amir's semen continuing to soil Kavita's mini-skirt.

I washed it one more time, again starting from her crotch region. I held it up again against the light, and finally it looked clean without a blemish.

Feeling somewhat self-satisfied, I hung out her tank top blouse and mini-skirt to dry.

I then opened the dryer, and took out the rest of the clothes, which contained my clothes, and Amir's.

I quickly hung those out as well. Hanging out the clothes didn't take as much time as the careful hand-washing.

I was fairly tired. It decided to take a breather.

I sat on the sofa and flipped channels. I again thought with a pang about how Amir must be having a good time watching a movie with Kavita right now. I wondered if he would be touching her, fondling her in the movie theater. He probably would be.

I tried casting my mind back instead to the gratification of seeing Kavita's mini-skirt completely cleaned of the stains caused by Amir.

I dozed off for a while, unconsciously. When I woke up, the time was just past 3:30 PM. Kavita and Amir would be back soon!

I cast my mind back to what I had promised Kavita I would do. I had promised her I would cook something!

I hurriedly went to the kitchen. I looked around for the ingredients, and wondered what to make. I decided to make something with bhindi(okra) since both me and Kavita liked it, and a simple lentil dish.

I cut up the vegetables in haste, trying to make up for lost time. I had barely finished cutting the vegetables when the bell rang.

I suspected it would be Kavita and Amir. Still, on account of the clothes I was wearing, I decided to check through the eye hole before opening the door. It was them, after all.

I opened the door and immediately muttered a hasty apology, "Sorry Kavi, I dozed off unconsciously after doing the clothes, I didn't quite cook as I had promised to."

She didn't seem to mind it, she said, "That's OK Manu. It was a so-so movie, you wouldn't have enjoyed it I think."

She stepped into the house, and Amir followed her in.

As she took off her sandals, Kavita asked me, "Manu, did you do ALL the clothes?"

I guessed she meant the clothes from our bathroom, perhaps she thought I would forget those. I nodded nervously, hoping I hadn't missed anything.

She then walked across to the balcony room where the clothes were drying.

I couldn't help feeling excited seeing her curves highlighted in the attractive chiffon saree she was wearing. Amir had gotten to feast on her looks all afternoon. I followed her nervously to the balcony room.

She passed over her saree, petticoat from the previous day as well as her clothes from yesterday. Then she turned to me and smiled, "You really didn't forget anything. Nice! Thanks Manu!"

I felt much happier now. Kavita observed me kindly now and asked, "Are you hungry Manu? Tired?"

I confessed that I wasn't hungry, but I was tired.

She said,"I'm not hungry either, what about you, Prem?"

He said he wasn't particularly hungry.

Kavita then said,"Chole Puri was probably heavy so none of us is feeling hungry. Let's take a nap now then, it's a hot day. Let's have an early dinner afterward."

My heart started thumping, even though I was tired.

I feared that she would go to nap in Prem's room, leaving me to nap alone in our bedroom.

She instead told Amir, "Thanks for the movie, Prem! See you later."

She then led the way to our bedroom, as I followed her, tired and sleepy, but relieved.

The nap was blissful and relaxing. Time passed fast, and when I woke up, it was dark. The time was 6:30 PM.

I looked by my side. Kavita was still sleeping. I gazed at her beautiful sleeping form.

My lovely wife. Just yesterday, she had cheated on me with Amir.

And as I gazed at her beautiful sleeping form, I realized I loved her still, even more desperately now.

Even more desperately now,I wanted to not lose her, especially to Amir.

She stirred as I gazed ad her, and smiled radiantly, "Slept well?"

I nodded.

"Shall I make Tea?"

I said,"Yes please."

We got out of bed and went to the hall. Amir was already awake, and flipping TV channels in a bored manner.

He scowled seeing the two of us come out. I ignored it.

Kavita made Tea for the 3 of us. I mused over why Amir may have been scowling.

He had just enjoyed my wife in bed yesterday. Why should he be scowling at all?

He walked over to the kitchen after we had our tea. I guess he wanted a word with Kavita.

Presently, she came over and said, "Manu, Prem's hungry and I just woke up, it will take me some time to cook and make chapatis. Can you go out and get some fruit please quickly?"

I didn't like the idea. The last time Amir had found a way to send me out, he had taken Kavita in bed. I suspected he was trying the same thing again.

Catching the worried look on Kavita's face, I said instead,"Sure Kavi. I'll go now."

I changed finally out of those pyjamas I had worn all day. It didn't take me long to find a roadside fruits vendor, so I didn't have to go to a shop.

I hurriedly bought the fruit and returned. It had taken me about 20 minutes. Still, I was fearful as I approached our apartment.

There was nothing to worry about. Amir was still on the sofa, scowling. Kavita was in the kitchen. Even the door hadn't been bolted internally, so I let myself in.

I was much relieved, and felt much more confident now. Friday evening may turn out to be a 1 night stand.

The most notable thing from then on that evening, was the fact that Amir didn't touch Kavita even once. He didn't even try to. I suspected even had he tried, Kavita may not have let him touch her, leave alone fondle her. Something seemed to be 'off' between the two of them again.

Dinner, as a consequence, was a very quiet affair. I didn't want to say anything in case it aggravated the bully, Amir.

Even though I was relieved, I was also tired. When we retired to bed, I just put my arm around Kavita, hugged her and slept. I felt she probably wouldn't have been ready for sex anyway. I suspected she was still grappling with her guilt over her adultery.

I woke up the next morning, to the sound of the alarm. Once again, Kavita hadn't woken up. She probably had tossed in bed feeling guilty about Friday evening, I figured.

I got up, and walked across the hall, to Amir's room. He had woken up, and was exercising as usual.

I went back and got some towels, and went back to Amir's room.

I stayed by the balcony as he finished exercising. He didn't say a word.

He finished up and stepped into his room. I followed him in.

I stood in front of him and started taking off his vest. As I did so, he remarked, "God, you stink, pussy boy. Didn't you take a bath yesterday?"

I realized then that I had indeed forgotten. Kavita didn't complain in bed with me. But of course, this bully would have to make a fuss about it.

I nervously said, "Sorry, Amir, I'll go bathe after this."

He sneered at me as I started toweling him off, "So pussy boy thinks he'll get his wife back now, huh?"

I didn't answer, and continued toweling him quietly. My hands had started trembling slightly.

He continued, gloating, "Meanwhile, pussy boy has still got NO sex from his pretty wife."

I kept quiet. There was no point taking his bait.

I could have retorted that Kavita had 'brought' me off on Friday. But it would probably only provoke him. It would be prudent to leave him ignorant of what had happened in our bedroom, on Friday night.

I continued toweling him off.

I got on my knees, and took his shorts off, ready to towel his legs.

He then suddenly gripped my hair, and jerked my head upwards to face him. My head was hurting at the roots of my hair, and I let out a sound of pain.

He ignored it, and asked me looking at my face, "You're resentful of the fact that I fucked your pretty wife, aren't you, pussy boy?"

I tried to avert my eyes, but I couldn't. I tried to lie, "No, Amir. Not really."

He shook my head by the hair again and scoffed, "Liar. I suppose you're grateful to me that I fucked your pretty wife?"

I tried to avert my eyes. "Yeah, pussy boy is resentful. Your lesson is far from over, pussy boy. We're just getting started."

I felt a tear streak my cheek. I asked with a trembling voice, "What more do you want me to do, Amir? I've been doing whatever you asked me to do."

He grinned menacingly and said, "EXCEPT, you keep trying to think you're a man, rather than the pussy boy you are."

He released my hair and said, "Get up."

I lifted myself up on my feet.

He continued, "Lift up your t-shirt!"

I did. Even as I did, I started getting a fearful feeling about what he was going to say or do.

He nodded, then told me to pull my t-shirt down again.

I was feeling relieved that he was "satisfied", when I felt a wet warm sting across my cheek.

I reeled under the force of his palm. He had slapped me again.

"You know why I did that, right?"

I had guessed it already. I looked downwards, and nodded, burning in shame.

"Say it, pussy boy."

Ears red with shame, I answered, "Because I didn't shave."

He sneered and said, "Correct. Why didn't you?"

I stared at him. Surely he didn't mean to have me KEEP shaving?

He continued, sneering, "Yeah, you didn't shave because you wanted the hair to grow back. You think you'll be a man if you let your hair grow back, don't you, pussy boy?"

And then he started laughing at me.

It was an evil laugh. A laugh that was gloating about what had happened on Friday evening: that he had taken my wife Kavita in bed.

Amir then reached his left hand downwards. Instinctively, I covered up my crotch. I was afraid he would threaten again to rip off my balls, like he had done on Wednesday.

He nodded, and continued, "That's what WILL happen if you don't shave regularly."

After a pause, he continued, "And why are you wearing shorts and a t-shirt now? Didn't I tell you clearly that the clothes I got you were your new home clothes?"

I stared at him. I had changed into shorts and a t-shirt after I got back from my quick trip to get fruits, the previous evening. Obviously, I preferred wearing my clothes to the feminine pyjamas Amir had got for me. Surely he didn't mean I had to wear those pyjamas at home ALL the time?

I tried reasoning with him, "Amir, surely I can't wear those pyjamas all the time at home. Sometimes there will be other guests, other visitors, right?"

He shook his head arrogantly and said, "We'll discuss that separately. This is not one of those times. So after your bath today, make sure you wear the home clothes I gave you."

I nodded with no real conviction. Drearily, I picked up his pile of sweaty clothes and the used towels, and deposited them in the washing machine.

All the confidence I had gained as a consequence of Kavita's behavior around Amir had evaporated in 30 minutes. I was a trembling wreck again.

I went to our bedroom. Kavita was still asleep. I moodily started gathering my clothes, so I could go have a bath.

I looked in the clothes shelf. Kavita had neatly folded up Amir's 'gift' pyjamas beside my underwear. She had moved my shorts to the back of the shelf. It was something I had seen earlier, but hadn't paid attention to. Did she too 'expect' me to wear these horrible pyjamas all the time at home?

I looked at the pyjamas. The tight pyjamas from Tuesday were the most uncomfortable, and I didn't want to wear those again, if possible. The pyjamas from Monday had been the most comfortable to wear, among the 3 sets in the shelf. But then, he would probably make me un-button the pyjama shirt and take it off, to show that I had shaved my underarms. And I was afraid he might ask me to do that in front of Kavita, so she too could see I had shaved my underarms.

Resignedly, I picked up the lavender pyjama set from Wednesday, the set with the shoulder strapped pyjama blouse.

I went to the bathroom, and started undressing. I took out my shaving kit in preparation to shave my underarms.

I looked at myself in the mirror. It was not like there had been too much regrowth of hair on my chest and underarms since Wednesday night, when I had shaved them last. I started lathering my chest, and recalling the conversation from today morning.

How could I not feel resentful towards him? HE HAD FUCKED MY WIFE!!!

But then again, I thought, what was the use of feeling resentful?

He had taken my wife Kavita in bed, and nothing could change that.

It was not like there was anything to be gained by harboring resentment. It would only make ME frustrated.

Having finished shaving my chest, I then lathered my underarms and shaved the stubbly growth that had sprouted there since Wednesday night.

I now inspected myself in the mirror. I looked as un-manly as I did on Wednesday night.

I looked at my forearms with unease. They were the only part of my arms now that had some hair.

I had already gone this far. Sighing to myself on how low I was sinking under the intimidating influence of this bully, I lathered my forearms and quickly shaved off the hair my forearms, as well. Like when I had shaved my chest on Wednesday, I noted how my forearms weren't as hairy as Amir's, and I was done shaving them sooner than I thought.

I breathed heavily, and moved to have my bath. I had just started when I heard knocking on the door.

Kavita's voice rang out, "Manu, are you there?"

Kavita had woken up!

I answered in a shaky, squeaky voice, "Yes Kavi."

"Are you OK? You've been in there a while."

I squeaked out again, "Just having my bath, Kavi."

She said, "OK, I'll make your coffee and have my bath later then."

I didn't hear anything more from her then.

I proceeded to finish up my bath, and dried myself up. I put on the lavender pyjamas again, first putting on the pyjama pants, and then the shoulder-strapped blouse.

Stepping out, I tiptoed across to the dressing table, and found a safety pin again, to 'hide' my 'sacred thread' under the shoulder strap.

I then silently walked to the hall, and sat down on the single seater sofa facing the kitchen. I picked up a newspaper and started reading it, trying to be inconspicuous.

Kavita came from the kitchen carrying a tray with three cups. I had hidden myself behind the newspaper, trying to avoid her attention. I hadn't seen where Amir was. She stood with the tray in front of me. As I reached out to take my coffee cup, I realized this would expose my shaven underarms for her to see. She seemed to catch sight of it, but didn't say a word, though I saw a curious smile cross her face.

I then followed her movements out of the corner of my eye. She took the tray to Amir, who I noticed was standing by the door of his room, grinning. She held the tray out for him to take his coffee cup, and I heard her make a sound that sounded like a giggle.

Kavita came and sat down with her coffee cup on the sofa. Amir came and sat down beside her. My stomach twisted in the familiar sickening manner as I saw Amir put his arm around her bare waist and resume fondling her belly.

So Kavita now seemed to be giggling at the sight of my predicament. The kindness I saw from her last evening, now seemed like a distant memory.

The morning passed off in a daze. Kavita got up after a while, first to have her bath, then to make breakfast. She dressed in the same saree and sleeveless blouse as the day Prem arrived.

We had breakfast together, and then watched TV till lunch, and had lunch together as well.

Still, it felt like I was alone by myself. Amir took every chance to fondle Kavita, both before and after her bath, and before and after breakfast. I watched in horror as his hand crept up once from her waist over the breast area of her blouse, under her saree. Mercifully, Kavita "slapped" his hand away quickly, and he didn't try that again.

Kavita excused herself to go to the bathroom. Amir took the opportunity to come close to me and taunt me, whispering, "Now you look like a pussy boy who accepts what he is!"

I was pretty much resigned to what was coming, and when Kavita announced to me at the end of lunch that she was going out with Amir (Prem), I wasn't surprised at all. She didn't tell me where, or what for. I didn't ask her, it seemed more dignified to not ask.

Kavita said they might be late, and asked me if I could fix dinner.

I nodded listlessly. Amir was effectively going to 'parade' her with him in public, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Before leaving, she also asked me if I could sweep and wipe the floors clean: a chore she usually took care of.

I nodded with no real enthusiasm. I didn't mind it, but my mind was elsewhere.

My gut twisted again, as Amir put his arm around her waist and led her out, for the second time this weekend.

I had all afternoon to sweep and wipe the floors, prepare dinner, and wallow in my loneliness, as Amir strutted around, wherever he took my wife Kavita, with his arm probably wrapped around her.

I did the first of the chores Kavita had asked me to do without any of the enthusiasm with which I had washed her clothes yesterday.

My mind was desperately trying to think of some way I could get Kavita back on my side. Granted, she had "slapped" away Amir's hand when he tried to fondle her breast before me, but that was small consolation compared to the fact that she had been aloof from Amir yesterday, and now, today, it seemed like my worst fears would come true, that her "one night stand" would likely progress into a full-blown affair.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 11 Pt. 3

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 11 Pt. 3

I turned to the TV to kill some of my lonely time, and take my mind off the thoughts I had been lost on. I heard a sound from my cellphone, but missed it at first. I saw the light on the cellphone blink after a while, and picked it up.

It was an SMS message from Amir. It said, "Go check the table in my room."

I wondered what it could be, and went to his room.

I hadn't observed his room or his table carefully, when I had been sweeping and wiping the floors earlier. But now I saw it. He had left the 'Personal' album from his photo collection out on his table.

My heart started thumping, as I picked it up.

I flipped hurriedly past his family pictures, and quickly came to the section of the album with pictures with his girlfriends.

He had filled in the empty slots. I was looking at pictures of my wife Kavita, from her college days: with her then-boyfriend, Amir Ali.

I had known it, for a while now. But it was sickening to see these photographs in print: my wife Kavita was indeed a part of Amir Ali's 'trophy collection'.

I tried to find a ray of hope. The 'personal' album had 'presentable' pictures, in the sense Kavita was not in a state of undress in any of the pictures. I noted with a pang how gorgeous she looked in her youthful college days. She still looked attractive, but she had that look of 'freshness' in her. I told myself, that these pictures had probably been taken before she had lost her virginity.

I knew it by then anyway, that my wife Kavita had been one of Amir Ali's 'trophies'. There was no point being frustrated by it now.

I gazed down at my crotch cased in the lavender pyjama pants. My crotch area didn't even twitch. Unlike the first time I had chanced upon this album, I couldn't get excited, or hard, seeing my Kavita's photographs with Amir, with her hand around his shoulder, or his arm around her shoulder, or waist.

I perused the album mechanically after a while. Still, my penis wouldn't twitch. Resignedly, I moved to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

It was 8:15 PM when Kavita and Amir returned. I had expected them to return much later. I thought Amir was perhaps going to take her nightclubbing or something, so it was a bit of a pleasant surprise.

I noted as they entered that they each had a plastic bag of shopping. Evidently, Amir had got more clothes for Kavita and me. I gulped at the thought.

I had hoped he would not in-dignify me any more than he had already done. But now, I started fearing in a real manner, that he would keep putting me through humiliation, either to taunt me, or to 'show' Kavita how pathetic I was compared to him.

I recalled with a pang how Kavita's attitude to Amir had changed this morning after she had served me coffee, and seen me in these ridiculous humiliating pyjamas again.

This time, Kavita handed me one of the bags. I suspected they would contain clothes, but I didn't dare look then, in front of them. I said thanks, and she smiled curiously, yet again.

We moved to have dinner. I had found it easier to make a rice based dinner, so I had made a simple pulao. I had set it out on the dining table, and the conversation started off about my culinary skills. Apparently, the simple dinner I had prepared was a hit with both of them.

We settled on the sofa after dinner, with me sitting on the double-seater sofa beside Kavita. I wanted to put up some kind of fight to Amir's advances.

He didn't try to squeeze in like he had done in the past, but instead gave me a condescending grin. It did not help my self-confidence any bit.

We retired to bed after watching some TV. I was grateful to Kavita once again, that she didn't go to bed with Amir.

Kavita changed from her saree to a knee length nightgown. I snuggled up beside her, not with any real hope of having sex, but more hoping to get some intimacy, and get her to feel close to me.

She hugged me, and I got the warm, pure smell of her. No smell of Amir, even though she had been with him all afternoon.

I could perhaps sleep better on that thought. Despite what had happened today, Friday evening may well turn out to be like a one night stand.

As I hugged Kavita, I had one ironic thought: If Amir was going to keep buying these kind of clothes for Kavita and I(which I knew had to be fairly expensive) just to rub in his 'superiority' in front of Kavita, he was going to be spending a fair bit of money.

And if I could somehow restrict the damage from what had happened Friday evening, he would have spent a good amount of money with nothing to show for.

That would be some modicum of revenge. On that thought, I found myself getting overcome by my tiredness, and let sleep overcome me.

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superb. like teh buildup

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wow!!!good story!!!!!!
go on plssssssssss!!!
I am a MALE btw..So, only FEMALES are encouraged to send me Personal Messages!!!

If my ID was not DonVeeto, it would surely be boobs_sucker or boobs_lover!!!

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Good one...

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superb writing.. u should try writing novels...heheh
keep it up...waiting for nxt update...

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Keep going

This story disturbed me lot. Please post the remaining parts as soon as possible.

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Thanks but..

Thank you everybody for the comments. As I have mentioned at the beginning of the story, I am not the real author of the story. The real author is Indiansubmale who posted this story on literotica, but was not able to complete the story due to opposition from some members on that site.I will post the parts that Indiansubmale has written first, and then try to take the story forward by myself.

Anyway, glad to know that everybody's enjoying the story and that we have a much more tolerant readership on Exbii than literotica.

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