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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 12 Pt. 1

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 12 Pt. 1

I woke up the next morning to the alarm. I looked beside me, the bed was empty. Kavita had woken up.

The bathroom door was closed, and the light was on. The sound of splashing water indicated that Kavita was having her bath.

I pulled myself off the bed, and walked across the hall to Amir's room. I knew the chore that awaited me, I was used to it by now.

This had easily been the worst weekend of my life.

The previous weekend itself had been pretty bad, when Amir started bullying me around.

Still, I didn't dream that he would be able to take my wife Kavita to bed, within 2 weeks of his arrival.

And now that he had taken her in bed, he was continuing to gloat about it, rubbing it in,tormenting me.

I waited at the balcony doorway as Amir finished up his exercises. My heart was thumping in fear of something he would say or do.

Presently, Amir finished up his exercises, and came into his room.

I stood in front of him, and lifted his sweaty vest over his neck. As I did so, Amir caught sight of my smooth clean-shaven underarms and leered mockingly, but he didn't say anything.

I toweled him off in silence. My heart started thumping faster when I noted that he had formed a monstrous erection again. I shuddered as I thought of the fact that this monstrous penis had penetrated my sweet wife Kavita on Friday. Would she feel my puny erection in her now? Would she want to? Was she watching right now?

I got on my knees slightly to Amir's right so I could check out the doorway to Amir's room out of the corner of my eye. As I dreaded, she was watching. That would explain Amir's silence, his not taunting me further verbally.

I felt a wave of inadequacy as I imagined how this must look in her eyes: this dark, muscular Muslim hunk whom she had been to bed with just 2 days back, now standing arrogantly in only his underwear, with a monstrous erection, being toweled off by her trembling, weak Brahmin husband,with shaven arms and underarms, dressed in these pyjamas which she had confirmed for me in a matter-of fact manner, as being women's pyjamas, looking as feminine as he looked manly.

She hadn't seen me towel off Amir last Thursday, the first time I had worn this pyjama set. She had been 'cold' towards Amir that day, which, as I had found out, appeared to be because he was going out with a colleague that evening. He had probably told her about it already, by then.

Any guilt she may have felt over her adultery was probably getting evaporated as she took in this scene.

Another aspect that I reflected upon as I toweled off Amir was the contrast in her behavior towards Amir and me.

She had been cold towards me, when I had tried to snoop in her yearbook, before Amir's arrival. She had not yet had sex with me since then.

She had been cold towards Amir for all of one day last week, before jumping into bed with him, the day after he went out with another woman.

It was getting increasingly difficult for me to be optimistic.

The rest of the morning however passed largely without incident. Kavita kissed me on the cheek as I left for work. There was no lipstick mark on Amir's chest either. Still, my morale did not rise from the depths it had sunk to.

I tried to put my mind past these problem, and focus on my work. The last thing I wanted with this domestic situation was to put my job in jeopardy.

I worked till 6:30 PM, and got home at 7:15 PM. I bought some gajra for Kavita on my way home. I half expected that Amir would be making love to Kavita as I approached the door.

Amir opened the door. My knees went weak as I took in his intimidating form opening the door for me, rather than my gorgeous wife Kavita.

I nervously took off my shoes and socks. There was no sign of Kavita.

Amir crossed his hands in his typical intimidating manner and said,

"Go into your room and change,pussy boy. Your pretty wife hasn't ran away or something."

I went into our room and looked in the bag Kavita had given me last night.

As with the previous week, there were packets inside the bag. There were only 2 packets this time. So Amir had realized he can't keep spending money to buy me feminine clothes, I thought to myself. I took out the packet labeled 'Monday'.

I was not surprised to find that they were yet another pair of pyjamas. They were pink in color. The shirt was a pullover type. It had a lacy design around the neck, and had very short puff type sleeves. I hadn't seen any men's clothes with that kind of sleeve design, and I had seen many women wear clothes with that kind of sleeve design. I also realized with a sinking feeling that the ultra-short sleeves would expose my underarms, and this would mean Amir would make me shave them.

I picked up the pyjama pants, and as I dreaded, an envelope fell out. It had a curt note:

"Shave your legs too-Amir."

I took another look at the pyjama pants, and held them against my waist. They came to the level of my knees.

I trembled at the realization of how much this bully was manipulating and humiliating me. I wanted to protest, to refuse to do it, and I probably would have, had Kavita been at home.

Yet again, she had gone out when I needed her support most. I saw Amir standing in the doorway to our bedroom, and gulped.

I didn't want another physical confrontation. I quickly stripped down to my underwear and went to the bathroom.

There, I took out my shaving kit and started shaving, beginning with the parts I was somewhat used to by then: my underarms, and my chest.

I then lathered my ankles, and started shaving them. It wasn't as smooth or easy as shaving my underarms. I felt myself get a cut twice, and when I was done, I had numerous red bumps on my ankles. It looked bad, and I felt resentful both at Amir and Kavita. Amir, for putting me through this, and Kavita for not being there to support me.

I sighed to myself deeply, and put on the pyjamas Amir had got for me. I walked nervously to the hall.

I heard the sound of the cooker. Apparently, Kavita had arrived when I had been shaving. Amir must have opened the door for her.

She briefly appeared at the kitchen door, asking me if I wanted tea. I declined. I was feeling resentful towards her for not being there when I would have appreciated her presence at home. It almost felt like she had deliberately gone out at that time.

My feeling of resentfulness at Kavita only grew after this. She had seen me in these humiliating pink pyjamas, which were grossly feminine. And Amir has now made me shave my ankles as well. Did she not see it, was she not concerned at all about the cuts, and the red bumps on my legs?

Amir sat on the sofa, smirking. Seeing his smirking face brought my resentfulness at Kavita down a little. He was the one really responsible, not Kavita.

Shortly after, Kavita came towards the hall. She was wearing a red churidar today, which relieved me a bit because Amir wouldn't have the opportunity to fondle her bare waist and belly.

Kavita appeared to have now got a better look of my legs, and her eyes seemed to widen with shock. She didn't say anything, though. I felt somewhat reassured seeing the shock in her face, it probably suggested concern. Maybe she didn't want to talk about it in front of Amir.

With a much more relaxed frame of mind, I gave her the gajra I had got for her. She beamed happily as she always did, and kept it in the refrigerator. I gulped as I saw her do that. Why not wear it right now? Was she saving it for a session in bed with Amir? Or was she saving it for after her bath?

Nothing alarming happened that evening, between Kavita and Amir, and I went to bed feeling even more relaxed. Despite Kavita spending a lot of time with Amir during the weekend, she hadn't really let him make too many advances since Friday night. After dinner, I routinely sat down on a single-seater sofa. When she joined after dinner to watch TV, she asked me to come and sit beside her.

My morale started rising a little. Maybe her guilt was working in my favor, and what had happened on Friday night would be just a one night stand.

In bed, I snuggled up beside her. She put her arm around me, and I hugged her gratefully.

She then ran her fingertips along my arms, as though she was 'feeling' my recently shaven arms. I felt ashamed, it was as though she was pointing out the fact that I had shaved my arms, and I was looking more feminine now.

She then repeated the same with her toes, along my ankles. My feeling of shame was rising, but right then she stopped, and asked,

"Manu, did you leave your legs wet for a few minutes before shaving?"

She asked it in a matter-of-fact manner. As though she was taking it for granted about my shaving my legs.

I said,

"No, Kavi. I just wetted it a bit just before applying lather and shaved. Why?"

She continued,

"Next time, fill a bucket of water, put your leg in it for a few minutes before you lather and shave OK? It will help reduce the cuts and marks you got today."

After a pause, she added,

"You can use my disposable razors if you like. They're less harsh on the skin."

I didn't know how to respond. It felt humiliating to get tips from my wife on shaving my legs. Still, she was concerned about my getting cuts, and it was a relieving thought.

I hugged her tighter and said,

"Thanks Kavi. I'll try that next time."

She then got up, and walked to the dressing table. I watched nervously, as she searched through her items.

Presently she came back with a tube of some cosmetic, and she started applying it on my ankles.

She then spoke again,

"This will help relieve the soreness from the marks you got this time."

I felt gratified even more, now. She was concerned about how I felt,about my cuts and red bumps, even if she wasn't helping me with Amir's bullying.

I hugged her again. It was not a sexual hug. My penis had shriveled up and gone to sleep long before, it felt like. I just wanted to be close to her, to do what I could to prevent the incident from Friday night blowing up into a full-blown affair between Kavita and Amir.

Kavita looked at me, smiled kindly, and kissed me on my cheek. On that cheerful note, I tried to think of the happy times we had shared, and eventually drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to an empty bed. Kavita was having her bath. I went across to the Amir's room, and to the doorway of the balcony where he was doing his exercises He sneered and said,

"Pretty pretty, pussy boy."

He was going to taunt me at every opportunity, and I was used to it to an extent. I grimaced when he spoke as it caught me unawares, but I quickly got over it.

As I had been doing for over a week now, I started toweling him off. This had now become routine.

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Old 28th July 2013
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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 12 Pt. 2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 12 Pt. 2

Tuesday went by largely similar to the routine on Monday. I tried to focus my mind on work, and worked later than I had done the previous week.

I came home Tuesday, after getting gajra for Kavita. When I got home, I peeked through the window. They were sitting on separate sofas. I rang the bell, and Kavita opened the door for me. She accepted it with happiness as always, and put it on at once, which made me very happy.

Kavita then hurried off to the kitchen right afterward, and I went to our bedroom to change. I took out the clothes from the 2nd clothes bag, which was again a pyjama set. While they were grey in color with a white "dotted" print design, the 'top' of the pyjama set was a shoulder strap type blouse, yet again, with cups for the breasts, like the pyjamas Amir had got for me the previous Wednesday. Still, this was the last set he had got this time, and that thought gave me some relief. I wouldn't have to go through any nasty surprises the next day.

I then picked up the pants, and found out they were a little shorter than yesterday's pants: they came down only to 3/4 of my thighs. I couldn't however fool myself into thinking they were not different from the men's shorts I used to be wearing: these pants/shorts were trimmed with lace.

Did that mean Amir would expect me to shave the exposed parts of my thighs as well? I looked with dread, and resignation towards the doorway of our bedroom. He was standing there, and he made an indication with his hands and legs that he wanted me to do exactly that.

Kavita was at home now. This was my chance to protest, to use her presence at home to my advantage, against the bully Amir.

But what should I do to protest? If I protested now, I feared Kavita might even join him and taunt me about my having shaved and done all those humiliating things before.

And worse, what would the bully Amir do? What if he told Kavita everything about the weekend Amir arrived?

I hung my head down, and avoided meeting Amir's eyes. I didn't feel up to a confrontation.

I stripped down to my underwear again, and went into the bathroom carrying the new pyjama set.

There, I recalled Kavita's tips. I couldn't immerse my thighs in a bucket of water, so instead I wrapped my thighs with wet towels for a few minutes. Then, I found one of Kavita's razors, lathered my my thighs and shaved them, one at a time.

I dried myself off, and put on the pyjama set.

I walked out of the bathroom, and inspected myself in the mirror. Again, I saw my 'sacred thread' sticking out, so I pinned it to the shoulder strap of the pyjama blouse.

I then went to the hall, and sat down on the sofa.

I had barely sat down for a couple of minutes, when Kavita announced dinner was ready.

I was hungry, so I was grateful to eat soon. Part of me wanted to be invisible from the dinner table so this humiliation wouldn't continue.

Yet again, I was struck by how contrasting Kavita's behavior was towards Amir.

Last week this time, she had allowed him to be "all over her body".

Now, the intimacy between them seemed to have totally disappeared.

At least, they weren't sitting together and I didn't see Amir touching or fondling Kavita, since Sunday.

That night, Kavita changed into a nightgown once we retired to bed, but I was feeling too self conscious of these feminine pyjamas I was wearing, to make a sexual advance. She went to sleep quickly, but lay awake in bed, reflecting over these changes.

It might be premature, I told myself, but it seemed to be looking more and more like Kavita was feeling immensely guilty about last Friday night.

Did she know I knew what had happened?

Obviously, Amir knew I knew about Friday night. But I hadn't observed anything in her behavior since then, that clearly implied that she knew I knew what had happened.

Was it possible that she didn't hear me ring the bell at all, on Friday night? In her throes of sexual ecstasy, could she have not heard it?

If that was the case, how should I proceed channeling her guilt now? Should I let it run it's natural course, and let her confess to me when she was ready to? Should I wait for an opportune time to discuss it with her? What should I tell her?

By then, I was already mentally 'conditioned' to her adultery last Friday. I was mentally ready to accept her for the rest of my life, as my loving wife who had made a mistake one time, and cheated on me just once. It would be humiliating for as long as Amir was around, especially given the way he was behaving and bullying me around. But, once he left, we could resume having a normal life, if things worked out as I was hoping.

Wednesday morning started with the usual, dreary routine of toweling off the bully Amir. He asked me to do his bed after I toweled him off.

There were crumpled jasmine flowers spread over his bed, yet again. But he had bluffed about this last Friday, so I wasn't too worried by it. Still, I couldn't ignore the fact that it was entirely possible that Kavita had been in bed with him in my absence.

I had seen enough of the changed body language between Amir and Kavita over the last 2 days. Kavita had even worn the gajra I got for her last evening. I was sure things weren't as dark for me as Amir had tried to make me believe, the previous week.

I called Kavita in the daytime. She seemed dull and withdrawn. My 'guilt' diagnosis was getting confirmed, more and more.

I left from work for home on time that day, and got gajra for Kavita yet again.

When I got home, she greeted me pleasantly accepted the gajra and put it on in her hair right away, yet again.

While I was cautiously optimistic, it was mixed with a feeling of unknown dread.

Kavita was not dressed in the saree she had been wearing when I had left for work.

Instead, she was now wearing the tank top blouse and mid-thigh length mini-skirt that she had been wearing last Friday night.

The same clothes she had worn when she went to bed with Amir.

I gulped as I took in that realization. Had she been sleeping with Amir already, today?

I looked around the hall nervously. There was no sign of Amir.

Kavita broke my thoughts by asking me if I wanted tea.

I gladly said yes. It would give me time to verify if Amir was really not at home.

I took off my shoes and socks, walked up to the middle of the hall, and nervously looked in Amir's room. It seemed empty.

Was he really not there?

I heard Kavita say from behind me,

"He's gone out with his colleague again."

I turned around. She was walking towards me with a tray holding two cups of tea.

She must have seen me peering into Amir's room.

I blushed as I realized how she must be viewing this: my looking into Amir's room nervously, but too afraid to ask in case he was at home all along.

She knew I was afraid of him.

I tried brushing this aside. We had a real opportunity to spend some time together, for the first time since Kavita's cheating on me last Friday.

I gazed at her and took in her sensuous clothes. Did she wear those clothes to turn me on, or was it because it reminded her of Friday night?

I went to our room and changed into shorts and a t-shirt. I didn't need to wear those ridiculous pyjamas that evening. I tried as I did the previous week, to hurry us through dinner. We went to bed earlier than usual, but not as early as the previous week.

Kavita wore the same clothes to bed. She picked up a book and started reading it.

I snuggled up beside her, and put my arm around her, placing my palm over her breast. I took in the intoxicating smell of her hair with fresh gajra in it. I started gently fondling her.

She didn't respond.

I started getting worried. Was she thinking about him, was that why she wasn't responding?

As my worry mounted, I also started feeling resentful towards her.

Why did she have to wear the clothes Amir bought for her, to bed? Especially clothes HE had bought for her?

Was she trying to rub it into my nose, that she had cheated on me last Friday and I couldn't do anything about it?

I started trying to get her attention, by pulling my fingers along her belly in a beckoning manner.

She responded finally, and asked,


I asked her,

"Kavi, can I ask you something, please?"

She responded in an encouraging voice,

"Sure Manu."

She turned around to face me, and started fondling my penis, out of the blue. My heart started thumping with excitement.

However, my penis sadly stayed limp. She stroked it with her fingertips as she always did to get me hard, but it didn't work.

I was still feeling uncomfortable, over her dressing in the same clothes in which she had cheated on me last Friday.

I had to be careful how I approached this. I continued with some nervousness,

"If you don't mind, Kavi, can you change to one of your nightgowns? Like you wore last night, or one of the slinkier ones also?"

I winked at her as I said this. I was trying to lead her on, my thumping heart and the rush caused by Kavita fondling my penis were speaking for me.

She sat up and put her legs off the bed and said "Sure. Why though, Manu?"

I said,

"I was feeling a bit nostalgic Kavi. Like recalling old times. Also thought it would be romantic if you wore something enticing."

She turned to me and asked with some annoyance in her voice,

"You don't think I look enticing or attractive in these clothes?"

This wasn't going the way I had hoped it would. I stammered hastily,

"No Kavi. I meant it would be more romantic if you wore one of the slinky clothes I bought for you, such as the first time I bought lingerie for you, remember?"

She continued probing with annoyance in her voice,

"You don't like me wearing these clothes because Prem got them for me? Is that what you mean?"

I sighed deeply. It was true, but she didn't like the thought. What should I say?

I was taken aback by what Kavita did next.

She stood up from bed, her back facing me, and took off the tank top blouse she had been wearing!

My heart started thumping faster. The blood was rushing to my head. My penis started coming to life, and became semi erect.

She now reached back behind her, and took off the hook of her bra. She removed it, and dropped it on the floor.

Kavita was wearing just her mini-skirt, and was topless before me yet again. I started sitting up, intending to reach towards her and start playing with her breasts.

But before I could do anything, she walked towards the clothes shelves.

She took something out of the clothes shelf and started putting it on.

My jaw dropped.

It was the same blouse she had worn to massage Amir last Wednesday. She had knotted it like she had done on Wednesday.

My penis got hard instantly.

Then, sobering thoughts came in. Unconsciously, my thoughts went to how Amir had fondled her, running his dark hands over her glistening fair belly and navel last Wednesday, when she had been dressed in these clothes.

My penis started slowly subsiding.

I was getting desperate. I didn't care any more if she "rubbed it in" by wearing the same clothes in which she had cheated on me last week. Or the same clothes in which she had massaged the muscular Muslim house-guest who had been bullying me mercilessly.

I waited for her to rejoin me in bed, and then started kissing her shoulders as soon as she sat on the bed. I was intoxicated by her clothing, her smell, the gajra in her hair.

I gripped her by her bare belly, and attempted to draw her closer to me. She put her hands down to her waist, and gently, but firmly, took my hands off her belly.

She then lay down on her side, her back facing me.

I was extremely dejected. I held her by her hand, and led it to my semi-erect penis so she could feel I was still aroused, interested. That it didn't matter to me any more, that she wore clothes that the bully Amir had got for her.

She said softly,

"Not tonight, Manu."

I couldn't get the desperation out of my voice as I begged,

"Please, Kavi."

She took her hand out of my grip, and away from my semi erect penis.

She took a deep breath and said,

"Sorry Manu. I don't feel like it any more, tonight. Let's try later. Good night."

I was nearly in tears, that my loving wife was now rejecting my advances. She had been avoiding Amir too, this week. But that was small consolation for me, given Amir had had sex with her since his arrival, whereas she hadn't had regular sex with me yet, since his arrival.

I lay back in bed, kicking myself for making a fuss about her clothing when I had had a great opportunity to try win her back from the bully Amir.

There was nothing much to be done, now. I was feeling sad, and fearful if I stood any chance at all, to win my wife back in bed. The overwhelming feeling of mental tiredness and defeat put me to sleep, eventually.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 13 Pt. 1

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 13 Pt. 1

I woke up in the morning to the sound of the alarm. The defeating chore of toweling off the bully Amir awaited me.

I turned on the bed, and saw that Kavita was still sleeping. She was still wearing the same mini skirt and knotted "cropped" blouse. Our bed had some of her gajra strewn on it, though it was mostly on her side of the bed.

Was Amir back at all? I didn't know. I got up, nervously collected some towels, and went across to his room.

He was on the balcony, and was in the middle of his exercises.

He must have arrived later at night, after I had drifted to sleep.

I gulped as I realized my wife Kavita must have opened the door for him, dressed in that provocative outfit. Did he fondle her again? My belly churned at the thought of what may have happened when Kavita had opened the door to let him in.

Again, it looked like Kavita had a disturbed night's sleep on account of letting him in, and had consequently overslept.

I watched from near the door of his bedroom, as Amir finished up his exercises. I nervously stepped up to start the dreary chore of toweling him off.

Amir leered as I started toweling him off, and asked,
"Getting your hopes up, pussy boy?"

I didn't answer. I instead averted my eyes and continued toweling him off.

Amir sensed what I was doing by avoiding his question, and his brow furrowed. Out of the blue, I felt the hard sting of his wet warm palm as he slapped me, yet again.

I recoiled from the impact of his slap. When I looked up at him, he said,
"Answer me, pussy boy. Are you getting your hopes up?"

Fighting back tears, I answered with some degree of honesty,
"No, Amir."

He continued with a menacing look on his face,
"Why are you not wearing your home clothes, boy?"

I expected him to slap me again, and jumped back, trembling.

He chuckled seeing me jump back. He took a step closer and lifted his right hand. Instinctively, I raised my hands to cover my face.

He instead caught me by my t-shirt with his right hand, and shook me back and forth. I continued to cover my face, afraid he would slap me if I removed my hands.

He chuckled again and said,
"Wear your home clothes tomorrow, pussy boy. I may not be at home, but if I catch you like this again..."

He moved his left hand quickly towards my crotch. I expected it, and moved my hands down to cover my balls.

He grinned, released my t-shirt, and slapped me again with his right hand. Not as hard as last time, but hard enough for the sound to echo through the room. I was relieved Kavita was still asleep.

He stared at me as though he was thinking about something. Then he asked, clenching his fists as though he was about to punch me,
"Did you shave, pussy boy?"

I trembled in fear. I knew what he meant. I hadn't shaved my underarms or legs since Tuesday, but if I answered him, I was sure he would hit me or punch me.

He brought his fist very fast close to my face. My hands were still down, trying to protect my balls. I shut my eyes, bracing for the impact.

He didn't punch me, though. He stopped just next to my face, and I opened my eyes again, with fear.

He then caught my t-shirt again, and shook me by it, talking in a low tone, but his voice dripping with menace,
"If you don't shave regularly, pussy boy, am going to have to take them off. Do you want to keep them on, or will you stop trying to be a man?"

In a trembling voice I answered,
"Sorry, Amir. I'll shave regularly."

He nodded, and continued,
"I'll be checking regularly, pussy boy. And don't make me have to ask you to take your clothes off
to check. You understand?"

I nodded again, my face growing red yet again. He meant that he wanted me to wear one of those sleeveless shoulder-strap pyjama sets.

He continued, with a menacing look again,
"You know what will happen if you try to act like a man, especially if it's just because I'm out on a date. Be warned, pussy boy."

I shook my head in acknowledgment of what he said. He went silent, and after a few tense moments, I resumed toweling him off.

As I resumed toweling him off, Amir grinned again and taunted,
"Still no pussy for poor pussy boy. I got some last night."

And he licked his lips in his obnoxious manner.

I assumed he was talking about his colleague, the one he claimed to have taken to bed and taken her virginity, last Thursday.

He continued,
"And I'll be getting more of her pussy tonight. That's the good part of taking a fresh pussy, pussy boy. They keep coming to you for more. Like your pretty wife..."

After a pause, he continued,
"But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you, pussy boy?"

I went red, feeling both ashamed and somewhat angry at Kavita. The way he was gloating, it didn't sound like he was exaggerating.

He was taunting me that he had been the first man whom my wife had has sex with, and she "kept coming back to him" because of that.

I had heard that before, about women, but I always thought it was an urban legend. I had never believed it would be true, and especially so of my wife Kavita.

I hung my head down. I was afraid he would slap me again for not answering. But he just looked at me and grinned in satisfaction.

I presently finished toweling him off. He told me to make his bed and strode out into the hall in his underwear.

Surely Kavita would now say SOMETHING if she was awake. He was getting obnoxious, not even wearing a towel before going into the hall. I took his sweaty clothes and the used towels to the washing machine. Sadly I saw Kavita wasn't in the kitchen or anywhere in the hall. She seemed to be asleep still.

I went tidied up his bed. There were a few crumpled jasmine flowers in it.

I got nervous again, seeing the flowers there.

Surely Kavita didn't jump into bed with him last night after opening the door for him?

AFTER he had just been in bed with his colleague?

What happened to her feeling jealous?

Was she saying she was "OK" with Amir sleeping around with other women?

Or was Amir messing with my mind as he had done before?

I finished tidying his bed, and went and deposited the crumpled jasmine flowers in the waste bin. Then I went to our bedroom. Kavita was just stirring as I went in.

She stretched her arms sleepily, and then sat up with a shocked expression.
She asked,
"Oh My God, what's the time Manu?"

She turned to look at the bedside clock.

It wasn't that late. She usually woke up around 6 AM, and it was now 6:30 AM. She would have had coffee ready by now, and now it would be slightly delayed.

She got up, and started walking towards our bedroom door, still dressed in the provocative "cropped" blouse and mid-thigh length mini-skirt.

She stopped near the door, and looked down at herself, the clothes she was wearing.

Then, Kavita turned around and came back a few steps, and closed our bedroom door.

Before I could ask her what she was doing, she undid the knot of her blouse, took it off and tossed it onto the bed.

I stared open-mouthed at her naked juicy breasts.

Even as I stared, she now took off her mini-skirt. She was now wearing just her panties.

My heart started thumping. Was she going to seduce me into bed with Prem around?

My hopes subsided quickly. She went towards the clothes shelf and found one of her saree blouses and put it on. She didn't wear a bra. I hardly ever saw her wearing a saree blouse without a bra.

She then hurriedly put on a petticoat, and found one of the sarees she typically used for 'home wear'.

In under 5 minutes, she had changed into a saree dress.

She brushed her hair back and tied it with a hairband, and went out to the hall, towards the kitchen. I stared after her open-mouthed.

Why did she change from the provocative clothes Amir had got her, into a more conservative saree?

It was not like Amir hadn't seen her in those clothes before. Why this 'modesty' NOW, when she would be seen by him or be in his presence?

I couldn't understand it at all.

Still, she was probably going to make coffee. I hurried into the bathroom to shave and have my bath.

I came out from my bath, put on fresh underclothes with the same shorts and t-shirt again. It was a small sign of "defiance", but I wanted to show Amir that I knew he couldn't push me around as much in Kavita's presence.

I joined them in the hall. Kavita had got coffee ready, and was waiting for me to have her coffee.

I felt grateful to her yet again, for the small gesture of her love for me, in front of Amir.

I noticed he wasn't watching me much, but was looking at the newspaper and watching Kavita out of the corner of his eye. Did they have some kind of a fight? I couldn't tell.

Was Kavita reacting 'jealously' again, to his going out with his colleague?

As I watched Kavita drinking her coffee, and watching the news on TV, I noticed something I hadn't observed earlier, when she had been changing into the saree.

The black blouse she was wearing was translucent.

I could see the fair skin of her arms, her shoulders, her back through the blouse.

Which meant that from where Amir was sitting, he might be able to see her breast through her blouse.

I gulped as this sunk in. Was she not aware that Amir might be ogling at her breast visible through her blouse? Or did she WANT him to see it?

I couldn't see her doing it for his benefit, given the cold body language between them. They hadn't sat together at all, since Sunday night.

I took that cheerful thought with me to work, though I was still regretting the missed opportunity in bed with Kavita.

Work breezed by fast that day, and I managed to get ahead of my work.

I called up Kavita in the afternoon. She seemed distant, and when I prodded her, she said that she had got a headache.

I asked her to take rest, and said that she was may be stressed out, too much work on account of Prem.

I then offered,
"Kavi, I am a bit ahead of my work this week, I think I can take Saturday off, what do you think?"

She seemed to cheer up at the idea, and told me,
"Great, Manu! Please do it!"

On that cheerful note, feeling much better now, I got back to work.

I had to stretch my work hours a little further that day, in order to take Saturday off. Still, it would be worth it, I told myself. Besides, Amir appeared to have planned be going out with his colleague today as well, judging by his words that morning. I made sure I got gajra for her on the way back.

When I got home, Kavita was leaning back on the sofa with her eyes closed. She was wearing another home saree, but she had clearly had her bath, and had put on a bra, presumably. The blouse she was wearing wasn't translucent, anyway.

She greeted me dully, and continued to lean back, eyes closed. She appeared to be still having a headache.

I went into our room and changed into my shorts and a t-shirt, nervous, yet relieved that Amir was not at home.

I got some of the oil Kavita had used to massage Amir the previous week. I walked up behind her, and started massaging her temples.

It seemed to make her feel better. She kissed my hand and said wearily,"Thanks Manu."

I gave her the gajra then, which she accepted with a smile as she always did. I offered to help her with dinner preparation. I went to the kitchen, and helped her roll out and prepare the chapatis. I also cut and prepared the onions and the vegetables, before she came into the kitchen and started cooking.

She saw the preparation I had done, and smiled gratefully and said thanks yet again, but sounding weary. I could see she still had the headache.

We had dinner quietly, and retired to bed early.

Since I knew she had a headache, I knew it would be selfish of me if I tried to make love to her.

Still, I couldn't help trying. I DESPERATELY wanted to make love to her, if not for anything else, to try and stop Amir from completely stealing her from me.

I put my arm around her waist, and started fondling her from behind.

She didn't stop me for a while. But eventually, she turned to me and stroked my cheek and asked,
"Not today, please, Manu? My head is still hurting and I don't think I'll enjoy it."

It felt better than the reason on account of which we didn't have sex the previous night. I told her,
"No problem Kavi."

I turned on my back after a while, with a jolt.

I would have to towel off the bully Amir the next morning.

Today morning, he had slapped me around, threatened to "take my balls off" yet again, and warned me to wear "my new home clothes". Which meant, the feminine pyjamas he had bought for me.

And he had warned me to "shave regularly". Which he meant for, shaving my underarms, my chest and legs.

And I hadn't done any of those.

I started panicking. I couldn't get beaten by him for this again. What if he made his threat come good?

The solution came to me quickly. I could get up and shave now, or I could get up and shave in the morning, before toweling him off.

If I got up and shaved now, there was every chance Kavita found out about it. She might wake up seeing the light in the bathroom, or she might wake up from my smell after I rejoined her in bed.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to do it in the morning.

This would in a way, also be a small act of "defiance" of Amir. I would sleep with my Kavita defying what he said, and shave only just before the chore of toweling him off.

I picked up the alarm clock, and moved the time to 25 minutes before the current alarm time.

This way, I could get up, shave, have a bath, and get done with my chore unscathed. If I worked things out right, I could then go back to our bedroom and change into my work clothes while Kavita had her bath. Amir wouldn't order me to change back into those humiliating pyjamas in front of her.

It seemed like a plan I could execute, and get past this tight situation I was in tonight. Later, I could figure out a better long term solution for this issue.

I tried thinking of positive things, good memories with Kavita. I didn't want to lose sleep now that I was waking up earlier. I was eventually able to drift off to sleep.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 13 Pt. 2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 13 Pt. 2

I woke up in the morning to the sound of the alarm ringing, and quickly turned it off. I didn't want Kavita getting woken up.

It was still dark outside. I tiptoed to the clothes shelf, and found the lavender pyjamas I had worn the previous Wednesday and the Sunday that had just passed. I figured wearing those would give me the minimum work, as I wouldn't have to shave my legs.

I tiptoed to the bathroom, and after brushing my teeth, I took off my t-shirt and vest, and shaved my face, and my underarms and chest. I figured I might as well get my preparation for work done along the way.

After shaving, I went ahead and had my bath. As I had my bath, a sudden fear came across me:
what if Amir asked me to lift my pyjamas and saw some hair growth on my ankles?

Just to be on the safe side, I hurriedly lathered my ankles and shaved them as well. There wasn't much growth, but I felt more secure now.

I finished up my bath, and put on the lavender pyjama pants, and then the blouse. I found the pin I had removed last time I had wore these clothes, still by the bathroom wash stand. I pinned my 'sacred thread' to the strap, as I had been used to doing.

I then tiptoed across out of the bathroom, picked up some towels, and tiptoed again through the hall, and to Amir's room.

He was up, and at his exercises. Evidently, Kavita had let him in again, after I had fallen asleep. I was glad she hadn't been in that provocative dress last night, and instead had been in a regular conservative 'home wear' saree.

I waited for him to finish his exercises, then drew up near him and started toweling him off.

He grinned at my appearance in the lavender pyjamas. I hurriedly lifted his sweaty vest upwards, so he could see I had shaven my underarms. I then started toweling him off as he continued grinning in his evil manner.

Amir stayed silent largely, today. I was grateful for that at first, but I soon realized why, when I got to the stage of toweling off his legs.

He had formed a monstrous erection, again. I realized as I got down on trembling legs that this must mean Kavita was not only awake, she was probably watching.

My scheme to get out of these humiliating clothes before she saw, had been rendered useless. I turned slightly as I started toweling his legs off, so I could glance at the doorway.

Kavita was standing there watching. She appeared to have had a bath, she was in a saree but it wasn't the same saree as last night. She was wearing one of her attractive sleeveless blouses.

I got my chore done with as quickly as I could. Amir this time put on a towel, and walked to the hall, apparently to read the newspaper.

Kavita moved a little distance away from him, as he approached. I was encouraged by that. The more I saw her behavior this week, the more affirmation I got that she wasn't in cahoots with Amir on what he was doing to me.

I put the pile of clothes into the washing machine, and came back to the hall. Kavita presently came and served us coffee.

I left for work feeling uneasy. Clearly, Amir's bullying was mostly his own actions, Kavita was largely a passive spectator. Still, I felt mildly resentful at her for not telling Amir to back off, after 2 weeks of bullying me brazenly.

I had got ahead on my work the previous day, and I continued doing the same thing, trying to get home early, earlier than Amir. This would probably be my last chance this week to 'reclaim' my wife Kavita in bed.

I called Kavita in the afternoon. She picked up the phone at once, like she had been waiting for my call.

She said, "Yes Manu?"

"Kavi, I think I'll come home early today. Just thought I'll call you so you haven't gone out or something."

She said in a husky voice,
"Nooo, am not going anywhere today. Do come home soon, Manu. I've missed you."

Her words voice sent me racing. Surely she was sounding interested in sex. WITH ME.

On that positive note, I got out of my office at 4:30 PM.

As I approached my car, I got an SMS. I checked my phone and saw it was from Amir.

It had a phone number and said:
"Call them up, order Mughlai Chicken and pick it up on your way home-Amir."

I wondered if I wanted to do it. Just to be safe, I called up the restaurant.

It was not the Mughlai restaurant that was far-out. It would have been out of the way for me to go there, and besides, I wouldn't have gone there anyway. I couldn't show my face to that manager/supervisor again.

From the name the person who answered the phone gave me, I knew this restaurant. It was actually quite close to our home, and on the way home.

I figured I could do it.

Still, I badly wanted to defy Amir. I figured from Kavita's husky voice that she would be WAITING for a session in bed, WITH ME. I couldn't let this pass by on account of this bully's need for food. He could pick it up himself anyway, or I could pick it up later.

I ignored it, and got into my car and started driving. I was able to beat the traffic and got home in 25 minutes. I did stop on the way home to get fresh gajra for Kavita.

I got home, and noted as I parked that Amir's bike wasn't there.

Humming to myself, I got to our apartment and rang the bell.

Kavita opened the door. My jaw dropped yet again.

She was wearing a light blue nightie.

It was a pretty short nightie. I had bought this for her a while ago. She hadn't worn it in quite a while.

The nightie was strapped around her neck, leaving her deep cleavage exposed. She was not wearing a bra. The nightie ran about 1/4th the way down her thighs.

The nightie wasn't transparent, but she had never worn this other than when we had sex.

I had no further doubts that she was interested in sex. RIGHT NOW, WITH ME.

She looked me over as I stood rooted at the doorway, with my jaw hanging. She then asked coyly,
"Aren't you going to come in, Manu?"

I could only say,

I stepped in. I handed her the gajra. She thanked me and wore it in her hair, then looked me over and asked,
"Didn't you pick it up?"

I didn't understand what she meant, so I asked,
"Pick WHAT up, Kavi?"

"Prem said he SMSed you and asked you to pick up some chicken dish for him on the way home from work."

I cursed the guy under my breath. Why did he have to tell HER that, as well?

Trying to strike when the iron was hot, I asked her, winking as I finished my sentence, trying to be naughty,
"Can I go pick it up later Kavi? Surely we can do something more interesting right now."

She pondered it and then said,
"Prem will get upset if he comes home and doesn't find food ready. I think he's hungry, that's why I think he SMSed you. Also pick up a couple of naans to be sure, but please quickly pick it up Manu? I'll be waiting. I'll call the restaurant while you drive there."

Breathing deeply, I said OK and hurried out. If this restaurant was more competent than that Mughlai place, I could possibly get home before Amir got back.

I drove to the restaurant in a hurry. The restaurant was indeed more competent with the order, but they hadn't had much time since Kavita's phone call. By the time I got back to our building, I had taken 25 minutes.

As I pulled in, I saw the sickening sight I was fearing: Amir's bike was there. He had got back home, as well.

I hurried upstairs. So he had managed to ruin the potential of my having some fun in bed with Kavita. I figured we could do it later tonight.

I came up to our apartment and rang the bell and waited a minute. The door didn't open.

Now I started worrying. I walked to the window of the hall.

There was nobody in the hall. I started sweating.

And then I heard, just like I had heard a week back, Kavita moaning,
"Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Amir!!!!"Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!'

My heart dropped. It was last Friday all over again, only earlier in the evening.

I stood rooted to the spot, for a while, as Kavita continued to moan.
"Softly pleeeeease Amiiiiiirr!! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

And then realization started sinking in to me.

I had been played.

It was looking like that.

Maybe Kavita had felt guilty after last Friday.

Maybe she had not slept with Amir since then.

But what happened today was no accident.

It was deliberate. There was no doubt in my mind now, that Amir had arranged to send me out so he could take Kavita in bed again, and rub it into my nose.

And worse, Kavita was, at some level, conniving with Amir.

Her wearing the seductive nightie I had bought for her was just to rub it in more. I was sure, now that I thought about it, that Amir had probably had a hand in it.

Maybe not. Maybe she had meant to wear it for me. And maybe she got seduced by Amir when he got home before I got back. Still, I felt angry and cheated.

My blood started boiling, and I started trembling with rage.

I went to our door and rang the bell.

Last week, I had rung it just once. I had, after that one ring of the bell, listened to the agonizing sounds of their lovemaking in silence.

I had believed since then, that Kavita may not have heard the bell ring, then.

What was happening now, in the context of what had happened a short while earlier, left me in no doubt that she had heard the bell last week itself.

She had known, then itself, that I would have overheard their lovemaking.

She might still have felt guilty. She might still have been cold towards Amir, perhaps even feeling genuine remorse.

But what she did today had neutralized all of that.

She may have, with deliberate calculation, sent me out to get the dinner Amir had wanted. She probably knew Amir was headed home too.

She may have had sent me out just to give Amir time to get home.

Perhaps, if I had followed Amir's SMS instruction, I would have caught them red-handed, again.

Instead, I had chosen to skip getting him his food.

And so, she perhaps intentionally, sent me out, so Amir and she could rub their lovemaking session in my nose again.


I rang the bell again. And again. And again.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 13 Pt. 3

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 13 Pt. 3

I kept ringing the bell. I didn't care how this was going to turn out. I wanted HER to KNOW that I knew, and have no way to evade it.

I lost count of how many times I rang the bell. I kept the switch pressed after a while.

Out of the blue, I heard a voice behind me asking me,
"Manu Uncle, is everything OK?"

I was startled to hear a voice. I recognized the voice.

It was the voice of my neighbor's college-going son, Arun.

I had met him before. I never liked him much.

The neighbors themselves were OK, they were a couple in their mid/late 40s, and they had 2 sons, and this was the older son.

He was around 19 years old. He always called me 'Manu Uncle', but referred to my wife as 'Kavita ji', not 'Kavita aunty'.

It was like he was suggesting he found Kavita attractive. I wasn't surprised by that, I knew a lot of guys who had seen Kavita probably found her attractive.

This guy would openly leer at her. He was a singularly unattractive guy: like Amir, he was dark, but he was also out of shape especially for his age, and not too bright or hard working either.

His parents had approached us and asked if Kavita could give him private tuition lessons. Neither of us wanted to take it up: Kavita was convinced he was going to be difficult to teach, and I was convinced all he would do is drool at Kavita during the lessons.

He was lucky: due to the community they belonged to, his parents were able to get him admitted into college without having to pay a huge amount of money. All he did was miss college, put on loud music in his room, and while away his time.

In short, he had always come across to me as a dull-head with no motivation to achieve something, in life.

Arun now came a little closer to me and asked,
"Is everything OK, Manu Uncle?"

I stood there trying to think fast. In spite of what was happening in my home right now, I didn't really want to cause a scene. I didn't want to be washing our dirty linen in public.

I didn't want it becoming common knowledge that my fair Brahmin wife Kavita was sleeping with Amir, our dark, brawny Muslim house-guest.

I had already stopped ringing the bell.

I tried to make up a reason for me to have been ringing the bell.

I said,
"It's OK, Arun, I think Kavita is asleep. That's why I was ringing the bell."

As I spoke, I also got aware of a silence from inside our apartment.

Had they heard Arun's voice asking if everything was OK?

Arun stepped closer and asked,
"Do you know if Kavita ji hasn't gone out, Manu Uncle? Maybe she has gone out?"

I tried to use the bait he gave me, and said,
"Yeah, maybe she has gone out Arun. It's OK, I'll wait. If she's asleep she will wake up, and if she's gone out, I'll wait for her."

I smiled and tried to indicate to him to go back inside his apartment.

But he wouldn't go.

Instead, he stepped up towards the window of our hall: the same window from where I had overheard, just a few minutes back, Kavita's moans of pleasure in bed with Amir.

He looked inside and said,
"The lights are on Uncle. I think she must be at home. Do you not have a key?"

I answered,
"Yes Arun, but she has latched the door from the inside. I'll wait for her to wake up."

He appeared to either not have heard me right, or not processed what I said. He motioned me towards the window as he walked back towards our door, as he said,
"Look Uncle, the lights are on."

I knew the lights were on. I wished this nosey college-going brat would leave soon.

I still stepped up to the window to humor him.

As I did, I heard a moan again in Kavita's voice, from inside our apartment that made my face turn white:
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrr!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

My face was drained of blood. Arun had already walked towards the door of our apartment. Did he hear Kavita's loud moan?

I couldn't tell. He turned to me and asked,
"Did you try calling Kavita ji on her cell phone Uncle?"

He appeared to not have heard it. In addition to being a slow learning student, he also seemed to be a bit hard of hearing. I was sure there was no way he could not have heard it.

I was silently grateful for the guy's habit of listening to loud music.

Arun stopped at our door, made a sound as though he was smelling something. Then he asked,
"Is that Chicken, Manu Uncle?"

I answered with some worry in my voice,
"Yes, Arun."

"I didn't know you eat chicken, Manu Uncle."

I didn't answer him. It was none of his business. I waited hoping he would leave. He instead just stood there.

I finally picked up my cell phone, and dialed my office desk number, pretending to call Kavita. I said,
"Look, I'm calling Kavita, Arun. Why don't you go ahead, I'll get in soon."

Finally, he started going towards his apartment. As he reached the door of his apartment, I heard another series of moans from Kavita, softer this time,

As I heard those moans, Arun finally shut the door of his apartment.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

The moaning from inside our apartment continued.

But the intervention of the neighbor's son Arun had calmed me down compared to when I heard the moaning, a short while earlier.

I did not want to create a scene.

I did not want to confront both Kavita and Amir. Given the kind of guy Amir was, it would have become a big scene. Everyone around would then come to know what was happening.

Kavita could no longer pretend that it was a one-time mistake. She could no longer pretend that she didn't know I knew.

And neither could I.

But that didn't mean I needed to cause a scene.

Kavita and I would need to talk, now. Sooner or later. The sooner, the better.

But it would probably better for US, if that conversation happened in the absence of the bully Amir.

And perhaps, in a secluded place. Where if the things got heated up, we wouldn't get overheard, or get into a situation where a public scene is caused.

Maybe I could come home early some day next week, and have a discussion with her.

Until I managed to get together with Kavita alone, without the overbearing influence of Amir in the background, it would be better for me to try and avoid reactions like I had, a short while back.

Presently, I heard a grunt from Amir, and another long moan from Kavita. And then, there was silence for a few minutes.

Presently, Kavita came out of Amir's room. She didn't look towards the door, but instead went straight to the wash basin past the dining room.

Presumably to wash her hands, I thought. She then went to the kitchen.

Presumably to fix dinner for her and I, and chapatis for Amir as well, I thought.

She was ignoring my ringing of the door. Or, she was trying to avoid opening the door.

And now, the bully Amir came out of his room.

I stumbled back to the door and rang the bell one more time.

After a minute, Amir opened the door. Not Kavita.

I expected to see his gloating grin.

Instead, I got an angry glare. It sent a shiver down my spine.

Was he angry at me? After having just fucked my wife?

Why? Because I kept ringing the bell?

When I kept ringing the bell a short while back, I had not thought about how the bully Amir would react.

My mind had been on my feeling of betrayal: how Kavita had 'led me on', given me the impression that she had been waiting for me, only to jump into bed with HIM.

I now regretted every aspect of what I had done. Unnecessarily, the neighbor's son had been dragged into this situation, even if he hadn't heard Kavita's moans.

And worse, Amir seemed angry, in a manner that made me feel weak-kneed as I came into our apartment.

I nervously took off my shoes and socks. He crossed his thick muscular arms over his chest.

Was he going to beat me? Now? With Kavita right across the hall, in the kitchen?

I timidly mouthed,

He continued to glare at me.

I whispered this time, continuing to quail under his glare,
"Sorry, Amir."

He brought his right hand towards me. I instinctively covered my face.

Instead, he prodded my chest, and pulled my shirt, and pointed to our bedroom.

I mumbled in a soft whisper,
"I'll go change now, Amir."

I walked on weak legs to our bedroom, stopping to place the bag with Amir's "Mughlai Chicken" on the dining table. Once I took off my work clothes, I briefly wondered which of his gift 'home' clothes to wear.

I eventually settled on the pink pyjamas I had worn first this Monday, the one with the very short "puff-sleeve".

I figured if I wore those pyjamas, he may soften his anger at me. I had shaved my ankles earlier today as a precautionary measure, and these pyjamas would expose that, as well as my shaven underarms.

I came out to the hall, and Amir was still glaring at me. He now pointed to the kitchen.

I stumbled on my still weak legs, to the kitchen.

Kavita was wearing the same blue nightie. She was cooking a vegetable dish and dal makhni, it smelled like.

The chapatis hadn't been made, though. I walked to the counter, and started rolling out the chapatis.

Then, I started preparing the chapatis as well, after turning on the stove. Amir was probably hungry as Kavita said, and it was probably feeding his anger.

I made a few chapatis, then turned to Amir and asked in a shaky voice,
"Do you want to start eating now, Prem? Or would you like to wait for Kavita's dishes to get ready? There are naans also from the restaurant."

He glared, but it was a softened glare. He said,
"I'll start now with the Mughlai Chicken and some chapatis."

I took out the dinner plates, and took them to the dining table, along with the chapatis I had finished making.

I set the plate for Amir to eat in, then brought a serving spoon for his "Mughlai Chicken".

I served out a couple of chapatis and some of the Mughlai Chicken, and stepped away from the table.

He sat down and started eating. I poured him out a glass of water, and hurried back to the kitchen to make more chapatis.

After a short while, Kavita finished cooking her dishes, and brought them to the dining table.

She served Amir out portions of her dishes, then served them for herself.

I was getting hungry as well. Regardless of the difficult situation I was in, there was nothing to be achieved by avoiding food, so I decided I may as well sit and eat, too.

I was about to move to an empty seat at the dining table, when Amir took the dinner plate I had set out for myself, and turned it upside down.

He then set the container of his Mughlai Chicken on the base of the plate. He turned and glared at me as though to say,"Wait."

I was hungry, but I could wait a few minutes. The chapatis may have been insufficient for them.

I went back to the kitchen and rolled out and prepared a few more chapatis.

I came back with the fresh chapatis, and added them to the pile. I waited as they ate.

After about 10 minutes, Kavita finally spoke to me,
"Sit and eat, Manu. There are enough chapatis I think."

I was grateful for her words. I wanted to extract the plate I had set out earlier: the plate which Amir had turned upside down, and set the container of his Mughlai Chicken dish on.

It seemed less confrontational to get a fresh plate, so I got myself a fresh plate and sat down and started eating as well.

Shortly afterward, Kavita and Prem finished up their dinner, and went to the sofa to watch some TV.

I finished eating a few minutes later, and washed my hands and walked to the sofa.

Kavita spoke addressing me, as I got to the sofa,
"Manu, you can go to sleep, I'll be watching TV for a while."

I looked at her longingly, wistfully, but it was a waste. She wasn't even looking at me.

I made my way to bed, and lay in bed awake for a while, trying to think of a way to salvage the situation.

This was not a one-night stand.

This looked like it was fast becoming an open, full blown affair.

How was I to win my wife back from the advances of this bully, if she continued to be attracted to him?

Was she not perceptive to his bullying behavior with me? His involvement with another woman at the same time? Wasn't it obvious that she had no real future with Amir?

Why was she ruining our marriage by getting involved with this bully?

I came around to the devastating conclusion: it was only a matter of time before our marriage ended.

Either she would leave me without a divorce, or we would end up mutually divorcing. The thought made me cry. I didn't want to lose my wife Kavita, but it looked inevitable at that point.

Another dreadful thought came to me: were they going to have sex again? NOW? With me in the house, in bed?

The TV was still running and I didn't hear any moans, but I couldn't put my thoughts to the future any more, now that I started fearing they would have sex again, NOW.

I lay in bed awake for a while, and drifted off to sleep, mentally tired. I woke up briefly when Kavita joined me in bed. She was still wearing the blue nightie.

I instinctively put my arm around her, but even before I tried to fondle her, Kavita said,
"Am sleepy Manu, let's sleep."

Her voice did sound sleepy. I couldn't initiate a conversation then. I hadn't thought of what to say, how to initiate a conversation about what had happened earlier.

I looked over at her hair. Her hair still had the gajra I had got her last evening, but there were only a few flowers left on the crumpled base. I knew I would find the remaining flowers crumpled, on Amir's bed the next morning.

I needed to sleep too. I would have to wake up early for my morning chores.

I tried to blank my mind out, and eventually drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to the early alarm. Drearily, I brushed my teeth and inspected myself. I didn't see much of hair growth, but to be safe, I ran the razor lightly over my underarms. I had a quick bath, put on the same pink pyjamas, got some towels and walked across to Amir's room.

The room in which Amir had fucked my wife last night.

He continued to glare at me as I waited nervously.

He didn't say a word, both when I waited, and when I toweled him off. But he continued glaring, and I was getting progressively more and more afraid.

As I finished toweling him off, he said,
"Stand up."

I stood up on shaky legs.

I knew he was going to do it. My hands came up instinctively to soften the blow, to cover my face, as he slapped me hard with his right hand.

He saw me try to shield my face with my hands, and held both my hands with his left hand.

Then, when I couldn't shield myself, he slapped me again.

My cheeks were stinging with the pain, and my mind was stinging with the humiliation.

A tear ran down my cheek as I asked in a weak voice,

He curtly replied,
"You know why."

And he slapped me again. And again. And again.

It seemed endless. Surely Kavita would hear the sounds of his slaps and wake up.

Surely then, she would protest.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally stopped slapping me and said,
"Do my bed, P.B."

He wrapped himself in a towel, and strode out to the hall to read a newspaper.

I tidied up his bed, removing the crumpled jasmine flowers from it and folding up his sheets.

I then picked up the pile of Amir's vest, his shorts and the used towels, and made my way to the washing machine.

Kavita seemed to be still in bed. I mechanically went to the kitchen like I did the previous Saturday, and made coffee for the 3 of us.

I took the coffee tray to Kavita, in our bedroom. She was stirring as I got there.

She got up and stretched, then smiled at me and took the cup of coffee from the tray.

She made her way to the hall, and I followed her there, and gave Amir his coffee as well.

We sat down on the sofa and had our coffee in silence, each reading a newspaper.

I took the used coffee cups, and took them to the kitchen wash sink. As I came back, I saw Amir and Kavita having a low, whispered conversation.

Kavita got up presently, and went and looked in the refrigerator. She then turned and announced,
"We're out of eggs, Manu. Can you go get some eggs? And some bread too?"

I nodded and went to our bedroom to change into something I could wear outside. I put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

I drove to the nearest stores open at that hour, and got the eggs and bread. I got back in about 20 minutes.

I came up to our apartment door, and was about to ring the bell when I heard the now familiar, sickening moans of pleasure from Kavita.

Her moaning continued.

I hung my head in shame. She couldn't WAIT for an opportunity to get more sex from Amir.

Her moaning got progressively louder, then softer. She continued to moan his REAL name in bed.

I stood outside our apartment quietly, hanging my head down, waiting for them to finish making love.

I walked to the window of the hall, unable to resist myself. I could hear her moans more clearly, from there.

I looked towards the neighbor's apartment. The lights were off, it didn't look like they had woken up.

Presently, I heard Amir's grunt that I had now known to recognize, as the kind of sound he seemed to make before he climaxed. It was going to be over shortly.

And then I heard Kavita's long moan, indicating she had had her climax.

I pulled myself back from the window a little, waiting for them to emerge from Amir's room.

They emerged in a few minutes. I went to our apartment door and rang the bell now.

Kavita opened the door for me this time. She was still wearing the blue nightie from last evening.

I gave her the bag with bread and eggs, and she said,
"Thanks Manu!" with a smile.

I didn't feel any warmth from her smile, though. It felt cold, to me. Maybe it was my aching heart speaking.

Kavita shortly withdrew to have her bath. I finally met Amir's eyes again, after having been slapped by him repeatedly, a short while earlier.

He was no longer glaring at me.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

He was smirking. But I was used to his smirks by then, they didn't affect me as badly now.

He then said,
"Pussy boy acted more like a pussy boy this morning. That's good, P.B. You're acknowledging reality. That is the first step."

I was speechless; all I could do was blush in embarrassment.

He continued probing,
"So how long did you wait at the door with the bread and eggs, P.B?"

I was a touch irritated at the arrogance of this guy.

Having just brazenly fucked my wife, he wasn't satisfied with the humiliation he had heaped on me. It sounded like he wanted to twist the knife further into my wounded ego.

From my experience with him, however, I knew it was futile appealing to his scruples, or trying to duck the question. I didn't want him getting angry again, like he had last night, and earlier today morning.

I hadn't checked the time when I had been waiting at the door, though. It felt like around 10 minutes, so I answered,
"Around 10 minutes."

And almost as an afterthought, I added,

He continued,
"What did you do during those 10 minutes?"

I truthfully said,
"Nothing. Amir."

He kept probing,
"Did you touch or fondle yourself?"


"What were your physical actions? Did you just stand at the door?"

I started blushing as I relived the embarrassment.

I said,
"I walked to the window, Amir."

"And then?"

"I listened, Amir."

" Were you looking in?"

"No, Amir."

"Then? Where were you looking?"

Red with embarrassment, I answered,
"Down. Amir."

His face broke into a broad grin, as he said,
"Excellent! You're already over the stage of denial, and now you're getting over and past the stage of useless frustration and impotent rage, and getting to the stage of acceptance of reality. You're progressing in your training, pussy boy. Good job!"

He continued smirking, and it left me very embarrassed.

He continued digging in the knife,
"Don't get your hopes up, P.B. Acceptance is a long stage. The first 2 stages go through quickly for most pussy boys. We wouldn't be here having this conversation if you weren't a pussy boy, or if you got stuck in denial. "

After a pause for his words to sink in, he continued,
"You would have lost your pretty wife by now, had you been stuck in denial. Maybe you have some hope, P.B. But you'll keep feeling tempted to go back into denial mode. Resist those urges, P.B. For the good of your marriage."

He sniggered as he finished speaking his words. I was speechless with humiliation as I digested the meaning of his words.

As Amir saw my expression, his expression grew serious and angry again.

He said softly, but with a lot of malice in his voice,
"A part of you still thinks I'm the bad guy and you're the victim, don't you, P.B?"

I looked up at him. My eyes had welled up with tears at that taunt. My emotions spilled over as the tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Don't try to make yourself the victim here, P.B. What you did last night was unbelievably rude."

The tears stopped flowing down my eyes.

This guy had some nerve.

He had just fucked my wife TWICE since last evening.

After sending me out both times on some chores like I was an 'errand boy'.

And now he had the audacity to tell me I had been rude?

Unable to hold my tongue, I blurted,
"What do you mean?"

He watched my expression and continued, looking serious,
"Even animals don't disturb other members of their species when they're mating, P.B. But what you did was far worse, you know that, right?"

I continued defiantly,
"What do you mean 'far worse'? Worse than you taking MY wife in bed?"

"P.B, P.B. There's the impotent rage again. Don't get angry, it won't do you any good."

After a pause, he continued,
"Suppose a servant comes to his master's house to work, and finds the door unlocked. Should he just walk in?"

I answered automatically,
"No, he should knock on the door, or ring a bell."

He grinned in his evil manner and continued,
"Good. Because he might walk in on the master and the wife in a compromising position, and that would be rude, right?"

I nodded, but my heart started thumping. I sensed the point he was driving towards.

He continued, grinning,
"Now suppose the servant comes and instead finds the door locked. He hears the master making love to the wife. Should he knock or ring the bell?"

My heart thumped like I had not heard before. My face had lost all its color I was sure, I could feel the blood draining from my face.

I didn't answer his question. I couldn't. My tongue felt like it was glued to my throat.

He continued in his mocking manner,
"You did demonstrate the correct response to that situation this morning, P.B. Without my having to tell you. That indicates what a natural pussy-boy you are."

He grinned at me, but menacingly. I felt the blood rushing to my face again, as I went red with embarrassment.

Fortunately, I was spared further embarrassment by Kavita arriving from her bath. She went straight to the kitchen. Did she overhear any of the conversation, especially Amir calling me 'P.B'? I couldn't tell.

I made to follow her in, eager to help, and partly to get away from the presence of the bully Amir. As I neared the kitchen, I heard Amir snap his fingers behind me and say,

My face went white. There was no way Kavita wouldn't have heard this.

I turned around white faced. Amir didn't flinch seeing my face, but pointed to me, and pulled at his t-shirt.

I looked down at myself. I was wearing my trousers and a t-shirt. It looked like he wanted me to change. Into one of those humiliating women's pyjamas.

Amir was coming across more and more as a sadist, to me.

He was not satisfied with the humiliation he caused me by fucking my wife.

He was keen on continuing to humiliate me.

There wasn't much I could do about it RIGHT NOW, though. Not unless I wanted to cause a scene, and possibly lose Kavita once and for all.

I went to our bedroom, and changed back into the pink pyjamas I had been wearing earlier.

Then I joined Kavita in the kitchen.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 14 Pt. 1

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 14 Pt. 1

As I joined Kavita in the kitchen, I felt relieved to be, at least temporarily, not in the company of Amir.

Not satisfied with "pushing me around", not satisfied with seducing my wife, he was rubbing it in my face, when we were together, in Kavita's absence.

It was with some degree of anticipation that I approached Kavita in the kitchen, trying to help in whatever way I could.

I did feel some amount of resentment towards Kavita, as well.

She had cheated on me the previous week.

I had hoped since then, that it would be a one-night stand.

But the events of last night and today morning had put paid to that hope.

I could still have hoped, after last night, that this may be a "short-term fling".

After what happened today morning, on the back of last night's events, this didn't seem like a "fling", either.

Kavita had her part to play in this.

Amir could not have taken my wife Kavita to bed this morning within earshot of me, if she had not arranged to "send me out" to buy bread and eggs at that time.

It could have been somewhat innocent, on her part. We did run out eggs regularly, and she had asked me to replenish groceries in the past.

And Amir could maybe have exploited the opportunity he got, alone in our house with my wife.

Still, she had given herself to Amir, twice within in the last 16 hours.

She had given Amir sexual pleasure, and also experienced what sounded like very satisfying sessions in bed. With Amir, not with me. I was flushed with jealousy as I thought about how satisfied she sounded, from her moans during their lovemaking.

Still, I could not evade confronting her any more.

Last week, I had not confronted her.

Then, I had seen signs that she was feeling guilty. I had hoped her guilt would make her resist Amir's further advances.

Indeed, I had seen her resist Amir's advances over the last week. Or, at least, avoid him sufficiently, so as to not give him opportunities to make advances.

Her repeated sexual encounters with Amir gave me no option. I simply had to confront her.

A pang of jealousy passed through me yet again, as I approached my wife Kavita. My adulterous wife.

She was still dressed in the same blue nightie.

She was facing the stove, her back was facing me and I didn't see what she was doing She didn't notice me approach her. I gently asked, "Kavi?"

She jumped and then said, "Don't creep up on me like that, Manu!"

Before I could say anything, she continued, "Do you want something?"

Last week this time, she had been feeling guilty, I thought, for her cheating on me the previous night.

Now, I couldn't tell if she felt guilty.

It did sound like she was "uncomfortable" over my presence there in the kitchen, with her. To that extent, it seemed like she did feel guilty now, as well.

I collected my thoughts and said, "Can I help with anything, Kavi?"

She spoke with some irritation, "No, Manu. I'll rather do things myself, it seems to be too much for you."

I was stung at her words. I thought I had done a good job of helping her, the previous weekend.

I continued, "Kavi, I would like to help, am sorry if I didn't do something right last weekend, I'll try do better if you tell me what I didn't do right."

She paused, and responded wearily, "It's not about doing it right, Manu. You just aren't used to these things."

"Like what, Kavi?"

"Like...looking for dust and sweeping, wiping off dust. I saw dust everywhere when I got back last Sunday."

I should have expected this, perhaps. I had been far more distracted on Sunday when I swept and wiped the floors, compared to Saturday. And I hadn't done any inspection of the shelves or other areas.

"I'll watch out more next time Kavi. But in the meantime, is there anything I can help with now?"

"Not right now, Manu. Am making khichdi for us, and boiling eggs for Prem. I can handle breakfast making today. Thanks!"

After she said this, she paused, and almost as an afterthought, she walked over to me, smiled and kissed me on my cheek.

Her smile was weak. I could tell she was struggling with inner emotions, but I didn't want to push her. Despite her brazen behavior over the past 16 hours, she was feeling some amount of guilt, I was sure.

Kavita asked me to put out the plates for breakfast. I did that, and we had breakfast a short while afterward. Kavita served breakfast for the 2 of us, and then went to have her bath.

She rejoined us as we were finishing up breakfast. She had dressed in a chiffon saree with a black sleeveless blouse, and was looking fresh and gorgeous. Her blouse was cut low enough to reveal some of her deep cleavage.

I hurriedly washed up and came to serve her breakfast. Amir washed up right afterward, and went and sat on the double-seater sofa, flipping TV channels.

I went and sat on the sofa, on one of the single-seaters. I was still wearing the pink short-sleeve pyjamas.

I sat on the sofa for a while, idly reading the newspapers. I was trying to think if there was any way I could salvage the situation, before our marriage completely broke down. Whichever way I tried to approach it, I couldn't see how I could pull it off.

Presently, Kavita finished up her breakfast and came towards the hall. She spoke addressing me, "Manu, can you do the dishes please after your bath?"

I had already had my bath, when I had woken up.

I mumbled that. I was feeling embarrassed to admit it in front of Amir. I had been shaving my underarms and legs during my bath, afraid of being slapped around by Amir again.

She said, "What did you say, Manu? I couldn't understand."

Going red, I said slowly, "I already had my bath today, Kavi."

She looked at me quizzically and asked, "When?"

Still blushing with shame, I answered, "Right after I woke up."

She said "Oh!", and didn't say anything for a couple of moments.

Then she smiled and said, "Alright, then, can you go do the dishes now?"

As she said this, she sat down on the double-seater sofa beside Amir.

I felt yet another pang of jealousy. She was giving me work to do, and settling down next to my nemesis, the bully Amir.

I hurried to the kitchen and started washing the dishes. It took me a while: Kavita had not done the dishes from last night's cooking or dinner either. So there was a pile of used utensils,plates and cups from last night to today morning.

About 35 minutes later, I was done with the dishes. I walked back to the hall.

I was a bit tired, and wanted to take some rest and watch some TV like they were doing. But even as I got to the hall, Kavita turned to me and asked, "Are you done with the dishes?"

I answered, "Yes, Kavi."

I noted with yet another pang of jealousy that Amir had wrapped his arm around her waist, yet again.

The frostiness between them from last week seemed to have disappeared.

She looked straight at me and said, "Wait a minute."

She went into our bedroom. I stood by the sofa waiting.

She came back in a couple of minutes carrying a bucket full of what looked like worn clothes. Top most among the clothes was her blue nightie from last night.

She set the bucket in front of me and looked at me and said, "Wash these by hand. They are sensitive clothes."

She then again sat down on the sofa beside Amir.

My face grew red with embarrassment. I hurriedly picked up the bucket and started walking towards the washing machine balcony room.

She didn't even say "Please."

She didn't say "Manu.", either.

It sounded like an order.

It sounded like the way she would ask a servant to wash her clothes.

I cast my mind back to the conversation with Amir earlier this morning.

He had taunted me about my ringing the bell the previous night, and how I had "learnt my lesson" this morning.

That he was now the "Master" of the house, and I was like a "servant".

I could see a bully like Amir taunting me like that, especially after he had just enjoyed my wife in bed, twice in the span of about 16 hours.

But it was far worse, thinking that Kavita, MY wife, was now beginning to regard me, treat like a "servant". And worse, in front of the bully Amir.

She might have just been curt because she was watching something on TV.

But given the injuries my ego had suffered in recent times, it sounded like she was giving instructions to "the servant" with the "master" watching.

I sat on my haunches and started washing the clothes, starting with her blue nightie from last night.

As I feared, dreaded, I found whitish splotches on the inside of her nightie, in the lower section of the garment.

Once again, like last week, the semen Amir had unloaded in her, last night, and today morning, had run down and out of Kavita's privates, and has stained her dress at multiple places.

I smelled the nightie. I could hardly smell Kavita's smell. It smelled more of Amir's nauseating body odor. Had he just lifted her nightie up and penetrated her?

Unlike the black mini-skirt, this garment was wider and bigger, and the washing of the stains took longer.

I stood up and hung up the nightie so it could start drying, and got back on my haunches, proceeding to wash Kavita's undergarments.

There were multiple days' undergarments in the bucket. Apparently she had missed washing her clothes during the week. I guessed she missed doing it on Thursday on account of her headache.

I then came to the black mini-skirt and the "cropped" blouse she had worn on Wednesday night. She had originally worn the tank top blouse that Amir had got for her, but it wasn't in the wash bucket. I assumed she had not put it for washing for some reason, since she appeared to have missed her Thursday washing cycle.

The black mini-skirt was, thankfully, stain free. I breathed a sigh of relief. So Kavita had not had sex with Amir on Wednesday night, when she wore the "cropped" blouse with me in bed as a defiant gesture, and had later opened the door for him after I had gone to sleep.

I added the black mini-skirt to the bucket of washed and rinsed clothes, and got to the "cropped" blouse.

The blouse was messier than I had expected it to be, given Kavita had only worn it briefly.

There were whitish splotches on the shoulders of the blouse, all the way down to the breast cups.

Disturbingly, these splotches seemed familiar.

They looked eerily similar to the splotches I had just washed a short while earlier, from Kavita's blue nightie.

My stomach dropped as I took in what this might be implying.

It was terrifyingly humiliating, when I thought about it in the context of Wednesday night.

On Wednesday night, I had tried to make love to Kavita, but had found it hard to maintain my erection. And she hadn't responded much, either.

In desperation, I had begged her to wear something else, not something that reminded me of the bully Amir.

She had then taken off her tank top blouse and bra, and put on this blouse.

After doing all that, she had still avoided sex with me, that night.

At/around the same time, Amir had been enjoying sex with his colleague. Or so he had claimed.

Later that night, Kavita had let Amir in, after I had gone to sleep.

I hadn't been there to see her let him in.

All I had was the blouse she had been wearing then: I had it in my hands now, and it seemed to be stained with splotches of Amir's semen.

My ears went red with shame, as I digested the humiliating implications of Kavita's known behavior with me that night, and her apparent behavior with Amir later that night.

If this had happened on Wednesday, then what happened on Friday night and today morning weren't really surprising.

Amir had gloated to me earlier the previous week, "I OWN her pussy."

It had sounded then, like the idle boast of a bully. A bully trying to mentally disintegrate my psyche, my ego. Especially in light of the evidence of his apparent bluff over the flowers strewn on his bed the previous Friday. Kavita would never behave "slavishly" for him like he had gloated, I had told myself then.

Would she never do so?

It seemed like she was already doing so.

I sighed deeply, and proceeded to hand-wash the semen splotches off her "cropped" blouse.

Like with the blue nightie, the stains seemed harder to remove. Even though the blouse itself was comparable in size to the black mini-skirt, the splotches seemed to have "dried" into the fabric, like a tea stain.

I washed the blouse as best as I could, and hung it out to dry.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 14 Pt. 2

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 14 Pt. 2

I was exhausted. I had been sitting on my haunches for the over an hour.

I wiped my brow, and approached the hall on tired legs.

Kavita and Amir were sitting next to each other on the double-seater sofa. They were still watching TV. Worryingly, Kavita's arm was around Amir's shoulder.

I had, till then, only seen Amir put his dark hands over her fair skin. I hadn't seen my lovely wife put her arm around him. Until then.

It was yet another knife wound on my psyche.

I walked around to the front of the sofa and told Kavita that I had finished washing and hanging the clothes.

She got up from the sofa and walked briskly towards the balcony room where the clothes were hanging.

I followed her on tired legs. I was physically tired, and couldn't think of why she was going to the balcony room.

When I got there, she had already removed her "cropped" blouse from the clothes line. She was inspecting her blue nightie.

Presently, she took the nightie off the clothes line as well.

She brought them both to me, and held them out one by one.

First she held out the "cropped blouse", and pointed to a couple of spots on it. Then, she did the same with the blue nightie.

These were both areas on the clothes where the splotches had gone in deep, and the marks were visible faintly.

They weren't prominently visible. Yet, Kavita gave them both to me and said in a cutting voice, "Manu, please wash them thoroughly if you are going to offer to wash them. I don't like to put on clothes dirty after washing, or clothes with soap stains."

My eyes welled up with tears as her words sunk in.

She knew as well as I did, that they were semen stains, not "soap stains".

She was criticizing my washing of the semen stains on her clothes as though I was a "servant" not doing his job well.

I hung my head, averting her eyes and nodded.

She seemed to have noticed my hurt reaction, though. Her voice softened as she spoke next,

"It's OK, just rinse out those spots and hang them out Manu, you don't have to rewash them."

She patted me on my shoulder and made to leave the balcony room.

As I turned to get down on my haunches again, I felt for an instant, her soft lips against the back of my neck.

I turned to look at her, but she had already turned and was walking away.

Did I imagine it?

I got down on my haunches and soaped out the two spots she had indicated, and then rinsed them out as she had said. I still couldn't see much of a difference. It seemed like the sort of fabric where stains would go away after multiple washes.

Still, I finished rinsing the 2 garments, and hung them up to dry again.

For a brief instant, I contemplated if I should ask Kavita if she wanted to inspect the clothes again. I dismissed it, as I was feeling somewhat tired.

I walked back towards the hall and noted Amir was sitting by himself.

I glanced at the kitchen: Kavita was there. She appeared to be starting to prepare lunch.

I walked in and said, "Kavi, I've rinsed the clothes and hung them out to dry again. Can I help you with something now?"

She gave me a misty look, and to my complete shock, walked up to me and kissed me tenderly on my lips.

She then said, "You're a sweetheart, Manu. You must be tired. Are you sure you don't want to take some rest?"

I was tired, but I didn't want to go lie in bed, and I wanted to avoid the company of the bully Amir.

And there was a part of me that still hoped to appeal to Kavita's loving, caring, sensitive and rational side.

I still hoped if I hung out around her as much as I could, she would appreciate me better.

I said, "Not that tired, Kavi. Can I cut up onions or vegetables, roll out chapatis?"

She continued smiling tenderly, and said, "Am making a rice based lunch, so only onions and vegetables need to be cut. If you can help out with those, that would be just great!"

I did those tasks and went and sat on the sofa, on weary legs.

Amir was sitting there by himself. I tried to avoid meeting his eyes, as I had been doing for a while now.

Still, I took a glance in his direction when his eyes seemed to be on the TV. I felt yet another pang as I saw what seemed to be a lipstick mark on the left side of his neck.

Kavita had been sitting beside Amir for well over an hour. Regardless of what may have happened in the past, I was sure, now, that she had kissed him.

That is how, I was sure, that lipstick mark had gotten there. After the events of last night and today morning, this was no longer a "mind game" being played by the bully Amir.

My sweet wife Kavita had kissed him on his neck. Lovingly, probably.

Like she had kissed me a short while earlier.

While her tender kiss in the kitchen seemed genuine, I couldn't deny that she had probably, intentionally, kissed Amir as well.

Did she love me, still?

If she did, was she also falling in love with Amir at the same time?

It didn't make me any less jealous, the thought that she might be in love with both of us at the same time.

It didn't feel any better than the thinking that Amir was "stealing" her from me, that I was losing her to Amir.

I reflected on Kavita's behavior for a while, not really paying attention to the TV.

I lost track of time after a while. I was brought out of my trance by Kavita, who walked up and announced that lunch was ready.

We went and had lunch. I was quiet by and large. I had almost totally lost my voice in the presence of Amir. Thankfully, Kavita kept her distance from him during the meal.

After the meal, Amir and I went back to sit in the hall.

Kavita joined us in a minute, and came up behind me and stroked my chest and said, "Aren't you tired, Manu? You look tired."

I was grateful for her attention, especially in front of the bully Amir. I gratefully answered, "A little, Kavi. I wouldn't mind a nap."

She said, "Take a nap then, you don't have to worry about dusting the shelves or sweeping the floors now. You're already tired."

I gratefully got up, and walked towards our bedroom. Kavita followed me in.

I lay down on the bed, and turned towards her. I was wondering if I should discuss what she had done last night, and today morning with Amir.

Amir was still sitting in the hall, I was sure. I didn't want him to overhear our conversation, and there was the risk that it would get loud.

As I mulled over whether to close the door, my attention went back to Kavita. She hadn't yet joined me in bed, but was instead, combing her hair in front of the mirror.

It hit me with a jolt. I had assumed she was going to join me in bed for the nap. But it looked now like she was planning to go out. Leaving me behind at home.

Nervously, I probed, "Are you going out, Kavi?"

She was putting on a fresh layer of lipstick. I gulped as I realized it was the same color as I had seen on Amir's neck.

She finished applying it and answered, "Yes, Manu. Prem and I are going out for a movie."

I felt cheated, deceived, manipulated. She had got me to take a nap, without informing me that she was going out with Amir. Yet again. This was becoming a "regular" feature of our weekends. I was aching for the times when her weekends would be spent with ME.

She had apparently caught sight of the pained expression on my face, in the mirror.

She approached me with a softened look on her face and said, "Prem wanted all 3 of us to go today, Manu. I told him you looked quite tired. The 3 of us will go for a movie tomorrow, OK?"

She stroked my chest and kissed my cheek again. I felt the stickiness of her freshly applied lipstick. I wanted to feel it, but she turned and picked up her hand-bag quickly, and walked out of our bedroom.

I followed her out. I was hopelessly in love with her still, I knew. Even if I knew she was "two-timing" me, openly.

Amir was standing and ready to leave. He had put on a sleeveless t-shirt, which didn't make me feel good at all. It was like telling me he was going to be flaunting his physique and my wife at the same time, in public. So people could know my wife was "going around" with this muscular hunk.

He swiftly put his arm around her waist, and they walked out of the door, closing it as he left.

Before I could say anything to Kavita.

I hurriedly went to our bedroom and got out of the ridiculous pink pyjamas.

I then put on my shorts and a t-shirt, and hastened to the balcony.

As I got to the balcony, Kavita and Amir were walking towards his bike. His arm was no longer around her waist.

They seemed to be keeping a dignified distance in public.

At least, Kavita wasn't letting him "flaunt" his intimacy with her in public. Like he had been doing in front of me, and like I had seen in his photo albums.

I was immensely relieved to see that. So other than Arun, that neighbor's college going son, it was possible that the rest of our neighbors hadn't seen anything glaringly suspicious.

Arun too hadn't seen anything, but he had been at our door last night, when Kavita had been in bed with Amir, moaning loudly.

I had been greatly embarrassed then, but his reactions seemed to suggest he hadn't heard anything. I hoped dearly that he hadn't heard anything.

As I made my way back into the room, on a hunch, I went and looked at myself in the mirror.

I could see the faint marks of Kavita's lipstick from when she had kissed me a short while ago.

I sighed deeply, and lay down in bed, continuing to reflect on the developments since last evening.

Kavita's behavior was totally perplexing, to me.

At one time, she seemed to be joining in with Amir, in humiliating, embarrassing me.

Surely she knew last night that someone was at the door. She may even have heard Arun's voice, though I had some doubts. His voice may not have carried that far given we were in a partly "open" corridor. I wasn't even sure if the ringing of the bell would have been audible in the bedroom.

But surely she knew it had to be me who had been ringing the bell repeatedly.

It was almost like she was joining in with Amir to tell me, "DONT disturb me when I'm making love with my boyfriend, Manu!"

I got nauseous as I imagined her telling me those words. I hurried to the bathroom and got there just in time.

I flushed the toilet and washed my mouth out. I felt a little better now.

Maybe my nausea was more a result of tiredness.

Kavita had been quite tender, caring towards me after she had apparently seen the hurt expression on my face.

She wasn't totally in cahoots with Amir.

Still, it didn't stop her from giving me a bucket with her clothes in front of Amir, and telling me to wash them. Clothes both she and Amir knew, had been soiled by Amir with his semen.

I couldn't understand her behavior at all. When viewed from some of her actions, it seemed like I had totally lost her respect, her love.

When viewed from some other of her actions, her choices, it looked like she still cared for me.

I lay dazed for a while, trying to clear the confusion in my mind. My tired body eventually got the better of my confused state of mind, and I had fallen asleep without knowing when.

I didn't realize how tired I had been until I eventually woke up. As it happened, it was to the sound of my ringing cellphone.

It was from a number I vaguely recognized, but didn't have on my dial list. I looked around as I picked up the phone, it had become dark. I answered, "Hello?"

I heard Kavita's voice on the line, "Manu? Kavi here. We went out to eat after the movie, and my cell phone battery died. Prem's battery also had died, so am calling from the restaurant's phone. Can I get you something to eat for dinner?"

I got the sickening feeling that this was the same Mughlai restaurant I had gone to pick up Rogan Josh the previous Friday, for Amir. When that manager had totally embarrassed me, and I had come home to hear the sickening sounds of Amir making love to my Kavita.

I hadn't called them in the recent past, but we had been to the restaurant before, and it's phone number seemed vaguely familiar.

I dully asked her to get Baingan Bharta for me, and 1 or 2 Rotis. She asked, "Are you hungry Manu? Sorry it's late, we'll be back soon OK?"

I told her it was alright, and hung up.

I looked around, and glanced at the bedside clock. It was 7:30 PM.

I got out of bed, and lumbered to the hall. I turned on the TV and dully watched TV. I was starting to feel hungry.

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The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 14 Pt. 3

The Unwanted (?) Houseguest Ch. 14 Pt. 3

It was 8:45 when Kavita and Amir finally came home. They each had a bag with them.

Amir took his bag with him to his room, while Kavita set the other bag on the dining table. It appeared to be the food she had got for me, for dinner.

Kavita apologized to me for the delay, and hurriedly set food out for me into a plate.

I noticed from the packaging that as I feared, it had been the same Mughlai restaurant they had been to.

My stomach felt a sickening thud, as I visualized that supervisor welcoming my wife Kavita and 'her boyfriend' Amir Ali. I imagined him telling her about what had happened last Friday. Would he tell her? If he did, how would Kavita react?

They would probably have a laugh together, at my expense.

Kavita and Amir must have planned to go there tonight, before-hand itself. They must have called and made a reservation. And they must have planned to leave me at home all along.

I didn't feel like eating much. I picked at my food for a while, and finished up my dinner. I didn't even feel like watching TV. I excused myself and went straight to bed.

Given how she had behaved in the afternoon before they went out, I was sure Kavita would have noticed that I didn't each much. I was sure she would come to bed shortly afterward, and ask me if I was OK.

I was wrong yet again. I waited in bed for around 30 minutes. The TV was still running in the hall. I guessed she was watching TV and hadn't noticed that I had picked at my food.

I felt thirsty, partly on account of my dry throat, and partly on account of my having lost my appetite.

I got up from the bed and tiptoed towards the hall.

Before going into the hall, I decided to peek into the hall, without revealing myself.

I edged sideways until the double-seater sofa came in my vision.

Kavita was sitting on Amir's left, closer to our bedroom.

His left hand was over her shoulder, and his arm was under her saree, exactly where her left breast would be.

He was fondling her as they watched TV. Yet again.

No wonder she didn't see me not eat much, I thought to myself. She was waiting to sit with him on the sofa, and give him more opportunity to fondle her, and turn her on.

I guess she hasn't had enough of him for the weekend, I sighed to myself.

It was a very defeating feeling, right on the back of Amir having taken her in bed twice over the last day.

I quietly walked across to the kitchen and drank some water.

As I walked back, I observed a red mark on Amir's neck: the mark of Kavita's lips, her lipstick, that I had now come to recognize. My stomach dropped as I tried to fight back my emotional reaction, thinking about WHY she might have kissed him. It pained me to think that she was going around kissing him without reason, because that would mean she may no longer love me.

I went back to bed and tried to stay awake. I was afraid they would start making love again. I didn't think I would be able to stop it any more, even by being at home. But I didn't want to find out about it LATER, by finding semen stains on her clothes.

My speculation turned out to be inaccurate, yet again. Kavita joined me in bed 10 minutes after I had gone to drink water.

I didn't know what to do now. Surely, she knew by now that I knew about her sessions in bed with Amir.

Should I confront her now? I had wanted to confront her last night itself.

I turned to face Kavita. She was lying in bed, facing me already.

She was still wearing the blue chiffon saree with the black sleeveless blouse. The same clothes she had wore when she had gone out with Amir, earlier today.

I felt a wave of resentment come over me again. She had slept with Amir at least 3 times, maybe more, since his arrival.

And she was lying in bed with me now, without a trace of guilt on her face that I could see.

A part of me wanted to confront her as I had planned, to start a fight in bed.

That would probably drive her straight into Amir's arms.

If there was one thing I wanted to avoid more than anything else now, it was the specter of losing Kavita permanently, on account of Amir.

As I lay trying to figure if this was a good time to confront her, Kavita spoke up, "You didn't eat much, Manu. Are you OK?"

So she had noticed.

Still, I wasn't quite happy with her inquiry. Her voice didn't sound like she was concerned, to me. Maybe it was my jealousy and frustration speaking.

Maybe I was irritated that she didn't ask me when I was having dinner. I blurted out bitterly, "Oh, you noticed, Kavi?"

She sensed the obvious bitterness in my voice and asked, "Are you upset about something, Manu?"

A wave of bitterness came over me.

She had been in bed with Amir twice over this weekend. Already. And she had been in bed with him the previous Friday as well. And she was asking me if I was upset?

I tried to stay calm, and avoid that topic directly. I wanted to give her a chance to confess on her own, or tell me a blatant lie which I could use to then confront her with the truth.

I instead asked tangentially, "I hope you had fun with Prem at the movies and at dinner."

She looked at me and guardedly answered, "Yeah."

She usually talked more when she had fun. I knew she was being guarded from her one word response.

I spat out bitterly, "Well then, there's no problem. You're happy spending all weekend with Prem like you did last weekend. Why should I have a problem? You go out with Prem. You have fun at the movies, or dinner, or wherever you want to go, with Prem. Who am I to have a problem?"

I knew I had made this into a confrontation. I regretted my tone as soon as I spoke those words.

She was silent. Trying to ease the tension, I continued, feebly, in a shaky voice, "I mean, it's like you don't want to spend time with me Kavi."

After that follow-up, I thought it might not be too bad, as Kavita would know I was missing her company at least, not to mention the fact that she was being unfaithful to me, and it was not a "one-time mistake".

I lifted my face to face her. I tried to not betray my hurt feelings. As I scanned her face, I slowly realized that my words had not had the effect I hoped they would have.

Kavita seemed to be breathing deeply, as she did when she got angry.

She finally spoke, "Three things, Manu."

After a pause, she continued, "First off, we were going to go out together tomorrow, weren't we? So I wasn't planning on not spending time with you at all."

That was true. But she was still spending more time with Amir. Both weekends, she would have been in Amir's company nearly ALL the time.

I started articulating that, saying, "Yes, Kavi, but..."

She interrupted me with an icy tone, "Let me finish, Manu."

I went silent as I let her finish speaking.

She continued, "Second thing: when was the last time we went out to a movie, or dinner, or somewhere fun, where YOU initiated and organized everything?"

I went speechless with shame. It was true, that I couldn't recall this happening in the last 3 months. Work had kept me busy, and my own insecurity over Kavita had, in general, caused me to 'shield' her from other men by not taking her out as much as I perhaps should have.

She scanned my sheepish expression. But before I could say sorry, she continued, now in an angry tone, "Yes, Prem took me out to a movie and dinner, and I had fun. You won't take me anywhere anyway. So if Prem offers to take me somewhere, I goddamn well will go and have fun, deal with it!"

I waited for a few moments so I could apologize, after making sure she had finished speaking.

She had however, after speaking her words, sat up on the bed, and picked up her pillow and a blanket.

She took these now as I stared open-mouthed, and walked towards the hall.


Under the pretext of this fight?

My heart was in my mouth as I got off the bed. Even as I did, I heard Kavita's voice address Amir angrily, "Move!"

I hoped she meant for him to move on the sofa. I walked out to the hall, and saw Amir now sitting down on a single-seater sofa.

Kavita put her pillow on the double-seater sofa and lay down on it.

I tried to ignore Amir's presence, as I approached Kavi and tried to entreat her to return to bed.

I tried requesting her in a caring manner, "Kavi, please don't sleep on the sofa, it isn't good for your back."

She didn't respond.

I then caught her hand and tugged at it lightly and asked, "Kavi?"

She responded in a cold manner, "Leave me alone, Manu. Am sleeping here tonight."

I tugged at her shoulder and begged again, "Please, Kavi. Am sorry for what I said."

At this point, I felt a cold arm put pressure on my shoulder.

It was Amir. He told me softly, yet with menace in his voice, "Leave her alone. Let her sleep here tonight."

I got irritated by this bully ordering me around in front of my wife.

I ignored him and shook Kavita's shoulder, and tried again, "Kavi please? Am sorry."

Amir increased the pressure on my shoulder and said, "Leave her alone."

He had touched a nerve. Who was HE to interfere in my domestic issue with MY wife?

I tried to forcefully push his arm off my shoulder.

Perhaps I had underestimated my own strength, or perhaps Amir didn't expect it from me, after all the bullying he had been doing.

I had pushed Amir off forcefully enough that he stumbled backwards and started falling backwards. He barely managed to not fall, by supporting himself against the wall.

Almost instantly, my attention switched from trying to cajole Kavita into getting up, to the reaction of this bully.

I turned and started covering my face, but I wasn't fast enough. He slapped me with full force, causing me to recoil.

I was burning with fury. He had slapped me around several times before. But this was the first time he had slapped me in front of my wife, or in her presence.

My hands and feet trembled with rage as I tried to take him on. My hand came in a sweeping motion trying to slap him back.

He caught me midway, and twisted my arm behind my back, swiftly catching my other arm too. My mind recalled the humiliating experience the first time he made me shave my underarms. He had pinned me in a similar manner, then.

My face was red with humiliation, at being overpowered in front of my wife.

I tried to kick him with my leg. At this, he kneed me from behind in the knee of my standing leg, causing my knees to buckle.

He pushed me to the floor to a kneeling position, my hands held behind my back. Like he had done the other day.

I started dreading that he would rip my balls out in front of my wife, or try to, or threaten to.

Presently, Kavita finally spoke up, "Guys, if you want to fight, can you go somewhere else and fight, please? Am trying to sleep here."

The coolness in her voice cut right through me.

She seemed totally indifferent to the fact that this muscular bully, whom she had invited to stay over, had just humiliatingly slapped me, and then pinned me down physically, making me helpless.

She didn't ask us to stop fighting. She asked us to go fight somewhere else.

And she didn't even show any displeasure at Amir, for humiliating me in this manner.

I couldn't move away in any case. I spoke out in a hoarse voice, "Kavi, Prem's holding me down."

She spoke up in a soft manner, addressing Amir, "Release him please, Prem."

He released me. I crept a short distance along the double-seater sofa on my knees, trying to put some distance between Amir and me.

I got up on my feet near the other end of the double-seater sofa, and turned.

I felt too humiliated to resume fighting. I knew I would only lose, if I resumed the fight. I turned back and looked at Amir. He was watching me with his arms crossed across his chest.

I stumbled at first, then hurried to our bedroom, moving sideways, watching Amir. I was afraid he would resume the fight on his own.

Mercifully, he did not resume the fight.

I hurried into our bedroom and closed the door. I bolted it from the inside, in case Amir changed his mind.

Alone and feeling safe, I walked on trembling knees to the bed, and lay down.

After tonight, Kavita would have lost all respect for me as a man.

Amir and I had just had a confrontation in front of her. And I had ran away from it, like a coward.

Leaving my wife Kavita alone, in the company of that muscular Muslim bully, Amir.

I gulped thinking of what could be happening right now.

But I was too afraid to look.

I was afraid that if I looked, Amir might resume the fight.

Maybe Amir might be having sex with my wife Kavita right now.

But it wouldn't do any more damage than he had already done to our marriage.

And so I helplessly lay down and waited for tiredness and sleep to overcome me.

It took quite a while.

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manu is a pathetic excuse to be born a person with a DICK!!! be superior physically is all that a women want in men is it ?? i thought they liked those men who fought for them against unwanted advances.. Story is way beyond fantasy where he cant even throw the street dog out of his house, how disgusting.. dude i hope you can come up with an ending where this wimpy husband tries to save his face by atleast throw the slutty whore out of his house and stand up to self proclaimed alpha male. its way beyond humiliation!!

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Dear Crazykernel,
I do agree with your comment. However, you must remember that in Manu's own eyes, he sees himself as being a very loving person who tries to get his wife back despite how she humiliates him. He is obviously scared and pathetic and so conservative that he fears his family problems being known to his other family members. I am not justifying his actions, just stating Manu's viewpoint.

For first-time readers: I have to warn you that the forced humiliation only starts to increase from this point till the chapters written by Indiansubmale end. Whether I will change the course of the story when I try to continue it, is something that you need to wait and see.

Originally Posted by crazykernel13 View Post
manu is a pathetic excuse to be born a person with a DICK!!! be superior physically is all that a women want in men is it ?? i thought they liked those men who fought for them against unwanted advances.. Story is way beyond fantasy where he cant even throw the street dog out of his house, how disgusting.. dude i hope you can come up with an ending where this wimpy husband tries to save his face by atleast throw the slutty whore out of his house and stand up to self proclaimed alpha male. its way beyond humiliation!!

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