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Old 22nd September 2015
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Life of Justin Thyme "Runner-up AMA 2015" (Completed)

This story is a tribute to my friend who passed away last year. So, i want everyone of xossip to read this story.

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Old 22nd September 2015
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prince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps database
Update 01

My parents had a weird sense of humor! My name is Justin, and my twin sister is Rosemary. The last name? Thyme. I guess I should be grateful. They could have named me Sage or Parsley. Needless to say, those names were an albatross about our necks the whole time we were growing up. They didn't keep us from having friends, but the constant teasing grew old a long time ago.

I'm nothing special, just your run of the mill high school senior nerd/tech geek, slight of stature and build. I ran cross-country and the two mile in track, but otherwise was not in to sports all that much. Rosemary on the other hand was into volleyball and soccer, having played soccer since she was 5 years old. I started playing then, too, but I got bored with it early on. I was much more interested in taking things apart to see why they worked, which had disastrous consequences when I took apart our brand new projection TV, back when they were the new thing on the market.

Fortunately, the TV repair guy was able to put it back together. I hadn't broken anything. In fact, I had laid the pieces out so neatly it was easy for him. He let me watch what he was doing with the absolute promise I would never take apart anything else in the house. He saved my life when he told my father how neatly I had done everything, and promised to bring by some electronics that had been deemed unrepairable or unworthy of repair so I could tinker on them. I think I was eight at the time.

When I was twelve I started riding my bike over to his shop and he let me "work" with him on repairing things, and taught me how to read a schematic and to use electrical meters and other tools. By the time I was fifteen I could work on about anything, and had a room full of gadgets and an awesome sound system; All of which I had either rebuilt, or in some cases built up from scratch for myself.

I started building out sets for friends and selling them, which made me some nice pocket change, and a name for myself. Plus, I started working at Jim's Electronics as soon as I was legal at 16. Our school had a great Industrial Arts program, with a variety of course tracks we could follow.

Woodworking and Architectural Drafting didn't interest me, and the Electronics/Electrical classes were all very elementary to me, but I took them anyway, just because Dave Hulvey, the teacher was a cool guy, and he had a cute daughter. Mr. Hulvey knew his class was not going to teach me anything, so he allowed me to use the equipment and design and build my own computer as a class project, provided also helped mentor some of the other kids in the class. I pulled an A in the class with no problems, and came out with what at the time was a better computer than you could buy off the shelf. Some of the things I had in there didn't come out on the market for two years.

What really made me the hero as far as Janelle, Mr. Hulvey's daughter was concerned was when I rescued the Junior Class Play. On Thursday evening, right after school, during dress rehearsal the sound system blew, and there was no way to call someone in to work on it. Actually, the system was older than Methusaluh's housecat, and should have been given a good Christian burial a long time ago. It used TUBES for goodness sake! I was in the electronics room tinkering on my computer when Janelle came running in looking for her father.

"Where's Daddy, Justin?"

"He left early. Said he was taking your mother out tonight to celebrate their anniversary."

"Oh, no. I forgot! Now, what do we do?" She sat down in her dad's chair and held her face in her hands and started crying.

"Hey, now. What's the problem?"

"The sound system in the auditorium died. We can't go on with the dress rehearsal without sound, and we really need the rehearsal."

"Want me to take a look?"

"Can you do anything with it? Would you be allowed?"

I smirked. "With that old thing? I don't know, but I can take a look."

Janelle slumped her shoulders as she stood up. "I guess it can't hurt. You can't break it any worse than it already is." Slowly she walked out of the room as I gathered a few tools and followed a few seconds later. Walking behind her was never a chore anyway! I loved watching her ass move as she walked. She was so dejected I don't even think she was aware I was following, otherwise I would have been busted.

When I arrived in the sound booth/projection room of the auditorium Mrs. Sylvester was flipping switches and pushing buttons vainly trying to get some life out of the box somehow. "Hi, Mrs. Sylvester. Mind if I take a look at it for you?"

"Do you know anything about these?"

"Not much about one that old. Mostly I deal with electronics, but it can't be too hard to figure out the problem. If it is just a tube it will be no problem, if we have one around." When she stepped out of the way I knelt down on the floor and pulled the cabinet out to where I could get a good look at it. I already knew it wasn't a tube. The smell of burnt wiring was strong in the room. "Janelle, why don't you find a way to prop that door open? Breathing these fumes can't be good for us."

Janelle propped open the door as I opened the access panel. "You know, this system is older than I am! I'm amazed it still worked." I took one look at the charred wiring inside the box and closed the panel back up. "I'm sorry, but this system is dead. The capacitor overheated and caught fire, burning the wiring out. I'm surprised it didn't set off the alarm and sprinklers!"

Janelle slumped to the floor and started crying. She had finally won the lead role, and was devastated by the news. Without the sound system there was no way to go on with the dress rehearsal, and it was doubtful they could find another system and get it installed in time for the first performance Friday night. I started looking around at the sound board and what they had available and jotted down some notes on the back of a program the sound operator was using.

"If I can get a ride to my house I can get you back up and running for rehearsal tonight, and I can have a better system in place for you to use tomorrow night. Tonight will be rather jury-rigged, but it will let you rehearse."

Janelle jumped up from the floor and threw her arms around me. "Really, can you do that?"

"I'll need about an hour before I can have you going tonight, and then I'll need to work on it afterwards and during the day tomorrow. Can you get me out of classes, Mrs. Sylvester?"

"If you can get us operating classes will be no problem!"

"I'll drive you home, if that's OK, Mrs. Sylvester?" At her nod Janelle and I hurried out to her car, and she drove me home. I sat there basically tongue-tied, riding all alone with my crush, who I don't think even knew I existed before now. When we arrived I asked her if she would please come in with me and help me gather what was needed and to carry it out. I should have asked a couple of the guys to come along but I'm really glad I didn't. They would have been a help, but they also would have been in the way. Not that I was going to do anything. I was much too shy to try.

When we walked into my bedroom Janelle's eyes bugged out. "Whoa! Where did you get all this stuff? You've got more electronics than some stores!" She looked at me suspiciously at first.

"Most of it I have either rebuilt, or some of it I built from scratch. You like?"

She walked around looking, especially at my stereo set up. "What is all this stuff, anyway?"

"Well, there is a pre-amp, an amplifier, an equalizer, a receiver, turn-table, tape deck, an old eight-track I kept just for fun, a five disk CD player, a mixer, a couple of older game systems, a VCR, and a DVD player. The pre-amp, amplifier, and the mixer I built myself because I didn't like the sound quality of what I had. The speakers," I pointed up to the corners of the room and to the subwoofer against the far wall, "are custom. I built them myself for the room size and acoustics. I also designed my own surround sound to fit the room."

"It's amazing! I never saw anything like it! Can I hear it?"

"Quickly. We don't have much time if you want to have your rehearsal." I plugged in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, not because I thought she would like it, but because I wanted to show off the sound. "Here, sit at my desk. That is where the sound is best for right now. When I go to bed I adjust it to the other side of the room."

"You can do that?"

"Sure. It's not that hard."

"Right! That's why everyone has a setup like this!" The sarcasm fairly dripped as she spoke. Just then those famous opening notes boomed out and her jaw dropped open. As the first movement opened up and the themes were presented she looked at me in awe. "I feel like I'm in the orchestra pit itself! I don't really like classical, but I could like this!"

"Close your eyes and sit quietly now." I stopped the Fifth Symphony and slipped in the disk for Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. As the richness of the quiet tones poured from the speakers Janelle just melted into the chair. Since it is a fairly short piece I allowed her to just enjoy its beauty while I gathered other equipment we would need.

"That was awesome," Janelle whispered as the last notes faded from our ears. I, who am an audiophile, sometimes forget how good I have it, and to see someone I like so much overwhelmed by the beauty thrills me. "I wish I had a setup like this."

"We had better get moving if we are going to be able to have your rehearsal. Can you grab that box and carry it out? I'll carry out this equipment." It took me two trips to get out what I needed. Janelle followed me back in for the second trip, although I didn't need her to carry anything. When we stepped into my room she pushed the door closed and gave me a big hug and kiss that curled my toes. "I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for me. And thank you for sharing your music." She gave me another kiss, just a soft one this time, but it was very nice just the same. The feeling of her in my arms, and her soft breasts against my chest stayed in my memory and fueled my imaginations for a long time. All the work I was doing was well worthwhile for that kiss.

When we returned to the school I asked Mrs. Sylvester to have a table and some extension cords brought down to the front of the auditorium. I quickly set up a temporary sound control station and ran some cables to either side of the stage and placed a speaker at each side. "This is not sufficient for your performance, by any means," I told Mrs. Sylvester, "but it should be sufficient for you to rehearse. I have some other equipment I can bring back later, but I'm going to have to hang new speakers in the auditorium and run new cables. What is in here now is too outdated for me to use with my gear. If I tried to hook the old speakers up to my amps and turn any power through them they would blow, and the old cables have so much impedance the sound is bad. It is past time for it to be updated. Would it be possible to have a couple of the guys cut class tomorrow to help me run the cable and set things up? We're going to be close on getting it all done in time."

Mrs. Sylvester agreed to arrange for two of the actors to work with me each hour of the school day, and OK'd my request to buy the cable I needed for the sound. I know it was not in the budget, but she was getting free labor and expertise. Much of the equipment we would need I had already, and had refurbished it to better than when it was new. I wouldn't give it to them, but the price was much lower than what they would be able to purchase at much lesser quality. Mrs. Sylvester was a little concerned about OK'ing purchases without going through the normal process, so we left it that if the Board of Education did not want to buy the equipment after the performance I would remove it again, and all they would be out would be the cost of the cable. I was very confident they would not want to hire contractors to replace everything after I had already put it in place at no charge. The things a kid will do for a kiss from a pretty girl!

The rehearsal went very well, and everyone was amazed at the better sound coming from a jury-rigged setup with just two small speakers. Janelle kept going on and on about the system in my room, and how good it sounded. I had several people ask if I would build systems for them, so it looked like I would generate some good business from doing this good deed. I wished I had time to build out a balanced system for the auditorium, but that was not going to be possible. The time constraint was too great, and the expense would not be approved I knew. I could still provide a much improved system though that would serve the school well for a long time.

I had no intention of attending the performance Friday night, but after setting up the new soundboard and amplifier in the sound booth and showing it to Mr. Purdy, who ran the old soundboard, he just shook his head. "Justin, there is no way I can run a board like that. You've got more gadgets and do-dads on that board than Carter's got liver pills. You're going to have to stay around and run it until you can teach me what to do." I couldn't very well just drop it on them and then leave, so Friday night found me back at the school, as did Saturday night.

I will say this for Mrs. Sylvester: She publicly thanked me and Jim's Electronics for getting the sound system up and running, saving the show. She also recommended my services to anyone wanting special sound setups, which led to more phone calls for estimates than I could handle. Just-in-Thyme Custom Electronics was born as a result, which was not bad for a 16 year old kid. I never got another kiss from Janelle, though.

I'm a bit of a late bloomer, and while I've always been interested in girls, I never took the time to pursue them. I was so busy with school, running, work, and my business that girls kind of took a back seat. It was in the spring of our senior year that I got a wake-up call, and it was Rosemary that gave it to me. Although twins, we were definitely fraternal twins. We had so little in common that some didn't even believe we were related at first.

For one thing, she is the spitting image of Mom, less 23 years. To look at Mom you know Rosemary is going to look great at 41 also. She has red-gold hair that is naturally curly, but not frizzy like a lot of red-heads are. She doesn't have freckles either, but she does have piercing green eyes that seem to reach out and grab you. Years of playing soccer and volleyball have kept her in great shape. She is somewhat reserved and quiet, but yet friendly to everyone, and doesn't have an enemy that I know of. Not a great beauty, but not one you would want to put a bag over her head either. Just a normal girl.

Me on the other hand? I look like Dad. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but neither is it anything that will get me on the cover of GQ or any other magazine. I'm a tall 5'6" in my shoes, and I weigh a whole 128 lbs of wiry muscle. Running has kept me lean and fit, but I'm no prize that the girls are clamoring for either. My hair, instead of an attractive red-gold like hers, mine was a flat, dull, straight, brown.

Rosemary and I love each other, but we really don't have all that much in common, so we don't spend all that much time together. It wasn't until the week before our 18th birthday that I had an epiphany. It was on the Friday before our birthday on the next Tuesday, and we had no school because of a teacher's workday. Rosemary had a couple of her friends over in the afternoon to swim and sun. (Here in southern Arizona we keep our pool open all year.) I walked out of my room, where I had the music blasting, to get a Coke when Rosemary's door opened across the hall and Susie walked out in her bikini, headed to the pool. Now, Susie won't be seen on the cover of Sports Illustrated, or one of the inside pages either, but still, she was female, not ugly, and did I mention the bikini?

"Oh, Hi, Justin! Say, can you show me your sound system? I've wanted to see it since you fixed the system at school." When she put her hand on my arm I swallowed hard and just nodded. We stepped into my room, and she oohed over all the stuff. "Janelle told me you played a really beautiful piece of music for her and you had her sitting where the sound was optimized. She has been trying to match it ever since, but she can't. What did you play?"

"Oh, that piece. Yeah, Pachelbel's Canon. It's one of my favorites for when I want to sit and think. Sit here at my desk, and I'll put it on for you." She sat down in my desk chair and leaned back to watch as I put the CD into the player and reset the surround sound. One of the AC vents is right over the desk chair, and the AC kicked on right then. I noticed two bumps appearing on the front of her top from the chilled air. "Lean your head back and close your eyes. Just let the music envelope you." And let me stare at your pokies without being caught perving! I watched as the music washed over her, and saw her relax and go with the music, her nipples poking out the front of her bikini, and the thought struck me that three girls had been changing into their swimwear just right across the hall from me. What could I do to watch? I'd have to give this some real thought.

The music stopped, and Susie stood up with a dreamy look in her eyes. Pachelbel can do that to you if you really get into it. It's very introspective. The other girls came out of Rosemary's room just then, and Susie turned to leave with them, but stopped and gave me a hug and said "Thanks." Maybe I was on to something else. Two girls listening to my sound system, two hugs. Coincidence? Probably, but still a nice thought.

Rosemary and Stephanie looked into the room in passing, and I knew for sure Mom and Dad weren't home! There was no way Rosemary was wearing THAT bathing suit with them around! I said something about it, and Rosemary did a little pirouette in the hallway. "You like it? Good. I'll have to take it to the lake on Memorial Day, then."

"You're actually going to wear that in public?" squealed Steph. Rosemary just grinned and walked on down the hall. I know she is my sister, but WOW! I had to adjust myself just as soon as Susie got out of sight. I had been about half hard already from looking at her pokies, but Rosemary finished it off. Now I had to get thinking about seeing into her room. I know, I know, I'm creepy, but c'est la vie.

With the girls out of the house I snuck into Rosemary's room to see if I could get any ideas. While there I might have taken a peek at their underwear just to see what size bras they wore. Rosemary's is a 36C. Anyway, I didn't see anything special about the room, not that I really expected to. We didn't have an adjoining wall or any connection. I was just fishing for ideas. All I saw was the typical girl's room with posters of guys she thought were hot, makeup on her dresser, and a bunch of stuffed animals. She isn't geeky like me and isn't into technology or anything. In fact, all she had for music was a clock radio! She had an iPod with earbuds on her bed table, but that was it. Major contrast between our rooms, and that is for sure! Mine was packed with all sorts of technology. Somehow I had to make that work for.

I went back to my room and sat down at my desk with the internet open, but I just stared at the home page. I restarted Pachelbel and thought. What was there about her room, about her in general that I could use? She was an athlete, but still somewhat of a girly girl. It had to be something unobtrusive, something she would accept without thought or hesitation. How could I introduce technology in such a manner it wouldn't tip her off or that she wouldn't reject outright. I had offered to build her a stereo system of her own, but she was not interested. Her iPod and radio were more than sufficient for what she wanted. She had a laptop, but rarely used it other than for homework. Her posters were a non-starter for sure. What could you do with a poster?

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prince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps database
Update 02

I ruled out doing something with her mirror, although the thought was appealing. It was to easily detected, and there would be no doubt as to the source. The only other thing in her room was her stuffed animals. Most girls outgrew them long before now, but she still liked having them around as decoration. But what could one do with a stuffed animal. I was stumped.

I clicked on Facebook and found a link for a tetchy friend of mine about security and I found the answer! Nanny cams! Several were designed as stuffed animals for surveillance in your children's rooms, but the animals were obviously designed for little children. I needed something much better than that, and I needed a way to be certain the camera would remain in a place with good visibility. Some of the new cameras are quite small and still have high resolution. The camera itself was not going to be the issue, the vehicle was. Quickly I took a look outside to be certain the girls would not be returning soon and surprise me and scurried back across the hall to Rosemary's room.

There was a wide variety of creatures represented, with bears predominating. Some were obviously well loved, and worn, but those were older ones, from when she was much younger. Several were fairly recent, though, and these were of a much higher quality, with near lifelike fur. Now all I had to do was find one that would fit in, and a way to keep it in a predominate place. I hurried back to my room, grabbed my keys, and took off for the mall. Normally, you cannot pay me to go to the mall, but today I had a mission.

It took some looking, trying to find something that one: would catch her eye and she would like, and two: would be adaptable, to allow me to insert a miniature camera. I wandered about in toy stores, specialty shops, import stores, department stores and any place else I thought I might find something. I didn't find a thing that fit either of my criteria, let alone both. Finally in the last store I talked with a cute young lady, who tried hard to find me what I needed. I didn't tell her about the camera, just that I wanted something beyond the average. It was she who suggested I try the gift shop at the zoo. Bingo!

I hurried over to the zoo and as soon as I walked into the door I saw it! I found a koala bear made from rabbit fur, so it had a lifelike look and feel to it. In fact, I almost didn't want to put it in the bag. To go along with the lifelike fur it had glass eyes. I was sure I could make them work for the camera. It was pricey, but I didn't worry about the price. I was buying myself a present as well as my sister. In fact, I felt badly that she really wasn't getting anything that benefited her at all. I needed to think on this a bit also.

I walked in the door from the garage, hoping to make it to my room without Rosemary seeing the bag from the zoo, but the girls were just coming in from the pool. They had obviously gone for a swim after sun-baking, because they were wet, and the air conditioning chilled them instantly after being in the sun. I was immediately faced with three girls with nipples protruding beautifully in their bikinis. Of course, they all saw the bag in my hand and wanted to know what was in it. I would not say, of course, but it caused them to stand in front of me for longer than they would have otherwise. I don't think they realized the tantalizing show they were giving me, but I had to regretfully break off the encounter before they saw something poking from my shorts.

I was hurrying up the stairs, when Rosemary helped solve my dilemma. "Justin, I forgot to ask you earlier, but my iPod isn't working right. Could you look at it for me?"

"Sure. Give it to me at supper and I'll see what's up." I hurried on to my room, feeling a great need to relieve some pressure, and then to work on Rosemary's present. I had only an hour until I had to go to Jim's Electronics to work until 9. I know, great way for a high school senior to spend Friday nights, but like I said, I'm a late bloomer, and I loved what I was doing there. First, after being sure my door was locked I carefully opened up the back of the koala bear's head and removed the stuffing sufficiently to see the back of the eyes. As I had thought they would do well for installing the camera, and as an added bonus, the nose was a perforated leather to feel lifelike, and it would work very well to install a microphone, so I could hear what was going on as well.

I had no more than closed my door before Susie started giggling. "Did you see Justin's eyes? When he saw our nipples start poking from the AC I thought he was going to lose it." Stephanie gasped and instinctively covered her breasts with her hands, even though I was already gone. She blushed a bright red. Susie just gave her a smirk. "You should have seen him when I was listening to his sound system. Don't get me wrong, I really liked it, and could sit there and listen a lot longer, but his chair is right under the AC, and when it came on I felt myself start poking. He tried hard to hide it, but he couldn't quit looking. He told me to relax and close my eyes while the music was playing, so I pretended to. I don't think he took his eyes off my boobs for a second, and he was popping a pretty good stiffy that I enjoyed looking at."

"I don't know how you can do that, Susie! I'd die of embarrassment!"

"Actually, it kind of turns me on to know I'm bothering him. I like teasing guys without them knowing that's what I'm doing."

Jim was really good to work for, and we had established a very good rapport. Due to all of the business I had brought him he paid me very well, plus I could purchase anything I wanted at his cost. Also, any electronics that came in for repair that were replaced under warranted out he allowed me to take after the manufacturer had OK disposal. This is where I had started my collection, and where I was able to scavenge parts to either upgrade or to replace defective components. He had also learned he could trust me to pay him for whatever I got, and a couple of times had allowed me to pay him over time for some rather expensive toys. Tonight, I was going to be putting together a little shopping list again. This time, though I had to tell him a little bit of a fib about the camera. I was going to tell him it was for a drone I was building. I really wasn't, but it was on my "to-do" list, and we had talked about it in the past. I knew it would go over OK.

I found a Bose Wave system with a multiple CD changer and a docking station for her iPod. It was last year's model, so Bose gave us an extra discount on it. I know Jim wanted to move it, and Rosemary wouldn't know the difference between this year's model and last's. Actually, unless you are really into this stuff you wouldn't either. I planned to attach the koala to the Bose system, and use the koala's pouch to hold the iPod docking station. I had checked, and it would fit just right.

The camera system was a different matter. The one I had wanted was out of stock, and there was no way I could get a used one. They just didn't seem to break. In the long run, it worked out just fine. I found another unit by a different manufacturer that I could make function nearly as well, and it was a bit less expensive. I'd see how this worked, and then if I ever had need to do something like this again I could upgrade if I thought it worthwhile. The camera was slightly larger than the one I had wanted, but it also allowed for real time WiFi capability, so I could actually watch it live, rather than using a DVR setup that I would have to access when Rosemary was out of the room. Hi-Def was an added plus.

At 9 I closed the store and hurried home, anxious to work on the project. I only had three days to put this together and test it before our birthday. Saturday I would be working a full shift, so I didn't have any time to spare. When I walked in the door carrying a box full of assorted gear Rosemary came bouncing down the stairs wearing an old pair of volleyball shorts. You know the kind. Really short, and tight fitting. She also had on a tight tee shirt with no bra. "Here's my iPod, Justin. You forgot you weren't going to be here for dinner didn't you. Was something distracting you?"

I stammered something, I really don't know what, as I tried to look her in the eyes. "Mom and Dad must be out again tonight?"

"Yeah. They won't be in until late. Why?"

"You don't dress like that when they are around is all."

"Oh, this?" She swept her hand up and down in front of her like a model displaying something on TV. I didn't understand what was getting in to her. The bikini she wore this afternoon, and now this, and almost flaunting it in front of me. She often went without a bra if the 'rents weren't home, but tended to stay off to herself when she did. "I just felt like being comfortable. You don't mind do you?" I'm not sure, but it seemed she arched her back just a little jutting her breasts out toward me. It might be my imagination, I'm really not sure.

"Tell me," she said quietly. "Did my bikini look alright on me this afternoon? Do you think any of the guys will notice if I wear it to the lake on Memorial Day?"

"Ok, they'll notice alright. Are you really sure you want to do that?"

Doubt came across her face as she asked plaintively, "Does that mean you don't think I looked good in it?"

"If anything, you looked to good. It was hard to remember you are my sister when I saw you in it."

"Oh, goody! Thank you!" She gave me a big hug and bounced back up the stairs to her room, and I swear I saw a wiggle I don't normally notice from my sister. And, sister or not, that hug felt pretty nice. I didn't even have to play any music for her! As soon as she closed her door I rearranged my pants, and then I walked up to my room and went to work.

Tuesday came around at last, and Mom and Dad took us out to dinner to celebrate our eighteenth birthdays. When desert came, with the requisite off key singing by the wait staff and individual cakes with a candle in the middle, each of our cakes had a key embedded in the icing next to the candle. We both looked at Mom and Dad, puzzled. Dad said, "You two have grown into very responsible young adults. Your mother and I bought a house near the university so you don't have to live in the dorms next year. Those are your keys." (That leads in to a different story for a different time.) He then reached in to his suit coat pocket and pulled out two sets of car keys. "Now these aren't new, but we thought you might like to have some wheels for getting about, and for going to school."

Rosemary squealed, and attracted the attention of everyone in the restaurant, as she jumped up and ran around the table to hug Dad, and then Mom. I being the more mature one just sat there with my mouth hanging open.

We had to make a detour on the way home to pick up our new cars. Rosemary got a Volkswagen Beetle, new generation, and I got a Mini Cooper. Both of us were as excited as we could be! As we drove home I reflected on my folks. Both of them make a pretty good buck. Dad is an electrical engineer, and Mom is a Realtor. Even so, this had to have hit their pockets pretty hard. Both of them worked long hours, and I often begrudged them working, but they were not stingy. They didn't try to buy our affection or assuage guilt for their absence by giving us things. They were, and are, very loving, caring, and generous people.

When we got back to the house, Dad asked us to go to the family room, where he opened a bottle of wine. "We couldn't toast your majority at the restaurant, because you aren't 21 yet." He poured four generous portions of an excellent vintage and handed them round. "Here's to two wonderful young people on their eighteenth birthday who make their mother and me very proud. Here's to a long, happy, and prosperous adulthood." We all clinked glasses and sipped our wine. Mom's eyes developed a bit of a leak. Did I mention I love my parents?

When we had drunk our wine I asked them to stay there for a moment, that I had something for Rosemary, and I hurried up to my room. She hurried out of the room right behind me. I grabbed her present and carried it gently back down the stairs to the family room, where she joined us just a moment later.

You know it is funny, that I who can repair the most intricate electronic device, can disassemble and reassemble a computer without looking at any instructions, can design and build my own computers, cannot gift wrap a simple present. No matter how hard I try it always looks a mess. Rosemary giggled at it when I handed it to her, as she always did. I flushed a little bit, embarrassed at the way it looked, but she just laughed at me and said "thanks."

"Don't thank me yet. You don't know but what it is an empty box."

Rosemary quickly opened it, and her eyes went wide as she looked inside to see the koala sitting on the stub of a tree branch fastened to a base, with the Bose Wave radio/cd player. She reached in gently and stroked the fur before removing it from the box to my Mother's "Ohhh!"

"Justin, is it real?"

"No. It looks like it, though, doesn't it? It is rabbit fur."

"It's beautiful! I love it! And you gave me a new radio, too?"

"That's a Bose sound system. I couldn't stand that cheap clock radio you use any more! It has a CD changer as well, and if you look in the pocket on the Koala you will find your iPod docking station built in. I really didn't need this long to fix your iPod, but I needed to keep it so I could give it to you all put together."

Rosemary scooted over on the couch and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. "That had to of cost you a lot of money!"

"It wasn't that bad. I pulled a couple of favors from Jim, and I got a good deal on the stuff. Enjoy it, but please be careful to keep it all together. I have everything built in and wired though the bear."

"I didn't get you anything like what you got me." She handed me a card. "All I got you was some tickets to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra for the Fourth of July concert."

I was flabbergasted at her gift! She knows how I love music. All kinds, but especially symphonic, and those tickets were for third row, center! It was nearly impossible to get those seats as they were for subscribers! "Thank you," I whispered. I didn't trust my voice.

"You don't have to, by any means, but I have an idea Susie would enjoy going with you. She wouldn't shut up talking about the music you played for her. I think she would enjoy it if you were to explain what is going on in the music." I nodded. I'd definitely keep that in mind.

"Tell her next time she is over I'll play Barber's 'Adagio for Strings' for her, then. If she liked Canon she will love Barber's Adagio."

"Cool. She and Steph are coming over Saturday to swim again. You can play it for her then."

Saturday! I couldn't wait! "When Saturday? I've got to do some errands, but I'll make sure to be here then." Act cool, Justin. Act cool.

"Right after lunch probably."

"OK. Cool. I might find some other stuff she would like, then also." I really didn't have anything I had to do, but I wanted to be certain I wasn't out of the house when they got there! It was like getting two birthdays in one week.

I rose from the couch and walked over to Mom and gave her a big hug and a thank you for the dinner, the car and the house for college. Then I gave Dad a big man-hug and hand shake and told him thanks, as well. I think I did a great job choosing parents. I turned back as I was leaving the room and said, "Thank you Rosemary, for the awesome tickets! That's going to be beyond belief!" then I continued on upstairs to my room.

I logged on to my computer, and entered the password for the WI-Fi in the Koala and settled in to wait. Of course, I had my music going! For tonight Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with its awesome intro, followed by Orff's 'Carmina Burana' seemed appropriate. As Beethoven's powerful chords resonated around my chair I felt the thrill and anticipation building along with the score.

After what seemed like forever, but was actually about the end of the intro my screen came to life with a wildly moving video of the interior of her room. She obviously plugged in the radio before setting the koala down. It finally settled with a mottled cream colored view that seemed to get closer and then further away. Finally, I determined what it was. She was holding the bear on her lap, and was stroking the fur. The view I had was of the front of her shirt, at belly level. Suddenly, I jumped as an eye ball appeared in the picture. I thought for sure I had been busted, but all she was doing was holding the soft fur against her face and caressing it. My heart was pounding in my chest so hard I almost missed the call.

Rosemary clutched the bear to her chest as she grabbed her iPhone and called Susie. I know she had to be excited since she didn't text. It was for only important things she actually used the phone. As the bear moved about in her lap I saw her holding the phone to her ear, and then as she got an answer she put it on speaker and dropped the phone into her lap and resumed stroking the bear's fur. "Susie, you won't believe this night tonight! First of all we went out to dinner, and when they did the birthday cake thing our cakes both had keys in the icing."

"Car keys? Cool!"

"No. House keys! Mom and Dad bought a house near campus so Justin and I don't have to live in the dorm. How cool is that?"

"Neat. How big is the house? Can I be your room-mate?"

"I don't know. We haven't seen it yet. We're all going up during spring break to take a look at it. I already plan to ask about it, though. That isn't the really cool part, though." The view of her shirt kept going up and down as she stroked the fur. I think she really liked it. "After we blew out the candles and everything, Daddy pulled two sets of keys out of his coat pocket and handed me one, and Justin the other. We got cars!"

"Ooh! Must be nice!"

"They aren't new, or anything like that, but I got a VW Bug, and Justin got a Mini Cooper." Then her voice dropped a tone. "When we got home Justin gave me the sweetest thing! Remember when he came home last Friday with the bag from the zoo?"

"Oh, yeah. That's when we could have poked his eyes out with our nipples." She could hardly finish her sentence for the giggles. "Was Stephie ever embarrassed when I told her!"

"You're such an exhibitionist and tease!" Rosemary giggled back. "Well, this is the coolest thing. Justin got me a stuffed Koala Bear made with real rabbit fur so it feels real, and built in a Bose radio, and my iPod docks in the Koala's pouch. It is just the coolest thing I've ever been given." The view was really distorted suddenly as she hugged it to her. "You know, I've got the coolest, most thoughtful brother a girl could ask for."

"Yeah, that is neat. When do I get to see it?"

"Why don't you and Steph come over Saturday and swim again? I told Justin how much you enjoyed his music, and that you would probably like to go to the Fourth of July concert I gave him tickets for. He said he might even play some different music for you here, if you wanted. He has another piece he says you will like even better than the one he played for you. You know I don't know one from the other."

"That might be fun." I could almost hear the grin in her voice. "I wonder what suit I ought to wear Saturday. Maybe the new yellow one?"

I heard a gasp. "You mean the one that turns see-through when it gets wet? I don't think so! Mom and Dad are going to be here Saturday. I can't wear my new one, you know, the one Justin liked, either." My cock lurched at their giggles.

"Oh, that spoils the fun! Oh well, we can have a good time anyway."

"I've gotta run. I haven't done a bit of homework yet. I'd better get ready for bed and study for that Vocab quiz. I can get the rest in study hall. See ya tomorrow."

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Update 03

"K, enjoy that bear."

"Oh, but I am! I just wish I could sleep with it. It's so soft!" Rosemary hanged up the phone and the movements grew violent again as she placed the bear/radio on her bedside table, and lucky me, she turned it to face the bed. As she set it in place she leaned forward and her shirt's scoop neck open until I could just almost see down it. "I don't know what to call you, you adorable thing. You look so real, I almost feel like you can see me." She reached out a hand and caressed the top of the head, then kicked off her shoes and rose to her feet. After walking over to her closet, which was just outside the edge of my view, she came back to the foot of the bed with a couple of outfits, which she laid out on the duvet and examined critically. She stuck a fingernail between her teeth and bit down on it gently as she compared the outfits, then she laid one across the back of her chair and carried the other toward the closet. I could just barely hear her mumbling, "Justin seemed to like this one the last time I wore it. Maybe I'll leave an extra button undone and see if he notices."

Justin? What was going on here? Was I missing something?

Rosemary walked out her room door, and the room was quiet for about five minutes. She flipped the light switch off as she reentered the room to my great disappointment. There was just enough residual light to see movement as she undressed and then pulled an oversized tee shirt from under her pillow and slip it her head. I could hear the bed creak slightly as she crawled in and the rustle of her sheet. What was she doing? She said she had to study. Oh, well. Maybe I could catch her in the morning.

Things brightened up suddenly when she turned on the bedside lamp, and then turned on her new radio. I couldn't stand her choice of music, though! I don't know if it was Madonna, Lady GaGa, or who. One of those types. That stuff didn't need quality sound. I could see why she thought the old clock radio was sufficient. I guessed I just had to put up with it if I wanted the view. Rosemary settled back into her bed and opened up her vocab book and started reviewing. One hand crept up to her breasts and rubbed and tweaked her nipples as she read, which looked like it might get interesting, but after thirty minutes or so she closed her book and turned out the light. Disappointed, I took my hand off my cock, turned off the computer, turned out my light and went to bed.

My alarm went off early Wednesday morning, and at first I couldn't understand why, but then I remembered. Rosemary was an early riser. I jumped out of bed and turned on my computer, entered the password for the WiFi and settled back to see what happened. There was enough morning light filtering through the shades to see her red-gold hair splayed out over her pillow and see her face relaxed in sleep. If I ever married I hoped I would wake to something like that in the mornings.

It was only a few minutes later that her alarm went off. I saw a hand snake out from the sheets and reach across to hit the snooze. Instead, it hit the fur of the Koala, and with a violent start Rosemary jumped and jerked her arm back. Wide-eyed she looked over at the bedside table to see her new koala bear. "Oh, you poor thing! You gave me quite a fright! I hope I didn't frighten you." She stroked the fur gently a few times. "You'll have to be my confidant and help me with things. You really look like you see me. It really seems like you are watching me."

Rosemary stood, and her tee shirt, one of mine actually, fell to not quite mid-thigh, and settled in the valley between her breasts. Oh, but I could stand to wake up to something like that in the morning! I felt my cock stirring, and gave it a stroke. Rosemary stretched, and the hem of the shirt crept up to just below her pussy. Grabbing her robe from the foot of the bed she quickly put it on and hurried out of the room to get her shower. I gathered my things together quickly so I would have time to watch when she came back.

It seemed like forever before I heard the knock on my door and Rosemary telling me it was time to wake up and get moving. I looked at the time, and with a muffled oath I knew I didn't have time to watch this morning. She had taken entirely too long! I had to hurry just to make it. I took one last look at the monitor as I shut it down and saw the robe dropping down her back. The screen went black just as it reached the top of her ass.

I hurried into the kitchen with just enough time to throw a couple of Pop Tarts in the toaster and to pour a cup of coffee to go with me. Rosemary breezed into the room, and sure enough, I had not imagined it last night. She had left an extra button undone. That released the tension on the shirt just enough to allow it to settle all the way into her cleavage. Yes, I certainly liked it! I had to be careful, though not to tip my hand, so I just said, "Morning. You look nice today. I like that outfit, but something seems different about it."

Rosemary gave me a wide smile. "Thanks, I've worn this one a bunch before, but I appreciate you noticing." She bounced from the room, obviously happy. I grabbed my coffee and hurried along behind her. Seemed like her skirt had a little extra swish to it today.

The rest of the week went about the same. I didn't have time enough in the mornings to watch, although I did get to see her drop her robe once and see her lovely ass. I was getting frustrated, to say the least. About the only bright spot was the way Rosemary had taken to talking to the koala. He seemed to be taking the place of a diary of sorts, except she talked to it as if she expected answers. For instance she would ask its opinion of her outfits as she chose them for the next day. Interestingly, my name popped up more than once.

Saturday, though was still ahead. The chance to see all three of the girls changing into their bikinis was something I anticipated. I went out Saturday morning, as I had intimated I needed to do, but I made sure to be home by 11:30 with a box of electronics that needed repair. At 12:00 we all gathered in the kitchen for lunch, as we normally tried to do when everyone was home.

That's one thing I really like about my parents. They aren't overbearing, but try to stay involved in our lives. Both of them work so hard, and have to be gone so much for work that when we have opportunity to be together we try to. Dad grilled some burgers, and Mom made her spinach salad. Dad opened a bottle of wine, which was unusual, to say the least. Mom looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "I just thought we could continue the celebration of the kid's majority. I think a little wine now and again at home is not a bad idea for them. I'd rather that than to have them out sneaking it when we aren't around." Mom just shrugged her shoulders and we sat down to eat. Dad did limit us to one glass, though.

"I hope you kids don't mind too much, but your mother and I have to run up to Phoenix this afternoon. I hate to run off on you again. Larry called me just a little bit ago, and he has the flu. Capitol Holdings is holding a big gala tonight, celebrating completion of the new mall. The ribbon cutting and grand opening is tomorrow, and the firm has to be represented. It was Larry's turn, but he can't go. We have to go up this afternoon so your mother can see if she can find something to wear. Obviously, we've had a break in, because your mother tells me she has absolutely nothing to wear." Mom swatted his hand across the table as he smirked at her. "We really didn't want to have to run out on you this weekend, but I really have to."

"That's OK, Dad. You guys have fun. When will you get home?"

"Probably not until after dinner tomorrow night. We can't just run off after the ribbon cutting. That is time we really can make some good contacts for future work."

"OK. The only thing is I wanted to ask Stephanie and Susie to stay the night tonight. Could I still ask them to stay?"

Dad looked over at Mom questioningly. Mom thought a moment and then said, "I guess it would be OK. You guys will be on your own soon anyway. Might as well get started now. Just don't be asking any boys over too. We want to have a house, still, when we get home."

"Cool. You guys are the greatest! I'd better text them now, before they head over here." She quickly sent out a text to the two girls, and we finished our lunch. I tried hard not to get excited and give the idea I had anything planned.

Rosemary waited until Mom and Dad were gone before texting the girls to come over. I didn't know what she had planned for sure, but was pretty sure that was so the folks wouldn't see what the girls were, or were not wearing. I know they hadn't any more than gotten out of the driveway before Rosemary hurried up to her room and changed clothes. I wished I had known what she was doing, because I surely missed an opportunity! She came bouncing back down the stairs wearing those too small shorts and a tight tee shirt without a bra again. I know I looked startled. "What's the matter, Justin?"

"What's with the change in clothes? You girls are going swimming, aren't you?"

"Oh, this. I just wanted to get comfortable before the girls get here. They aren't coming until about 3, so I just decided to change. You don't mind do you? I mean, does this bother you?" She arched an eyebrow, and again did the model thing.

"Rosemary, you are my sister, for goodness sake!"

"I don't care. Do you mean you don't like it, that I'm not attractive?"

"Of course, you are attractive." I was rather exasperated at the questioning. "You are my sister, though. I'm not supposed to be attracted." By this time I was starting to get hard, and with both hands full I couldn't do much to hide it.

"Oh good. I was beginning to think guys didn't think I was good looking or worth bothering. I never get asked out. I don't care if you notice, after all, you are my brother, and I know you love me."

"You'll have plenty of opportunity in college. High school guys don't know what they want for the most part."

"Thank you, Justin. Maybe I'm just a little unsure of myself for some reason. Something tells me you like it, though." She giggled and bounced past me into the family room. Some of the things I'd been overhearing her say kept popping into my mind as I walked up to my room with my equipment.

I had just gotten started well on laying out the new equipment on my work table when there was a tap on my door, which was open. Rosemary was standing in the door looking pensive. "Justin, I just wanted to say thank you for my koala. That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. I just love him! He looks so real, and it seems he is really looking at me. It's almost unnerving, like I'm afraid to be undressed in front of him or something, but I can talk to him and tell him anything."

I was trying desperately to keep my eyes on her eyes, but with her breasts almost on display for me it was hard, as was my cock almost.

"I know we haven't been really close like I hear about a lot of twins, but I want you to know I love you." Rosemary walked into my room and around the bed and wrapped her arms around my neck. She looked into my eyes and whispered, "Thank you. For everything. I feel so accepted by you, no matter how weird I may be."

"You aren't weird. We just seem to travel different paths, and they don't cross all that much. Of course, I love you. You're my sister. Even if you weren't I'd still love you."

Tears popped into her eyes. "Really? You would love me anyway?" The arms about my neck squeezed in an embrace that made me think of an anaconda's prey just before dinner. Her lusciously soft breasts made up for it though! Those breasts I've been dying to see all week. I know she felt my cock against her belly, but she didn't shy away, but pressed closely against me as I felt moisture dripping on my neck. Rosemary didn't let go of me, but just leaned back enough to look me in the eyes. "I've been so mixed up lately. I don't know why, but I want you to know I really love you." She suddenly leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you."

With that she turned suddenly and walked somewhat unsteadily to the door. At the door she stopped and looked back, leaning into the doorpost as if for support as she did. One boob was pressed delightfully against the post, while the other leaned against the inside moulding. "By the way, Susie likes teasing you, and don't let her know I said so, or that you notice, but Stephanie is crushing on you for some reason."


"Uh huh. Don't make fun of her for it, or let her know you know."

"I wouldn't make fun of her! Steph, me? Who would have thought of it? She's sweet."

Rosemary made her way out the door and went back downstairs to wait for the girls to arrive. I quickly logged in to her WiFi channel and then minimized it so no one would notice, but I wanted to be able to access it the moment the girls got there. Rosemary must have texted them to come on over, because it wasn't ten minutes before they drove up together in Steph's car. I looked at my clock. Only 2:17. I knew something was up. They were chattering like magpies as they came up the stairs, and I could hear Susie giving Rosemary grief for her outfit, but I couldn't hear quite what Rosemary said back, but it made Steph gasp and then giggle.

"Hi, Justin!" called out Susie as they rounded the top of the stairs. "Rosemary says you have another piece of music for me. Let me get changed and I'll be right over, OK?"

"Sure. I'll have it ready for you."

I quickly plugged in the CD and had it ready to start as soon as she came back over to my room. This was going to make it tricky, as I had no reason to close my door with her expected to return. I would have to shut down the video at the first sign someone was going to the door.

It was the conversation in the room that really got things going as soon as Susie closed the door behind her. She squealed with delight when she saw the koala. "Rosemary, that is beautiful. What an awesome brother you have to have the imagination to do something like that! He didn't just give you the stuffed animal, which is wonderful, but to build it into such a cool radio, and a dock for your iPod!"

"It feels real, and it looks like it is looking right back at you," said Steph as she stroked its fur. She put her face down against the bear and nuzzled the fur with her nose. "I wish I had a brother that was half as cool as Justin. Mine doesn't notice if I'm alive or not. I could probably go naked around the house and he wouldn't even know."

"I wouldn't suggest you do that here," Rosemary said dryly. "Justin would notice, all right! You should have seen his eyes when I bounced down the stairs like this while ago. I made sure to get the 'girls' moving when I did."

"I can't believe you did that with your own brother!" That was Steph again.

"I know. I did it first the other day, and I got such a rush from seeing him trying not to look at me. He couldn't do it. Besides, he is a good brother. It doesn't hurt to give him a treat every now and then. I get plenty from him."

"Oh, do tell!" said Susie. "What does he do for you?"

"I can't tell everything. This koala bear, though shows his thoughtfulness." I started feeling a little guilty over what I was doing. "Although there are other things he doesn't even know about." Rosemary had a grin on her face as she said this.

"Spill it, girl! What gives."

"Maybe later. That's why I wanted you to stay over tonight, but don't let on anything, or it won't work."

Now I was puzzled. What did Rosemary have going on? Had she set up something in my room? I didn't see how, as everything in the room I knew well, and none of it had come from her. She wasn't tech savvy enough to program the DVD player.

Stephanie continued stroking the koala, caressing its fur softly. I saw her face most prominently in the monitor, but had a good view of the other two in the background as well. She took a finger and smoothed the hair back away from the eyes. "These eyes are so life-like. I feel like I'm being watched."

"If it is watching you, it likes what it sees, and what you are doing," said Susie. She leaned over Steph's shoulder to stroke the fur. Her top gaped open from the top, and I could see down it to see her bikini bra, already on. What a let-down! The good thing was it was yellow. Did that mean it was the see-through one? My cock twitched at the thought.

"If we are going to get any sun we'd better get moving," said Rosemary. "We'd better get changed."

"Oh, we put our bikinis on before coming over. When you said to not come until you texted we just went ahead and got ready. What was that all about anyway?"

"This," and I saw Rosemary do the model thing with her hand again. "I needed a little time by myself to do this. I needed to know. . . ."

"Maybe we can all do that later, do you think he would like that?" Susie pulled her top over her head as she asked.

"You are kidding, right?" gasped Steph. "I don't know how you can be that way."

"I don't think so," said Rosemary. "By myself is one thing, but with others, I don't know that I could do it. I have trouble getting undressed in front of the koala! I just have this feeling it is watching me." She turned her back to it and slipped the tee shirt over her head with her back to the camera. So that explains the shyness and why I've not seen anything yet.

"I think I'll go over and let him play his music for me. You two come over in a few minutes and see if I've gotten a rise out of him or not." With a cheeky grin Susie dropped her shorts and walked toward the door.

I quickly minimized the camera and picked up a GPS unit I was 'working' on, and waited for Susie to come across the hall. When she did I nearly dropped my eyes from my head! She was wearing a yellow bikini, all right, but it was hardly there! The bottoms, what there were of them looked to be lace, with a solid panel backing it right over the pussy. The rest was mostly missing. The top was just two small triangles of cloth with what looked like heavy fishing line for the strings. She didn't have to worry about tan lines with this outfit!

"You like?" Mutely, I nodded my head. What there is of it looked nice, and it was definitely well filled.

She sashayed into my room and sat down in my chair, leaning it back as she asked, "What do you have for me today?"

I struggled mightily to meet her eyes as she arched a bit in the chair. "I thought I'd play Barber's Adagio for Strings'," I croaked. It is a different type of piece than Pachelbel's Canon. For one thing, it is fairly modern, although written in a Romantic vein."

"Ohhh. I like romance."

"Not quite that type of romance, although it is used in romantic settings. Romanticism refers to a type of music, mostly 19th century. Listen to the way the strings carry the mood." With that I started the CD and watched her listen to it for the next 10 minutes and 27 seconds. The AC didn't turn on during this time, to my relief, as I was struggling enough without having her nipples poking through what obviously was a very thin piece of cloth.

"That was beautiful. Do you have anything else like it?"

"Well, about thirty years after he wrote this he rewrote it for voices in part of a Mass, called, 'Agnus Dei'. I really like it, because it gives voice to the emotion the strings carried." I quickly switched CD's and the voices and the strains of the music filled the room, just at the same time as the AC kicked on.

"Oooh. That's pretty," and Susie leaned her head back, arching her back as she did so, and closed her eyes. I couldn't help myself. I watched as those nipples quickly hardened and stood up like soldiers in a parade. Little goosebumps appeared across her belly. Unfortunately, her nipples weren't the only things standing at attention! As the song ended Steph and Rosemary made their presence known from the doorway, and Susie stood from my chair with a very satisfied smile on her face and thanked me as she walked out the door.

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prince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps database
Update 04

Rosemary hesitated a moment before following and stepped into my room. Looking knowingly at my cock straining the front of my shorts she said, "Remember what I said about being a tease? It looks like you enjoyed it! Don't worry about it; girls like to look, too." She laughed as she turned and walked out my door. She was wearing that same almost non-existent bikini she had been wearing the other day, and I swear she wiggled her ass at me as she left.

When I was certain all three girls were in the pool I brought the camera back up, and backed up the feed. (I record everything.) I got another good look at my sister's ass, but true to what she said earlier she was shy about undressing in front of the koala. Hopefully, this would wear off soon, or I wasted a lot of time and effort, other than making my sister very happy with a nice gift. One very interesting development occurred though. As Steph took off her outer clothes she faced the koala sheepishly and pealed them slowly, as if showing herself deliberately to a lover. She spoke to Rosemary so softly I didn't catch everything, but I caught "wish" and "Justin." Rosemary just smiled at her and said, "I always ask him if he thinks Justin will like what I'm wearing." Then she colored as Steph looked at her questioningly.

Steph turned back to the koala and posed provocatively, turning this way and that showing off her new bikini to the stuffed animal. "Koala, do you think Justin will like this bikini? Oh, I hope so! I just can't show myself off the way Susie does!"

"You don't really have to. Justin has eyes. I noticed he was looking at you more than at Susie last time when we came in from the pool." Steph blushed a deep red, and covered her boobs with her hands.

"Do you really think so? I should be embarrassed, and I am, but I'm turned on by the idea as well."

"I'm sure of it. You saw how he got hard all of a sudden."

Steph hung her head. "I've never even seen a boy's penis. Have you?"

Rosemary nodded, and looking around as if to see if anyone was looking almost whispered, "Yes. I've seen Justin's." Steph gasped.

"You've seen your brother's? Is that what's going on with you two?"

Rosemary shook her head. "No. I got up to use the bathroom the other night, and when I was coming back to bed I noticed his door was ajar. He normally keeps it closed up, but I just pushed it open a little bit and he was laying there on his back. He sleeps nude," Steph giggled at the thought, "and he was dreaming something, because it was sticking straight up, and wiggling. He squirmed a little and moaned, and it twitched some more. I know I shouldn't have, but I stood there and watched it for a while."

"Cool. I wish I could have seen it. I might even be willing to let him see me if I could, but don't tell him that!"

"Oh, I wouldn't. We'd better get going, before Susie is showing!" With that they walked out of the room, and crossed the hall. I was surprised to say the least, and intrigued. Did this explain some of her actions over the last few days? This could have some interesting payoffs.

I don't swim, so for me to go down to the pool would have been obvious, but I did go down to the kitchen and get a drink, which happened to be right at the window, where I looked out. Sure enough, there were brown spots showing through Susie's bra. I couldn't see them very well from where I was standing, but they were sure enough nipples. I also made it a point to check out Steph's new bikini. It was the least I could do, seeing as she had bought it with me in mind. Steph isn't as big as either Susie or Rosemary, but with her petite frame she had what she needed in the right places, and enough to make me salivate. She is usually overshadowed by Susie's showiness, but now that I looked at her and looked carefully I really liked what I saw. I think Susie intimidates her to the point she is self-conscious and doesn't think she measures up, but I for one would be happy to let her take my measure any time.

I noticed one other thing. My sister had gotten into Dad's wine! Each of the girls had a glass of wine sitting beside them as they baked in the sun. From the looks of the bottle, it wasn't the first glass either, and since it was quite a while since anyone had anything to eat I was concerned about them, but there wasn't much I could do. I just had to be sure they didn't get into any problems or get rowdy.

I stayed back in the shadows enough that they would have difficulty seeing me. With the sunlight in their eyes it would have been very difficult to see in the window at all, and unless I moved suddenly I knew I was safe watching them. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but Rosemary and Susie were obviously trying to convince Stephanie to do something. From the way she was reacting, I'm sure it had something to do with me. She kept squirming on the chaise lounge, and opening and closing her thighs. I was getting a bit hard just watching those legs. Susie's top had dried, and I couldn't see her nipples any more when Rosemary drained the last of her wine, and the other two followed suit and the stood. I quickly stole around the corner and hurried upstairs to my room.

The camera was already on and minimized, just in case one of the girls came in, and I was anticipating a show as they changed out of their swimwear. I could hear them coming up the stairs, and heard them arguing amongst themselves, in what they thought were whispers. "Go ahead. Ask him." "I can't." "Sure you can." "You'll love it. He'll be so close you'll get a good look at it." "I don't think I can, besides, I don't have tits like you two." "That doesn't matter. You have tits. Did you ever know a guy to not look at a girl's tits." "But I'd be embarrassed." "But think of looking at his cock." A deep breath. "I couldn't do it without the wine, but OK. I'll give it a try." "Good girl. You'll love it."

I heard Rosemary's door close, and then a timid tap on my door. Opening it I saw an almost frightened Stephanie standing there. She wasn't drunk, but it didn't take much detective work to tell she had been at the wine. Her eyes almost brimmed with tears as she stammered out, "J-Justin, could I listen to the m-music you p-played for S-Susie earlier? She s-said it was beautiful and ro-romantical."

"Certainly, Steph. Are you sure this is your idea, or did they put you up to it?"

"Oh, no, they put me, I mean it's their, my idea. I'd like to l-listen to it. I d-don't know much about Classic-al music."

I smiled down into her wide eyes and gently took an arm and led her into the room. I was afraid she would bolt otherwise. I might never have another chance like this, and I'm scoundrel enough to not want to miss it. I seated her in my desk chair and told her to just relax and let the music absorb her. Little did I know Rosemary had stolen downstairs and turned the AC down several degrees to be certain it would turn on. The coolness of the house after being in the sun already had nice little bumps in her bra cups, but Rosemary didn't want to do it by halves.

Quietly I told her a little about the music and what to expect, and then I plugged in the 'Agnus Dei', which I believe is more emotionally powerful than is the 'Adagio for Strings' version. I wanted to make this as emotionally satisfactory for her as I could. As the first soft notes opened up the AC kicked on, and I saw Stephanie shiver once. She closed her eyes, but her motor skills were compromised enough that when she opened them a slit I saw it, and knew what the game was. At first I was embarrassed, but I remembered what Rosemary said about her, and I decided I would let her enjoy as much as I did. I had closed the door behind us, so I knew we didn't have an audience. I leaned back against my desk, so that my lower body was projected forward a bit, and she would have an unimpeded view of the bulge in my shorts, and I in turn looked, without hiding it, at her body.

She might not have had large boobs, but she more than made up for it with her nipples! They were long. I couldn't tell how long, but they definitely were poking through her top. At first she colored and tensed up, but as she saw my cock spring to attention she relaxed again and licked her lips as she stared at it. Her legs were parted a little bit, and I noted a damp spot appear on her bikini. On the other hand, there was a bit of a damp spot at the end of my cock as well. As the music drew to a close Steph opened her eyes all the way and looked into mine. She drew in a shuddering breath and said, "That was beautiful. Could you play another one?"

I nodded. I didn't trust my voice for the moment. "Would you like something a little different?"

"I don't care. Whatever you want to play."

I pulled out Pachelbel and put it in. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed her hand snake to her pussy and rub it a time of two, before stealing back to her side. I explained a little bit about Pachelbel and the difference in the style of music as it started. Halfway through the music she looked up into my eyes. "Justin, do you think I'm pretty?"

"Absolutely. You have nothing to worry about there!"

"Do you like my bikini? Does it attract you?"

"Steph, I don't know where this is coming from, or why, but a man would have to be blind not to be attracted to you." Normally, I wouldn't have dreamed of saying something so forward, but the day had gotten to me as well. It is probably a good thing I didn't have any wine!

"I didn't think you would care about me with Susie around, or even your sister."

"Well, first of all, Rosemary is my sister, and Susie is just showy. I think you are very lovely."

"Thank you. Now I know why Rosemary thinks so much of you. You're really sweet. Thanks for the music, and for being kind to me."

"Kind?" I think I've been anything but kind.

"Steph?" She looked up at me. "Don't ever change. Don't try to be a Susie. Just be Stephanie, and you will be all right. Trust me."

Stephanie stood shakily to her feet, with tears rolling over her eyelids. "Thank you. Thank you so much," and she stepped into my arms and gave me the sweetest hug yet. The score is music 3, no music 1, but this hug was the best yet. Stephanie walked out of the room, and I heard the door close on the other side, but I didn't even bother turning on the computer. That could wait for later. I had to savor this.

I waited about thirty minutes before going downstairs to the kitchen. I didn't know about the girls, but I was getting hungry, so I decided to order pizzas. I knocked on Rosemary's door and called out that pizza was on the way if they wanted any. It was only a few more minutes and they came bouncing down the stairs just as the pizza delivery guy was ringing the doorbell. I had not missed anything by not turning the computer back on, because the girls were still dressed in their bikinis. "Why don't you girls give the guy a thrill and answer the door," I challenged.

"I'm OK with that," said Susie, to Rosemary and Stephanie's chorus of No's. I handed Susie the credit card and let her go answer the door, but I made sure I could see what was happening. The young guy with the pizzas nearly dropped them in surprise when the door opened and Susie was standing there in her little bit of a bikini. "Oh, my, that is more than I can carry. Why don't you bring them into the kitchen for me?"

I almost fell on the floor laughing at the deer in the headlights look I received from Steph and Rosemary. The look was repeated by the pizza guy when he stepped around the corner and saw two more girls in bikinis, and a very brief one at that on Rosemary. I don't know who was more embarrassed, but I thought it funny. The poor pizza guy was trying very unsuccessfully to hide his boner as he beat a retreat for the door as soon as he got paid. Rosemary opened another bottle of wine to go with our pizza, but we limited it to one. Mom and Dad probably wouldn't care too much, but we didn't want to push it too hard.

Following dinner we sat around the table talking for a little bit, but I got bored quickly and left to return to my room and work on some of the electronics I had picked up. I locked my door, just to be on the safe side and turned on my computer when I heard the girls climbing the stairs to go to Rosemary's room. They had started to act a little frisky when we were still at the table, and from their giggling and laughter as they came up the stairs I thought things might get more interesting in their room.

All three of the girls went to the koala first thing and petted it and played with it for a few minutes. Things started getting interesting though when Steph stood in front of it and started talking to it, much like I had heard Rosemary do, but this got even more interesting quickly. She was not drunk now, but again the wine had affected her more than it did the rest of us. She started caressing her boobs and saying, "Mr. Koala, Justin likes my boobs. He doesn't think they are too small, and I think he really likes my nipples, because he stared at them when he thought my eyes were closed." I knew they were open, but she didn't know that. "His cock sure got big, and I never felt like anyone thought I was pretty before that, but Justin likes me." She started pulling on her nipples through her bikini. "I wonder how he would like it if he could see me without the bikini, but I'm not ready for that yet."

Rosemary turned on the radio to what she calls music, and the three girls started dancing and gyrating to the sound. Susie danced over in front of the koala and said, "Hey, Mr. Koala, what do you think Justin would think about this?" and she started some rather graphic moves. I can tell you what Justin thought! He thought they were hot!

Rosemary was next, "Mr. Koala, what would Justin think about his sister? Would he think she was sexy?" and she went into some rather sexy moves. Yes, Justin thought his sister was sexy, but then he always has.

Stephanie moved back over in front of the koala and said as she gyrated to the beat, "Mr. Koala, this is what I've always wished I had the courage to do with a boy, but I chicken out. You won't tell on me will you?" and she started moving her body in a sinuous rhythm that had me licking my lips. Whereas the other two had done the regular dance type moves where they thrust with their pelvises or pushed out their asses, Steph moved as if she didn't have a joint in her body and her hands stroked and caressed her breasts, belly, sides, face, and finally pussy before collapsing in a heap on the floor.

Rosemary and Susie looked at her like they had never seen her before. "Where did you ever learn to move like that? That was the sexiest thing I ever saw!" said Susie. "I'll bet if you did that for Justin he would cream his pants." She wasn't far wrong, and if it had been in person, knowing she was dancing for me I probably would have.

After this the girls just sat on Rosemary's king-size bed and talked quietly. I just left it as background noise while I worked on finding the bug in that GPS unit.

It was getting rather late in the evening, and I had about run out of patience with working on the electronics. Jim had been good enough to let me have the weekend off, when I told him I would work on repairs at home, but I wasn't accomplishing much. Too many other things were vying for my attention. I decided I was going to hang it up and go to bed early for a change, when I heard the girls say something along the same lines. I was surprised by this. I figured they would be up all night. As they were getting their things out to change for bed, yes I was watching avidly, Steph stopped and turned to Susie.

"Susie, have you ever seen a boy's penis, for real?"

"No, I haven't. No boy has ever seen me either. Today was as close as anyone has, and Justin didn't even come outside when my top was wet. I kind of hoped he would."

"Rosemary has. She has seen Justin's."

"Steph! You weren't supposed to tell anyone!"

"I thought you meant anyone else. Susie is one of us. She won't tell."

"When did you see Justin, Rosemary? Did he see you?"

"No. He's never seen me. I've thought about letting him, kind of to even things up a little, but it hasn't happened."

"How did you see him, then? Were you spying?"

"Well, the first time was by accident."

"First time? You didn't tell me there was more than one time!" Stephanie was leaning forward listening intently. "Spill it. When else did you see him and how?"

"I didn't mean to let that slip. The first time I was coming back from using the bathroom at night, and his door wasn't closed all the way. I don't know why, but I pushed it open just a little and peeked in. He had kicked the sheets off, and there it was sticking straight up in the air. He was dreaming about something, because it kept bouncing and twitching. I backed out right away."

"What about the other times?"

"I shouldn't have said anything about that. You mustn't tell anyone, or let Justin guess!" The girls shook their heads no. "I was curious about it, so I snuck over there the next night. He's such a deep sleeper that I don't think dynamite would wake him. The next time I got right next to his bed and watched it for about ten minutes. This time it wasn't hard when I went in, but then it stiffened and stood up and started twitching again. I got scared and left."

"Did you touch it?"

I saw Rosemary hang her head for a moment, and then she went on, "I snuck back in there again the next night, it was our birthday. After he had given me this koala I was so keyed up I couldn't sleep. I've got the best brother in the world, and he is so thoughtful. I snuck back into his room again, knowing now how deeply he sleeps that I thought I'd be safe, and there he lay again. He was soft, and breathing deeply and softly, so I knew he was out. I reached over and touched it; then I kind of picked it up and held it in my hand. Don't ever let him know! I'd die of embarrassment." Again the other girls shook their heads, but they were entranced by her story.

"It just felt so soft, but when I stroked it gently with my thumb it started to grow. I just let it grow in my hand and watched it. I kind of stroked the bulb on the end of it, and I could tell it liked it, because it just kept growing. His breathing changed a little bit, but he didn't seem to be waking up, so I kept rubbing it with my thumb across the end and down under it. He started twitching whenever I rubbed underneath, and a little clear liquid came out of the hole, . . ."

"Was he peeing?" interrupted Stephanie, breathlessly.

"No, it was something different. It was kind of slick and a little thicker than pee. I used it to rub underneath the bulb, and his legs started twitching and moving together, and his hips started rocking. Suddenly he groaned, and a bunch of stuff squirted out all over him. I got a little on my hand, and it started going soft again. He sighed a time or two, and I thought he was waking up, but he didn't, and I snuck back out of there. That's one reason I've been dressing like I have for him. I may burn for this, but really, I've been hoping we would have a chance to do more, but when he is awake, and he can see me, too."

The others were quiet, and I had some answers. I had thought I had a wet dream the other night, and I guess I did, but I also had help. I hadn't had a wet dream since I learned to jack off when I was in the eighth grade! Suddenly it hit me. She wanted to do more!

Steph broke the silence. "Do you think maybe we could see it, too? Pictures and porn just don't do it for me. I think they are boring. I really want to see the real thing."

"I don't know. I don't know if we could all get in there without waking him up. He doesn't usually go to bed early, either."

"Maybe we could get him to come out and do something with us, a game or something with some sort of penalties. Not strip poker, or anything like that. I'm no good at that sort of thing," Susie thought out loud.

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prince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps database
Update 05

"He's not much of a games type of person," said Rosemary. "He's more into tech stuff. Why don't we get ready for bed, then maybe we can think of something."

Rosemary turned out the light. There was still enough ambient light from the radio and an automatic night light, because Rosemary didn't like the dark, for me to see their shapes. "I still don't like getting undressed in front of 'Mr. Koala'. I know it's silly, but it still seems like he is watching me." She turned her back to the bear and untied her top, then slid her bottoms down her legs, before slipping on another of my over-sized tee-shirts.

To say I was frustrated with the situation should be a given, but it was what it was, and there wasn't anything I could do to change matters. My big hopes for the weekend were a bust. I did notice though that Rosemary was wearing nothing under my tee-shirt. I had to keep that in mind for future possibilities.

The other two girls followed suit, each of them turning away. I could see their asses, and Stephie looked like she had a nice one, but nothing else. Susie slipped a long nightgown that looked like it had possibilities. I hoped Rosemary turned the light back on before they went to bed. Stephanie, in keeping with her more modest personality, put on a baby doll with fluffy, frilly panties.

Rosemary turned the lights on again, and I was right. Susie's nightgown was worth a closer look! It wasn't see-through or anything, but it was satiny, or something filmy that really hugged her breasts. I wished I could think of a reason for us all to be together. Steph's baby doll was not the sexy type you think of in lingerie, but more along the idea of what a young girl would wear, and although it covered far more than did her bikini, it drew my eye for some reason.

I watched and listened for a few minutes longer as the girls tried to come up with a plausible excuse to get me to come out of the room and then find a way to see me naked. They discussed 'Spin the Bottle', 'Truth or Dare', and a whole host of other ideas Rosemary knew I wouldn't be caught dead participating in. She finally decided just to call me and tell me they were going to pop some popcorn and ask if I wanted to join them. I smiled to myself as I thought about her stratagem, and almost agreed, because I knew how they were dressed, but decided to leave the play on my court rather than leaving myself vulnerable to them. When Rosemary called I quickly muted the computer and acted sleepy when I answered. "Hey, what do you need."

"Hey, Justin, we don't really need anything. We were just going to pop some corn and wanted to invite you to join us."

"I'm already undressed for the night." I heard a muted giggle in the background, and could see Stephanie covering her mouth. Rosemary had already told them I sleep naked.

"That's OK. You can come down that way. We don't care, 'cause we're ready for bed, too." To be honest, I was tempted, because I knew what she was wearing, and I liked the idea of checking out Susie's gown. I really liked the way it hugged her tits. Stephanie looked good enough to eat, but I just didn't want to put myself in the wrong position. I'd rather make them come to me.

"It sounds good, but I think I'm going to read myself to sleep. I was just drifting off when you called." Right! I couldn't tell her what I was doing though. "I'll see you guys in the morning." If I knew Susie, I was sure she would be pushing Rosemary to sneak into my room later when I was asleep, and I would use that to my advantage. I turned the volume back up after ending the call, and watched to see if they were going to go on down for popcorn or not. They decided to do so, since they had to kill some time before I went to sleep, and in a moment the lights went out as they left the room.

I turned off the monitor, because I didn't know how long they would be gone, and I didn't want to have Rosemary peeking in on me and see her room in the monitor. I settled back on my bed to pass the time with a book, but I couldn't keep my mind on it. I kept thinking about three girls down in the kitchen in night clothes. Finally, the temptation was too great, so I slipped on a pair of sweat pants and walked down on the pretext of getting a glass of milk to help me go to sleep.

In our house the stairs run from side to side, rather than front to back as in most houses, and they are between the kitchen and the living room, with the dining room ahead and somewhat to the left at the bottom of the stairs. The kitchen had a breakfast nook off to the left of the stairs, and that is where the girls were sitting with the popcorn. As I padded down the stairs, not even trying to be sneaky, I could hear them talking and laughing. Susie was telling about finding her brother's porn stash of magazines, and how funny some of the poses were of the girls.

I happened to have a copy of that particular rag, and I have to agree with her assessment of the poses. Mind you, I like to look at pics of naked girls, but how and why they pose like they do is far beyond me! I guess they think guys will get tired of looking at them if they don't change the posing, and the facial expressions! Good grief! Some of them look like they are in agony trying to look "sexy". To me it's a turn-off, but I guess some people like it that way. I'd rather just look at a beautiful girl and enjoy her sexy body for what it is, not for what gyration she can get into.

What really checked me in place though was when Susie started telling about one segment that showed a girl giving a guy a blow-job. I stopped in place, ready to move as if just walking down if discovered, but I didn't want to miss this! Susie didn't know whether to be intrigued or disgusted by the idea. Stephanie, though said, "I don't know. I might do it for the right guy if things worked out." She paused a moment, "In fact, if I thought Justin would pay any attention to me I'd probably do it for him."

Susie said, "Really? Justin?"

Rosemary piped up, "Why not?" She lowered her voice conspiratorially, "If he weren't my brother I probably would. In fact the other night when he orgasmed in my hand I was tempted. I even tasted his sperm a little from what was on my hand."

That brought squeals and giggles from the other two. "I don't know," said Susie. "I might consider it if things were right. I just haven't really thought about really doing it with someone. I always thought it would be gross."

I heard bowls clinking and worried they might be done and I would be caught there in the hall listening, so I decided to forgo having a look. Besides, I glanced down, and my cock was standing at full attention. There was no way I could go in there looking like that! Quickly and quietly I hurried back up the stairs and to my room. I was none too soon, because I heard them laughing and talking as they made their way back up. Quickly I lay back on my bed, with a book that I let lie open on my chest as if I had gone to sleep reading it. My reading light showed just enough light to make seeing me easy.

The idea of girls coming into my room and looking at me was unnerving, but at the same time quite exciting. Had Rosemary not already been in there more than once I wouldn't have even considered it, but that took some of the strangeness from it somehow, buy my heart was still beating hard with trepidation. My eyes were slits as I heard the door across the hall close, but then I sensed my door easing open a crack. I feigned heavy breathing, but then the door closed again, silently and I heard Rosemary's door open and close. By listening intently I could hear talking going on in the other room.

I was torn as to what to do. I wanted a little warning before they snuck over, if indeed they worked up the courage to do so, but I didn't want to get caught out of bed and "awake." After a few minutes I decided it would be safe to turn on the monitor quickly and see what was happening. Susie was talking, "How will you know when he's asleep enough, though? How could we explain it if he wakes up and we get caught?"

"He mutters in his sleep when he's in really deep sleep. Sometimes you can even get him to respond if you talk to him. We used to do it all the time when we were younger. It was really funny! It's almost impossible to wake him when he gets to that level. I didn't really look in when I cracked his door. I just listened. He was breathing hard, so it won't be long. We have to be very quiet, though. I don't want to have to answer to Mom as to why the three of us were in his room looking at his cock!"

"Do you think we could touch it, too?" Stephanie seemed to really have the urge.

"I don't know if we should risk it. I'm afraid with three of us stirring around in there we might wake him."

"You said you touched him, and he didn't wake up then."

"We'll see. We have to be really quiet, though. Not even whispering. Let's give it ten more minutes and I'll check him again."

I decided I was going to play along on the "talking in my sleep" idea, and see what would happen. If nothing else, maybe I'd get a good handjob, although I couldn't "know about" it. I clicked off the monitor and got back into my bed and put the book back onto my chest, as if I'd gone to sleep with it, then I half rolled and let it slip off, before settling back onto my back. Being erect was not going to be a problem. At first I was concerned I'd be too self-conscious to get it up, but the idea of what was about to happen over-rode my nervousness. Most of all, I couldn't show any sign of nervousness when they came in. Rosemary would pick up on that right away. Carefully I planned out my actions before they opened the door, so I could control the action without seeming to.

I heard the slightest sound from my door as the doorknob stealthily turned. I made my breathing deep and slow; then muttered a little bit unintelligibly, trying to be careful not to overplay my hand. I heard a muffled giggle in the hallway, followed by a shushing sound, and a slight thump as the door pulled shut. In my mind I could see what was happening, and the door stayed closed for a couple of minutes before it stealthily swung open a few inches. Through the slits in my eyelids I saw Rosemary's eye peeking through the crack in the door. I know my reading light showed everything, more so than my nightlight had done on previous nights I had not been awake for.

"He must have been really tired. He went to sleep with his light on," was whispered. The door swung open the rest of the way, and with a hand motion to wait, Rosemary slipped into my room and over to my work table. At first I was puzzled, but then realized she was giving herself deniability if I woke. She could pretend to be coming to borrow a CD, something I had never known her to do before. I stirred just a little and muttered under my breath, and saw her relax visibly. In the doorway I could see the other two girls peeking in out of the corner of my eye.

Rosemary put a finger in front of her lips, and then made a "come on in" motion with her hand. My cock was standing with anticipation as Susie crept in first, with Steph looking around her shoulder, trying to get a good look as they tip-toed silently in. I heard a muffled "Ooooh" from one of them, I'm not sure which, to which there was a quick, quiet "SHHH". I stretched out my legs and half rolled, while murmuring softly. I made it a point to roll onto my book, trying to increase the illusion I was out. It also allowed me to see the girls a little better without straining my eyes to the side.

Purposely, I twitched my cock twice, which brought a quiet gasp from Stephanie. Rosemary waved her hand at her insistently to hush her. I twitched my cock again, and again muttered a little under my breath indistinctly, but included "Steph" in what I said. Her head perked up, and she looked carefully in my face, trying to see if I was really asleep. As she looked intently I twitched my cock again and groaned softly, the thrust my hips forward just a little.

Susie looked a little disappointed when I said Steph's name, but Steph looked over at Rosemary and mouthed "Can you get him to talk?" She just shrugged her shoulders and leaned forward. I had to listen carefully to hear her voice, just above a whisper, saying my name and asking "Justin, what do you see? Do you like it?"

I mumbled something unintelligible, and waited. I couldn't make it too easy on them.

Rosemary leaned in again. "What do you see, Justin? Do you like it?"

I kind of shuffled my feet again, and twitched my cock a time or two. I noticed all three girls watching it intently, with Stephanie, twitching her hands. She obviously wanted to touch it so badly. "Nipples," I mumbled, nearly unintelligibly, and softly enough she leaned toward me to hear it. Speaking of nipples, hers looked good in my tee shirt. I licked my lips lightly.

"Did you say 'nipples,' Justin? Whose nipples?"

"Umm. Nipples. . . Steph. . . bikin. . . " I squirmed a little more, causing my cock to bounce up and down. Steph's eyes got wide, and her hands instinctively reached up to cover her boobs.

"Did you like Steph's nipples, Justin?" I just shifted my hips back and forth and twitched my hands. "Did you see anybody else's nipples, Justin?" I just mumbled something unintelligible. Pre-cum appeared on my cock, which caused Susie to gasp and point. Rosemary shushed her urgently, but nodded. Susie leaned in to get a closer look. Her nightgown gapped open at the top, allowing a good view down her cleavage, and my cock twitched on its own, and pre-cum started to run down my cock.

"Did you see anyone else's nipples, Justin?"

"Sus. . . Ros. . . pokies. Nice. . . " I mumbled along with more unintelligible sounds. Susie reached out a finger and wiped off some of the pre-cum and rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger. My cock bobbed up and down, both from the pressure of her finger, and from the sensation of being touched. When she held her fingers to her nose and sniffed I twitched again. Steph had her left hand under her Baby Doll top, and down her panties, and was sucking her lower lip between her teeth. She moaned quietly, then reached out with a tentative right hand and grasped the head of my cock between her thumb and fingers and gently squeezed it. A shiver ran through her body, and she let out another moan.

My cock twitched in her hand several times, and more pre-cum ran out onto her fingers. My hips flexed involuntarily, and I let out a little bit of a gasp. To cover up my reaction I rolled my head from side to side and mumbled more unintelligible noises. Stephanie pulled her hand back and sniffed the pre-cum and tentatively stuck out her tongue and tasted it. "Not bad," she whispered. "It doesn't taste bad at all." Of course, that set off more twitching and more pre-cum. I hoped she would hold it again.

"Can we see him orgasm?" whispered Susie.

"I don't know," whispered Rosemary. "We don't want him to wake up." She leaned down and whispered into my ear again, "Justin, would you like to see our nipples? Would you like to see us topless? Maybe we could do that for you. Would you like it?" All I could do was moan in reply. I couldn't think of a way to reply without giving myself away. "Maybe you would like to feel them?"

Pre-cum was running down my cock copiously now; and even dripped from the head into my navel. Susie giggled when it dripped and Rosemary shot her a dark look. Rosemary took my carefully limp hand and lifted it up to her breast and placed the palm of my hand over her nipple. She sucked in her breath between her teeth at the contact, and I moaned aloud. My cock bounced up and down and dripped some more. I had to be careful not to give myself away, but I think they were so in to what was happening they wouldn't have noticed if I opened my eyes. I also had to figure out a way to get some of this action for real, without pretending to be asleep!

Susie slipped around to the other side of my twin bed, and placed my other hand on her boob, and rubbed it around. She tried to get me to pluck at her nipples with my fingers, but I played possum and didn't go along. It did feel very nice, though. Steph had one hand down her panties, and the other hand up inside her top, squeezing her tits and plucking feverishly at her nipples. Finally, with a groan she pulled her hand from inside her top and grabbed my cock, and none to gently, for one who wanted me to stay asleep. I moaned and rolled my head back and forth a couple of times. I thought I had given myself away, but when I muttered "nipples, see nipples," a couple of times Rosemary relaxed.

Steph started sliding her hand up and down my cock, moaning continuously. There was plenty of lube from all the pre-cum. I was so turned on and fired up it only took a few strokes, and my eyes flew open, but rolled up in my head as I started cumming, and cumming. Steph let me shoot a couple of times, and then really surprised me when she bent over and took the head of my cock into her mouth and took the next shot. She pulled me back out, and let the rest shoot out onto my chest and belly, while she let out a loud moan, clutched her pussy with her left hand, and sank to the floor.

I let out a groan and let my eyes go closed again as Rosemary motioned quickly for Susie to come back around the bed and she shooed them from the room. I heard a faint click as the door closed. I was totally spent, but I had to see what happened in the other room. Grabbing some tissues I quickly wiped my cum off my chest with my left hand while I was logging in to the WiFi with my right.

The screen came to life just in time to see Steph with a very satisfied look on her face standing in front of the koala. "Mr. Koala, you won't believe what I just did!"

Susie interjected, "I couldn't believe you put his cock in your mouth! Wasn't it gross?"

"Hmm Umm. I liked it. I never came so hard in my life! Thanks, Rosemary!"

Rosemary just nodded, and fidgeted on the far side of the bed. "I don't know about you two, but I'm so horny right now if Justin came in here I'd let him jump me." She was openly rubbing her breast and pulling at her nipple. A guilty look came over her face. "I feel king of badly, though. What we did wasn't right or fair to Justin. I wish we could think of a way to make it up to him."

Susie had pulled her nightgown up high enough to reach her hand in under it and was rubbing furiously at her pussy, mindless of the other two. "Maybe we could, unh, maybe, unh, we could go down, unhhh, to breakfast in our, unh, pajamas, and see what, unhhh, happens, OHHHHHHH!" She fell backward onto the bed, breathing hard, but with a very satisfied smile. "Wow, that was good!"

Rosemary slipped a hand under her tee shirt and started rubbing herself. "You know something, I almost wish Justin could see us now," and with a quiet wail her orgasm overtook her.

Stephanie turned to the other two girls. "You know what? I'm so turned on I can't stay dressed. I've never slept naked before, but after what we just did, I'm going to tonight. I was glued to the screen as she reached down and grasped the hem of her top and pulled . . .

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update is coming in some time.

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prince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps databaseprince charles has hacked the reps database
Update 06

I was glued to the screen as she reached down and grasped the hem of her top and pulled it up and over her head in one smooth, quick motion. Unfortunately, she still had her back to me, so I didn't see her tits. She tossed her top on the floor, and then in one fluid motion slipped her Baby Doll panties down her legs, and kicked them to the side. I had just a split second where I could almost see her pussy between her legs, but not quite. I thought she was going to climb directly into the bed, and my viewing would be over, but she stood there, rubbing her tits with both hands and swaying back and forth.

My mouth was dry, and I kept licking my lips with anticipation, but I still didn't see anything. My cock was hard again, and twitching in my hand as I held it. Then disaster struck.

Rosemary's phone rang. I looked at the clock on the monitor quickly and saw it was only 11:45. I could have sworn it was much later, but still it was late for a call. Rosemary jumped from her bed and grabbed her phone from her pocketbook. I could hear her, but not who it was on the other end. It was obviously bad news as she sank down on the bed and burst into tears. I paid no attention to the others as I watched my sister cry. I wanted badly to go in and comfort her, but I couldn't. How could I know anything was wrong? I saw her nod her head a time or two, and then she thumbed off the phone. "That was Mom. My Grandmother just had a stroke, and they want us right away. She and Dad are driving back, but Justin and I are to go directly to the hospital. I have to tell him."

Quickly, I shut down the monitor and jumped into my bed. I had to play this cool. Somehow I couldn't let my emotions show when she called me. My Grandmother! This was going to be tough. My cock had shriveled instantly at the news, but I was still nude, which was normal. I just hoped if she opened the door she wouldn't notice I had wiped off the semen that was on my chest.

A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts. I hesitated before answering, as if I had to be awakened. My mind was racing to be certain I didn't give myself away. Another knock, a little louder, along with Rosemary's voice, "Justin, Justin, are you awake?"

"Hmmm?" I mumbled.

My door popped open a crack. "Justin, you need to wake up. I have to talk to you."

Thinking quickly I sat halfway up. Perhaps I could open up opportunities if I was careful. "Come on in," I said, as if half asleep.

Rosemary opened the door and stepped in my room. "Oh! You aren't dressed!" She fumbled behind her for the doorknob, but I noticed she didn't take her eyes off of me as she tried to get the door opened, but pulled it against her foot instead. She fumbled about, flustered at being seen looking at me and turned and ducked out the door. I struggled mightily not to smile as she said through the door, "Can you get dressed and come out a minute. I have to talk with you."

I slipped on some boxers, there wasn't a lot of point in being more discreet now that they had all seen me starkers, and had their fun. I walked over and opened the door, rubbing my eyes, as if I had been asleep.

"Mom just called. She and Dad are on their way. Grandma just had a stroke, and you and I have to hurry over to the hospital. They have called the family in." Tears were flowing, and I couldn't help them welling in my own eyes. Grandma Stevens, Mom's mom, was one of the finest people you could ever meet, and Rosemary and I were very close to her.

Susie and Stephanie were both in the hall with Rosemary, with arms around her, but I hardly noticed them. How things change in a hurry! I turned about and went back into my room to throw on some clothes.

Five minutes later, Rosemary came down the stairs to the kitchen where I was waiting. Over her shoulder she called back up to the others, "You guys may as well sleep here. I don't know how long we will be. I'll let you know what is going on. Feel free to help yourself to anything you want." "Yeah, Mom knows you are here, so it won't be a problem," she said to a question I couldn't hear. She and I hurried out to my Mini, and I drove quickly across town to the hospital, with my heart in my throat, worried about my grandmother. Rosemary sat beside me, with tears on her cheeks. I made very good time getting to the hospital, and parked by the emergency room. We both jumped out of the car and hurried across the drive to the entry. A rather harried attendant at the desk looked up at us, and looked back down at her computer and continued at her task. Rosemary quickly spoke up. "Florence Stevens? Where can we find her?"

The attendant held up a hand in a "just a minute" sign and continued typing away at her keyboard. After a couple of minutes she looked up and said, "Sorry. We are totally swamped tonight. Who did you need?"

"Florence Stevens, please."

"I'm sorry, but she is in ICU, and I can't let you in there. Are you family?"

"Yes," I said. "We are her grandchildren, and we were called to come immediately, that she had a stroke."

"I see. I'm sorry, but I can't allow anyone into the ICU units. I'll page the Dr. and ask him to step out and talk with you. I'm sure he can help you. Please have a seat in the second waiting area. What are your names?

"I'm Justin, and she is Rosemary Thyme."

"Someone will be with you as soon as possible. Don't worry. Your grandmother is getting the best care possible." Not exactly the most caring response, but what did I expect?

With heavy hearts we walked across the lobby to the family waiting area, and sat down in rather uncomfortable chairs to wait. Rosemary grasped my hand in hers and leaned her head on my shoulder, and momentarily I felt moisture as her tears dropped onto my shirt. Although we were not all that close, with totally different interests, there was no doubt we loved each other. As badly as I was hurting, worried about my grandmother; having Rosemary crying on my shoulder hurt me even more. I reached my arm around her, and let her snuggle herself closely to me for comfort, as she continued weeping.

With no information I didn't even have anything with which to comfort her. All I could do was to hold her and let her cry. I nestled my face down into her hair and did my best not to join her in tears.

We sat that way for at least half an hour before a young Dr. came bustling into the room. "Mr. Thyme? I'm Dr. Dawson, and I'm one of the physicians who has been caring for your grandmother. Please let me set your minds at ease. She is doing well, and resting comfortably. Your grandfather is with her, but we really feel it would be better if she didn't have any other visitors at this time.

"Your grandfather noticed she wasn't reacting normally and called 911 right away, and the EMT's were able to stabilize her and get her here within minutes, so we were able to give her tPA early enough that we think she will have little damage. It was a mild stroke, and barring further complications she should make a full recovery. We will keep her in ICU overnight, though, to keep an eye on her. My advice would be to return home and get a good night's rest and come back tomorrow in the late morning after she has been transferred to a regular room. We will give you a call if anything changes. OK?"

Rosemary wiped her eyes and asked, "Are you sure we can't see her for just a few minutes?"

"I'm sorry, Miss, but it really would not be wise. She doesn't need anything that would excite her at this point, and seeing her grandchildren worried about her would do that. It isn't that we are uncaring, but we have to look out for the best interest of our patients, and in the long run, your best interests, too."

"Can we at least see Grandpa?" She sniffled. "At least let him know we are here?"

"Oh, certainly. I thought he already knew you were here! The receptionist should have told him. I'll let him know right away and ask him to step out here. If you will please excuse me, we are extremely busy tonight, and I need to get back to my patients. I'm not trying to run out on you, I promise, but I must go. Come back tomorrow, oh, say after 10:00. 11 would be even better."

He hurried back out of the room, and Rosemary threw herself into my arms again and sobbed on my shoulder once more. "Oh, Justin, I don't know what I would do if she wasn't going to be OK."

"Easy, there, Rosemary. You heard the doc. She's going to be fine. A lot of people have these little strokes, and you never know anything happened. She's going to be fine." I kept repeating that over and over, trying to give comfort, as I myself felt such a load lifted off of my shoulders. "Why don't you give Mom a call, so that she and Dad don't push themselves too hard to get back here?"

Rosemary lifted her head and looked through tear swollen eyes at me. "I'd rather wait until we've talked with Grandpa. I won't be sure she's going to be OK until he tells me." I felt like a total jerk just then, when I realized my cock had been reacting to Rosemary pressing her bra-less breasts against me as she sat there and cried. I tried not to notice, honest, but my cock noticed. Holding her just felt so nice, and now that I wasn't worried about my Grandmother any more I was aware.

Grandpa Stevens came hurrying into the waiting room as Rosemary continued to snuggle her head on my shoulder for comfort. "Rosemary, Justin, I'm sorry I gave you guys a scare and made you come down here!"

Rosemary jumped up from the chair and threw herself into his arms and burst into tears again. "Easy, there, girl. Easy. She's going to be fine. It was just a minor blood clot, and they were able to treat it right away, so there's probably not going to be any damage."

I handed Rosemary a couple of tissues from the box on the table, and she wiped her eyes and blew her nose. "You're sure, Grandpa? You aren't just trying to make me feel good, are you?"

"No, girl. She's going to be fine. When she fell over the garden hose two weeks ago and banged her knee on that shovel she got a blood clot. She's been taking Coumadin for it, and the Dr. warned her there was a possibility the clot could break loose and cause this. That's why I noticed as soon as I did and got her here, where they were able to treat it with that new stuff that stops strokes. Fortunately we hadn't gone to sleep yet. They just need to keep an eye on her overnight and make sure she doesn't have any others, but they say she will be fine. Now why don't you two go on home and get some rest, then come in to see her tomorrow."

"OK, Grandpa, if you are sure. Tell Grandma we love her."

"I'll do that thing. She loves you two, too, you know. How about do me one favor?"

"Sure," I said. "What can we do?"

"Call your mother and tell her not to hurry in here. There isn't anything they can do tonight, and I'm sorry I dragged them back home. I can't use my cell in the ICU, and I don't have any reception in here either."

Rosemary spoke up. "Now, Grandpa, you know she is going to come here first. I'll call her and tell her what's going on, but you know her better than that."

Grandpa just chuckled. "She is her mother's daughter, and I can see the nut didn't fall to far from the tree, did it?" He reached out and gave Rosemary a hug. "Thanks for hurrying in here, but get on out of here and get some rest." He hugged my neck, too, and said, "Scat. I'll see you in the morning. Or a little later in the morning, I guess it is." He waved a hand and turned back to go be with Grandma.

Rosemary and I walked back out into the night, very much relieved by the news. Rosemary gave me a big hug just before we got back to the car. I'll blame it on the relief I was feeling, but when I felt her breasts pressing against my chest, and she laid her head on my shoulder, my cock lurched. I know she felt it, and I couldn't pull away, because I was leaning against the car. She didn't pull away either, but just hugged me tighter. I kept telling myself, "she's your sister dude, she's your sister," but it didn't seem to make much difference.

Rosemary lifted her head, and looked into my eyes, but she didn't loosen her hug. All it did was to cause her lower body to press even more closely against mine. "Thank you for being here for me, Justin. I love you. Sometimes I think you are more than just a brother to me." She leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips, and turned and got into the car. My head was spinning as I walked around to my door and got in.

I started the car and backed out of the parking place as Rosemary dialed Mom on her cell phone. As I pulled into the street I could hear Mom answer, and Rosemary put it on speaker so I could be in on the conversation as well. I jumped, though, when Rosemary rested her hand on my thigh as we talked with Mom, reassuring her that Grandma was going to be OK, and that they didn't have to hurry back. Rosemary had told Grandpa correctly, though. Mom was going to the hospital before anything else. In fact, they planned on just staying there with Grandpa. Since she was a daughter she knew she would be allowed to stay in the room also, if Grandpa was, and Dad would be allowed as well. They had recliners in the rooms that could suffice to sleep in until the Dr's made their decisions in the morning. They would see us when we went in to see Grandma about 11.

We drove for a couple of blocks in silence before Rosemary squeezed my thigh, where she had left her hand, and said quietly, "Justin, I'm sorry I walked in on you when you weren't dressed. I'll ask before I open the door next time. Do you always sleep nude?"

I blushed. I knew what I was doing when I told her to come in, but I wasn't used to talking about things with my sister. "Yeah. I always do. Why?"

"I was just curious. I never do, but . . . "

I waited, and when she didn't continue, "But what?"

It was Rosemary's turn to blush. "Well . . . Sometimes . . . Sometimes, when no one is home I like to go nude around the house." I turned to look at her, surprised. "Don't say anything to Mom, or the girls!"

"Why would I want to do that?"

"I don't know. I don't even know why I told you, other than talking about walking in on you, I guess."

"Sleeping nude is one thing, but why do you want to walk around the house nude?"

"I don't know. It just feels good, and free, sort of. It's a rush."

"Aren't you afraid of getting seen?"

"I'm careful when I do it, like I only do it if I know Mom and Dad aren't going to be home, and you are at work or something. Once, I even went swimming."

I looked over at Rosemary amazed. Maybe this was part of the new bikini and going bra-less in the tight tee shirts and stuff. "Well, don't let me stop you."

She just laughed. "Yeah, right. I'll bet you'd like that wouldn't you? Maybe you would want to join me?" She laughed again at the look of consternation on my face.

My cock was growing again. I couldn't seem to keep it down, lately. And to think I was trying so hard to see in her room, hoping to see her naked and she is walking around the whole house nude.

"I never had the guts to try walking around the whole house naked. A lot of times I'm naked in my room, but with the door locked, just in case. I like to sleep naked, it just feels free, as you say, but that's with my door closed. Is that why you've started dressing like you have been lately? You know, the little shorts and the tee-shirt with no bra?"

She sat quietly for a moment. "No, not really. That was something else. You acted like you liked it, though?"

"Well, duh! I'm a guy! Even if you are my sister, you have a sexy body. What's not to like?"

"You think I have a sexy body?"

"Uh huh."

"Justin, have you ever, well, how, I mean, have you ever seen a girl naked before? Besides porn, I mean?"

What was going on here? Where was this questioning going? "No. I never have. What's with the questions? Have you seen a guy?"

"I don't know. Just kind of curious I guess. You're the only one I've seen, and it wasn't nearly as big as it is now." She giggled. "Remember, I told you girls like to look, too." "I'd better text the girls, so they won't be surprised when we walk in."

I hadn't noticed, before now, but her hand had slid a little higher on my leg. What was going on here? I noticed because she gave my leg a squeeze just below the end of my cock before she let go to grab her phone.

I have no idea what she said on the text, but it went back and forth a few times, and Rosemary kept looking up at me with a little grin on her face.

We pulled into the drive just a few minutes later, and I turned the car off and I opened my door. "Justin." I turned and looked at Rosemary. "Thanks for being such a wonderful brother. I love you."

"I don't know that I'm so wonderful, but thanks. What brought that about?"

"I appreciate the way you took care of me tonight. I don't know what I'd have done without you. And then there are the nice things you do for me, like my Koala. Do you know all the girls at school are jealous?"

"They are?"

"Umh hmm. I took pictures of him and took them to school. I'll bet I could hook you up with about anyone you wanted. Of course, Susie and Stephanie already think you are wonderful. Stephie was already crushing on you before she saw Mr. Koala." She laid a hand on my arm almost possessively. "She talks to it like it's real." A blush stole across her face. "I do, too," she half whispered. "I tell him things I can't tell other people, because I know he keeps secrets." A half smile split her lips. "I have him help me pick out my outfits, even. He is so real that, don't laugh at me, I don't even get dressed in front of him. I always turn the lights out!"

I just smiled at her. No way could I let on I knew she was shy about undressing in front of a stuffed animal. "You'll walk around the house nude, but you won't undress in front of a stuffed animal?

"I know it's silly! He just looks so real, I feel like someone is watching me all the time. You should have seen me the first morning when the alarm went off and I touched him trying to hit the snooze." She giggled. "I woke up enough for two mornings!"

"I'm glad you like him. I wanted to do something special for you for your 18th. I was afraid you would think it childish."

"Never! He's my confidant. I can tell him things I can't tell anyone, even Stephie and Susie. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you." She leaned across the car and gave me another hug. Those boobs brushing against my tee shirt weren't doing anything to deflate my cock. That was for sure!

We started up the walk to the front door and Rosemary uncharacteristically grabbed my hand and leaned into my shoulder. The door popped open just as we reached it. Obviously the girls were waiting for us. I didn't see anyone, though, although the reason why was obvious when we entered. Both girls were behind the door, where they would not be seen with it open because they were wearing their nightwear. I know my eyes went wide with surprise as both girls hugged Rosemary, obviously happy with us that our Grandmother Stevens was going to be OK. What really surprised me though was both girls turned and hugged me, also. Feeling two sets of unfettered breasts against me did nothing to deflate my still partially hard cock from Rosemary's breasts and talk.

Seeing Stephanie's legs that went all the way up to those baby doll panties didn't help either! I know, I know, I had seen them when she was wearing a bikini, (which also turned me on) but there was just something different about seeing them going up to her PJ panties, knowing there was nothing else under there, was icing on the cake.

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