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Thumbs up Real hot sex in train with bhabhi part 1

Hi Readers,

I am kumar, staying in bangalore for around 7 years, working as software professional and doing business as well in native, 29, fair, 6.1 ft tall, average weight, living alone in 1BHK rented house. Here I am going to tell true story with Amudha(name changed), 33, house wife, married to a shop keeper for 3 years, living with her husband Biju in kerala along with her MIL in house, no kids. Story happened on 29th July 2015 in train.

I use to travel every Friday week end for my business, will be returning to bangalore on every Sunday night train at 10 PM from my station and it will be
reaching bangalore at 5.30 AM morning. One day, due to business work was returning on week day from native, usually train will be vacant on mid week,
so got a seat reserved on middle berth in train. Boarded the train in to S4 coach, reached my seat, compartment was dark, but still path light near the door
dropping inside the compartment, which made little visible to identify the things, seen lot many seats were vacant on the coach, i switched on the light, saw compartment was not fully occupied, only couples were sitting opposite to my seat on lower berth, the couples were sitting in the dark watching me and giving way to keep my bags below lower berth on my side. Noticed the couples, her husband very slim, had big moustache, was in T Shirt with formal Pant underneath, her wife she was good looking, average weight, every parts are perfect, boobs little small and in her saree. Couples were sitting very close to each other by holding their thighs with their hands, they stopped chatting and watching me. Minutes later guy asked me whether he can switch off the light. My self too arranged my seat ready to sleep, asked him to go ahead, same time i suspected some thing was going on between them in the dark, i got into my middle berth
opposite side of them and pretended like sleeping by facing against them. Train started moving, after 10 to 15 minutes, the man came near and checking the
mirror, and checked me closely my sleeping, once he was sure that i was sleeping, he moved towards her and hugged her head with his stomach
tightly, she lifted her hands and encircled his hips on above his hip, started kissing all over his bulge on above the pant (can't able to see her face,
but able to judge based on the movement), he pressed her head down towards his bulge, she moved her head below the bulge and smooched her face on above the pant. He unbuttoned his pant and took out his cock out(think he was not wearing his briefs inside), she kissed his cock, rubbed her face with his cock and inserted inside her mouth and she started sucking, the sound of sucking and their intimacy made me irresistible, watching all these, my cock was paining inside the pant, opened my zip of my pant and took cock out, it was shining with the pre cum on top with full length (about 6.1 inches height & 3.1 inches dia., measurement was taken while writing this incident), started stroking my cock slowly in the air. Guy standing and getting his cock sucking started moaning in low sound by keeping his cock inside her mouth started lying himself slowly on his berth, once after he settled on the seat, she stroked his cock by keeping head of the cock in her mouth, she adjusted herself to him without taking the cock from her mouth, she lye between his legs, he encircled her waist by his legs. She was sucking and stroking his cock vigorously, almost after 2 to 3 minutes, he started raising his hip by making hmmmmmmmmm.....hmmmmmmmm... with big moan, as thought he reached his climax, she predicts and tries to take his cock out from her mouth, but he pressed her head and inserted his cock forcibly deep inside her mouth, and cummed inside her mouth, she tried her best to release from him but she couldn't, he ejaculated all his cum inside her mouth, once done he loosened his grip from her hand, she forcedly released from him started coughing heavily, cum was dripping out from her mouth and spitting the cum every where on the floor when she was coughing heavily few dropped on my elbow. He was in no mood of looking her spitting and coughing. Until that time i was having my cock in my hand stroking by seeing her and also with consciously stroking slowly not to ejaculate.

Now she took her saree and cleaned the cum dripping on the lower jaw. She was standing near me by facing her back side towards me, unknowingly she was covering my cock on the air from her husband, i able to smell her body perfume on the air, making me more hard on my cock. He got from the seat and walked towards the toilet. She adjusted her saree, as she came back to sense, suddenly turned towards me saw me lying there and checking me, she can't able to find in the dark whether i am sleeping, but noticed my hand having my hard cock swinging in the air, she noticed me again knows that i am watching then, she shockingly turned then moved towards her seat and closed her face with her hand along with saree, immediately tried to leave the compartment with shyness, when she try to leave the compartment, her foot hit the bag kept under the lower berth and fell down badly and hit her shoulder on the path way lower seat and make a sound "maa..."

Without covering my cock sat on the seat and by sitting, i asked are you all right? No answer from her. Still she was on the floor and trying to get up, i jumped out from the seat and helped her to stand back on knees, still my cock was looking straight.

Me: Are you all right?.
She: Yes
Me: Did anywhere you got hurt?
She: No (By rubbing her knees)
Me: Why are you rubbing your knees, check it.
She: Little pain
Me: Hey, then you go to the toilet room and check anywhere it got hurt. (Said with out touching her and without taking more advantage on her)
(When she was rubbing her knees watching my cock directly and closely)
She: Ok(with smile on her face), Are you all right?
Me: (By knowing for what she asked, with smile), have to check...
She stood on her legs and faced me and smiled, then moved towards the toilet, i thought its a green signal from her, so followed her from behind by hiding
my cock with my hands, so no one should watch my cock. While going started noticing her body its perfect, brownish white, long hairs, little fleshy
but not more, good attractive butts dancing while walking, making more hornier towards her. She noticed me coming back without saying she went inside the
toilet, and locked the door from inside. I got disappointed and now i was waiting with both desire and fear outside the toilet. Smoking smell coming from the toilet, may be her husband. I thought her husband would come out any point of time, so decided to move back to my seat. Still her sucking, body structure, fleshy butts cute boobs, eyes on my cock are in mind, unknowingly started stroking my cock. After few minutes saw some shadow nearing the compartment, that was her husband. He reached his seat and found she was not there, he immediately took his mobile and tried calling. Mobile was ringing in the bag on their seat. He might be tried to find her in the train and was waiting in the seat and checking me whether i was sleeping, i pretended like sleeping again. After few minutes, she came back to the seat. He started shouting in anger to her in low voice, where were you bitch? are you went to fuck someone?, i am not done yet. She was speech less, standing front of the compartment. Not able to see her face reaction. Again he asked in anger. Why are you standing, are you waiting for anyone to come. By saying he forcibly pulled her and make her lye on the lower berth. Again without any word she lye on her back, he lifted her saree until her waist. WOW....what a thigh she had, its like banana tree lower stem, even in the dim light its glowing, on thigh above dark bunch, thanks to door lights are still on. He started removing his pant until his knees and took out his cock, its small in height but the thickness was more around 3.5 inches. He didn't care of anything and jumped on her. Without smooching or any foreplay he started inserting his cock inside her pussy. He completely lye on her with inserting his cock and started moving only his hip in normal speed, she didn't make any sound or reaction and at the same time she was seeing me, i too watched her and stroking my cock with full erection, he pumped her continuously for around 2 to 3 minutes and make a sound haaaaaaaaaaaa....i thought he was cumming, he cummed inside her, once released all his cum and without waiting he took back his cock from her pussy and stood up from her and without noticing any thing he left to toilet. Still i am stroking my cock, seeing her pussy and thighs, saw her face, she cleaned her both eyes and with running nose inhaled the air, thought she was crying, with that confusion my erection went down. She noticed me watching, even then she didn't tried to cover her pussy or thighs which are naked. With both love and sympathy, I lye facing my body towards her and asked her are you all right?, no reply from her..

Me: Did he is your husband?
Amudha: Nodded her head saying yes.
Me: Why are you crying?
Amudha: No reply(Continued her crying, wiped her eyes and inhaled the air in running nose)
Me: Why? Are you not interested what he did?
Amudha: Silent, no answer
Me: Sorry to ask this, Is your husband Psycho?
Amudha: What do you think?
Me: I don't know whether i watched the romantic show or Psycho show.
Amudha: Hmmm... (Giggling sound)
I started putting back my cock inside my pant. She noticed me and asking question by lying on her back, same time she noticed that and started covering her pussy and naked thighs with her saree
Amudha: Are you watching from starting?
Me: What do you think?
Amudha: You both men are enjoying and watching me crying, all men are same
Me: All men are same, when if your husband is not a man.
Me: Thought of hitting him and took over you from him.
Amudha: Hmmmmm......giggling (Saw my face). Are you married?
Me: No.
Amudha: Age?
Me: 29
Amudha: Why you still not married?
Me: Only after 32.
Amudha: Lucky...
Me: What? Are you staying in bangalore?
Amudha: No, Going to Sister in laws house function in bangalore.
Me: where are they living?
Amudha: Don't know the place, once we got down they will pick us from the station.
Me: When you got married, How many kids?
Amudha: 3 Years, No kids, He is under treatment.

We saw some shadow reaching us, we stopped talking and we both remains in their place, her husband reached the seat and sitting under my berth. I saw from the mirror, he took his bag and searched some thing at last he took coke bottle out of it. Took lays chips from the bag, opened the bottle and started drinking the coke along with that he started eating the chips. I realised he was consuming liquor by having it in coke bottle. Saw the time it was around 12.20 AM. Don't know when i slept, when i tried to change my sleeping position, came to my sense and watched the time, its 1.30 AM, thought of her and turned towards her. she was sleeping by her back by covering her face with her right hand elbow. I got down from the seat, saw her, she was sleeping in the same position. I glanced her body, stopped my eye at her belly button which was uncovered, by seeing that sexiest area dick started rising, pressed my dick above the pant and moved to toilet, stroked for a minute by imagining the session, it makes too hard, i decided to try my luck with aumdha, by having my cock out moved out from the toilet and moved to her seat and i am aware that her husband was in deep sleep because of alcohol and started snoring little, saw she was sleeping in the same position in her seat, there was gap in seat next to foot, sat there below near legs. When i sat it touched her foot slightly, thought she will woke up shocked by my activities, but as she was aware knowingly removed her hand from her face slowly and smiled, i too smiled back, she bent her leg further to give me more space for sitting.

Me: Are you not sleeping?
Amudha: No, i saw you are sleeping...Not getting sleep.....(Answer made me more happy)
Me: If you thought thinking about something then you won't get sleep
Amudha: ..hmmmm...

I stood up with my dick out and didn't tried to hide from her, stood up from the seat and took water bottle from my bag and drank some, she saw dick hanging out of my pant, i noticed that and asked do you want in double meaning and stretched the water bottle towards her. she lifted her body on sitting position and got water bottle from me and drank some water and returned to me. I kept the bottle back and sat in her seat little closer by that her legs touched my hip. She tried to bend her legs more and watching my cock which was hard and showing direction of the fan, she was noticing my hardness. I caught her foot to stop bending her legs and said, no problem if you wish you can keep you legs on mines. Without waiting for her reply took her legs and kept it on my laps, my cock was touching her right side leg on above her saree. she said ok and tried to take her legs from me, i pressed her legs on thighs he stopped protesting and relaxed on my thighs, while taking slowly my right hand started pressing her foot slowly and softly. she relaxed herself and liked the way i pressed her foot, stretched her foot finger slowly, she got little pain and sounded in low aahhh..paining. Both smiled and at the same time rolled my tip of my fingers under her foot palm, she tries to took her leg but i got her hold of it and kept it on my thigh, now pressed my dick on her leg, she felt my dick and smiled.

Me: Why you are smiling?
Amudha: Simply
By pressing her foot on my right hand, started pressing her left leg softly on above her saree
Me: How do you feel?(in double meaning with smile)
Amudha: Never seen any man like this doing to me (even she too in double meaning)
Both are aware that her husband wont wake up until train reaches bangalore, we started talking in low voice
Me: Can i treat you with more special things?
Amudha: How? Like my husband?
Me: Do you had any boy friend before or after marriage(Without answering her question)
Amudha: No. Only him (showing her finger towards him)
Me: Are you working?
Amudha: No...
Me: Do you like shopping?
Amudha: Yes, Very much...
Me: How often you will go to shopping?
I was pressing softly with both of my hands until her knees, on pressing from knees to bottom leg, lifting her saree little on each cycle of press and making more contact to her legs. She was feeling relaxed by my press and answering the question. Pressed more on my dick with her leg.
Amudha: Hmmm...not particularly..but will be 2 or 3 months once...(Slowly, because she might felt my dick pressing)
Me: What's your favourite perfume?
Amudha: Hmmm...?
Me: favourite perfume?
Amudha: Hmmm...Lavender
Me: Yes right, me too feel the same smell from your body.
Now i moved her saree until her knees in the name of pressing regularly and making direct contact with the skin on and below the knees, continued pressing towards her thighs on above her saree on each press she was inhaling the air and answering slowly. I bent to her legs and smelled, due to bending the head to leg and smelled for about half a minute, my hot breath touched her legs for, saw her face and she was watching me doing.
Me: Haaaaa...i am getting very good different smell from your legs
Amudha: Hmmmm...Soap
Me: Good, where and all you apply the soap by smiling
Now pressing was happening from thigh to foot. Increased the pressure of pressing her thighs, even she was excited with the touching
Amudha: .....Every where....
Me: Did i get the same smell on you thighs?
Amudha: Smilingly nodded her head as yes...
Me: Can i smell your thighs?
Without waiting for her reply bend my head until her thighs and started pressing on her naked thighs on right hand. Hot breath was touching her thighs and too my dick was swinging with pre cum, even the pre cum flowed and touched her left leg skin and she also feeling it.
Amudha: Hmmm...No...(but didn't abject my move)
Till now, my left hand pressing top of her right thigh and right hand pressing bottom of same thigh.
Me: (Without lifting my head near her thigh)Yes, i feel the same smell here too.
Even when i spoke the hot air from my mouth touches her thigh again.
She was aroused now and wetting her lips frequently by her tongue. I lifted my head and moved further by that cock was touching her bare thighs with pre cum.
I shifted the right hand to her left thigh and started pressing above thigh hardly and continuing my right hand pressing until the hip joint under the saree.
Moved my left hand towards her right hand which was resting on her stomach. i touched her hand and pressed her fingers, continued pressing her thighs.
she saw her husband sleeping without knowing that her wife was enjoying by other man. she noticed i am watching her.
Me: soft hands....
Amudha: (Smiled)
Pressed her right hand until elbow and back to her fingers.
Me: i like pressing your soft hands, is it hurting you?
Amudha: No...
Me: i like your soft fingers (by saying this i crossed her all fingers with mines)
Same time on pressing the thigh making a contact with her pussy hairs and started caressing those hairs above pussy softly.
She realised that and parted her leg little to give more access to her pussy.
Me: Can i feel your hands (before she replies, took her hand near my mouth)
Amudha: hmmm...
Me: ...you are smelling good...
Same time, gently pulled few pussy hairs
Amudha: (closed her eyes)..Haaaaaa....
Me: Can i relax your fingers?
Amudha: (without opening her eyes she nodded her head..Yes)

On my right hand started caressing her pussy hairs on above her pussy more deeply and concious not to touch her pussy crack while caressing.
Placed a soft kiss on back of her right hand, no abjection from her and still closing her eyes and enjoying the moment.
Continued kissing her back hand slowly softly and on each kiss increasing pressure of the kiss. she didn't abject my move.
Same time moved my right hand little below and start caressing the hairs near the pussy, felt less hairs on each side of her pussy, a soft touch
to the pussy lips and sensed some wetness on the hairs. slowly kissed tip of her fingers and make some wetness on it

By mouth chosen the middle finger and started inserting into my mouth, she feels the hotness of my mouth in the finger and opened her mouth and enjoying the way i started sucking her fingers. moved her finger in and out like finger was fucking the mouth. Put my left hand on her stomach and slide my finger on her naked area. All these time my cock pre cumming and rock hard touching her thigh tightly and making wet of her thigh, continued sucking her finger for more than a minutes, simultaneously rubbing her pussy side crack along with teasing pussy lips, she was oozing her juice and its flowing on my thigh, made the moment more hornier for both of them. She bit her lips. Continued my finger in my mouth touched her lips and caressed her softly, by the left hand caressing belly and its button, she closed her eyes and feeling my touch. Moved my left hand on above her boobs and searched for the nipples, got the left boob and circled on the fingers and played with her nipples. Same time increase the pressure on rubbing her pussy, she was oozing loads and loads of juice, made my hand fully wet, she was enjoying a lot, i can die for that. she bend a little touched my tip of the cock on her right hand fingers and caressing the cock head, all the pre cum sicked to the fingers , both are feeling extreme, We enjoyed with heavy warm breath and continued for 2 to 3 mins, i screwed her nipples on my left, she hold my cock and started stroking, all pre cum from cock stick entire hand. She watched the cock, same time she inserted all her finger inside my mouth, i chewed all. Her warm touch on my cock, all the blood from my body was flowing only to the dick and making more rock hard. In pussy increased the finger fucking with 3 fingers, she was moaning loudly now and shaking her body in pleasure, i slowed fucking her pussy to tease her and to make her beg for more, removed right hand from the pussy and started licking my fingers, it taste good, and aroma of her juice with urine was smelled good and ignite more on me, this was the first time i am feeling so great on foreplay, she took her wet hand with my pre cum and moved towards her mouth, she licked all my pre cum from her fingers hungrily. Same time changed left hand to other breast and start playing the same like screwing the nipples, again she kept her right hand on my cock and started stroking my cock heavily, i was in heaven, not caring of any persons near by and making sound haa...haaa....haaa for each stroke. I don't want to cum early even i don't want her too reach orgasm, she hold my right hand and guided back inside pussy, as she guided i placed my hand on her pussy and started fondling the pussy lips, so that i can take fore play to more extend, i stopped sucking her fingers and hold her hand to stop stroking with my left. She too stop stroking, i smiled and took my right hand under her thighs and left hand around her hip and lifted to my lap and placed
between my thighs. she smiled back and still holding my cock. Both are very close now, can able to smell her body perfume. Even in the dark she seen my face and slowly buried her right cheek with my face, left the cock and encircled my neck with both her hands and hugged tightly. i too hugged her with both hands, started kissing her ears slowly and moved all around the ears stayed some time. Without releasing our hug, she turned her head towards me i started kissing her fore head slowly, she responded, then moved to her eyes, closed her eyes and enjoying the kissing without releasing the hug, kissed both of her eyes, nose, left cheeks, right cheek and licked both cheeks, then slowly kissed below her lips. She lifter her head slightly to get the full lip kiss, by knowing and to make her more wanted, i moved the kiss to her neck, licked and side bent her head and started kissing her ear lobes, then side neck and head all over, all those kisses are very slow, kissed all over her face and ear lobes, but not the lips and i took back the head and smiled to her, she too smiled and hardly she placed her lips on my lips and moved her both hands and pressed my head towards her, i too started holding her head started kissing hungrily, oh god what a lip lock we had for sure more than 20 minutes, exchanging the saliva, playing inside her mouth, fucking her mouth with my tongue, chewing and sucking lips, fucking my mouth with her tongue. during middle of kissing session i parted her legs and reached her pussy with my right head and started teasing by rolling my finger on her pussy and hold the g spot, on doing this she was pressing my heads towards her tightly and giving deep kiss without breathing. i insert my tip of one finger slowly inside her pussy, she parted her legs to give more access, slowly inserted my whole middle finger inside her pussy, its burning inside like an oven, kept my finger motion less, she can't resist and started moving her hip in and out, now without teasing her, more inserted my fingers and started moving in and out, added 2 more fingers and with few stroke, she was about to reach her climax, without breaking kiss she screamed, hmm,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,hmmmmmmmmmmm, with that scream she reached her orgasm heavily like urinating, stroked pussy very fast even though she was cumming, hers pussy was not stopped flowing the juice, enter right hand was drenched in her juice and like the way she flowed and i took in my hand, during orgasm she bite my lips hardly and my eyes dripping with tears and still enjoyed the pain of he bite and stroking her inside pussy. After her orgasm ends, she withdraw my lip, started kissing all my face happily, holding her in my left hand on doing this, she continued kissing me saying i love you, for more than 2 minutes she kissed and saying i love you, then slowly stopped kissing and looked my face, i smiled and took my right hand licked entire hand,
she too smiled and buried her face in my chest with shyness.

Will be continued on next part

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Real hot sex in train with bhabhi part 2

I hugged her all along, for about a minute she took the face and tried releasing her self from me and searched for my cock, already mines was oozing lot, she hold and smiled, then she went on her legs and knee in the compartment, started kissing the cock head and licking the pre cum, tried to kiss the balls, found difficultly in kissing my balls, without saying any took both legs to the seat to lye on the seat, by holding the cock she was watching me lying on her seat, she opened my pant and moved along with briefs towards knees. now she got a full access to my cock, saw me smiled and buried her face and took the ball in her mouth by holding the cock in her hand , her sucking sound make me more hard, she was stroking the cock slowly while sucking the balls and moved her mouth and licked all my pre cum again, she opened the skin closing the cock head and took the cock head and sucked, and she moved further to take cock fully and she succeeded swallowing 4 inches, placed my right hand on her head and my left hand playing with her breast nipples, i pinched her nipples, with my cock inside her mouth, she sounded haa.. and again tried to swallow more inside her, i can feel her throat pressing the tip, suddenly she made a cough and took cock out, after coughing again she started sucking the cock, her warmness of the mouth and the stroke and sucking made to jerk my body, hold her head and moved my hip up and down, she realised i am reaching climax, she increased the speed of sucking and stroking and moved her mouth to tip of cock, with in sec cummed in her mouth like passing urine, she took all the cum threading in her mouth and swallowing all the cum, waiting for the complete climax to be stopped, swallow entire cum without a single drop, once i stopped jumping, she stroked again and sucking the balls for a less than a minute, put the entire cock inside her mouth and squeezed my cock to take even single drop of cum. She started licking all over the cock, and full shaft once again and kissed every where. We were in heaven without caring any one. Can't forget the moment i had with her even now..

She moved on above me with her breast without pallu, lye on her stomach and came near my face started licking my lips and sucked my lips, i can able to smell the cum, i enjoyed the way she sucked and licked my face. I circled both my hand on her neck and hugged, after few minutes of licking, she put her head on my face and lyed together for more than 10 minutes without any speech. We rested for a while, later she turned her face and asked shall we go and clean, i nodded yes, then we both got down from the seat and adjusted our dresses and moved towards the toilet. Both entered inside the toilet separately, i cleaned, came and waited outside, time showed it 2.05 AM, standing near the door looking outside in slow moving train. She stepped out, looking very fresh, adjusted
her saree like before seeing me with smile & shyness on her face, i stretched my hand towards her she came near hold the hands of mine and without seeing my eyes she hugged and buried her face in the chest, with love and fullness, i too felt the same when she buried her face on me. I kissed her head and feeling the lovely hug, remains silent for 5 minutes, train reached some out skirt sub station, saw a tea person selling tea came near us, we separated and got down to the platform, both sat on the wooden table closely like husband and wife, she took my left arm with her and keeping head on my shoulder, brought tea. Asked "How do you do now?", she kept the tea on the table and stood up and came near me pressed my face with stomach and kissed my upper head, i took my face from her and looked into her she replied "First Night", i made her sit near me, she took my hand again and sit closely along with me, we started chatting all about her and asking all about me, we became very close now, she was having her head on my shoulder and asking questions about me and telling about her,
we shared our life, family, friends, sex and every thing, Heard a sound of train horn, "Dear can i carry you inside" i asked, she pinched me said "Every one will watch us", by saying i caressed her hair and continued "Thank you for your love to me" she said.

Me: (Smile on my face) Want to love you more?
Amudha: When it will reach bangalore? (Smile on her face)
Me: After 5.30 AM.
Due to continuous stroke of my dick from starting of the train, it was paining little. When she replied, i hugged her by sitting and buried my face inside her belly above the saree. Parted my face and adjusted the saree and kissed her belly button, she pressed my head along with her stomach. Same time i put my hand on her butts and pressed her towards me. Train started moving little, stopped kissing and saw her, i took her hand and pulled new me and lifted her from the ground, she didn't oppose, i stepped inside the train, without caring of anyone watching us, I dropped her, since there was no gap to carry more inside the compartment, once after dropping her she hugged me near the door step, i encircled my hand and pressed tightly with me, she put her hands on my neck and looking in to my eyes. She was glowing in light and love in her eyes, I kissed her eyes, nose, cheeks, then lip locked less than a min and broke the kiss, saw her face and told "will move inside or else some one will watch us". She didn't agree, buried her face in my chest saying "I Love You", i kissed her head and said "Me too", no lifted her head asked, "shall we go now", she agreed. Due to some short of fore play my dick already started rising and asking for release from my pant. I hold her hand took her by crossing our seats, she stop me saying "We crossed our seats", without stopping pulled her with me then stopped near next door and smiled.

Amudha: What?
Me: Searching dark place where no one is available (I saw lot many seats were vacant, one or two passengers are in each compartment, searched for the compartment without passengers)
Searched 3 compartments and at last found 2 continuous compartment was fully vacant at the end of sleeper coach, to my luck the next compartment was AC. So the doors has been closed between AC and Sleeper couch. Shown her the compartment by rolling my eyes towards the compartment, she smiled with shyness and sat on the seat. I switched off all the lights near by, it was dark completely. Came back to the seat and sat near her (able to see the seats since the train was slowly moved out of the station).
Amudha: Shall we sleep now? we have lot of seats.
Me: Yeah sure.
Amudha: I will sleep on this seat. where you like to sleep?
Me: Hmmm..on above you...
Amudha: Chiiiiii......
she lye down put her head on my lap
I sat near the window on same seat and stretched my leg on the seat.
Me: I am feeling cold now can i get some thing hot.
She parting my legs and lye on her back on between my legs and kept her head on my bulge. She took my legs below her hands and put my foot on her crotch above her saree. I pinched her cheeks on both my hands, i reached her boobs and kissed her both boobs on above the saree, on doing that my abdomen pressed her head more and stomach touched her lips on above my shirt. she hugged my hip in that position i bent back to normal, slowly i inserted my fingers between the boobs and smooched between the breast and on the other hand searched for the nipples above the blouse and circled the nipples started growing hard, i can feel from the touch, hold left boob nipples and did the same on other boob nipple with right hand, started to rolling the nipple, she sound 'iiiissssssss.....' due to pain fondled the nipples and bent, took one of the nipple and sucked and bite the nipples. She inserted her both hands and searched and found my nipples inside my shirt and started playing and pinching those.

For few minutes sucked, fondled and rolled only the nipples and concious not to press the boobs. She moaned continuously on each move and pressed her boob along with my head, but without allowing her to touch the boob played only with the nipples, it made her more hornier, "Take me full" she requested, without listening to her, sucked and bite the nipple and circled the boob on fingers, did the same on other boob with other hand she begged to suck the boob again, at last after long waiting pressed the boob softly once and again continued on nipples again, she pressed my head, but i hold her hand, she cried to take full boob, by seeing without any wait started taking full boob in my mouth and sucked, on the right hand pressed right boob hardly, continued for some time with reversed the same on other boob.

Released her hand and moved my left hand towards pussy and caressed slightly, the started putting pressure by pressing on above her saree. she parted her legs gave more space to access and crushed her pussy and sucking the boob hardly, she was in heaven and moaned. She continued pinching my nipples until i changed my position by standing on my knees and now my cock was above her, bulging inside my pant with full hard, she got access to my cock which was rock hard now, as she was waiting for the moment she crushed my cock on above pant, started unbuttoning my pant with other hand, she continued pressing the dick on above the pant, once unbuttoned she pulled the pant below to knees and now my dick was hanging above her inside the briefs. She pulled the dick above the briefs, due to its hardness difficult to take out and I was in pain due to her force of pulling, I made a sound due to pain, she pulled by briefs
to my knees, it started swinging in the air, she lifted her head and gulped the cock in to her mouth and started sucking, same time she stroked the cock with one hand and on the other hold my hip for her grip and started rolling her fingers on my butt cheeks, and inserted her finger on my butt hole. This made me more hornier, i pulled her saree above her knee and buried my face between her thighs, started licking the thighs near her pussy, then slowly moved towards the pussy, it smells so erotic, chewed the pussy hairs and pulled, due to small pain she moaned, I liked and started licking and sucking all the pre cum on above hairs, slide my tongue towards her pussy, now took the hands on the pussy, started parting and inserted my tongue and fucked slowly for few minutes, her moan increased with my cock inside her mouth, she enjoyed the way i was doing and lifting her pussy to gave more access, got g spot and gave
soft bite, she gave long moan and stopped stroking my cock, pressed my head towards her pussy, continued with tongue fucking for more than 5 minutes, she pressed my head more inside her pussy, now her legs started moving above my head to press more inside her, still i am shaking my head, at last with loud moan and shivering on her legs she reached orgasm inside my mouth, i gulped all her cum without wasting a drop and continued eating her pussy without a gap.
I liked and with more eager started eating her pussy, i want to eat more of her pussy, so I thought to change the position, l took my cock out from her mouth and jumped from the seat, reached the floor, knelt down on it. She saw me confused and waiting for my movement, I pulled and turned her legs towards me from the seat, by my knees moved closer inside and between her legs, she got my movement and moved her hip towards me, until her pussy reaches edge of the seat, bent my head forward to reach her pussy, rolled her saree to her thighs, she guided my head towards her pussy and started caressing my hairs and rested her back to the seat, due to her Saree not able to get the pussy in my mouth, knowing that lifted her hip and rolled her saree again until her waist, parted her legs, now I am in full mood, started kissing and licking by her both thighs on the side of her pussy, she liked more on playing with pussy , can't able to wait for my foreplay, she pressed my head towards her pussy, I moved my mouth towards her pussy, hungrily eating the pussy, licking, biting her pussy lips, sucking, playing with her spot, continued for more than 5 minutes, it made her more hornier and oozing the pre cum, she pressed my head inside her, i started eating the pussy licking, biting the pussy lips, parted her lip using my hand and licked, then inserted 2 finger and started finger fucking her pussy for few more minutes, slowly i lifted her thighs on my shoulder and moved my licking towards her ass hole, inserted my tongue and licked, she became more hornier and pressed my head along with her ass hole and moved her ass towards me and pressing my mouth, continued my licking on the ass, inserted my all fingers inside her pussy and fucked, she cried with pain and pleasure, and on the other hand inserted 1 finger inside her ass, fucking the pussy and ass, licking ass on same time, this was continued for more than a minute, she jumped and forced me inside her ass and jumped, one more ejaculation, all her cum poured on my forehead, few drops of her cum flowed on by nose and moved my mouth tasted the juice, I liked the situation by drenching in juice, situation
made me more horny, released my head from her hand and ass, moved my mouth towards her pussy, licked and sucked all the juices from her pussy. Again she pressed my head with her pussy and jumped for minute, she pulled me from down and kissed all over my and circled her legs on my hip and hugged me by her hands and kissed, licked all over my face, we lip locked for more than 2 minutes, and started playing with her boobs, she was tired, but still i was crazy and moved towards her pussy continued to eat the pussy, she sat on my face and enjoying even though she was tired, after a minute i put her back to seat, she lye on the seat. Cock was full hard and oozing the pre cum, now i was more hornier and lie on her side and started kissing all over her face, she hugged and enjoying the kiss. Kissing and licking her face, neck and moved to the boob slowly and pressed right and sucked the left for about 5 minutes and changed sucking the left and pressed the right and moved my hand and fondled the pussy again she liked the way i did, she started caressing my head and my face with love.

With her low voice she asked "i want you".
Me: (Hugging her more tightly), me too.
Amudha: I want to be with you (Pulled by head), please take me
I lifted her head and reached near her face and kissed, she kissed on my fore head, cheeks, nose and lips
Amudha: Take me fully, I die for you.
she hugged and unbuttoned and opened the shirt kissed all over chest, by the hot breath made even more exotic i carried her on above me, she put down her head on my bare chest and lye, hugging her one hand, removed her blouse button from her back side and started caressing her back and massaging her, took cock on my hand and traced her pussy, removed her saree which was making more disturbance while tracking the pussy, i lifted her and removed her saree and blouse slowly on top and she started removing my shirt, i removed my pant & briefs which was half cover until my knees. now started removing her bra, we didn't bother of removing the clothes, at last lifted her hip to find the petticoat string and at last removed that, now we both were completely naked in public train, in the darkness. she lyed on me with her stomach, i hold her butts and hardly pressing her pussy with cock, she guided me put cock inside the pussy.
she lifted her hip and guided my cock near the pussy, i lifted, tip of the cock smoothly went inside, she pressed her hip down, able to feel the tight pussy while entering half of rod, due to pre cum and oozing, it went half inside pussy, on moving further inside her, she started feeling the pain and saying 'no....slowly slowly', took back the cock and re entered with less force, she hugged me tightly and shouting more with pain i did the same for multiple times by re entering the cock in and out, at last with more force entered full cock inside, she was in pain and shouting loudly 'haaaaaaa slowly', without any movement waited for a minute inside her pussy, parted her legs and make her sit on cock fully, and moved my hip, she too started jumping with more emotion, got hold of her dancing boobs and pressing hard, each stroke I was in heaven, She hold my hands for support and jumping more and myself moving my hip up and down, few minutes later she slow down her movement, i got her hip and lifted her for support with my hip movement, she collapsed on me and kissing on lips passionately, I am hungry, rolled over her and parted her legs and started pumping in and out slowly, she moaned, increased the pumping step by step, she was and me are in heaven for each stroke and moaning loud, she was nearing her orgasm, even me too, after few minutes of stroke in and out, she orgasmed heavily and mines continued to flow inside her, keeping inside her collapsed on her and moved the hip after ejaculation for a minute, she liked and pressed my butts towards her pussy, cock loosing it temper, by keeping inside and lye on her, both hugged and licked, chewed and bite the nose and lip locked for 2 to 3 minutes and lye next to her by hugging. Due to tired we both were in same position for more than 15 minutes, slowly we started feeling the cold on our naked body. Keeping near her ears

Me: Did you liked?
Amudha: (Holding my head near her) I Love you (Turned her head and kissed on my cheek)
Me: When can we meet again?
Amudha: (She started sleeping) Hmmm...
Me: When can we meet again?
Amudha: Please come to my place and search job over there, will meet daily.
Me: Can't, no companies over there, but I can come to your place.
Amudha: Ok, we can meet in my home or outside, will tell you earlier when no one is there in home.
Me: How your husband, in laws will be there?
Amudha: He drinks daily, so he won't know even if you are there as like today, MIL can't hear the sound.
Me: When can i come
Amudha: I will tell you, will meet again
Me: Can you come to my place or will meet some where else?
Amudha: Yes, but its difficult for me to travel, so will meet near by.
Me: Ok, I will pick you any where near by home.
Amudha: (hugging me) Ok
After some times being silent for about 5 minutes,
Amudha: i am feeling cold, will put the dress.
Me: (Looked the time its almost 3.45AM and train started slow down), oh i think we reached some station, yes we will put. we took our cloths and both went moved in to same toilet, i cleaned her body and she did to me, we both dressed and kissed. We went back to our old seat, still her husband snoring loudly, we giggled. She said she was getting sleep, even myself too, I took my bed sheet from my bag and sat on her seat near window asked to lye on the seat, she lye and kept her head on my lap, she never bothered of her husband, i covered her with bed sheet, we were nearing the station. She kissed on my bulge and blinked her eyes and closed her eyes and went for sleep. Due to tired i too slept, didn't know when the train stopped the bangalore station In a deep sleep, i heard a sound, when i opened my eyes, every one from the compartment started moving towards the door Saw still her husband snoring loudly and she also sleeping on my lap. I bent and kissed her lips, still she was in sleep, i started to suck her lips, she shocked and pushed my head from her, she came back to sense, saw me and immediately saw her husband still snoring.

Amudha: Did train reached bangalore?
Me: Yes
She got up from the seat and tried wake her husband. I hugged her and gave a kiss, she too hugged for short time and both kissed passionately. We both separated and got ready to get down. When i getting ready she was waking her husband, at last moment i came to know her that I didn't got her number, we exchanged the numbers, same time her husband stretching his hands and opening his eyes and asking where we are? She replied, I waited for her husband to go for toilet, mean time I acting as like getting ready, once he moved inside the toilet, moved towards her and lifted, kissed each others face and lip locked and saying bye silently to her i got down from the train.

Frequently we will be in call, either of us will be calling when we are free and we didn't got any suitable place and time to meet again and waiting for it
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REPPS added. Hot story. Thank you Onjson

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Hot story

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nice one bro...

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