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Old 21st March 2016
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Smile illeana navel crazy

Hi friends,
This is my little wild fantasy on one of the hottest Indian actress :- Illeana! She has a figure which many girls die for, pretty face, perfect Boobs, silky smooth skin, and the most important of all a deliciously sweet & tempting BellyButton!! You look at it and it feels like it is inviting you to Touch it, Feel it, Fondle it. In short its inviting you to have a feast on it!! Sounds tempting?? Then read on!!

So my story goes like this. After the success of Hindi movie Barfi. She acted in several bollywood flicks. But sadly most of them were flop, as a result of which her demand reduced drastically. With no major banner films in her kitty, she became very much worried about her future, and was desparate to come up.

And I being crazy about her (esp her navel). Wanted a chance like this to satisfy my fantasy. So everyday I used to walk near her apartment. Soon I made her security gaurd my friend. One day I saw her walking in a park inside her complex. Now my friendship with the gaurd helped me gain entry inside the park. I started walking in oppposite direction. But before I could come near her. She sat on a bench and just broke into tears. I quickly sat beside her and consoled her by saying that it wont be for long. She smiled and thanked for my consolation. Then I quickly diverted the topic to make her feel lighter. Soon she was laughing and almost forgot that she was crying moments before.

Now I started looking in her eyes, they were even more beautiful then they look in Theater! After that my eyes directly went down searching for that beautiful dimple, for which the whole world is crazy about! But her top was long enough to cover her entire belly. So I made a plan to make her expose it to me!!

I pretended to be a holistic healer and assured her of a good outcome through some therapies. Desparate to make a come back, she was more than eager to take it. So she took me to her apartment. Therewas no one else at home. I asked “where are your parents?”. She told that they went to their native for 3 days..

So in other words I had full three days to continue with my “Therapies”.

I tried to be as much professional as I can. First of all I lit some incense sticks and diyas. Then I closed my eyes, held her right hand and silently murmured some words as if I am in deep meditation. Then I opened my eyes and told her that “Manipur Chakra” is weak, and that is why you are not able to have a good run @ Box Office. She didnt understood a single word what I said, but promptly asked “How to strengthen it??”

I was waiting for it!! As a professional I said “This chakra is located between your spine and bellybutton, will have to treat your bellybutton and your back for that. But it may be a bit Painful.”

For this she replied “I bet it wont be more painful than facing flop movies in a row! I am ready for the treatment!!”

Then I asked her to lie down and reveal her belly as much as she can as it would help in the treatment. Without thinking she immediately remove her top to reveal her white bra. I was stunned at the sight! It felt like I was in heaven!! Then somehow I made myself stand up and arrange some items i would use on her.

After arranging everything, I finally started! First I covered her eyes with a cloth. The justification I gave was she should not see whats happening to her or the effect will be worn off!

Then I straight away moved towards her bellybutton, I was just mesemerised by the sight. Her navel was round, deep, and it puckered up everytime her belly moves up while breathing as if inviting me to give a deep kiss on it!! My pant started to buldge and it became extremely difficult for me to control!! But somehow I managed to control myself.

First I started examining her entire belly by pressing it with my first two fingers of my right hand, starting from her silky smooth Midriff I gradually went down to her soft & tender bel

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Old 21st March 2016
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