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Old 7th May 2017
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Old 11th May 2017
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Waiting for updates

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Old 11th May 2017
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love the story
but conti her with cheap storemen, watchmen, etc

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Old 19th May 2017
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Update please

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Old 20th May 2017
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After the retreat, Varun concluded that meaningless, hot sex not only felt great but was a good remedy to work tension. It gave him a distraction, even a goal to work towards. He felt that old familiar thrill return whenever he flirted with a woman and seduced her. The greatest thrill was when a woman submitted and got intimate with him.
Varun had been strictly professional in his dealings after the Pondicherry retreat. As he saw it, sleeping around discreetly at the retreat was one thing but doing that in an office setting could start unwanted rumours and gossip.
During the Pondicherry retreat, he chose his prey carefully. He chose only married women because they had everything to lose if rumours got out.
Back to the present.
The meeting droned on. His eyes flitted around and settled on Sheetal. She looked at him and smiled. In that moment, she seemed like the most beautiful woman in the world. So far, Varun had not thought of her as a potential conquest. But looking at her beautiful face and her full bosom pressing through her tight white blouse aroused his passion. He knew Sheetal was not going to be easy. She was married and by all accounts faithful to her husband. But therein was the thrill.
Sheetal herself was admiring her boss's good looks from across the table. He had a handsome face, with a broad chiselled jaw and brooding eyes. He had a salt and pepper stubble that added to his suaveness. Not to mention the broad shoulders. By all accounts, he was hot. When she had joined the office, Sheetal had always heard the women incessantly talking about the "hot boss". She had felt irritated by such immature conversation. But now she could see the appeal in him.
As the presentation was winding up, Varun noticed that Sheetal kept stealing glances at him. Was she interested in him? he wondered. He was definitely interested.
The Forever mark project was the most challenging project Sheetal had handled. It involved long hours (and nights) in office, supervising and going over the code developed by her team. Adding to the stress was the fact that Varun was personally in charge of the project. She directly reported to him on a daily basis. Initially this was quite stressful. She had heard that Varun was a demanding and temperamental boss who didn't take lightly to any slip ups. To the contrary, he had been kind and understanding. As days went by, Sheetal actually looked forward to interacting with her boss. He was considerate and encouraging. And always ready to help with innovative solutions whenever there was a road block.
On a few late nights, Varun even stayed back with the team and helped them navigate deadlines. The comfort level between Varun and Sheetal grew as the project advanced. Their daily briefing sessions would veer into personal discussions about life. Sheetal's admiration for her boss grew as time went by. Not a day went by without her praising her boss or mentioning him at the dinner table to her husband, Vinay.
Initially, Vinay was happy for his wife but as time progressed he found Sheetal's interminable praise and admiration for Varun, quite irritating. He found it odd that Sheetal didn't object to her boss (a good looking guy) flirting with her. On the other hand, Sheetal thought that the flirting was very innocuous. When Vinay pointed it out one day, she accused a him of making a mountain out of a molehill. This led to a couple of showdowns and bitter fights between husband and wife. Varun was a touchy topic at home and Sheetal no longer mentioned his name to Vinay.
As the project neared completion, Sheetal and Varun had not just become cordial work colleagues but good friends. Incensed with her husband for his petty jealousy, Sheetal had even confided with Varun about the fights she had at home.
Varun pacified her and asked her to make peace with her husband. He knew such a a suggestion would elevate her a regard for him. Varun knew he had to be patient with a woman like Sheetal. His every action was geared towards winning her admiration and trust. He could tell from his daily interactions that she was nursing a crush on him. So it was only a matter of time before he would take things to the next level.
For now, he put his best foot forward every time he dealt with her. For all practical purposes, he pretended to be her best friend at work. He was unselfish and never once treated her badly for a slip up. This was ofcourse easy because Sheetal was highly competent.
The project was a great success. So much so that the Forevermark team invited Sheetal and Varun to France for a week to interact with their team and share their inputs. But before that, was the year end retreat.

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Old 20th May 2017
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Sheetal seduced at the retreat

The retreat was in Goa this time. The company had a successful year and everyone was ready to let their hair down. Varun looked forward to the retreat more than anyone else. His trysts with Neha and Priya were still fresh in his memory. Since the last retreat, he was careful about the image he projected in office. Therefore, he had been careful to avoid any dalliances with office colleagues. The retreat was a different ball game altogether. People were more chilled out and morals were relaxed. Men and women looked to have some fun on the side. Varun knew this was his best chance to seduce Sheetal. As luck would have it, Radhika didn't accompany him to the retreat this time as well.
Sheetal was looking forward to the retreat. The Forever mark project had been hectic and exhausting. She wanted to party and have fun. With great difficulty, she convinced Vinay to come along. The retreat provided the perfect opportunity to broker peace between her husband and her boss and also rekindle her sex life with Vinay.
The Flaubert team arrived at the Hyatt for five days of fun and frolic. Everything was going perfectly. People were hanging around the beach. Sheetal was looking hot in a loose stringy top and tiny shorts. Varun and Sheetal hit it off on the beach and started chatting away like old friends. Vinay, who had gone to take a dip in the sea, came back to find his wife chatting away with Varun (they had been introduced the previous day). He felt a pang of jealousy.
As the day progressed, Vinay noticed that Sheetal was spending more and more time with Varun. They would laugh at their own inside jokes and behave playfully with each other. Although he was not the jealous type, all these incidents kept building up inside till they reached a boiling point during the party that night.
Sheetal was dancing with Vinay. Everything was going well. They were having a fun conversation. It was all smiles and laughs. Both of them had their fair share of alcohol and subconsciously looking forward to having sex. That's when disaster struck.
Varun, who was also at the party, was on the dance floor too. He had danced with a few wives and female colleagues (he needed back up in case he couldn't get Sheetal). But all the while his eyes were on Sheetal. She was wearing a sexy black dress with a scooped neck that showed off an exquisite cleavage and her endless legs. The dress, which ended mid-thigh, hugged her hourglass figure and showcased her unbelievably sexy curves. Varun was itching to get his hands on her.
During a break between two songs, he made his move. Sheetal was also taking a breather in the lounge. Vinay was nowhere to be seen. Sensing his chance, Varun walked up to her and asked her for a dance. Sheetal eagerly accepted although she was waiting for Vinay to come back with their drinks. Vinay had gone to the bar to get her a drink. She didn't want to keep her boss waiting.
When Vinay returned, he was puzzled to not find Sheetal in the lounge. He waited for a while but there was still no sign of her. He decided to take a look at the dance floor. His alcohol sozzled mind adjusted to the dim light on the dance floor. There were nearly 50 couples on the dance floor. The music was loud and disorienting. Vinay walked around the periphery looking for wife. He finally spotted her in the corner. He began moving towards her around the edges so that he could make himself visible. He got a jolt as he neared her. The man she was dancing with was Varun!
All those fights he had with Sheetal surfaced back as he stood near the dance floor. He was flooded with hatred and jealousy. How could she do this?
Varun didn't want to show any signs of intimacy early on. He was gentlemanly. He held her waist as they danced (Sheetal put her hands on his shoulder). However, at such close proximity, his eyes lingered on her curves. As they danced, he could see flashes of her swinging tits. The feel of her slender waist was intoxicating. He could tell from her eyes that the dance was making her horny. By the third song, they were dancing closely. Closer than a boss and colleague would ever would.
As the dancing progressed, Sheetal felt her head spinning slightly. She wasn't completely aware of her surroundings. Everyone around seemed to be dancing closely. Some of the men were clearly groping their dance partners. The women went along with it. They were giggling and acting coy. She knew a lot of them were going to get laid tonight. All the rumours about Flaubert retreat parties being wild were true! She knew she was also getting laid tonight. Vinay had made it amply clear during their dance what naughty things he would like to do to her in bed. Her thought stream was interrupted when she felt a man's hand on her back. Her eyes focussed on the man she was dancing with. Her boss. Varun Narang. Tall and handsome. Her glazed eyes glided over his face. He looked so sexy and manly. One last dance with this man and she would go find Vinay.
Varun couldn't mistake the look on Sheetal's face. She looked drunk and aroused. He decided to take a chance. He pulled her closer and put his hands on her back. He felt a thrill when he hands touched her bare skin. As he slowly stroked her back, he realised that she was wearing a backless dress! He looked at her face to see if she minded his hands running over her back. She gazed at him dreamily and smiled. A definite yes!
Vinay remained rooted as he saw Varun and his wife dance. Their movements were sensual. He hated how Varun's big burly arms were resting on Sheetal's waist. But he was livid when Varun pulled her closer and began stroking her bare back. He couldn't believe Sheetal was letting Varun do this.
As the song entered the last minute, Varun decided to push the limits further. He slowly moved his hands from her back and onto the small of her back. Sheetal shivered in his arms and buried her head in his shoulder. Varun was overjoyed by the response. He decided to go further. He inched his palms along his female colleague's back and placed it directly on her ass. Over the loud music, Varun heard a distinct sigh from her. He studied her face for a response. Her large eyes were shut and her sensual lips were parted. Every sign on her delicate, pretty face screamed that she was aroused. Varun couldn't resist any longer and slowly squeezed her butt.
Sheetal was in a horny trance like state. She pictured going back to the room and fucking her husband's brains out. Her alcohol sozzled mind was not in a position to distinguish her boss from her husband. She sighed when the man she was dancing with her placed his hands on her ass. At last he was responding to her needs! After a few seconds, she felt his hands squeeze her butt. She desperately needed this.The touch sent a surge of arousal through her body. And she moaned.
Vinay was outraged when he saw the bastard move his hands onto his wife's ass. To his utter horror, he began fondling his wife's ass over her dress. To his shock, Sheetal hadn't pushed his hands away or admonished him. She was in his arms, almost hugging him. The blatant fondling went on for a good twenty seconds before the song changed. Exploding with anger, Vinay walked in the direction of his wife and screamed "What the fuck are you doing?" "Have you lost your mind?" Because the music was loud, only a few people around Sheetal and Varun could hear Vinay's outburst.
Varun remained unfazed as Sheetal rushed to her husband to calm him down. Her liquor high was dissipating. And she was seething with rage at Vinay for creating such a scene. She had no recollection of Varun's misdemeanor and attributed her husband's outburst to jealousy. Varun joined her and tried to pacify Vinay. But as soon as Vinay saw him, he let out a string of expletives. "Don't let that fucking bastard come anywhere near me. And don't you dare come to the room!". Sheetal took her husband to the lounge to pacify him and prevent him from making a scene. Varun could see from a distance that they were engaged in a deep conversation. Vinay was visibly drunk and soon passed out in the arms of Sheetal.
People often passed out at the retreat parties and people simply assumed that Sheetal's husband had a drunken outburst. His speech was slurred and only Sheetal, Varun and a couple of people could even decipher what he said before passing out. With the help of a couple of guys, Varun carried him to the room. After putting Vinay to bed, Varun and Sheetal came back to the lounge. Sheetal was very apologetic for her husband's behaviour but Varun would have none of it. "These things happen Sheetal. He was drunk and lost control. Don't let this affect your mood. C'mon after all that, you owe me a dance".

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Old 20th May 2017
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With her husband passed out in their room, Sheetal had nothing else to do. She was glad her boss had brushed off the incident so lightly. Otherwise an incident like that could have had serious consequences for her career.
Varun couldn't have been happier with how things panned out. With the husband out of the picture, he now had a free run at his drunk colleague. Varun plied Sheetal with more drinks before they hit the dance floor.
The dance floor had dim lighting. Most of the senior colleagues had already retired to their rooms. Everyone else was drunk out of their minds and swaying tipsily. Varun put his arm around a very drunk Sheetal and led her to the floor.
On the dance floor, Varun went for the kill. He pulled Sheetal into an embrace. She was completely sloshed and gladly put her arms around him for support. Her large tits pressed into his chest and Varun felt his loins stir. He placed his hands on her hips and surreptitiously moved them onto her butt. Sheetal gasped and looked at him with surprised, wide eyes but didn't say anything. Her eyes had the glazed look of an extremely drunk person.
Sheetal was indeed quite drunk. She was gazing in and out of consciousness as she felt Varun's hands all over her body.
Varun let his hands rest for a while. Sensing no resistance from her, he squeezed her butt over her slinky dress. His dick hardened and pushed against his trousers. Sheetal had buried her face in his shoulders and was moaning softly as he relished the soft flesh of her butt cheeks. He stopped dancing and whispered "Let's go to my room".
"No Varun, some other time. I'm too sleepy" Sheetal hesitated. Although heavily drunk, she knew the consequences of going to her boss's room at this hour.
"C'mon just one drink." Varun suggested, desperate to lure her. "You've got nothing to do now. Live it up a little" he said, subtly playing on the fact that her husband had passed out.
"Okay, just one drink" she replied. She couldn't refuse him outright. He was her boss.
A few minutes later, both of them were sitting on Varun's bed slowly sipping on wine as the music system gently played Tchaikovsky. The wine was good, the music better, but the conversation had dried up and the tension was palpable. Varun was surreptitiously checking out his female colleague's sexy figure. His eyes fell on her exposed thighs. Her dress had ridden up and her creamy thighs were on display. Sheetal was too drunk to notice but as Varun's eyes lingered for an extra look, she caught him staring.
This was a strange situation to be in, for Sheetal. She couldn't acknowledge that he was staring, leave alone admonish him. She coyly looked away. In that time, Varun senses an opportunity. She had caught him staring but hadn't said anything. He moved closer to her and placed his hand ever so slightly on her thigh.
The touch felt as if an electric current had passed through Sheetal. She squirmed and felt a distinct wetness between her thighs. Emboldened by her reaction, Varun moved his hand from her knee, along her thigh. He stopped when he reached the hem of her dress.
Sheetal shivered as her boss made his first overtly sexual move. She looked at him. He smiled at her, his hand brazenly resting on her thigh. "Varun, please.." was all she could muster, as he moved his hand higher and below her dress. She was caught in two minds. Her body was aroused but her mind told her otherwise. And her response had been meek.
Varun knew his colleague's predicament. He focussed on savouring her soft, creamy thighs. He turned towards her and openly stroked her thighs. She was looking down, still not acknowledging his ministrations.
Sheetal froze as her boss was tearing down the boundaries between them rapidly. An hour ago, he was just a friend. Now he was touching her thighs intimately. She was immobilised by his audacity and her own horniness. She felt a distinct tingle in her loin building up as Varun inched his hand up her thighs brazenly. When he reached her panties and stroked her cunt with the slightest of touches, she couldn't resist any longer, and moaned.
Varun knew she was enjoying this. If she wanted to, she could have stopped him awhile back. He could feel the heat emanating from her loins. She was ready. He moved in for a kiss. He kissed her cheek first, eliciting a soft sigh from her. She opened her eyes and smiled. Taking that as a yes, he put his hands around her neck and pulled her into a kiss. Her lips were soft. He gently smmoched her, relaxing her inhibitions. After a brief impasse, she reciprocated. He kissed her luscious lower lips and sucked on it gently while stroking her thighs. For the second time, she moaned.
Sheetal had decided to let go the moment her boss stroked her pussy over her panties. His touch, it seemed, had unleashed a centuries old list in her. She craved for more.
Passion and lust took over. Varun pulled her into his lap and embraced her tightly. They kissed with abandon like long lost lovers, discovering old rhythms.

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Hot Hot please continue

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