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Old 9th January 2017
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this is again a awesome story dude......really crazy....about reading in one shot.....please keep posting..........wonderful narration

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Old 9th January 2017
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Update 6

Kanika was upset, but i was completely blown out. I had a very long dry spell and this was making me really crazy as I did really come when Neha touched my penis over my jeans. I masturbated again thinking of her and imagined my penis up her round ass.
Next morning, After breakfast i called Neha and asked what was the plan. She asked if i was alone, i went to my room and said now say
Neha - You know Kanika was angry because Abhishek tried to kiss her and then i joked as well. I am foolish.
Me (Pretending that I did not know) - Ohhh
Neha - she is upset but I explained her that this is normal
Me - I thought they are bf and gf so what is the issue
Neha - i dont know but i calmed her down. You guys come over in an hour and then we go out.
Me - Ok ok, what is our plan ?
Neha - I have no idea but we will see
Me - would you go out again with me ?
Neha - haha, do i have an option ?
Me - Yeah why not, after dropping them we can go separate ways if you want
Neha - shut up, you know i wont do that to you
Me - then it is a date
Neha - haha no date, just meet.
Me - whyyyy
Neha - you will grope me if it is a date and find some way to seduce me
Me - hahah, so you did not like my kiss
Neha - shut up, you know very well and hips dont lie.
Me - haha, still it is a date
Neha - think what you want to think. See you
I told Abhishek to get ready and we left for their place. Abhishek asked me how was our date yesterday and he was a bit lost yesterday so he did not speak much. I said no problem, it was ok, how about you ? He said it was ok but maybe not as good as yours. I said why you think so ? He said Neha is so beautiful and outgoing, i am sure you had more fun than me. I laughed and said, Kanika is really sweet and Neha always does what she wants. He was not amused.
Soon we reached their place. This time Neha opened the door and she was wearing her normal Jeans and lose t shirt. She hugged me and also hugged Abhishek. We went in and Kanika was there in a Jeans and a really tight top. She looked so hot, i wanted to hug her but could not. She shook hands with me and hugged Abhishek. Neha smiled at me as it seemed she convinced her to dress like this and maybe make Abhishek happy. Abhishek was really all smiles and happy to see Kanika dressed up sexily. Kanika's boobs looked bigger today maybe because she had dressed in such a tight top. Her body figure was really visible now and she really had a sexy model like figure. Neha was more voluptuous in a sense but she was also no way fat. She had an hour glass figure with huge boobs and round ass. As i was lost figuring out Kanika, Neha said wow Karan you look hot today. I said what ? Mee ? She said yes, gel in hair, jeans and a shirt and glasses. Whats the plan stud. I laughed and said, i dont know yet. I asked Abhishek where should I drop them and when should I pick them. Kanika was not happy that i was so dressed up. She said, let us go to some park. I was not sure about that, but Neha jumped at the idea and said yes, it would be perfect, but let us go to a water park. Abhishek was also excited at the idea of a water park. Kanika was not so interested in water park and neither was I as i did not like to play much in these water parks. I preferred the sea but I wanted to see the girls wet. I said ok, and Kanika had to agree unwillingly.
Neha went inside to get some stuff for the park while Abhishek excused himself to the toilet. I said Kanika you look sexy today. She said it is only for my boyfriend. I said ok ok, but i am not blind na. She said, don't look at me, look at Neha. I held her by her waist and pulled her close. She was startled and struggling, and I said it was all your plan so why angry with me ? I will hug you if you behave like this. She was scared and said sorry sorry, please let me go. I said now say thanks for i said you look nice. She said thanks and when i let her go, she said you are disgusting. You never dress well when with me and see today you come like a Hero. I laughed at her, so ? your boyfriend is here, your hero. Before she can say something, Neha came out with a bag and she had put in her make up. We went to Fun N Food Village and the costume could be rented there. I was hairy, but I had masculine body. I chose a nice speedo and also wore a black nylon t shirt which was really tight. I felt naked in this as It was really body hugging and my bulge was visible. Neha wore a really sexy one piece and was not afraid to show off. She wanted a two piece set, but I told her to keep it down as Kanika would kill us. Neha's cleavage and her ass was barely covered in the one piece. Normally girls were also wearing a nylon short under it to look more decent, but Neha was showing off her absolutely stunning figure. When i saw her, i felt i cannot control my bulge and I really had to control to not get an erection. Kanika was wearing a very decent set, covering her legs till knees and a t shirt which was round and perfectly covered her neck. The dress was however really tight and Kanika look absolutely secy in the figure hugging dress. She reminded me of Angelina Jolie in latex in Lara croft, however Kanika was not that voluptuous. Kanika's boobs looked awesome in this dress and since this was even tighter, I could figure out her nipples. Abhishek was also dressed up now and he was really happy to see Kanika and specially Neha. He said to me, you are lucky, Neha looks so amazing and plus she is so open. I smiled at him and said yes. We went to the water pool and started playing. There was a couple slide where two people would sit behind each other and hold by waist and slide down. It looked amazing as i saw many coupled coming down and almost getting entangled ine ach other and touching each other all over. Plus being wet, it added to the pleasure. Neha took me to the slide and I sat behind her. My legs were touching her legs and my crotch was on her ass. I held her by her waist and as we slid down the slide, my hands moved up to her under boobs, squeezing them really hard as we fell into the water. It felt so great, and my speedos almost came out. I had an erection with this great experience and Neha was super excited too. We did the ride many times and I was not sure if I could manage my erection any more. Abhishek wanted to slide too, but Kanika was not willing. I asked him to do it with Neha and Neha readily agreed. I asked Kanika, why she doesnt go as well, it is fun. She said, no no I am afraid. I said come on babu, you can do it. She said, really you think so ? Is it not scary. I said not at all, plus you can do with your bf. I held her hand and walked up. We were in queue and i spotted Neha and Abhishek. I shouted, Kanika is here, and she will do the ride with you. He said, it is difficult now due to the queue. He suggested I take this one with Kanika and he will with neha and then he can do next one with Kanika. I said, let me ask Kanika. Kanika was holding my hands and said, I will do with you. Soon we were on top and about to slide down. I saw Abhishek and Neha at the bottom in the pool and Abhishek looked happy as he must have gotten a chance to grope Neha. I sat behind Kanika and I pulled her close as she was afraid. I whispered to her, Dont worry, i wont Leave you. I held her really tight and as her ass touched my crotch, I felt really electric. My hardon was difficult to control. She held my hands and said, I trust you. She was scared and i knew that. We started to slide down and she was screaming really bad as she felt fear. I held her tight and my hands were now really under her boobs squeezing hard, pushing her boobs upwards. I could feel her underboobs as she laid her head on my chest in fear. We splashed into the pool and I kept holding her. Due to the motion, my hands were alsmost crushing her boobs. As soon as I got some control, I moved my hands away from her boobs and said, sorry, it was due to the motion. She said nothing, just turned around, held my hands and said Thanks, I was really scared. Abhishek came to us and said, are you ok. Kanika was still shaking and said, it was a bad idea. I cannot do this ride, i will play in the wave pool. We all went to the wave pool and played there. Abhishek and Kanika were splashing each other. Neha and I were playing as well when Kanika started to splash me. I splashed her as well and we all started to really splash each other. It was then I held Kanika by her waist, lifted her up and dumped her in the pool. It felt really good to lift her up like this. I did the same to Neha as well, and Neha's bare thighs were really hot. I said to Neha, you will kill every guy here and when i splashed her, her boobs almost popped out due to the impact. She was loving it. She asked me to take a boat ride with her. The boat ride was also scary to Kanika but she got in with Abhishek after lot of requests. I was sitting behind Neha and I took water in my hands and started to pour it down Neha's cleavage. She was really close to me and she used her hands to pinch my penis in my speedos. We were openly playing with each other. Kanika and Abhishek were behind us so they could not see what we were doing. I said to Neha, your boobs look so wow as they are wet. I wish i could suck the water from your boobs to dry it. She pinched me and said, control you moron. After our ride was over, Kanika and Abhishek still had some time to complete their ride. Neha took me to a corner and said, quickly suck my dry. I could not believe it, she smiled at me and winked. I immediately started to suck the water droplets off her cleavage and i licked her cleavage. Some people might have seen us, but i cared less. I took my hands to her under boobs and Neha held my hands. I said, I will just push them up to suck. She kept holding my hands and said nothing. I took it as a yes and pushed her underboobs up, exposing more of her cleavage and started to lick it sucking every droplet of water i could. She stopped me and said, enough, you will make me crazy some day. She the hugged me and I hugged her back. As we broke the hug to go back, I saw Kanika and Abhishek looking at us. I was really shocked and did not know what to do. Kanika was visibly upset and even Neha was feeling scared. She did not say anything and we finally changed our clothes back to eat something and go back. Neha ordered beer with her food, seeing this Abhishek too ordered a beer. Kanika and I ordered soft drinks. Abhishek then asked me why was I not drinking ? I said, I dont drink. Even Neha was surprised and said, really ? I thought you did. Abhishek then looked at Kanika and said, when Neha ordered, i thought everyone was ordering, so i did as well. Kanika said it is ok, drinking does not mean you are a bad person. I smiled at her answer as this was what i said to Monika and Kanika. She looked at me and then said, bad people can be anywhere in disguise. I was really smiling now as i knew what she meant. Abhishek and Neha drank more beers and finally both had to go to the loo. As soon as they left, Kanika said, you and Neha are shameless. You guys are hugging in open here and acting as if you are a couple. I was not sure if she saw me licking her cleavage or not, but i guessed she did not, so i said, it was just a hug. A person can hug another person anytime anywhere. She said, yes but in such a place inront of 1000 people. You are such a nymphomaniac. I said, you are jealous because Abhishek did not hug you. She said, not at all, infact he did not hug me because i was angry at him yesterday. I said, i dont think so, that you even like or want to be hugged. She got angry at me and said, you are shameless and you think everyone is. Soon Abhishek and Neha came back and as Abhishek was about to sit, Kanika got up and hugged him. Abhishek was surprised but happy. She said I missed you. Neha smiled and said, ohh that is so cute na. I said how do I know, no body missed me or hugged me. Neha came near me and hugged me as well and said, no janu i did miss you. This made Kanika furious and as she hugged Abhishek tightly she looked at me with anger. Abhishek was a bit drunk but he was enjoying it, and he then kissed her on her cheeks. Kanika was angry at Abhishek, but she did not want to show it, so she just said, behave Abhishek, it is public place. We all sat down again and after around 30 minutes decided to go back home.

I proposed that we go to my apartment and we order dinner there. Also I had a big TV and all of us can watch movie or something. Kanika said, no, I dont want to go anywhere. Abhishek and Neha almost begged her when she finally agreed. We reached my flat and I made tea for all. Neha was a bit sleepy due to beer and she retired in my bedroom. Abhishek was also exhausted and he wanted to lie down as well. He wanted Kanika to accompany her to the bedroom. Kanika looked at me and then held his hand and walked inside with him, teasing me. I was alone in the living room. I thought of going in my bedroom to Neha, but she was sleeping so i stayed in living room. After around 15 minutes, I heard some noises and some arguments in low voice. I went to the door and to my luck it was not latched. I peeped inside and Abhishek was on top of Kanika trying to kiss her, as she tried to save her self. She was trying to hold his head in a hug position, to protect herself, but he was a but drunk and a but charged due to Neha and I. He was completely crushing Kanika under his body. Kanika perfect body was completely under him. He managed to bite her lips and suck them but Kanika slapped him and moved him aside. She said slowly - behave, this is someone else's home and you are behaving like an animal. Is this the way, is this the only thing we need to do. She was crying and Abhishek was sorry, and he sat on the bed. I quickly went to my sofa and sat there. Kanika walked out and went to the kicthen. I followed her and heard her sobbing. She was standing by the sink and sobbing. I went behind her and said, what happened. She said crying, I am not able to manage myself or Abhishek. Why am i doing so, I don't know and I dont understand him as well. He has changed. I said Kanika, dont mind but you are overthinking stuff and kissing, hugging is normal. She said, I know, we used to hug a lot and it was so romantic. Now he just wants to touch me and kiss me and does not even see if I am enjoying it or not. I said, I am surprised you think so, but if you remember, when we hugged, you really enjoyed it. So why not with Abhishek, he is your boyfriend. She said, I dont know, it feels different. I dont know, maybe I have changed. She turned around and her lips were red due to him biting there. I put my arms around her as she bundled herself on me chest and cried. I slowly caressed her lips with my hand and said, dont worry or panic. Do what you feel. I then took her to the Sofa and made her sit. I brought water and cream for her lips. She asked me, Did i really kiss Neha ? Was she ok with it ? Did you enjoy ? I was not sure what to say, I said, I dont know. I cant answer for Neha, but i think you will enjoy too, once you stop thinking about being so righteous. She said, I dont know what I am thinking. I am not thinking about being righteous or something. I dont know really. She sat there for sometime and then Abhishek came and started consoling her. I went to my bedroom so they can talk freely. I stood at the door watching for sometime and then Abhishek led her to the room I turned around and walked in my room.

I found Neha lying on my bed and she looked damn sexy. Her lose t shirt had moved up revealing her navel and her hourglass body on my bed made me crazy with lust. I went near her and shook her up. She opened her eyes and said, Sorry I am too tired, it seems i slept really deep. Why dont you lie down too and she made space for me. I lied down near her and looked at her beautiful face. Her lips colored with lipstick were really inviting. My face was really near her and I could feel her breath. She opened her eyes and said, dont even think about it. I held her by her waist and pulled her close to me and said, why not, my kiss is due. She said are you crazy, they are out. I said, Abhishek and Kanika are in the other room and I saw Abhishek on top of Kanika. Neha's eyes popped up and she said, really ? I said not anymore, but I did peep. She said, Omg, why you did not wake me up. I said why are you so excited as if he was on top of you. She said shut up, but i do feel excited. She said tell me in detail na. I said what to tell, i will show you and will kiss you just once as my deal. She said no no, say na. I said, just shut up and listen. I then put my arms around her naked waistline and said, he first touched her waist and pulled her close. I pulled Neha close to me. I said, he then hugged her and put his other hand under her neck to her back. I then did the same and my hand was caressing her back. I said, then he squeezed her ass and smooched her. Neha said stop, liar. This is not true. I said maybe not for them, but now for us. She said, you bad boy. I held her tight, looked her into the eye and slowly moved my hands from her waist to her perfect ass. I then said, he was on top of her forcing, I wont force you. When i said this, Neha's eyes just widened, in excitement imagining them in this position. She said wow, thats hot. I said, ok if thats what you like. I then squeezed her soft ass over her jeans, but it was too tight. I was massaging her ass and squeezing it as i moved my hands to her butt crack. She tried to hold my hand, but i did not stop and kept staring at her. I rubbed my nose with hers and then kissed her gently on her lips. She moaned slightly and as she opened her lips and I inserted my tongue deep inside and sucked her really hard. She was in some pain but I did not stop and I started to deep kiss her. I then turned her on her back, climbing on top of her and held both her hands in my hands as i smooched her. My chest crushed her huge boobs and i could feel her boobs under me. My erection was mounting and I was not sure if she could feel it over her and my jeans, but it was definitely touching her pelvic region. I continued my kissing and moved to suck her lips. I was opening my mouth and sucking her lips each time engulfing her lips. It was getting messy but i did not stop and then i moved my hands to her waist and put my hands inside her t shirt. I started to caress her bare skin and moved my right hands up to her boob. She was moaning but she tried to hold my hand. I used all my force to finally touch her bra and grope her boobs over her bra. Her boob was so huge and the touch was so awesome that i felt i would burst. I squeezed her boobs really hard making her moan and she was almost in pain, when she bit my lips to make me leave her. I bit her back but did not leave her. We heard some noise outside and she suddenly pushed me aside. I got up and quickly adjusted my self and she adjusted herself. She was panting for breath and I had cummed myself. she said you are mad. I said so are you, but my kiss is not done as you pushed me. She said Oh my god, you and your kiss. Your one kiss is not over yet. I said no, not over. She said, it will be over only after i die it seems. I smiled, but I needed to go out. I walked out and found Kanika in the kitchen. I said what happened. She said nothing, i was cleaning the dishes so we can make tea again. I said ohh no no leave it, i will do it. She looked at me and said, you were sleeping inside with Neha ? I said no no, i went in to change but Neha is sleeping. She said Ok ok, you look disturbed. I said no, just thinking about you and Abhishek. She said, it is Ok, he is a guy and I cant be too hard on him. I said wow thats the spirit, so did you guys kiss ? She said, no, not today. Maybe tomorrow, i dont know. But i feel better. Thanks to you. I said, ohh thanks to me, i thought you spoke to Abhishek. I said, haha, yeah and thanks to him too. I took the dishes from her, but she resisted and said, It wont look nice that you are cleaning when I am here. I said why, you are my wife or maid. She got a bit angry and said, you are such a low class. I said I am kidding yaar. I helped her clean and then she went to make tea. Neha walked out after few minutes and said, what is for dinner ? Abhishek too came out and said, everyone is up it seems. We discussed and finally ordered Biryani for all of us. Kanika served tea. I was still mesmerized by her sexy figure and i could not believe she had such big boobs. I was thinking about how Abhishek had crushed her under his body and bit her. After dinner, we planned to watch a movie and i arranged so al of us can lie on the floor and watch the movie.

Kanika then said, it is already late, shouldnt we go home ? Neha said I am too tired and Abhishek tried to convince her to stay. Kanika was unwilling to stay. I said, Kanika, please stay and you and Neha sleep in my room, I will sleep with Abhishek in the other bed room. She looked at me and then said Ok,but what to wear ? I brought my shorts and t shirts for them. Kanika said, these shorts, no yaar. I said please yaar they are long enough to be knee length for you. Neha and Abhishek too joined in when she finally said Ok. Neha and Kanika went inside to change and we changed as well to watch movie in a relaxed way.

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Old 9th January 2017
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Wink Just Love this thread & your Writing 😍😍😍

I am a regular reader of xossip but never bothered to create an account to post a comment on. But your thread is so passionate that I instantly created an account to post a reply... It's a very passionate and beautiful story... Its a piece of art😍😍😍

Last edited by passionate4her : 9th January 2017 at 11:42 PM.

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Old 10th January 2017
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absolutely ravishing.. cant wait .. :p

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Old 10th January 2017
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wow nice update

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Old 10th January 2017
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Bro plz update

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Old 10th January 2017
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This is just brewing very nicely!! Hope they "accidentally" end up in bed, the wrong bed!!

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Make abhishek drink and he will pass out
My Thread :


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very nice story
please update...

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very interesting.....title says Friends wife and still it is on others...this is too hot so not know what will happen if it comes to friends wife.....great narration as always...and nice build....

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