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Old 23rd March 2017
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Kangaroo Land - Australia

Trip to Australia :-

Australia as a country is not as arrogant as the national cricketers seem . One of the most beautiful country or continent i have ever visited, it's an all things packed into 1, there's adventure, there's peace, there's serenity, there's booze, there's food, there's history and there's love. Once an Australian always an Australian, as the locals say it, once u personally visit there u will know why they say that

Budget :- We had a 8 day trip to Australia, per head expense was somewhere near 6 lac rupees but then we had some nice deals on flights and luxurious hotels and spent a lot on food booze and adventures, otherwise a normal economical trip for 4 days 5 nights can be availed easily in around 2 lac rupees (per person)

Best Time to Visit :- Summers undoubtedly, Winters here, pack your bags and head to Australia, December - January is loveliest time to be there

Direct Flights are available from Mumbai to Sydney, and we were lucky to be in one of those, had heard a lot about Pacific, but reaching there gave us the goosebumps, weather was pleasant, we reached on 23rd december afternoon, temperature was just below 40 but it was tolerable, since it is surrounded by water on all sides, we are used to such weather, humid but not scorching. Hotels in Sydney are very expensive, if you have contacts then try to strike a deal, just the way we did and got a very cheap stay in Four Seasons hotel, it is one of the best hotel across the globe, we were tired and exhausted to do anything but sleep sleep and sleep in jacuzzi. We had plannings to work on but those were from the next day, 23rd evening was upon us to stick by, and when ur in Sydney, evenings are bound to be lazy. Dove and Olive was our stop on 23rd evening, a very nice and cheap place to have a crafted beer, there are beers and then there is crafted beer, don't ask for Fosters or VB when down under, there are many breweries who provide you crafted beers and those are the best. Did i tell you when having beer, a shabbily dressed guy will play the guitar and people around will dance like there is no tomorrow, a deadly combo of music food and drinks with people marrying together. There are many crafted beer breweries but we visited Dove and Olive, it is at Surry Hills i guess, ask ur hotel and they will guide u more.

The first thing that we wanted to do next day is go for SkyDiving. There are many private companies who operate in this business, the package that we chose was about 350 dollars per head which included all costs, the company will pick you up from the hotel and they will take you to the spot where they operate from and then in the evening they will drop you again back to your hotel. We had a visit scheduled at around 12 PM and untill the company bus came to pick us up, we were busy soothing our heart which was beating like anything at the thought of diving from a plane 14000 feat above the sea level, but we had to do this, it's a crime if u visit Sydney and don't do this just because ur afraid. Nonetheless, at sharp 12 we reached Wollongong Region located South of Sydney and saw plenty of people excitedly waiting for their turn to climb into plane and fly to experience one of the dangerous adventure. Yes, dangerous it is, the licensed company operating this business will make you sign a paper where they claim no responsibility if anything happens to you or your life. However these companies are licensed and trainers are best in business, so u can relax, u just control your heart beats and leave everything else upon them. A small private or chartered plane allows maximum 4 of you to be inside since trainers are also inside, given go ahead and as the small plane takes off, just control your heartbeat and get away from all your fears coz after going up u won't have any chance to look back, up and above the sea level of almost 14-15000 feet take a deep breathe and jump down with your trainer, as u start going down u get to see amazing and green Wollongong region, there are beaches, there are mountains and of course it's you flying and gliding in the air, that feeling is amazing. Trainers will land you at their fixed spot which is where u started from. This entire activity from our hotel took our 4 hours i guess, as it's very heavily crowded during this month. After landing, u can either opt for beers and food on shacks or u can indulge yourself in water sports located on beaches spread across. We finished off our water sport with high speed jet rides and water rides, don't miss out on Shark Diving and Snorkel cruise, those are best of the activities to be done there. Snorkel cruise is good on Sydney Harbour.

For Night, there are lot of things to do, we opted to visit Elvis Pizza, yes Elvis Presley owns this place, there is tonnes of yummy italian food and dancing along with cabaret on Elvis tunes, Elvis makes sure to visit here almost every night, so don't leave the place even when ur done, he is very humble and brace yourself for lot of dance , whistling and selfies with him. This one is at Rushcutters, cannot recall it but one great place it is. Done with food and thrill for the day, Sydney is not done yet, there is peace and serenity at Sydney harbour. Go to the Mcmahon point and enjoy one of your most beautiful night, nights are beautiful when dark, but nights are peace here, hold hands of you loved one and keep walking, let your eyes and heart beat do the talking.

Wake up next morning, freshen up but don't take bath, catch a cab or rent a car, Oops, i forgot to mention, we had rented a car for 2 days from Wollongong for $500 and that is cheap than Taxi's or public transport. We drove straight to Bondi ICeberg's club, pay $80 and u get access to their pools, gyms and Sauna bath, FYI, this is an Ocean Pool situated right at the shores of Bondi to Coogee. Swim in blue water, take a Sauna and head for loveliest of the breakfast in restaurant situated right outside the club, steaks are amazing there. Get ready and take a trip to eithe Botanic Garden or explore Royal National Park, Botany was too boring for us so we headed for the later. Royal National park will take 2 days of your trip but since we had less time we reached and explored it quickly or rather clumsily, it's the best place for localites to relax, there is singing, dancing, picnic or anything, u want to do, just come here and enjoy the nature. We finished it by 2 PM in the noon because at 4 we had another amazing activity to do. Chopper or Heli Ride as it is called, it won't accept more than 3 persons at single time, so we had booked 2 helicopters which cost around $600. It is around 30-35 min ride i guess where they will show you all the spots from the sky, be it Harbour or Opera House surrounded by water all around. We had food after our chopper ride and started preparing for show in Opera House. Kate Miller was performing that day and trust me, it was the most boring night, show went on for around 90 minues and we were just sleeping, but Opera House inside is very beautiful, make sure u purchase a ticket not just for the show but for full Opera House tour, and u can also purchase memorabilia of famous people from there, spend soothing time at the back of the opera house and start a photo session with Sydney Harbour in your background. Late night show is very nice, no one there to disturb you and you can enjoy the sight of water. There ae many spots where you can have fun and frolic on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, but we chose to keep it our way, you can have it our way as well

Melbourne and Adelaide to follow...
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Old 23rd March 2017
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Ah ! you missed the Cook cruise, its a lovely experience

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ossum superb information given

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