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hello chodu_ck

Could you please send me a copy of champa in pdf format....as u mentioned about in the champa thread
Email id :
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It would be very appreciative....

"ur private msg inbox is full i suppose"

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First driver got down and Rupa came out after him. Groom’s mother , father and other family members were standing there to welcome ‘dulhan’ . they took her to two storey building on first floor. . Over first floor ,there was terrace. Dulhan was taken to first floor room and all other baraati’s took allotted room. There was two room for ladies and three room for gents . one room was for young girls on ground floor. But Komal insisted to stay with Kavita aunty .. and after lot of inistance Komal and Kavita managed to get room adjacent to Dulhan’s room. On first floor there was only two room with large courtyard/verandah.
They had reached there at about 8 pm and by the time all had dinner it was almost 11 pm. While other freshened and chatted ,chhoti aunty , mother of Rupa spent time in kitchen. She guided two cooks in cooking and her eyes fell on few wine & whisky bottles. She enquired and cooks informed that sometime they have guest who ask for wine, She had drink LAST about two months back with husband’s friend who had been fucking her for last 9 years. She felt happy when every one including both cooks praised food items.
All went to their respective allotted room. In the meantime , Rupa has found where that car is parked. She was not bothered that that alongwith that driver ,other drivers may also molest her ,but she was keen to enjoy manly fun. She also lie-on same room with Mayuri and other young kids. All slept soon but Rupa was wide awake.
It was about midnight, Rupa came out of room, pulled door shut and walked out fearlessely . Car was parked on back side ..She knocked on car and driver immediately opened door..He was alone .. She fell on him.. both undressed and began to fondle ..
“Rupa, tujhe dar nahi laga ki mai apne aur dosto ko bhi bula sakta hun….” Driver kissed daughter like girl passionately. In fact his daughter was two years elder to Rupa..
“mujhe maalum hai ki tum mujhe pyar karte ho…aur tum jo karo mujhe sab pasand hai.. “
she rubbed choot on lund and asked whether he has told bhaiya or not.. Driver said that he has told him and he is sure that he will come.. Driver made Rupa seated on lap facing him. He sucked lips and chuchi and Rupa rubbed lund on choot. lund was over 8 inch long, thick and heavy. Rupa herself opened cunt slit with rubbing of tip on slit..
“lagta hai bahut choot ko pel chuke ho…”
“ Ha rani.lekin jyaada randi ko… “ he sucked cheeks and said , “lekin tumhaari jaisi kadak maal ko pahli baal ragad raha hun….jaanti ho meri gudiya tumse badi hai..uski chuchi bhi badi aur gol gol hai aur uski jaanghe aur chuttar bhi bhad gayee hai….lekin jo mazaa tere saath aa raha hai , wo kabhi nahi aayaa…
“mujhe lund chusne do.. “ She pressed lund .” ghar jaakar apni gudiya ko bhi lund chusana.
. Both were positioned on back seat ..Rupa sat on knees , bend and kissed lund few times and then slowly slowly took lund inside mouth. It was her first time and she moved mouth over lund ..After about 7.-8 minutes of blow job she felt that some one is licking choot from behind. It was chhotabhai.. Driver was seated with small chuchi in hands, Rupa was sucking lund and behind chhotabhai was sucking choot from behind. Suddenly chhotabhai pulled mouth away and began fisting lund. Driver could guess what bhai is upto..
“Rupa ,ab mujhe choot chatne de.. “ Driver said to Rupa and before chhotabhai could make lund touch virgin choot ,she changed position and in one gulp took bhai’s lund in mouth. He was standing outside. Rupa held bhai’s thighs tightly and moved mouth over lund. Behind driver licked entire slit from choot to gaand and girl shivered and enjoyed . this arrangement continued for about 10-12 minutes . Driver positioned himself over her and with one hand began rubbing thick lund on virgin choot. it was first touch of lund on choot. Driver had decided not to fuck her..he observed that girl is not developed fully as she should be for chudai.. her thighs were not thick enough to enjoy his hard and fast chudai.. He softly rubbed lund on choot and fondle tender body… in the car he ejaculated soon but now chhotavbhai was fucking sister’s nanad in mouth nicely.. He was caressing cheeks and chuchi ..All three were enjoying silently . And chhotabhai began to ejaculate unannounced. It was new taste for her..she immediately pushed lund out and spat what cum had gone in…
She looked at him and smiled ..”bhaiya ,bahut mazaa aayaa aapka lund chusne mey..”
“haa Rupa, mujhe bhi…tum sabse achchhi maal ho… ab ek baar chodne do…” he began fisting lund..
But driver replied .. “nahi saab…isne waise hi humlogo ko bahut mazaa diyaa hai… ye abhi chodne laayak nahi hai… “ he looked at him and said ..
“naa mai chodunga naa hi aapko chodne dungaa…”
“arey tum nahi jaante …aaj hi ek eisi hi ladki ko tumse bhi mote aur lambe lawde se chudwaate dekha..maine bhi usey choda…” he again rubbed limped lund on girls cheeks and said ,
“Rupa can very easily take our lund in choot..ye chudai ke liye puri taiyaar hai…”
“nahi saab… mai nahi chodne dungaa .. bhale hi iski choot humhaaraa lawda ander le le ..lekin abhi isse chudai mey koi mazaa nahi aayegaa. “
He advised chhotebhai to have fun with nude body and forget chudai..
But chhotabhai wanted chudai only .. he dressed and left telling that he will find another girl for chudai.. But he did not get any.
But , Rupa remained with driver whole night. They sucked , licked and fondled .She requested him to give taste of lund to choot .sHE requested him to penetrate entire length of lund in her virgin choot. But driver has developed a special affection for this girl. He knew very well that he can penetrate full lund but Rupa will have extreme pain and she will not enjoy at all. So he told same to Rupa. He said that Rupa is not yet ready for full chudai. He told her that he will fondle her vigorously for 3-4 months and then her body will become ready for real chudai not only with him but even with bigger lunds .. Rupa felt sad but driver made her happy by licking and sucking each and every pores of choot . then he made her sit with legs on his shoulder and he made Rupa hold lund and rub it on cunt slit. She did it same way and had first orgasm of her life.

"ohhhhhh...........Heera , tum bahut achchhe ho .." she told him that tomorrow she will introduce him to mother and he must convince her to hire him as their driver. .

"raja , tub hum dono roj masti maarenge..... "

. It is the same driver who has raped sethani and was very much concern about this young girl..he resisted his desire to fuck her and instead he made her suck it again and ejaculated in mouth second time.

Rupa sucked all cum . Rupa thanked him .she advised him to pursue with her mother for hiring him as a family driver.then both can have more fun. she remained seated nude & asked him to narrate his sex encounters and he said that his wife enjoys chudai and drinking of cum very often. He also described gang bang of sethani last night and how they made her drink cum and piss. But none of them knew that it was sethani. He said that mostly he fucks randi and so far he never had so much pleasure like Rupa had given him. Rupa also expressed deep satisfaction and thanked him that he has not fucked her. Both had one more round of fun but in 69 pose on the back seat of car. they again swallowed juice of each other . Then driver forced her to dress and he himself carried her to room.

For driver it was much more enjoyable than fucking any girl..he saw all her dresses are in car..he kept those nicely .He also thought of becoming Rupa’s driver and keep enjoying this lovely girl. He slept at 5.30 in the morning and when other drivers woke him ,he was still nude ..

“arey Hira, tu yaha nanga soya thaa aur hum logo ne 6 mast aurato ke saath saari raat masti maari.. “

One of his friend said and driver replied by fisting lund ..

“aur maine puri raat ek mast, kadak kunwaari ke saath masti maaari…chudai se jyaada maza aaya. “,. He fisted lund and said that he never had so much enjoyment before.

..But despite their repeated insistence he did not disclose who the girl is.

While daughter was enjoying with driver, mother was recalling chudai with Manu. She never enjoyed that much before and Manu’s chudai has aroused her more. That’s why she agreed for chudai with sweeper with other ladies and slept with jeth..But she was surprised that none of the three family men fucked any one of them. Since morning she was in search of Manu but she did not even came to see them. She did not know that Manu fucked Komal and enjoyed her nudity for over three hours. .and now she was desperate for heavy chudai. She looked around in the room. All along walls of big hall and in middle about 50 women were sleeping . She smiled, about 7-8 women were sleeping topless where as others like her were in petticoat and blouse or in bra.. Bed beside her was empty. Her jethani was not there. No doubt she must be fucking with Kunal .Chhoti thought that if chuddakar like her can get more than satisfied with Manu, then Kunal can also be satisfying his women. Kunal was elder than Manu. Kavita ,Kunal’s mother was also not in room. Chhoti was unable to understand Komal’s behavior. Till two days back Komal was a shy and reluctant girl .Komal was not free with anyone in family that’s why she opted to stay in hostel.but .after few hour stay with Champa every one saw tremendous change in Komal. She has started talking with every one. It was difficult to understand how Komal got so intimate with Champa and now she is not leaving Kavita , her aunty. Chhoti did not like when Komal did not allow Rupa , her daughter to travel with Ajit uncle. Chhoti has observed that her daughter and son are very much attached with Ajit uncle and Kavita aunty.

Suddenly, she saw, , a woman got up and went out. She could not see her clearly. After about 15 minutes that woman returned with a man . Man waited in room and lady very silently woke up 5 another women and all went out . She knew the man, it was their house servant Gangu ,a middle aged man. She could not recognized any women who went out. They pulled door shut. She waited, 15-20 minutes passed but none of them returned . No doubt those 6 women found lunds and must be enjoying .And chhoti felt desire of wine . She recalled wine bottles kept in kitchen . She immediately came out of room in petticoat and blouse and walked straight to kitchen ..but she became sad ..kitchen door was locked …

“ohhhhh..ab kaha jaaun….saale dono (cooks) kahaa soye honge ….” She rubbed chuchi and whispered ,

“naa lund hai naa hi sharaab…”

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“ohhhhh..ab kaha jaaun….saale dono (cooks) kahaa soye honge ….” She rubbed chuchi and whispered ,

“naa lund hai naa hi sharaab…”

She thought of finding those ladies who went out with a man…and share their men. Undoubtedly ,they had been fucking nearby. Last night also she had seen two women having chudai in the room itself ..she was thinking what to do..God has listened her..

Both cook were standing near her. She first got startled to see both and soon

relaxed. She happily asked for wine. They opened door , asked her choice, she preferred for whicky, .one cook took out a whisky bottle and gave her along with two soda bottles . They also gave her one pkt of fried cashew nut. They locked door again and told her to go and drink…

“arey akele piney mey thode hi mazaa aata hai… “ she looked at both and said ,
“chalo tum log bhi company do….phir nind achchhee aayegi.. “

Cook knew that this lady who helped them in cooking is aunty of groom. Both had discussed about her and concluded that chuchi of this lady is best among all 50-60 ladies and girls. And now this lady is inviting them to have drink with them.

Both cook were related .elder one about of 40 yrs of age was uncle of other cook who was about 22 yrs of age. Both were on darker side, chaacha was lanky where as young man was well built ,muscular and strong .he was a very good wrestler .

“chaliye maalkin, chhat par chalte hai…waha koi nahi dekhega “ ..elder one said .and told younger ,

“beta , bistar bhi le lo aur maalkin ke saath chhat par chalo ,mai aur daaru aur glass lekar aata hun..”

he decided to fulfill his desire of fucking this lady between her chuchi ..he had developed this desire when he had glimpse of tight cleavage few hours back in the kitchen. .

chhoti walked with young boy to terrace. She helped him to spread bed. Lady told him to go down and bring more pillows . She was very happy to find whisky and company of two men. After having wine , now neither she was averse to sex nor she has any intense desire for chudai. In fact after knowing relation of two cooks she thought that they would not desire to have sex with any woman together.

Soon both came. Lady only poured wine in three glasses ,add soda ,water and ice .they cheered and began sipping. They talked ,as usual talk started with family and both ended up with appreciation of figure of woman..

“maalkin , gaaon mey aapki jaisi mast aurato ko loag bahut pasand karate hai.. “ uncle said , maansal (fleshy ) badan, ghane baal, gadraayaa badan, moti jaanghe , ubhare aur phule huye chuttar aur moti –moti aur bhari huee chuchiyaa ..hum logo ko bahut pasand hai…”

Chhoti blushed .. she was only in blouse ..she took deep breath and top two button gave way ..she smiled and said ,

“aur shahar mey mere jaisi aurat ko loag moti bolte hai…” she recalled husband’s two friends who some 8-9 years back has appreciated almost in similar way.. she did not hide..

“jaante ho..karib 9 saal ke baad kisine kaha hai ki mai mast aurat hun…aur mujhe bhi loag pasand karte hai… “

“maalkin pasand hi nahi karte hai…gaao ke loag jise pasand karte hai ..ussey khub pyaar bhi karte hai.. “

Chhoti blushed and filled all three glass second time.. She enquired about their wife .elder one said that his wife is very happy ..where as wife of boy is only 18-19 years , she is healthy. He kept quite for few minutes and said ..

“maalkin , itna sundar samay hai, haath mey sharaab hai aur saamne itni sundar mast aurat baithee hai….pyaar karne kaa mann kar raha hai…”

Other boy blushed and felt ashamed at behavior of uncle. So far he did not have desire to fuck chhoti… in afternoon only he had fucked his young wife on the bed on which now dulhan is slleping. His wife and aunty was here till evening and they will again come in morning..

Hearing this direct proposition chhoti shivered.. she took large gulp of wine but kept quite . uncle was very much eager to enjoy this healthy lady..

“maalkin aap yaha baith jaayiye …” he patted between his legs , “phir hum aapko sharab pilaayenge ..”

She like the boldness of man..and she has always been found of bold men.

Chhoti did not say a word but for surprise of younger one she moved between legs of uncle..her back was towards uncle .he put both hand on Chhoti’s waist and pulled her back.. he kept one hand on waist and took glass away from chhoti. He poured wine from her glass to his own glass . he pulled chhoti’s head on his chest and took glass to her lips. She took a sip and then uncle took sip from same glass . like this he made lady drink through his hand and every time after she took a sip he also took..

“buss ab bahut ho gayaa” she whispered and said “phir baad mey piyenge..”
Moment she completed sentence ,uncle put his lips on her and chhoti held uncle’s head and both kissed passionately .Chhoti was under effect of wine..while kissing uncle unbuttoned blouse and pulled blouse off.

“ohhhh..maalkin sach mey itna mast chuchi …naa dekha naa chhuaa ….ohhhh dekh kar hi mazaa aa gayaa… “

“abhi to tumlogo ne sirf chuchi hi dekhi hai.. “ she whispered..

“beta ,saaya bahar nikaal lo ..aur apne kapde bhi nikaal lo..” uncle massaged both chuchi and advised boy.

Chhoti untied petticoat and boy pulled it off. She pulled one hand each of both men and placed on choot..

“bolo raajaa choot kaisee hai….!”

“ek dum maalpuye jaisi phuli huyee aur ras se bhari.. “ both said together. Now both were caessing choot and chuchi together. She understood wrongly that in presence of uncle , bhatja would not touch her and vice versa..

And in first round younger man pushed lawda in choot where as uncle fucked her in pressing lund between two chuchi. She pressed chuchi from side and man fuckd in choot. . Younger boy was giving very hard push ..

“saala ye sab gaao baale kya mast chudai karte hai…aur hamaare loag 10 minute mey hi past ho jaate hai.. “

She enjoyed and to keep both men happy she moaned and expressed in clear words that she is enjoying lot..

After chudai of quite some time boy pulled lund out and uncle took his place.. lund of both men were around 6” but very tight and thick.. uncle’s strokes was also good but not like wrester bhatija who rubbed lund on chuchi..but chhoti pushed lund upward and took it in mouth .

She held root and balls and gave blow job… it was a new experience for boy…this was only second woman of his life after his wife but wife has never sucked lund in last three years of marriage.. both ejaculated simultaneously in choot and mouth…she did not drink and spat out all cum..

She remained sandwitched between them and talked. They fondled lady together and soon she was ready…they wanted to fuck her straight again but she advised them to fuck her in doggy pose . both men and chhoti also enjoyed in this pose better than before. All three ejaculated again ..and chhoti told to stop for tonight ..she assured them that tomorrow she would try to have one round more with them.

They kissed , fondled..she again sucked lund of both ..and then all three dressed . she advised both cook to go down with all left over. They went down and she slept peacefully.

When she woke up in the morning , she found herself alone and bright sunlight. She looked around and saw daughter Rupa seated nearby… Chhoti’s eyes went directly between frock and mother saw hairless choot of daughter..Rupa saw mother’s gaze not in her eyes but down her waist…

“maa, I don’t know who took my panty …I did not get any. “

“frock theek se rakh..sab dikh raha hai…” she advised daughter to keep choot covered all the time. “ bur ko hamesha dhak kar rakh.. “

Girl nodded…”aur tu yaha kyo soyee hai….baabuji bhi saath mey thhey kya….” She asked mother …

“nahi beta ,andar bahut garmi thee ,iss liye yahaa aa gayee aur tere baabuji pata nahi kaha hai..”

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thanks a lot

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Hamara hero manu ao champa to is update my. . . . . . . . Khair update was just perfect. Plz aagy jaldi update do

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Nice to see you back in action.

I was regular follower of CHAMPA back in the days of FSI, this is the most erotic thread i have ever come across, i encourage you to contineu, I am sure CHAMPA will be queen of EXBII very soon.

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In last episode u read that daughter Rupa had fun with driver and chhote bhaiya and mother had nice satisfying chudai with two cooks .

What other did ..We will go back to Champa but let’s see what Rekha’s inlaws did on the way. Auspicious time for arrival of new bahu was on Saturday after 8 pm..so they halted on the way..and some people took this opportunity to satisfy their lust .
Like chhoti , Kavita the most beautiful lady from groom side also desired a lund .She also recalled most satisfying chudai with Manu last night and on the way Komal arosed her more. In front of her husband , Komal said that Manu told her that he liked Kavita very much and wished to do her chudai soon. Uncle got immediate excitement on hearing ‘chudai’ from mouth of his most favourite niece . He has told champa last night that he has developed a strong sex urge for Komal and during last two year many time he has touched cunt but could not dare to fuck her. He put hand on Komal’s thighs and pressed. Komal did not remove hand. In turn she kept talking about Manu and Champa. Chaacha was caressing her thighs and she in return was caressing bare belly and waist portion of aunty. At beginning, she many time removed Komal’s hand from her thighs and choot but then she surrender. Now Komal was freely caressing aunty and in between pressing choot over thighs . While talking with aunty ,she suddenly turned towards uncle and said ..
“chaacha, sab log Champa ke ek nazar ke liye taraste hai…aur wo aapki diwani hai.. “ she saw that uncle pulled hands away from her thighs .She put hands on chaacha’s hand and said loudly ,
“champa ne kaha ki aap ussey bahut pasand aayee aur wo aapse dubaara milna chaahti hai.. “ she pressed uncle’s hand and said ,
“chaacha aap bahut kismet waale hai… ghar mey kavita aunty jaisi mast sundar maal hai aur udhar ek hi din mey sabse sundar ,mast maaldaar aurat aapki diwaani ho gayee hai…”
“chup Komal ,kuchh bhi bolti hai..” aunty scolded her.
Komal turned towards aunty and pushed thighs towards uncle. He again pushed hand on thighs but this time on upper thighs. His wife saw it but did not say anything. She had other thought. Like chhoti ,she was also certain that Komal’s mother is having incestuous relation with Kunal , her son..so Kavita liked when he saw her husband interested in Komal. Suddenly Kavita put hand across her body ,pulled her towards her and began kissing . not only kissing she squeezed Komal’s chuchi and pulled her skirt up . Kavita kept kissing Komal and pressed panty few time. Komal did not made a move to cover thighs and panty..and now uncle’s hand was moving on Komal’s bare thighs . .
“komal tera chuchi hai ki stone ….baap re laga jaise patthar pe haath phisal raha..hai..”
“rani ,aur kas kar dabaao..” komal addressed her aunty as ‘Rani’ .champa and Manu had also said that they never touched any girl having such a tight figure .in morning Manu kept lund pressed in choot for over an hour .
Driver saw all kissing and squeezing of breast and caressed lund .
“ohhhh Komal tere lips bahut tasty hai….” Aunty said …she did not try to cover chest area.
“chaachi .. tum bahut mast ho…”
Then for another one hour aunty remained seated with pallu fallen down and driver had nice view of tight chuchi and cleavage over blouse .Many time komal pushed hand under saree and palmed choot of aunty and uncle kept caressing bare thighs. Though he saw his wife squeezing choot of komal over panty but he could not dare .No one saw that the driver in mid 40s has pulled lund out ,fisted and ejaculated. There was no one beside him. They reached destination. While having tea , Ajit recalled milky nicely shaped silky thighs of Komal and lusty behavior of wife .
“how come both have changed so much in one night..?”
he questioned to him self .During last 19 years of marriage his wife Kavita stayed with him like an ice block..she never responded on sex ..Similarly , he had seen Komal ..from childhood she was shy and keeping herself away from any male .. and now she was talking so freely. He recalled what Champa said last night ..
“ek baar Kavita ko mere Manu se chudwa doo…phir dekho wo kaisi mast aurat ho jaayegi ki tum akele sambhal nahi paaoge ..”
“To kya dono Kavita aur Komal ko Manu ne chod liya hai…” uncle wondered and replied ..himself ..
“Kavita never went out of baarati area and Manu also came only once when he brought Champa to them in night …but Komal was all along with Champa so manu might have fucked her. “
Uncle felt bad that Komal is not virgin.
After dinner Ajit wanted to sleep with wife because he knew that only two were given separate room, Rekha and Kavita ..He expressed his desire to sleep with wife but she advised him against that ..
“dekhoji ek to mere saath Komal …tum pure raaste uski mast thighs ko sahlaate rahe aur ab kamre ke andar to ussey chod hi daaloge …aur dusre hasenge ki saali kutia Kavita kitni chudaasi hai ek raat bhi bina chudai ke nahi rah sakti…aaj sab mardo ke saath raho aur kal raat se iss kutia ko jitna chaahe chodna..”
After marriage this was first time that she talked so fuckingly .. he said softly ,
“raani ek hi raat mey kya huaa ki tumhaare jaisi thandi aurat puri aag ho gayee hai.. “
“abhi jaao …kal puchh lena.. “ she said ..
Komal came out from room wearing only panty and top..she pulled hand of aunty ,
“chalo chaachi, bahut neend aa rahi hai..”
Seeing Komal’s bare thighs ,Ajit’s lund jumped but he immediately went back towards room on GF allotted to them.
“offff..Komal ki mast jaangho ke beech lawda pelne mey bahut mazaa aayegaa..”
He whispered to himself ..and tried to sleep. He slept & dreamt of Komal and woke up..it was 4.30 of morning. He came out of room and walked towards first floor. He saw two men coming down. He recognized them,,they were cook ,who were coming down after giving deep satisfaction to chhoti. They did not talk. He came to Kavita’s room.. it got opened.it was dark.. he switched on light ..
After Ajit went down Kavita took Komal and went in. She bolted door ..and said ..
“komal ..tu kyo mujhe tang kar rahi hai…pata tumne kitni jor jor se bur ko ragda…itna to tere chaacha ne kabhi nahi kiya…”
“kaaki .. maine subah kaha thaa na .. ki aaj se tu meri maal hai..tumhe buss mai hi chodungaa… “ Komal came near and undressed aunty …
“ohhhhh rani , tu kitni sundar hai… “ she kissed choot …and caressed thighs …
“teri champa se jyaadaa..” Kavita asked ..
“wo garam laal mirch hai…aur tu teekhi hari mirch…..rani tu uss se kam sundar nahi hai…tabhi to Manu apni maa ko chhodkar tumko chodna chaahta hai.. “
Komal pulled aunty on bed ..and she herself undressed. She wanted to pull cunt lips of aunty but Kavita covered choot ..
“Komal tu jo bolegi sab karungi lekin pahle tu sach bol… “
“kya …chaachi.” Komal could guess what she will ask , whether she is fucked with Manu .
“Manu ne tujhe choda hai naa…” she wanted confirmation ..
“haa kaaki. Kal raat mey ..jab neeche shaadi ho rahi thee tab mai Champa ko chod rahi thee aur Manu mujhe aur aaj phir Manu ne apne ghar mey mujhe Champa ke saamne choda …ohhhh mai to paagal ho gayee hun…..wo kutia ki pilli Puna nahi hoti to mai aaj hi Manu se shaadi karke rah jaati… Manu mujhe raat –din chodta aur mai Champa ko… “ She removed aunty’s hand from bur and pulled open cunt…
“rani ,subah mey Manu ek ghante se jyaada choda lekin mai usko thanda nahi kar payee……chalo ,kuchh din baad hum teeno waha jaayenge …Manu hum dono ko chodegaa aur chaacha Champa ko” she added ,…
“jaanti ho raani ..dono maa bête aaram se ek dusre ke saamne nage rahte hai.. kya pata chudai bhi karte ho..”
komal did not tell that she had seen champa getting fucked by son and other two boys ..After all Champa only has taken her to new world of lund and chudai , how she can defame her ..
“Rani..meri Champa ko har koi mard chodna chaahta hai, bhaiya bhi aur Kunal bhi ..lekin wo apne chaacha se chudwaane ke liye betaab hai. “
Komal squeezed and sucked clit for few minutes and caressed bur..
“Rani, Champa ne khud kaha ki wo Ajit chaacha ke liye kahi bhi nangi ho sakti haii…”
“Unlogo ko chhod aur mujhe chus..”
She liked Komal’s tongue on choot and clit ..she had some oral sex with brother but that was not good.. Last night Manu could arouse her only after sucking and licking choot and now Komal was giving her same pleasure .
“how could Champa and Manu teach technique of oral sex in one day .” Kavita thought ..she did not know that Komal is having and enjoying oral sex for over last two years with one of village girl friend. Komal lied to Champa that she had no sex experience .In fact Komal is a hard core lesbian.
And in two hours Komal made her aunty orgasm and climaxed twice. She moaned & ,screamed loudly and Rekha heard that screaming coming from adjacent room. Komal licked each and every pore of Kavita ,even ass ..she finger fucked cunt and ass and Kavita got fully exhausted ..and she almost exploded inside ..she accepted Komal as her master…
“buss Raja…ab nahi ..thak gayee…..ab dum nahi….mai teri gulaam ban gayee hun.. i ..jo bolegi sab karungi…bol to raat din nangi rahungi….ahhhh….Komal …tune mujhe swarg mey pahuncha diya… They hugged , kissed and Komal released her..
Chal rani , ab thoda bahar ghum kar aate hai…andar bahut garmi ho gayee hai..”
Komal said and without a word Kavita followed her. Both came out ..Kavita , a 36-37 yr beautiful sexy lady was nude and Komal a 16 yr girl was only in a panty ..Both walked along long first floor corridor and chatted . Kavita never felt so good, relaxed and light . except after having chudai with Manu.. Afte walking nude for over half and hour both came in .Komal just pushed door .She had a feeling that Ajit uncle would come to have fun with her ..she had come out in panty to invite uncle .. She did not want chudai with uncle so soon but she wanted feel of lund on her body. Both lay on bed , crossed legs and slept .it was around 2.30 ..and Ajit entered room around 4.30 . He got mesmerized to see them. Both were flat .. Wife was nude and Komal had panty. He undressed and walked to bed . he caressed Komal’s silky smooth thighs ..and pushed aside panty . he caressed slit,.there was no movement in Komal. He became bolder and pulled panty out . he kissed and licked cunt .. he was licking and sucking choot of niece and began fingering ..he closed eyes and enjoyed ,
“uncle lawda mujhe dijiye ..” he startled to hear this voice. HE looked up . now komal was wide awake ..

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bhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autographbhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autographbhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autographbhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autographbhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autographbhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autographbhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
“uncle lawda mujhe dijiye ..” he startled to hear this voice. HE looked up . now komal was wide awake ..
“chaacha mera bur chusiye aur lawda mijhe dijiye ..
He remained unmoved .. she got down ..pushed him down on floor and like she did with Champa, Manu and her girl friend many time lay over him in 69 pose .She thumed choot on chaacha’s mouth and began giving blow job… After few minute chacha also started sucking and licking ..but only after about 5 minutes she pulled herself away and said ..
“ab chaachi ko chodiye ..” she said that she will pretend to sleep and advised him to sleep between them and don’t bother when she holds his lund ..
Ajit wanted to fuck Komal but penetrated in choot of sleeping wife ..She woke up only after entire length of lund went deep in and he began to give hard push…
“ahhhhh..” she smiled and said ..”dekh nahi rahe ho , jawaan bhatiji bagal mey so rahi hai… “She looked at Komal and got amazed to see her choot …
“kitni chhoti aur pyaari choot hai..lekin isne to panty pahna thaa ..”
“maine nikaal diyaa …” he gave few hard push … and asked , “sach bataao .. “he asked wife that how in one night she and komal has changed & transformed so much….
She was responding to his stroke like she never did before ..
“raja, tumse jhuth nahi bolungi…kal raat Manu ne meri khub chudai ki aur meri gaand bhi maari ..” then she narrated everything what happened last night on terrace…
“uss ****saal ke Manu ne hum teeno ko chod –chod kar thaka daala … uski ek chudai ne hum teeno ko phir se jawaan bana diya ..”
She also told husband that what three lady have decided that now onward we three are wife of all you three brothers. You brother can fuck any one of us any time you wish ..now onward each of you have three wife and we have three husband …ohh ..no I have four husband .
Husband thumped wife heavily ..and asked who is now 4th husband ..
“your this niece is my new husband…” she describned all oral sex she had with Komal and said …
“jo mazaa komal ne diyaa ,wo kabhi kisi aur ne nahi…pahli chudai mey bhi nahi…”
She enquired whether he is angry with her for having chudai with Manu , he can divorce her ..She will stay with Manu and Champa . She said that she will take Komal along with her ..Kavita said that she is second wife of Komal but Komal’s first wife is Champa .
“arey nahi rani…” he said that he is not at all angry ,,in fact he is very much thankful to Manu and Champa that they aroused sex desire in two coldest women ,Kavita and Komal..
“ab komal ko chodne kaa pura mazaa milegaa.. “
“bhatiji ko chodoge ? sharam nahi aayegi ..
“saali, iski kutia maa mere bête ko apne bur mey le sakti hai to mai kyo nahi iski bur mey lund pel sakta hu…”
he continued chudai of wife and with one hand caressed and pressed chuchi of Komal ..
“ab jub isne jawaani kaa mazaa le liyaa hai to isse mere lawda se aur bhi mazaa aayegaa.. “ he gave fast push ..” lekin iska chuchi sach mey paththar hi hai…dab nahi raha hai….” And with heat of choot of wife and hardness of niece ‘s body , he began to ejaculate …
“lekin chaacha mujhe abhi kam se kam ek saal aap se nahi chudwaana .. “ both startled to hear Komal’s voice who heard each and every thing .
“mujhe lawda chusne do…uss mey meri Kavita rani ke bur kaa ras laga hogaa ..”
she pulled him on his back and like before laying over him in 69 pose she sucked lund dry..
“chaachi .. agle saal mera board exam hai ..wo dene ke baad hostel chhod dungi ..aur ghar mey hi rahungi apni wife ke saath .. uss ke baad meri 17 th birthday ko puri raat aapke iss pyaare lund ko apni wife ke saamne bur ke andar rakhungi…uss raat mai apne chaacha ki wife ban jaaungi .. tab tak aap Kavita aur Champa ko chodiye ..uski bur aapke lawde ke liye taras rahi hai ..”
There after for about three hours they slept.. Kavita knew it is start of her new life ..she now can not be contented with only husband ‘s lund. She knew that other two brothers are not so good fucker ..She thought of giving opportunity to two new men, one who is showing lund every afternoon and new driver who had wished that she should sit beside him.
What eldest Maalti did..?
Dulhan Rekha was still very upset. Though all members of groom’s family took good care of her they could not get smile on her. Mayuri, Rupa tried her best to joke ,entertain bhabhi but Rekha was unable to stop tears. After lot of puersuation she took some meal and came to allotted room. Husband Kishor also tried but she did not reply. He saw how much both Manu and Rekha cried .He thought that by morning she will be fine like previous night . He slept. Rekha removed that heavy dress and changed to a thin cotton petticoat and blouse. She lie-on beside husband. Thought of Manu and then one by one all family members kept coming and going in her mind and eyes. Of all she missed most Poonam, even more than Manu, she was like her second shelf. From very childhood both were very friendly and intimate. She cried for Poonam ..and then came out of room. Pulled door shut ..and walked down corrodor ..then she heard ..
“kaki ..tum sabse achchhee ho…” it was a male voice coming from a corner. She walked few steps and could see ..
One woman was resting on lap & chest of a man and man was seated with his back rested on wall .. Rekha hid herself behind a pillar and tried to hear and see them. Male’s hand was moving over both arms of woman..
“kunal… peechhale 6 mahine mey tumne 3 maal kaa mazaa liya hai .. kiske saath jyaada maza aayaa.. “
Rekha could not believe her ears and eyes. Her saas is resting on lap of Kunal ,son of husband’s younger brother and talking sex.. She became more attentive..
“kaki , without any doubt Kiran …she knew how to satisfy her man ..”
“what you liked in her most..” kaki asked …
Kunal kept quite ….”aur kitni der tak uske andar raha …maid se jyaada ki kum… “ kaki asked another question ..and insisted him to reply ..she threatened that if he will not reply to her, she will go just now..
And Rekha saw that Kunal kissed kaki and she also responded by holding his head.
“kaki, mujhe kiran ki choot sabse pasand aayaa.. uthi huyee maalpuye jaisi mast rasilee choot .. pahle to mujhe achchhaa nahi laga lekin baad mey maine choot ke andar baahar khub chuma,, chusa aur chaataa .. sabse pahle mai ne choda ..kareeb 20 minute tak aur phir baaki 7 dosto ne choda , koi bhi uski garam aur rasili choot mey 7-8 minute se jyaada nahi raha aur uske baad maine doobaara choda ..karaab 30 minute tak… kiran ne bhee taareef ki mere chudai ki… “
Rekha got more stunned .this time he pressed chuchi of chaachi and again kissed her and again she responded .. She was not sure that Kunal was talking about daughter of mausi or some other Kiran.
“kaki , kiran ki chuchi bahut tight hai lekin tumhaari chuchi mey jyaada mazaa hai… ohhh lagta hai tight spring dabaa raha hu..” Kunak kept pressing chuchi…and said

“kaki, uss kutia kiran mey bahut dum hai… humne usey 9 baar choda aur wo hansti hi rahi…”
She did not push hands away and enjoyed pressing of chuchi by a young boy.. both has started talking sex and caressing each other for over last 4 years but this was first time when Kunal was so openly pressing chuchi. Earlier time it was just casual press and touch..
Without seeking consent of aunty he unbuttoned blouse .. Today itself while having lunch she has permitted herself to get fondled by Kunal and feel his lund.. She remebered her promise ,
“but maalti , no chudai..” she did not stop kunal when he put aside blouse and put hands on bra cups covering chuchi…
“kaki, tum ek ke baad ek kitna lawda le sakti ho…” he asked . Rekha was listening all these clearly ..she thought that her mother-in –law will scold him but she replied ..
“beta, ab tak ..to ..ek hi mila hai….kabhi mauka nahi ..2 lawda bhi khane kaa ( she recalled two sadhu’s two years back had fucked three round each without any break or rest .she clearly remembered she had lawda inside body for over 4 hours..) ..lekin mai ek aurat ko jaanti thee jo 17 ghante tak lagaatar chudwaati rahi… jin logo ne dekhaa unka kahna hai uss aurat ne 20 mard aur 2 kutto se chudwaaee. She enjoyed fondling of breast and then said ..
“kunal ..mujhe lagta hai .. ki mai bhi aaraam se 10-12 lund le sakti hu ..bina koi break ke… “ she pulled his head on breast and caressed his back. Kunal sucked exposed portion of chuchi ..
“beta , chal mujhe bhi ek baar eisi masti dilwaa de..mujhe bhi 8-10 mustando se chudwa do...”
He lifted his head and said , “ kaki , koi aur tuhe chode uss se pahle mai tumhe chodungaa…” he pushed her on side and unhooked bra..he pulled bra off ..
“ohhhhh kaki kya mastani kadak choochi… hai.. ohh mazaa aayegaa inko chus chus kar chodne mey…” he added and said ,
“kaki , aaj achchhaa mauka hai…chodne do naa..
“mai teri maa hu… maa ko chodegaa ..paap lagegaa .. “ she now enjoying Kunal’s hand on bare boobs .. now she was thinking that he should fully undress her and fondle choot also. Then she will fondle his lund. ..
“but maalti, no chudai…” she repeated her own promise .
“kavita ko kyo nahi chodtaa hai..wo to Champa jaisi sundar hai.. “ she said.
“kya kaki… wo kya khaak sundar hai…buss gori-chitti aur lambi hai….” He pressed chuchi with both hands and said ,
“aurat wohi sundar aur mast hoti hai jiska badan tumhaare jaisa gadraayaa huaa ho, mast ,mote kasi huyee jaanghe ho aur chhoti chaachi jaise bade –bade chuchi ho….” He kissed and sucked nipples and said ,
“aapki kavita to buss chehre se sundar hai… “ He never liked mother .He bit nipple and chichi shivered ..
“ouch kunal ..kaat mut…”
“kaaki , champa jaisi sundar aur koi nahi hai …lekin uske baad tumse jyaadaa mast maal koi nahi hai… .”
He kissed again, pressed both chuchi and then caressed thighs ..
“kaki , tu nahi jaanti… tere inn mast jaangho ko dekhne ki liye loag paagal hai…. Maine kaee baar apni kaano se suna hai…”
“kyaa suna hai…?” she said .. she was in full heat ..she repeated to herself ..
“maalti, no chudai with Kunal…”
“yahi ki.. kishor ki maa kaa mast jaanghe dekh kar hi lawda tight ho jaata hai… buss wo ek baar jaanhge aur chuttar sahlaane de to mazaa aayegaa. jaanti ho jyaadaa tar loag tumhaari gaand maarna chaahte hai…unka kahna hai ki eisi mast thighs waali aurato ki gaand maarne mey chudai se jyaada mazaa aata hai.. “ he was caressing thighs and began unfolding saree and petticoat.. “
Maalti recalled those two sadhu, Manu and those sweepers (who fucked her, Maya and chhoti last night) also said same thing..
“lekin tumhaare chaacha ne to ek baar bhi gaand nahi maari…” she said and parted legs ..
“kaki eisa must bur chhod-kar kaun paagal hai jo gaand ke baare mey sochega ..” he squeezed bur and said that Kiran’s choot was like her choot.
Rekha saw that her mother-in-law is now nude and undoubtedly going to fuck Kunal tonight. She was about a distance of about 10 feet .she wanted to go nearer but there was no other pillar in between.
Lady pulled Kunal’s mouth on bare chuchi and asked ..
“achchhaa mere alawa apne ghar mey aur kisko chodne kaa mann karta hai..”
“kisiko nahi… buss kabhi kabhi chhoti chaachi ki moti chuchi dabaane ka mann karta aur ab kareeb ek saal se Rupa ko nanga karke masti maarne kaa jee karta hai…”
“to karo naa..Rupa bhi tumko sabse jyaada pasand karti hai….” Lady said ..
“bhabhi kaisi hai? Wo bhi khub gadraaee huyee hai.naa…!
REkha shivered hearing this ..and about Rupa .She whispered ,
“beta Kunal, ek do saal bitne do… Rupa tum jaiso saikdo lund ko ek saath thanda kar degi..”
“kaki, abhi to bhabhi ko theek se dekha bhi nahi nahi…aur Rupa ko thodaa aur mast ban_ne do… phir logo ko usse chodne mey mazaa aayegaa aur Rupa ko bhi jawaani kaa pura masti milega.”
No one was knowing that that at that time Rupa is seated nude on mast lund of driver in car.
Kunal was so happy fondling his favourite lady ..it was his best moment..he has not been so happy when he had seen first nude woman, their 17 yr maid some 6 months back..
“kaki ab bardaast nahi ho raha hai….chodne do naa..dekho tumhaari ye bur bhi kitni geeli ho gayee hai… “ Kunal pleaded..
“nahi beta …chudai ki baat mat karo… jab chaahoge nange badan se khelne dungee ..”
she said and sat away from him. Now she sat with both knee bend in air ..Rekha was now clearly seeing shaven choot of mother-in-law. No doubt she had a very nicely shaped but thick thighs. Lady asked Kunal to stand up.. he stood in front of her ,,and soon Kunal was without any cloth.. Rekha saw that lady took lawda in hand and fisted ..
“beta ,tera lawda bahut mast hai… wo dono kutia theek hi kahti hai..ye tere kaka ke lund se heavy hai… “
“kaki chodne do naa..dekho bur mey ghusne ke liye kitna tarap raha.. he came in side and tapped lund on lady’s lips and cheeks . lady fisted lund for couple of minutes and said,
“beta, Maalti chudwaayegi nahi…”
lady fisted lund which she wished in day today only ,” lekin chaho to Maalti ke saath nange sokar baki masti le sakte ho… chaho to jaise kal kiran kaa bur chaata thaa ..mai bhee chumne –chusne dungi.. “
“theek hai kaki ,tum jab bologi tabhi chodunga ..aaj bur se lawda ragad kar mazaa lunga.. “
She told Kunal that it is not safe place as .in those two rooms people are sleeping and if they come out they can see them She suggested him to go down and find safe place. Thanks they did not thought of terrace ,had they gone there, they would have seen chhoti being fucked by two cook.
Lady collected all clothes and Kunal lifted lady on arms and went down terrace..
“bbap re meri saas kunal ki diwaani hai ..jaise mere dono bhahi Manu ki.. ..mujhe jaldi hi kunal se chudwaayegi..”
she appreciated Kunal’s strength..”saala kyaa aaraam se mast aurat ko uthaa kar neeche le gayaa….jarur khub jor se dhakkaa bhi lagaata hogaa. “
Do not post and request ANY Underage materials (especially of children) on Xossip that show minor in sexual / non - sexual act either nude or non-nude. That includes Videos, Full length movies, Pics, Stories, porn etc. Doing so will result in infractions and life bans. See this for more information.

If you have any questions regarding this, please open a new thread in HELP FORUM.


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plz sir ji hindi mai likhiye sone pe suhaga ho jayega

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