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Old 3rd July 2014
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Update 13

codenamenumber: I like the motherly touch of your hands on my face and your words make me more confident in putting my point across, as I ask you in a soft tone, "par kya yeh possible hai aunty" (suddenly door bell rings)
Nikita: I look up sharply as the bell rings, my heartbeat was raising steadly..feeling the excitement in discussing this with you. I now look up, then back towards you..."M m mere patidev honge..tum kuch baat mat nikalna iske baare me ab"..as I stand up and head towards the door.
codenamenumber: I get shit scared thinking what uncle will think I am doing here, "aunty ... aunty main kya karoon ab... aap please kahin chhupa lo mujhe... mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai... uncle school dress mein dekhnge toh kya kahenge ki main yahaan kya kar raha hoon"
Nikita: I stop...walking towards you as the bell rings again, holding your hand..."mera wardrobe bada hai, jao mere room me...."..I whisper hurridely
codenamenumber: I immediately rush towards the bedroom and enter your wardrobe and find myself a place to hide in there.... I notice some hot inner wears there, making me horny at this scary moment as i start fiddling your brassiere and panties in there.. suddenly realissing you had opened the door and can hear some voice with you two talking
Nikita: My husband walks in, and I smile.."Aap itni jaldi aa gaye?, khana to tayar bhi nahi hua"...he just smiles and walks towards me, as I move closer to my room..and invariably our voices get more clear to you..."Haan, jaldi nikal gaya, socha ki Ajay bhi nahi rahega...aa jaun apni patni ke saath thoda waqt guzarne"
codenamenumber: Even though its a place very comfortable to hide, I am still sweating due to fear of getting caught as try not to make noise even though I sweat profusely as I try to hear the conversation between the two of you specially now that things have changed a little after last night and could change for better later when Ajay gets to pound his mother's pussy
Nikita: I smile shyly..."Kya matlab ki Ajay nahi hai?, kya karne ka irada hai?"...I say, turning back towards you as i'm standing against the wall adjacent to my room...glancing into my husband's eyes....knowing that you can hear us pretty clearly from here. My husband walks forward and replies..."Jo bahut dino se nahi ho paya"..
codenamenumber: I suddenly start feeling belongingness for this woman and this guy (yeah... uncle... your husband)... trying to get on with her makes me a little worried as the picture in my mind now revolves only around you being with me or Ajay and noone elese... not even your husband
Nikita: I look into his eyes...wondering why of all the days before did this man have to come early today, that too for sex...knowing I cant refuse him, as it would look to suspicious, i decide to play along..."accha ji?, to itne dino baad biwi ki yaad aayi?"...
codenamenumber: I try to open the wardrobe just a little, and if my eyes meet yours, I would try to convey how badly I dont want you to see with your husband but rather with me or Ajay even better.
Nikita: He walks towards me, my breathing getting heavier...knowing that you probably have to sit through this, not liking it one bit...I slowly look up at him, giving him my best inviting look...when suddenly his phone rings...he sighs and picks it up, and as he begins to talk, I notice him cursing loudly and finally telling the person on the other end that "me aa jaunga ab"...forcing myself not to smile..I fake a pout and say..."dekho, aaj bhi time nahi hai"
Nikita: He leans forward and kisses me softly..."Sorry darling, ye kambakht office, peecha hi nahi chodta mera...jaana padega..par aaj raat jaldi aa jaunga"..I just sigh and wave him off, not bothering to reply, for fear of revealing my happiness.
codenamenumber: I get extremely happy for this interference and laugh within myself feeling my aunty has been saved from this man ... for now , and can't wait for him to leave so that I can jumo out of the closet and be with you again
Nikita: I literally count the seconds before he takes his things and steps out of the house. I wait for a good 5-10 minutes till I'm sure his car has left the apartment complex and wont be coming back anytime soon....I shout out.."Ab bahar bhi aa sakte ho"
codenamenumber: I immediately jump put of the closet in excitement with your inner wear all over me, as I walk out with a cunning smile on my face thiking my lady has been saved ..... for me.... and I come near you and ask, "Uncle chale gaye aunty"
Nikita: I smile and nod..."haan, chale gaye..sorry tujhe us cupboard me khada rehna pada"
codenamenumber: I smile and show your inner wears in my hands, "koi baat nahi aaaunty... aapke in kapdo ne mera saath diya waahaan pe" I chuckle.... "waise itne sexy sexy undergarments mein agar Ajay aapko dekh lega toh apne aap ko rok nahi paayega aapke liye"
Nikita: I look at them in your hand, blushing a bit as I gently tap my palm against your cheek.."Chup badmash..aise nahi kehte"
codenamenumber: I slowly move you around and hug you from behind while pressing my hands against your soft ass cheeks, "aunty ek baat bolun... aap bura toh nahi maanoge"
Nikita: I sigh, tilting my head back, and easing my back side against your body. Gently letting my round ass rub up against your hands.."mmm haan bol beta"
codenamenumber: I utter in a soft voice, "aapko agar Ajay mil jaayega toh mujhe milega aapke sexy jisma ka swaad?"
Nikita: "K-kya matlab?"..I ask softly
codenamenumber: "Ajay mera dost hai... mujhe thoda darr toh lagega... lekin sirf aapke liye main apne friend ko convince kar lunga uski maa ke liye....aur mujhe pata hai woh maan jaayega... aapke is sexy jism ko dekh ke usse control hi nahi hoga... abhi tak usne maa ka sirf dulaar dekha hai.... jab kal raat waala pyaar woh dekhega naa... duniya ki saari ladkiyaan bhool ke sirf apni maa ki sewa karega aur hamesha pyaar karega"
Nikita: I moan hearing your loving encouraging words..."Ohhh, kya sach me tu Ajay ko ye samjha sakta hai?"..
codenamenumber: I am all the more happy now that you are reacting, and I could use this as a bait for you to help me with my mom, " aur kya aunty... aapke liye zaroor manwa lunga use.... maa ke pyaar se zyaada din door nahi reh sakta Ajay.... woh bhi jab maa itni sexy ho toh" I wink look at you with a smirk on my face
Nikita: I tilt my head more, my eyes looking into yours..."Tumhari maa sach me badi lucky hai"
codenamenumber: I enjoy the passionate look into your eyes for me but as you uttter about mom.. my thoughts again begin to wonder about mom and I again feel mom in you like last night and out of excitement put my arms around your bare belly (pic) and say, "maa.... sorry aunty.... lucky kyun???"
Nikita: "Kyunki uska beta bistar me kamaal kar deta hai"..I whisper slowly, giving you a seductive look, letting your fingers cover more of my belly.
codenamenumber: I shy as you say those words about me, "aunty aap bhi naa" I you with force onto me with y hands now behind your back... sa your boobs come and crash against me ,"agar aaisa hai toh kuchh jaadoo karo na aaunty ki maa ko yeh kamaal dikha sakoon" slowly I am becoming more demanding with the knowledge of you having the same feelings for your son
Nikita: I moan, feeling my big boobs pressing against your chest..."Me kaise?, ky- kya bolun tumhari mummy ko?"
codenamenumber: I feel dishearten and sigh as I feel you cannot help me in this and say, "haan aunty... yeh baat toh hai..... mom maar daalengi mujhe aur aapko bhi daanetengi... aap kuchh mat bolna unse.... lagta hai yeh possible hi nahi hai..." I come and sit down on the couch with my depressed face.. look upto you and say, "lekin aunty main aapki madad zaroor karunga.... Ajay ke liye"
Nikita: I turn, watching you get away and sit on the couch with a dejected look....I just smile and walk towards you..."Tujhe apni mummy se pyaar ho gaya hai na?"
codenamenumber: I look upto in your eyes and say, "ab aapse kya chhupaana aunty... pyaar toh hamesha se tha.... par aisa waala pyaar hoga... yeh toh aapne hi sikhaaya hai" I wink but again turn my face down thinking that none of this can be true now, "lekin yeh.... mujhe toh bas ab yeh darr lag raha hai ki main ghar pe mom ke saath behave kaise karunga... bada awkward sa feel hoga... ab toh ghar jaane se bhi darr lag raha hai.... kya main yahin ruk sakta hoon aunty aapke paas.... main ghar nahi jaa sakta is mood mein.... agar gaya toh kahin kuchh galat naa ho jaaye"
Nikita: I walk upto you, and sit down on the couch next to you, my legs crossed and closely rubbing yours..as I reach forward and take your hand...squeezing it gently..."Tanuj, tujhe hi apni mummy ko seduce karna padega...aur iske liye me tumhari madad to zaroor karungi"
codenamenumber: your encouraging words sound like Christmas bells in my ears and my face glees in happiness and look to you in excitement and move close to you, so that our legs are in cohesion now, "sach aunty.... mom ko seduce karoon main... aapki izaazat hai???" I ask in a chidish excited voice thiking that your persmisson may have opened the doors to heaven for me
Nikita: I just smile playfully, "Pagal, meri ijazaat nahi, meri aashirvaad hai....mummy to tumhari hai..to unpe haq to tumhara hi banta hai na?"..

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Old 3rd July 2014
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Update 14

codenamenumber: I hug you again as your words of encouragement have thrilled me beyond limits, and I bury my face into your boobs with my arms around your back feeling your body again, "waise aap itni achchi dost ho mom ki... kuchh toh tips do, maa ko kya cheez impress karegi... I am dying to put my hands on my mother just like they are on you now aunty" My hands move down your cleavage as I chuckle
Nikita: "hmm accha to tips chahiye....waise ek important tip de sakti hun tujhe tere mummy ke baare me"..I whisper slowly, feeling your body against mine.
codenamenumber: I slolwly start pressing your boobs gently as the excitement in me grows thinking what you are gonna reveal about the naughty side of my mother, and I say, "jaldi batao naa aunty.... ab maa se door nahi raha jaaata", slowly putting my leg on to yours ... so that my hard on feels on your left thigh
Nikita: I rest my head back and moan out loud, feeling the hard throbbing dick that just hours earlier was pounding into me..."Ohh"..."T tumhari mummy sabse pehle ek aurat hai...aur us type ki auratein mardon se ek cheez sabse zyada expect karti hai unhe bistar tak leke jaane ke liye"
codenamenumber: I can feel your body reciprocate my movements and your thighs can feel my dick growing as I continuously rub it on your soft naked thighs. I don't say anything by my deep passionate look into your eyes suggest you to continue speaking
Nikita: "Tumhara confidence aur boldness.....tumhari mummy bahut sharma jaati hai, nayi dulhan ki tarah...aur expect karti hai ki unka lover confidence dikha ke le le unki jaise bhi wo chahe....kahi bhi wo chahe"
codenamenumber: "lekin aunty... main toh unka beta hoon naa... main unse kaise bold tareeke se behave kar sakta hoon..... main bachpan se unhe maa ki tarah poojta aa raha hoon.... mere liye bahut mushkil hoga aur darr bhi lagata hai kahin mom bura naa maan jaaye aur dad ko bata dengi... mera toh jeena mushkil ho jaayega" sound very perturbed and disturbed
Nikita: I smile, gently rubbing your cheeks..."Agar darr gaye, to samjho ki ye nahi ho payega....sabse pehle is darr ko nikalo...bas jab apni maa ko dekhoge aaj, to ye soch lo ki wo kaisi hogi tumhare saath puri raat bhar....aur jaise tune ek bold step leke yaha aa gaye aaj, waise hi apni maa ko bhi kuch bold cheez kar ke dikha do...wo dar to jayegi, par agar tu thoda persist karne laga to zaroor pighal jayegi tere liye"
codenamenumber: "oooh aunty... aapp toh mere andar ke bachche ke liye maa ke jism ki bhookh ko badha rahe ho" press your boobs harder now, "kitna mazaa aayega agar main aur Ajay ek hi bistar mein apni maaon ko chodenge" hugging you tighter as excitement is growing for mom in company of your sexy curvy body
Nikita: "Mazaa to aayega zaroor...agar hum dono ye kar paye aane wale kuch dino me, to mujhe lagta hai wo din door nahi jab hum chaaron ek hi saath mazaa le paye"
codenamenumber: "woow aunty... i promise yeh sab sach hoga... bahut jaldi.... ab mujhe sabse pehle jaake mom ko khush karna hai.... thoda darr lag raha hai... par aapka aashirwaad hai toh thoda courage bhi aa raha hai.... chhutti bhi hone waali hai school ki.... ab ghar nikalna chahiye mujhe" I plant a soft peck on your cheeks and part away from you even though its difficult as hell to leave your body at this moment
Nikita: I smile at you, holding your hand..."haan jaanti hun...ab jaldi se jaake apni mummy ko dikha do ki kitne bade ho gaye ho tum"
codenamenumber: "aap bhi thode aur kapde pehen lo... ajay bhi aata hoga... uske liye toh sati savitri ban jaao... roz ki tarah.... ki aaj hi apne nek iraade jataane hain Ajay ko " I wink at you with a smile as I proceed towards the door, lifting my school bag on the way
codenamenumber: Its 2 PM, time for me to get back home. So I leave for the house and while leaving, I wink at you playfully and ask for your permission through my eyes as you can see some excitement mixed with fear in my eyes. I close the door behind me and take the lift, various emotions running across my mind wondering how things will turn up at home, but with Ajay's mom aashirwaad, walk confidently to my house and ring the bell
Nikita: I get out of the sofa where I was watching TV, and walk towards the door...glancing at the clock and wondering if maybe its my husband...who sometimes likes to come home for lunch...it could also be my son, as his school time is over. I walk upto the door and open it to see you...smiling...."Aa jao beta"
codenamenumber: I am scared as hell and feeling a bit uncomfortable as to how I would face mom after what has been going through my mind but I take deep breaths and stay calm as you open the door. Seeing you immediately makes my thoughts even more exciting as fear and excitment runs down my spine and I behave a bit awkwardly by not immeditely entering the house, and stay frozen for some seconds before I enter. Suddenly I realise I have been behaving strange and try to seem normal by going into the customary hug, whiich we do almost daily after I return from school, but this time the hug has motherly feeling like every other day but combined with the feeling of hugging a woman I desire to have sex with.

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Old 3rd July 2014
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Update 15

Nikita: I just smile, my eyes looking lovingly towards my son, as you walk forward and put your arms around me. My arms moving against your back and lightly patting it...As I do everyday.

codenamenumber: i hold you against me for longer than usual and drown into wild thoughts with you for a minute, as excitement runs down my spine with your soft boobs pressing against my chest, and my hands move over your back feeling it, which had never haappened before. Realising I may reveal my intentions, the fear of getting caught makes me part away from your body, as I look into your eyes with the perfect mix of fear and happiness, "maa... dad nahi aaye aaj lunch ke liye" I ask in a effort to let mom not think much about the long hug
Nikita: I look into your eyes, something is different about you today. I hide my emotions, knowing that Priyanka has gotten to you pretty good, and last night my son probably became a man. I finally give a smile and reply.."nahi Tanuj, wo aaj nahi aane wale"
codenamenumber: "kyun mom.. kal raat bhi nahi aaye" I inquire, "raat se yaad aaya, maa... kal Ajay ki mom ne bahut achcha khaana banaya thaa aapke bete ke liye... lekin raat ko practice karte karte bahut der ho gayee thee isliye main waapis nahi aa paaya... really sorry about that mom"
Nikita: I shake my head..."arre koi baat nahi, Priyanka ne kaha tha ki late ho jaye to tu wahi pe rukh jayega..."
codenamenumber: "thank you mom.. aap kitni achchi ho... waise aunty ne bahut achcha khayaal rakha mera, mujhe bahut achcha laga unke saath..... aunty to dance ke liye ekdum alag hi lag rahi thee..... main toh kehta hoon mom ki aapko bhi us item song mein dance karna chahiye.... ekdum hot lagogee" I realized I had uttered the word "hot" and that too about mom, so watch in anticipation how your would respond as I put down my bag and rest on the couch in the living room
Nikita: I stare at you....wondering how this topic came up...I struggle to find a reply..but faintly say.."mummy ke baare me aisa nahi bolte beta"
codenamenumber: "arey mom... aap bhi naa... main toh sirf soch raha thaa ki aapke saath dance karne ka mauka milega... after all aunty ne bahut tareef kee mere dance ki... aur ek bete ko sabse achcha uski maa hi judge kar sakti hai... ek baar try karke toh dekho... after all yeh dance hi toh hai... aur aap bhi itne achche dancer ho.... log toh yahi kehte hain mera dance dekh ke... ki maa ke gud hain is ladke mein"
Nikita: "Wo to pata hai ki tu bahut accha dance kar leta hai...par ye dance wance sab mere se nahi hoga ab bete...behtar hai ki tu hi Priyanka aunty ke saath wo item song pe dance kar lo...."
codenamenumber: "sach bataun maa toh aunty ke saath dance karta waqt bhi main imagine kar raha tha ki aapke saath dance karne mein kitna mazaa aayega, especially woh dance moves aapki body ko perfectly suit karenge" as I glare up and down your and meet you eyes with appreciation for what I saw
Nikita: I look into your eyes, smiling and shying away a bit..."Badmash hai tu bahut Tanuj...aakhir me kaise acchi dikhungi koi item number kar ke"
codenamenumber: I glee with happiness from within as I see mom smile and shy away to glory and did not get angry at me for me talking about her body. Thinking that first strike, I should let that thought revolve in my mom's mind for some time, I say, "Item number mein aap stage hila dogi mom... par khair aap meri maa ... aapki baat nahi taal sakta.... agar aapko nahi karna hai toh koi baat nahi.... par abhi mujhe bahut bhookh lagi hai... please kuchh khilaao apne bachche ko" I say in a childish manner
codenamenumber: I rush to my room.... now thinking of you not only as my mother but also a woman to make love to.... With mixed emotions of fear and excitement running wildly in my mind, I slowly freshen up. I think of coming in front of my mother as a man and change into a body fitting tee shirt which highlights my broad chest and great athletic built body and put on some shorts. " now mom would be ready to serve food.... I can't wait to be with her all the time... she is the hottest mom in the world..... after that wild night with Ajay's mom.... how this world has changed upside down for me".. I speak to myself as I make way to the dining hall and cant see you there, so turn to kitchen and find you preparing lunch for me, my eyes immediately get stuck on your ass as your back is facing me.....
codenamenumber: and stand there stilll.... gazing at your buttocks and not utter a word thiking that you turning might deprive me of the amazing view I am getting at the moment
Nikita: I am in my own world right now, very focused on preparing lunch for my son. I think to myself that he would be pretty tired after a long day at school, and smiling to myself as I think that it was a pretty long night as well with Pri. Unknowingly, my hips moving slowly, gently as I cook. Not knowing that I'm giving a pretty good show with my wide hips and ass to my own son who is standing behind me
codenamenumber: watching your ass move doesnt make me realise that I have unknowingly put my hands over my shorts and rubbing at the sight of your lovely wide bums.... I imagine how wild and erotic it would be feel mother's hips with my hands and rub my cock gently on her soft soft ass cheeks and driving it down the ass partition... I leave out a small gasp which you could faintly hear behind you
Nikita: I stop my hand movements which were working in cooking the subzi. And I turn hearing the soft voice coming from behind me. I watch you and smile, then slightly notice that your right hand is unusually around your shorts. Which is an odd place for it to be as your just standing. Thinking no further of it for the time being I say.."Naha liya beta?"
codenamenumber: I immediately remove my hands and out it on my head scratching it trying to avoid the embarrasment even though I realise that you must have seen it, " Haan maa... nahaa toh bahut pehle liya tha... par yahaan aaya toh aap khaana bana rahi thee... jitne pyaar se aap mere liye khaana bana rahi thee aur is naye churidaar mein itni sundar lag rahi ho... isliye maine toka nahi... bas aapko khana banaate huye dekhte jaa raha thaa" I take a few steps inside the kitchen... " kya bana rahi ho maa bete ke liye?" as I move my hands towards the subzi, passing very close to your belly
Nikita: I sense my body vibrate slowly as you come close to me. Shivering a slight bit, which I cannot understand as your hand barely misses my waist and moves towards the vessel on the stove. "Oh, j jo tujhe sabse zyada pasand hai, wo bana rahi hun...ab achanak se maa ki taarif kyun kar raha hai itna aaj?"
codenamenumber: "oohh maaa... tum kitni achchi ho,... world ki best mom ho... " dont look at the subzi but only you when I say, "apne bete ki pasand ka kitna khayaal rakhti ho" in a wicked tone
Nikita: I turn my head slightly, catching the look in your eyes. And for a moment I don't reply, wondering that something is different in his behaviour towards me today. More love is being shown by you. I finally smile..."Beta hai tu mera, tere khayaal nahi rakhungi to aur kaun rakhega?"..turning back to mix the food in the vessel.."Waise, kaise pata laga ki ye nayi churidaar hai jo maine peheni hai?"..I ask softly
codenamenumber: As you turn your back again, with me standing real close to you, I get to witness your ass from a much close view this time. Some inner force makes me inch close and stand right next to you as I see you cook subzi, ""aa aapko roz toh dekhta hoon... aur fir parson hi toh aap Ajay ki mom ke saath gayee thee shopping karne... wasie kaafia choice hai mom aapki.. yeh dress aappe bahut suit kar rahi hai... kya baat hai... kahin bete ko khaana khila ke kahin bahar jaane ka iraada hai"... I am standing so close that when you move while cooking , some part of your ass slightly brushes my thighs... making me shiver in excitement but I still maintain the proximity
Nikita: I make sudden, slight movements with my body as I listein to you, and when my ass lightly brushes against your thighs, I feel the slight shudder from your body. This has happened before but you never shivered like this. I keep that thought to myself and turn more towards you. Looking up into your eyes..."Shopping ke liye to gayi thi, par bas ye churidaar le paayi apne liye. Socha ki aaj kyun na niklun..."
codenamenumber: Seeing you turn and inch closer to me gives me a close up to your beautiful face. I have already begun to see you as a mother-cum-woman and admire your beauty through my eyes as I pass a smile and say, "aap toh kuchh bhi pehen lo mom... beautiful lagogee.... especially agar aap yeh apne baal kaan ke peeche kar lo toh", I take my hands and slide your hair behind your ears with my fingers
Nikita: I tilt my head up gently as you run your finger against my hair, slowly curling it behind my ear. My eyes looking up right into yours. I just stare at you lovingly, not replying, not speaking. Just breathing heavily...feeling some sort of tension here, which is quite obvious. But I try not to think too deep into it.
codenamenumber: "Lekin maa... itni sundar ban ke bahar jaaoge toh koi maanega nahi ki itne bade bete ki maa ho tum" I tease you
Nikita: I put the spoon down on the counter, leaning back against it as I look at you..."Accha ji?, to fir yakeen dila dete hai sabko ki tu hi mera beta hai"
codenamenumber: "mere saath chalogee ghoomne maa?" I question thinking of the idea of spending some quality time with you, " maybe is baar hum aapke liye aur bhi aise dresses laa sakte hain jisme aap mom nahi balki meri badi behen lago"
Nikita: I drop my eyes, blushing as you mention that I could look as you elder sister. I turn slowly, secretly loving the compliment as I pretend to finish the dish. "Badmash kahika, chal theek hai, tere saath chalungi me aaj shopping ke liye...aur lagta hai mere bete ko bahut kuch pata hai ladkiyon ke kapdon ke baarein me, dekhte hai apni mummy ke liye kis tarah ke kapde pasand karta hai"
codenamenumber: "arey maa.. meri choice aapko thodi odd lagegi shayad... kyunki aajkal toh housewives bhi kaafi waise dresses pehene lagi hain... lekin maa aapko yeh salwar kameez aur saree hi best suit karte hain... you carry them off extremely well and look better than most women who try western clothes to look good"
Nikita: I smile..."Thanks beta, waise tujhe kya lagta hai, agar me western clothes pehen loon, to unke hi tarah lagungi?, jo bas dikhane ke liye pehenti hai?"..

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Awesome updates

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Thanks mate... glad you enjoy

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Update 16

codenamenumber: I move closer, "sach bolun maa..." putting my hands on your arms and slowly slide them up towards your shoulders, "aap sachchi mein try karoge aise clothes.... in salwar kameez aur saare ke badle??"
Nikita: Feeling your strong hands against my shoulders and arms..I slowly nod, biting my lip a bit. "H Haan, try to kar sakti hun, uske liye figure accha hona chahiye na?, aur tere papa ko is figure me kuch bura nahi lagta.."
codenamenumber: "sirf dad ke liye try karogee maa," I say in a soft voice as I inch closer and my hands move on to your shoulders and neck and hold your cheeks softly while my other hands rests on your waist, "aapke jaisa figure ho toh ,,,, jitna reveal hoga... utna hot lagega aap pe woh dress"
Nikita: My body tensing up slightly, feeling your hand now moving onto my cheek. I slightly close my eyes and lean my face against your hand. Letting you feel my cheek with your fingers, and letting me feel your fingers with my cheek..."Kitna reveal ho sakta hai?"..I whisper
codenamenumber: "yeh toh try karne ke baad hi pata chalega maa... agar ghar mein koi dress hota toh abhi try kar ke dekh lete.... bahar jaane ke zaroorat nahi padti... agar aapki koi puraani dress padi ho toh... abhi test kar sakte hain kaisi lagegi.."... inch further closer so that my hard on is withing touching distancce of your crotch and my lips within touching distance
Nikita: My eyes close again. I feel how close we are, but all thinking has stopped inside my head. Just this close proximity im having with my son, makes my heart beat faster. Breathing getting heavier, as I look at you. Your strong hands haven't left my waistline and you just keep coming closer...I somehow manage to blurt out..."M m mere paas ek aisa dress hai"...
codenamenumber: "sach maa" I move back a little and look you into the eye while my hands still on your waist,,, "toh phir chalo na try karo abhi... usse idea lag jaayega ki jab shopping karne jaayenge toh kis size ka lena hoga" My body shivering with the idea of seeing her in a western outfit which will reveal so much more of her sexy and curvy body, a delight for any son.
Nikita: I look down, embarassed. I am suddenly unable to look up and meet eyes with you. Wondering why I had to reveal this part to you. No one other than your father has seen me in that dress, which actually reveals quite a lot.
codenamenumber: I see the embarrased look on your face. i feel you have realized the awkwardness of the situation, " kya soch rahi ho maa... apne bete se kya sharmaana... main toh bas aapki help karne ke liye bol raha hoon... agar aapko odd lag raha hai toh hum cancel kar dete hain yeh plan... waise bhi western dresses zaroori nahi hai hot lagne ke liye..... aur khaaskar ke aapko... aap toh dhaki huye bhi kisi bhi ladki se sundar aur hot lagti ho" I realise I have been talking so openly with my mother today and I must thank Priyanka aunty for this, though suddenly the fear of this plan failing completely is getting to me and I remove my hands from your waist. I immediately start to wonder if I would lose even motherly love from you, "kyun pareshaan ho maa... batao naa" my hands hold your chin
Nikita: I sigh, letting your fingers guide my chin up as I look into your eyes finally. I smile to ease your tension and whisper. "Ye plan to badiya hai tera bete, p p par jo dress hai na mere paas...w w wo bahut saalon pehle pehena tha, wo bhi ek ya do baar....t to size ab chota hoga na mere liye"
codenamenumber: I feel relaxed as you pass that lovely smile of yours... "aap uski chinta mat karo maa" I inch closer, "aap kisi bhi chhote ya bade dress mein utni hi sundar lagogee jitni ki hamesha lagti ho... most beautiful woman and above all the most beautiiful mom in the world" I again pull myself close you as you lean on the counter and I put my hands behind your back and look deep into your eyes and say, "ek baar dikhaao toh appne bete ko ki kaun se dress hai aape paas:
Nikita: I feel your body against mine, and realise that very smoothly you have pushed me back against the corner. I begin to sense the level of control your having over this increasing with each passing sentence of yours. The thought makes my mind tense, but my body absolutely delighted. And i feel an excitement in me, which I havent felt in years...."Agar pakka dekhna hai mujhe us dress me, to promise karo ki ye baat tu kisi ko bhi nahi batayega, khaas kar ki apne papa ko"
codenamenumber: The thrill of the situation makes me move close to your lips, but just as they are about to meet, I move my head a little so that I pass very close to your lips and my cheeks rub against your cheeks and my lips near your ear as I whisper, "It will be our secret maa... kisi ko pata nahi chalega... dad ko bhi nahi... pukka" and I release you and look at you in your eyes and blink slowly as if asking you to go ahead and try that dress
Nikita: I nod..."Wait here"..I whisper hurridely, getting myself back in control as I almost felt our lips brushing against each others. I walk away and into my room, closing the door..as I try and get a grip on myself.
codenamenumber: Seeing you go swaying that ass increases the passion of the situation as I tell to myself that I wait in anticiaption what dress my mother would come out into.... I immediately call up Priyanka aunty and say, "Aunty bahut darr lag raha hai par excitement bhi ho rahi hai... mom mere saamne apne koi puraana dress pehen ke aane waali hai... mujhe dad ka darr bhi lag raha hai... pata nahi main jo kar raha hoon ... sahi hai ya galat... par mazaa aa raha hai maa ke itna kareeb aake... thanks aunty"
Nikita: Priyanka laughs as you talk rapidly in excitement.."Baby, tu chinta matt kar...bas enjoy kar apne aap ko..ye sun ke to me bhi hot ho rahi hun idhar..kaash me dekh paati tujhe aur tumhare mummy ko saath me..aur tere papa ka darr nikal de dimag se, unko nahi pata lagega...waise kuch idea hai kis type ka dress pehen ne wali hai Nikki?"..she asks, her voice also husky in excitement towards the end
codenamenumber: I suddenly start feeling more confident with the encouraging words of Priyanka aunty," yeh toh mujhe exactly nahi pata aunty... par shayad koi western outfit hai... I am dying here in excitement... maa ko aise kapdon mein dekhne ke liye... I wish aap yahaan hote.... par chinta mat kijiye... if everything goes fine... woh din zyaada door nahi... bas aapka aashirwaad rahe aunty" Talking I have reached back to the living room and sit on the couch
Nikita: "Mera aashirwaad to rahega hamesha...par yaad rakhna Tanuj, dress ko dekhne ke baad, tu control shayad nahi kar payega...bas ye yaad rakh le ki teri mummy ek baar to hesitate karne wali hai...tujhe control lena padega us situation ko, aur dikhana padega unko ki tujhe jo chahiye wo tu leke hi rahega"...
codenamenumber: "I will try aunty... I can't beleive I am so lucky to have such a hot and sexy mother and btw Ajay is lucky too, " I chuckle, "ab toh mom ko dekhte hi control chala jata hai par aunty I will try my best to work things out and give a new direction to our lovely mother son relationship"
Nikita: "Good boy", she whispers..and says her goodbyes...as the call ends. And immediately afterwards, you hear a soft knock on your mothers room, and her voice whispering..."Pehen li dress", the door doesn't open though, as deep inside I'm feeling really shy showing myself like this to my son.
codenamenumber: "bye aunty'" I keep the phone down and immediately hear the lovely charming voice of my mother fall into my ears as I turn into the direction of your room, seeing the door not opening I can feel the hesitation Priyana aunty was talking about realising how dead right women are about each other, "zara hum bhi toh dekhein hamari mom ne aaj kya pehna hai" still no response from your side I get up from couch, "maa bete se kaisa sharmaana, aur aapko pata hai ki yeh baat hamare beech mein rahegi... chalo ab apne bete ko dikhaao ki uski maa bhi kisi mohalle ko ladki ko kisi bhi dress mein maat de sakti hain" you can hear my footsteps as I take a few steps and stop right in front of the door
Nikita: I slowly open the door, taking my time as I reveal myself in this dress to you. Head bowed down as I'm unable to look into your eyes, my hands gently tugging the sides of the dress..trying desperately to see if it could cover more of my legs. Body shivering in excitement and anticipation but also in fear.
codenamenumber: my eyeballs pop out at the sight of my mother clad in what could be one of the shortest dress a woman could ever wear. It immediately starts making my cock go stiff in my pants and it start poking out of it as I try to bury it with my hands so that you dont see it. I move closer towards you and move around you examinig every inch of the lovely curvy body my mother posseses. I have never witnessed such a curvy image of any woman in life... my jaws drop in awe, as I stare at those butts pushing out of your black dress... I am too dumbfound to utter anything and keep admiring your body as I capture each and every inch of your bare skin visible, into my eyes

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Update 17

Nikita: I blush furiously as you walk around me, examining me. Staring at me. Though your watchful eyes give me a slight confidence, as I stand up straight, letting the dress hug all my curves at the right places. "Ab bata bhi do"
codenamenumber: I am lost so much into your body, I shake a bit whenIhear your voice and come back to consicousness, I look straight into your eyes with utmost confidence and say in a soft voice, "ekdum sexxxxy lag rahi ho maaa... mere paas shabd nahi hai aapke beautiful shareer ke liye... every inch of your body is oozing sexual appeal... can make any woman go weak in his knees.... dad is so lucky to have you"
Nikita: I blush furiously hearing my dear son say such things about me. Head bowing down, and completely unable to lift it up right now to look into your eyes. My fingers gently moving around the hem of that short and ridiculous dress, trying to tug it down gently, hoping against hope that it can perhaps cover some of my leg.
codenamenumber: I notice you trying to cover your legs and say, "maa... ab bete se kya sharmaana... kya apna shareer mujhse chhipaana chahti ho... dad ke saamne toh is dress mein nahi sharmaati hogi aap..." my eyes glowing with the lovely sight of your legs and shapely bust covered in this sleezy dress.. "aap aisi hi dress khareedna chahti ho aaj shopping mein"
Nikita: I slowly lift my head up, turning towards you....surprised as you suggested that, since I myself haven't thought of it yet. Not sure if its even correct. I slowly smile and ask you..."Chup badmash, ab me aise kapde kiske liye pehenungi?"..
codenamenumber: as you lift your head up and our eyes meet, I can witness the excitement growing into your eyes which increases the thrill in me more. I pass a soft smile as I see a woman and a mother in you...as I ask shyingly like a child, "apne bete ke liye bhi nahi pehnogee maa?"
codenamenumber: as you lift your head up and our eyes meet, I can witness the excitement growing into your eyes which increases the thrill in me more. I pass a soft smile as I see a woman and a mother in you...as I ask shyingly like a child, "apne bete ke liye bhi nahi pehnogee maa?"
Nikita: I keep staring into your eyes..suddenly feeling more and more that my beta has become a man now, handsome and strong and somehow very sexy. I try to shake that last thought off from my head, but at this position, standing with almost half my body completely exposed to you, I feel a slight shiver down my spine..."Kya tujhe aise kapde pa pa pasand hai?"..I ask slowly
codenamenumber: I walk close to you and put my hands on your hand which is tugging your dress and pulling it down, while my eyes still submerged into yours, "mujhe toh bas aap pasand ho maa... aur har dress mein... chahe woh aapki saaree ho... ya churidaar ya fir yeh aapki puraani lekin hottest dress" inch more closer now as my broad manly chest is in close proximity of your cleavage, "yakeen nahi hota ki aaj aapne mujhe itna kareeb se aapko dekhne diya... aap world ki best mom ho" and in excitement, I hurriedly cling on to your body for a tight hug and my mind explodes llike crazy as my body hits your voluptuous body
Nikita: I gasp, as I feel your big and strong body so easily taking control of me...your hands firmly gripping against mine, and when you wrap them around me, pressing your broad strong chest against mine. I can't help but shiver in excitement, even letting out a soft but audible gasp close to your ear..."Accha baba, tumhari baat maan jaungi..p p par mujhe tumhari madad chahiye hogi"..I whisper back in excitement and confidence
codenamenumber: my cock's throbbing in my pants with the feel of your shapely body into my arms, as I hear you talking with your lips moving close to my ears, I loosen my grip on your body and tilt back to see you into the eye and say, "bete se madad kya maangani maa... aap bas aagya do... aapka aagyakaari beta aapki baat kabhi taal sakta hai hai" I smile pleasantly even as my hands are in no mood to let go off you as they rest on your waistline feeling your body over the dress
Nikita: I feel my body coming under control more now, getting used to your manly sexy touch. Something which I havent felt for ages. Almost never from your father, and I never expected to feel something like this from my own son. But I just smile and very swiftly give a little jiggle to my body against your arms, letting you feel the small vibrations shooting up across my curves and sides. I just smile and whisper..."Ab mujhe naye fashion ki utni khabar nahi, aur wo bhi western dresses me....tu to jawan ladka hai na, tujhe to pata hoga...to dress select karne me madad karni padegi apne mummy ki"
codenamenumber: as you jiggle your body, my grip on your waist grows tighter as I feel your curves on my palms, making me feel that it is not that I had not been so close to mother earlier, but this feeling was something different, something beyond expectation yet most exciting of all previous instances... and with you letting your own son touch her body like this... aaah.. what more can any son ask for from his mother.. I say to myself. Now feeling more confident as you ask for my advice on the dress, I go aheda and suggest, " waise toh maa... main toh aapka chhota sa beta hoon, mujhe itna experience kahaan.. lekin thodi help toh kar hi sakta hoon, infact is dress mein bhi agar thoda modification karein toh aap pe aur achchhi lagegi"
Nikita: I tilt my head up, curiously looking into your eyes..."Kaise modifications?"
codenamenumber: I am about to say somthing but stop..."rehne do maa... aap daantogee mujhe" my hands are off your waist now, as I try to be a little professional with my advice
Nikita: I glare now openly into your eyes..."Nahi bataoge to zaroor daantungee"
codenamenumber: "ok maa... ab aap itna insist kar rahi ho toh batata hoon",, I stare at your whole body again and stop at your thighs.... ," I think... m...mmm..maa aapko yeh dress thodi aur upar kar leni chahiye" I say slowly and a bit scared wondering about your reaction on me asking you to reveal more of your thighs
Nikita: I gasp softly, hearing you say that...but surprisingly I dont get angry. Just more curious. I slowly look down and place my fingers around the hem of the tight dress, realising that it exposes quite a lot of my thighs, wondering how much further up can it go..."P p par isko aur upar kaise le ke aaun?"..I ask
codenamenumber: "arey maa.... isme kya hai... bas thoda fold kar lo dress ko aur kya... nahi samajh mein aa raha hai toh main help karoon kya??"
Nikita: I look eagerly into your eyes....breathing softly, and gently give a slight nod. Biting my lips as I whisper.."Kar do"
codenamenumber: watching you bite your lips in excitement makes for a very seductive look on your pretty face and hearing you say "kar do" makes me imagine so many wild things as I smirk to myself and bend down on my knees in front of you and look at your bare thighs so close to my naked eyes. I can't help but simply adore your shapely legs which are continuously inviting my hands to touch them. I slowly put my hand on your knees and slowly move them up your thighs... "OOOHH GOD... my mother has such beautiful pair of thighs" I say to myself..."but I must remember she is my mother and shouldn't do anything to annoy her or spoil our mother son relationship" ... After burying my thoughts I move my hands up further and reach around the hem of your dress and slowly start pushing them upwards...
codenamenumber: ... as my palms feel more of your soft thighs
Nikita: I look down shyly, place my hand encouraginly against your palm. My body radiating a lot of heat at the moment as this is getting me really excited. My legs quivering as I feel your soft hands against my knees. I gasp out softly and tilt my head, as I begin you feel your fingers crawling up my bare knee and upto the hem of my dress. Knowing that your fingers would soon start moving up my soft thighs now. Lifting that dress up to your desired level.
codenamenumber: as I am lifting your dress I look up and see you nod in encouragement for me to go more.... I keep lifting until I get a sneak peek of your inners which makes me shiver and I stop right there and take my hands off your legs
Nikita: I watch as your fingers caress my bare thigh high, knowing that this really short dress probably doesn't need to get any shorter. But my body refusing me, my heart too refusing me. I look down with a smile to see your hands moving away. My dress moving back down as I just smile..."Aise to girta rahega beta"
codenamenumber: I stand up and look at you and say, "iska solutiontoh aapke hi paas ho sakta hai maa... what do you suggest we do so that it does fall down and stays where I just put it" I say as I shy thinking how I am talking to my own mother
Nikita: I smile...and boldly leaning across, my hand gently moving between our bodies. I slowly and lovingly hook my index finger against the collar of your shirt, pulling you a bit towards me as I lean forward and whisper against your ear..."Lagta hai is se chota ek dress dhoondna padega"
codenamenumber: I smile vividly as your loving gesture to bring me closer makes me feel the motherly love again although accompanied by some high levels of sexitement... your breath cause pleasant tingle on my ears, "haan maa... isse chhoti dress mil jaayegi toh baat ban jaayegi" I whisper back in your ears

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vry hot

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Update 18

Nikita: I can't help myself anymore, keeping you close to me...I reply back..."Apni mummy ko kitne chote kapdon me dekhna pasand karoge beta?"..I ask..genuine love and care in my voice
codenamenumber: I gently put my arms around your shoulders as the love and care in your voice makes me feel more confident about this situation, "ab woh toh maa ke upar hai ki bete ke saaamne kitne chhote kapdo mein aa sakti hai" I say in a teasing manner
Nikita: My lips teasingly close against your ear. Blowing hot air gently against your soft skin..."Tu bas apni maa ko bata de ki kitni choti honi chahiye...utna me pehen lungi tere liye"
codenamenumber: I bring my ears closer to your lips as you are speaking, making your lips touch my ears once in a while, which increases the sensation within me, and I revert back in excitement uttering, "agar bete ko maa bina kapde ke dekhna chahe toh" I dont believe I just said that as my body trembles in fear and excitement
Nikita: I stop. My breathing tenses up, heart skipping a beat as I hear you utter your reply. Eyes slowly lifting up and head moving back to look into your eyes...I know that eventually it would lead to this, and I realise now that there is no way I even want to stop this. I stare at you for a long time and then just smile..."Bas dekhta rahega fir apni maa ko ya kuch aur bhi karne ka irada hai?"
codenamenumber: I am nervously frightened with your long stare thiking that this fairy tale might have just come to an end as I look back at you with fear written all over my eyes. But with your smile,, tension eases a bit and your reply makes my world go upside down, "is this really happening" I question myself ,"mom encouraging me to hit on her... DAMN... how true were Priyanka aunty;s words" and several such thoughts wander about my mind as I can't bear the courage to speak even a word and keep gazing back into your eyes
Nikita: I lean closer...my fingers gently teasing your neck, tracing my fingernails against your soft skin and moving it up to your face. Smiling as I know and sense the confusion in your eyes.."Kya hua hero
codenamenumber: Still very lost in the situation and dont really know what to do with my mom right in front of me in such a precarious situation and know that only my mother can let me out of this catch 22 situation and I immediatrly hug on to you, this time purely as a son seeking help from his mother, "I dont know mom... what is happnening here... Please help me out of this... I need your help mother... please apne bete ko raasta dikhaao... mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai"
Nikita: I smile...melting completely at your embrace and love. I close my eyes, letting my hand gently wrap itself around your strong and firm body. Caressing your back slowly, and then gently pulling away from you. Enough to bring our faces close against each other. My eyes locked onto yours. Gently rubbing your hand, I whisper..."Tumhara dil kya keh raha hai?"..I ask
codenamenumber: I reply like a small child, "aap meri maa ho,... mere mann mein aise khayaaal nahi aane chahiye par phir bhi maa... main aapke baare mein ganda sochne laga hoon... mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai maa... please meri karo naa ... aap hamesha meri help karti ho... aaj bhi aap hi kuchh kar sakti ho" and again cling on to you like a baby
Nikita: I smile....and lean forward to your ear.."Apni aankhen bandh karo"..
codenamenumber: I immediately close my eyes as your voice slowly starts to comfort me and I stand still not knowing what is going to happen next
Nikita: "Ab dheere dheere batao kya kya gandi baatein sochne laga hai tu mere baare me"..
codenamenumber: "nahi maa... please apne bete ko is duvidha mein mat daalo... main aapke baare mein woh sab nahi bol sakta"
Nikita: "Shhh, tumhari maa ko bhi nahi bologe?...aur koi nahi hai yaha pe"..I whisper back, voice getting heavier and more seductive.
codenamenumber: gathering some courage I dare to speak but in a hesitatingly voice "maa... aap bahut hi sexy lagti ho mujhe" and I stop
Nikita: As you stop, I gently lean across and press my lips against your neck, right below your ear...teasing your skin with my tongue for a second before I pull back..."Mmm thank you beta..par wo ganda nahi hua na?"
codenamenumber: I continue even as the touch of your tongue pleases and excites me, "aur maa... aapke saath woh sab karne ka mann karta hai... jo ek maa aur bete ke beech nahi hona chahiye"
Nikita: "Apni mummy ko detail me nahi bataoge beta?"..I ask teasingly, letting my other hand drop down between us, and casually I let my index finger trace the length of your chest and abs, and moving down below your belt. Slowly rubbing the tip against your hard throbbing crotch
codenamenumber: Even in this situation, your movements are building the excitement in my body with your hands running over me. your finger tips on my crotch stiffens my cock further to make it go rock hard, "aapko bina kapdo ke dekhne ka mann karta hai maa... aur aapke badan ko chhone ka bhi dil karta hai... aur..."
Nikita: I gently slide my index finger down the length of your hard crotch. Closing my eyes as I careful try to measure how big and thick you are under this. And already by this initial assessment, I realise that your far bigger than your father. A thought that gets me more excited and wild..."Aur?"
codenamenumber: I slowly start reciprocating in excitement and try to push my hard on on to your hands, "aur maa... aapko bistar oe nanga leta ke... aapke upar chadh ke"... slowly but steadily finding the confidence in my voice,"aapko pyaar karne ka mann karta hai... aisa pyaar jo koi beta apni maa se nahi karta ho"
Nikita: I smile....leaning forward, I slowly brush my lips against yours. My body moving closer, as I deliberately press my big heaving bust against your chest. And slowly spin around. Taking my time as I position myself pressing back against you. My bare back up against your chest. "Ab aankhen khol do bete"..I whisper.
codenamenumber: that touch of your lips makes me gasp in pleasure and your bountiful breasts pressing against my chest sets the excitement level several notches higher. I can feel you moving and on your command I open my eyes to get a view of the most beautiful, sensous back a woman could ever have and how lucky I am that this woman is my own mother. I can't resist and plant my hands on your back with only the neck covered by that tied lace behind you. I slowly slide it to the side and kiss you right in the middle of the spine
Nikita: I close my eyes, feeling your warm lips at the base of my neck, right on my spine. My back arching up sensously against yours..I let out a soft whimper and the words.."Ohh beta"...as you kiss me for the first time.
codenamenumber: I put my hands on your shoulders and start kissing you all over your back and then roll my tongue down your spine, feeling the softness of your skin onto my tongue, "ohh maaa... aapka beta zyaada shaitaani toh nahi kar raha hai naa" and I have begun to enjoy this slowly exlporing relationship between a mother and her son
Nikita: My body quivering and shivering under your touch. Your lips set fire against my bare skin at the back and my head tilts back up, moans getting heavier now as I reply back..."Karne do beta, shaitaani karne do...aaj raat bas apni maa se pyaar karne do"
codenamenumber: I slowly untie the lace around your neck and start kissing your neck and shoulders pasionately as emotions run wild in my mind with these taboo actions of kising my mother's holy body.. such a taboo in the society but such a pleasurable experience as I again feel like being the small naughty child of my loving mother
Nikita: I feel you pulling the string holding the dress together, feeling it get loose behind my neck. I shyly place my hands up to prevent it from falling and exposing my bare huge DD cups. Grinding my body back against your touch.
codenamenumber: with my head on top of your shoulders as I am kissing them, I notice you holding onto your dress, and whisper softly in your ears, 'apne bete ko iske darshan nahi karaaogee maa?"
Nikita: I sigh softly and nod. And then very slowly, I let go of my dress, allowing it to fall down and bring out my bare tits in front of you.
codenamenumber: My eyes lit up at the sight of your curvy breasts which had been evading my eyes for so long, but the wait has been worth it as I can't wait to put my hands on those pair of delicious motherly breasts
Nikita: I move forward and slowly turn towards you. Eyes closed and head tilted down as I shyly expose my naked breasts to my son.
codenamenumber: I adore the beauty of your breasts and your nipples poking out as if wanting to fill my mouth with it. I slowly put my hands on your waist and move them slowly upwards so that they hold your boobs from either sides, and instinctly push my head between the cleavage
Nikita: I let out a loud and sharp welp as you swiftly slide your head between my cleavage..."Oouch"..but it quickly turns into loud deep moans, feeling your tongue ravage the skin and flesh of my cleavage.
codenamenumber: As my hands press your boobs from both sides, making a valley down your cleavage, I roll my tongue up and down there and biting the inner side of your right boob
Nikita: I shout out feeling you bite my soft right boob...Grasping onto your hair.."Ohhh badmash..."..but in pure pleasure I keep your head pressed against it.
codenamenumber: I slowly move onto your right nipple and plant a soft kiss there... before putting it between my lips and suck hard on it... while my right hand latches on to your left boobs and starts squeezing them. I look up and say, "maa... aaj kitne dino baad inka swaad mila hai... your are my delicious mommy" and start sucking on your breasts passsionately
Nikita: I gently stroke your soft hair, looking into your eyes...My breasts heaving by the loving received by your lips...I just smile and whisper..."Kaash me abhi bhi tujhe inse pila paati"
codenamenumber: I try to press your boobs harder and harder while I suck onto your nipples thinking that something might come out of them for your child. I slowly move down kissing your clevage down to your belly and stare at the lovely shaped round beautiful navel of yours
Nikita: I stay still, looking down at you as you stare at my navel. And gently I bring my hand behind your head and pull your lips against me...Wanting to feel you again over my skin.
codenamenumber: (your dress is still covering your body parts below your waist?)
Nikita: (Yes, its hanging now midway around my waist...)
codenamenumber: as your hands push my lips onto your navel.. I slide my tongue inside your deep navel with my lips hovering around it as my hands move behind your back and start rubbing it slowly and softly
Nikita: I groan, tilting my head as I feel your tongue and lips tease my navel..."Fuck fuck fuck"..I whisper softly, rythymically and in pleasure...
codenamenumber: Now this has gone beyind my control as you utter the F word from your moouth while your son is pleasing your body... making me suck strongly onto your navel as if creating vacuum right there. my hands is fiddling around your waistline as there is still some hesitation about feeling your soft round shapely buttock with my hands
Nikita: I try to emphasise with my body for your hands to carry on, Grinding my ass back down against your fingers, watching you to touch and squeeze them. Body aching for it.
codenamenumber: your ass grinding make my fingers feel the top portion of your buttocks encouraging me to slide my hands further down your back with it sliding the dress down slowly. Your soft bottom is within my grasp now, making my cock throb more in my pants below as I plant my face sideways on to your belly
Nikita: I sense an urge in your lips to reach forward to my ass. I just smile and decide to make it easier for you. Slowly spinning around and letting my bare ass and tight red panties come into view close to your face.

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