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Old 24th November 2017
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South Actresses Sex Stories (BDSM, ISLAND,GROUP SEX)



Amit Saxena, a successful businessman, wants to have sex with all the famous actresses, he wants to explore the pussies, he is attracted towards the south actresses. The actresses in south industry are more sex appealing to him. Their navel, south actresses maintain a perfect sexy figure which can erect anyone's tool with just their homely appearances. His lust increased with time. He gathered huge amount of money. He bought an island of his own. His lust made him turn that island into an exotic land. He built a colony over their, all connecting to just a main house, where he would reside. All had an inner connection which is rooted to hall. It had charismatic view, the interior was designed grandly. It gave a royal structure to his house. This house was nothing but a place where he had planned to fuck the actresses. He lived in Hyderabad. He had a special room for himself where no one dared to enter. He had all his fantasies pasted on walls.

It was Friday night, he was watching business movie of Mahesh Babu, suddenly a song Chandamama came and he was glued up to the screen. Seeing kajal's navel, her slutty face, her arousing expressions, her body covered with black saree. Her eyes filled with lust. She was so sexy. He called up to his assistant and fixed a meeting with Kajal Agarwal.

"Yup, Sonam, Fix an appointment with Kajal Agarwal" Amit asked. Sonam gave a nasty smile and left. Amit fixed his eyes on her ass as it was shaking with her movement. Sonam turned towards him and gave a lusty smile.

After a while, Amit phone rang and he picked up the call.

"Boss, she is free for the meeting tomorrow morning" Sonam spoke over the phone.

"Okay, fix the appointment then" Amit asked.

"Ok, boss, she will meet you tomorrow" Sonam said and disconnected.

Next day morning

"Hi, Kajal" Amit said and moved his hand to give a handshake. Kajal was standing hot to greet the businessman. Her face was so lickable. Amit was going mad. His lust grunted loud.

"Hi, Sir, I was so pleased that you came to meet me" Kajal said. Amit had a spark in his eyes. Seeing her standing in front of him.

"Can we talk personally" Amit said. Kajal felt awkward.

"What, sir?" Kajal asked for clarification. Amit looked at her. Kajal understood he wanted to meet her personally.

"Come in the van sir" She welcomed him to her vanity van. Amit stepped inside her van. Sonam closed the door. And stood at the door for no interruption to occur.

He looked inside her vanity van. It looked great inside. Amit saw Kajal cleaning the bed and checked on her ass as the skirt lifted up and showed her sexy legs. Kajal in a quick way turned towards him and saw him looking down. She understood that he was looking at her ass. Kajal suspected something fishy going on.

"Please, come here sir" Kajal greeted him to sit on the bed. She faked a smile. She expected an high film offer from him so she was being in a good gesture towards him.

Amit sat on the bed, cleaning his suit, he looked up at her, his eyes wanted to see her bosom, which dragged him to her. She had a huge set of melons affixed with her sexy face and a perfect body which is all man's wishes for a lady on bed.

"Kajal, I wanted to cut short the topic" Amit started. Kajal expectations rose.

"I will be paying you some 100 crores" Amit said. He looked at Kajal's face. She had a smile on her face which she was hiding. He understood that he had set the correct price for her body. Now he wanted to make his intentions clear for her.

"I just want you to spend some days with me, let me explore the road which cuts through two big melons and reach a hole which is smooth enough and that lies on a plum cake and reach my destination which is called heaven" Amit said. Kajal looked confused. Amit looked at her.

Kajal understood as it was no new to her, as producers would talk in such a manner if they wanna advance their sexual intentions.

"See, sir" Kajal wanted to stop him. "Click" She heard. She looked back. Sonam was standing pointing gun to her head. She smiled looking at Kajal's situation.

"Accept or leave the world" She loaded her gun. Kajal looked horrified. Goosebumps on all her body. She turned and looked at Amit. Amit laughed and pulled her to him. Kajal gave him a disgusted look. Sonam moved her gun point more closer to her head. She put it on point blank.

"See, I have a personal island, I would just ask for a few days of your life to share your hot body with me, you must heat up my bed" Amit said. Kajal listened to him carefully.

"After the finishing of your contract, you have 100 crores credited to your account" He said. This went as a relief to her.

"Of your are ok with this, then sign the contract and you get the money, if not then also you sign the agreement, as my sexy secretary has a lovely toy in her hand, and you won't get the money" He said and stood up to leave.

"Choice is your kajal" He said and left. Grabbed Sonam's ass.

"Sonam, you know what to do" He said and left the van as he had a meeting.

"Kajal I give you 30 seconds, on the count of 30, my gun, you know" Sonam said. Kajal disgusted with all this. Angered thoughts explored her mind. She could just sit and agree with the document. As accepting will give her money and not accepting will not give her money and she will be shot. She took the document and read.

"This document is a agreement between Kajal Agarwal the dominant, and Amit Cool the submissive, this states that the dominant M/s Kajal agarwal will be out of all her given dates and spend a month in his island, The kama Island, secretly located at some place. She will be blindfolded and will be took to the island.

Conditions required.

1) She need to be maintaining the figure till the end of the month, eat healthy and provided food in the island.

2) She will agree to all the words of her master.

3) If she fails to appear good, then the master has full rights to punish her.

4) She will submit her all body to her master.

5) She will wear the wardrobes demanded by her master.

6) She will do a lesbian task.

If agreed to all the above, please sign the agreement. The prize money awarded will be Rs. 100 crores on completion of the month.


Kajal had several thoughts running over her mind. She looked at the gun and then the agreement. It was not new to submit her body for sexual satisfaction. Thi was completely different. She pleased Sonam with her eyes. Sonam stood as a rock smiling.

"Only 10 secs left" Sonam said and she moved the gun touching her forehead. Kajal immediately signed the agreement. Sonam snatched the paper and inserted it into her bosom. Grabbed Kajal's face and kissed her on her lips and moved aside and left the van. Kajal sat their for a while until she heard a knock on her door. The spot boy was calling her for the shoot.

"Cancel the shoot am not feeling well" kajal shouted. Her voice trembled with fear.

"You sure mam?" He asked.

"Yes" She shouted and walked to her car and drove to her house and slept on the sofa.

Here Sonam called Amit and laughed on the phone. Amit understood that kajal has signed the agreement.

"Sonam come to my office, now" Amit asked.

"Sir, look behind" She asked. Amit turned back. He saw a paper coming out of her bosom.

"Come, closer" He asked. She came close and sat on the table. He inserted his hand in her bosom and took out the paper. His hands touched the outer lining of Sonam's boobs. Sonam's body gave a nice look of her body structure as she wore tight dress. Took her boobs out of her dress and sucked them. Penetrating the smell of her sweat covered boobs deep in his nose and the flesh of hers bitten with teeth and licked with tongue.

"Give me a blowjob" Amit asked. She came down under the table. Unzipped his pants and started giving him a blowjob.

"Yeaaah, now you do one thing" Amit said.

"Yeah, sir say" Sonam asked. Amit was enjoying the the blowjob letting soft moans out.

"Now, you go to Anushka shetty, Shruthi haasan, Rakul preet, Pragya jaiswal, tamanna, Rashi khanna, Andreah jeremiah" Amit said. "Treat them as you treated Kajal" Amit continued.

"Ok, sir don't worry it will be done" She said. The blowjob was finished she drank all the cum. She came out of the table.

Tring, a mesaage popped on her screen.

"Rs. 45 crores have been credited to your account" It read. Sonam looked at Amit and moved forward to kiss her. Amit licked the cum and they kissed. Sonam left after a while for more tasks to carried on.

After few weeks.

Amit reached the island. He slept on the beach sand. Their he sees. Sonam walking towards him in a bikini. At the back of her he sees, Kajal, Anushka, Tamanna, Shruthi, Pragya, Rashi, Rakul, Andrea coming towards him sporting a bikini. His dream at last came true. They came beside him. They were not looking happy. They had to do it. As they have signed the agreement. They were looking sexy hot

It was hot, but this soared the temperature high. Anushka was looking sexy with a woman' s body structure wearing a bikini. Kajal was smoking hot, Tamanna's curvy navel flaunted well, Pragya sexy body and lassy legs, Rakul preet's hot face, Rashi khanna's hot sex demanding figure soared the temperature high.

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Old 24th November 2017
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Update 2 in next few hours..

Which actress do you wanna see first guys??

1) Kajal Agarwal
2) Anushka shetty
3) Pragya Jaiswal
4) Rakul Preet Singh
5) Tamanna Bhatia
6) Rashi Khanna

Suggest me about more actors... So I can create more of sex stories like this...

-yours orgasmgiver

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Old 24th November 2017
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Awesome dude...and I want kajal first and if possible in lesbian action with Tammu or Anushka..
Waiting for updates
Thank u

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Old 24th November 2017
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Old 24th November 2017
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Anushaka kajal or rakul first I want these three

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Old 24th November 2017
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Thread Report 1

A bonus treat including all the actresses, the we will start individually.

You are going to enjoy this one.

Reps needed to continue the story. Rate the thread if you like it. More to come.


-Orgasm give

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Old 24th November 2017
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Update 1: Villa- Day 1 Introduction Foreplay

The view itself made Amit's tool hard. Thinking how he would treat these ladies. He smiled looking at Anushka, as a stupid thought came over his mind that how his dick would hide between her big boobs. She had milf structure. His fantasy was alive. She was coming towards him. All had a dirty look in their face. Tamanna's walk made her curves flaunting. Her exact structure of navel made him think how he would ham that plumcake.

Rakul Preet's hard body, how he would crush her body against the wall and fuck her. His all fantasies were here alive. Just few hours and the game would start. Sonam ran towards Amit and sat on his lap. She reached his lips and started kissing him. Tongues came in search each other. Amit felt the heat of her body and gave a tough grab on her waist. He opened his eyes and looked at all the dream girls accommodate near him.

He left Sonam and lifted her up in his lap. Sonam stood attached to his lap. While her boobs crushed over his chest. She even held him tight. Her lassy legs dragged her feet down to his ass and touched them she inserted her toe inside his ass. Anushka kept looking at them. Sonam's main intention for doing this was to illuminate a erotic feelings in them. Amit withstood with her.

He left Sonam and tore her clothes. He held her bra tight and pulled as hard he can and it came off. Her boobs immediately popped out of her body. Grabbed her boobs and played with them, moving his hands all over her body. Sonam kept smiling. He moved his hand inside her panty and tore her panty and threw it in the water, it went floating in the beach water. Sonam was naked now.

"Sonam, massage me" He said and winked. All the actresses looked at them doing some erotic sexual act. Anushka was feeling little hot. Her sexual feelings were compelling with each other to come out.

"Kajal, come here and massage him" Kajal was stunned by how he tore her clothes. Now she thought it was her turn to have no clothes on her body. She with heavy heart walked towards him. Amit looked at her and smiled.

"Hey, Kajal, welcome to my island, Kama island" He greeted her. She faked a smile.

"Sonam, you start your massage, teach her how to massage me" Amit said. Sonam gave a lustful smile at Kajal. She unzipped his pant and took out his huge cock. Kajal eyes literally wanted to pop out. Sonam took his cock in her hands and started moving her hand over it giving a smooth massage.

"Pragya, come here and you too help Kajal give massage to me" He called. Pragya looked at Tamanna with a disgusted look and walked to him. She sat beside Sonam.

"Tamanna, my back is aching, can you please make it good" Amit asked. Tamanna was in a state of shock. But she had to obey his orders. She moved towards him and placed her hands on his shoulders and started moving her hand throughout his back. Her smooth touch rose his mind to more erotic thoughts.

"Kajal start, the massage" Amit asked. "Tamanna I don't want your hand to massage me, use your boobs to massage" He said. Tamanna shocked as to how massage him with her boobs.

Kajal saw in Amit's eyes pleaded him to leave him making a pleasing face. Amit smiled at him and moved his eyeballs to his cock. Kajal slowly moved her hands to his cock. Sonam grabbed her hand and put it on his dick. It touched the outer opening part of his dick. He let a soft moan. He was literally in heaven getting these advances from the ladies who make boys waste their sperms. Sonam instructed Kajal to move her hand like this. She took Pragya's hand and placed it on his dick from the other side. Rakul's eyes wanted to pop out as she couldn't bear what she was seeing. Anushka was starting feeling little uncomfortable as her fantasy was something like this. She imagined Kajal and Tamanna with her on the same bed. Shruthi was looking at them.

"Sonam, where is andrea?" Amit asked. Sonam called Andrea through her satellitle phone as no signals were on the island.

"Sir, she will be joining tomorrow, as she is in poland right now, I have mailed her and that slut was ready to come" She said.

"She is a real bitch" Amit said. Grabbed Kajal's left boob and squeezed it. He moved his right hand towards Pragya's boobs and inserted it under her red bra and squeezed her naked boob. Pragya gave a discomforted gaze at Amit. Amit looked at that gaze.

"You, won't feel discomfort anymore" He said and pulled out her bra, it came on his hands, he red bra, sniffed it and pushed it inside his mouth and made it wet with his saliva. He returned it to Pragya. Pragya now was sitting with her naked boobs.

"Wear it and show me" Amit asked. Pragya's eyes widened their length.

"What?" Pragya asked for confirmation.

"You heard it right" He said and shook his hand. She took the bra and tried wearing it. The hook was broken.

"Sonam, please help her" He said. Sonam went and took the bra from the backside and pulled the broken straps tight. Pragya felt pain. Amit's saliva stick to her boobs. The bra was totally wet. Pragya's nipples were nailing themselves through the bra. Pragya was disgusted. She felt as if what was she doing. Amit's saliva was exploring all her boobs. Anushka was wet by now. Rakul looked at what was going on. Shruthi felt sure, these are gonna be the most dangerous nightmares. This one month.

"Rakul come here and help Pragya hold the bra while Pragya gives me a good sunny masage" Amit said and asked Sonam to leave.

"Sonam, you go and check the villa" He winked at Sonam. Sonam laughed her glistening smile and shook her ass and moved on. Kissed Amit's lips. Walked on naked, her boobs juggled while she stepped forward.

"Tamanna, start your thing, otherwise punishment awaits you" He said. "And you two, start massaging perfectly" Amit warned them He wanted his fantasy to be perfect.

"Shruthi, help Tamanna, if you stop for a second then ready to get the punishment, satisfy me" He said. Shruthi removed her bra and threw it nearby. She came with her huge boobs and held Amit's chest towards her. Moved her boobs from up and down. Her nipples became stiff as to serve the massage perfectly.

"aaahhhh" Amit left soft moans. "I can feel only one person massaging me in the back" He said. Shruthi looked at Tamanna, opened her Tamanna's bra straps and held pushef her back towards Amit. Her naked boobs crushed with Amit's back. Amit could feel the force of her boobs on his back. He gave a wicked smile.

"Rakul hold the bra tight" Amit said . Rakul pulled the bra more tight. Pragya closed her eyes.

"Anushka, I have work for you" He said and called for Anushka. He held her navel and pinched it. She sat beside him. She thought that amit will ask her to open her bra. So she started to open her bra. Amit stopped her.

"My lips are aching, giving instructions to your friends, can you make me feel comfortable, and don't stop until I pinch your boob, if you stop then I won't hesitate to give you punishment?" Amit asked. Anushka grabbed the chance, acted as if she hesitated to do the task. Intentions were to do the task as good as possible. She moved close her face towards Amit's. Her juicy lips settled on his lips. Amit opened his mouth to let her kiss. Kajal saw all these, it was setting her mood. She had to set her mood to do all these acts. She started motivating her thoughts to give her courage. Anushka's breath mingled with his. Kajal decided to stroke him roughly and looked at Pragya. She signalled her to make it fast. Pragya understood it in like Kajal asked her to give him a blowjob. She signalled Kajal to give a blowjob.

Kajal moved her sexy mouth towards his penis lips and started giving him a blowjob.

Amit jerked his body. Pragya understood it in a wrong manner and moved her lips too towards his dick and kissed the sensitive flesh of his dick. Literally heaven was what Amit was feeling.

Anushka giving him a mouth kiss where they exchanged saliva and breath. Kajal and Pragya giving him a blowjob. Tamanna and shruthi back massaging him with there boobs. And Rakul was holding asaliva led bra at Pragya's body. What can one ask for more.

Tamanna and Shruthi moved their boobs up and down. As Tamanna's boobs were small so she used came closer and grabbed with both her hands Amit's chest and accidently scratched Amit's chest. She feared of getting punishment. Amit moved his head, Anushka followed the lips.

Kajal and Pragya tried their best to make him cum fast sucking off him well. They were not expert. But they were doing tge task like experts.

It took 10 minutes to make him jerk. Amit pinched Anushka's boon tight.

"Aaahhhh" Anushka cried in pain. Anushka's lips were full with his saliva. He cummed.

"If one drop falls on the sand then I'll punish both of you" He warned. Kajal and Pragya fought with them to finish off all his cum and drink it for not even a drop to fall off. Their head collided with each other. But they didn't give up and not even a drop fell on the sand. Pragya saw a drop falling from his dick after Kajal left. Pragya immediately took inserted his mouth and her force made her take his dick whole in her mouth. She got it a deep throat and drank the sum drop. She took her mouth out and took a deep sigh of relief.

Amit saw all of them and smiled, stood up opened his pant and threw it away.

"All of you did a good job, now lets go to villa" He said. He took all off them one by one and lip kissed all of them.

Firstly Kajal, Anushka, Rakul, Shruthi, Tamanna, Pragya. He looked at Rashi Khanna. He almost forgot about her.

"Am sorry bubbly babe, I forgot about you, now you got a task" He said. Rashi's heart started pumping loud and faster.

"Remove your clothes, climb up upon me and kiss me until we reach villa" Amit said.

Rashi removed her bra and panty and threw it on the beach, came closer and jumped on to his lap. He caught her, held her tight. Rashi's boobs touching his manly chest and started kissing. She was first kissing his lips but then he opened his mouth and welcomed her mouth to come inside. Then they mouth kissed each other. Ait started walking. Rashi continued kissing on his lap. All ther other bitches started walking with him. Naked. They reached the villa. It was fucking grand.

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Old 24th November 2017
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excellent update waiting for next
Anushka Shetty
Tamannaah Bhatia
Samantha Ruth Prabhu

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Old 25th November 2017
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Thank you bro...

Originally Posted by AS.TB.SRP View Post
excellent update waiting for next
Thanq... bro...Spread the thread.... to as many as possible... Thanq 😊😊😊

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Anushka is My Wife,My Love,My Honey,My Sweetheart

Hey Anushka is my wife...I fuck her daily day and night everywhere and in every position of kamsutra...I crush her in bed..She is made for me only..She is my LOVE,my JAAN..

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