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Old 17th March 2018
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any updates now?

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Old 17th March 2018
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Nice going
love women love nature

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Old 17th March 2018
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Part - 3

After cleaning himself and finishing all his morning duties in the restroom, Vicky came out and eagerly searched his mom. He never used to be this much eager for her in the last 7 months or so but after that wild/nasty dream of his pregnant mother made him to search her in the early morning itself. Finally he found her near doorstep of the entrance collecting milk from the local milkman. Milkman is of more than 50 years old and always had a crush for Gayathri that too his crush got developed into lust after Gayathri became pregnant. Her plumpy face, her motherly curves and her sexy pregnant belly will always make his cock leak precum daily in the mornings. Infact he always comes first only to Gayathri's house as he is unable to control his lust for this mother. Gayathri was wearing a 3/4th nighty with both innerwears but not the petticoat as nowadays she is finding difficult to wear petticoats under nighties and sarees due to her bulging belly. Vicky saw her standing near the doorstep and collecting milk. Sunlight from the doorstep fell on his mother's nighty exposing the pregnant mother's lovely curves to his son Vicky. Her milky breasts, plumpy buttocks and her sexy pregnant belly made Vicky to open his mouth in excitement and started to feel his cock through his shorts. He saw his mom and the milkman talking unusually a bit long than the other days hence thought of finding it out went near them and stood beside the wall without being noticed. Their conversation is as follows:

Gayathri : Anna (Elder Brother) today half a liter milk is enough for us
Milkman: Why sister?
Gayathri: We are going out today afternoon and will be back late in the night only so today half a liter is enough
Milkman: Oh ok Sister... BTW after a long time am hearing your voice... What a lovely voice from your beautiful lips... You made my day and I hope today will be a super duper day for me

Hearing the comment from Milkman her face was blushing and She smiled with her fleshy lips and said

Gayathri: What is there in my voice Anna?

Seeing her sexy lips involuntarily his hands moved and gave a gentle rub to his cock above his dhoti. Gayathri also noticed it but she did not suspect anything and thought it was a casual rub

Milkman: No sister I used to hear your voice during the initial days when you moved into this house and after that once you became pregnant you literally stopped talking to me. I was waiting for you to talk to me, waiting to hear your lovely voice from your lovely mouth

Hearing these flattering comment from him, Gayathri developed a light butterfly effect in her stomach and also a bit suspicious but really didn't care of that as she thought there's nothing harm in talking to an elderly person than her and that too very casual talks. She knows he is trying to flatter her for something but she doesn't know what exactly it is for.

Gayathri: Come on Anna you're trying to flatter me but I donno what it is for? What you need from me?

He thought to himself, I need you only, your lips, your neck, your buttery boobs, your honey pot pregnant belly, your pussy and your mesmerizing ass.

Milkman: (Laughed like an innocent and said) Ha Ha you found out... Actually I have few doubts which I require for the sake of my daughter.

Gayathri: Oh for this, why you have to flatter me first? You could have directly asked me. What are your doubts?

Milkman: Actually I wanted to know about the nighty you're wearing now. It's so good on you. If you tell me where you have bought this then I'll also get one like this for my daughter.

Saying that he touched her nighty near her arm and felt the material in which he lightly caressed her arms. Even though it seemed to be a very casual touch, it sent pulses to Gayathri's body which ended up as a twitch in her pussy. This is because she did not get any sexual care from her hubby for more than 7 months and her body was longing for these touches.

Milkman: Actually this is looking very good on you, Can you turn and show your backside of this nighty for me?

Without any hesitation she turned around and showed her lovely back and bottom. She knows he is up to something and teasing her. Actually she wanted to check how far this old man can go and tease her? This is the first time her slutiness side is being provoked in her lifetime. (Actually all women in this world especially mothers are sluts only but the thing is how that slutiness is being provoked only matters). Milkman never thought she would turn like this immediately and show her back to him. It felt as if she was saying "Here see my body and it's for you". He thought this is his only chance and have to explore her as much as he can.

Hearing and seeing all these things made Vicky's cock hard like a rock. This is the first time he is seeing his mom talking to a stranger that too about a night wear. Milkman thought of taking his chances, took her hair without her knowledge as she was turning that side and smelled it deeply. the aroma of her hair mixed with the rich shampoo used by her was too much for him. He then rubbed his cock very vigorously above his dhoti. With that he touched her back of her shoulder stating that nighty is of perfect shape and asked whether it is a stitched one? and did not remove his hand. Feeling the old man's touch at her back, her pussy started leaking her juices and her panty started getting wet. With a low voice she said "Of course it's a stitched one as I am pregnant and clothes for me has to get stitched almost every month. Today afternoon also we are going to the mall for the cloth and stitching shop to stitch a outside wear for me and if you want you can ask your daughter to accompany us and I will get a good night wear for her." For that Milkman turned her by himself keeping his hands on her shoulders and he said "Oh yes this pregnant tummy has to fit in right?" and he swiftly placed his one hand on her tummy and started to feel it. He then asked "Which month you are in?" Unable to control her feelings for this old man touches, her pussy started leaking juices more and more. Her legs were trembling and she got a feeling that she is going to cum soon. She moaningly said "Haah... 7 months". Seeing her responding to his touches he though of advancing further and went even more closer to her and now with both of his hands started feeling her belly and said "Oh really I thought it is 8 or 9 months. It is too big for 7 months but looking very sexy. Can I touch it for some more time haam?" Saying that he almost fully rested his shoulders on her and made her stick to the wall and he was now circling his hands throughout her belly. This made Gayathri's knees very weak and her pussy is ready to explode anytime and she doesn't want this to end as this is the first time in her life she is experiencing this kind of immense enjoyment. She knows this is also like cheating her loving husband but her sexlesness for these many months and the old man's touch made her pussy to experience more and more pleasure. She bent a bit and spread her legs shamelessly in front of this old man so that her both legs can avoid touching her pussy and can make her cumming delay a bit late as she wants even more touches and fondling. Seeing her open the legs, the old man thought this is really a chance to touch and feel her pussy but on the other hand he didn't want to take a chance as he though it might go in the wrong direction and she may stop his proceedings further.

Now taking his hands from her tummy he saw something above her breasts for sometime. Gayathri felt like she is literally getting molested by this milkman's eyes. Suddenly in a swift action he kept his hands around her neck and pulled her mangalsutra from inside her nighty. This gave an electric shock to Gayathri's pussy and leaking intensified more but Gayathri couldn't understand why he took her mangalsutra in his hand? He held the main big bulgy thing on that mangalsutra and he bent near her to have a closer look. Coming this much closer, Gayathri got a chance to smell his breath and felt a dirty rotten smell as the milkman did not brush his teeth that morning yet. Instead of turning her face from that smell her pussy made her to smell more and more of that. She now totally lost control and couldn't control her hands from touching her pussy. So escaping from the old man's view she moved her hands at the back of her legs and through her butt gap she started feeling her pussy and found that area is unbelievably wet. Gayathri doesn't know whether she should be ashamed of leaking so much pussy juice for an old milkman that she didn't even ever leaked for her husband but her pussy didn't give time to think all these things and wanted to be felt and rubbed very badly. She started rubbing her pussy slowly. In the meanwhile, holding her mangalsutra in his hands, Milkman said "Actually next months I have fixed marriage for my daughter so need to buy a mangalsutra for her marriage but not able to finalize any design so thought of seeing your model. Gayathri thought definitely that would not be the real reason but still she doesn't want to take it from the hands of this old man. A stranger that too an old milkman holding her holy mangalsutra which is the symbol of love between her and her husband gave a strong pleasure of wave to her pussy and even her nipples started to show off above her nighty since those got highly protruded due to this old man's erotic play.

Milkman then took her mangalsutra close to her eyes and saw drops of sweat in that and unable to control he started licking her mangalsutra's head. Seeing this Gayathri lost her control totally and rubbed her pussy vigorously ended up squirting huge load of her juices on the ground which her panty could not contain anymore. Her juices fell on the ground as if she pissed herself on the ground and there was so much juice on the ground even wetting the old man's feet. Her legs were shaking like anything when she squirted. (there's no wonder why she squirted badly for that old man's action as any hindu women on this world would have definitely squirted like this if her mangalsutra is being handled in such a manner by a stranger. Am I right? ). Seeing her squirting, he went even more further and inserted the whole head of her mangalsutra inside his mouth and sucked it like anything. He then took her mangalsutra out of his mouth and said: WoW you have squirted so much of your juices shamelessly in front of me. Do your pussy love my actions so much? saying that he bent and kissed her ears. 10000volts current passed through her when he kissed her ears and again her pussy started getting wet. Seeing all these, Vicky couldn't control anymore and spurted out his sperm on the wall. Inside he felt very happy that her mom is becoming a slut like he imagined in his dreams. He then took some sperm from the wall and felt it throughout his fingers thinking how much he has cummed for his slutty mom.

The old man shifting her focus from her ears now started kissing strongly her cheeks which now left imprints of his saliva throughout her face. He then moved towards her lips but donno whether she will be ready to accept his kiss and slowly extended his tongue and touched her lips. Without seeing any resistance form this pregnant mother, he started slowly licking all the parts of her upper and lower mouth in a circling action. He did that for around 5 mins and unable to take this teasing anymore, her motherly lips slowly opened and gave way for his lips to explore her mouth. Getting the access, immediately he inserted his dirty tongue inside her mouth like a hungry pig and tasted her tongue. He then slowly with his tongue felt all of her teeth and her gum in a circular motion. They started kissing very vigorously and saliva started to build up in both their mouths. Unable to contain the saliva it started flowing out of their mouths and literally wetting the pregnant mother's nighty and even some of their love juice went inside her nighty wetting her breasts and her mangalsutra.

He then stopped kissing her and then moved at the back of her and started feeling her bra straps and hooks. In the process he started rubbing his huge cock on the buttocks of the voluptuous mom. Feeling his cock in her buttocks she slowly spread her legs and gave more space for his cock to explore her butt and pussy. He then slowly unzipped her nighty at the back and inserted his two hands in both the gaps of her armpits and lifted her hands above her head. In the process her nighty fell from her shoulders and it went down till her hips ending up clothless on top except her bra and mangalsutra. He then licked her armpits on both the sides one by one licking all her sweat into this mouth and swallowed with pride. This pregnant mother's sweat smell from her armpits gave too much sensuality to his cock so he opened his dhoti and took his cock out and directly started rubbing in her ass. He then left her hands and then took hold of her breasts on top of her bra from the back and started massaging very forcefully. He then felt her motherly milky nipples on the top of her bra and pinched as much as he can. These actions made both these pregnant mom and the old milkman to increase their speeds in rubbing his penis towards her ass. Gayathri was shamelessly moving her ass to the back very fast to increase the rubbing speed of his cock. Seeing all these Vicky's cock once again got strength and he started masturbating vigorously. Seeing her mom half naked with a stranger and that too at the entrance of their house with the front door open gave too much pleasure to his cock. Gayathri and the old man have now reached their climax positions as the rubbing was too swift and strong and it pulled out huge amount of sperm from the old man's cock and juices from Gayathri's pussy at the same time and they both released with a loud moan. All milkman's milky sperm fell on the buttocks of the pregnant mother on top of her nighty. On the other hand, Vicky cock spurted out his second round of sperm on the wall once again. Suddenly they all heard the sound of the Arun (Gayathri's husband) bedroom door opening on the first floor. Hearing the sound all three of them got pissed off and ran towards their own directions. Milkman swiftly put his sperm leaking cock inside her dhoti and ran out of the house. Gayathri on the other hand donno what to do and ran towards the kitchen with her pregnant belly shaking in the air. Vicky on the other hand, pulled his shorts above and ran inside his bathroom.

End of Part 3.

- to be continued

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Old 18th March 2018
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నేను మనిషీ ని ఎదుటి వాళ్ళ లో ఈశ్వరుడు ను చూస్తాను. నేను దెయ్యం కావచ్చు ఎదుటి వాళ్ళు దేవుళ్లు.

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Old 18th March 2018
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We were hoping that we would get to see the horny milkman fill a cup-full of his sizzling hot sperm-milk in the palms of each of his hands when he shot his thick plentiful load. Then he would come up from behind the randy pregnant mother and rub the slimy milk all over her bulging baby-filled belly. He would keep massaging the male lotion into her swollen tummy till nearly all of it got absorbed into her sensitive preggo skin.

That morning he sold only half litre of milk to Madam but gave her another half litre from his throbbing milk pipe free of cost.

Keep taking the horny story forward, but go really slow, explaining each detail & dialogue.

Luv u ... pylode

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Old 18th March 2018
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That was awesome. Post more. Couldn't wait long for next episodes........
" ম্যাডলি বাঙালি "

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in only second time his mom become so openly in front of her son being so conservative

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fantastic bro

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