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Shaily Singh's slut journey to exhibitionism

Okay guys, you've all probably seen (and read) this story on Xossip for a while now. While there have been many usernames, I want to guarantee that the author was always me.

For reasons inexplicable, I have started continuing this story and abandoned in between, many times. But the truth is, I am really connected to this story, that of Shaily's journey, and I cannot possibly let Shaily's journey stay just in my mind, and not publicly available to all of you. I know there are many readers on Xossip who would enjoyed Shaily's slut journey, and I know I have disappointed you all with my actions of abandoning the story, not just once, but many times in the past. For all that, I can only say 'Sorry'.

But here we go again. Shaily's back for all you guys, and is ready to seek happiness from all of you enjoying reading her journey to become an exhibitionist slut. She wishes to welcome you all with a show of her naked pussy and hopes you are going to enjoy reading her slut journey.

Enjoy her journey!

PS: To the readers who have already read the story so far, I want to tell you that I have been working on some edits of the old posts as well, so it's better if you read them again as I post.

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Old 16th April 2018
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[1] Shaily Singh

This story is about a woman named Shaily Singh, or rather, to put better, this is Shaily Singh's amazing story.

Shaily wasn't just smart. While most of her peers and professors appreciated Shaily and regarded highly of her for her smartness, she also had the body of a raunchy sexual goddess. She was deliciously meaty, with the perfect amount of ripe woman flesh in all the right places. Added to her sexy voluptuous figure was the fact that she was white-complexioned which made her standout in the eyes of all the lusty men in college - be it her peers, the professors or the working staff of her college. They all always had their eyes on Shaily when she was around and made sure they caught a glimpse of her sexy body in her sexy outfits that she usually wore to college. The guys were also always mindful of Shaily's occasional instances of wardrobe malfunctions where she would end up displaying more of her sexy body than she intended, thereby making all the men around her gleeful.

Having such a sexy voluptuous body to her name, Shaily had earned quite the admirers from both the genders in her college, especially, of course, the men. Her luscious 36DD breasts and her huge shapely ass accentuated all the sensuous curves in her body that put the whole zero-size ideology to shame. Her stomach was beautifully fleshy, thought not something someone would even remotely call obese or fat. She had beautiful sexy thunderous thighs that all men seemed to lust whenever she wore a short or skirt to show them off. It was all pure sexy meat and flesh, put in all the right places. In addition to that, Shaily had a wonderful sense of fashion and glamour. She wasn't really the kind of girl who put on a lot of makeup. In fact, she hardly ever did. It was not like she did not like to but it was because she didn't need it. She was a natural beauty, and a truly hot one at that. Whatever dress Shaily wore, either she chose such dresses that showed off all her curves perfectly or maybe it was just that her body was so amazingly sexy and heavenly that whatever dress she wore showed her off as a total sexpot.

Shaily pursued Theatre and Dramatics at the Fellicus Institute of Dramatics in Mumbai, India. She was of Punjabi descent, which largely explained the wonderful figure she had and maintained over the years, but she spent most of her childhood in Mumbai. Shaily's parents were both NRIs who mostly lived in the US, where they worked on their business - a fashionable high-end restaurant chain in Downtown Atlanta.

As a child, Shaily lived with her parents in the US, but she had quickly come to despise the life there. Her parents were mostly consumed in running the initial years of their business and had very little time to take care of their daughter. With her parents not around most of the time with only a babysitter who couldn't care less about her, Shaily seemed to be lost in her world. It was then that Shaily's father had decided that it was better for Shaily to live away from them during her formative years where she could be properly taken care of and tended to. Shaily's mom then suggested that her elder sister, Bhatia was the best option available to them.

Mrs. Bhatia or Aunt Bhatia as Shaily affectionately called her, was Shaily's mom's elder sister, whose husband had unfortunately passed away just a few years into their marriage. Aunt Bhatia lived alone in her residence in Mumbai ever since. Shaily's mom opined that Shaily could live with her in Mumbai where Aunt Bhatia could take care of the young Shaily. She reasoned that Aunt Bhatia too would not feel lonely anymore if she had Shaily living with her. The two could get on just fine, she felt. With that, Shaily's mom talked to Aunt Bhatia and after a few days, Shaily flew back to India to live with Aunt Bhatia and as they say, the rest is history.

Shaily shared a great rapport with old Aunt Bhatia. She did initially miss her parents every now and then, but with Aunt Bhatia's unconditional love for her, it didn't take the 10-year old Shaily long to forget about her parents who seemed to be only concerned about building their business and making money and not the well-being of her young daughter.

Shaily never said it explicitly, but Aunt Bhatia understood that Shaily was starting to disregard her parents as time went on. She hardly felt like calling and talking to them like she used to, and it was only their parents who called her once a week to talk to Shaily and Aunt Bhatia. Even when they called, Shaily didn't seem eager to talk to them, only answering their questions with a Yes or No before passing on the call to Aunt Bhatia. Aunt Bhatia did consider talking about this to Shaily, but she didn't want to burden the young child with the matter and just let her be happy.

Aunt Bhatia knew her younger sister well enough. Shaily's mom, Simran or Simi as Aunt Bhatia called her, was quite a materialistic woman right from a pretty young age, and she continued to be so even after the birth of her daughter. Additionally, her husband, Sukhveer was also the same kind, or at least, Aunt Bhatia felt so. It was hardly any surprise to Aunt Bhatia then, that they both fell in love in high-school and married each other. Aunt Bhatia figured that the only way she could make Shaily feel better was by expressing the love she had for her niece in abundant amounts and so she did. She treated her as her own child and loved her and cared for her with all her heart, and she was glad that Shaily was reciprocating it all back to her. As much as Aunt Bhatia considered Shaily as her own child, Shaily considered Aunt Bhatia as more of her biological mom that her aunt.

"Dramatics and Theatrical Arts is where I want to pursue my career, Aunt Bhatia.", Shaily would often say once she started to grow into her adolescent years. Aunt Bhatia was impressed with how Shaily was blossoming into a smart and lovely young girl who took her future and career choices seriously. More than once, Aunt Bhatia's friends mentioned how beautiful Shaily was turning out to be after her puberty, and Aunt Bhatia couldn't be happier. She knew Shaily's presence on stage would be very impressive, if Shaily was right in figuring out where she wanted her career to go. After thinking on it for a few days, Aunt Bhatia talked to Shaily's parents abroad and after their approval, who of course didn't know more about their daughter than Aunt Bhatia herself, Aunt Bhatia and Shaily did some research on which college was best as far as Theatre and Dramatics was concerned. Fellicus Institute of Dramatics was unanimously the best choice all round and so Shaily was admitted into FID the summer that Shaily turned 21.

Dramatics and Theatrical Arts was traditionally an obscure curriculum of the Indian education, but recently Mumbai was setting the stage for it. During their orientation in the first week of college, the dean of FID, Mr. Farooq Abdullah, who had been a major Drama artist in his younger years, and who had setup the college to enable more and more entry into Dramatics, had said, "India has always been a major cinema spectacle, but the potential of Theatre and Dramatics is vastly unexplored here.". He continued, "Do you know that there are more Dramatics and Theatrical festivals happening every year in countries across the world than there are as many film festivals? If you talk to people who attend such festivals regularly, they will tell you why and how much they love Dramatics and Theatre. You, my children, are going to find out and thrive on just that. Come on and get on the ride!".

Hearing Mr. Farooq talk about his life, how and why he had setup FID and his motivating words on what it means to be a Dramatics Artist made Shaily extremely pleased. If there was any doubt in her mind regarding her career choice, hearing the dean's inspiring talk in her freshman orientation convinced her that she was surely in the right place. She knew that next two years at FID were something she would cherish forever. However, at the time, little did she know that the next two years at FID was going to change her life forever.

At the age of 23, Shaily was among the older ones in the class of about 40 students who enrolled for the course of Alternative Dramatics at FID in their sophomore years. While there were a few students who were aged even about 28 to 30 in the same class, the average age of the class was just 21, which meant Shaily was older than the average age. However, that was how it was in FID and students of different ages were encouraged to enrol in the courses offered. In fact, there were a few students who were aged even as old as 40, people who were late in discovering their passion for Arts and Theatre, but still committed enough to pursue them.

Among all the courses, the Alternative Dramatics course was one of the most sought after courses in FID and it also happened to be the only college in India that focussed on the alternative elements of theatrical play. Alternative Dramatics at FID basically explored very deep and stimulating plays that bore a great similarity to the nuance of the soul, the inner-self and various ideas across a broad range of themes. The course wasn't simple by any means and had so much of theory that the students had to study before even trying to start acting. The first three months of the course were spent elaborately on understanding the different styles and approaches to defining what the term 'Alternative' in Dramatics and Arts meant for the viewer and the artist. The syllabus was rigorous but at the same time very entertaining and engaging, more so for Shaily who was immensely passionate for Art. She had never thought she would have to read through so much of theory for a Theatre course, but Shaily felt all the knowledge she gathered to be extremely enriching and she could not wait to delve into formulating and acting in plays.

FID also participated in various Arts and Dramatics events, mostly in India but occasionally in foreign countries as well. Of course, the college offered a total of 10 different courses, all that involved different genres of Dramatics and Theatre. Students were constantly imbibing knowledge through all sorts of courses, both technical and artistic, thinking about new plays with their teachers, learning all the technical challenges involved in creating a play from start to scratch as well as brainstorming on different genres of ideas that would make them stand out in competitions across the world.

Over the next few months, Shaily was part of many different plays that FID showcased across India. They also attended all sorts of events outside the country as FID was just starting to get international recognition for their systematic coursework related to Dramatics as well as the novelty in their ideas they showcased in the events. FID was coming to be known as the 'only Indian college that is focussed on Dramatics' in most of the countries where Dramatics was very well adapted. Adhering to their passion, Shaily as well as all the rest of the students at FID, found it a privilege to be a part of FID and they all religiously focussed on making all their plays perfect under the guidance of their trained teachers.

It was just another day at FID when Shaily was sitting with her batchmates Faisal, Arun, Abhishek, Karan and Jaspinder. In a class that consisted of 40 students, the ratio of boys to girls wasn't impressive, if not abysmal. In the Alternative Dramatics class, there were just 7 girls and 33 boys. It wasn't uncommon for girls to hangout with guys especially in such a curriculum, but it was known that Shaily was more of a 'guy-type' by the rest of the girls in class. While the rest of the girls hung out with each other and only interacted with the boys of the class mostly during brainstorming for group plays or at the cafeteria, Shaily almost exclusively hung-out with the 5 bunch of boys whose names were mentioned.

Of course, Shaily's closest of friends were also Pooja and Anamika who were younger and older to Shaily respectively. While Shaily was 23, Pooja was 19 and Anamika was 27. Shaily especially considered Anamika to be her closest friend apart from her guy friends and always thought of her as no less than an elder sister from another mother. She shared great rapport with Anamika and the latter too was very fond of Shaily and was always protective and supportive of her, her goals and her ambitions. They both shared a very special bond that was formed as a result of knowing each other in and out. Before Shaily started to exclusively hang-out with her guys, Shaily and Anamika would spend nights on end at Anamika's place talking about random things over beer, watching TV shows together, giggling, discussing men, life and whatnot.

However, Shaily, as was her nature, always found more friendship with the guys than girls right from a young age. It wasn't as if she was a slut or something. Of course, her friendship with the 5 guys involved a lot of flirting, she being the only girl in their group along with good dose of the guys touching her as if she was one among them, but it wasn't something overtly sexual in nature.

While Pooja and Anamika, as well as the other four girls in the Alternative Dramatics class knew that Shaily wasn't really a slut, they always saw her differently knowing that she always hung-out with the 5 guys and never with the girls. Ever since Shaily had started hanging out more and more with the guys during and even after class, the rest of the girls barring Pooja and Anamika, had started to bitch about Shaily whenever they saw her with the guys.

"I bet you girls that she is sleeping with all of them, one of them each day.", said Nivedita.

"I highly doubt that. I'm sure she's sleeping with all of them at once everyday. What a slut!", reckoned Roopika and laughed.

Of course, Pooja and Anamika still considered Shaily their bestie, but they were slowly starting to lose the impression they had on her. The words of the other girls certainly had a strong bearing on their conscience.

Coming to the guys, Faisal was 21, Jaspinder 25, Abhishek and Karan were the same age as Shaily while Arun was the oldest of the lot at 27. In fact, being the oldest of the group, Arun was regularly the butt of 'old man' jokes that the group always found funny and revelled in. So, while the class was about to start and as the students entered the class at 10 am in the morning, Shaily and the 5 guys were sitting in the last row of the class cracking jokes at Arun and laughing about loudly. Shaily almost always sat in the middle, between the guys and that was open for even more criticism among the girls.

In fact, whenever the girls saw Shaily sit in between the guys in class, Roopika almost always made it a point to say, "Look at that slut, she always sits in the middle of the guys. I bet she lets the guys grope her body from either sides.".

"Obviously. Why else would they always sit in the last row in every class?", said Nivedita.

It wasn't as if the girls totally looked down on Shaily; they hardly said anything disdainful to her when they met her outside of class. But again, a single day didn't go by when they did not disapprove of her hanging out exclusively with the 5 guys all the time.

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[2] Let's talk about artistic liberty, shall we?

Alternative Dramatics at FID was taught by Mrs. Shashi Lekha or Prof Lekha as she was fondly called by the students.

Mrs. Shashi Lekha was a pioneer of Theatrical play who had done most of her Theatrical studies from a prestigious Arts college in Canada. She had acted in several plays across different countries in her youth and was a resident of Canada ever since even after her marriage. When Mrs. Shashi Lekha first came to know about FID, it was she that had personally gotten in touch with Mr. Farooq to enquire if she could get an opportunity to be a teacher and mentor at FID. Of course, with Mrs. Shashi Lekha's glaring credentials, Mr. Farooq was only delighted and honoured to get her on board at FID and have her join him to mentor the students and mould them into the best Theatre and Dramatics artists the country has ever seen.

All the students loved Prof Lekha for her friendly and accommodative nature as well as her unique approach to teaching Alternative Dramatics. She sought her plays mostly on internal conflicts, subtle emotional personifications and metaphorical explanations that were truly alternative in thoughts and actions. Shaily especially loved Prof Lekha's ideas because she preferred to have minimum properties in her play and mostly only artists to weave incredible storylines. Her artwork usually involved not more than 3 to 4 characters who enacted the bodies and actions, while a bunch of other characters who would play the emotions of those characters. There was a particular kind of charm, elegance and sophistication in Prof Lekha's ideas and her execution of them that made all her plays extremely well-received in major competitions across the world. Shaily, like all the other students could not be more thankful and inspired by Prof Lekha and her caliber as a Dramatics teacher at the age of 50.

"Hello class, how are you all doing today? I hope you all had a good break over the weekend.", Prof Lekha greeted the students, like she usually did, with a lovely smile on her face. As much as the class loved interacted with her, Prof Lekha too equally loved interacting with her students. She considered them all to be a very intellectual lot and was genuinely proud to get the opportunity to mentor such a smart bunch of students who were all passionate about Theatre and Art.

"Ok guys, so I was handed off an event notification from the 'Fine Arts Association' of Belgium. They are hosting one of the biggest Dramatics event in Brussels this year and FID has been invited to participate in the event. How awesome is that!", said Prof Lekha enthusiastically.

All the students cheered and clapped at Prof Lekha's words. Of course, this was only FID's fourth year since its incubation and it was always good news to hear about FID being invited to perform at international events.

Prof Lekha continued, "And that is not it guys, apparently there will be more 1000 plays that are going to be showcased during the 5-day event and FID has been invited to perform as many as 10 plays during the course of the event. I am so excited to tell you that this competition is the biggest we have ever participated in.".

"Wohoo! FID stands tall." exclaimed one of them as the students cheered once again to Prof Lekha's words.

"So guys, Mr. Farooq has given me the liberty to prepare one play from this class. Sorry guys, Alternative gets only one play this time.", said Prof Lekha grimly.

Since there were about 10 different Dramatics courses offered at FID, Mr. Farooq usually personally allotted the number of plays to each department, especially for important events like this one. It was more like his personal discretion and it always yielded good results thus far; so neither the teaching faculty nor the students had any reasons to object to his decision.

"Prof Lekha, Alternative always gets a minimum of 3 plays for big events, why is it that we have only one this time?", asked Francis, a student who belonged to the older lot at 29.

"Francis, I know you guys must be disappointed to have a lesser representation from Alternative for such a big event, but that is what Mr. Farooq has decided. You have to also make sure other departments are given enough opportunities, isn't it?", said Prof Lekha.

Shaily considered Prof Lekha to be a very professional practitioner and she knew that Prof Lekha always spoke maturely and sensibly. It was true though, that for every major event, FID had more plays from the Alternative Dramatics department than any other department. While it was never a source of dispute among the departments (there were no major political struggles so far at FID), Shaily only found it fair that other departments were also given a push so that their genres could be uplifted as well. Of course, Alternative Dramatics were known to be touching very deep with the audiences who came to watch their plays, specially in foreign countries, and so they always, till now received more plays than the other departments. But for the event in Brussels, Alternative were offered just one play and that certainly didn't seem to impress the students of Alternative Dramatics. Having just one play also meant that there would be only a lucky few, maybe 10 to 15 of them who would get to go to Brussels to participate in the event, which disappointed the chaps even more.

Noticing the disappointment on their faces, Prof Lekha went on to say, "Ok guys, if getting just one play for the event in Brussels is going to disappoint you all so much, I'm afraid I have some more bad news for you.", she tamely said.

"I know I always preferred to have about 15 characters in each of my plays and that is because, I have almost always used different characters for each of the emotions of the protagonist I wanted to convey. But this time, I have an idea in mind that would have only a total of 4 characters.", said Prof Lekha.

Murmurs were aloud in the students. Just 4 characters and an entire play? This was not characteristic of Prof Lekha's work as she always preferred to have characters over props in her plays. Maybe she was onto something for her play, but it certainly could not manage to bring smiles on the faces of the students. All of them were, of course, eager to play a role in the play and moreover, the event was in Brussels, which meant they would get the opportunity to visit Belgium for the first time. But hearing Prof Lekha's words, the students seem to sink even deeper into disappointment.

"What the fuck? Just 4 characters in the play for such a big event? What's Prof Lekha doing!", whispered Abhishek angrily.

"I know, just four characters. What the fuck man! On top of that, Alternative has just one play. This is just terrible.", said Arun.

Shaily, who was seated in between Jaspinder and Abhishek said, "Guys, it's okay. I trust Prof Lekha. She's smart and she at least deserves her idea to be heard. If it's just 4 characters contrary to most of her plays, maybe it's going to be something different. Who knows, we could be one of those characters. We aren't that bad guys, come on, cheer up!", said Shaily enthusiastically trying to cheer up the boys, though she too couldn't deny being disappointed with the news.

While they sat together, it wasn't uncommon that the guys, whoever sat beside Shaily had their hands over her body. While they talked and joked around, the guys often slapped Shaily's back or held her waist tightly and Shaily never minded it. The guys were of course, her best buddies and moreover, she knew they did not mean it sexually. However, even though she didn't exactly know what was said about her, Shaily knew that her girl friends disapproved of her behaviour. She had, in more than one instance, noticed the girls look at her in a disdainful manner when the guys groped her in front of them.

In one such instance, while at the coffee stall inside FID, Shaily and the guys were laughing out loudly to some random banter. The coffee stall saw many students hanging out in the afternoon after lunch, and so Shaily was under the scrutiny of girls (and even some prudish guys) from all departments. Shaily was dressed that day in a short floral skirt that stopped at her mid-thighs and a sleeveless top. She and the guys were all laughing out loudly to something, when suddenly Arun playfully grabbed Shaily's arms behind her and held them tight, while Faisal and Abhishek pulled up Shaily's top in front of everyone exposing her sexy fleshy waist. While some girls in FID did dress provocatively like Shaily was dressed right then, they never allowed guys to grope them in front of everyone like Shaily did. As Faisal and Abhishek playfully but aggressively lifted Shaily's sleeveless top over her skirt, her top inched dangerously close to Shaily's bra and within seconds the guys managed to pull her top above her bra exposing her lovely voluptuous breasts covered in just the bra to everyone who were enjoying the spectacle. The gang of guys were shouting something loudly while Shaily was playfully laughing out as Karan and Jaspinder started to pinch Shaily sexy bare waist right in front of everyone. Apparently, the whole thing was 'something very silly and the guys just wanted to her a lesson' as recounted by Shaily amusedly to her girl friends. However, allowing the guys to expose her flesh and grope her like that in front of everyone didn't stand well with the girls. Being like her elder sister, Anamika planned to talk to Shaily about the incident and tell her to maintain some decorum while she was with the guys in public, but never really got around to it. She was apprehensive about saying something that might upset Shaily and so she somehow always ended up thinking the better of it.

Back in the class, all the students were mumbling loudly among themselves about Prof Lekha's decision to cast not more than 4 characters in the play for the Belgium Dramatics Festival.

"Guys, guys, it's going to be okay. Please hear out my idea. If you don't like we'll pass it, Guys!", shouted out Prof Lekha trying to calm the students down. The whole class was chaotically murmuring among themselves and Prof Lekha knew she didn't make it any easier for them to get over their Monday blues.

As the students slowly quieted down, Prof Lekha spoke.

"In this play, I want to show the conflicts of a sensitive and complicated urban girl overcome by love and strangles of her boyfriend.". The students anticipated Prof Lekha to say something more, but apparently, that's all she had to say.

The students looked at each other among themselves, totally nonplussed. That sounded like a pretty lame theme to be honest. Coming from Prof Lekha who headed the Alternative Dramatics at FID, the idea seemed hardly novel to them. Also, this meant that Prof Lekha was going to use just 2 more characters for the emotions of the male and female protagonists. To the students, that just did sound right.

Seeing the confused look on the students' faces, Prof Lekha smiled and continued. "And yes, in case you are thinking, I will have just 2 more characters, again one male and the other female to show the emotions of the protagonists in the play.".

If the students were excited at the prospect of this play, they didn't show it. Similar themes had been explored and showcased multiple times by all the departments and pretty extensively at that. Moreover, the idea and its spin-offs were always presented with more than at least 10 characters to show various emotions. But just 2 characters for emotions didn't appeal to the students to say the least. This was certainly not something they were looking forward to, especially from someone of the caliber as Prof Lekha.

"Guys, I know what you all must be thinking. And no, I am not going to use props more than any of my other plays either. But before I go further, I want to tell you that we are offered some artistic liberty for our plays, which we have never had, for the first time in this event.", said Prof Lekha.

Even though the students were still disappointed, they were all curious to know the new artistic liberty in the event that Prof Lekha was talking about.

"For the first time, we have been offered the liberty of showcasing the female sensuality in its most original form, on the stage.", said Prof Lekha gleefully.

Most of the students got what Prof Lekha meant.

Shaily and the guys looked at each other understanding Prof Lekha's words.

"Wow, now that's something!", exclaimed Karan.

"It surely is.", said Shaily.

"I hope you all understood what I mean by that. For the plays in this event, the participants are allowed to show a female form in full glory on stage. While men's nudity is strictly forbidden, the Fine Arts Association of Belgium has decided to, for the time in their event, give consent to a female artist's nude form along with sexual contact between a non-sexual body part of the male and a sexual body part of the female. Then only caveat is that while there can be any number of clothed male and female characters in the play, there can be just one female whose form is uncovered.", said Prof Lekha.

"Holy fucking fuck! Wow, is Prof Lekha telling us she is planning on doing something like that?", whispered Faisal.

"I guess so man. Why else would she be mentioning all of this. God, this is going to be super fun!", said Jaspinder eagerly. Seeing his childish enthusiasm to see a naked girl on stage, Shaily laughed and playfully tugged at him.

"Shell", as she was nicknamed by the guys, said Arun. "I hope you are the chosen one to do the role of the naked girl. Don't we all wanna see you perform the play totally naked on stage, haha!", he said, winking at her.

"Oh yeah, who wouldn't want to see this bomb all naked on stage.", chipped in Karan as he got under Shaily's shirt and pinched her fleshy stomach while the guys laughed at Arun and Karan's words.

Shaily slapped off Karan's hand much to the amusement of the guys and laughed. "Shut up guys!", she said.

But inadvertently, Shaily began to wonder. What if Prof Lekha really wanted her to do the role of the naked girl in her play? What if she asked her to be the one, right then, in front of the whole class? What would she say? Shaily's thoughts started to mess with her with every passing second.

Of course, it was hardly a secret that among the 7 girls, while the others weren't bad to look at by any standards, Shaily was certainly a league apart. She was very voluptuous and had perfect assets suitable for her sexy frame. If ever there was a voting among the guys on which girl should be chosen for such a role, Shaily knew that she would win the contest hands down.

Prof Lekha's words had managed to stir the entire class.

"Prof Lekha.", a voice came out from one of the girls.

"Yes, Anamika?", said Prof Lekha.

"Prof Lekha, I don't want to sound so-damn-feminist, but since I am indeed one, what is the deal with the rule of showing just women naked on stage and not the men? Also, you mention that the men on stage can touch the naked female form in a sexual way while the male would be clothed. Isn't that something that clearly denotes women are beneath men in such a public forum? Doesn't it promote a sense of submission and subservience of the female gender to the male gender?", said Anamika. Her voice had a hint of disdain and disapproval, and the other girls who sat alongside Anamika too nodded their heads approving of Anamika's question.

"Look Anamika, it's wonderful that you are a feminist and I appreciate you asking this question. However, in my opinion, this is actually pro-feminist. Tell me Anamika, isn't it honourable for you as good looking women to be able to show your beauty and feminine grace in the most primal form on such a grand stage? What you mentioned, Anamika, the sexual subservience of the female gender to the male gender happens outside the purview of Art, in the socially abnormal communities and not inside a play which is a culmination of several artistic elements. There is artistic beauty in a female's unclothed form that is meant to be a wonderfully palpable source of motivation to display an amazing piece of Art. In Art, there is extensive scope for beauty and grace, and traditionally, women have been perceived to be symbols of them and thus, I see no social stigma associated with the idea of showing just the female naked on stage and not the male.", said Prof Lekha, answering Anamika's question.

"I'm sorry Prof Lekha, but I have to disagree. It isn't that nude male forms aren't a worthy spectacle to women. After all, we are all humans and we are all beautiful in our own special ways. Then why is it forbidden? And no, it is not pro-feminist Prof Lekha, because feminism puts male and female on equal footing. In this case, the female is clearly more sexually degraded and shown submissive, which is completely non-feministic.", said Anamika strongly putting forth her point.

Hearing her words, Abhishek looked over to Shaily. "Shell, as much as I hate to say this, Anamika has a fair point.".

The guys weren't really fond of the six girls apart from Shaily. They always behaved as if they stole Shaily away from them. Shaily also told the guys that the girls gossiped behind her back about her sleeping with them after class, which the guys particularly didn't like. All the baseless rumours the girls cooked up about them had pissed the guys off as much as they did Shaily.

Prof Lekha said, "Anamika, again, I say that's there's nothing wrong in the world of Theatre regarding female nudity. You are showing an idea, not some rubbish practice that has evolved in the minds of the twisted. Anyway, I am open for discussion on this, and I wouldn't mind staying behind after class to discuss and debate on this more with you.".

Anamika and the girls didn't seem to be satisfied with Prof Lekha's argument, but they knew they could discuss it with her after class.

"Okay guys, I know you are all probably a little freaked out about this, but nudity in Art is quite acceptable in other countries. It has always been the case, and more and more events are being showcased these days where a female is allowed to be naked in the play while having sexual contact from the man's non-sexual parts, typically the hands or the tongue. Given such artistic freedom, I'm glad we can push the envelope even further like we have always done here at FID, and more so in the Alternative Dramatics department. This is our first time entering such an important event, and I am not going to let the opportunity go astray.", said Prof Lekha sternly with determination.

Hearing Prof Lekha's words, all the girls except Shaily nodded their heads disapprovingly. This would mean that one of them was going to be asked to be the nude female in her play while the males would be fully clothed. To the girls, it just didn't sound right. The male students on the other hand, of course, were pretty excited as was evident in the looks of their faces.

"Prof Lekha is badass man! She's actually going to do this? Get one of these sexy girls completely naked on stage and let men molest her?", were the words of one of the male students.

"I hope she casts Shaily for the role man, wouldn't that be awesome? To get to see that sexy chick completely naked on stage with her ass and tits showing off and being molested by a guy. Haha, I hope the guy's me!", said another excited bloke to his mate.

The string of comments went on among the guys, but one thing was common in all of the whisperings. They all wished that such a role went to one of the sexiest women they had even seen in their lives - Shaily Singh.

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[3] The naked soul

Prof Lekha was a thoroughly artistic and determined practitioner as far as Theatre and Arts were concerned, and Shaily was aware of it. Her words were filled with determination and confidence to deliver the best in Brussels, and it clearly showed in the way she spoke.

Shaily could see it in Prof Lekha's eyes and the fact that Prof Lekha had proven, time and time again, in the past that she is the best in the business made Shaily absolutely trust her instincts. Never before had it happened that Prof Lekha's decisions turned against the students or FID in general, and Shaily was confident that whatever Prof Lekha had in mind would be something that would be one of the best.

However, there was one catch.

"Shell, I have a really strong feeling that Prof Lekha is going to ask you to be the nude girl in her play.", said Karan looking over to Shaily with his hands still roaming around nonchalantly on her sexy waist under her top.

Shaily looked at Karan and said, "I have the same feeling. Fuck Karan, what am I going to say?".

Of course, Shaily was aware that she had a very sexy body and even though she wasn't conceited, she knew she was easily the hottest and sexiest among all the girls in the Alternative Dramatics class. Moreover, she knew that Prof Lekha was an out and out perfectionist and chose only the best for her plays, and Shaily was unanimously considered to be the best artist of her batch not just by the students but even by Prof Lekha. Adding it all up, Shaily, as well as her guy friends felt there was no way Prof Lekha would chose anyone else other than Shaily for the role of the naked female in her play, even more so because the Belgium Dramatics Festival was touted to be FID's most ambitious participation ever in the international arena.

"So guys, I'm going to outline the summary of the storyline, but first I would like to disclose the cast I have in mind for the play.", said Prof Lekha. "With the characters in mind, I'm sure you'll all be able to better relate to the idea behind the play.", she said.

"OMG! She's going to announce the cast right now?", said Shaily, starting to get really anxious. "What if she asks me to be the naked girl in the play? What am I going to tell her guys? Fuck!"

The guys understood how Shaily was feeling right then and tried to calm her down.

Karan once again put his palm inside Shaily's top and gently rubbed her waist trying to make her feel better.

"Shell, I'm sure Prof Lekha's going to ask you to play the role of the naked girl in her play, there's absolutely no doubt about it. But you just stay calm and tell Prof Lekha that you need some time to decide, okay? Of course, this is going to be a big decision for you and Prof Lekha wouldn't mind giving you time to think on this. You hear me baby doll?", said Karan.

"Yeah, I think so. I'll have to remain calm though, yes.", said Shaily, as she nervously smiled at the guys.

"Shell, I too have a strong hunch you are going to be the naked girl in Prof Lekha's play. I don't see it going any other way. But like Karan said, if she asks you to be naked in her play, just calmly tell her that you need some time. We will work it out later at our place. Alright darling?", said Abhishek.

Shaily nodded and passed a smile at them. But deep inside, she was still quite nervous and anxious.

"So, the couple in the play. I want the male lead to be played by Anupam, and the female lead to be played by Pooja.", said Prof Lekha aloud.

The students gently clapped for them, though most of them were jealous that Pooja and Anupam were lucky to get the chance to visit Belgium and perform there for the festival.

"Coming to the other two characters. As I said, I would like to have two opposite-sex characters for the roles of the male and female protagonists' souls. The whole idea of the play is to show what their souls are dealing with as a result of their choices and actions. That way I intend to show the conflicts of the female protagonist's inner and outer voice in a subtle yet artistic way, and this is why the chemistry between the male and female souls' characters are extremely vital to the play.", said Prof Lekha.

"Excellent!", Shaily found herself saying in her mind. That was truly a beautifully novel concept that Prof Lekha had envisioned for her play..

"However, the main idea of this play is to show the brutal, conflicted state of mind of the female protagonist while she is in a complicated relationship with her boyfriend. This is why her soul is going to be the most significant and the most impactful character in the play. She is the crux of the play. She might not be the protagonist, but she sure is the most important character in the play. And for this very reason, I want to the female soul's character stripped - covered by just nothing. The female protagonist's soul is uncovered, raw and naked. It's open to be loved or harmed by anyone and everyone, and that's going to be the subtle theme of the play.. The female protagonist has a naked soul and the way her naked soul is tampered with by the male protagonist as well as the female herself will be the main idea of the play.", said Prof Lekha.

That was the kind of brilliance Prof Lekha was capable of.

"That is just brilliant, don't you think so guys?", Shaily whispered to the guys.

Shaily was in awe. She was in total awe of Prof Lekha's imaginative sense. Of how she was weaving a brilliant storyline with the new found artistic liberty of getting to show a naked girl on stage. She certainly knew how to do her best while utilising all the resources she had at her disposal and Shaily couldn't help but appreciate Prof Lekha's talent. She was just unbelievable.

It was clear that the rest of the students too were greatly impressed with how Prof Lekha charted out her play. Inevitably, the girls too were impressed with Prof Lekha's idea, but the whole concept of getting to show one of them completely nude while the men would be completely clothed did not still settle well with them. In any case, like the rest of the students, they too were very eager for Prof Lekha to disclose whom she wished to cast for the role of the female protagonist's naked soul in her play.

As she finished her speech, Prof Lekha's eyes somehow found Shaily. Instinctively, Shaily understood and acknowledged the look in Prof Lekha's eyes with a rather involuntary nod. Their gaze connected, and Shaily knew what Prof Lekha was going to say next.

"For the female protagonist's naked soul, I want to cast Shaily.", she said.

"Ok class, that's it for today. Shaily, I want to have a word with you before you leave for the day.", said Prof Lekha.

After announcing that she wanted to cast Shaily for the role of the naked soul of the female protagonist in her play, Prof Lekha continued with her lecture like nothing was new. She had just discussed a very alternative play idea that they were going to enact in the Dramatics festival in Belgium which consisted of, among other things, a completely naked female artist on stage who would be enacting the role of the female's protagonist's soul. Yes, buck naked, without a string of clothing on her body, just like the day she was born, and just like Shaily and her guy friends expected, Prof Lekha wanted Shaily to play that role.

Shaily's mind wasn't right for the rest of the hour after Prof Lekha revealed that she wanted to cast her for the role in front of the whole class. Of course, it had never happened in FID that a female or even a male, for that matter, had gotten absolutely naked on stage to perform for a play. But now, given the stakes in this high profile Dramatics festival in Belgium that FID was invited to participate in, Prof Lekha wasn't going to go easy on this, and Shaily knew it. Shaily knew Prof Lekha to be one helluva perfectionist and there was no way she was going to settle for anything less than what she wanted for her plays.

Shaily's anxiety was quite evident on her face throughout the lecture to her 5 male friends who sat on either sides of her. Karan had his left hand inside Shaily's top on her waist throughout the lecture, massaging it gently trying to make her feel better.

"It's going to be fine Shell, we'll all sit together and think about it whether you want to take this role or not, don't you get anxious sugar.", said Jaspinder who sat on her other side as he gently rubbed her thighs under her short skirt.

Shaily had, over time, come to really embrace and love the friendship and the bond she shared with each of the guys and their efforts to make her feel fine really pleased her. She would just smile at them, but she chose to keep quiet through the class as she pondered on what she would do in response to Prof Lekha's offer.

After the lecture, as the rest of the class walked out of the lecture hall, Shaily stayed back as Prof Lekha wanted to talk to her. They then slowly paced out of the class behind the rest of the students with Shaily smiling nervously at the Prof.

"Shaily, I am not going to deny this is going to be a tough decision for you, but I don't want you to get stressed over it, understand?", said Prof Lekha, gently smiling at Shaily.

"Yes, Prof Lekha.", said Shaily with a polite but anxious smile.

"It's something we've never done before, so it's going to be a very exciting play indeed. I can promise you that. When I first envisioned the play, I knew I would have to cast you for the role of the naked soul. It was simple really, given how incredibly attractive you are. After all, our play needs to be aesthetically pleasing too, and honestly, I cannot imagine any other girl doing this role other than you Shaily.", said Prof Lekha as they walked out of the class towards the college cafeteria.

Shaily heard what Prof Lekha was telling her. Again, she wasn't conceited or anything but she knew she was a beauty and she knew others saw that in her too. At the age of 23, she had a killer bod with flesh all in the right places. Her face was a mixture of both cute and sexy with sharp features that made her stand way above her girl peers in the college. It was obvious then, why Prof Lekha wanted to cast only Shaily for the role of the naked soul in her play.

"Prof Lekha, I consider it an honour that you want me to play such an impacting role in your play in such a huge event. I cannot stress enough on how privileged I feel. But, but the thing is that I have never been naked in front...", Shaily said before Prof Lekha cut her short.

"Shaily, I know. You don't need to explain it to me. Getting naked in front of so many people, and being the only one naked on stage while thousands of people are watching you is going to be a pretty tough thing to do. I am not going to deny that. But in theatre, this is all artistic liberty. No one is going to judge you for getting naked on stage, you can have my word on that. With that said, I know it is a pretty big decision for you to take and it is all up to you. I urge you to think over it for the rest of the day, and come back to me tomorrow with what you think. Also, there's no hurry to come to a yes or no decision right away. Just carefully think over it and talk to me tomorrow about how you feel regarding it. Okay darling?", said Prof Lekha with a warm smile towards Shaily.

With nothing much to say, Shaily nodded politely at Prof Lekha.

"Okay Prof.", said Shaily feigning a confident smile though she was terribly nervous about the whole thing.

"As I said before, I don't want to force you to do anything that you don't like. If this doesn't work out, I mean, if you want to back out, I will just give up on the idea, but I can never cast any other girl for this role Shaily. You know I only choose the best for my plays.", said Prof Lekha.

"Yes Prof, I know that.", said Shaily giving Prof Lekha another one of her fake-confident smile. God, what was she going to do?

After her chat with Prof Lekha, Shaily caught up with her guy friends at the cafeteria, where they usually hung out in between classes.

"Fuck man, I don't know what to do. While the idea of the play is so surreal and brilliant, I wish I didn't have to at least get completely naked in front of thousands of people to play this role.", said Shaily dryly.

Shaily was sitting with her male friends in the cafeteria and summarised them her discussion with Prof Lekha that she had with her after the lecture.

"Shell, did you discuss any such possibility with Prof Lekha? Maybe you can get away by wearing something really really skimpy instead of getting totally buck naked on stage. You know, maybe something that just covers your pussy and nothing else?", said Faisal.

Abhishek interjected, "With Prof Lekha, that's not going to happen Fais. She doesn't give up on the artistic liberties she chooses for her plays, no matter what. If she wants a nude girl in her play, she wants a nude girl and nothing else. Be rest assured of that.", he said.

Shaily nodded, "Yeah, Abhishek's right. Prof Lekha said she'd rather give up on the idea than cast anyone else for the naked soul if I back out.", she said grimacing. "I don't want the idea to go down the drain, OMG what am I going to do!", said Shaily cringing in front of her guy friends. It was obvious to them that Shaily was really stressing out.

Abhishek gently put his hands over Shaily's shoulder and said, "Darling, we'll work this out. Do you want to hang out with us for the evening at our place? We'll all sit together and talk this through. Don't worry, we are here for you baby doll.".

Abhishek, Karan and Faisal stayed together in a rented-out house a couple of kilometres from the college. Shaily and the 5 guys usually hung out at their place after classes sipping their beer and having fun. Of course, after it had become their default hang-out place, Abhishek, Karan and Faisal had taken the efforts to rent out a TV, a music-system and even a karaoke machine so that they could all spend their evenings having fun.

"Yeah, that'd probably make me feel much better. Let's go.", said Shaily smiling warmly at Abhishek.

With no other lectures after Alternative Dramatics, the 5 guys and Shaily had their lunch in the college cafeteria and walked out of the FID campus to Abhishek, Karan and Faisal's place.

As she walked with the guys to their place, Shaily knew she had a tough day ahead to decide about what she was going to do with Prof Lekha's proposal to play the naked soul of the female protagonist in the play. She was still quite anxious but she was glad that she had her 5 best friends beside her to help her arrive at a decision whether she should take the role or not.

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[4] Arousal, pros and cons

Shaily always left a few of her night clothes at her guy friends' place after she had started to regularly hang out with them after class.

While Jaspinder and Arun lived with their parents in another part of the city, they too hung out here at Abhishek, Karan and Faisal's place. The 6 of them usually chilled out during their evenings drinking beer and talking nonsense or sometimes they would discuss any play ideas they were involved in. Today, it was different. A first of its kind scenario for all of them and more so for Shaily.

As the guys took the couch in the living room and started their usual banter, Shaily proceeded to change into her night clothes in the washroom. As she undressed herself to get completely naked, she involuntarily glanced towards the mirror. A shy but confident smile passed on her face as she could not help but admire how beautiful and sexy the girl in the mirror looked with absolutely nothing on her body.

Shaily knew she was what guys would call "a sexy plump chick with an awesome rack". More than once, when she was walking through a bunch of guys, she would hear comments from them about how hot she looked, or how big her boobs were, and how shapely her ass were. The more lustful and horny men commented on how roughly they would use her in bed. While she certainly didn't like comments from men that reduced her to a mere fuck-toy, Shaily had always come to enjoy the lusty comments guys threw at her for her sexy body. Like all women, she loved to hear comments from the guys on her body, and on a couple of occasions, Shaily had even passed a shy womanly smile at the guys who commented on her sexiness. Her voluptuous figure, her luscious breasts, her shapely ass and her whole curvy body was something she was certainly proud of, and she was always happy to be appreciated for it from the men.

Now, as she Shaily stood there completely naked in front of the mirror of the washroom of their guy friends' home, Shaily could understand what men loved in her. Her luscious breasts were big, if not huge. The fact that they did not sag even though they were big, and their sexy shape made them look absolutely ravishing on her. Moreover, her wonderful jugs did absolute justice to her frame. At a good height of 5 ft, 8 in, Shaily was taller than 90% of the girls in her college, and taller than Jaspinder and Faisal.

"Hmm, not that bad!", thought Shaily, laughing shyly to herself as she continued to look into the mirror. She started to get horny looking at her nude self in the mirror as she generously grabbed her voluptuous boobs in her hands and squeezed them in the mirror.

Glancing once again at the door to make sure she locked it, Shaily proceeded to play with her lovely jugs smiling sexily at herself in the mirror. She was feeling aroused. Her breath started to get heavier, as her lovely breasts rose up and fell down sexily with each of her breaths. She had never felt this way about herself. She never felt so hot and aroused just by looking herself in the mirror naked. Inadvertently, her right hand reached her most private part, her lovely vagina. She touched her mound with her fingers feeling the soft hair over her pussy, as she felt herself getting hotter by the second. What was happening to her? Why was she getting so horny just by seeing herself naked in the mirror?

Inwardly, Shaily knew the answers, but she somehow didn't want to agree with her conscience. It had a lot to do, in fact, everything to do with Prof Lekha's offer to her to perform naked on stage for the play in Brussels. Absolutely naked. In front of thousands of people. Without a string of clothing on her hot sexy body. But how could this be right? How could she be turned on by the fact that she would be the only one naked among so many clothed people? The artistic liberty aside, it felt wrong to her that she would be the only one naked while all the people around her would be clothed, probably even in expensive suits and gowns at the festival. Hell, even on stage, her counterparts would all be adorning good clothes, while she would be just totally naked throughout. If she did agree to do the role of the naked soul, she would only agree because she was wanted to perform the play and show the world a beautiful piece of Art. Not because she enjoyed being totally naked and exhibit her sexy body to everyone. But again, at the same time, the thought of getting completely naked in front of so many clothed men and women, strangers whom she had never ever met, who would get to see the most intimate and private parts of her body completely uncovered and derive pleasure from her nakedness turned on Shaily immensely.

Shaily's thoughts really started to mess with her as she continued to caress her sexy naked body, feeling extremely aroused at the thought of getting completely naked with clothed people all around her. She started to breathe louder and faster, as she involuntarily slipped her index finger inside her hole to feel the wetness in her loins. It was a strange kind of arousal, something of the sort she had never experienced before, and yet, she was enjoying every bit of the sensation it gave her. Her mind was a mess right now, and she felt herself getting excited at the thought more than worried anymore, like she was, until a few minutes back before she got naked in the washroom. Inadvertently, her index finger got past just feeling her wetness to gently pleasuring her hole, as another shy and naughty smile passed her face. Just then, as she started to pleasure herself with the naughty thoughts, Shaily heard a knock on the door.

"Shell, darling, all good? You've been there for a while now baby.". It was Jaspinder.

Shaily took a moment to compose herself from the fast breaths she was breathing on account of her arousal.

"Yeah Jasp, I'm fine. Just taking a dump, give me a minute. I'll be out.", said Shaily.

Shaily looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was hot, she was really hot, and seemed to her like all her actions were happening involuntarily, as if she was just completely overcome by arousal. She was almost glad that Jaspinder knocked on the door. Subconsciously, she felt as if she didn't want to get away with pleasuring herself on such naughty wild thoughts.

Shaily washed her soaked vagina clean and proceeded to put on her lingerie, but just then, a naughty idea struck her. She thought for a minute, as another one of the shy naughty smiles passed her face and she decided that she wanted to do it. She deserved at least so much for being so aroused.

Shaily, of course, always wore her bra and panty whenever she wore her night clothes at the guys' place, but today, for the first time, she decided to give her lingerie a break. It was the least she could do to fuel her arousal. Boy, was she hot or what.

Shaily slipped into her cotton shorts that ran just a few inches below her crotch area and her white tank-top that showed a generous amount of cleavage without the bra. She guessed, and even hoped that the guys would figure out she didn't wear her bra underneath given how the top held on her tits and the more than usual cleavage she was showing. Of course, it was not like she was wandering out naked for them and showing herself off, and she was certainly okay with a polite amount of skin show for her best buddies, who happened to be all guys. After all, she was the only girl they hung out with everyday, and Shaily knew they would all love a bit of skin show from their hot sexy girl friend.

Naughtily, Shaily hung her bra and panty on the hangers on the backside of the washroom door, so that anyone who used the washroom would instantly figure out that Shaily had nothing underneath her night clothes. Shaily smiled at how naughty she was being as she made her way out of the washroom to greet the guys. The guys were all on the couch watching a game of soccer on the TV, when they saw Shaily walking towards them with a bright smile on her face. Her night clothes were usually skimpy, and the guys always loved to see her wear such sexy clothes at their place. Little did they know that Shaily was so hot right then, and that she wore absolutely nothing underneath those thin set of cottons.

"Grab a beer Shell.", said Arun, as Shaily settled on the bean-bag beside the guys.

"Cheers!", they all clinked their beers and started to sip them.

Shaily sipped her beer seated on the bean-bag on the floor. Because the rest of the guys sat on the couch, their eyesight was naturally directed downward on her, and she could see the guys sneaking a peak or two at her generous cleavage which was showing off more than normal. Because she did not wear a bra under her tank-top, her tank top was being brought down by the weight of her big boobs resulting in a good generous amount of cleavage show for the men.

Shaily was glad that the guys were enjoying the show she put on for them by showing off her cleavage. Also, sitting on the bean-bag on the floor made her tiny shorts run up exposing her creamy white thighs for the men as they all talked about random stuff while the guys made sure to steal glances at Shaily's lovely exposed flesh.

"So Shell, have you thought about what you are going to do?", Karan asked Shaily, addressing the elephant in the room.

"Well, the simple answer is No, I am as fucked up as I was a couple of hours back.", said Shaily.

"Shell, tell me one thing. If at all you decide to do this, is Aunt Bhatia going to allow you to do it? I mean, will she be okay with her niece getting naked in front of so many people in such a huge event?", asked Abhishek.

"Abhishek, Aunt Bhatia has always been supportive of all my choices. If I am convinced about getting naked on stage for the play, I don't think she'll stop me from doing it. Well, she might find it a little crazy, so to speak, but that's about it. I'm sure she'll understand why I am ready to do it. However, I'm the one to decide on this thing, and I can't come about it!", said Shaily wryly.

"Don't get stressed about it Shell. We are all here to help you darling. Let's do one thing, let's weigh out the pros and cons of you accepting the role of the naked soul, maybe that'll help us decide what's best. What do you guys say?", said Karan.

"Yeah, sounds good Karan, let's do that", said Jaspinder, as they all set out to discuss the pros and cons of Shaily accepting to get completely naked on the stage.

"Okay, so let's talk about one pro and one con so that we can evaluate.", said Karan. "A pro is that Shell gets to go to Belgium for this play, It's wonderful to be in a different part of the world for sure, isn't it?".

Shaily nodded.

"Well, the obvious con is that Shaily would have to be buck naked on stage throughout the play in front of thousands of strangers who get to see Shaily in her most private form.", said Arun. "Sorry to spell it out Shell, but that's what it is!", he said cheekily.

Shaily passed a shy laugh.

"Okay, another pro is that Shaily would get to get in touch and interact with a bunch of foreign artists and playwrights when she is there to perform the play, and might even bag a couple of international play offers.", said Abhishek enthusiastically.

"Yup, that's true. Of course, with her attire, I'm sure Shell's going to attract quite the guy crowd anyway too!", said Karan mockingly, as all the guys laughed out much to Shaily's embarrassment.

"Stop it Karan!", she said slapping him on his shoulder playfully, much to everyone's smiles.

"Now the corresponding con?", said Karan looking over to everyone.

With everyone brainstorming to think of another con but none coming up with anything, it was clear to everyone that the only problem was with the fact that Shaily had to get completely naked on stage for everyone to see. Knowing where it was going, Shaily decided to cut it. This was not going to work.

Shaily decided to cut it. "Karan, thanks for the effort, but I think the only issue with this whole thing is that I need to be completely naked on stage.", said Shaily and sipped her beer.

She continued, "Apart from that I see no other problem. It's definitely going to be a great experience for me, getting to participate in such a stage, and I am sure like you said, I am going to attract a lot of potential playwrights and whatnot, and I'm sure I would later get many opportunities to perform in foreign plays. But at the end of the day, I have to decide whether I am fine with showing off my entire body to so many random strangers or not. Period."

"Ok Shell, let's cut to this straight. I'll tell you what I think. I think you should accept this. It's not like you are getting naked and being a whore or something right? It's for an artistic cause. I mean, you are a strong bold woman, and you have always wanted to push the envelope for your plays. There's no better opportunity than this, in my opinion. You love Prof Lekha's idea to the bits, and you love the character she wants you to play. It's not like I am undermining the effort it takes to get completely naked on stage. I know it's going to be pretty challenging and nerve-wracking for you, but sometimes in life, you have to take bold decisions and stick with them to see where they take you. And Shell, baby, I am not saying you HAVE to take it at any cost. It's your call, and only yours. I am just saying what I feel.", said Arun smiling warmly at her.

Shaily listened to Arun and passed a loving smile at him.

"Thanks Arun, I certainly value your opinion, and yes, I do love Prof Lekha's idea and the character of the naked soul. It's just, it's just that it's so hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I am going to have to be completely naked in front of thousands of clothed people while they, I mean, while they just sit there and watch me perform in the buff. I mean, I just can't wrap my head around it.", said Shaily with a grimace on her face.

Abhishek interjected, "Shell, baby, hear me. You have always been bold and independent all throughout your career and you have set the stage for something big to happen. This is your opportunity Shell, it is absolutely yours. I mean, you have the body of a fucking goddess, it is only natural that you show it all, you know what I am saying. I mean, the role absolutely fits you, and only you. Moreover, like Arun said, it's not like you are doing something sleazy or some lame shit. This is a beautiful idea and the fact that you will be willing to go completely naked on stage for everyone to see your sexy body for such an amazing play is in itself a bold statement. It's going to be so strong and powerful, and I am sure you are going to bag so many offers there, trust me. Jaspinder, you've had more experience with international plays, you with me on this?".

"Yes, Shell, Abhishek's got that one right. There's no denying that there will be a huge number of not just playwrights, but mainstream producers and directors, even Hollywood ones at that, who would be present for such a grand event. Given how you are going to show yourself on stage, they'll definitely shower more attention towards you, and it's going to be great. Moreover, since this whole thing is Prof Lekha's brainchild I'm sure she is going to kill it with the execution, so you don't have to worry about that. It's going to be a hit, there's no doubt about it. But again, like we've figured out, the only thing is that you have to be okay with yourself being completely nude in front of clothed strangers. If that thought doesn't at the very least disgust you, I think you should take the role baby doll. It's definitely going to be a big leap in your career ladder, a step in the right direction.", said Jaspinder, putting forward his point of view.

Shaily gave a serious thought about all the points her male friends put forward. Of course, they were all mature and sensible like her, and she definitely valued their opinions. With all of them except Karan and Faisal having expressed their views, Shelly turned to look at both of them while thinking, as if asking them their opinions as well.

Karan looked at Shaily and smiled. "Shell, I'm not going to deny that seeing you naked on stage would be a treat for the audience. You said Prof Lekha mentioned about the play being aesthetically pleasing, and I concur with her when she says casting you for the role of the naked soul means aesthetic beauty. Moreover, the play has so much potential to make it big. Even in such a grand event, I'm sure there would be some obscene and vulgar plays that try to entice the audience through a naked female. I mean, at the end of the day, you could just hire a prostitute, pay her some money and ask her to appear naked on stage in front of everyone. But those plays carry 0 value, absolutely nothing. But this play that Prof Lekha has in mind is extraordinary, there's no doubt about it. There's artistic value in the play, and like Abhishek and Arun mentioned, you agreeing to be a part of the play only goes on to show how strong you are. Take it darling! This is a great opportunity for you to showcase the wonderful talent you possess as an artist.", he said.

Shaily was thinking deeply now. They were all right in saying that the idea was brilliant. Karan's point that there would be some vulgar plays just to entice the audience with a nude female was right though, and she was glad that this play would be of great substance and value, and not just for the sleaze. After all, the last thing she wanted was to be termed as a prostitute for appearing nude in the play.

"Shell, I know I am the younger one of the lot, and that means lesser experience. But again, my first thought when I heard Prof Lekha saying that she wanted to cast you for the role of the naked soul was that you should take it. Sure, getting naked on stage for all to see is a very big challenge, but once you set your mind on it, I'm sure you won't see it as a problem anymore. You are excited to be a part of the play and that's the only thing that should matter to you, not the fact that you are going to be completely naked on stage for everyone to see your naked privates. The idea is killer Shell, it really is, and there's no denying that big shots would approach you after seeing your act. You are a great artist anyway. I seriously think you should bite the bullet and take the role Shell baby.", said Faisal smiling at Shaily.

Shaily thought for a while before responding. She was slightly under the influence of the beer, but she had it regularly, so she could still think clearly. It was ironical that she was taking one of the biggest decisions in her life under the influence of alcohol, but hearing the viewpoints of her dearest guy friends, she was confident that they would be there to correct her if she went wrong. She was still feeling a little aroused about all the thoughts that had transpired in her mind in the washroom, but she certainly had a very important decision to make.

"Guys, I am really thankful that I have all of you here with me while I take such an important decision. I think we all agree on the fact that the only thing stopping me from saying yes is that I have to be buck naked on stage. Moreover, I'm also concerned about how we are going to show the tampering of the soul in the play by a male character. But all that said, it's a great great play, no denying that. I really really want to take it, but I have to be sure that I'll be fine with me being totally exposed to everyone while I am naked on the stage.", Shaily said, as a matter of fact.

Of course all the guys understood what Shaily was going through, and they felt for her. If Prof Lekha had allowed Shaily to probably wear even a skimpy lower undergarment just to cover her pussy, Shaily would have immediately taken it, but the fact that she would have to be totally nude on stage had messed up her mind. But then, there was nothing that could be done about it. After all Prof Lekha was a perfectionist.

"Shell, I have a suggestion.", said Karan.

"Go on Karan, I'm listening", said Shelly opening her third pint of beer already.

"Since we all agree that getting naked in front of people is the only thing stopping you from taking the role, why don't you try it out with us and see how you like it? I mean, if you are comfortable with getting naked in front of clothed people, there's nothing stopping you, right?", said Karan with a gentle smile towards Shaily.

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[5] The first bouts of exhibitionism

Hearing Karan's words, all the guys looked on at Shaily waiting for her to say something.

Shaily was still still seated on the bean-bag exposing her lovely cleavage to the guys. By now, the guys could of course guess that Shaily didn't wear a bra on her boobs underneath her tank-top. They all knew how Shaily's boobs looked like with a bra and seeing the generous amount of cleavage she was exhibiting to the guys, they figured that Shaily was sitting braless in front of them. Did it have to do anything with Prof Lekha's idea? They couldn't be sure, but it was certainly something they enjoyed. Her tiny cotton shorts too pulled way back up her creamy white thighs almost to the point of exposing her naked crotch.

Shaily was already down her third pint of beer. She was known to be a great beer enthusiast and she often consumed beer much faster than her guy friends, as was clearly evident. The guys were still on their second pint while Shaily had completed her third one and ready to dig into her fourth. She was slightly tipsy, but still in her senses.

"That seems a good idea to me Shell.", said Abhishek as a matter of factly, agreeing with Karan's idea. He continued, "Baby, you have always been comfortable around our presence even though we are all guys. Then, why don't you go ahead and strip off all your clothes and get naked for us right now? Let's see how it goes. Maybe that'll give you a better idea whether you should take this role or not. It'll be a good start darling.", he said nonchalantly.

Of course, the guys were all really close to Shaily, but again, they were all men who had sexual urges towards a sexy woman like her. Ever since they learnt about the prospect of Shaily appearing naked on stage, they had all had their own erections skyrocketing imagining Shaily in her birthday suit, with absolutely nothing on that sexy voluptuous body.

"Are you guys serious?", said Shaily anxiously. She was tipsy from the beers and she was slightly aroused to say the least, and the idea of getting completely naked in front of her guys friends while they sat clothed on the couch was starting to really turn her on.

"Well yes Shell, it's only us. You can start with us and see how it feels to be completely naked for us. Doesn't seem like a bad idea to me.", said Jaspinder enthusiastically.

Of course, even the men were slightly inebriated, though not as much as Shaily, and they were all eager to see Shaily clad in her birthday suit.

Shaily once again felt the familiar rush of adrenaline and arousal pumping in her veins. She felt her breath getting hotter as she nervously continued to sip on her beer. She felt hot with the thought of getting naked for her guy friends in their house. They were her best friends, yes, but they were all guys too, and stripping off all her clothes to exhibit her sexy nakedness to them while they sat there clothed on the couch was making her pussy damp with arousal. Her anxiety and nervousness was slowly starting to be replaced by excitement and enthusiasm, and the beer was certainly doing its job in making her lose her inhibitions along with the sense of her modesty.

"You all want to see me naked huh? I can sense that.", she said playfully, much to the happy smiles of the guys around her.

Seeing the look in each of their eyes, Shaily could see that they were desperately wanting to see her with absolutely nothing on her body, just adorned in her flesh and nothing else. The fact that she was tipsy from the beers added more to her arousal as she slowly stood up from the bean-bag.

"Okay guys, if you strongly wish for it, you shall get it.", said Shaily with a naughty wink as she stood up while the men anxiously smiled at her tipsy words. They couldn't believe Shaily was actually doing it.

Swaying her hips seductively as if to entice the guys with her sexy figure, Shaily got off the bean-bag putting on a smile for her best friends, as they all looked on, amazed that Shaily was actually going to treat them with the sight of her ripe voluptuous nakedness.

As nervous as she was to get naked in front of her guy friends, she was also really turned on that she was really going for it. Her sweet smile added more to the guys' enthusiasm as they realised Shaily was tipsy and nervous, but also liking the feeling of getting naked for all of them. Their hungry eyes focussed on Shaily's movements as she slowly proceeded to take her top off, exposing the lovely mature 23 year old tits on her flawless body.

Continuing to smile seductively at the guys, Shaily got rid of her tank-top and naughtily threw it on the floor, just like strippers did for their clients.

"Holy cow, Shell, you have really big boobs honey!", said Jaspinder. "And I knew you didn't wear a bra under your top, you naughty girl!", he said looking straight at her lovely exposed naked tits.

If Shaily was nervous just a while back before getting naked for the guys, she wasn't anymore now, once that her voluptuous tits were completely shown to her guy friends. The look on their faces told her how much they were loving the sight of her naked jugs, as a sense of womanly shyness wafted over her.

Shaily smiled at him. She wasn't a tad bit nervous right then as she got rid off her clothes. It wasn't just that it was her closest of friends, but also the beer that helped her lose her inhibitions as a woman. Of course, Shaily was always confident in her skin and her killer bod, and she had no insecurities in herself, that made her beam with confidence and all of her sexy confidence showed in the way she exhibited her luscious boobs to all her guy friends.

The men sat there on the couch all mesmerised, as Shaily proceeded to seductively get rid of the only clothing that helped her keep her modesty, her tiny cotton shorts.

"Oh my fucking God! Shell, I can't believe you are totally naked right now. Fuck, you are one lovely creature!", said Karan totally spellbound by Shaily's nude form.

Shaily blushed hearing the guys' comments on her naked body. She was loving it, and it was thoroughly evident through the juices flowing out of her vagina. She was feeling hot, her whole body was hot. It was beautiful in that she was completely naked while her male friends were completely clothed as she stood there in front of them with a shy smile on her face. The new found excitement and arousal completely filled every pore of her naked body as the guys checked out every inch of her ripe mature nakedness with awe and lust.

"Well, I'm sure you guys must have imagined what I have underneath my clothes everyday, don't tell me you haven't, you naughty fellas.", she said playfully.

It was clear to the guys that she was quite tipsy and they found their naked girl friend so adorably cute as she stood there blushing shyly for being absolutely naked for them. To make it more exciting and hot for her guy friends, Shaily adopted a seductive pose as she stood rested on her right leg with her right hand on her right hip and her left hand over her head, showing off her cleanly shaved armpit to all of them. Her juices were now started to flow out of her pussy and she could sense that she was feeling really hot and sexual. Oh boy, she was enjoying the feeling of exhibiting her sexy body completely to her guy friends as much as they were.

"Hahaha! Shell, I'm not sure if any one of us could deny that. You are a total sex-bomb honey.", said Abhishek staring directly at her tits.

"Yes Shell, you surely are. And the fact that you carry yourself so well only adds on to the sensuality. You are a natural baby, and clothes don't suit you at all, trust me!", said Arun winking at her.

Shaily playfully grimaced at Arun for his words and made sure she held the seductive pose for her guys. She felt extremely hot and aroused at being exposed like that all naked, while the men sat all clothed comfortably on the couch while they gawked and enjoyed the sight of her naked private parts.

"Shell, why don't you turn behind and let us have a view of your behind. I'm sure you'd be as proud about it as you are about your front!", said Karan with a wink.

Shaily took a good dunk of her fourth pint and said, "I fucking sure am! Here you go!", she said triumphantly as she turned herself around to show the guys her ass while maintaining the same sexy pose. There was just something so hot about the pose, she felt. She felt as womanly as possible in the pose as she stood there with her hips resting on her right leg and her right hand on her hips with the left hand on her hair. It was just so hot for her.

Truth be told, Shaily had never experienced the erotic feeling she was going through right then. She was feeling so beautifully submissive for being totally naked in front of her clothed guy friends, but at the same time, she felt a strange feeling of authority. The authority of commanding the men by her nudity. They were all enticed by her naked form - her sexy breasts, her waist, her beautiful ass, her sexy pussy. They were having fun, the time of their lives, for getting to see her naked, but at the same time, Shaily knew they would be disappointed, even depressed at that very moment if Shaily decided to cover herself up. Her emotions right then were a culmination of several feelings and she was enjoying the experience to the core, as she stood there with her back turned towards the men so that they could relish the sight of her gorgeous ass.

"Fuck! That ass is heavenly. Shell, you are amazing baby. You are truly a goddess.", said Faisal with the happiest of smiles on his face.

Those compliments. Those compliments from her guys made Shaily go crazy. Which girl doesn't love compliments on her body, that too from her best male friends? That too on her assets! Shaily was loving it. She turned around towards the guys with a shy womanly smile on her face. They could tell she was loving it as much as the guys were which made them feel even hotter.

"You are stunning babe, really stunning. It's only justice that you accept this role and get naked for the world to see your beauty honey. Please, please accept this part!", said Karan smiling widely, as he dunked down his third pint of beer, as all of them including Shaily laughed out to his words.

Shaily wasn't a hardcore feminist, but she certainly embraced the notion of feminism. Right now though, it was all a different story. Feminism to her meant equality of sexes, but right now it was anything but that. The men were all clothed and sitting on the couch, while Shaily was all naked and completely objectified by her best guy friends. Shaily remembered Anamika, her best friend once saying to her, "Objectification is the primary source of anti-feminism, something that is truly evident in today's media. Feminism in today's world can be achieved only if, we all, as a society, realise how damaging female objectification is to the beliefs of feminism and consciously make efforts that women are not objectified and treated as just some sexual objects.", and Shaily thoroughly remembered herself agreeing to that notion. But right now, Shaily was being objectified to the core and treated as a lustful object by her guy friends, and the worst part was that she was loving every bit of it.

It was 5 PM in the evening and they were all having pizza ordered from Dominos. Shaily was still completely naked while the men were all clothed. The guys dunked about 5-6 pints of the beer, while Shaily had dunked 8 of them. She was a demon when it came to beers. They were all tipsy and were cracking crass jokes on her and her nakedness. Of course, it was all friendly, and Shaily knew her guy friends were always respectful towards her. In fact, she was greatly enjoying the feeling of being the only one naked among her guy friends and laughed more than the guys at every crass joke they made on her.

"Shell, you should have opened the door naked to the pizza guy in your current state. He would have gone bonkers. I'm sure it would have made his day baby.", said Karan chewing his pizza as he stared at the sexy naked girl in front of him.

"Hahaha! I know right? I should have. I feel sad for him that I didn't though.", said Shaily laughing out crazily.

"Shell, I have to say those tits are amazing. I mean, isn't it sad that you have been hiding those lovely things from us all these days? Did it really take you Prof Lekha to show them to us darling?", said Arun laughing at his own words.

Shaily laughed at Arun's words. "Well, as they say, it's better late than never, right?". Saying so, she winked at Arun tipsily and blew a flying kiss to him much to the amusement of all the guys.

The guys were all seated on the couch, while Shaily took to the floor, even getting rid off the bean-bag. She didn't really feel the logic behind it, but she felt it was only natural that she sat there on the floor, way beneath them while they all sat on the couch clothed. Shaily had never felt 'submissive' in her sex life, so to speak, but now that she was not wearing even a string on her body, she felt it was only normal that she way beneath them in status. "Gosh, what is happening to me?", she wondered as she ate her slices of pizza on the floor with her legs crossed over each other, exposing a generous view of her moist clit to the men while she dunked her beer.

"Shell, isn't your naked ass feeling cold on the floor?", asked Faisal smiling widely at her, as he gawked at her open naked flesh completely exposed to him.

"Well, after having so many beers, I can't really feel my ass Fais, but if you want you can feel it and let me know if it's cold.", said Shaily seductively biting on her next slice of pizza.

"Holy shit, are you serious Shell? Can I really touch your ass?". Faisal's words hadn't even completely come out of his mouth when Shaily stood up and came up to the men smiling and biting her lip seductively with the pizza in her hand.

"Serious? You bet my ass I am!", she said, laughing loudly and shamelessly at the pun, as she turned around for the guys and bent slightly at her thighs showing off her gorgeous behind to all of them.

"Wow, this ass is golden.", said Faisal, as he gently touched her right ass cheek and lovingly groped it with his hands.

Karan immediately took to Shaily's left ass cheek as he too groped it, squeezing the beautiful flesh on her ass. "Shell, this is amazing. You should let us do this more often you know! Wow! Guys come on, cop a feel of this lovely ass! It feels just awesome!", said Karan as he held Shaily's naked waist and passed her on so that her ass was in front of the rest of the guys, as if she was a piece of meat.

Shaily was by now totally turned on with all of what was happening. How could she allow her guy friends to grope her naked body like that? It seemed surreal, obscene and wrong, yet she was loving every bit of it as her slutty vagina continued to ooze juices endlessly with the hotness of the situation.

The feeling of being objectified by clothed men, who were all also her closest friends made her feel extremely womanly. It felt to Shaily that it was her responsibility to do this, to be naked in front of them, to entertain them with her sexy body, to let them feel manlier about themselves for stripping a sexy woman naked for their pleasure, as she was passed on from one guy to the next like she was just a sex-object made just to be lusted at and enjoyed. It just made complete sense to her. Why else would God give her a body like that, if not to entertain the lustful men around her? Maybe that was the reason why they were their friends. It was God's own way to tell her that she had to take care of them, to take care of them by showering them with her sexy naked body as much as they wanted.

Over time, the men's touches began to get more and more rough, as they groped and squeezed her ass hard. Jaspinder even slapped both her ass cheeks roughly a couple of times much to everyone's amusement, as Shaily let out playful but honest screams of joy and pain.

"Ouccchhh, Jasp, not so hard!", she said turning behind to look at him with a cute slutty pout for being slapped hard on her ass.

"Sorry baby, I'm just getting carried away with that sexy ass of yours honey!", he said but still continued to slap at her ass cheeks with the same intensity and lust.

Shaily was loving the moment. She was proud that she was making her best buddies feel 'manlier' by giving herself to them this way. After all, right then, all she felt was that being a woman, it was her job that the men around her felt manly and she found extreme satisfaction that, that was what she was giving to the men right then - the feeling of manliness, by being buck naked in front of them and allowing them to feel her, touch her, grope her and molest her as much as they wished.

The rest of the evening continued in that fashion. They all hung out watching TV and having more beers and pizza with Shaily casually naked among her clothed guy friends. It was all like a dream to all of them, especially Shaily. Never would she have thought that she would do such a thing as getting totally naked for her guy friends and give herself up for their joy, but here she was, doing just that.

Right now, Shaily was sitting on the couch naked with the guys, while the guys all sat on either sides of her, completely clothed, cracking jokes and watching the TV. However, the best part was they had their hands all over her naked flesh. One of them pinched her nipples, while the other smooched her lovely lips. One of them had his hands on her naked waist and pinched them roughly, while the other was feeling up her damp moist cunt, and Shaily gladly let them do what they wanted to her. No holds barred. After all, she was as hot and aroused as much as the guys were and enjoying the beautiful experience as much as they were.

As the guys continued to feel her naked privates while she sat there between them smiling and laughing with them, Arun grabbed Shaily by her naked waist roughly towards him and lustily smooched her lips.

"So honey doll, what are you going to tell Prof Lekha tomorrow?", he asked.

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[6] Good news for Prof Lekha

The next day, there was no Alternative Dramatics lecture, so Shaily decided to meet Prof Lekha personally in her chamber.

Shaily thought long and hard whether she should take the role of the naked soul in Prof Lekha's play for the event in Brussels or not. After all that had transpired yesterday between her and her guy friends, Shaily came to a conclusion that, while getting totally naked in front of so many clothed men and women would be a great challenge for her, it was also something that aroused immensely erotic feelings inside her. Yesterday was possibly the most exciting evening of her entire life where she was got completely naked for her guy friends at their place and allowed them to touch, grope and even molest all her naked private parts to them and the best part was that she loved every second of the experience. Of course, she was tipsy throughout because of the large quantities of beer she had been sipping with the guys all along, which added more pleasure to the entire erotic experience, but either way, Shaily was sure that she would have enjoyed the experience equally even if there weren't 10 beers in her belly.

Shaily felt a strange sense of connection to the feeling of being the only one naked among all her clothed guy friends. The fact that, though she was a mature 23-year old woman with great self-respect, she spent an entire evening naked with guys while they were all clothed brought an erotic sense of submission inside her, something that she had never felt aroused to. The feeling of being submissive, vulnerable and beneath the guys for being the only female and being totally naked for them at their place, talking with them, laughing with them and let them crack silly and naughty jokes on her did wonders to her pussy, her mind and her soul and she ended up completely submitting her naked body to the guys' lust for her ripe sexiness. It was only natural, she felt, that the men should be clothed, while she was completely naked for them to see and feel her nakedness as they wished. All her notions and beliefs about feminism had clearly gone for a toss yesterday.

Shaily was so aroused with the new found erotic feelings that, even today morning, as she woke up beside Aunt Bhatia on the bed, her fingers immediately reached her womanhood as she gladly recollected what she had done for her guy friends yesterday at their place. A shy womanly smile passed her face, as she relished the feeling of having given so much pleasure to her guys by exhibiting her naked body to them and allowing them to grope and molest her most private parts as they wished, all at their place. She had never done anything so wild and naughty ever in her life, and the fact that she totally submitted herself to her closest guy friends for their sexual pleasure pleased her immensely. She felt so womanly and horny right then as she blushed crazily imagining how happy her guy friends must be feeling because of how slutty she behaved for them. It was certainly the most erotic feeling she had ever experienced in her life as she continued to sport a shy happy smile on her face while she started to naughtily pleasure herself.

"Wow, that was so hot! Why didn't I do that earlier?", she thought to herself as she slid her fingers into her moist pussy and gently stimulated herself to a silent orgasm on the bed, naughtily enough, with Aunt Bhatia snoring right beside her.

For college, Shaily chose a black miniskirt that was a tad bit shorter than what she usually wore. It hug her beautiful fleshy round ass tightly showing it off sexily and stopped just a few inches below her crotch. She had bought it a few months back in one of the fancy malls of the city while shopping with Anamika, but never wore it to college with the fear of it being a bit too provocative for a formal setting like college. However, today, having decided what she was going to do about her role in Prof Lekha's play, Shaily decided it was a good occasion to wear it to college and greet Prof Lekha in that dress.

For her top, Shaily decided to wear a red-coloured crop halter top that left little to imagination of her backside. At the back, it was completely cut out showing her smooth white skin. At the front, it ran sexily over her luscious tits and stopped slightly above her belly-button. While she wore a panty under her miniskirt, the top wasn't supposed to be worn with a bra anyway, so she did not bother about it.

Shaily usually took the public transport to her college, and just as she had imagined, she was being gawked at by all kinds of guys for being so sexy and having worn such a titillating attire.. Some men were stealing glances at her exposed flesh, while some men just openly stared at her as Shaily just sat there relishing all the looks of lust directed towards her. Of course, it wasn't the first time that she was dressed in such a fashionable outfit in public, but she could never remember being so turned about men staring at her body as much as she was now. Right then, as she sat in the public transport enjoying the lustful glances men were throwing at her, Shaily felt so aroused at being so exposed in her scanty outfit. She was beginning to love that feeling. That feeling of showing off her sexy flesh to the joy of others. She enjoyed how she was selflessly giving the men around her what they wanted - the look of a sexy voluptuous urban mature chick clad in such a revealing attire. The feeling of having all the men stare lustfully at her for being dressed in such a slutty manner made Shaily beam with confidence.

"Prof Lekha, may I come in?", Shaily knocked on Prof Lekha's chamber door and peeped in.

Prof Lekha was working on a draft of a play and was pleasantly surprised to see Shaily standing there.

"Of course, Shaily, please come in.", she said with a smile, as Shaily came in and closed the door behind her.

"Wow, may I say you look really stunning in that dress of yours!", said Prof Lekha, genuinely impressed by Shaily's attire.

"Why, thank you Prof. It's a pair I've never worn to college, so I thought why not!", said Shaily blushing cutely at Prof Lekha's words.

"Good decision Shaily, and I hope that's not the only good decision you've taken today. Please have your seat..", said Prof Lekha smiling at Shaily.

Shaily took a few moments to compose herself before starting off, albeit a little nervously.

"Prof Lekha, I've thought about it long and hard yesterday. I must say it was quite a tough decision for me to take, but with you on top of this play, I'm sure the play is going to be a resounding success. Yesterday, when I heard your idea in class, I was just completely mesmerised to say the least. I mean, I just totally love the concept and I was particularly in awe with how you have used the new-found artistic liberty to showcase the idea in such a beautiful way. With that, I am happy to say that I am up for it Prof Lekha. I'm going to be the naked soul in your play.", said Shaily with a bright smile on her face, seeming very confident and happy at the end of her statement.

Prof Lekha looked at her and smiled, obviously pleased with Shaily's decision.

"That's such great news Shaily. Frankly, I knew you would take it, but I did have my qualms I should say. But, as I said, you are the only one apt for this role Shaily, and it makes me so happy that you have decided to take the role.", said Prof Lekha with a glad smile on her face.

She continued, "This is going to be a very bold play Shaily, something that we've never attempted to do and I only wanted the best to be in this play, and I am sure you are the best of the best.", she said.

"Thanks a lot Prof Lekha! It was a definitely a very difficult call for me to take Prof, but I figured this is going to be a huge step forward for me career-wise as well. I mean, I know how amazing you are at what you do, and the idea of the play is truly brilliant to say the very least. Now, I only hope that I perform my very best for this role and don't let you down in any way.", said Shaily smiling humbly at Prof Lekha.

"There's no doubt you will be your absolute best, honey. I know that, and that's why I decided to cast you and only you for the role of the naked soul in my play. You are a great artist and with that lovely body of yours, I'm sure you'll cast a spell on the audience with your performance as Pooja's naked soul in the play.", said Prof Lekha.

"I hope so Prof.", said Shaily enthusiastically, easing up a bit. It wasn't everyday that she was in a Professor's chamber but Prof Lekha's friendly demeanour certainly made her feel a lot less nervous.

Moreover, now that she had communicated her decision to take the role of the naked soul to Prof Lekha, she knew she couldn't step back, and that strangely made Shaily feel much relaxed. She couldn't go back even if she wanted to, and all that lay ahead for her was to do her best in her role as the naked soul in Prof Lekha's play.

"Shaily, now that you have accepted the role of the naked soul, I have to tell you a few more things regarding the play.", said Prof Lekha removing her specs and putting them on the table.

"Sure Prof, please.", said Shaily.

"Firstly, I want this play to be extremely strong, bold and unique - a one of its kind if you may. I have had this idea lingering in my mind for a long while now Shaily, but never got the artistic liberty and the right artist to execute it. But now, this Dramatics festival in Belgium is just the right arena to showcase the idea, and I am of course very glad to have you on board for the role of the naked soul in the play. The 'Fine Arts Association of Belgium' are very liberal Shaily, and they have absolutely no restrictions in terms of female nudity in the plays for the event, and I want to make sure we make it count in our play and create something very beautiful. I want the role of the naked soul to be fierce, bold and unflinching, and I am sure you are the best woman to perform such a demanding role. I hope you get an idea of what I am trying to convey here.", said Prof Lekha.

Shaily was of course smart enough to understand what was being asked of her. The idea of the play was to show the tampering of the naked soul of the female protagonist by the male protagonist and the fact that she was being exploited and played with was to be conveyed through Shaily's naked role as the female protagonist's naked soul. She understood that Prof Lekha wanted her naked role to be very strong and fierce.

"Yes Prof, I understand.", Shaily said in a serious tone.

"Good. Shaily...", Prof Lekha put her specs back on, and continued, "I've always seen you as brighter and more talented than any of my students thus far, not just at FID but across everywhere I've mentored students in my teaching career. You are a great artist Shaily and I've also been closely following your term projects in other courses. You are great at executing plays and I've got some amazing feedback regarding you from the other Profs as well. So, this time, for the event in Brussels, I want you to take the complete lead as far as the execution of this play is concerned. I will, of course, be there to oversee and validate what you come up with, but I want this whole play to be your brainchild, not mine. Of course, the idea is mine, but I want you to nurture it, prosper it and ultimately direct the play.", said Prof Lekha smiling at Shaily.

Shaily couldn't believe what Prof Lekha was saying. Directing an entire play? That too for such an important international event? Would she be able to do it?

"Oh wow, Prof Lekha. I don't know what to say. I mean, I've never...", Shaily started to say, but Prof Lekha cut her short.

"I know you've never lead a play from start to finish Shaily. But there's always a first time, isn't it?", she said smiling at Shaily.

She continued. "I know you have the skills, talent and the vision to take this forward Shaily. I know it's a big event and FID certainly banks a lot on our play to get more international recognition, and that's exactly why I want you to be on top of this play. I know you can deliver, you just have to keep the focus going. It's not like I won't be involved, in fact I will be very much involved. But I'd love to see you taking this forward and be the active lead for this play. Hope I've made it clear?", said Prof Lekha.

Of course, with Prof Lekha, there was no arguing. She often took hard decisions, but they had always paid off grandly in the past. Shaily was thoroughly skeptical if she could pull this off, but she knew she had no choice. But again, being the strong and focussed woman that she was, Shaily loved challenges, and that's what made her rise in her career and do so well thus far. It was a matter of pride for her that Prof Lekha trusted her on such an important play, and even if she didn't feel much confident right then, she wasn't intimidated by what Prof Lekha said.

"Ok Prof, I'll do it.", said Shaily, somewhat feigning a confident smile.

"That's great Shaily. I know you are nervous, but that nervousness will soon disappear. I know you have the skills to take this through, else I wouldn't take this decision.", said Prof Lekha, smiling at her, once again removing her specs and placing them on the table.

"Now coming to the other male role. Since this male character is going to do certain things to your naked body on stage, I'm sure you'd want someone with whom you'd be comfortable performing with. That's why I have decided to leave that to you. You can choose any male from your peers for the fourth character, who you think would best fit the role, and one with whom you'd be comfortable in allowing your body to be done things to. I'm guessing you'd want it to be one of your 5 guy friends?", said Prof Lekha.

Shaily thought for a moment. Now she also had to decide which one to choose among her 5 guys? Oh god, this was not getting any easier for her, she thought.

"Yes, it's going to be one of them Prof. But I'm not sure about it right now. Is it okay if I update you on this soon?", said Shaily.

"Of course, take your time and discuss it with your guy friends. I'm sure they would all love to be in the role given how they would be interacting with you during the play, so it's going to be another tough call for you.", said Prof Lekha with a playful wink.

Shaily passed a shy laugh at Prof Lekha's words. If only she knew all the things the guys had been doing to her yesterday at their place.

"And lastly Shaily, I want to discuss a rather sensitive side of this whole thing with you.", said Prof Lekha, once again putting back her specs. Shaily didn't notice it earlier, but it seemed to be one of Prof Lekha's idiosyncrasies, this specs thing.

"Shaily, I know that being nude in front of so many people, all the while they being clothed is a very big challenge for you. Of course, we are all born nude, but as we grow up, the notion of being naked in front of people is a very enraged taboo in today's society, especially here in India, where we don't really embrace the notion of nudism. However, your character in the play wholly requires that. You've accepted the role after knowing what you are up for, so I assume you've certainly thought this thing through. But I have to urge you, that it might seem harder than you actually think. You might have panic attacks on the big stage once you realise that you are the only one naked among thousands of clothed people especially when you need to perform.", said Prof Lekha. She was approaching the matter rather seriously now, thought Shaily.

Prof Lekha continued as Shaily nodded to her words.

"Being unclothed in a private setting among people you know is certainly a challenge Shaily, but being naked in front of thousands of people you don't know is a bigger challenge, a much much bigger challenge, something that you can never imagine unless you actually experience it. I'm telling you all this not to make you feel nervous or anxious but to make you aware. Shaily, in my previous gig, I worked with a female student of mine who was supposed to appear topless for a minute on stage, just for a minute. But on the big stage, she panicked. Seeing so many people out there in the audience, she had the feeling that they were all there just to see her topless and derive some sort of perverted viewing pleasure out of her nudity, and needless to say, the play turned out to be a monumental flop. The field we are in Shaily, we do what we do for artistic appeal and perfection. However, that said, there will be all kinds of people at the event, some of whom will derive sexual gratification out of your nakedness, and as humans, it's only common to be aroused with the sight of a sexy naked female, and it's important that you understand this thing going forward. You being naked in front of clothed people when you perform for the play is your job as an artist. How they perceive the sight of your naked body is the viewer's problem, not yours. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here.", said Prof Lekha.

Shaily was carefully listening to Prof Lekha, who was of course an experienced practitioner when it came to Theatre. Her words were like life lessons to Shaily who was going to embark on performing her most challenging role till date.

"Yes Prof, I understand.", said Shaily urging Prof Lekha to continue.

"Shaily, you know how they say 'Practice makes perfect'? So my suggestion to you is that you consciously practice nudity in more than one form until you are ready to be naked on stage for the play in Brussels. By that, I mean that you have to make efforts to be consciously nude in different types of settings among clothed people. The more the better, and the stranger the better. I know it's practically not so easy given the conventional attitudes of our society, but I really urge you to work this thing out while you prepare for the play. It's like how methodical our Hollywood actors and actresses are. They dive deep into the characters they take up, often spending time outside their work hours so that they can be their absolute best. For your role as the naked soul, I need you to practice nudity as much as you can so that you are no more shy or reserved about exhibiting your body to clothed men and women alike. I hope that's not a big ask Shaily.", said Prof Lekha, removing her specs one last time.

Shaily understood what Prof Lekha was asking of her. Normally, she would have found it a little too straightforward, or even unsettling that Prof Lekha was asking her to be nude and practice being so among clothed people, but yesterday, her guy friends had already come up with the idea, after which Shaily had remained naked for the rest of the day before she left to her place. Now as Prof Lekha talked more about it, she only found it sensible, even though the idea of 'practising nudity' sounded a tad bit repulsive to her.

But again, Shaily aspired to be a thorough perfectionist like Prof Lekha and looked up to her principles, and following her suggestion was the only way she could not not mess this thing up. Of course, she knew that being totally naked on stage in such a grand event would be a very difficult task for her, and she certainly could not ignore the possibility of having a panic attack on stage.

However, the thought of practising nudity was suddenly starting to fill her with a strange sense of arousal. She felt butterflies in her stomach, and the familiar feeling of wetness in her pussy was back again, even though she was sitting directly across Prof Lekha. She was turned on at the thought of practising nudity among clothed people, and found it really hot. What all would she have to do to get good at being naked among clothed strangers? What would she say? "I'm sorry for my current state of undress. I have a play coming up where I am supposed to be totally nude." or "I hope you don't mind me being naked while you guys are all clothed. Sorry for any trouble.".

Imagining such strange scenarios where she would be totally naked for strangers made Shaily go weak in her knees. What the hell was this? Why was she getting so turned on at the thought of having to exhibit her nude body to clothed people? Was she a natural exhibitionist or was she just embracing the thought now? Thoughts began to spin in her head, but she managed to stay put in front of Prof Lekha.

"I understand Prof Lekha. I'm going to think more about how I can practise being nude in front of people. I'll talk to you more on that once I devise some sort of action items. Does that sound fine to you?", asked Shaily cautiously.

"Of course Shaily. You are welcome to come talk to me anytime. You also have my contact number, so feel free to call me anytime you want. This is our play, let's make it big.", said Prof Lekha smiling at her.

"Thanks Prof Lekha. I have a lecture to attend, so I'll get going now.", said Shaily and got up.

Before she could leave, Prof Lekha asked her, "Shaily, is your aunt okay with this? You being nude for the play and all? I don't want to annoy her in any way, you know...".

"Well, Prof Lekha, I haven't talked to Aunt Bhatia about this yet, but I'm sure she'll be on the same page as me. If at all, she might want to have a few words with you, but nothing more than that.", said Shaily confidently with a smile.

"That's great to hear. I'm glad that we are working this out Shaily. Let's get to this. I expect an action plan on all fronts from you on the play and your nudity practice by tomorrow morning, is that fine?", said Prof Lekha.

"Sure Prof Lekha, I'll work on it. Good day to you!", Shaily said before exiting Prof Lekha's chamber as she felt the wetness in her loins run almost down to her thighs. Her skirt was too short and Shaily realised that her juices were leaking from her pussy and her cotton panty onto her thighs.

"Gosh, I need to clean myself up. I smell like orgasm!", she thought to herself shyly and with not many people in sight in the Professors' cabin, Shaily quickly ran towards the nearest bathroom to clean herself up before meeting her guy friends in class.

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[7] It's all about the panty or the lack of it

After washing her pussy off her wetness, Shaily met her guy friends back in class for 'Theory in Theatre'. The course was taught by 34 year-old Professor Anita, who hailed from the city of Jabalpur.

Theory in Theatre was supposed to be one of those boring subjects that none of the students ever wished to have in their curriculum, but Shaily found it interesting nonetheless. The course mainly focussed on the history of Theatre right from the 15th Century, the start of the Renaissance Era in Italy and then throughout Europe and then continuing onto how Theatre established its place in several countries all over the world. It was a course that brought no real practical knowledge to the students as far as Dramatics and Theatre were concerned which was the primary reason why almost all the students barring Shaily really hated the course.

Shaily was, like usual, sitting in between her guy friends with them on either side of her. They were all of course seated in the last row of the lecture hall like everyday where they weren't under the scrutiny of the Professor or any of the students.

Arun was seated to Shaily's right while Faisal sat on her left. Given how all the guys got to do a lot of things to Shaily yesterday, they were not a tiny bit reserved about feeling her up in class. After all, they were all testosterone-charged horny young men eager to feel the warmth and sensuality of a woman as sexy as Shaily who just got totally naked for them at their place yesterday and allowed them to have fun with her privates as they wished. Moreover, Shaily's attire for the day brought a strange sense of arousal in all of them. Of course, she did wear sexy clothes to college every now and then and more often than not at their place, but she had never worn something as racy and revealing to college ever. The guys were glad that Shaily wore something so revealing so that they didn't have to make extra efforts to safely grope at her sexy flesh in class.

So, while the guys all sat in the last row of the class with Shaily in between them, Arun and Faisal had their hands all over Shaily's body throughout the lecture as they touched and groped all of her sexy exposed flesh. Faisal took the liberty of inserting his hands inside Shaily's halter crop top to feel her voluptuous braless breasts, pleasantly amazed that Shaily didn't care to wear anything to cover her sexy tits under her halter crop top. He kept sliding his palm inside her top and even pinched her nipples a few times much to Shaily's embarrassment. Arun, on the other hand kept caressing Shaily's thighs by pulling her miniskirt all the way up under the table as it sat there bunched up at her waist. The sight that Shaily presented was nothing short of a lovely hot slut which turned the guys on immensely.

As horny as they were, the guys who weren't seated directly beside Shaily didn't want to be left out either. Abhishek and Karan, who sat beside Arun and Faisal respectively kept rubbing Shaily's naked back which was exposed through the cuts of the crop top and Shaily had a hard time focussing on the lecture while trying to maintain a serious expression on her face as the guys kept groping and molesting her sexy flesh and private parts as they wanted throughout the lecture.

In a particular instance, Arun did as much as sliding his right hand inside Shaily's panty to touch her naked crotch, much to Shaily's utter disbelief. She couldn't believe the guys were literally doing such things to her right in class, as a shy nervous smile spread on her lips while she looked on at Arun and the rest of the guys, trying hard to maintain a neutral expression on her face. She was certainly afraid that someone saw them while Arun slid his hands inside her panty and touched her most intimate part without any fear, which didn't go unnoticed by the guys as they all shared amused laughs at Shaily's predicament while they enjoyed her sexy voluptuous body, right there in class.

"Holy fuck Shell! Your pussy is so fucking wet darling. We've got to get you off that wet panty of yours, or else you'll catch some really severe cold!", said Arun looking at her and smiling naughtily, teasing her for being aroused with what the guys were doing to her. He was of course tremendously aroused himself at getting to feel Shaily's most intimate part which was so wet, and that too right there while the teacher was lecturing them in class.

Shaily turned to Arun and smirked shyly, feeling so womanly at what Arun was doing and saying to her, but she tried to maintain her calm. The last thing she wanted was for Prof Anita to catch her while the guys molested her private parts lustfully without any fear of being caught.

"Ouch! Stop it Fais, go easy on them, we are in class for Christ's sake!", she whispered loudly as Faisal roughly pinched Shaily's tits with both his hands completely inside her crop top.

As the guys nonchalantly laughed at Shaily's predicament of being caught by the Prof, Shaily smiled in sweet embarrassment for being groped and molested right there in class by their best guy friends. She was scared of the consequences as she nervously eyed everyone around while the guys had their fun with her body, but she also felt tremendously aroused, as was evident in the wetness in her pussy that ended up soiling her panties.

"Arun, I think you should take the burden of removing Shell's wet panty off her. We don't want her to get sick due to her wetness before the play, do we?", said Abhishek, as he glanced at Shaily and passed a naughty wink at her.

As much as she tried to suppress it, Shaily couldn't help but let out a shy smile at Abhishek's naughty words. She just felt so womanly that the guys were openly molesting and groping her sexy flesh right there in class while making plans to get her off her panty. It was just too hot for Shaily, and she had a really tough time focussing on Prof Anita's lecture. By now, her pussy was dripping juices rapidly owing to the erotica of the situation, thanks to the guys.

"I'll kill you guys if you try to do that, I promise.", said Shaily feigning resilience, but deep inside, Shaily felt it so hot if Arun indeed did that. How sexy would it be if one of her guy friends stripped her out of her panties, right there in class while the Prof was lecturing them within metres distance.

Much to Shaily's sweet embarrassment, in a few seconds, Arun did just that. He nonchalantly slipped his fingers in either sides of her panty's waistband and started to slowly tug it down with the ulterior motive of removing it off Shaily, all right there in class.

"Relax Shell, I'm going to do it carefully, you just raise your bum off the bench a little so that I can get it off, and I'll do the rest.", he whispered to her as the other guys fascinatingly looked on. It was just truly too erotic, the feeling of making a sexy hot girl like Shaily panty-less in class.

"Are you guys insane?", Shaily said with part shyness and part disbelief, unable to believe that the guys were actually going for it, but found herself assisting Arun in getting her panty off of her by quickly getting her ass off the bench for a split second so that Arun could slide the panty down her thighs without attracting any attention towards them.

Shaily nervously sat back down, trying hard to maintain the neutral expression on her face to avoid any suspicions as Arun slid the panty down to her legs with a silly horny smile on his face. He was no doubt enjoying this immensely, as were the rest of the guys.

"I'll kick it off.", whispered Shaily as she fidgeted with her legs to get the panty off her feet as the panty dropped on the floor at her feet. It didn't need a mind-reader to gauge how sexy she was feeling right then at being stripped off her panty live in class by one of her guy friends, as Shaily felt her pussy leaking juices rapidly by now.

"There you go guys, Shell's panty-less right now!", proclaimed Arun in a whisper to the guys who all laughed silently.

"Holy cow, Shell, you are such a fucking slut!", said Karan excited with how they managed to get Shaily get rid of her panty right there in class.

"Well, it wasn't my idea to lose my panty.", she said showing mock anger towards the guys, as they all playfully taunted Shaily for sitting in class with her miniskirt bunched up at her waist and her pussy completely naked without any panties to hide her most private part.

Faisal used his legs swiftly to pick the panty off the floor that was lying by Shaily's feet and inhaled it under the desk, much to Shaily's embarrassment.

"Oh gosh! Stop it Fais, I'll kill you.", said Shaily, not caring to suppress her shy laugh at Faisal's nasty and horny actions, as the rest of the guys too joined in on the laughter. Shaily felt really humiliated, but in a good way and she sure was loving every bit of it. She loved how naughty it was, and how the guys were having fun with her as Faisal passed Shaily's wet panty to all the guys while they took turns inhaling Shaily's wet juices on her panty.

"Wow Shell, you smell so potent. Gosh, aren't you one horny creature!", said Jaspinder looking at her and purposely making weird sounds while smelling her wet blue panty.

Shaily couldn't help but feel so womanly as the guys made funny comments on her being panty-less in class, while she sat there between them with her miniskirt bunched up her waist, and Faisal's hands inside her crop top, all right there in class.

She loved to sit there like that for the guys, not caring to even adjust the tiny thing to cover her naked pussy that was just stripped of its bare minimum by one of them. She felt so hot and horny enjoying the fact that her guy friends were so turned on with what they were getting to do to her. The fact that she allowed her male friends to do such humiliating things to her right there in class and see the joy it brought about on their faces only made her feel happy about herself. She tried to focus on the lecture, but she was getting to get seriously turned on with all of what was happening around her, and she found herself smiling every now and then to the guys' funny but horny comments surrounding her nakedness, the sight of her sitting there without any panties on her delicious pussy. It was sweet embarrassment, the feeling that Shaily was starting to really really love. By the end of the lecture, Shaily was made to be a horny mess by the guys.

"Okay guys, the lecture is going to end in another 5 minutes. Can I please have my panty back?", she whispered to the guys with her hands over her mouth and a neutral expression on her face.

"Oh come on Shell, you look much better without any panties on. Moreover, we are all really concerned about your health, and we don't want you to wear that damn thing and catch cold!", said Abhishek with a sly horny smile on his face as he sniffed Shaily's wet panty once again.

Shaily turned to look at Abhishek and smirked shyly at his words once again. She badly wanted to have her panty back, but didn't want it at the same time as well. Such was her feeling right then, she was just too hot.

"Well, yes Shaily, we really care about you darling, and we certainly don't want you to catch any flu due to this wet pussy of yours. Let it catch some air baby doll.", said Faisal winking lustfully at Shaily, as he extended his hands to reach Shaily's wet pussy and gave it a slight pinch.

Shaily somehow managed to suppress a squeal as Faisal naughtily pinched her wet pussy right there in class, as the guys all once again laughed out at Shaily's desperate efforts to avert any suspicions while they had fun with her sexy privates as they wished.

Seeing the guys laughing and enjoying while having fun with her body, Shaily smiled at them in sweet embarrassment. She really felt extremely hot about how she was the only girl among the 5 guys. sitting there in between them without a bra and a panty, with her miniskirt bunched up at her waist while the guys all had fun with her naked body and taunted her lustfully for being so naked in class. She really loved the fact that she was entertaining the guys with her attire, or rather the lack of it, giving them the liberty of feeling and molesting her private parts as they wished while throwing sexy and funny comments at her. It enforced her new-found feeling of being submissive for the men, a feeling that she was, by now, really starting to embrace. It made her feel so womanly, hot and sexy that she was giving the guys so much of fun and clearly, it did wonders to her sweet naked pussy.

With that, Shaily remained panty-less after class as well, as Abhishek dumped Shaily's wet panty in his bag after they all took turns to smell the wetness of her pussy in it. As turned on as she was, Shaily didn't find a reason to complain, neither did she find a reason to wear any panties. She had the skirt in place, and she was feeling so turned on and naughty that she didn't have anything else underneath while she roamed about in college nonchalantly with her guy friends . She just made it a point to sit with her legs closed in the cafeteria which they visited after the 'Theory in Theatre' class.

In the cafeteria, they had their snacks while Shaily filled the guys up on her meeting with Prof Lekha.

"Wow, so she wants you to practise nudity huh? I'm sure no one would be against that baby!", said Karan winking at Shaily.

The news that Shaily had accepted the role of the naked soul for the play in Brussels had spread as quickly as wildfire through the campus. While they were at the cafeteria, Shaily was approached by all kinds of guys who congratulated her for taking the role. Some appreciated her boldness in taking the role given how she was required to be naked throughout the play. Some told her how they could not wait to see her perform in the play. Some of the more prude men came up to her and said she should have given it some more time since it required quite a lot of 'compromise' on her part. Shaily, of course could not care less about such kinds of people.

But of all such people, Shaily cared for the opinion of her closest female ally, Anamika. Anamika, who was aged 4 years older to Shaily, was her best friend before she started to solely hangout with the guys. So when Shaily saw Anamika and Pooja come up to them in the cafeteria, she knew she had to be cautious with them. Of course, Pooja was the female protagonist of the play as was decided by Prof Lekha, but she would be completely clothed throughout the play. It was Pooja's damaged soul that Shaily was supposed to play which required Shaily to sacrifice any kind of clothing, and that was what exactly Anamika wasn't fine with.

As Pooja and Anamika approached their table, Shaily could see the stern and serious expression Anamika bore on her face. Shaily figured Anamika got the news that she had accepted the role of the naked soul in the play, and given how she questioned about the artistic liberty of the play with Prof Lekha in the class, Shaily knew Anamika wasn't quite impressed with her decision.

"Shaily, can I have a word with you in private?", said Anamika, as she approached their table, eyeing the guys around Shaily.

"Sure Anamika.", said Shaily cautiously with a smile on her face. "I'll be back guys.", she said, as she, Anamika and Pooja sat at a table reasonably far from the guys.

"That old bitch is going to brainwash Shell for taking this role, no doubt about that.", commented Karan.

"Yeah, she's always been uptight and possessive about Shell, I don't know for what reason. If Shell doesn't mind getting naked for the play, I don't see what's her damn problem.", said Abhishek, as the guys all looked on at the girls.

Back at their table, Anamika started her rant. "I heard you accepted the role in Prof Lekha's play.", she said sternly, with a serious expression on her face.

"Umm...well yeah, Anamika. It was a tough decision for me, but I decided to go for it. The idea is too great to give it a miss.", said Shaily, carefully choosing her words to minimise the hurt she caused to her elder sister.

"Shaily, have you gone mad? You have accepted a role that requires you to get fully naked and get things done to you in such a public forum while at the same time the man who does those things to you is fully clothed? You literally tossed your feministic beliefs out of the window into a pile of garbage.", said Anamika, with anger clearly showing on her face.

"Anamika, I know you are upset about this. But it's not like I am going anti-feminist by doing accepting this role. It's just, umm, it's just about artistic liberty. The role requires me, and just me to be naked to convey the idea behind the play in the best possible way. I see no...", said Shaily before Anamika cut her short.

"I don't care if you want to get naked, but I certainly cannot entertain this bullshit of social dominance. You are telling me that showing a female utterly naked while a clothed man is doing things to her, in a public forum, is just fine? It's terrible Shaily. You call it artistic liberty, I call it bullshit. If you are okay with this sort of public disparity between sexes, you might as well become a prostitute and sell your body to earn money. That way it is at least justified since you earn your daily bread, but doing it in the name of art is just plain stupid and crass. Even Pooja is ready to drop this thing for me, but here you are, all eager to exhibit your naked body to strangers while a male artist does things to you, while being completely clothed.", said Anamika angrily, as traces of spit flew across from her mouth onto Shaily's face.

"Anamika, please, it's not like that.", said Shaily trying to remain calm. She could understand that Anamika was standing up to a belief that she strongly advocated, but her argument of comparing her role in the play to that of a prostitute's life was just plain illogical to Shaily.

"It is like that Shaily, it is. Trust me, it really really is. You have changed a lot since you started to hang out with those guy friends of yours. They have brainwashed you into accepting this role, haven't they? Ever since you started to hang out with them, you have started to dress skimpier and skimpier, you fucking slut, and I'm sure they convinced you into accepting this role just so they can get to see you completely naked on stage, and you just happily agreed. For Christ's sake, you aren't even wearing any panties under that goddam miniskirt of yours, you shameless whore!", Anamika shouted out at her, as all eyes in the cafeteria were instantly diverted to the scene.

Shaily couldn't believe how rudely Anamika was talking to her in front of everyone, but instantly realised that she had mindlessly spread her legs a little when she sat down in front of Anamika and Pooja, ending up showing a trace of her panty-less vagina to her. The miniskirt that she wore for the day was indeed a little too short, and it rode way up her thighs, giving away the view of her snatch to Anamika as she sat down on the chair. As insulted and humiliated she felt at Anamika's hurtful words towards her, Shaily was mentally kicking herself that she was careless to not sit with her legs closed, knowing that she didn't wear anything underneath her miniskirt. But now, the damage had already been done, and Shaily found herself guilty in front of her elder sister who continued to rant about her lack of panties and her apparently lose morale, just because she hung-out more with the guys.

"You are sleeping with them aren't you? Don't you feel ashamed about it? All you are is a slut and you tried to chant verses of feminism with me, while all the time you were giving yourself to these men. No wonder you took this role immediately that requires you to exhibit your slutty naked body to everyone without any shame. You are just a whore who loves to exhibit her body for one and all to see. But that's okay, because I don't care about you now. Today you are panty-less, who knows, by the end of the week, you might just walk around naked for everyone to see and enjoy every part of your whore self.", she shouted angrily at Shaily, before fiercely turning around to leave the scene.

The whole one-sided altercation with her elder sister left Shaily completely broken as she hung her head down with embarrassment knowing that everyone in the cafeteria were staring at her for what just happened. Tears started to roll down her eyes, as the guys immediately came up to her to comfort her.

"Shell, are you okay?", said Karan as the guys helped Shaily wipe her tears.

"Guys, let's get Shell out of here, too many people watching her.", said Arun, as they all helped Shaily off the chair and proceeded to walk her out of the cafeteria while Shaily continued to cry with her head resting on Karan's shoulder for all the insulting words she had to take from Anamika in front of all her peers, just because she had accepted to do a naked role in an amazing play.

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[8] Nudity practice is important, Shell

The guys walked Shaily out of the cafeteria in a jiffy when they realised all the gazes were directed at her while she cried profusely with her head hung down in shame.

Shaily's best friend Anamika had just shouted on her in front of everyone with her anger increasing by the minute because Shaily had accepted the role of the naked soul in Prof Lekha's play. She called her all sorts of disgusting and degrading names in front of her peers and Shaily couldn't help but shed tears out of shame at being called a whore and a slut right in front of everyone, that too by her closest girl friend, someone whom she considered to be her elder sister.

Anamika was a hardcore feminist and she had raised her issues with the whole thing of just a female being completely naked on stage for the play when Prof Lekha had described her idea in class. Now that Shaily had accepted the naked role, Anamika seemed to be furious with her.

However, it was Shaily's misfortune, the guys sadly thought, that Shaily ended up sitting right across Anamika in her tiny miniskirt without a panty underneath, not mindful of closing her legs. The guys had earlier, overcome by lust and arousal for their girl, removed Shaily off her panty because she was dripping wet in her pussy in the class and Shaily thought it was fine to stay panty-less for the rest of the day in college, primarily because the guys asked her to. She really wanted to do it for her best guy friends. Of course, Shaily too loved the kick of roaming around in the college without wearing any panties under her tiny miniskirt. She figured it wouldn't be long before they left for the day anyway.

But it was just her absolute misfortune that Shaily totally forgot about her being panty-less, and did not close her legs together to hide her naked pussy while she sat in front of Anamika and Pooja during their confrontation. Because the miniskirt that Shaily wore was just too short on her, when she sat on the chair across Anamika, it rode way up her thighs and showed off her snatch making it obvious that she wasn't wearing any panties at all.

Naturally, the fact the fact that Shaily wasn't wearing panties in college enraged Anamika even more who was already angry with Shaily because she had accepted the role in a play which required her to get completely naked on stage while the male would be completely clothed and doing things to her naked body, which was completely against her feministic beliefs.

Shaily kept weeping uncontrollably at being called names and hurled abuses at by her closest female friend Anamika, someone who was as close to her like her elder sister. The guys were all around Shaily trying to comfort her, as Arun lovingly held Shaily by her naked waist.

"Guys, I don't think Shell's in a state to go to class now. There's only one class remaining for the day, so why don't we skip it and just go to our place? That'll make Shell feel much better.", said Karan.

As Shaily just kept sobbing in grief, choosing not to say anything, the rest of the guys felt Karan's suggestion sensible. So, with that, all the guys and Shaily walked towards the guys' place where Shaily could relax and recover from the humiliation she was made to face in the hands of Anamika.

Once they reached the guys' place, Shaily started to feel much better. Her weeping had stopped and the guys were glad that their girl was feeling better.

Once at their place, Jaspinder lovingly held Shaily by her waist, pulling her closer to him. "Are you feeling better now Shell?", he asked.

At that very moment, seeing the look of concern and love on Jaspinder's face, Shaily felt so glad to have the 5 guys beside her during her tough times.

"I do Jasp, thanks.", she said smiling.

The smile on Shaily's beautiful face lighted up the guys' moods as well.

"Sorry for being an ass back there. I shouldn't have cried so much in front of everyone just because Anamika was saying rude things to me.", said Shaily.

"Don't you worry about it baby. It's alright. But yeah, you shouldn't care about what Anamika says to you going further. She is just trying to manipulate you and suck you into her delusional world of beliefs. Just because you accepted to do a bold role in the play doesn't mean she gets to abuse you and call you names in front of everyone.", said Jaspinder, visibly angry with Anamika's behaviour towards Shaily.

"Yes Shell, I agree with Jasp there. She's trying to take control of your life. Just because she's a close friend and elder to you doesn't mean she has the right to control every aspect of your life. This is a play that could possibly just change your life forever and make you a star, and I don't think she understands that fact. In my humble opinion, you should just start ignoring Anamika for good.", said Abhishek.

"Guys, I know you kind of despise Anamika and her beliefs and uptightness regarding feminism, but she's not all that bad. I mean, I know she publicly called me a whore, slut and whatnot, and I really wish she didn't do that, but she's kind at heart. It's just that she considers me her younger sister, and she's just not able to live with the fact that I chose to accept this role which requires me to be the only one to be completely naked in front of so many clothed people on such a grand stage.", said Shaily.

"Come on Shell, if she's so close and understanding of you, she would certainly make efforts to understand you and your aspirations. If she wants to protect you from this evil thing which she seems to consider all of this, she would not shout in front of everyone and call you all sorts of insulting names just because you were panty-less. You should give up on her, and tell her to live and let live.", said Karan.

Shaily found the guys' words sensible. Just because Anamika cared about her didn't mean that Shaily had to abide by all her beliefs and sentiments. Maybe she wasn't manipulative, but she certainly did not have the authority to persecute her out in public for taking the role of the naked soul in the play.

Arun said, "Guys, guys, let's just forget Anamika and get on with it. It's not like she can stop Shell from doing what she wants to, while we are there for her, right? Then why bother about that control freak? Shell, but I agree that you've got to let that woman go. After today, seeing her insult you so much in front of everyone, I just don't trust her anymore, so to speak. Anyway, you have a lot to work on for the play. Prof Lekha wants you to lead this play and you have promised to give her an action plan tomorrow, remember? You should start working on that. Which also brings me to the point - have you decided on the male character who's going to act with you in the play?".

Shaily dreaded this question, but she knew one of the guys were going to ask her about her decision at some point and looking at their curious faces, Shaily was obligated to tell them what was on her mind.

"Guys, I know you all are very excited to be a part of the play. I have no issues with any of you for the character for that matter, but given his experience, I am inclined to go with Jasp for the moment.", Shaily said smiling at them humbly.

Shaily expected the rest of the guys to be disappointed with her decision that they weren't the ones to act with her, especially knowing that her counterpart would get to do things to her naked body on stage. Even if they were dismayed, they didn't show it and happily congratulated Jaspinder for bagging the role beside Shaily.

"Wow, really Shell? Thanks, I feel honoured!", said Jaspinder, glee showing on his face very evidently, as he humbly took the congratulations from his close friends.

Shaily was very impressed with the bond the guys all shared with each other as the guys all congratulated Jaspinder.

"I'm sure you are going to have fun with Shell, Jasp. We would all love to see this!", said Karan smiling brightly.

"How about we celebrate the moment with some beer, huh?", said Abhishek as he proceeded to get the beers out from the refrigerator, but stopped in his tracks and looked at Shaily.

"Shell, what the hell are you doing with those clothes on your body at our place?", he said with a naughty smile and a mischievous wink at her, as all the guys passed a laugh at his words.

Shaily looked at Abhishek with a shy smile on her face. Of course, after what happened at their place yesterday, Shaily knew this was on the cards.

"Well, okay then!", she said smiling shyly at them, as the familiar feeling of arousal and womanly shyness wafted over her. As the guys proceeded to sit on the couch to enjoy the show, Shaily stood in front of them and started with her sexy top. Like yesterday, she put on a seductive show for the guys as she got rid of the clothing on her body while the guys sat on the couch and looked on at the gorgeous sexpot in front of them getting naked for their pleasure. It was just absolutely surreal to see a smoking hot chick like Shaily put on a show for them and get completely naked at their place, for their happiness.

Like yesterday, Shaily sat on the bean-bag all naked while the guys all sat on the couch clothed, while they had their usual fun sipping their beers. It was just 4 pm in the evening, so they had some room before they all sought out to discuss Shaily's play.

Shaily, of course, felt immensely happy, excited and aroused at being so casually naked in front of all her guy friends. Her feeling of submissiveness to the guys was again manifested in how vulnerable she felt having just absolutely no clothes on her lovely body while the guys were all clothed in their jeans and shirts. She felt nothing wrong about it. In fact, it was all just right. As a woman, she strangely felt it was her responsibility to be naked in front of the men for their joy. She had a sexy body and she was a woman. How could she possibly wear any clothes when guys were around her? As much as she felt weird about reasoning her nakedness in such a manner, she also felt tremendously aroused to the feeling of being submissive to the guys and to be the only one naked among clothed men. As she sat naked on the bean-bag, she knew she was providing the lovely sight of her uninhibited naked body to her guy friends, who didn't mind gawking at her naked privates as they wished while they all casually talked nonsense like every other day.

"Oh guys, before I forget, since tomorrow is Saturday and we won't be going to college, I am inviting you guys to my place for lunch tomorrow. My mom says its been long since she saw any of you. So please don't make any plans, alright?", said Jaspinder.

Jaspinder lived with his Mom and his younger brother in one of the uptown areas of Mumbai. Jaspinder had one elder brother who was married and lived in US, while his younger brother was doing Engineering from a reputed college in Delhi, but was here for holidays. After Jaspinder's birth, his parents had divorced due to conflicts, and ever since then, Jaspinder, his younger brother and his Mom lived together in their apartment.

"Oh shoot, I have to go to meet Prof Lekha tomorrow Jasp, but it's going to be in the morning. So I think it's fine. I'll make it.", said Shaily, smiling at Jaspinder.

"Yeah, don't worry Shell. Just give me a call if you want me to pick you up darling. It's not an issue.", he said.

"Guys, I really appreciate you guys letting me be naked at your place while I hang out with all of you, I really do. I mean, I know you guys of course enjoy seeing me without any clothes too, but being naked in front of you guys isn't really scaring me out. I mean, you are guys but you are all also my closest of friends, and I don't mind you guys having fun seeing my naked privates like this. But ever since Prof Lekha talked to me about having panic attacks on stage when I get naked in front of thousands of strangers, I have been feeling really anxious. We have to plan this stuff out where I am consciously naked in front of as many people as possible. People whom I don't know, so that I get used to the whole thing of strangers getting to see my naked body while they are all clothed.", said Shaily, as she sat on the bean bag with her legs spread shamelessly wide, exposing her naked pussy to the guys while sipping on her beer.

"Hahaha, baby, come on! You don't have to thank us for letting you stay naked in front of us. The pleasure is all ours.", said Karan winking at her as he reached his hand out to grab her luscious tits and pinched her nipples playfully.

"Ouchhhh!", Shaily squealed and grimaced, as Karan finally retracted his hands.

"Guys, you can grope and feel my tits all you want, but come on, be gentle with them alright? And this applies to you more than anyone, Fais!", Shaily said, trying to fake anger in her face and voice for what Faisal did to her in class today.

As all the guys laughed out, Jaspinder said, "Baby, once we see those big lovely jugs of yours, we can't just have any soft-core fun with them, they really are meant for some rough action!". Saying so, he too stretched out his hand and tightly grabbed both of Shaily's boobs and squeezed them roughly and pinched her tits, as once again Shaily grimaced in pain but felt sexily aroused with how she was letting them act on their lust for her.

"Oh wow, that was rough! Good job Jasp. That left a mark on Shaily's tits!", shouted out Abhishek, pointing his fingers at Shaily's right tit, as all of them including Shaily laughed out to his words.

"You guys are just mad!", she said with a shy smile on her face.

They were all enjoying and having fun with the naked Shaily who sat nonchalantly on the bean-bag with her legs spread wide enough for the men to catch a good comfortable glance of her exposed pussy. Shaily of course knew that the men were enjoying the openly visible view of her snatch and she was loving every moment of it, as she saw all the men's eyes wandering all over her naked body while they gawked and lusted at whatever private part of the naked Shaily they wanted to.

"Shell, I was just thinking about what Prof Lekha said, about your nudity practice. I think I have something for you right away.", said Arun.

"I'm all ears Arun, what is it?", said Shaily curiously while sipping on her beer.

"Jasp, tomorrow at your place, when we come for lunch, can we allow Shell to be completely nude like she is now, in front of your mom and younger brother? I mean, she hasn't seen your Mom in a long time, and I don't think she has ever met your brother, so that would be a great start for Shell as far as getting naked in front of strangers is concerned. What do you guys think?", said Arun.

"Great idea Arun, is that possible Jasp? Can we do this?", said Faisal excitedly.

Before Jaspinder could say anything, Shaily interjected, "Guys, are you nuts? How can I get naked in front of Jaspinder's family? That's totally insane. Jasp's mom would think I am a total slut and I don't want Jasp's brother to see me naked. Oh god, that would be so embarrassing!", said Shaily, visibly agitated that the guys were even considering the possibility of her getting naked at Jaspinder's place tomorrow.

Jaspinder thought for a moment about Arun's idea. "Shell, it's not such a bad idea, come to think of it.", he said.

"Are you mad Jasp? I don't want your mom to think I am a cheap slut who gets naked anywhere and everywhere. Appearing naked in front of her would give her the impression that I don't respect elders and that I am just some cheap whore. I'm sure she wouldn't be impressed about me strutting around naked among 7 guys, 2 of which are her sons, in her very home. This is totally insane. Moreover, I don't want to be meeting your brother for the first time, showing him my naked tits and pussy like a slut.", said Shaily, visibly repulsed about being naked tomorrow at Jaspinder's place for his Mom and younger brother.

"Shell, just hear me out darling. It's alright. My mom's more urban than you think, and I'm sure once I tell her the motive behind your nudity, the play and all that, she'll be just fine. Moreover, I am going to work with you on the play, where I will be doing some stuff to you while you are naked and so I would have to tell her about you being nude on stage anyway. I'm sure she'll be cool with it. In fact, she always says that girls should be bold and ambitious and willing to take risks in today's world, just like the men. She'll be super proud of you when she hears your story from me, and would be more than willing to accommodate you naked in our house, trust me. As for my brother, I'm sure he'll totally enjoy the sight of your naked body. He's just 19, so I'm sure you would make all his dreams come true when you show off your things openly to him for his pleasure. I think it's a great idea. Sorry Arun, you got this one right, I should have thought about Shaily's nudity earlier when I proposed you guys for lunch at my place.", said Jaspinder smiling towards Arun.

"That's okay mate!", said Arun. He then turned to Shaily and said, "So Shell, you naked at Jasp's place tomorrow for lunch in front of Jasp's Mom and brother, and of course, all of us. Okay?".

Of all the guys, Arun had the knack of quickly resolving and closing things and moving on and his suggestion certainly went along this trait of his.

Shaily thought about it for a moment. She did indeed feel quite awkward about wandering about at Jaspinder's place all naked in front of his Mom and brother. But wasn't that the whole point of her nudity practice?

In the morning, when Prof Lekha talked to her about the whole nudity practice thing, about how Shaily needed to get nude in all sorts of scenarios and settings in front of strangers, Shaily felt overwhelmed to say the least. But again, Shaily understood such practice was necessary. The last thing she wanted was to practice day and night for the next two months to perform for the play and then screw it up on the big day just because she wasn't comfortable with getting naked on the stage for the audience, who would all be total strangers to her.

Now, as Shaily thought more about the guys' suggestion that she be naked at Jaspinder's place for her Mom and brother tomorrow, she felt it was the best start she could get as far as her nudity practice was concerned. She would be safe, behind closed doors with her best friends all beside her. Moreover, meeting Jaspinder's Mom and brother wasn't going to overwhelm her in any way, at least for her first task of her nudity practice. Well, she would of course be very uncomfortable, but again, it was the least bit of discomfort she had to endure before she could think about taking up much more challenging tasks for her nudity practice.

"Okay fine! I'll do it. I'll be naked at Jasp's place tomorrow.", said Shaily confidently, as all the guys high-fived each other.

"That's great Shell baby! Your nudity practice officially starts from tomorrow, and I can't tell you how excited I am for tomorrow. Till then, why don't you come here and sit with us on the couch so that we can have some fun that sexy body of yours!", said Arun winking at her.

With a shy smile on her face, Shaily immediately got up and sat down between Arun and Abhishek as they all sipped their beers, but not before they all started to feel Shaily's intimate parts with their hands, as they wished.

Of course, the men were all turned on with Shaily's nude form, and Shaily had realised that they were starting to get rougher with their touches and gropes on her private parts. Her boobs were pressed harder and rougher, and her tits were constantly being pinched and pulled. Arun used his hands to spread her legs wide and inserted a finger gently inside Shaily's vaginal hole and started to slowly but steadily finger fuck her beautiful naked pussy. Once he saw how Shaily was enjoying it as was evident in the aroused expressions on her face and her quick breaths, he started to increase his pace as the rest of the guys resorted to manhandling her breasts and waist. Shaily was feeling on cloud nine as she enjoyed the gropes of the men around her, all of whom were her best mates.

"Here Shell, have a sip while we continue to have fun with your body!", said Abhishek winking at her, as he held the bottle of beer near Shaily's mouth and poured some beer.

"You guys are such assholes!", said Shaily with a shy womanly smile, as she sipped her beer while the guys continued to feel her soft voluptuous nakedness as they wished. After Arun, they all took turns to insert their fingers inside Shaily's vagina, as Shaily started to get really horny and sexy with how the guys were fingering her cunt hole at their place while she was totally naked for them. After being passed around twice through all the guys, Shaily had a beautiful orgasm when Abhishek's fingers were inside her naked bare sex for the second time, as she shook there violently, naked in their hands, while the guys all looked on, amazed at the spectacular sight of their sexy friend Shaily orgasming in front of them.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh! Goddd!", Shaily screamed, as the orgasm shook her entire soul.

"Holy fuck guys! We've just made Shell orgasm!", said Faisal, unable to believe how amazingly hot he felt as he saw Shaily beating herself on the couch with the intense orgasm the guys gave her by fingering her naked cunt hole.

"Wow, indeed! Fuck! She's enjoying it guys! Look at Shell!", said Jaspinder euphorically as they all enjoyed the sight of their naked girl friend orgasming right there, performing her most private activity in front of them. It was truly an amazing sight to behold as they all glanced at each other with astonished smiles while Shaily orgasmed naked on the couch, right in front of them.

At 5:40 PM, they were all seen huddled together working on ideas for Shaily's play. After having her lovely orgasm in front of the guys, Shaily proceeded to the washroom to clean herself as she smiled shyly at the guys for what had happened. Normally, she would have totally freaked out with the thought of being finger-fucked by 5 guys to such an intense orgasm, but Shaily felt loved how beautiful it was, not just for herself, but for the guys as well. She loved the feeling it gave her, to have an orgasm after being finger-fucked by her best guy friends at their place. The fact that she was submissively naked for all of them while they were all completely clothed had sparked a great deal of arousal in her to start with, and the sexy feeling of orgasming in front of them really made her feel very special and hot.

Shaily had to meet Prof Lekha tomorrow and submit her action plan for the play, and the guys didn't want Shaily to fall back on schedule. With that, they all kept their hands to themselves during the time they worked on the play, so that Shaily wouldn't be aroused and lose focus on her work. So, as they still sipped on their beer, and with Shaily still casually all naked and sitting with them on the couch, they discussed a good deal of ideas for the play, based on what Prof Lekha had outlined.

While they all worked on her play, the guys took turns and planted lustful kisses on her sensual lips as Shaily kept blushing endlessly for the sweet kisses the guys kept giving her every few seconds. However, being the considerate men that they were, they all made it a point to not grope and molest her naked privates even though they really wanted to so that she could concentrate on her play.

After all, this play was a defining moment in Shaily's career and they were all mature enough to be serious and disciplined when Shaily was working on it.

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[9] Charity Begins at Home

In the evening, once she reached home from her guy friends' place, Shaily made it a point to talk to Aunt Bhatia and tell her about the play that she was going to perform in Brussels in a couple of months, and of course, her choice to take the role as the naked soul of the female protagonist in the play.

Shaily specifically made it a point to tell Aunt Bhatia how important this play was for her career-wise and that she would certainly receive international recognition for performing such a bold role in a brilliant play at such a big event.

Hearing everything Shaily had to say to her, Aunt Bhatia replied, "Shaily baby, I am sure you are mature enough to take the right stand on this. There are elements of risk in this, given how you are going to be completely and utterly nude on the stage throughout the play, and that a man is going to have his way with you. As long as you have thought through it and you are confident about doing such a bold role which requires you to exhibit your body to so many strangers, I am just fine. Just make sure you don't get into any trouble because of your nudity.", she said with a smile on her face.

"Don't worry about it Aunt Bhatia. The entire institute is behind me on this play, and you know about Prof Lekha right? She's an absolute perfectionist. The idea of this play is so brilliant, and I am also getting the opportunity to be the lead director of this play, which means that I get to choose the storyline and the acts myself. Isn't that great? I've been waiting so long to get the right opportunity Aunt Bhatia, and I am so glad that this play is everything I ever wished.", said Shaily, very glad that Aunt Bhatia did not have any qualms regarding her naked role in the play.

Aunt Bhatia lovingly kissed Shaily on her cheek.

"Shaily, you have always been an ambitious girl and now you show that you are also bold after accepting such a unique and challenging role, and I wish you only the best my darling. I am glad you are ready to take such risks to further your growth in your career. There's nothing to be scared or ashamed of for being naked in front of others to convey such a beautiful idea, if you ask me. If anyone ever does as much as snubbing you on that, just ignore them and do your thing. You understand me doll?", said Aunt Bhatia smiling warmly at her niece.

Shaily was extremely happy that Aunt Bhatia was so understanding and supportive of her goals. Of course, she had always been, and she knew Aunt Bhatia would have no problems with her bold decision to accept a role that required her to get totally naked on the stage in front of thousands of people, but again, she was apprehensive. Now that Aunt Bhatia was so supportive of her decision, Shaily could not be happier.

"You are the best Aunt Bhatia, I so so love you!", Shaily said, as she lovingly hugged Aunt Bhatia and kissed her on her cheeks.

"Hehe, My sweetie! Come on, let's have dinner now, I made your favourite chicken steak today.", said Aunt Bhatia with a lovely smile towards her niece.

"You are the best Aunt Bhatia, you seriously are.", said Shaily as she once again kissed her Aunt on her cheeks with love.

Shaily had a relaxing bath before having her dinner, while Aunt Bhatia brought out the dishes on the dining table. After all the rough things the guys had done to her, Shaily's body required some really warm and soothing touch. So Shaily took her time and had a long bath with her favourite aroma scented body wash that was gifted to her by her Dad when he was here from the US last year.

Shaily's wardrobe for nightwear consisted of just a couple of thigh length sleeveless negligees, one of which was white, while the other was black. She usually wore them in the nights without any undergarments as it was just her and Aunt Bhatia at home.

For a moment, Shaily thought about walking out naked into the living room since she had already mentioned to Aunt Bhatia about the play. Of course, Shaily did not mention to Aunt Bhatia about her nudity practice that she was planning to follow as preparation to get naked on stage in front of countless clothed strangers. She was sure Aunt Bhatia wouldn't have any restrictions if she wanted to stay naked without any clothes at home, but she thought the better of it. Instead, She decided that, while having dinner, she would tell Aunt Bhatia about her talk with Prof Lekha that she had that morning, and about how she had suggested her a "nudity practice" routine where she would be naked for extended periods of time in different scenarios.

Shaily felt that, being naked at home would only make sense since it would stick to the adage of "Charity begins at Home". It wasn't going to help her much as far as losing her inhibitions regarding being naked was concerned, as it was just Aunt Bhatia who would be seeing her naked, but still, Shaily felt it was a good idea to be naked at home anyway as part of her nudity practice.

With that, Shaily wore her white-coloured negligee with nothing underneath like usual and set out into the hallway to have her dinner. She had it at the back of her mind to ask Aunt Bhatia if she would be okay with her being naked at home, but fortunately, Aunt Bhatia only made it easier for her.

"Shaily, baby, I don't mean to pressurise you or anything, but I think you better start being naked here at home in front of me all the time. It'll help you get used to the whole idea of being naked in front of people, and it's better if you start with that while at home, don't you think?", said Aunt Bhatia casually as she prepared to lay out the dinner for her niece.

Hearing Aunt Bhatia's words, Shaily laughed out happily.

"Oh my god Aunt Bhatia, I was just going to ask you about it. You know, I had a talk with Prof Lekha earlier in the day and she was telling me how important it was for me to practice nudity consciously in all kinds of settings in front of different kinds of people. I was actually going to wear nothing and come out for dinner from my bath and greet you, but I thought it was disrespectful if I did so without asking your permission for it first.", Shaily said, with a glad smile on her face.

"Oh my baby, are you mad? You don't have to worry about such things with me. It's only us here, and no one ever comes. You should stay naked in front of me darling. Of course, I am your Aunt and I know you wouldn't feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable to roam around in front of me without any clothes on your body, but you should still do it regardless. That way you'll feel much less shy and uncomfortable in getting naked in front of strangers when the time comes for you to get naked in front of people you don't know.", said Aunt Bhatia smiling at Shaily, as she sat down on the chair.

"Oh, Aunt Bhatia! I love you, that is so thoughtful of you. I was just thinking how I should tell you about this. I mean I didn't want it to be awkward between us, my whole nudity thing! Of course, I wouldn't feel a tiny bit uncomfortable staying completely naked in front of you at home Aunt Bhatia. But still, I just wanted to make sure you would be okay with me being totally naked at all times around you.", said Shaily gladly.

"You idiot!", said Aunt Bhatia playfully pulling Shaily's ears.

"I'm your Aunt, and your best friend. What made you think it would be awkward for us to discuss your nudity with me? huh? Now get rid off that negligee and give it to me you dumbo! From now on, you are not allowed to wear anything at home ever, but stay naked at all times. Have I made myself clear?", said Aunt Bhatia with playful authority, acting as if she was reprimanding Shaily for wearing even that thin negligee she had on her body right then.

Shaily smiled and played along with Aunt Bhatia's playful demeanour.

"Sure Aunt Bhatia, I promise I won't wear anything at home from now on, no matter what.", she said gladly, before she got up from her chair and got rid off the white negligee off her body to get completely naked, and gave it to Aunt Bhatia.

Aunt Bhatia placed the white negligee aside with the intention of putting it back in Shaily's wardrobe later. She then playfully laughed and said, "That's a good girl. It's nice to see you do all of this to get your play right, Shaily doll. Tells me how much you admire and respect your profession baby.", she said as she glanced at Shaily's beautiful nude body. "And I am sure, with that beautiful body of yours, the play is going to be a total hit, especially among the men!", said Aunt Bhatia with a mischievous wink.

Shaily blushed at Aunt Bhatia's words.

"Oh stop it Aunt Bhatia. You make me blush!", said Shaily, sporting a shy smile on her face hearing Aunt Bhatia's words.

"Haha, it's true baby. Your body is really gorgeous, and I'm sure the men are going to go speechless once they see you perform on the stage absolutely naked. Moreover, the idea of the play is really beautiful, and I'm sure you have taken the correct decision of accepting such an impressive role baby. Make sure you work hard on this play and make it a great success in Belgium.". said Aunt Bhatia, with a lovely smile on her face.

"Thanks a lot Aunt Bhatia. Indeed, this play is really marvellous, and I am going to focus entirely on it for the next few months until we perform in Belgium!", said Shaily with a bright smile on her face, as she sat there in front of Aunt Bhatia, completely naked and eating her dinner.

While they had their dinner with Shaily completely naked, Aunt Bhatia talked to her about random stuff like she usually did everyday. Shaily really loved spending time with old Aunt Bhatia after her college. She always fell in love with how her Aunt told her all the nonsense in the world, about her neighbours and about her distant relatives and whatnot. Shaily didn't particular enjoy learning about people she didn't really know or care about, but she knew how Aunt Bhatia would be alone and bored at home while she would be in college, and that she loved to blabber about anything and everything with her niece when she was home. Spending time with Aunt Bhatia after being in college all day filled Shaily's heart with happiness, and more so even today after all the wonderful things that started happening in her life.

After dinner, Shaily and Aunt Bhatia proceeded to sit on the couch and watch TV. Usually, after dinner, Shaily would lie down on the couch with her head on Aunt Bhatia's lap while they would watch TV for an hour or two while they talked about random stuff. Shaily loved to hang out with her Aunt that way everyday in the night.

Today too, Shaily did the same, albeit completely naked without a string of clothing on her body. It felt very relaxing to Shaily to be totally naked at home and given that there were no guys around to lust at Shaily's naked body, Shaily felt liberated and all the more relaxed in wearing nothing in front of her Aunt.

Moreover, Shaily shared great rapport with Aunt Bhatia and she felt absolutely comfortable in exhibiting her body to her Aunt without any qualms. Like usual she spread her legs wide on the couch not caring about showing off her vagina obscenely to Aunt Bhatia. Aunt Bhatia too, of course, did not have concerns regarding that, and loved how much a free soul Shaily was in being utterly naked in front of her Aunt.

Aunt Bhatia smiled lovingly seeing how Shaily just slept on her lap the usual way with her legs spread carelessly wide exposing her naked pussy to her in a rather vulgar and unwomanly manner, but she was only happy that her lovely niece didn't feel the slightest of awkwardness or discomfort in being her usual self in front of her while she was completely naked, at the age of 23. As naked as the day she was born.

While Shaily slept on her lap, Aunt Bhatia lovingly massaged Shaily's head on her hair like she usually did while they watched TV.

Shaily mentioned to her Aunt that tomorrow she would be going to Jaspinder's place for lunch along with her guy friends.

"It's been a long time since I met Mrs. Bharti and I don't even know Jasp's brother, so I'm sure it'll be a fun time at Jaspinder's place, Aunt Bhatia", she said.

Of course, Shaily also mentioned the fact that the guys had convinced her to stay naked at their place throughout as part of her nudity practice.

"Oh, that's great to hear Shaily baby. But are you sure Mrs. Bharti will be fine with you being totally naked at their place, that too in front of her?", asked Aunt Bhatia.

"I guess so Aunt Bhatia. Jasp says he will talk to his mom and he says Mrs. Bharti will be completely fine about it once she gets to know the motivation for me being nude at their place.", said Shaily.

"Well, that'll be great. I'm sure you will have some discomfort in getting naked in front of Jaspinder's Mom and brother, so that'll be some really good practice for you Shaily. I'm sure the guys wouldn't have any problem if you don't have your clothes on though!", said Aunt Bhatia with a playful wink.

Shaily blushed at Aunt Bhatia's words. Of course, she did not tell Aunt Bhatia that she had already been naked for them at their place and that the guys had been doing all sorts of things to her body for the last couple of days. Not that she wanted to hide it from Aunt Bhatia, but Shaily felt it was not necessary to tell her about it right then.

"I'm sure that won't be a problem for the guys Aunt Bhatia. Though I'm worried about Jasp's younger brother. Jasp tells me he's just 19 and I don't want him to have wet dreams about me after he sees me roam around naked in front of him with all my things exposed for him to see.", said Shaily shyly.

"Hahaha, I know right. Anyway, you'll be doing a great favour to the pour soul baby. He'll have some fun seeing you naked, and since that's going to make you more and more uncomfortable, it's a good thing for you too, and a win for everyone.", said Aunt Bhatia winking at her.

Hearing Aunt Bhatia's words, Shaily smiled blushing, and cutely grimaced while lovingly pinching her aunt's cheeks.

"You are so damn adorable, Aunt Bhatia.", she said, with a bright smile on her face.

Just then, Shaily received a call from Jaspinder on her mobile. Shaily answered the call, as she lay naked on Aunt Bhatia's lap while she lovingly massaged her hair.

"Yo Jasp! What's up?".

"Shell, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.", said Jaspinder on the phone.

"What happened Jasp?".

"Shell, I know I invited you guys for lunch at my place tomorrow where you would also get the opportunity to get naked in front of my Mom and brother. But unfortunately, my Mom's really sick. She caught a serious cold just this morning, and she has some body aches too. I'm afraid she won't be able to cook for all of us even though she insists on doing so. I don't want her to get stressed over it. I'm sorry, I thought it would be great if you could come here and stay naked in front of all of us and get your nudity practice started, but I think we'll have to postpone it to another time.", said Jaspinder dejectedly.

"Oh Jasp, are you mad? That's okay. Don't worry about my nudity practice. I'm naked at home right now, so I'm getting started with the practice anyway. But is your Mom alright? Take care of her Jasp, we can obviously do this some other time love.", said Shaily.

"Yeah, I did get her some medicines, so she'll probably be fine by tomorrow morning, but I just wanted to let you know that we would need to most probably drop tomorrow's plan.", said Jaspinder.

"Hey Jasp, I have an idea. How about this. You know how I have always wanted to cook for you guys at Karan and Abhishek's place? How about we do it at your place tomorrow? That way the plan will still be on. I'll cook for all of us, your Mom and your brother and your Mom can still take her time off. How does that sound to you?", said Shaily excitedly.

"Well Shell, that's not a bad idea. I think Mom would love that. She's been really insisting on having you guys over and that she'll cook for you. But are you sure you can cook for all us? I mean it's going to be a little tedious for you with all the new setting here. Moreover, there's two extra members for you to cook for as well.", said Jaspinder.

"Oh, so what! I can cook, alright. You guys never let me show my talent and I would love to show you all my talent tomorrow at your place Jasp!", said Shaily, excited.

"Haha, show you will, not just your talent, if you know what I mean.", said Jaspinder, laughing out.

"Shut up!", said Shaily, blushing shyly at Jaspinder's innuendo.

"So the plan's on then? You'll come here before the guys come in, get naked and cook for all us and then stay naked in front of us for the rest of the evening. Does that work for you?", said Jaspinder.

"Sounds exciting to me Jasp!", said Shaily excited.

Shaily had always wanted to show her cooking skills to the guys, but the guys always discouraged her, citing that it would be a lot of effort and they always ended up ordering food online. But tomorrow, she would get the chance to cook at Jaspinder's place, and that too completely naked while all the others would be completely clothed. Shaily found herself getting excited thinking about all the exciting experiences tomorrow had in store for her.

"Alrighty then, I'll tell Mom that you'll cook and that she can rest for the day. Let's do one thing then Shell, call me after your meeting with Prof Lekha is done and I'll come to college to pick you up. That way, you can come here, get naked and start with the cooking before the guys come in, and maybe even give them a lovely surprise. Don't tell them that you'll be coming in early and cooking for all of us.", said Jaspinder.

"Sure thing Jasp, it's going to be fun, I promise.", said Shaily happily.

"Sure will be. Alright then Shell. Good night to you and Aunt Bhatia and I'm glad you are naked at home, you know what they say - 'Charity begins at Home'", said Jaspinder laughing slightly.

"Hahaha, I thought the same too! Good night to you too Jasp, see you tomorrow.", said Shaily, and cut the call.

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