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Shy Indian Wife Opens Up by Aurelius1982 - A continuation

Intro: Shy Indian Wife Opens up is my most favorite story by aurelius1982 sir. I don't think he posted it here, but you can find it on literotica. It might not have as much action as his other stories, but I found the shy Bela and the enthusiastic Gautam the most interesting of his couples. It is the writer's right to end the story when he wants. But I hope he will not mind that I am continuing this. I thought it had a lot of potential.

Now, we all know that his Construction Guys story is a big hit and has led to many continuations. Those continuations I thought just ruined the basic nature of his story and turned it into a cheap free for all. Through this continuation, I will try to avoid those mistakes. It will not just be one mindless fuck scene after another. I will try my best to stay true to the characters, and retain the enticing essence of the story, which is shy Bela slowly opening up and the situations and the conflicts.

Wish me luck. To enjoy this story, it is best to first read the entire story as written by him on literotica.

Sorry if there are breaks in updates. I will try to post as often as I can. And I will maintain an index here in this post of all updates.


Update 1: Immediate aftermath of Bela caught fucking Riaz
Update 2: Shyam is invited back for dinner
Update 3: Setting up an experiment with Shyam and Bela as test subjects
Update 4: Shyam has dinner alone with Bela
Update 5: Shyam's tubelight finally goes off
Update 6: Shyam tries more things with Bela, Gautam watches videos
Update 7: Gautam is really keen to know how far she went
Update 8: Bela and Shyam at night
Update 9: Shyam and Bela start an affair
Update 10: Bela gets blackmailed
Update 11: Shyam tries some new things
Update 12: Jagan cashes in his hand

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(Story continues)

"I thought I was hallucinating." Bela glumly said. "That my guilt was making me imagine you were right there. So I closed my eyes."

"And then he came inside you." I said, the images burned in my brain. Bela had closed her eyes after staring at me, opened her mouth and started moaning. Riaz's brown fingers clasped tightly, almost painfully around her boobs, and I saw her body start shaking rapidly in a telltale climax rhythm.

"Yes." she said. "I am so sorry."

And she started crying again. I sighed. It had taken almost an hour to stop her crying, bring her to normal and get her talking again.

After the young buck had shot his jizz into the condom inside my wife's cunt, he leaned forward in satisfaction to kiss her. But he stopped with his lips half an inch from her face. Because that's when he saw me. And unlike Bela, he didn't think I was a hallucination.

"AAAAAHHHH!!!" he shouted as his eyes went really wide in terror.

Bela winced at the shriek in her ears and opened her eyes.

"What???" she asked in an annoyed voice.

"SAHAB!!! Oh shit oh shit oh shit!!"

That's when Bela looked at me and realized I was actually there. Her mouth opened wide and she suddenly jerked back, her boobs squeezing back through the bars and she also let out a squeal.

"It's okay!!" I loudly said and started walking towards the window.

But they had both disappeared.

I walked towards the front of the house. Just as I turned the corner, I saw Riaz run out pulling his underwear on and holding his pants in his hands.

"Wait!!" I shouted.

"AAAAAAHHH!!!" he shouted again and clutching his pants, sprinted towards the main gate, jumped over it and started running at a rapid clip.

I was completely nonplussed by the situation. I had no idea what exactly I wanted to do. A part of me, the possessive male ego part, wanted to chase down and beat up the man who had just fucked my wife. But the kinky and depraved part of me recognized that he wasn't to be blamed. He had made a move like a virile red blooded young man and it had worked. With my wife's consent, he had gotten to fuck her.

Riaz looked back a couple of times to see if I was giving chase, but kept running even when he saw I wasn't. He didn't even stop to put his pants on. Luckily we lived in a remote area so there was no one around to see the strange sight of a young man sprinting in his underwear. I could see why he was terrified. He, a lowly tradesman, had just been caught fucking an upper class man's wife. Obviously, he expected retribution.

I watched him until he all but disappeared from my sight and walked into the house. He had left all his tools and extra cables in the living room, along with his shirt.

"Bela!" I yelled out and walked to the bedroom assuming she would be there. But on the way, I noticed the bathroom door open and heard her wails. I walked in.

My shy wife....well not so shy anymore.....was sitting naked on the floor under a running shower, her face in her hands, bawling her eyes out.

"I am sorry....I am so sorry.....I am a horrible person....I am a dirty dirty woman...." she said between sobs as she heard me walk in.

"Bela....sweetheart....it'll be okay."

I put my phone and wallet on the sink and sat down next to her, and took her in my arms.

It was like she was having a nervous breakdown. It took half an hour to get her out of the bathroom. I still had a hard-on from watching the whole thing between her and Riaz and wanted to mount her right away. But clearly she was not in the right state of mind. Continuing to cry, she dried herself, got dressed, and then crashed on the bed for another session of weeping and hyperventilation.

I kept assuring her, it will be okay, I was not really angry, it's all fine, in fact it's my fault for engineering the situation, etc etc. But it didn't seem like she heard me. Despite all the horizons she had recently crossed at my prodding, Bela remained at heart a traditional orthodox Indian woman. She was having a hard time coming to terms with the guilt of cheating on me.

Finally I had managed to get her talking. But one mention of him shooting his wad inside her and she was back to crying.

"You will divorce me now and my life will be ruined." she wailed.

"This again! I told you, I am not going to divorce you. I am not blaming you. In fact if anything, it is my fault. I already told you, I hadn't really gone anywhere."

"You...you gave me a test....and I failed." she whimpered.

"It was not a test. It was a silly horny impulse. Bela...honey.....I made this happen."

She was silent for a while. Then she spoke up.

"Why did you make it happen? Why didn't you stop it?" she finally said in a level voice.

"Good! Ask me that. Ask me that instead of blaming yourself completely." I said.

"Okay, well, I am asking you."

I paused and thought a little.

"I don't know the complete answer, Bela. It's not like I actively wanted someone else to...." I almost said fuck but saw her quiver and didn't want to risk setting her off, "...be with you like that. It was an impulse, a kinky thought. Just like all those times out in the open. or what we have been doing with Shyam. Initially, I thought it was just me who was a pervert and you were playing along just to obey me. But then you told me the Chandan story. Which tells me, you are perverted as well."

"Perverted. You're right. My mother said I was a characterless slut." she sulked.

"I mean perverted in a good way. I obviously like such adventures, Bela. And it seems like you like them too."

She didn't say anything.

"Now.....don't cry....stay calm....answer my question honestly.....you enjoyed that sex with Riaz, didn't you?"

She blushed and averted her eyes. And then nodded.

"I will be honest. I didn't find it as objectionable as I would have. When I started the ball rolling, I just wanted to see how far you will go. If I wanted, I could have stopped it any time. I didn't. I kept watching."

She looked at me quietly.

"Is that what you want? To see me have sex with other men?"

"I don't know, Bela. I myself don't know all the answers. I need to think." I honestly said. "What about you? I mean....I only started this because initially, I saw that you enjoyed showing off for Riaz."

"Yes, but you were home."

"I saw what happened later, after he took his shirt off. Don't wince....he has a good young body. You felt attracted. You acted on an impulse. Nothing wrong with that."

"It was still wrong." And she started crying again.

I sighed.

"Listen darling, maybe it's best we take a break from this topic. This is getting us nowhere. Just calm down. Make me some chai."

She nodded as she wiped her eyes, and got up.

The rest of the day went pretty much like that. I occasionally tried to bring up the topic. But Bela was too much of an emotional mess to have a serious discussion. And would start crying. So I dropped the topic altogether. As long as I didn't mention it, Bela was happy pretending nothing was untoward. She went back to being the dutiful homely housewife.

I decided my wife is not the talkative type on this issue. As I had seen before, talking about it or making her aware of it just makes her clam up. So maybe best to play it cool for a while.

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Good to see you back writing stories again. Can you update sandhya story.

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For the next few days, things improved but just a little. Bela was still randomly sobbing, but the frequency had reduces a lot. Thankfully, in bed, she was as excitable as ever before, so that part of my life was unaffected. But her orthodox values would take some time to deal with. She had gone back to wearing a sari all day again, and her clothes in recent days had been an indication of her mood. So even the reduction of the crying, I took as a positive sign.

I examined my own feelings. And I realized that even though I had felt pangs of jealousy and regret right at the moment Bela crossed that final line with Riaz, looking back, I only felt turned on by what had happened. I thought about that scene many times at night and throughout the day, seeing her boobs shake outside the window bars, how those dark fingers of the worker looked against her creamy white skin, how she was crying out for him to bang him harder. It definitely made me horny.

At the same time, my practical side was a little shaken at what had happened. Strip away the eroticism from the whole episode, and what had happened was, a common random worker that my wife had known barely 24 hours, had been able to seduce her very easily. Thankfully, she had remembered to use a condom, so there was no danger of disease or pregnancy. The guy had gotten scared and run away, and never shown his face again. And he had not taken any pictures or videos of what had happened. So there was no long term problem that we had to deal with. It could be just treated as a one-night stand or rather a one-afternoon stand.

If things had to be pushed, I would have to be more careful going forward. But move forward, I somehow had to.

Finally it seemed like Bela was almost back to normal, which means her sobbing was down to just a couple of times a day. And didn't last beyond a minute or two.

I decided to roll the dice. I had to draw her out of her shell. In the past, when she wavered or hesitated, she had done things in her "obedience" to me. Initially it had seemed like the whole obedience thing was purely her orthodox upbringing and small town values, which means that the husband is king of the house. But as I thought more, I realized that at least in the sexual domain, it also gave her an excuse to justify her actions to herself. To get over the shame or the guilt. So whatever she was truly comfortable doing, but felt guilty about, she could be convinced to do using obedience as the excuse.

"Bela, sit, we need to talk." I sternly said one morning before going to work.

She meekly sat down. She was wearing a very simple blue sari and a traditional blouse and of course the mangalsutra.

"Now listen....you know I am your husband. I know best, right?"

"Yes, ji." she said looking down at the table, and sub-consciously fingered her mangalsutra.

"So as your husband, I am telling you, the sobbing, crying and all, stops now. And I mean NOW!" I raised my voice.

She looked into my eyes surprised, then lowered her eyes again.

"As you say, ji."

"What happened happened. Thinking back, I enjoyed watching it. That should be enough."

"As you say, ji." she said.

"Also, I am now telling you.....not asking you, but telling you, that Shyam will be coming to dinner tonight. And every night until his family moves here."

She paused for a second and I felt her ears go red, maybe at the recollection of what had happened the last time Shyam had come for dinner.

"Whatever you say, ji."

"Good." I got up, kissed her, and left.

At work I cornered Shyam alone when I got the chance. It had been a couple of weeks since that night when he had fingered Bela and she had given him a handjob. Both of them had subsequently been embarrassed by it and never spoken about it. Even though he lived next door, he had never come over after that on his own. At work, Shyam stuck only and only to work related matters.

"Listen Shyam, you are coming over for dinner tonight."

"Oh......it's okay, sir. I can get a tiffin from the village. I don't want bhabhiji to feel any.......inconvenience."

"Shyam, I am your boss. I am telling you that you will be dining at our place. That means you will be dining at our place. That's final."

"Ok sir." he gulped.

The rest of the day Shyam seemed nervous and kept stealing glances at me. Finally, work got done.

"Honey, Shyam and I are on our way." I called Bela.

"Okay, ji." Bela said. "Listen...."


"Are you going to do it again?" she softly asked.

"Do what?"

"What you used to do."

"What did I used to do?"

I knew exactly what she meant, of course. Exposing her, stripping her naked, fingering her, and all that.

But I wanted Bela to explicitly say it.

"You know what I mean." she said and even over the phone I could sense she was blushing.

"Do you not want me to?"

"As you said in the morning, you are my husband. Whatever you want goes." she said sincerely.

"I don't know. I might probably do it again if I feel like it. Unless you don't want me to." I gave her a way out. If she really didn't want those adventures resumed, now was the chance for her to say it.

She was silent for a while.

"Bela?" I asked.

"Get onions on the way. We are almost out."

"Okay. And Bela, enough with the sari. Wear something nice."

"What do you want to wear, ji? I will wear whatever you want." she said.

I gave it some thought. I was tempted to tell her, be naked. This was the first time in a while that we would be resuming these games. I didn't want to push her too much and cause her to go back into a shell. So maybe I should ease her in.

"You know that dark green polo shirt? Wear that." It was one of the first western clothes I had bought for her. And initially I didn't know her size too well, so this one was snug, and her boobs pushed against it very prominently. That would be a nice balance, I thought.

"Ok....so your wish is that I wear that dark green polo shirt?" she asked.

"Yeah....do you have a problem with it?"

"No, as you wish, ji." she said. I detected a slight hint of resentment in her answer.

As Shyam and I drove home, I decided to hit pause on the game. I had wanted things to return to a naughty clip and was hoping a night with our old buddy Shyam might be a good way to ease her into things. But from the way she had answered that last question, and how she was now adding "ji" to almost every sentence, it seemed like passive aggressive behavior. Obviously, Bela was feeling uncomfortable, but was too obedient or bitter to flatly say no.

This is what I was thinking as we got home and rang the doorbell. Pause on the game, re-assess the situation in a few days. For today, just normal socializing, a couple of drinks and dinner.

So you could have knocked me down with a feather when the door opened.

There stood Bela wearing that dark green polo shirt I had asked her to wear. It fit her torso perfectly, which is what I loved. Her boobs were perfectly wrapped in it like skin tight leotards. And her nipples were poking against the fabric. Which meant she wasn't wearing a bra.

But it wasn't her not wearing her bra that had surprised me. Not only was she not wearing a bra, but she was not wearing anything other than the shirt I had asked her to wear.

Yes! That was it. Below the waist, she was completely naked. Not just that, she had obviously just shaved her pubic hair, but this time, she had left a thin line of hair or a landing strip on.

"Your bag?" she asked casually. I wordlessly handed her the bag.

"Hmmm...yes." I handed it over and looked at Shyam, who was staring at her with a poker face. There was nothing here he hadn't seen before, but I don't think he expected it to restart instantly.

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beautiful..keep writing.. just finished your traditional wife story and it was awesome..

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great !!!!!! this will be fun!
ahhhh !!!

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all the best

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What a continuation!!! She assumed too much.....let the evening play out, watch her behavior.Keep up the tension, don't let "it" happen so fast, make her and him wait!
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2."Anitya - Cuckold Wife" Fantasy gone wrong, by divya_baby with extended Epilogue by me.
3."When the Unthinkable Happens" extended Epilogue by me. Story by Ramesh1990

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That dinner was a welcome development for me, because it meant Bela had at least somewhat gone back to normal. Not only was she okay appearing and walking around bottom-less in front of our friendly guest, but there was also a slight spring in her step, showing that she enjoyed it. Shyam seemed less tense too, because he knew that things were okay. He obviously did not know what had happened with Riaz, so for him, the long break in invitations seemed to result from the little action he and my wife had enjoyed together in full sight of me.

For that night, I decided to take a wait and watch approach. I didn't take off Bela's shirt, nor did anything with her. Shyam and I had a few drinks as we admired Bela's naked butt and well groomed pussy, talked about work, and other matters. I wanted to see if, like last time, Bela would take the lead in doing something with Shyam. But she did not. She was like she used to be in the early days of the game, a willing but passive participant.

Shyam went back to his place after dinner. And Bela and I fucked like bunnies right after.

"Did you enjoy our dinner tonight, Bela?" I asked after sex.

"If you enjoyed it, that's what is important to me, ji." she said flatly.

Yet again, an indication that she was totally committing herself to this submissive role. I am sure her own kinky and exhibitionist side was thrilled with the return to dinners with Shyam. But she was couching it in the garb of total obedience.

Over the next few nights, I decided to test out the different boundaries and internal rules of this new total obedience approach. The next evening when I called to tell her we were on her way, she asked me what she should wear. I told her, wear whatever you like, totally your choice.

Shyam must have been a little puzzled when we walked in and she was in a proper sari. To him, it must have seemed like a step backward. The dinner that night was completely respectable. The next evening, a similar call, and her similar question.

"Shyam, what would you like Bela to be wearing tonight?" I asked.


"My wife....Bela....what should she wear tonight?"

He swallowed nervously.

"Why are you asking me, sir?"

"Just want to know your preference."

"Whatever you and bhabhiji like, sir."

"But still, if you had to choose."

He stared at his feet for a few seconds.

"Something.....western and ......comfortable." the implication in the comfortable was obvious.

I repeated the message to Bela. She said okay.

That night she opened the door in a t-shirt and track-pants, as if telling us silently, this is what she considered comfortable.

The following evening, same call, same question. I was prepared to test the other side of things.

"Nothing." I said.

"As you wish, ji." she quietly said.

And Shyam gulped when she opened the door wearing just her mangalsutra and nothing else. She stayed naked all night, without giving any indication of discomfort.

I am sure Shyam was confused by all these mixed messages, but he was to polite and too intimidated to say or do anything. One day my hot young wife would be fully dressed, another day totally naked. Must have seemed random to him.

One thing I did notice though. That the two nights she had been fully dressed, she had also been relatively passive in bed. And the two nights when she was fully or nearly naked, she was clearly more aroused, came more often, and was much more vocal.

After these few nights of running controlled tests, I was ready for my next major experiment.


The bosses back at head office in Delhi had been asking me to come in whenever there was some lull in activity and make a report on the progress of our new plant. That lull was now about to approach. I thought this work related trip would give me an opportunity to also test something that I had been wondering about for a long time.

The reason Shyam was such a convenient choice for our games was how docile and decent he was. He had almost never made any kind of a move in face of tremendous provocations from me and once from Bela. Bela herself, always docile, had gone into an extra self-enforced level of docility and obedience. Although she had made some moves on her own that one night when she got fingered by Shyam, and then later when she got fucked by that random Riaz fellow, since then, she had become a completely pliant plaything. I had been the only aggressor driving things.

So I was curious to see, how these two docile and subservient individuals would interact in my absence. I was sure that left to themselves, they would just sit back and probably not interact at all. But what if there was just a little initial impetus from me? Where would events go on their own momentum? This work trip gave me an opportunity to test just that.

The day before I had to leave, I had just finished my lunch when Bela called.

"The postman dropped off a big box for you." she said. "Is it work related? Do you want to send a driver to pick it up?"

"No, it's for me. I'll be right home."

I walked over to Shyam's desk. he was on his computer preparing reports.

"Shyam, I need to head home for some work. I will be back in a couple of hours."

"Okay sir."

"Until then, why don't you go to the factory floor and do a full inventory?"

"Already, sir? I just did it two days ago." he said.

"Yes, but as you know, I have to go to Delhi for presentations tomorrow, and you know what sticklers the bosses are for the most up-to-date information."

"Okay, right away, sir." Shyam put on his hard hat, took his tablet and walked out to the factory floor.

I went to the office glass window and made sure he had gone all the way down. Then I went back to his desk and opened the drawer. I had seen him put his keys there everyday, and sure enough, there they were. I quickly pocketed the bunch and headed home.

"It's over there." Bela pointed when I walked in. She was on the couch watching afternoon soaps on TV.

I opened the box and took out a bunch of smaller boxes and read the instructions. They were all small spy-cameras that could easily be hidden around the house. The whole set had cost me a fortune, but I was not about to skimp on something this important.

Bela's eyes followed me as I walked around the living area, putting one camera in a flower pot, another on a high shelf behind a statue, and so on. She had a curious look on her face. I had no intention of hiding my plan from her. But at the same time, I did not intend to give her the full explanation either.

"Bela, just so you know, I am installing these security cameras around the house. In the living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom."

"Okay." she simply said and pointed to the extra boxes. "What are those for?"

"Those are for Shyam's house."

"Okay." she raised her eyebrows. "Does he know you're installing them?"

"No. It is technically company property, so I don't need her permission." I said. "Would you like me to tell him?"

"Whatever you feel is right, ji." she shrugged and went back to watching TV.

"Hmm. Then don't tell him."

"As you say, ji."

"By the way, today evening, Shyam and I will be working late finishing up the reports for Delhi. So we won't be coming home for dinner. We'll just get something delivered."

She nodded, her eyes still on the TV.

I used Shyam keys to let myself in. I had never actually been inside the house. It was smaller than ours and very sparsely furnished. So it was a bit of a challenge to find spots to hide the cameras in. But I managed somehow. And then I returned to the office.

Shyam was still in the middle of the demanding inventory process on the factory floor. I put his keys back in his drawer, and went back to my office. I closed the door and installed the camera software on my computer, entered the details for all the routers and receivers, and did a system check. All cameras turned on one by one and were transmitting perfectly. Shyam's house was obviously empty. In my house, I could see Bela walking around the house cleaning. Once in a while I saw her glance at the cameras. I wondered if she knew I was watching. In the background, I could hear FM radio playing oldie songs.

I closed the screens. Then I opened the programmable interface and set them all to record starting from the time I left the next day.

I would not be able to watch anything remotely. I would be busy traveling and in meetings all day anyway. besides, I thought it would be a nice exercise in self-denial and anticipation, if for two and a half days, I had no idea what was going on. I would come back and go through all the recorded files to see if any action had taken place at all.

That night. Shyam and I really did have to work till very late. The side-effect of it would be, he would have spent a bit longer time away from Bela before I left, maybe making him long for her more. As we took a break for dinner, I set the first ball rolling.

"Shyam, by the way, even when I am gone, I want you to go over to our place for your meals. It's a weekend, so lunch and dinner both."

"Sir?" he sounded taken aback. "But sir, you won't be there. It will be just bhabhiji."

"So what, Shyam? I trust you. It's not like you are going to eat her or something. Hahaha." I laughed at my own joke.

"But sir, it is not really necessary."

"Nonsense. You have no family, no real set-up at home. Eating out is unhealthy at your age." I said. "It is final. You will have meals with Bela."

"Okay sir....." he sounded tentative.

"Is there something you want to ask me?" I wanted to see if he would ask me if the naked games were supposed to continue in my absence.

"No sir." he said and went back to quietly eating.

That night when I came home, Bela was already asleep. I was tempted to wake her up for our nightly romps. But then decided, maybe I should leave her a little wanting too. So I went to sleep.

The next afternoon, I came back early from work to pick up my luggage and leave for Delhi. And that's when I set the second ball in motion.

"Bela, I have told Shyam that he should come over for meals while I am gone, just like always."

"Okay, ji."

"You are fine with that?"

"Whatever you wish, ji."

"I like this new obedient attitude of yours, Bela." I said. "Where you do everything I say. As I wish."

"You are my husband." she quietly said.

"Well, when I am gone, I want you to extend the same courtesy to Shyam."

She looked into my eyes with a questioning look.

"What I mean is, I am your husband, and he is an elder friend of ours, so my wish is...." and this was the key part. "You do everything he says and wishes. As long as you are okay with it."

"You mean like.....what to cook for lunch or dinner?"

"Whatever. Anything. Just like you obey me unquestioningly, I want you, for this weekend, to obey Shyam."

She nodded. Then I saw her glance around at the cameras. And nod again.

"Will you be watching, ji?" she asked.

"Not while I am gone." I said. "I will be too busy with meetings. If I need to watch something, I will watch the recordings when I get back."

"I see." she said.

"And as I said, I will be really busy, so I might not be able to call or sms. If you have any questions or doubts, unless it is an emergency, just ask Shyam and do whatever he wants or says."

"As you wish, ji."

"But....and again, this is important." I said. "Only if you also wish. I don't want you to do anything against your wishes."

"Whatever you wish is my wish, ji." she said. "If your wish is that I follow Shyamji's wishes, that is what I will do."

I almost started getting hard at the implication. I grabbed her in my arms and kissed her hard. And then left.

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I was in the train working on my presentations and going over the reports. But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about what was happening at home. After it got dark, the train attendants came with my dinner. And I realized it must be dinner time back home too.

I had decided to remain incommunicado with my wife for the whole weekend. But I still needed to know if things had gotten started at least. So I sms-ed her.

- Is Shyam there for dinner?

She responded quickly.

- No.

I checked the time. He should have gone there by now. Work was long over. I called him.

"Shyam, what is this? Bela tells me you haven't gone there for dinner?"

"Sir....I didn't want to cause any inconvenience. So I just bought some food."

"Shyam, I thought we settled this." I raised my voice. "Go over right now."

"Are you sure, sir?"

"Yes. This is an order."

"Okay sir."

I started having dinner and soon a message arrived from Bela.

- He is here.

I sat back and enjoyed my dinner, knowing that the little experiment I had started was now in effect. I had gotten these two shy and passive individuals, with a weird erotic history scripted by me, to spend time alone together for an entire weekend. All I had to do was be patient, and then check the results on Monday.

Keeping myself out of the proceedings turned out to be way more difficult than I thought. I now wished I had set up some sort of a live feed to watch everything in action. But I also knew that the anticipation makes the payoff even sweeter.

I tried to take a nap. It was a short one. I kept checking my phone to see if Bela had sent any messages or updates or questions. But she had taken my instructions to heart at least in that regard. What else was happening though?

Finally my willpower broke. I told myself, just one message. One last message. And then nothing. At about midnight, I sent her a text.

- Is Shyam still there?

She responded after a few minutes.

- No he left a while ago.

That made my heart sink a little. I wasn't sure exactly what I had expected or even desired. Did I want them to just start fucking right away, recreate a situation like Riaz? or did I want things to stay as they were? If she had to take another lover to bed, Shyam was the most practical choice. He worked under me, he was decent, he was well-behaved, and was trustworthy. And his family would be here in a few months, so there would be nothing long term.

A possessive part of me was still a little upset at myself for what I had set up. And yet the kinky perverted part of me was disappointed that he had not spent the night.

Thankfully, what I had said to Bela about me being really busy with presentations and meetings and reports all weekend was true. From the moment the train reached Delhi that morning, work took its toll. I was so busy that I barely got a chance to even think about what was happening back home. At night, some bosses took me out for drinks. I was out with them till late at night, and then collapsed in my bed. The same routine repeated the next day.

I was utterly exhausted on Sunday night when I got on the train home. I managed to check my phone after hours. Still no messages or calls from Bela. I would see her the next morning anyway. But still, the silence in texts was deafening. I messaged her.

- On the train back. See you soon after dawn.

She replied.

- Ok

I couldn't resist having some curious back and forth.

- How was your weekend?

- It was fine, ji

- Did you have fun?

- Yes.

- What did you do?

- I did what you told me to, ji.

Ooooh. The next question was on the tip of my fingers. But I resisted.


The train was a little late getting back. As my taxi pulled up near our house, I saw Shyam starting his scooter.

"Hey Shyam, good morning!" I said as I got out.

"Good....good morning sir." he sounded nervous. "I have to go to the office. The first shift is having some coordination issues and the machines, you know, well, how the machines are...."

He was almost shivering and revving up his engine.

"Yeah, but listen....."

"Sir, I will see you at the office." he said, and without waiting for my response, sped off.

I turned towards the house and saw Bela standing there in a sari. That confused me a little. A sari was always the sign that she was being demure. But Shyam rushing off like that meant something at least had happened.

As I walked in the door, Bela took my bag and walked inside.

"Tea is ready." she simply said.

"Shyam just avoided talking to me like the plague. Seemed very awkward and nervous. What happened when I was out of town?" I aske.

"Why don't you ask him?" Bela shrugged, putting biscuits on the tray next to the tea.

"He went away before I could ask him."

"You have your cameras. Didn't you see everything?" she asked.

"No, I told you, it's just recording. I won't be able to see it till later. Plus it will be almost 60 hours of footage."

She said nothing. Just handed me the tea.

"Going through the footage will take time. Just tell me what happened."

She blushed, and her expression seemed to waver for a bit. Much like when she would start crying. I was tempted to just ask her, did you guys have sex? And put on my authoritative husband voice and command her. But I didn't want to set off another round of bawling.

"Bela, sweetie." I put my arm around her. "You know I love you. Just tell me."

"Please, ji, these things are not easy for me to talk about. You know how bad I am with talking." she said.

"Just tell me slowly from the start. At your own pace. I will ask questions if need be."

"Okay." she sipped the tea and sighed.

Bela started telling me her story in her typical shy laconic way. Many times she just clammed up. I had to coax and prod her. Question her. Allow for long moments of silence and blushing. Luckily, no crying. Took me a couple of hours to get this part of the story out that barely covered twelve hours out of the sixty. I present it here in an edited narrative form, not the rambling way I had to coax it out. I have replaced her shy words for anatomy with more explicit ones. Occasionally I put in my own questions or comments as (Gautam).

(Bela's narration).

You left Friday afternoon. You had told him to come over for dinner even if you weren't around. So I was preparing food accordingly. But he did not come at the regular time. From the window I checked out the lights next door and I saw he was home. Maybe he was being shy. Then you messaged and asked me if he had come and I told you no. He came over shortly after.

"Yes, I called him and coaxed him to go over and not be shy." (Gautam)

Well, he rang the doorbell. I opened it and he came in, looking hesitant.

"Did you open it like you often do, hehe?" (Gautam)

No. Without you around, I didn't know if it was appropriate. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, with bra and panties underneath. He came in. I asked him to have a seat in the living room and went to the kitchen. He asked if he could watch some cricket match and I said sure and turned the TV on. I asked him if he would like whiskey like always and he said yes. I served him a big drink with some snacks and went to the kitchen. He watched the match for a while. I refilled his drink again.

I think after a couple of drinks, he got some courage. He came to the kitchen and just stood there looking at me for a while. I didn't say anything. I remembered your instructions about doing whatever he says or wants. But you had not told me to take the initiative for anything, so I assumed that was not allowed. I stuck to that assumption all weekend.

Anyway, he spoke up after a while. Said it is a very hot day. I said yes it is. He took a few more sips and asked me,

"Bhabhiji, why aren't you....more comfortably dressed?"

"What do you mean, Shyamji?"

"You know....it's a hot day."

"Yes, it is."

"Did sir ask you to....dress differently while he is away?"

"No, he did not say anything about it."

"Ok....ok." he said. He opened his mouth a couple of times. But didn't say anything.

And then he went back to the living room. I think he lost his nerve for the moment. But after another drink he came back.

"Aren't you uncomfortable in the shorts on such a hot day?"

"It's not a big deal, Shyamji."

"Well, in recent days, you know....I mean with everything.....what I mean is.....you must not be used to wearing so many clothes on a hot day in a hot kitchen. You know. It might seem clumsy."

"I suppose." I said.

"Why don't you......" he took a big gulp of the drink. ".....just take your shorts off?"

"Do you want me to take them off?" I asked so he was clear. I was told to follow his wishes. This seemed more like a suggestion, not explicit.

"If you want, bhabhiji."

"It makes no difference to me." I said.

He stayed quiet for a while as if trying to assess the situation.

"I.....well to be honest.....please don't feel offended. I know sir isn't here and all. But honestly, yes, I do want you take them off."

"Ok, as you wish, Shyamji." And

I wiped my hands with a napkin and quickly took my shorts off. He inhaled audibly.

"The...the...panties too."

"Ok." And I slipped off my panties as well.

He looked like he had won the lottery. I wondered why. He had already seen me like that many times. In fact he had even seen me fully naked. But perhaps having me obey him made him feel special. Me doing it in your absence seemed special to him. He gazed at my ass for a while like he often does, but from a few feet away. Then he went outside again, turned the TV off and sat down at the dining table watching me from behind like you two always did.

"Sir is right." he said after a few minutes. "You really have the most amazing ass I have ever seen."

"Thank you, Shyamji." I said. "How many rotis will you have?"

"Excuse me?" he seemed a little thrown off by my practical question.

"I am almost done with everything else. I am going to start the rotis."

"Oh...ummm....three should be enough."

"Ok." I said and reached for the flour.

"Wait, bhabhiji." he said and I stopped. "Would it be too demanding of me to ask you to take your t-shirt off?"

I didn't know exactly how to answer that question. It was not a wish or an instruction. Although in a way it was implied. I thought about what this meant in terms of obedience. But he took my silence to mean reluctance. He continued,

"I understand if you refuse. But I was thinking.....I have seen so much more in the past with sir around. So if you don't mind. Just for some fun. I mean....I promise I won't try anything untoward. I will just look." he rambled, now sounding a little drunk.

"It makes no difference to me, Shyamji. Whatever you wish."

"Then please take your t-shirt off before your hands become messy with the flour."

I nodded and did as was told. He inhaled loudly and said,

"Black....nice. I always love it when you wear a black bra. It contrasts very well with your milky white skin." he said.

He watched me make the dough standing there wearing just that bra and the mangalsutra. Once the dough was made, I washed my hands and started taking the other food to the table. He stared at my pussy as I laid out his plate and started serving him the dal, sabji, raita, chutney etc. Many times, I think he was tempted to reach out and touch me but he restrained himself. I don't think he realized yet how much control he had over me.

I made the first roti and walked over to put it on his plate.

"Thank you, bhabhiji."

"Your'e welcome, Shyamji."

As I started making the second roti, he started talking,

"You have no idea how much I appreciate everything you and sir are doing for me. Hot food every night. Rotis fresh off the tava. Even my wife doesn't do that. And then this thing with the clothes. I mean.....honestly bhabhiji, I don't understand it. But I am not going to complain obviously. Hahaha."

I didn't say anything. When I came over to give him the second roti, he noticed the sheen of sweat on my shoulder and cleavage that always happens when I am making rotis over the hot stove.

"Bhabhiji, will you feel more comfortable if you take the bra off as well?"

I wondered about what to say. Because truthfully, I would not. Not because I had any modesty or concern about being fully naked. But because without a bra, my boobs jiggled around a lot when I was cooking, especially making rotis. But if I said no, he might take it as a refusal. Instead I said,

"What is your preference, Shyamji?"

"My preference is that you keep it on."

"Okay." and I went back to the stove, feeling thankful.

"Do you know why that's my preference?"


"I think your breasts are beautiful. But in all that time when sir slowly stripped you in front of me, my favorite was this look. It's been like a small fetish of mine for years. A woman wearing only a bra. Especially a big breasted woman like yourself. And especially a black bra on fair skin. And that mangalsutra, a reminder that you are a wife, cherry on top of the cleavage."

I stayed silent. He kept watching and eating. I could see that he had an erection. I wondered if he would stay true to his word or if he would try something. I gave him the third roti. This time he was staring at my pussy very intently.

"Bhabhiji, if you don't mind, can I ask you something personal?"

"You can ask me anything you wish, Shyamji."

"Your hair down there. It used to be all bald. Then you did this thing with the line of hair."


"Why? Did sir tell you to do it?"

"No. I thought of it myself. I thought it looks nicer." I said, blushing a little.

"Where did you get the idea for the....design?"

"From a film I watched with him." I blushed again.

"A blue film?" he opened his mouth wide.

"Yes. A woman in it had it shaved like that and I thought it looked nice."

"You two watch blue films regularly?"


"Wow!!" he seemed really tickled by the idea.

By then I had finished making my own two rotis. I came over with them and started serving my plate. And I sat across from him as usual.

"Bhabhiji, you know, whenever you sit like that over there, I can't see a lot. Do you mind sitting next to me please?"

"Sure." And I moved over to the chair next to him.

I started eating. He was done by now. But instead of washing his hands, he just sat there staring at me and breathing heavily. He didn't say anything more for a while. I got done eating and started clearing up the table.

"Bhabhiji, I know sometimes you put your clothes back on after dinner."

"Sometimes." It hadn't happened in a few weeks. But then I hadn't been fully clothed when he came most of those days either. Maybe he assumed that with you not around, the old rules applied.

"Do you mind not putting clothes back on? I would like to keep watching you looking sexy like this, just in a bra."

"Ok. For how long?"

"Until I tell you." he said, sounding a little nervous about his demand.

"As you say, Shyamji."

I went to the kitchen sink to wash the dishes. He took a few steps behind me.

"You always do this alone. Do you want my help? At home I always help my wife with the dishes." Shyam said.

"That's not necessary, Shyamji."

"Please, I insist. I want to help."

Under your rules, if he wanted it, he got it. So I nodded. For the next ten minutes, he stood right next to me, rinsing the dishes after I soaped them. It was the first time since that night with the movie that he had been so close to me. I could see the tent in his pants. It kept rubbing against the kitchen counter. Once in a while our arms would touch. A couple of times, his pants-clad hips rubbed against my naked ones. He kept glancing at my butt. There was a lot of tension in the air. Neither of us said anything.

A couple of times I thought he started moving a hand towards me as if to touch me. But he wasn't confident enough. So the tension continued. Finally we got done. Both of us dried our hands. And then we just stood there.

"If you want to go back to the living room and watch more cricket, I can bring you another drink."

"Will you sit with me?"

"If that's what you want."

"That's what I want."

He went outside and turned the TV back on. I poured him another drink and joined him on the couch. But I did not sit very close like that earlier night.

"Bhabhiji, again, I want to thank you for everything. Everything."

"Please don't mention it."

"I always want to repay your hospitality. I keep telling sir to come over but he says no need. I hope at least you will accept my invitation."

"What invitation?"

"How about tomorrow, we have lunch at my place?"

"You want me to come to your place for lunch?"

"Yes. is that okay?"

"As you wish, Shyamji."

"Great! Thank you! I have some calls until 11:30. You can come over at 11:45."


He seemed very happy. And genuinely happy for being to repay our hospitality, not to just get me into his home.

We sat and watched TV for a while as he sipped his drink. He seemed to be trying to build up the courage for something. And then finally he said it,

"Bhabhiji....do you remember that night, we were sitting right here?"


"And I was very......uncomfortable. And you...helped me out."

"Yes." I simply said.

"I am very uncomfortable today also, bhabhiji." he rubbed his crotch.

I said nothing, just looked at his face and then his crotch. Slowly he unzipped his pants and his dick sprang out. Its head was slick with precum.

"Very uncomfortable." he said suggestively.

"I can see that, Shyamji."

We were silent for a while. The implication was clear. He wanted another handjob. But the way I understood your rules, his wishes had to be made explicit. So I just sat there. Waiting for him to ask me to do it. But that silence and my sitting still made him nervous.

"I'm sorry, bhabhiji." he suddenly said loudly and put his dick away. "I am sorry. That was very bad of me. I have had too much to drink."

"It's alright, Shyamji." I said trying to calm him down.

"No no, it is my fault. If your husband is here, that is a different matter. With sir not here, I should be more...that was very stupid."

He put the glass down on the table with a thud and almost ran to the door saying,

"I am sorry, I am sorry."

And he was gone before I could say anything more.

He wanted to go home. So I let him go home. I cleaned up the kitchen, watched some more TV. Then I went to bed reading a magazine. That is when you messaged me if he was there. I said no. And then I fell asleep.

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