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Old 10th February 2017
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I was chatting away with the wife of some manager when Vinay spotted me and walked up to me.

"I thought you would be waiting in the balcony"

"Well I did, but you didn't come, so I went for a walk in the garden" I said, a little brusquely, feigning anger.

"Sorry to keep you waiting darling. Are you doing fine?"

I smiled "I’m fine. This is a little boring but you already know how I feel about such gatherings”.

"Sure darling. I’ll try to get out soon. But you know I have to network. Just one more hour."

Just then, Rajesh walked up to us and introduced himself "Hi Vinay, care to introduce your beautiful wife to me?"

"Hi Rajesh, meet my wife, Sheetal. Sheetal, meet Rajesh. He used my colleague at the bank but now he's moved on and is an Associate Vice President at Goldman Sachs"

Rajesh gave me a sly smile as we shook hands "Nice to meet you, Sheetal. How are you doing?"

"I'm very good, thank you" I smiled perhaps a little too coyly.

I was a little shocked by the unrealness of the situation. Ten minutes back the same man, a random acquaintance, had stripped me and was playing with my boobs. Now he was introducing himself like a stranger.

"Be careful, this chap is a bit of a flirt" Vinay whispered into my ears even as I was shaking hands and smiling at Rajesh

We chatted about some mundane stuff and after a couple of minutes, Vinay drifted away and joined a large group which was standing at the far corner of the room, leaving me with Rajesh.

"So my husband tells me that you are a flirt" I smiled. "I disagree with him"
Both of us burst into knowing laughter.

"You can't blame me can you. I mean look at this place. All these women who have accompanied their husbands. I have even slept with a couple of them. But they're all so boring. On the other hand, I find you very interesting."

"Only interesting?" I teased him.

"Hahaha...interesting...and very sexy" he said, as his eyes trailed over my boobs.

It was my turn to blush. He was a tall, well built man with pleasant urbane features.

"So Rajesh, do you have a thing for the wives of colleagues you work with?" I asked him in a seductive tone

"Well a man has to get by" "That way I am bit like you...."

He left it hanging but both of us knew what he meant. We both liked sex a little bit more than the others around us. The erotic tension was palpable in the air. This teasing conversation was not helping me one bit.

Abruptly, he said "Sheetal, why don't we continue this conversation in my room. I would love to host you. Room 508. I'll be waiting." He winked and briskly walked out, leaving the modalities of my exit for me to figure out.

My mind was in a turmoil. I was reluctant to cheat on Vinay. I had decided, when I came back to Bombay, that my promiscuity was a thing of the past. I no longer resented Vinay for leaving me to rot at home. My life was back to normal. Sex with Vinay was enjoyable although I wished he was more dominating in bed. I was working again and didn't seek validation from other men who were readily available. It helped that there was no one in our group of friends who turned me on like the nukkad guys did. Plus it was too risky. Due to the weird code that the nukkad guys followed, I had somehow gotten away by getting fucked by nearly half the men in the town but things were different in Bombay. I was a respectable woman from a respectable household with a reputation to uphold.

But....but...the encounter in the balcony had shattered all of these illusions. I was turned in a primal way by Rajesh. I loved the pleasure that surged through me when he felt me up behind my husband's back. I had somehow managed to repress these thoughts after coming back. In my head, the shamelessness and lust with which I sought out men for sexual trysts were related to my temporary state of mind when I was in that small town. But clearly I was wrong and now they were back to haunt me. I had lost control and made out with my husband's colleague. I let him strip me.....kiss me.....feel up my boobs.....I was willing...I stroked his penis. God! that penis. It felt huge. Hard. I bit my lips just thinking about it. I had to see it, hold it....feel it inside me. The truth is I was a cheat and once a cheat, always a cheat.

I hung around for a while and told Vinay that I was going to a friend's place for a party. He understood because he knew I got bored at these parties. Just to make sure, I lied that I would be crashing at my friend's place and will see him in the morning. I don't know if I was a good liar or Vinay was really naive. He didnt object. So I kissed my husband good bye and took the elevator to Room 508.
My heart was thumping as I made my way to Rajesh's room.I stood outside the door and took a deep breath. What I was about to do could possibly impact my life in ways that I could not imagine. So far I had been a good girl, an ideal wife in Bombay. Now I was about to let my infidelity cross the boundaries of the nukkad and reach Bombay. But the primal pull of lust and craving were overpowering as I knocked on the door.

Rajesh opened the door and let me in. He had taken off his blazer and tie. His shirt sleeves were rolled up. I could feel his burning gaze on my body as I walked in. My guess was right. He instinctively averted his eyes from my ass as I turned around. Ironic! Sophisticated men didn't want to be caught staring at a woman's assets, even if it was a woman they were about to have sex with. I stood next to the bed, taking in the room as he locked the door. It was like any other room at a star hotel...cushy bed..mood lighting...plush curtains...mini bar....I let it sink in that I was about to cheat on my husband in a hotel room. My mind was a mess of conflicting thoughts. I stood rooted next to the bed.

Rajesh picked up a glass of whisky from the table which he must have poured for himself before I came and said "I was just wondering if you aren't going to come" and signalled if I wanted a drink. I didn't. "Married women tend to have conscience pangs at the last minute". I didn't say anything.

He switched the TV off and came and stood next to me. This time he openly admired my body and walked around me while sipping whisky. I felt mildly humiliated as he examined like a show piece, but I also felt aroused at being openly admired.

"You look beautiful, Sheetal" he said standing in front of me

"You should probably say that while looking at my face and not my boobs" I retorted and giggled.

He smiled and gestured as if it was not his fault. This time he looked into my eyes and unpinned my pallu for the second time in the span of an hour. This is it, I thought. There was no turning back.

The pallu was on the floor. I blushed as his eyes glided over my breasts and rested on my sexy navel. Then he again walked behind me as I stood rooted to the floor. He patted my butt and said "I can't wait to see this naked. Beautiful women in sarees are like gifts. They need to unwrapped slowly"
I blushed again but couldn't help but retort "And is that what you tell all the women you seduce?"

He squeezed my ass gently sending an erotic shiver down my body "Why such contempt for a man who is just being honest…"
He trailed his hand across my almost bare back. Another shiver. “..in his praise of a sexy lady..."

"Not contempt...just wondering how much of it is honest and how much of it is being said just to impress me" I said as he completed his round and stood in front of me.

He pinched his throat and said "Its all honest, I swear. And looking at you in light, I'm doubly sure that you may be the sexiest woman I have ever seen"

I knew that he was just praising me only to get into my pants. But there was something primal about the way he was pursuing me. Admittedly, I have a thing for smooth talkers even though I fundamentally distrusted them. I once had a boyfriend who was a congenital liar and a smooth talker but who was also mind blowing in bed. I shivered as I thought of my ex going down on me. He was fantastic down there and had a way with his hands that was sure to make any woman weak in her knees. So there. While I would never buy anything from a smooth talker, I would definitely go to bed with one.

I was brought back from my thoughts when Rajesh squeezed my butt again. This time he squeezed harder. "Mmmmm" I moaned involuntarily.

He pulled me in for a kiss and soon our lips were mashed together in a passionate kiss. His hands wandered around my bare back, teasing me with his touch. I grabbed his chest passionately. It was rock hard and sexy. I quickly unbuttoned his shirt and leaned in to feel his bare chest against my pallu less body. It was hot. My skin tingled with erotic sensation as it caressed against his body. I grabbed his butt and squeezed it hard as he swirled he sucked on my tongue. I gasped as he pulled me closer and unhooked my blouse. I was nearly topless with just a flimsy strapless bra covering my boobs.

Any guilt that I had dissipated. So far I had been a passive participant, my mind torn between loyalty to my husband and succumbing to the sexual pleasures of a fling. But now I was ready.

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Old 10th February 2017
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Awesome. Make her with nukky guys again

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Old 10th February 2017
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Old 10th February 2017
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wow wow wow

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Old 11th February 2017
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Bro she is do not belong to high class people......She belongs to low class cheap people...Please take her back to that level...And make her a cheap slut again...

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Old 11th February 2017
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Instinctively, I unhooked his pants and slipped my hands under his trousers. He groaned as I felt my way around his toned ass. He sucked on my lips aggressively as I grabbed his naked ass. He moaned loudly as I stroked the beginning of his ass crack. Men always loved that!

"God, you're such a slut" he groaned and ripped my bra off animalistically. The blouse and bra hind limply on my shoulders. He pulled out of the kiss and ogled shamelessly at my large boobs which were on the verge of spilling out of my bra.

"What's the point of these anymore?" he whispered as he roughly pulled my blouse and bra aside and threw them away. I gasped as my breasts were exposed for the second time. He got a quick feel of them as I went a step further and dragged his pants down. He stepped out of his pants, clad in just boxers. I saw a noticeable erection trying to burst out of the boxers. He caught me looking at his erection "Do you like what you see?" I blushed and shuddered at the thought of that monster being inside me.

He picked up the loose end of my saree from the floor unravelled it. Soon the saree was on the floor and we stood semi-naked next to each other. I was in my panties and he, in his boxers. "Mmmmm" I moaned as he cupped my tits roughly and licked my earlobes. A sharp pang of arousal shot through my body.
Rajesh sat on the bed and beckoned me to sit on his lap. I climbed onto his lap facing him and slowly ground against his hard rod.

I pulled him into a kiss and sucked on his lips as he cupped my breasts. Rajesh groaned in pleasure as he squeezed and played with them. I mewled as he flicked my nipples with his coarse hands. I ground harder on his cock as he attacked my boobs. My pussy was completely wet from the stimulation. I pulled his hands away from my tits and placed them on my ass as I continued to attack his face. I licked his ear lobes and sucked on his tongue. He squeezed and slapped my butt "You have such a hot ass Sheetal......So big and round….I'd love to just strip you naked and play with it". His dirty talk was so arousing.

He made me stand up and almost ripped my panties off. He gazed at my shaved pussy for a couple of seconds before he threw me onto the bed. He jumped onto the bed next to me and rolled me over.

I moaned as he parted my ass cheeks and ran his hand on my ass crack. "Unnnngh.." I shivered in anticipation waiting for him to do it again. "You like that don't you, you sexy slut" he said as he ran his fingers over my butt crack again. I could feel the wetness flooding my cunt. The kinkiness was off the charts.

"Oh fuck.....I love what you're doing Rajesh" I moaned

He stopped playing with my ass and made me thrust my butt out. I got onto my elbows and knees and spread my legs apart thrust my butt out when he started spanking me. "Phat....phat...phat" he spanked my ass. "I love the way your large ass jiggles Sheetal. Do you know how many men were checking out your ass today as you walked by them."

I did know how men were checking out my ass especially when I wore a figure hugging chiffon saree but it was kinky to hear it from him. "Mmmm" I just moaned sexily as he stopped spanking and fingered my asshole.

"Arch your back more, you slut!"

I obediently arched my back. He cupped my entire pussy even as he explored my butt hole. "Oh fuck...aaaah" It was a sensory overload. Waves of pleasure wracked my body as he fingered my pussy. "I love sluts like you who behave coyly around your husbands but spread their legs to any man who can give them a good fucking" He fingered me for a couple of minutes like this, building me up to an orgasm. By now I was loudly moaning in arousal.

"Oh fuck Rajesh...that is sooo gooood"

He abruptly stopped fingering me. I looked over my shoulder to see him smiling "Enough. Now get on your knees". I sat up on the bed as he plonked himself on the bed next to me, his back resting against the headboard.
I was breathing heavily from the build-up and my forehead was beaded with sweat even though the room was air conditioned. He stared at my heaving tits like a predator and gestured that I get between his legs. There was a brazen shamelessness to the way he had seduced me and pleasured me so far and I was aroused by the control he was exercising over me.

I got between his legs and pulled his boxers off. I gasped at the size of his cock. It was at least 8 inches long and quite thick. I grasped it tentatively with my right hand and pulled back the foreskin to expose a raging pink crown. "Do you like what you see?" he asked as I fondled his penis with both hands. I looked at him and nodded coyly. I cupped his ball sack and jerked his dick. There was an expression of contentment on his face as I pleasured him. He pulled my head closer, an indication that I should take it in my mouth.

I pulled my hair and tied it into a bun so that it didnt come in the way. Rajesh ogled at my tits appreciatively when they were thrust out as I was tying my hair. I inched closer and slowly took the end of his penis in my mouth. I could hear Rajesh groan in pleasure as I closed my lips and swirled my tongue around his cock head. The delicious, musky smell of his pre-cum hit my nostrils. I lapped my tongue around his cock head and swallowed his pre-cum. He was groaning continuously now. I took some more cock inside my mouth and looked at his face. His eyes were shut in pleasure. I started bobbing my head back and forth over his cock. He gripped my hair as I gave him a blow job. I cupped and played with his balls. I was completely focussed on making him cum. Once in a while I took my eyes off his cock to look at his face. Men loved to see the woman's face while she gave a blowjob. It aroused them to no end to see a woman's lips stretched and wrapped around their cock. Rajesh groaned at the erotic sight of a voluptuous woman sucking his cock. His cock pulsated with pleasure. I saw his eyes glaze over as my tits rubbed against his thighs. Once in a while he would shudder and release more pre cum as I sucked his cock in earnest. "You're such a slut Sheetal....aaaah...fuck....you suck so well" he grunted. "Goddamn you're a lusty slut....look at your pretty lips wrapped around my cock....all evening I was hoping to fuck one of those horny housewives behind their husbands but the moment I saw you, with your large tits and broad ass, I knew I wanted to fuck you. I knew you were a horny bitch." That was too much for him and he started cumming in my mouth.

I moaned and started sucking vigorously gobbling up all his cum. I sucked and licked his cock all over, I sucked his ball sack and even licked the area between his balls and butt hole. He groaned appreciatively.

I rushed to the washroom to clean up. When I was back after five minutes, Rajesh was lounging on the bed, working his cock up to another erection.

"You're such a kinky slut Sheetal. I love banging kinky sluts like you. Come here."
he said patting the bed.

As I got onto the bed, he fondled my tits and ass. "Now it's time to fuck your slutty cunt. Are you ready?"

I nodded and moaned in approval, submissively.

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Old 11th February 2017
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Hot excellent writing

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Old 11th February 2017
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pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee continue!!
I am a MALE btw..So, only FEMALES are encouraged to send me Personal Messages!!!

If my ID was not DonVeeto, it would surely be boobs_sucker or boobs_lover!!!

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Old 11th February 2017
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wow super hot

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Old 12th February 2017
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so hot n erotic narration....

thanks for the update and keep going on....

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