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Old 28th December 2016
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Old 29th December 2016
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Very nice update dude....hot as fuck...Continue

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Old 30th December 2016
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Update Please.....

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Old 30th December 2016
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Man u should continue daily

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Old 30th December 2016
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Awesome, continue please.

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Old 30th December 2016
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Guys, I will be updating only in the new year. I promise a major update. For those of you wondering - the action will take place in a car. Please do keep the comments and suggestions coming.

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Old 2nd January 2017
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thats a good idea!!!

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Old 3rd January 2017
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Next part

After Shakoor left, I rearranged the pleats of my saree and combed my hair. When I rejoined the gathering, my heart thumping and fearful of being discovered, no one, including Vinay, noticed. I quickly slid into an empty seat next to the exit. A make shift stage was arranged where Shakoor, Vinay and a group of other dignitaries were sitting. The inauguration progressed quickly and without any event. Shakoor spoke first after being garlanded by my husband. Soon after while the function was still going on, Shakoor got up to leave. Vinay and I accompanied him to the exit.

As we walked, Shakoor bent down and whispered in my ears "Come with me". I was still disappointed that we had to stop our sly make out session midway and hearing his blatant demand got aroused, once again. I desperately thought of ways to leave with him. As we reached the exit, I told Vinay that I had a head ache and would like to leave early. He unsuspectingly agreed and said that I should leave immediately. I felt guilty for lying but I couldn't resist the prospect of having sex with Shakoor again.

"Let me see if I can arrange a car for you" Vinay said, wracking his head for options.

Shakoor quickly jumped in "If its not an issue, I can drop her home. I'm going to the town anyway".

"That would be great, thank you, Shakoorji. Sheetal is that fine?"

Both of them looked at me. I nodded my approval, hesitatingly. A part of me was guilty that I was so obviously cheating on Vinay. In any case, my own husband had unsuspectingly paved the way for my infidelity.

There was no change in Shakoor's demeanour as I walked with him to his car. As with most Indian politicians he had an entourage of police vehicles lined up behind his car. He walked purposely to his SUV, a Ford Endeavour, and got into the middle seat. I got in from the other side and sat next to him.

To my utter disappointment, Anees, Shakoor's personal secretary, was already sitting in the last row of the car. The car had a partition between the driver's seat and the passenger cabin. I half expected Shakoor to ask Anees to sit in another vehicle and continue where we left off but, to my disappointment, he didn't say a word. Instead he just instructed the driver to take him back to town and chit chatted with Anees.

I reconciled myself to the fact that nothing was going to happen on the way. The car started moving. Shakoor pulled up the partition between the driver and the passenger area and for the next few minutes, the two men discussed office matters. The car slowly moved through the bumpy terrain, kicking up a plume of dust. The landscape was barren and filled with wild shrubs and thorny vegetation. However we were cocooned in the luxurious seating of the car. I was thankful that if not anything, I was getting a better ride home instead of the ramshackle Ambassador.

Once in a while I tried to catch Shakoor's attention to gauge his mood but he betrayed no emotion and continued talking to Anees. I was lulled into a bout of drowsiness by the slow car ride and must have dozed off.

I may have been sleeping for only a few minutes but after what felt like a long time, I woke up with a start when I felt someone place their arm around me. Startled, I awoke to see Shakoor smiling at my reaction.

"Its just me Sheetal. Did I do something wrong?" he demanded playfully while pulling me closer. He was slowly caressing my bare arm. I was taken aback by this sudden show of intimacy.

"I...I...no nothing wrong. I must have slept off..." I replied, still dazed. My pulse was racing because I was suddenly aware that Anees could see everything that was happening.

I turned around in panic to see Anees's reaction. He nodded and gave me a lecherous smile. Before I could say anything Shakoor confirmed my suspicions.

"I was just telling Anees about what we were doing earlier in the washroom" he said. "This poor guy is besotted with your shapely body ever since he saw you in the function today." While talking, he dropped his hand lower and fondled my waist. I squirmed at his touch. He continued "I told him how I seduced you at the farm house and, again, today. Pity we couldn't finish off what we were doing" he winked after this. Meanwhile, his hand still rested brazenly against my midriff stroking my soft, toned flesh.

That explained everything.

I was lost for words. However promiscuous I may be, I didn't want my relationship with Shakoor to become public.

Shakoor continued talking, his hand now wandering over my blouse strap which he pulled aside, "I believe in sharing good things in life, Sheetal. Anees is a good guy who has been with me through out. And we have always had a fascination for beautiful women like you." He winked at me and continued "Of course none of the ones we have shared before were as beautiful as you. Half of them were hookers".

Both of them laughed as I wondered "Is he calling me a hooker?"

Anees said "Bhai, its been a long time since we fucked a woman together. This memsaab is one sexy item!"

I froze in my seat at this coarse language. Sleeping around with a powerful politician was a big problem in itself. The talk of Shakoor sharing me evoked conflicting emotions in me. The cheap talk was turning me on. I craved for the sex even though I was fearful of the repercussions.

The men exchanged leery glances and got to work. They pushed the middle seat back to combine it with the back seat. As they joined the two seats, I checked out Anees. He was also a tall guy with a regular, weather beaten face. Although he had a paunch, he seemed well built.

Once the seats were joined, the passenger area of the car now had a full fledged bed! It had been a long time since I was fucked by two well built men and my body shivered with anticipation.

Shakoor climbed onto the makeshift "bed" and immediately pulled me into his lap. I straddled him and we started kissing frantically. His hands were all over me. He squeezed my breasts underneath the pallu and grabbed my ass. I moaned at this rough treatment and sucked his ear lobes in arousal.

Both of us were horny from our washroom encounter and it was not long before we began undressing each other. I pulled his kurta off and played with his hairy chest.
Anees's expression turned from disbelief to glee as he saw me making out with his boss. A memsaab like me would never behave so uninhibitedly. Looking at me moaning and writing in Shakoor's lap, he also joined us.

Anees sat directly behind me and began exploring my body. He pulled my pallu off and began unravelling my saree. Having removed the saree from my upper body, he tentatively placed his hand on my midriff. I shuddered at his touch. Growing in confidence, he raked his fingers across my sexy midriff. The touch of his coarse fingers was sensational and sent a wave of pleasure through my body. "Shakoor bhai, what a sexy lady you've seduced" he whispered. Seeing me enjoy, he gathered courage and started fondling and stroking my waist and midriff.

I was delirious with the pleasure as Shakoor kissed passionately and Anees touched me intimately. Sensing an opportunity, Anees ran his hands from my waist to my back and unhooked my sleeveless blouse. He roughly pulled it aside and gasped as soon my sexy and fair back was exposed.

Soon I could feel his hands begin to stroke my back. After a while, he bent down to lick my bare back. Anyone watching this scene would have found it obscene.
Here I was, grinding on the lap of a local politician, the pallu of my elegant saree pulled aside and my sleeveless blouse hanging from my shoulders as another man was playing with my midriff and licking the sultry expanse of my bare back. In the heat of the moment, I put my bare arms around Shakoor's topless torso and eagerly pushed my tongue into his mouth.

After a few seconds, between kisses, I heard Shakoor order Anees to remove my bra. "Remove her bra and free her tits. They are just incredible". In a flash, I felt Anees unhook my bra and pull it aside to reveal my firm and beautiful breasts. Anees immediately cupped them behind.

"Mmmmm" I moaned loudly as my breasts were felt up. The touch of my gorgeous breasts sent Anees into a tizzy. He groaned in utter delight "Holy shit! Shakoor bhai, you're right. Her tits are mind blowing. So large..mmm....and firm." Shakoor pulled out of our kiss and watched my tits get fondled by his lackey.

Anees's touch was magical. My nipples hardened with arousal as he caressed and stroked them ardently. I could hear him groan softly in pleasure as he fondled my topless body. As he licked my back and suckled on my neck, his bare chest rubbed against my exposed back and sent a surge of arousal through my body.

One such time, overcome by passion, he whispered "Mmmm this woman's back is so fair and sexy. I can't wait to see her ass". Shakoor laughed loudly at his cohort's enthusiasm and replied in the local dialect "All in good time my friend. We will undress her and fuck her so hard that she won't be able to walk straight for a few days. Look at her enjoying all this as her poor husband is working in that godforsaken bank." He probably assumed that I wouldn't understand but I did and his words sent an erotic shiver down my spine.

The car was moving slowly through the barren countryside. It was as if the driver had been instructed to drive slowly while the two men enjoyed my naked treasures.

A few minutes later, Shakoor asked me to get up from his lap "Time to fully undress her. Anees! the lady needs your help." Anees was salivating at the prospect of seeing me fully naked. He quickly pulled the pleats of my saree off and unravelled my saree. With a flourish of someone enjoying stripping me, he pulled the string of my petticoat and let it drop to the floor.I was now clad only in my skimpy black panties.

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Old 3rd January 2017
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Old 4th January 2017
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Next part

Shakoor reclined against the back seat and beckoned me closer "Suck my cock Sheetal." Although I was a fiercely independent woman, I was thrilled to be submissive to a powerful man during sex. Anees watched me intently as I obediently knelt in front of Shakoor and took his thick cock in my hands. Shakoor sighed loudly. His cock twitched in pleasure as I fondled it. It was just as I remembered it. Magnificently thick and long. And dark. My pussy became wet from just looking at its sheer size.

Shakoor ordered me again. "That's enough Sheetal. Take it in your mouth" he said, coaxing my face towards his cock. He groaned loudly as I bent down and wrapped my lips around it.

"That's it", he muttered as his cock stretched my mouth. "God I love your mouth Sheetal." he groaned, parting my hair to look at my face as I took his manhood inside. I could see Anees watching me from the side from the corner of my eye. He was probably shocked by how debauched the sexy memsaab was. I looked up to see Shakoor's face contort in pleasure as I lapped up his shaft.

"That's it Sheetal. Suck on it like a cock loving slut" he whispered. I slowly started bobbing my head up and down. The musky odour of his pre-cum assaulted my nostrils.

Shakoor egged me on as I sucked his cock. I sucked him like a wanton slut. I took all of it in my mouth and deep throated it, I tongued the crown of his cock while looking into his eyes, I ran my tongue along the length of his shaft as he grabbed my hair in delight, I fondled his balls as I bobbed on his cock, I even bent down to take his balls in my mouth to slowly suck on them. Through out the blow job, I made sure that my hands were either stroking his balls or playing with his chest hair and nipples. I sucked to give him utmost pleasure. Like a cock loving obedient slut would.

Shakoor was overwhelmed by my performance, he kept groaning and bellowing dirty words of encouragement as I pleasured him to the hilt. From my earlier experience I knew Shakoor liked long blowjobs and was determined to pleasure him till he came.

As I blew Shakoor, I felt Anees grab me from behind and pull my panties down. After a brief pause, as the anticipation was killing me, he ran his hand over my crotch and grabbed my pussy. "Oh my god! Fuck!" I mewled in delight. Encouraged by my slutty reaction, Anees ran his fingers across my slit and pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy. "This bitch is so wet!" he groaned appreciatively and started fingering my cunt. As the pace of his fingering increased, I was so awash in pleasure that I stopped sucking Shakoor.

I looked back over my shoulders to see Anees staring at my ass lustily as he fingered my pussy. I had a fairly large and shapely ass that was an object of lust for not just the nukkad guys, but even some of the so called sophisticated men in Bombay. And when I wore a tight pair of jeans or skirt I got visibly stared at. My toned butt could turn on any man even when it was clothed. So it didn't really surprise me that Anees found my butt so enticing. After all, I was on my knees, my thighs spread apart sexily and my curvy ass exposed in all its glory.

Shakoor didn't mind one bit that I had stopped blowing him. He was enjoying the sight of his secretary finger fucking me and turning me into a hot, moaning mess. Anees's confidence grew as my moans became louder. Looking at me moan for his touch, he used his other hand to squeeze and fondle my ass. He was finger fucking me and kneading my ass at the same time. My senses were overwhelmed and I hollered to an orgasm.

"Saw that? The slut loves you" Shakoor guffawed loudly. "Look at her thrust that magnificent ass out. You must be getting a great view."

Anees was not done with me. He parted my ass and ran his fingers naughtily over my asshole. Still panting from my earlier orgasm, I moaned in delight at this kinky gesture. This emboldened Anees to properly start playing with my asshole.

"Her gaand is amazing. So big and juicy. This slut is so horny that she will let us do anything. We should fuck her in the ass" Anees replied to Shakoor's earlier remark. He had also used the word gaand to describe my ass. I somehow found their descriptions in Hindi dirtier and more turning on.

I started thrusting back against Anees's fingers as he pleasured my ass.

"Enough of that, now suck my cock Sheetal" Shakoor said impatiently. I wrapped my lips, once again, around his cock as Anees stimulated my asshole. Carried away, I heard him praise my ass loudly as I lapped my tongue around Shakoor's cock.

Soon the groans of all three of us filled the air. I came loudly once again.
The fondling stopped and I felt Anees press his dick against my opening. He was about to fuck me! I thrust my ass back eagerly. Anees groaned at the enthusiasm of the sexy bank manager's wife and slid his cock in. Anees's cock was thick but I was so aroused that it slid in smoothly. After entering me completely, he grabbed my hips and slowly started fucking me. My tits swung due to the force of his thrusts and rubbed against Shakoor's hairy thighs. I sucked Shakoor more aggressively as Anees heightened the pace of fucking. I could feel and hear the sound of his thighs slamming against my ass. The cabin of the car was filled with the scent of sex.

The frequency of dirty talk between the two men increased as all of us were in the throes of pleasure. Shakoor became boastful "All these city born sluts are like this. They act all demure around their husbands in their pretty sarees but once you take them to a corner and pull their pallus aside, their true nature comes out".

I moaned loudly at this dirty talk and lapped my tongue vigorously around his cock.

Shakoor continued "You just need to finger these sluts a little bit and they'll let you play with their gorgeous breasts. You finger them a little more and they'll spread their legs for you and beg you for a good fucking. Isn't it Sheetal?"

"Mmmmm" I moaned in pleasure although I knew it was blatant misrepresentation.
Shakoor was now on a roll what with a pretty face like mine sucking him off passionately. "Do you know what these sluts do in Bombay. They all wear tiny clothes and go to pubs without their husbands. There they find hot men with cocks bigger than their husbands. These sluts cling to such men, dance with them and eventually end up sucking their cocks in a bathroom or get bent over and fucked doggy style".

Anees replied "Bhai our Sheetal bhabhi is a different level. Not only did she let you play with her tits in the bathroom, she is also getting fucked like a bitch right now". Both of them laughed.

The dirty talk aroused me even more as I sucked and thrust my ass wildly. Shakoor started groaning loudly as he approached his orgasm. I bobbed my head on his dick rapidly even as Anees was humping me wildly. I was delirious with pleasure as I got fucked from both ends. Shakoor was the first to cum. He grabbed my head and buried his cock inside my mouth as he ejaculated. In the heat of the moment, I swallowed all of his cum, which delighted him greatly and even licked his dick clean as he slumped against the back seat, spent from the blow job. After Shakoor, I also orgasmed loudly. Anees was nowhere close to coming and he kept fucking me. His staying power was insane. Very few men I had slept with could resist my beauty and prolong their erections.

Done with the blow job, I was now focussed on the pleasure that my pussy was receiving from Anees's relentless fucking. He fucked me with long and hard strokes. I asked him to pause for a while and positioned myself again by holding onto the back rest for support. Anees groaned loudly every time he thrust in.

"God you've such a tight pussy" he said loudly. "Do you like getting fucked hard?"

"Mmmmm...aaaah...aaah...I love getting fucked hard" I screamed.

The dirty talk continued. The sex was mind blowing. Anees was squeezing my butt as he fucked me with long and hard strokes.

"Do you like my cock inside your tight cunt?"

"Aaaah aaaah I love your cock inside"

Shakoor who was slumped against the back rest I was holding onto was staring at my breasts as they swung wildly from the impact. I screamed and moaned as Anees's magnificent cock stretched and stimulated the deepest corners of my pussy.

Between groans Anees kept whispering, "God I just want to keep fucking your tight pussy all day".

After a few minutes, Anees fell on my back and grabbed my breasts from behind. He changed his pace and humped me slowly from behind as I held onto the back rest for support. As if it was possible to get more turned on, I shuddered with pleasure when he cupped and fondled my hanging boobs with his rough hands. He drew closer and rested his face against my sweaty shoulders. His hairy chest tingled my bare back and his rock hard shaft was embedded deep in my pussy. I loved the feel of his hairy crotch rub against my butt every time he humped me slowly. Blinded by passion, I grabbed and massaged his balls.

"Do you like it when I grab your titties like that?" Anees whispered in my ear.

"Mmmmm yes...sooo good" I moaned back while playing with his balls. He clearly enjoyed my slutty response. His cock twitched inside my cunt and he squeezed my boobs harder. With one hand he swept my hair away from my shoulder and traced his hot tongue along my neck. I moaned loudly as he licked and kissed along my shoulders.

He trailed his hands onto my cleavage, across my chest and down onto my midriff. I writhed in delight at this delightful intrusion. Emboldened, he traced a circle around my navel teasingly. I moaned. Egged on he drop his hand further and traced my pussy. I moaned louder. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my clit which he started stroking. This proved to be too much and soon I had my third orgasm of the journey.

Dazed and overcome by emotion, I stared out of the back window at the plume of dust being kicked up by our car as it moved through the country side.

"You liked that, didn't you, you slut" Anees groaned, his cock still inside me.
I was amazed by the staying power of this man. "Let's try something else. I want to look at your tits while I fuck you".

He sat down with his back resting against the seat and asked me straddle him. I sat astride on his lap and guided his cock inside. He groaned as I sat on his cock.

My pussy had just recovered from an earth shattering orgasm but the pleasure slowly started radiating again as it got used to the new position.

I ground into his cock slowly. Anees grabbed my ass and started squeezing it.

"God, you have such a sexy butt. Firm and juicy...just like your tits" He was groaning noticeably with every time I slid in. His face was contorted in pleasure as I started bouncing on his shaft to heighten my pleasure. "Bhai look at this amazing slut" he said, staring at my large breasts as they swung irresistibly. Shakoor hungrily looked at my tits as I bounced up and down his secretary's cock.

"Incredible tits" Anees said almost like an after thought. He pulled me forward and grabbed my breasts as I continued to ride him. Noticing that I liked the boob action, he squeezed and played with them. After a few minutes, he grabbed one and started sucking on it. I hollered loudly as he sucked and lapped at my breasts. Stimulated and pleasured to the hilt I rode him like a slut. I bounced on his cock and rubbed his face between my breasts without any shame or care in the world.

Meanwhile, Shakoor, who we had completely forgotten about, had recovered from the blowjob. "Enough of your obsession with her tits. Fuck the slut hard and pass her to me quickly."

Hearing this Anees grabbed me by my waist and bounced me harder on his cock. He closed his eyes in pleasure and grabbed my breasts. I was very close to my orgasm. So was he. After a few seconds he started groaning loudly and finally came inside me. As he came, he hugged me tightly and buried his cum spurting cock deep inside me. Something about the position made it feel very intimate. I orgasmed with him and collapsed on him tired from the energetic fucking.

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