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Old 7th January 2017
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Awesome bro. Keep rocking daily

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Old 7th January 2017
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2hot to handle excellent update cant wait for more

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Old 7th January 2017
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Awesome story dude, Keep it up. Waiting for more updates..

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Old 7th January 2017
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awesome update bro

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Old 8th January 2017
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Old 11th January 2017
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you've upgraded this story to a great extent... apart from the sex narrations, the thought process mentioned is awesome. what Sheetal feels while doing it with strangers is amazingly drafted and narrated...

kudos brother

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Old 16th January 2017
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Very hot plz continue

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Old 21st January 2017
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pls update

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Old 22nd January 2017
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Next part

After the threesome with Shakoor and Anees, I spent the next few days introspecting about my addiction to sex. I knew that I was sliding down a path that not only had societal repercussions but also for my own self. I could be publicly shamed and humiliated for being unfaithful and depraved. But what bothered me more was my seemingly insatiable appetite for sex with dirty and rowdy local men. It was clear that my husband no longer satisfied me sexually but my substituting that with sex from random men could be a recipe for disaster.

After a few quiet days, I had a discussion with Vinay. I told him that staying in the town was no longer working out for me. I could not immerse myself in work. Neither could I be a good wife to him as I was frustrated. That's when Vinay himself suggested that I should return to Bombay. He also said that he expected to be transferred to the head office in Bombay soon enough.

In the end it was an easy decision for me. I had to return to Bombay or continue on a perilous downward spiral which could land me in terrible trouble. Even during those days I would get text messages from Shakoor and Ali propositioning sex. Shakoor surreptitiously landed up at my house or I would at his farm house and spend the day fucking each other senseless. But I was clear that this wasn't the sort of life I wanted to live.

Although the decision was easy, acting on it was tough. I suffered from severe withdrawal after coming back to Bombay. I was a sex addict. On some days I just wanted to be the archetype of what Shakoor described as slutty Bombay women. I just wanted to put on a slinky dress, go to a pub and hook up with a man. It was a couple of months of dedicated self control that I returned to a semblance of normalcy.

Vinay often visited me in Bombay and promised to push for his transfer. Eventually his transfer did come through and he was supposed to return in six months when one night changed everything.

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Old 22nd January 2017
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"Sheetal, you're looking wonderful"

"Thank you so much. You're looking splendid too"

"Its so good to see you after so long"

"Indeed. It feels so good to be back"

"Are you going to stay here for a while?"

"Oh yes. I have decided to stay in Bombay for good. Vinay has some work left which he will wrap up soon and get back"

"That's great. Anyway its wonderful to see you again. We should catch up soon. I'll call you."

I gazed around at the gathering. It was party for the bankers and their wives to meet and unwind. Vinay was talking to a senior manager from a multinational bank. The air was filled with the familiar sounds of clinking glasses and soft murmurs. I circled around to the wine counter for a refill of the chardonnay. This was my world. People here behaved in a manner that was predictable to me. Here I was an equal. At least I could pretend to be. There were no nukkad guys to humiliate me, take advantage of me or seduce me. Pity I had to wean myself away from the kinky pleasures that they had to offer!

I surveyed the ball room and decided to soak in the atmosphere from the balcony on the other side. I motioned to Vinay that I would be in the balcony and he nodded. As I walked across the room, I noted the subtle glances I was getting from the men. I was wearing a black chiffon saree with a golden sleeveless blouse. I smiled to myself about the glances. I may have moved from a small town to Bombay but the reaction of men everywhere was constant. They still glanced for an eyeful of my midriff when my pallu shifted or a hint of cleavage through the translucent chiffon material. I could feel some of them ogle at my exposed back and swaying ass.

A gentle sea breeze wafted towards the balcony. The balcony was empty. I stood near the ornate parapet wall to gaze at the sea. As I stood there staring vacantly into the faraway sea and the twinkling lights of the Worli sea link, I heard someone walk up.

Must be Vinay, I thought, without turning.

"Hi Sheetal" said a gruff manly voice. It was not Vinay.

"Hello...." I said, smiling as I turned around, even though I didn't quite recognise this handsome man in a dinner jacket.

"You don't remember me, do you?" he chuckled.

"I am sorry but I'm afraid not."

He laughed in a deep sonorous way.

"I'm Rajesh" he said extending his hand.

I extended mine for a hand shake. But with an exaggerated bow he bent and kissed my hand. Strange man, I thought.

"Remember we had met a few months back when you were in the town. I had dropped by to pick up some documents...."

He smiled, his expressive face trying to look for a sign of recognition on my face.

A vague memory of me opening the door in a skimpy skirt was rekindled.

"Oh yes...I do remember now" I muttered and apologised for not remembering.

"Beautiful ladies like you can take all the liberties in the world" he said with a wide smile.

What a flirt!

I smiled too.

"So what do you do these days Mr Rajesh?" I said, deflecting the conversation away from any discussion of my days in the nukkad.

"I'm a banker. Obvious isn't it?" Before I could respond, he continued, "But what I really like is to talk to pretty ladies like you."

Again that deep voice.

"Is that so?" I smirked. "I wonder what a gentleman like you was doing in that mofussil town"

I arched my brow as his eyes flickered over my breasts. The sleeveless blouse covered my ample bosom but a tantalising glimpse of my cleavage and bare arms could be seen through the sheer pallu.

"Oh that. I was there as a part of my executive training. I was up for promotion and the bank wanted me to go see how the rest of India lives"

I could see his eyes subtly checking out my midriff as he spoke. I cursed myself for wearing the saree low on my hip. He must have gotten a great look at my deep navel.

"And did you find out how the rest of India lives?" I enquired in my mock quizzical tone.

He just laughed. He was a handsome man with sharp features and a pleasant smile. Although he was a compulsive flirt, I was enjoying this conversation. The evening had been boring otherwise.

"Oh I sure did. So much so that as soon as I got an offer from a different bank, I rushed back to Mumbai”. He paused and then continued, “God, that place was an abomination. So far away from civilization as we know it. And the people are either outright thugs or wimpy businessmen. And imagine working on a 256 KBPS wifi network! My god, what a terrible life."

I was laughing through this mini rant of his. The wine had brought my inhibitions down and I was glad I had something common to talk about finally.

"Tell me about it. We are such ingrates accustomed to cushy, urban living"

"Well guilty as charged" he raised his hands in a "shoot me" kind of way.

For the next half an hour, we stood there chatting and enjoying the gentle sea breeze. He was easy to talk to, a great conversationalist in fact. Once in a while I noticed him check me out furtively. The saree acquitted me in a sexy light, highlighting my curvy figure. So I didn't mind it at all. I was feeling good about myself after a long time and it had been ages since someone had flirted with me.

"You know Sheetal, I don't think you had such a bad time"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh you don't have to be coy!" he said with a big, knowing smile.

I didn't what he was referring to.

"C'mon Sheetal! You probably fooled your husband but literally everyone in the bank knew what was going on. I didn't believe it at first. I mean you looked so sophisticated and urban. But I was certainly very intrigued when I received that phone call from you."

With a jolt, I realised which phone call he was talking about.

"After that, one day I was having tea at a stall outside and got chatty. You wouldn't believe the amount of gossip tea vendors can give. He told me about your fling with Raza."

I froze and stared blankly at the sea. So far we were facing each other as we spoke. But this revelation was like a punch to the gut and I averted my face. As my head reeled with thoughts, he moved closer.

He put his left hand on my shoulder. I shuddered from his touch on my bare shoulder. I looked at his face. He chuckled and said "Don't worry, your husband is very busy with an old fart. He can’t see us. No wonder he never got to know what you did behind his back. Always busy with work."

Vinay was indeed busy talking to the senior manager. I could see the party chugging along inside through the glass façade, but we were completely obscured from the inside.

I turned back to look at sea, my mind in a turmoil.

Rajesh continued, confident that he could take more liberties with. His caressed his hand along my bare arm and onto my back. I shivered from his touch. The blouse exposed my back entirely except for a thin strap that held it in place.

"Remember the day I came to your house to pick up those documents. I knew something fishy was going on. Why would a lady like you wear a trashy skirt like that when your husband was not around the house. My suspicions were fuelled when I saw a ruffian knock on the door as soon as I left the house. So I stayed behind to see what was happening and imagine my surprise when this guy just picked you up into his arms and carried you inside!"

As he spoke, Rajesh coolly stroked the smooth expanse of my back. I stood frozen not knowing what to say as this man I had barely met was spilling out my deepest secrets.

"You are a very naughty girl, Sheetal" he said and slipped his fingers below my blouse strap. I suppressed a moan. The lustful side of me that I had buried deep inside me for the past few months was suddenly bursting to come out. I felt the same way about Rajesh touching me now as I did with the nukkad guys. Helpless, utterly aroused and alive.

I turned to see his face as he spoke.

"You naughty, naughty girl. Don't worry, I won't tell any of this to your husband. We all have our weaknesses, don't we?" he smiled.

And out of nowhere, he slapped my ass. Not hard but his audacity stung me. And it tingled my body.

"You know what my weakness is?" he asked innocently as he cupped my ass and squeezed it. Slowly and deliberately. He was almost kneading my butt.

“Women like are my weakness, Sheetal.”

My mind was on an overdrive. Should I let this go on? But my body was getting aroused. I thought I would just play along and see how far he would go now that I knew his motives weren't to expose me or humiliate me.

But before I could say anything, he pulled me into an alcove located to the side of the large balcony. The balcony had large cylindrical pillars holding up the ornate arched roof and he pulled me behind one such pillar, away from the sight of anyone who would come to the balcony. A set of tall potted plants obscured us from the balcony.

I was turned on and the shady spot lowered my apprehension of being spotted by someone. Rajesh sensed that I was willing.

He pushed me against the pillar and and unpinned my pallu with the practiced ease of a man who had his way with women. He gazed into my eyes and let it drop to the floor. I sighed, my breath heavy with anticipation.

I felt shy as his eyes trailed over my heaving bosom. The sleeveless blouse looked elegant when draped with a saree. Without the pallu, I looked slutty with my large breasts thrust out. After a few seconds, his eyes dropped to the smooth expanse of my midriff. He thought for a second before caressing my midriff with his hand. "So sexy Sheetal..." he whispered as I gasped at his sensual touch.

He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me on my face. After a few seconds, he kissed me on my lips. I hadn’t kissed another man in ages. The soft touch of his lips tingled my body. I was so aroused that I reciprocated. We kissed tentatively at first like new lovers do, softly kissing each others lips. Slowly the kiss intensified. He slipped his tongue into the kiss, I sucked on his lips. God, he was a good kisser.

As we kissed passionately, I heard footsteps approaching the balcony.

"Sheetal? Are you there?" It was Vinay's voice. I panicked and tried to push Rajesh away thinking desperately of a way to salvage the situation. But Rajesh held me in a tight embrace.

"Shhh....he can't see us here" he whispered, even as he trapped me against the pillar. As I resisted, he pushed his tongue forcefully into my mouth to subdue my resistance.

I groaned, breathless. It was too late now. Vinay was standing in the balcony. I couldn’t leave now. Rajesh continued kissing me and I warmed up to it. As we kissed, he slid his hands from my face, knowing that I wouldn’t resist anymore, and cupped my breasts with both hands. I gasped at his audacity. My husband stood less than 10 feet away as he squeezed and caressed them softly.

"Your breasts are so juicy" Rajesh whispered. "I can’t wait to see them".
I moaned softly, aroused by the kinkiness of the situation. Vinay was loitering around the balcony and fiddling with his phone. He was probably waiting for me to join him. Soon a group of men descended on the balcony for a smoke.
Rajesh sensed that making out in the close vicinity of so many men was turning me on. As we continued making out, he started unhooking my blouse. I grabbed his hands and stopped him.

"Are you mad?!" "My husband is right here!" I whispered in panic.

"Shhh...nothing is going to happen. Relax. They'll never know we are here."

He was probably right. Completely oblivious to us, the men were loudly engrossed in a conversation about some test match. Sensing that I was satisfied with his explanation, my new lover quickly undid my blouse and pulled it aside. Within seconds, my lacy bra was also on the floor.

I blushed coyly as my breasts were revealed. "You're so hot" Rajesh whispered, his eyes taking in the sight of my curvy and full breasts.

I felt a pang of guilt as Rajesh cupped my breasts. I could hear Vinay's voice as he chatted with the others. Here I was standing topless in front of a stranger as he fondled my breasts.

But not for long. Rajesh knew his way around a woman's body. He squeezed my breasts and played with my nipples, stroking and drawing circles around them. I moaned as pleasure surged through my body. "Your tits are so amazing" groaned Rajesh as he explored my topless body. I shivered in pleasure and placed my hand over his erection. "Stroke it" he whispered. I ran my fingers along the length of his shaft over his trousers. It seemed large and thick. I shuddered to think how it would feel inside me and began stroking it eagerly. Rajesh grunted in delight and aggressively squeezed my large boobs.

After a few seconds, Rajesh pushed me back against the pillar. He bent down and softly flicked his tongue against my nipple. I leaned against the pillar in arousal and wrapped my arms around his head as he nuzzled against my tits. He closed his lips around my dark pink nipples and suckled on them. I felt waves of pleasure surge through my body as he ravaged my tits. Once again, I had succumbed to the blatant advances of an alpha male.

I groaned as Rajesh bit my nipple. He looked up at my face, his face obscenely buried in my cleavage "Your tits are just divine. I just can't get enough of them. "
With a shudder I realised he was very turned on and would fuck me then and there if I didn't stop him. With great difficulty I whispered, "Rajesh! We need to get out of here, it’s been a long time since Vinay has seen me. He’ll be looking for me". I couldn't just let a man I met an hour ago fuck me in the open and if I was anymore aroused I wouldn't be able to resist him.

He evidently hadn't heard me or didn't care as he bent further down and flicked his tongue at my navel.

"Hmmmm" I moaned involuntarily and bit my lip as a bolt of pleasure surged through me. He was good.

He circled his tongue around my navel and darted it inside, once again.

"Mmmmm...fuck that's nice"

"Your navel is so sexy Sheetal. I couldn't resist myself after seeing you in the saree."

"Mmmm...please let's go inside.....please" I whispered, my voice hoarse from arousal. I was on the brink. One more nudge and I would pull his pants down and start sucking his cock.

I don't know what happened but good sense prevailed. He withdrew and handed me my blouse.

I put on my bra and blouse as he stared at my boobs unabashedly and kept commenting about how sexy they were. Once I was ready, I peeked from behind the pillar. The men had gone back to the party inside.

"You stay here and come after five minutes. I don't want anyone to suspect anything."

"Sure" he nodded.

I mingled back into the crowd without anyone noticing.

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