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Old 17th July 2017
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Exclamation Tollywood fights back as drug sting bleeds

Tollywood fights back as drug sting bleeds

Pavithra with her director-dad Puri Jagannadh

Stalked by sleuths and smarting under the drug smear, Tollywood is seething.With the arc lights shifting from glamour to taint, the film industry is questioning why it's being singled out and its image being tarnished when nothing has been proved.

Director Puri Jagannadh's daughter Pavithra is infuriated that her dad is being dragged into controversy. "My father is not involved in drugs," she said on Instagram. The post in which she vent her anger has gone viral. And friends, family , relatives and fans are now rallying around him.

The director's son has a career in films and Pavithra is part of the sets of her father's next film -Paisa Vasool -starring Balakrishna.

With Puri's name being discussed after the drug bust, Pavithra was acerbic in her retort. "Just because my dad is a celebrity, it does not mean you can spread or believe in stupid rumours. Just think of his family and reputation in the industry," said the 18-year-old.

"He is a person running after goals. Being a director, his brain is into investment and future plans. He will never spoil his career with such habits," he said urging her followers on Instagram to repost her post.

It's not just Pavithra who is hurt and angry . Much as the film industry is aware and also admits that some could be involved in the drugs case, they are detesting negative publicity .

"Don't people queue up before a theatre just to get a film ticket? When people want entertainment, they cannot do without films. Now when there is an unsubstantiated charge against just a few individuals, the entire film industry is being shown in bad light. This is unacceptable," said actress Jeevitha.

In the last few days, the film industry's image has taken a battering and that has indeed become worrisome for Tollywood. " At a time when Hyderabad is being projected as the best city for investors, the mudslinging does not help," said producer K Ashok Kumar.

"It is for law enforcements authorities to investigate and come out with the truth. All this negative campaign for Tollywood does affect everyone," said Ashok Kumar. The producer said, some measures will have to be taken to see that nobody in the film industry goes astray ."The successful young heroes of the day can take the initiative to talk to their peer group to avoid drugs," he said.

With chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao telling officials that no one involved in the drugs issue should be spared, actor Jagapathi Babu said the crackdown is necessary . "I am not aware who takes drugs or who does not take in Tollywood, but the larger concern is that drugs are even being supplied in schools and colleges," he said.

While Tollywood has taken umbrage over what it calls negative attention, senior actor and Rajahmundry MP M Muralimohan said he did hear that some from the industry were doing drugs. "I do not have the names, but I understand that some rotten apples have given a bad reputation to us."


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