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Old 31st December 2016
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My friend's wife

Hello friends, my name is Karan and this story is about the time when I was working for an IT company in Delhi and my friend's wife Monika. This story is years after my breakup with Richa and Rashi (read the story on link http://xossip.com/showthread.php?t=1457549) and when i returned from Japan. My friend Rahul was my colleague at office. I knew him as he was also my colleague in my previous company. We were really good friends as I got him hired in this company and we were again together. He got married a year ago but I could not go to his wedding. It was when i finally got him to join my company that i met his wife. I had seen his wife's picture and she looked ordinary just as my friend in the picture. However in person she looked much more beautiful and she was really young. She was around 7 years younger to my friend and being from a Rajput family their wedding was prefixed and age difference was considered normal. She did look like a college student and she was really cute too. I used to call her Monika as I never called any of my friends wife as bhabhi or something. Initially i met her only once or twice in a period of 6 months and did not think much of anything except my work and my own flirting here and there. It was Diwali and Rahul invited me at his home for celebration. He also invited Monika's sister Kanika for the celebrations and it was set that we will play cards all night. It was this Diwali when I became friends with Monika and then started our little story.

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Old 31st December 2016
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Good start
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Old 4th January 2017
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Update 1

I bought some flowers for Monika and went to the Diwali party at Rahul's place. Rahul opened the door and called Monika saying Karan is here. She was dressed in a beautiful saree and looked lovely. I complimented her and handed the bouquet to her. She smiled and said thank you. As i went inside the house, i saw another girl sitting on the sofa and Monika introduced me to her as Kanika her sister. She was working in Noida and would often visit them. I shaked hands with her and she told me she worked at a bank in Noida. I said, wow thats nice to know as we could use some inside person at banks and i winked. Everyone laughed and Kanika said, yes why not, please feel free. After all you are jiju's friend, so no issues. I thanked her and we all sat down. Kanika was almost a carbon copy of Monika and looked exactly same. I could not tell or guess their figures in Saree but they were thin in stature and I could say that they had good figure. Kanika was wearing a Salwar suit which was kind of lose and not tight. She looked lovely as well and I had to compliment her as well. I took my chances and said, Rahul is lucky that he has such a beautiful wife and also another half wife who is almost similar to Monika. Monika and Kanika smiled and said, thank you. We can also say that at least one of Rahul's friend is smart and has the courtsey to bring flowers. We laughed and I said, well I am well mannered in that. Everyone was smiling. Snacks were served and the atmosphere was well set as the initial ice was broken. We were talking more freely now and Kanika and Monika were teasing Rahul now and then (for his age difference) and would call him oldie. I also joined them and said he also walks like an oldie in office. It was all smiles. We had a lovely dinner and Rahul opened up a bottle of whiskey. I did not drink ( i only drank with Richa and Rashi, that too to get them off the edge) alcohol normally and Rahul knew that. He said, well young boy, I have thums up for you and this whiskey is for someone manly like me. I said, when i am already high on life, why would i drink alcohol. He smiled. Monika was really surprised that i did not drink or smoke as Rahul did both. Kanika said, at least one of jiju's friend has the decency to not drink infront of us. I smiled and said, not all people who drink are bad. Monika defended her sister and said, she does not mean that but normally we have to leave as it becomes odd after few drinks. I said, ok i understand that, but Rahul is definitely a good guy. Monika laughed loudly and said, you are really his friend it seems. He is a nice guy I know, that is why i married him. Kanika smiled and said, well didi knows when to be a wife and all laughed.

After few rounds of drink, Rahul was a bit tipsy and he was blabbering about work. Monika looked at me with a sad face indicating she was not happy that he drank even when no one was drinking. She said, you need an excuse to drink and you drink even when no one is drinking. I said, its ok, let him enjoy. Let us put dinner on table. ?I helped them to set the table even though they asked me continuously to sit and relax. I did not listen and set the table so we all can eat together. Monika did not like the fact that Rahul was so drunk and did not help. After dinner we took the cards out and started to play teen patti for real money. Rahul was playing really bad and wasting money. I was making money and so was Kanika. Monika joked, it seems you two have become partners in loot today. Maybe you should start dating with the loot money and then it would be so much fun. Kanika was really embarassed with her comment and was looking down in shame. Rahul added yeah yeah why not, he is a really good guy and Kanika will be lucky. He jokingly added, plus he does not drink or smoke, means more savings. I was a bit embarrassed as well and apparently blushing. Monika and Rahul were now teasing us and it was fun as well. I also joined in and said, it would be nice then i also will have Kanika and half Monika. Everyone laughed except Kanika who was really feeling shame and hiding her face. After lot of jokes, we ended the game and planned to sleep. Rahul asked me to stay but they had just one spare room. They asked me to take the room and Kanika would sleep in their room on the floor. I said, i will sleep on the floor and let Kanika use the bed. I said i will manage in the living room. However living room had no AC so Rahul insisted and made me sleep in their room on the floor. Both Monika and Kanika were requesting me to take the bed but i refused. As soon as we lied down, Rahul was fast asleep. Monika and Kanika had changed into lowers and t shirt. Monika asked me after around 15 minutes, if i was comfortable on the floor. I said yes, dont worry. She said, i should have taken the bed as she feels bad. I said how can i let a girl sleep on the floor. Monika was pleased and said you are really nice. I joked plus i get to sleep with you in this room, which is a pleasure. She laughed and said haha, but you are on the floor. I said so what, after all you are just half girlfriend. She smiled and said good night half boyfriend. I slept and after few hours i felt as if it was too hot and i was sweating. I woke up and found that the light was gone and only fan was working with inverter. I woke up to get some water and noticed that Monika's t shirt was raised up. In the dim lights of night bulb, her navel was visible. Her midriff was flat and her navel looked amazingly sexy. I was mesmerized and I was fixated at the view. She had no fat and she had an absolutley amazing figure. Her t shirt was coiled up near her boobs and it was apparent that her boobs were not in proportion to her size. They were really huge and now i could see that she had really thin body but amazingly huge boobs which made her even sexier. Her hair was spread across her face and sweat on her body was making her like a sex goddess. I was in a trance when she turned to her side, breaking my fixation. I quickly walked out to get some water as I did not want her to see me seeing her. I had a glass of water in the kitchen and when i was walking back, i had a wicked idea to check Kanika as well. I went to her door and it was open. I opened it slowly and interestingly she was sleeping with lights on. The risk was greater but i took the chance and peeped in. She was also sleeping really sound but her t shirt was not up. Although i could make out her figure and she had similar body as Monika except her boobs which were visibly smaller. I looked her up, praising her sexy body. These sisters had really amazing figure and i was really excited with all this. I was sporting a hard on and luckily no one was up. I closed the door and went back to sleep.

I was up at around 10 AM and had a really massive morning boner. My shorts were raised up and anyone looking at it would know I had a hard on. I quickly got up to check if anyone was up and to my horror, Monika was not in her bed. Rahul was still asleep. I waited for few minutes trying to control my hardness. I needed to pee badly and finally as i felt it was better i got up. My shorts still sported a slight tent and I walked out peeping if anyone was there. I went to the toilet in living room (living room and kitchen were together). I walked slowly and as i reached the toilet gate, i noticed Monika and Kanika were in the kitchen sipping tea. They looked at me and smiled sheepishly (laughing in low tone) and said Gooood Morning. I smiled shyly and said Good Morning. I did not know if they saw my boner or not or what happened. When i came out of the toilet, Monika asked me for tea. I said ok. Both sisters were smiling now and then and i did not know what to think or say. I sat down, took my mobile and started to surf here and there. Things settled down when Rahul was up as well. We drank tea together as they prepared tea for everyone. Breakfast was bread and eggs. I made omelette for everyone and Monika and Kanika were really impressed. Monika joked, Kanika it seems you wont even have to cook. You need to think seriously now. Rahul was also having fun and he said, my boy is gold. We all laughed. Finally I got ready and so did Kanika. She was planning to take the auto and then metro. I told her I can give her lift till Noida as I live in East Delhi and it is near Noida. She said no, no i dont want to trouble you. Rahul said, what is the trouble, he is my friend. Monika too said, comeon Kanika, he is saying himself and plus he is our friend. Kanika said Ok and she got ready to go in my car. I bid them goodbye and surprisingly Monika hugged me goodbye. It was like a dream come true and I hugged her lightly. It was already around 5 PM by the time we left. She was mostly silent in the car. She said, you are really good and maybe the best of jiju's friend. I said to her, she is also the best sali of any friend i ever met. She blushed and said, thanks but i dont know what it means. I said, i mean you are beautiful, self sufficient and smart. She blushed and said thanks. After an hour of driving we reached her flat in Noida. She asked me to come up for coffee which i did not refuse. I went up and found that she was ringing the bell. I assumed she had a flatmate. She said, I live with my friend Neha and she is my flatmate. We rented this 2 BHK apartment as we both work in Noida. I said, thats nice. The door opened and the girl who opened the door was in a really tiny short and top. She was the most beautiful and sexy girl i had ever seen. She was curvy and had perfect hips and ass. A perfectly flat midriff and a pair of juicy boobs. She was perhaps the hottest girl i had ever seen. I have no words for her. She had straight hair, perfect lips and a body that would make men kill for her. A picture of another hot girl is attached to explain what i mean. (https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=i&rc...83633246874285)

Kanika introduced me to her, she was Neha. She passed a casual hi and was really comfortable in her dress even with me around. She was sitting on the sofa and busy in her phone hardly noticing me. Kanika went inside to make coffee while Neha sat on the couch across from me texting on mobile. She seemes pretty busy and would just glance at times smiling at me. I was hooked to her. She had folded her legs and was on the sofa with her legs up as well. She was tired of texting and she folded her hands up to relax them and raised her hands over her head. This exposed her pefect belly button and i was so hooked to her that i could not think of anything else. Soon Kanika walked in with coffee and she found me looking at Neha. I managed to look away but i was caught. Coffee was served on the table and as Neha bent to lift her cup, I could see her awesome cleavage. Her top hung down giving me a peek at her sexy lingerie and her perfect boobs. I was stunned. I had fuck so many girls so far but this was something i never imagined. Kanika was looking at me with slight anger and she said, Karan drink coffee please. I sheepishly took the coffee and drank it. I said ok Kanika, i will leave now. Neha was still busy texting and she said byee Karan, nice meeting you. I replied byee and nice meeting you too and walked down with Kanika. Kanika was a bit angry or fake angry at me as she said, Neha is so beautiful that men just keep looking at her. I said, sorry but yes and I am sorry i was oogling. I said, I was a bit shocked to see her and no doubt that she is amazingly beautiful. Kanika said, just beautiful or you mean something else. I said, ok ok i mean she is sexy too. Kanika said, Oh my god Karan, men will be men. I laughed and said, it seems you are jealous. She said, not at all. And why would i be jealous if you like her. I said, maybe because you like me. Kanika hit me from behind and said, shut up. She then said, I do like you, and even if i dont know you, i do like you. To be honest, I do have a boyfriend so I did not say anything. Monika does not know about him. I said it is Ok, anyways it would be difficult for us. She asked me why would it be difficult. I said, you are my friends sali and if anything goes wrong between us, it would effect my friendship with Rahul adn Monika. I am sure none of us want this. Kanika agreed with me. She said, I know it would be nice but I too have a boyfriend and in addition our situation is complex. I asked her about Neha. Kanika got angry and said, shut up you bad boy. But to let you know she has no boyfriend, she has boyfriends and she takes them for a spin. I said, wow that is even better. Kanika hit me again and said, my sister and jiju are fools to think you are a nice man. I said, who said i am nice, i never said so. She laughed and said, you are nice and honest. I like that. I smiled and said you are really sweet Kanika and I think you will be a good friend. Kanika hugged me good bye. As i was getting in car, Neha came running from behind and shouted wait wait.

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Old 5th January 2017
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Update 2

Kanika said, what happened Neha ? Is everything Ok. She was wearing a torn jeans and a top now. She still looked fabulous. She said, sorry Karan but i needed to know if you are going towards Noida sector 18, as i need to get there. I said, I am going to delhi but I can drop you there. She said thanks a lot dear otherwise i would need to take an auto or something. Kanika did not like the idea but she could not say anything. Neha and I sat in the car and I started to drive. She said sorry I could not talk much in the apartment as i was busy with something. I am Neha and I work in a call center. I said wow that is nice. She asked about me and i told her i work in a MNC as IT Consultant. She was impressed and said, so is she is your girlfriend ? I said no yaar, she is my friend's sali and as i live nearby I offered to drop her. I met her for the first time. She said Ok ok, normally she does not share anything with me so dont mind me asking. Also please do not tell her that i asked. I said not at all Neha. She then said, you have a nice car, it would be lovely to go for a drive na. I said yes, it is and it is even better if there is a girl. She laughed and said, haha yeah i know what you mean. I said what do I mean ? She said, if there is a girl then you can play some games while driving and she winked at me. I laughed and said, depends, if a girl is as hot as you, then why not. She laughed and said, thanks a lot dear. I know i am hot. She laughed and said I am kidding. You are handsome yourself. Do you have a girlfriend ? I said not yet dear. I said, you must have lines of men after you. She laughed loudly and said, yes but no one is my boyfriend. All are my friends. I said that is nice to know. She said, she has to meet someone in sector 18 so she asked me for help. I said it is Ok, I hope it is a date. She smiled and said, you are clever too. Soon i reached sector 18 and parked the car on the side. She opened the door and said thanks Karan. I knew she was proud of her looks so i decided to play the game.?She got down from the car and stood at the window, looked inside and said, thanks dear. Byee and see you later. I said bye and without asking for her number drove off. It seemed she was hoping that i would ask for her number. I looked back in the mirror and slowly she disappeared in the crowd. It was a fun day overall and i was absolutely happy. After i reached my flat, i ordered some food and was about to sleep. My phone rang and it was Rahul. He asked me how was my trip and if everything was Ok. Then he said and i heard you are now dropping Neha here and there like a chauffeur. I laughed and said, come on yaar, she just asked me to drop nearby plus it was on the way. He said, even if it was opposite direction you would have dropped her. I have seen her and she is so hot. I laughed and said maybe yaar. He asked if something happened and i said what do you think. He laughed and said, i know she is beyond you. We laughed when i heard Monika in the background saying, she is not a nice girl. Rahul handed the phone to Monika who said, Karan you betrayed me. How can you do this to my sister plus Neha is not a nice girl. I laughed and said I wish i had betrayed. She laughed as well and said, come over on the weekend, we will plan something. I said Ok sure half girlfriend. She said now i am not any half, you and Neha means we are enemies now. She laughed and said good night half enemy. She was really a charming girl and i was so jealous of Rahul now. At around 11 PM i got a text from an unknown number saying - so really tell me how was the drive with sexy Neha ? I was not sure but i guessed it must be Kanika. I said, is this Kanika ? Reply - yes stupid, who else.
Me - Ok Ok, i did not have your number na, i thought you told many other people.
Kanika- haha, just my didi. How was the drive btw?
Me - it was ok, we did not talk much
Kanika - she is very clever and knows how to use guys.
Me - i wish she uses me. Haha
Kanika - Stupid, idiot. Many boys come and go on bikes with her
Me - i dont care about all that plus i am not marrying her.
Kanika - sorry, i did not mean stupid idiot. Just typed it kiddingly
Me - No issues, I know you are sweet
Kanika - Thanks, but i think you are really sweet
Me - I wish Neha thinks so too
Kanika - Aha, you and your dreams, why dont you call her and ask
Me - I do not have her number
Kanika - What ? she did not give you her number ? That is so sad. Poor you.
Me - I did not ask for her number.
Kanika - Wow that is so nice of you. Or did she turn you down :P
Me - Haha, not yet. If i get her number, i will ask
Kanika - I can give you the number, it is 98xxxxxxx
Me - Wow thanks Kanika, you are a dear friend.
Kanika - Ohh shit, Please delete the number. She will know i gave you. It is not good.
Me - Why what will happen, if you gave me. Did she ask you not to give
Kanika - Haha, no but still. She was however praising you for being nice. She asked me if you are my bf
Me - What did you say?
Kanika - I said the truth, you are not. WHat else would i say
Me - Thanks a lot. Now i have to try to get her :P
Kanika - Haha...try try...lets see
Me - Haha, thanks. You are a sweetheart
Kanika - Welcome, I could not say goodbye properly to you
Me - Why you think so, you offered me coffee and walked me to the car. It is more than enough.
Kanika - No, i mean you deserved a hug :P But you missed it due to your Neha
Me - Haha, it is ok. It is risky to hug. I wish she was my Neha :P
Kanika - Why so ? Monika hugged you. That was not risky to you :P
Me - She is my friend's wife. You are single and ready to mingle. Haha. So you are more huggable
Kanika - Shut up. I have a boyfriend.What is huggable
Me - Well you are so thin that if i hug you, I will be engulfing you completely :P
Kanika - Oh my god, you are so bad. I am not that thin
Me - YOu are really thin, infact both of you. Not in a bad way thin, but in a perfect way. Nice figure i can say.
Kanika - YOu know a lot about figure it seems. How do you know my figure.
Me - Haha, i know because i guessed. plus you are not the first girl i am meeting
Kanika - Uff boys, they are so bad. My boyfriend is also obsessed with figure of girls.
Me - That is normal.
Kanika - So what is your guess for me
Me - Haha leave it. It is embarassing. Plus you may report me to Monika
Kanika - Haha. No yaar. I told about Neha just to pull your leg. You think I will tell them about our chat. Trust me i wont
Me - I trust you
Kanika - So what is the guess.
Me - Well if i hugged you, i would guess better
Kanika - Still make a guess, let us see. And hugs - in your dreams :P
Me - Well no issues, I hugged Monika and you are similar. So i will give it a try.
Kanika - Haha so bad. She is your friend's wife.
Me - So ? I am not saying anything bad.
Kanika - Ok baba, go on
Me - I think your waist is 28 and hips are 32 and .... is.. lemme think
Kanika - Ok ok that is enough. No need to say more. Sleep now and dont think
Me - Haha, you are a cutie pie. I will think all night and let you know later :P
Kanika - No need, haha good night sweety
Me - Good night dear. Take care.

I was not sure what was going on in Kanika's mind but i did not give it a lot of thought. I was more interested in Neha now. I saved her number but did not message her and slept.

A week passed by and not much happened. I did not message Neha, even though i wanted to. It was Friday and Rahul asked me to come to his house to spend the weekend. It was from Monika he said. I told him that i will come tomorrow. On Friday evening i got a message from Neha. I was surprised and since i had her number, i knew who it was. It said - Hey Karan, how are you ? Whats up
I replied - Hi Neha, I am fine, how are you ?
Neha - Hey, how did you know it is me
Me - Well, It is my job to know beautiful girl's number.
Neha - Haha, and you still did not message me. Liar
Me - Haha, well i thought, you are busy in dates.
Neha - Hmm...not so. Actually I needed some help so i messaged you. Hoep you dont mind.
Me - No, not an issue, tell me.
Neha - Actually Kanika and I need to go to Delhi tomorrow and she told me that you maybe going to Delhi as well. So i was wondering if we could hop on your car. We will come to your place, so you dont have issue.
Me - That is no issue at all, plus you need not come to my place. I will pick you guys. I have to go Rahul's place so will drop you guys off. However, why did not Kanika message me ?
Neha - Ohh so you want Kanika to message you ?
Me - haha, no i was wondering as she has my number, she would directly message me
Neha - She was feeling shy about asking you. She did not want to take advantage of you. Haha..
Me - haha, that is funny. Let me call her.

I called Kanika and said, you could have asked me directly, what is the issue.
Kanika - Neha is lying, she wanted to message you and try to fool you, but you had her number so she told you this story.
Me - Haha...ok ok...no issues, i will pick you guys at 11.
Kanika - Ok, sure, btw what are you doing tonight ? It is Friday night after all.
Me - Well not much, will watch tv, eat and sleep. I dont have a partner like you.
Kanika - Haha..my bf is not in NCR, he is now in Mumbai. So i am also like you.
Me - Ok, then we can have dinner together.
Kanika - Yeah why not, should we meet somewhere ?
Me - I will pick you up in around an hour.
Kanika - Ok. I get ready. Dont tell Monika or Rahul.
Me - Ok miss, secret date.
Kanika - Haha...byee. Cya

I got ready and went to their place. To my surprise, Neha was standing there with Kanika. Kanika was wearing a denim blue jeans and a white t shirt and she looked much sexier today. Neha was however dressed to kill. She was wearing a tight short pant and a top which was long making it look like she was only wearing a top and no pants under. She looked amazingly hot and stylish. They got in the car and Neha said, I hope you dont mind me joining in. Kanika seemed a bit unhappy but I said, not at all. Kanika also said, no issue Neha, it is not a date. Neha said, i know, but i did not want to eat alone. I said not a problem girls. It is all good. I added, you two look really nice today. They said thanks and we drove off to eat. Neha was talking more today and asking a lot of things about me. Kanika was also sharing lot of things about her and it was a lovely evening. After dinner, I dropped them off, and was about to go when Neha asked me to wait. She said, she needed to go to Noida sector 18 again and if i could drop her. She was sorry as she got the message now. I said it is no issue and anyway it is on the way. Kanika again did not lke it but she could not do anything. Neha got in and we drove off. Neha said, if you have some time, we can drive on the expressway to Greater Noida and then come back. I said why so ? She said, she always wanted to go for a long drive after dinner, but could not say due to Kanika. She knew I would not say no to that. I said, sure dear, it is my pleasure. Neha smiled and said, wow you are so nice. Dont tell Kanika please. I said no issue dear. Neha said that my car was really cool and relaxed in the car. I was driving slowly, talking and looking at her. Her side profile, the view of side boobs were awesome. I said, by the way you look terrific today. She said really ? Thanks. I said, yes, you look fabulous. Short pants suit you well. She said thanks, i think so too. Maybe because I have long legs. I said or maybe because you have sexy hips like shakira. She laughed and said really ? I said are you kidding me, you have a figure to die for and a face that people would kill. She was definitely proud of her looks and my praises really made her happy. She touched my arms and said thanks dear. She then turned around, lifted her t shirt showing her hips in tight shorts to me and asked, really Shakira hips ? I said better than that and your hips dont lie. She laughed and then sat down and played the song hips dont lie from her mobile in my car and started to dance. She was something. I said, can you shake like Shakira ? She said, she cant say as she has never tried that. I asked her to give it a try. I slowed down the car, she turned around, putting her legs on the car and started to shake her hips. I was so turned on that i wanted to touch her hips. She did this for a minute and then sat down. She asked how was it. I said, it was so hot that i almost lost control. She said, haha liar, how can this be so hot. I said you have such a perfect ass that i am having trouble controlling myself even when i look at you. She hit me and said liar. I said, I wish i could show you the proof. She felt embarassed and said, you are crazy. Soon, our long drive was abou to end. I asked her if i should drop her home. She said yes, but a bit away as Kanika may be angry if she sees us. I agreed and I dropped her a bit far from her home. She got down and i also got down to greet her good bye. She hugged me and said, that was amazing Karan. I took the opportunity and hugged her tight and said, i wish i could feel your hips. She said, control mr, and patted my back. I patted her hips and said cannot. She laughed and broke the hug. She said , i gotta go. I held her again and pulled her close and in an instant kissed her on her cheeks. She was a bit surprised and said, ohho kool down tiger. I said, it is a just a peck on cheeks dear. She said, I know sweety and it is ok. I am not a kiss virgin. I laughed and said - I am not even a virgin. She laughed and said - shut up, even I am not. I said - ooohhh that is hot. She laughed again and said, you are crazy. I said, ok in that case, our real kiss is due. She said nothing and said - byee tiger and started to walk away. I just looked at her sexy hips swaying and her awesome body. The hug had made me horny and i so wanted to fuck her. I knew she would play hard to get as she wants to extract some fun out of me and control me.

As soon as I got in the car, i realized it was already an hour since i dropped Kanika and it was 11 PM. I started my car and found that i had messages and miss calls from Kanika. As I silenced my phone during dinner, i could not hear these. The message said - Did you reach ? Thanks for the dinner. Another message said - Where are you ? I hope not roamig around with that Neha. There were similar messages and miss calls. I did not reply or call as i wanted to reach home first. After i reached, i changed and then messaged her. Hey I reached, thanks for the company. Sorry my phone was silent so did not see the messages or the calls.
Kanika - Ohh..okk. I thought you are roaming wit that Neha. She came back few minutes ago.
Me - Haha, i wish. And if i was, why you getting upset
Kanika - I am not upset, just asking. Also to advise you to be careful as she is a bad girl
Me - But she is your roommate.
Kanika - She is my friend, but i know her and since you are my friend, i am warning you.
Me - Dont worry sweety. I am not a child.
Kanika - Haha..I know you are not. You are a bad man.
Me- Yeah and sadly missed your hug today as well.
Kanika - Haha, get lost you bad boy.
Me - i must hug Neha then
Kanika - Haha sure. She hugs everyone.
Me - wow, thats nice
Kanika - yeah yeah for you.
Me - you can hug her as well. She is hot
Kanika - stupid, i am not that type
Me - Haha, kidding my huggable babe
Kanika - idiot. I am not a babe
Me - well in my dream and my figure guess you are
Kanika - crazy.
Me - Also you look hotter in Jeans.
Kanika - thanks and shut up
Me - wanna know my guess?
Kanika - good night.
Me - haha, good night 32
Kanika - oh my god. Stupid, idiot,moron
Me - haha, so you mean not even your boyfriend knows it
Kanika - shut up and good night.
Me - was i close ?
Kanika - get lost you idiot
Me - hugs and good night
Kanika - good night and no hugs
As soon as I was about to sleep I got a message from Neha
Neha - Hey Karan, thanks for the ride and dinner
Me - Hey Neha, welcome and thanks for the hugs and kiss
Neha - haha, btw you kissed me and i did not
Me - well that was not a kiss
Neha - haha yeah yeah just a peck
Me - haha yes, i wish it was real
Neha - you are greedy. You even touched my hips.
Me - it would be crime if i did not. I wanted to squeeze them.
Neha - haha bad boy. It is not available for squeezing.
Me - how about my kiss then
Neha - you are too fast. We have just met
Me - why to be slow when you have met the most beautiful girl of your life. Life is short and youth even shorter.
Neha - Haha, thanks and agree with you. But still :p no kiss
Me - how about hugs
Neha - I already hugged you when you took advantage of the situation
Me - that was not the special hug
Neha - what is a special hug ?
Me - when we hug each other so tight that there is no space for air :p
Neha - boys and their weird ideas. You are all same
Me - you really think so ?
Neha - absolutely, see how you kissed me
Me - ok baba, i am sorry no hugs and no kiss
Neha - haha, I don't mean that.
Me - i know. You are cute and sexy
Neha - thanks
Me - welcome
Neha - thanks again for the drive. Loved it. Hugs and good night
Me - i thought no hugs, but thanks. Dont give a tight hug. I am already in the edge.
Neha - Haha crazy. Tight hugs and a kiss good night
Me - ahhh, i am done
Neha - haha crazy dude. Byee tc
Me - tc
I was so horny that i shagged imagining Neha. Next day i picked them from their flat. Neha was in torn jeans and a top while Kanika wore salwar suit. I said Kanika no Jeans today ? Kanika said - i have to go to jiju's house after shopping. I said so ? He is your father ? Neha laughed and said - i told her to wear jeans but she is mad. Kanika said - in addition why would i wear jeans for you. You are a bad boy. I smiled but Neha defended me- comeon Kanika he is so nice. Kanika said - i know, so you wear jeans for him, i wont. I said Ok Ok calm down, let us start now.

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Very good start.....maintain the thrill

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Wow..... Another erotic story started
My Thread :


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naice wow

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amazing build up

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Update 3

Kanika was sitting infront and Neha was sitting at the back and she had put her head between us to talk to us. The best part was that as she bent to talk to us, i could see ample cleavage. However as Kanika was sitting as well, i was not able to really take a good peek at it. She was talking really close to me and I could feel her breath at times. Kanika could see the same and felt uncomfortable at this. She said to Neha, sit straight Neha, there can be jerking. Neha was really casual in approach and did not understand what Kanika really meant. She said, no worries dear, I am holding on. Neha was wearing a whitish sports bra which exposed most of her boobs and if i had luck i guess, i could even peek at the nipples. However my view time was too short to really look deep into it. Her milky boobs were on display but i was not able to fully enjoy it. Kanika was not so happy and kept talking about different things which may not interest Neha. Neha carefully placed one of her hands behind my hand and was nudging and pinching me when she got the opportunity. I felt helpless as i could not react and at the same time I enjoyed the playfulness. She even pinched me on my waist and took my tucked shirt out. She was saying you know sometimes it feels so good to go on a drive and have so much fun. She said to Kanika, you know, i wish i could really tell everyone how much fun i am having. With this, she inserted her hands under my shirt and pinched my bare skin. I could not control and moved my body almsot shouting oooh and the car swayed a bit. Kanika asked what happened, are you ok. I said yes yes, it seems some insect bit me. Neha laughed out loud, haha a tiny insect moved the mighty stud. She said to Kanika, your boyfriend is weak. Kanika got angry and said, he is not my boyfriend and plus I dont care if he is weak or strong. Neha said, calm down Kanika. You are angry as if Karan is some bad guy and I am linking you with him. Kanika realized she was angry for the wrong reason. She controlled her anger, said sorry to me and said, I did not mean anything bad, i am just not in the mood. I held Kanika's hand and said, Kanika it is Ok, you are always nice anyway. It made her happy and she then said sorry to Neha as well. It was a fun ride and finally i dropped them in some market in Delhi. I called Rahul that i was reaching in few minutes. He said, he was out buying some stuff and will be there soon. I asked him if i should come late as i was not sure if someone was home. He said Monika is home so I should head home. He will reach soon as well. I then went to Rahul's house. Monika opened the door and as I knew Rahul was not home, I was premeditated to hug her. She was dressed in a beautiful saree today and her navel was barely covered with the thin saree. She looked sexy with the Saree and red blouse. She was even wearing a nose ring today with a pair of lovely ear rings. On one hand, i was stunned by Neha and on the other Monika's simplicity and her out of proportion boobs made her mroe desirable than any girl i knew. She was the perfect Indian woman and in addition her sexiness was beyond comaprison considering she was married and carried herself so well within her contraints. I looked at her for a moment and then hugged her and said Hi. She hugged me back and said, welcome. I kept hugging her and said, you look absolutely stunning today. I knew Rahul was not home so i was very liberal. I had to break the hug and I walked inside. She said thanks. I continued, your ear rings are so beautiful. Monika was surprised and said, ahemm you noticed my ear rings, that is amazing. I said why, they are beautiful. She said with a plain face, your old friend did not even notice me, ear rings are a far thing. I smiled and said, you are married for a while now and I have seen you just twice so i noticed more. She said, you are really defensive of your friend and smiled. I said nothing like that, just guessing. She smiled and said, anyway thanks for noticing. I said Monika, you are the only noticeable girl i know. She was a bit surprised by my open praises today. She said, leave it Karan, you are already after your Neha and laughed. I said haha, I know she is really hot but you are better. Monika said, comeon everyone who has seen her knows she is too good. I said, Monika she is sexy and hot and beautiful. But you are graceful, perfect Indian lady and too cute and sexy. Monika was a bit shocked by my use of sexy on her. She said thinking sexy of your friend's wife is not so nice of you and smiled. She added and in addition I am not sexy, from which angle i look sexy to you ? I said, Monika what can i do you married Rahul before you met me and in addition you are sexy from every angle. Even in saree, you look so hot. Monika was really happy with my praises. She shyly said, Ok ok take some water and cool down.

We were sitting and talking about different things. She was teasing me about Kanika and Neha. I was looking at her navel and her awesome boobs which looked sexier in the red blouse. Monika then asked me, why did i call her sexy ? I said, for many resons Monika. You are beautiful, you have lovely figure and you carry yourself so elegantly. Even in this saree, you look so stunning and dont mind but your style showing navel partially and sometimes fully is so hot. She said ok ok...stop. Uff Karan, you are noticing me so much, i am feeling really shy. I said I am sorry. She said haha dont be sorry. This is the first time in my life someone said so about me. I am happy and blushing at the same time. She added, all men are crazy about figure, i dont know what is the big deal. I said I dont know that either, but it is somehow exciting for us. Monika was really feeling shy but she was somehow continuing the discussion. She then said, Neha has really good figure I think. Even Rahul gets high seeing her. I laughed and said, she is sexy for sure. Her figure is killing. Monika said, haha do you know her figure already. Very fast Mr Karan. I said no no, I am guessing her figure. I wish i knew her real figure. Monika laughed and said men will be men. I said I wish I knew yours and her figure. Monika acted fake angry and said, not possible mr. I am your friend's wife you bad boy. She laughed and then said, my figure is not worth knowing. Maybe you should find out Neha's. I asked her, what do you think her figure is. Monika was shocked that i asked her this. She said, How do i know. I said, you are a girl and you know sizes better than me. So please guess. She was really shy now, and not looking at me. She said no no, i cant. I said please come on, you are feeling shy as if you are not an adult and not married. She laughed and said, naughty you are. As soon as she said this and was about to say something, the bell rang. It was Rahul. He went to get some some food items. Lunch was a mix of home cooked items and items which Rahul brought. Rahul asked me if i had to wait for long. I said not at all, plus Monika was here so no waiting. He said, yes yes, I hope you were not bored. I laughed and said, not at all, Monika is good to talk to. Monika said, thanks Karan, Rahul thinks I am boring. Rahul joked, see she is already boring us. Monika walked to the kitchen and said, I wil leave you two on your own. Let us eat first. I said, no no, this is not what he meant. He is pulling your leg. We definitely like your company. Monika smiled and said it is ok. Lunch was served and I helped Monika again in setting up the lunch. Lunch was really nice and after lunch we decided to watch some movie. Rahul wanted to watch Game of Thrones which was a new series launched. I liked Game of Thrones but it was too vulgar to watch with family. I was surprised when Monika said, Game of thrones is going really nice na. I like it too. I nodded and said, yes it is interesting. She said, they just show some extremes, else it is a nice show. I said yes, but that is the reality they are telling in a different way. Men have been looking at women as Objects and always thought of them as trophies. Monika agreed and said, it is sad na. I nodded. Rahul then said, ok let us see game of Throne from the beginning. We sat down on the floor and he set up the laptop with his TV. The view was nice and we were all set. The series was full of nude women and sex. Monika was getting a bit uneasy in those scenes as she had never seen this show with another man. As I understood, she had seen them alone or with Rahul. She however kept talking about the show and different characters. We made a small pause when Rahul went to the toilet and said, I will make tea. Monika said, no you sit , i will make. Rahul, however insisted and now it was just Monika and I. Monika looked shyly at me and I caught her looking at me. Rahul said, continue the show, i have already seen this one. She smiled and we continued watching the show. In one of the scenes with lot of nude women, Monika looked sheepishly at me. I said, this show is full of so many beautiful women na. She said, if all are nude then all look good to men. I said haha that is true but some of them are really beautiful and so sexy figure. She said you and your figure. what is so good in them. Look at her, she looks so bad, she said pointing at one of the nude girls. I said, are you mad, look at her boobs. I was surprised at my own boldness for using the word boobs. They look so round, firm and shapely. She was really feeling shame, and she said in a low voice, must be unreal. I laughed and said, you know a lot than you show. She said, you too are more than you look. I am sure you had many girlfriends. I said no no not so, just one, but we broke up recently. She said, oh i am sorry, i did not know. What happened ? I said not much, she found someone better. She laughed and said, haha how is that possible ? It must be you. I said haha, maybe. She asked was it serious. I said, I lost my virginity to her. Monika was shocked and did not know what to say. She just said Ohh..sad to know. You must miss her. I said not any more, at least now i know more women are available. I laughed and so did she. I then asked her, I guess you lost it to Rahul. She was hooked to the ground in shame and looked downwards. She slowly and shyly said, You are mad. I said say na. She said, shut up. I said, ok miss uptight. She said you are mean..and...yes. As soon as she said Yes, Rahul walked in with tea and said what yes. I said, nothing I asked her if you make good tea. She said yes. Rahul laughed and said, I make the best tea. Kanika said, this is what i said too. She smiled at me and we had our tea.

In the evening at around 7 PM, the bell rang again and it was Kanika. Monika said ohh what a surprise, i thought you guys will go back after shopping. Kanika said, I thought so too, but then I decided, i will meet you guys. Monika said, Karan it is your girlfriend. Kanika felt really shy and as i walked out to see her, she was almost hiding her face in Monika. Monika said, oh our bride is shy. We all laughed but Kanika was really feeling shy infront of her sister and Rahul. She said slowly, didi what will jiju think. Shut up please. Rahul too came and joined, Ohh I was wondering why Karan ran to see her. I laughed too and said liar. We all sat down. We had already stopped the series and were now watching random movies on Television. Monika and Rahul got busy in the kitchen to make dinner. My help was refused and Kanika was asked to relax as she was tired with all day shopping. I asked her, what happened to Neha ? She said, she went home and i stayed back. I said how come you stayed back. She said, why, cant i stay here. I said no no, you can sweety. Kanika smiled and said, I am not your sweety. I smiled and said, I know you have a boyfriend. This comment irked her a bit and she said, yes i am his sweety. She then said, Neha has no sense. I said, what happened. She said, did you see the way she was sitting in the car. I said, yes, what was wrong ? She said, omg you did not see ? EVerything was visible. She wears such lose dress. I said, ohh I missed it. She said, shut up and you dont need to look there. I said why mam, she can be my sweety. She said, yes you are right, why do i care. Look and touch and do what you feel. I said Kanika, I did take a look. Kanika said - You bad man. Idiot, stupid and she hit me. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. She was really scared and said are you mad ? I said, tell me first, why you angry at me and why so much issue with Neha. She said ok ok, i tell you but let me go. She was really scared but i did not let go. Her side hips were touching me now and it felt so nice to have a woman's touch after so long. I had an instant hard on. I pinched her waist. She said I will shout. I said ok then shout. She said, ok I am sorry please na. I let her go, she was breathing heavily and really scared. She said, you are bad you know na. She then said I dont know why i feel so much jealousy. Although i have a boyfriend. I am sorry. Neha is beautiful and you are handsome. You two are obviuos pair. I said, Kanika first of all we are not a pair. Secondly, I wish i can date Neha but she has many boyfriends as you told. Also you have a boyfriend and you are a good girl. Your sister is already married. Kanika finally smiled and said, You are a really nice guy. She then pulled my cheeks and ran out. I smiled at her gesture. I knew she liked me. She came back after few minutes and said, it seems dinner is ready, let us go. I asked her to give me a hand so i can get up. She reluctantly gave me her hand, and as i got up, i pulled her towards me and she collided with me. Her face turned red with shyness and fear and she turned around to run away. I held her by her waist from behind and pulled close. I said, Miss jealousy, what will you do now. She said, please let me go. I said my hug is due, and if you dont give me a good hug, i wont let you go. She was so scared she just said, ok ok, i will, let me go please. I let her go and she ran out without looking at me. Monika saw her breathing heavy and running and asked what happened ? I walked out and said, your sister was trying to be clever and she hit me on my head. I was trying to hit her but she ran away. Monika smiled and said, ok lovers stop flirting and eat. Kanika said in a low voice didiiiii, expressing her annoyance. Monika said, ok ok, no more teasing and we went to the living room for dinner. Kanika was talking in a low tone to Monika. She was probably asking her not to tease her. Rahul said, what is going on between the sisters. Monika said, nothing, Kanika is just upset that we keep teasing her. After all she is a girl. Rahul said Ok ok, no more teasing about your boyfriend Karan. We all laughed and even Kanika burst into laughter. Kanika said, jiju, his girlfriend is Neha and not me. Rahul looked at me and said, saale, you dog. You betrayed my sali and that too for her room partner Neha. ?I said Rahul I wish it was you who can date Neha, but you already have the most beautiful wife. In addition Kanika does not like me, so i have no choice. Also Neha has given me no hint, nor she gave me her number. Kanika told me she is not a good girl and you know I like bad girls. It is a tough terrain. Rahul laughed and so did Monika. He said, she is beyond us yaar. I feel she is arrogant and ignores us. I said maybe, my main aim is to date her and I laughed. Monika said, men will be men. They only care for looks and not at a woman's heart. We laughed it off with a oooohhh. I said Monika I always compliment you and even Rahul for marrying you and that is because of your heart only. You are already taken and Kanika does not like me. Monika said is it so. Kanika how can you not like him, she asked looking at her. Kanika said, i like him as a friend didi. Also, to be honest how can someone like someone so soon. Monika said ok ok, no fighting. If you guys like each other, we will be happy too. After a good laugh session, we had our dinner. We were talking about game of thrones after that and Kanika did not like the topic. She said you guys have nothing to do than watching that show. I don't like that show. We said ok ok, let us see a nice movie. We all sat on the bed this time as no one wanted to sit down on the floor. I was on one side and Rahul was next to me. Monika and Kanika were on other side and there was no more space. After some time, Kanika felt sleepy and Monika suggested she should lie down on the front side of the bed while we sat at the head of the bed watching the movie. Kanika took a bed sheet and was lying near our feets. Her feet was toward my legs and as she spread the bed sheet we too put our feet inside. She then got up after few minutes. She went to the other room and changed into lowers and a t shirt. The t shirt was Monika's and was loose on her as Monika was big breasted. Kanika stood infront of us and was adjusting the bed sheet for her to sleep. As she bent, her cleavage and bra was visible to us. She was in a lovely blue bra and her globes looked sexy. Monika hinted her with a hmmm, and Kanika realized she was in display. She quickly got up straight and looked at me looking at her. She felt embarrassed and quickly got in the sheet. She turned towards the TV and her sexy body shape was visible in the bed sheet. Her hips shape was visible and it made me horny. My mind started imagining her hips and her curve. Although she was thin as Monika but both sisters had a lovely body shape. Everyone was watching the movie and i was looking at Kanika's body shape and admiring it. Kanika turned back to talk to us about some movie scene and found me staring at her hips. I realized my mistake and quickly adjusted my view to the TV. I was caught but there was nothing i could do. Kanika folded more sheet over her hips to hide it as she realized i was staring at her body. She then tried to lie doen straight as she was really conscious and turned her head to look at TV. This view was also nice for me as now i could see her long shapely legs and also the bed sheet showed her booby curve. She was restless as i kept staring at her. At around 10 PM, we decided to make coffee. Kanika offered to make coffee. She went and we were talking here and there. I then said, maybe i should help her to bring the coffee. Monika said yes yes why not. Let us give them a chance. Rahul said yeah and we two can have our own private time. Monika felt shy. As i walked out Rahul hugged Monika and I looked Monika in the eye with a smile. She felt really shy and smiled back and closed her eyes. How i wished it was me. I walked to the kitchen and Kanika was standing there by the stove. She did not know i was coming behind her. I wanted to scare her, so I grabbed her by her waist and pulled close, making her hips squeeze into my crotch. She screamed and i let her go. Monika shouted from the room what happened. I said nothing, i scared your sister. She laughed and said ok ok. Kanika was visibly angry and said, what are you doing. You touched me badly, you are looking at me badly and now you hugged me from behind. I said, Kanika, is it a crime to look as it was you who showed me. In addition you looked so hot i could not take my eyes off you. And i did not hug you tightly yet, which is due since long. Her anger disapperaed and she said, you will get me killed. She then said, i have a boyfriend and you are making me restless. I went near her and whispered in her ear, are you really restless. As i breathed on her neck, she got really uneasy and said, please dont do this. I said, it seems you miss your boyfriend. She said yes. I asked, did you guys already did the thing. She said shut up, this is not your business. I said, ok ok, i got it. She said what did you get. I said, that you are not a virgin anymore. She said shut up, i am not like Neha. I said ohh thats even sad, your boyfriend has not even made the move. She said he is a nice guy and he respects me. I said to her, and I dont respect you ? She said no, you look at me with weird eyes and hug me without asking me. I said, is hugging a crime ? I told her it was she who said she wanted to hug me. She said that was different. I said how different. She said, leave it, you are bad. I went near her, and kept my hands on her waist. I slowly moved my hands to her belly and put my head on her shoulder. I said Kanika, you may think you are not as beautiful as Neha or you maybe jealous that i like her. In fact it is also true that you are really sweet and cute and that makes you really attractive. I know things are complicated for us and also you have a boyfriend. I just want to hug you once without any bad feelings. I breathed on her neck, she closed her eyes, bit her lips controlling herself and held my hands over her belly. I then moved away and went back to the room. I could see her really shaky and nervous as i moved back. She came with coffee in few minutes and she looked serious. Monika asked what happened ? She said nothing, i am tired. She then went to the other room and slept. We slept the same way as last time. I was on the floor and they were on the bed. Monika had changed to her lowers and t shirt. I was hoping i could have a sensational view of Monika but i did not get up at all as there was no power cut. I woke up in the morning at around 8 and with the same boner as always in my shorts. I felt embarassed as I looked around to check Monika and as usual she was not there. I was again ashamed as i walked out. Monika and Kanika were in the kitchen making breakfast and they looked at me and said, Gooood Morning Bad man. I did not know what it meant, but i guessed they had seen my boner, specially Monika. They were again laughing and taking slowly. After i came out of toilet, Monika asked me if i had a good sleep. I said yes really good. Monika said, ohh i see and hope you had good dreams. I knew what she was hinting at. I too decided to play this game and said, yes it was fun dream. I saw you and Kanika. Monika and Kanika turned red and were blushing. They did not speak much on that topic and asked me if i wanted tea. Rahul woke up soon after me and after a good breakfast we planned to go the mall. Monika was asking Rahul what to wear and Rahul asked her to wear anything comfortable. She was feeling shy to wear Jeans infront of me, but Rahul said loudly are yaar comeon, he is my friend and like family. I asked what happened ? Rahul said Monika is not sure if she can wear Jeans or not. I said really Monika ? You are thinking this ? Are you oldie like Rahul ? You are young and my friend too. Please feel free. Rahul said see no one thinks a lot these days. Monika asked Kanika to wear Jeans too so she wont be alone. I was waiting eagerly to see Monika in her jeans. Monika and Kanika walked out wearing a Kurti and leggings instead. The Kurti was slit upto the waist and the side hips in tight leggings was visible. Both the sisters look ravishing in this combination. The leggings gave a perfect view of their shape. The waist was hidden but the side view of their legs, thighs and hips was erotic. I said what happened to the Jeans plan ? Monika replied, actually Kanika did not want to wear Jeans. I knew she was teasing me. I said no problem ladies because you look even better. Rahul took his car and I took mine so I can go to home after the mall. Kanika spoke something to Monika and Monika said, I will go with Karan and Kanika will go with Rahul. Rahul said no problem dear, we both get our halves. We laughed and Monika accompanied me to the mall in my car.

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