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Old 7th January 2017
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Good one
My Thread :


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Old 7th January 2017
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nice story bro!! hope u will continue with big update!!

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Old 7th January 2017
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good one, pls continue

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Old 7th January 2017
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Nice one......... very good n interesting narration ....... keep writing.......

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Old 7th January 2017
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Update 4

I started to drive and Monika asked me, is something wrong between you and Kanika ? I said no not at all. Why you ask ? She said because she said she wants to go in jiju's car and not with you. I said it is because you guys are teasing us. She laughed and said really ? See my sister is so Cultured and shy. I said, it is true. She is same as you in many aspects. You are just more perfect. She smiled and said, no yaar nothing like that. I said , you look so amazing in this dress. She said really ? I said yes, it brings out your figure really well plus it gives a perfect Indian look. Her boobs were so huge that they made her Kurti absolutely tight at the chest revealing her bra lines and shape of bra. She blushed and said, you and your figure. I think Kanika has better figure. I said she has good figure but you are so so much better. She said no yaar, i feel Kanika has better body. I said, ask a guy dear. She laughed and said, guys only know one thing. I laughed with her and said, that thing matters. Monika said- you are not as simple as you see. I said, i am not a virgin just like you. She laughed and said, i am married and i have the license. I said, even without marriage we have license and the weapon. She laughed loudly at my double meaning joke. Soon we reached the mall. Monika was still laughing and Kanika asked what happened ? Monika said nothing, just laughing at a joke he told me. Kanika looked weirdly at me and said, Didi be careful, he can take advantage of any of us. I said, ohh yes, that is what i want. Monika said, enough you guys. Kanika he is really sweet and i like him. I trust him. He is the only good friend of Rahul i care to invite home. I said ahemm, see miss Kanika, people do like me. She showed me her tongue behind Monika and Rahul's back and teased me. I showed my tongue in a way as if i am licking. She signalled chhi (disgust) to me and looked forward wallking into the mall.

We started to go into different shops looking around. Monika suggested we split up so we can shop what we want and then meet in food court in two hours. Monika and Rahul were planning to go together and Kanika joined them as she wanted to buy something with Monika and she did not want to be teased by going with me. I walked around alone when I got a call from Rahul asking where i was. I was in Shopper Stop looking for random things and pretty girls. I had nothing to buy. He said, ok wait there, Kanika is coming to join you. She had to do some shopping with Monika but now can accompany you. I said ok, i will wait. I got a call from Kanika asking in which section I was. I told her i was in the ladies section. She asked me surprisingly, what the hell are you doing there. I said not much, just come here. She came in few minutes and asked me, what was i doing there. I said, I am looking at hot girls and trying to imagine you in a sexy dress. She said shameless, i thought by leaving you alone in the mall you will get some sense. I said thanks but no thanks and what i am doing needs sense. I said pointing at a dress, see this dress, I am pretty sure you will look amazing in it. In addition, I have enough sense to know you will refuse my idea as well. She smiled and said, wow you are so clever. Now let us go from here and see what you want to buy. I said no way, you must try this dress. She looked at the dress, it was a one piece dress, just landing above knee, and was of pink color. It had a deep front and was almost backless. She looked at it closely again and said, are you nuts. This is so cheap. I said, you are cheap, this is classy. I will buy for you, if you dont want to pay you cheapo i said. She hit me really hard and said, you are cheap and your ideas are cheap. She was angry as i called her cheap. I held her hand and acted angry. I said, how dare you hit me. Now you see what I do and i raised my hand pretending to hit her. She was really scared, as i moved my palms forcefully to her cheeks. She closed her eyes, but i caressed her cheeks slowly and said, sorry babu, I am teasing you. Please try na. She smiled at me and said, No yaar, It wont suit me plus I feel shy. I asked her if she would have tried for her boyfriend. She was in a fix, but she said, I dont know. I pleaded till she agreed. She took the dress and went in the changing room. The changing room had a long queue, and she had to wait for a long time. I went there and asked her to step out of the queue and I took the dress straight for billing. She said, are you mad, please dont buy this. What will I say to Didi and Jiju and How can i take this type of dress. She was scared to death. I paid for the dress and said, I will keep it in my car and no one needs to know. She said, I have not even tried it, what if it looks bad or if it doesnt fit me. I said, dont worry we will give it to Neha then. Kanika hit me lightly and said, maybe you should buy for Neha. I said, I want to but I am not sure if she will take. I then pointed a really tiny skirt and tiny top and said, maybe this one for Neha. Kanika was shamed and said shut up idiot, let us go. You come with Neha and show her. I went to the parking and put the dress in my car. We decided to go to the food court and wait there. Monika and Rahul joined us there soon and we had food. It was time to leave and I asked Kanika if she wanted to come with me. Kanika said, not with you, I will go by auto or metro. Monika said, enough of your fighting. Go together and we will not tease you anymore. Kanika said, Ok then it is a deal.

Kanika sat in the car with me and we drove off. Kanika was silent for few minutes initially and then i asked, why are you so silent. Something happened ? She said no no, i was just thinking about my boyfriend. I said ohh, are you missing him ? She said, I am not missing him and that is making me feel bad. I said why so ? She said, it is because of you. You make me laugh so much, even when I am angry actually i am enjoying it. In addition I also think about you and Neha and think Neha maybe better for you. You continuously tease me and make me happy and also flirt a lot. I dont know what to do or feel. I said, I am sorry, I have no bad intentions and I am just playful. I also told her, that I like her as she is so sweet. However, I do want to date Neha if she doesnt mind it and if Neha allows. Somehow, I feel something is stopping me to ask Neha out. I know you have a boyfriend, plus our situation is not easy. She said, please dont think so, I am not against you and Neha nor I want to stop you from living the way you want. In fact that is the sweetest part of you, you still care about me and my feelings. I smiled at her. She then said, I am boring you with boring stories and my stupidity. This is why everyone thinks I am boring. I laughed and said not at all and you are not boring. She smiled and said, I know stupid. Dont try to make me happy. She asked me why I did not let her try the dress and why i did not wait. I said, when i saw the queue, I thought why should i waste your time for my imaginations. In addition, I am sure you will look gorgeous. She smiled and said, you and your imagination and your false praises. She said, I am not sure if i can wear this dress. I said no issue, we will see. She then said, I wanted to tell you something. I said, ok please go ahead. She said, my boyfriend is coming to meet me for the weekend. I cannot let him stay with me and he will be staying in a hotel. I told him that there is a possibility that he can stay with you. I said, no issues yaar, he is most welcome. She then said, wait first listen, I told him that you are Neha's friend or boyfriend. I said, Oh my god, why did you say that ? She said, I dont know why, but i got scared as he is possessive of me and if he knows you are my friend, he may get angry. I said Ok ok, how about Neha then ? What if he meets her or asks her ? She said, maybe you can take Neha out next Friday, if she agrees and explain her. I said, how do you know if she will go out with me. She said, she likes you, maybe because you have a car or maybe because you are rich. But she does like you and she asks so many questions about you. I said really ? that is kool. She said, but be careful, she is probably after your money and she laughed. I laughed too, i said, no issues I am careful. She then said, she will try to talk to Neha but it is better that you two also talk it out, in case she meets my boyfriend, I do not want any issue. I said Ok, do not worry sweety, your boyfriend will be most welcome here. I hope you two really have a good time. She said thanks and was again silent. I waited few minutes and then said, maybe you should wear the dress I bought to your date. It would cheer him up. She said shut up, he will kill me. I said, ok try if possible and send me the pics. She said, ok, i will try. We reached her home and she asked me again for coffee. I said, if i go up for coffee, I will meet Neha. She may again ask me for lift and I am tired. She laughed and said, you must be waiting for her to ask for lift, you liar. I laughed and said, maybe yes, she is hot. She insisted that i come up. I told her, really I am tired. She said, Ok at least say good bye to me properly na. I got down from the car and shook her hand and said, ok mam good night. She smiled, left my hand, and hugged me tightly. She was on her toes as she could not reach me well. I held her by her waist, and since the kurti was slit, my hands touched her bare waist. I felt like an electric current and I moved my hands through her waist to her back, unknowingly and my hands were now on her bare back under her kurti. She did not resist or stop me, just kept hugging me and said, you are a really amazing guy and you deserve more than a hug. I held her really close to me and my erection through my jeans was definitely apparent now. I said, see i told you that you are so thin and huggable that I almost engulfed you. She said shut up. I said and you know Miss 32, I guessed wrong, you must be Miss 34. She hit me and said, you are really bad and said not even my boyfriend knows this. So you forget about it. We finally broke the hug and she slowly walked to her apartment. I remembered the dress was with me, I took it out and ran after her. I said your dress, you huggable sweety. She smiled and said, I think you are huggable. I smiled at her and finally drove off as she walked in. After about 5 minutes, I got a message and it was Neha. It said, you came to drop Kanika, why you did not come up ? I did not reply as i was driving, and I waited till i reached home. I got another message from Kanika saying, Hey thanks for everything. I hope you reached. You are tired and take rest.
Me - yes mam, i reached and thanks. You too rest and thanks for the amazing hugs.
Kanika - Idiot, what amazing hug, it was just a hug
Me - well, to be honest the hug was so amazing that I got a bit carried away
Kanika - Really ? you are crazy, how can a hug make you so
Me - I am sorry, but it happened.
Kanika - No need to be sorry, in fact i was a bit carried away myself
Me - I did not want to say this, but you are too soft
Kanika - Too soft ? as in nature
Me - haha, no , your body, your waist line and overall
Kanika - OMG, please dont say this. It makes me feel tingly
Me - Haha, see i was honestly carried away.
Kanika - Yes, i know, how did you touch me there. I was surprised myself, but i was so carried away, I did not stop you.
Me - Thanks for letting me feel you. This is all a guy wants
Kanika - You are such a moron. You ruin all beautiful moments as well
Me - I am kidding, I did not do it intentionally. It was just in the moment and by accident I kept your hands there.
Kanika - I know, it is ok, i am kidding too.
Me - Your dress was really sexy today. I liked it a lot.
Kanika - This is normal dress for every girl now. What is sexy here. You are idiot
Me - Haha, i know, but you looked smoking hot.
Kanika - Control, my boyfriend is coming. If he finds out I hugged you, he will kill you and me.
Me - Hahaha, he can try.
Kanika - Ok bad man, time to rest for you. Take care and good night
Me - Ok dear, gn and tc. Hugs
Kanika - Gn and tc. The promised hug is given. so no more hugs
Me - haha, as you wish my lady.
Kanika - Byee

After talking to Kanika, i realized, i did not reply to Neha. I sent her a SMS.
Me - Hey Neha, sorry for late reply. I saw your message but was driving
Neha - Hey, i thought you forgot me completely
Me - No one can forget you.
Neha - Haha, thanks. But why you did not come up
Me - Well, i was tired, and in addition if i saw you, i would not be able to control myself and then you will say you are like other men.
Neha - haha, liar. I mean really say na
Me - To be honest, I wanted to meet you too. But i was tired and I did not want you to think that I am uninterested.
Neha - It is ok, missed meeting you
Me - Me too, and you got revenge by pinching me in the car.
Neha - That was so much fun. I laughed so much
Me - Why you took my shirt out
Neha - To really pinch you hard.
Me - hehe, your hands felt so good on my skin. I felt nice
Neha - haha, so i should pinch you more.
Me - Yes, if you touch me like that, do whatever you want
Neha - Haha, in your dreams.
Me - Would you like to go out on Friday ?
Neha - That was sudden, but thanks for asking. I would love to. Where would we go ?
Me - That is a surprise. Also, be careful, as you know men are dangerous
Neha - Haha, i would pinch you to death if you try something.
Me - You wish, i am strong
Neha - I trust you, and I know you. I knew you when you took me for dinner and for the ride. So No worries.
Me - Haha, maybe that was my trap.
Neha - Haha..are you asking me out or asking me not to go out
Me - how did you know, i am trust worthy by a ride in my car.
Neha - I have been out with boys and I know the meaning of sudden brakes, etc. in car you had free hand and you did not even try anything. So i know.
Me - haha, that is weird logic. You dont know what was going on in my mind. I controlled a lot
Neha - all boys i know think same, but no one has control. Haha
Me - That is funny. You are sweet
Neha - Nobody ever calls me sweet. Thanks
Me - well you are.
Neha - i think Kanika was angry with me yesterday in car.
Me - yes i know. But she is too simple and cute to remain angry.
Neha - I know, i love her
Me - wow, i did not know you guys were together
Neha - shut up she is my best friend
Me - so why you make her angry
Neha - i am free spirited and she warns me always. Why was she angry ?
Me - please dont tell her. It was because your t shirt was so loose and when you bent in the car your deep valley was visible
Neha - haha, deep valley. I am sure you did not mind :p I normally wear loose as i feel comfortable. Normal t shirts of my size get too tight on me.
Me - that is even hotter i guess. I could not see as i was driving. I missed your valleys.
Neha - liar. I dress freely and dont care normally, but boys stare a lot when i wear tight t shirt
Me - so why you care ? Your bazookas make it tight i guess
Neha - hahahha bazookas. I am not that huge
Me - haha i dont know, guessing
Neha - i dont care what people think or when they stare. I wear tight when i feel like. But sometimes it is so hot, i feel comfortable in loose t shirt.
Me - i wish I could see you in tight t shirt
Neha - crazy you are. You touched my hips and now you want to touch my bazookas
Me - haha i wish
Neha - no way. In your dreams
Me - ok let me dream then. Tell me your figure
Neha - all guys ask me this and i tell them. It is 36-28-36
Me - haha liar.
Neha - this is what i tell all guys :p now dream and enjoy
Me - you are not as bad as you try to be
Neha - haha, i wish all guys thought so
Me - i think so. So friday is on
Neha - definitely.
Me - what about your other bfs
Neha - i will tell them i am with you and i will meet them later :p
Me - haha ok. Lady stud
Neha - I hope Kanika wont mind ? Or should I not tell her ?
Me - It is ok, she loves you too. She wont mind. I will tell her, if you are afraid.
Neha - I will tell her myself.
Me - Ok miss bold.
Neha - haha thanks mr stud. Good night and nice talking to you.
Me - same here. Cya on Friday
Neha - ok byee

I slept dreaming about her bazookas. I was really happy with the things going the way it was. I was also glad that Kanika's boyfriend was coming as my irresponsible flirting had almost created a chaos. Somehow I was also developing a liking for Kanika and it was driven by the fact that she looked a lot like Monika and plus she was so sweet. I was a bit surprised that Neha was willing to go out with me. I guessed it was mostly because her friends from call center did not have car (as they dont need one) and others used their bikes to pick and drop her. I was not sure if she really meant what she said about me.

On wednesday, Rahul asked me to come over again for the weekend. I told him that I had some work so i cannot come. He said, I dont know, talk to Monika else she will get angry with me. I said ok ok, i will give her a call. I got busy and forgot to call her. Next day after lunch i was sitting at my desk when i got a message from Monika.
Monika - Mr Weapon of destruction, why you not coming this weekend ? Where are you going ?
I laughed loudly and i realized i was at work.
I went to one of our conference rooms and started texting her back.
Me - Miss, I think you have the weapons of mass destruction. I am just an ordinary gun Sadly, I have to do some work
Monika - Hahaha, You are rude. You called me weapons of mass destruction
Me - You know what i mean. It is not you, its your...
Monika - chhi chhi..shut up. tell me why you not coming
Me - My gun has to shoot a bullet
Monika - hahaha..omg. I cant believe we are talking like this. I have never spoken like this before. I am not sure what are you thinking about me and what has gotten into me.
Me - Haha, no yaar, we are kidding and we are not kids
Monika - Haha, true. However, why you not coming ? Seriously.
Me - I have really some work to do.
Monika - is it work is it Neha ?
Me - haha, who knows
Monika - If you get time, do come over. I will cook mutton this time.
Me - Ok I will try but i think next week will be better.
Monika - Ok no worries, I will make next week then.
Me - Oh no no, please make this week as well. I will feel bad.
Monika - No no, I was making for you only. I know you like mutton.
Me - Thank you so much and I am surprised, how do you know ?
Monika - Well I have my detectives.
Me - I thought you used your weapons :P
Monika - Haha shut up.
Me - Haha, ok ok. Take care and apologies
Monika - No issues. Take care and see you soon

I was really happy to get messages from Monika. She really cared about me. She was really worth marrying. On Friday, I got a call from Kanika asking me for the address so his boyfriend can come to my place directly first. I gave her the address and told her that i will reach home early so he has no problems and asked her to provide him my number. At around 5 I got a call from someone. It was a guy and i guessed it must be Kanika's boyfriend. He said, Hi karan, I am Abhishek, I hope Kanika told you about me. I said yes yes, sorry she did not tell me your name. He said, I am at your society gate and they need to talk to you. I said Ok no issues, i will call them . I called the gate with the intercom asking them to let him come inside and help him to reach my flat. My flat was on the top floor. After five minutes, my bell rang and i Knew it was him. Abhishek was not so tall and an average looking guy. He looked simple and seemed that he was really a good guy. I greeted him and showed him around. I asked him to use anything he needs and no need to ask or check with me. He felt glad and said thanks for letting me stay. I got a call from Kanika, and I took the phone to my room so i can talk in private. I picked up and she said, is he there ? I said yes, he is here. She said, ok ok listen, i needed to tell you something urgently. I said what happened ? Kanika - Didi wanted me to come over as she was making chicken. I made excuse that I have some work. She got suspicios that why you and I both have some work, so i told her we have plans together.
Me - Whaaaaat ? Are you kidding me ?
Kanika - Please dont be mad, I am sorry. I had no excuse plus I could not tell them about Abhishek.
Me (in a hushed tone) - You did not even tell me his name. You are a bigger liar than me.
Kanika - Please please please. I owe you.
Me - Ok, what can i do now. You will have to pay
Kanika - Ok, whatever you say. Please dont tell jiju or didi. I will die with shame
Me - Ok Ok.
Kanika - Ok when you and Abhishek will come over. Neha was asking.
Me - We will be there in an hour i guess.
Kanika - Ok that is great
Me - I hope you are fine
Kanika - I am feeling better now.
Me - Ok, see you soon. Hope you wear the dress i gave you.
Kanika - Shut up now and byee. Dont say anything to Neha as well
Me - How many secrets i need to keep
Kanika - very funny. Just do it.
Me - Ok byee

I walked out and called Abhishek asking him if we should leave in 30 minutes. He said yes, i cannot wait to meet her. We started in around 45 minutes. He asked me how much time will it take. I said, it will take around 10-15 minutes if there is no traffic. there was enough traffic to delay us. He started asking me, how i knew Neha and how i met her. I was speechless, and i had to think of a story. I was not sure if he will ask the same thing to Neha. I was very nervous now. I told him that I met her in a party and I was completely enthralled by her beauty. I asked him if he has met Neha. He said no no, I just know her through Kanika. Kanika told me that she does not know about me. I said Ok, but now she knows. He said, yes yes, she told me that she had to tell her as she wanted to arrange for me to stay and her bf had some space. I said, yeah I have met Kanika and Neha asked me about it. It is completely ok. Kanika is a nice girl. He said, thanks and I am sure Neha is very nice too. My phone rang and it was Monika. I was almost dying here. I did not know what to do now. I picked up the phone and said Hi, how are you mam. Monika said, you liar, why you lied to me ? I said no no, I did not lie, she asked me not to tell you first. She said ohh really, it was her idea ? I said, see dont think too much about this. I have some personal work too and we just wanted to try so we can shut you guys up. Monika said, dont lie more to me. I said no no, honestly. She said ok ok, enjoy and tell me what happened. I said ok. I was releived. Abhishek looked at me confused and i said, it is my friend. he said ok ok. After the call, i got a SMS from Monika which said - Do not fire any bullets from your gun else I will kill you. I laughed really hard and had to reply her, so i waited till i reached a signal. I said - She does not have weapons of mass destruction, so she is safe. Monika messaged - Haha, shut up and enjoy.

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Hot update as always
My Thread :


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rocking update........ keep writing........

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wow.. amazed .

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Awesome start. Really loving it

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