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View Poll Results: Could this Arab & Indian quora love story be true?
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No, the author is fibbing. 2 50.00%
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Old 6th January 2017
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Question Could this Arab-Indian quora love story be true?

I found this story on quora. Now answer the poll question.

Let me share an incident which occurred in Saudi over a decade ago.

An Indian gentleman whose family I knew, took up employment as a driver with a very rich family in Riyadh, KSA. He was in his early forties, was from a poor economic background, had not graduated/matriculated from class 10 in school, and desperately wanted the money he would earn in Riyadh to care for his parents back home in India. The family that employed him in Riyadh treated him very well. From his side, he was ever respectful, even reverential, to all the members of his employer's family. He very willingly volunteered to help this family with any errands they wanted him to run. That was his very nature. Ever polite, ever helpful, ever so kind. Even servile, perhaps.

Almost a year into his job as the family driver, the oldest daughter of his employer expressed her undying love for him. She was 18. He was 42. And a non muslim (a Hindu). He was MORTIFIED when the girl confessed her love for him. His only thought, that point on, was to somehow leave Saudi and be back home. Because, any which way he looked at it, this could only have ended up with disastrous consequences for him. The girl, sensing his apprehension, even expressed her willingness to somehow elope with him out of Saudi, and settle down with him, as his wife, in India.

He would tell us later, upon his eventual return to India, that, that point on he was at his absolute best behavior with everyone. He had become petrified and paranoid. Of getting incarcerated. His passport was in the custody of the girl's father, his employer, as is possibly the norm for most immigrant domestic workers. Hence, he could not just pick up and leave. So he bided his time, waiting for the day when his leave would become due and he could return home. And never go back. None of it however stopped the girl from continuing to secretly express her love for him, whenever she could. The only person he confided in (about this situation) was his childhood friend who was also working in Saudi at that time. That friend of his called people back home in Kerala, India, and informed them of the unfolding situation. Upon learning of the young Saudi girl falling for my friend, his family was overcome by shock and grief, as everyone feared the worst. Word got sent back to him by his family to stay away from the girl the best he could, and to just focus on his work and nothing else.

He bided his time and eventually got back to India. The girl had become sad and upset that he was going on leave for India. He had informed her, and everyone else in his employer's family, that he would be back in a month, so as not to rouse the girl's fears about never being able to see him again. Once he was back on Indian soil, his now relieved family vowed never to let him go abroad again. He never did.

I remember how his family had crowded around him, upon his return, and how he nervously recounted his Riyadh experience in detail. About how he had unwittingly become the apple of this rich and pretty Arab girl's eye. Having heard about his experience, his entire clan was unanimous in proclaiming that he had been returned safe from the very jaws of imprisonment and death.

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Old 6th January 2017
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I believe this ! It is possible that it can be true ! Such things do happen !

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Old 6th January 2017
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may be..

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Old 6th January 2017
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This story is actually different from what u hv said like bollywood film and it is 2015 story


Riyadh, May 20 (IANS) A Saudi Arabian family was shocked when their daughter revealed to them that she is in love with an Indian expatriate and wants to marry him.
The furious father quickly went to the lover's employer and tried to persuade him to deport the man but his attempts have failed, according local newspaper Sada.
The 23-year-old woman told her family that she insists on marrying the Indian, who works as a delivery man at a shop in a mall in capital Riyadh.
She revealed that she met the man at the mall and that she had been in touch with him for a while, said the daily.
"She told her mother that she fell in love with the Indian man after he filled her life with love...the mother quickly informed her husband," the paper said.
According to the report, the young woman is still determined to marry the Indian expatriate although this is against local norms and the decision has shocked her family.

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Old 7th January 2017
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Saudi Arabia is not an extremist nation like USA or Russa ....

It is also UN human rights panel boss. and very moderate nation which welcomes all other people from all over the world and treats them like their own..

I am sure this love must have produced a baby by now...2015 is long way back..

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Old 13th January 2017
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Anyway, here is an amusing yet informative comment posted as reply to this question:

That your mourning is too dramatic at times.

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Old 13th January 2017
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Story aside, I like Ur choice of word in poll

u just for this

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